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Forum Rules

Post by Cody » Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:55 pm

Alright everyone, the forums are finally here! Time to lay down some ground rules.

We're pretty loosey-goosey around these parts. Say whatever you want, talk shit, go nuts, we don't care. There is no speech code, and things like "harassment" will be defined by the staff on a case-by-case basis. while you're free to say what you want here, you're not free from the social consequences. If you decide to come out of the fetish closet and you get collectively dunked on, don't come crying to us, we won't care (and may join in). If you participate in a debate, make a thoroughly stupid point, and get called a moron, don't come crying to us. We'll enforce a level of civility here just to keep threads from devolving into pissing contests and unwarranted shitposting. That's it. Okay, now here's the rules:

- No thread necromancy. If a thread is over a year old, unless you have something worthwhile to add to it, just make a new thread.

- Stay at least relatively on topic. If you wanna talk about anime titties, make an anime titties thread or something. Don't do it in the middle of a political discussion.

- Do whatever the mods and admins tell you to do. If you feel a mod is being unfair, report it to myself or Kevin. But do so after you shut up and do as you're told.

- No porn. Some nudity is okay, but only if you're posting some fine art or whatever. No one's interested in whatever anime titties you jerk off to, regardless of previous hypothetical threads mentioned in this topic. Staff reserves the right to delete non-pornographic images we feel are fucking revolting. We probably won't, though, but just in case...

- Do not report people being mean to you to the staff, we will instantly suspend you for wasting our time with your thin-skinned bullshit.

- Staff reserves the right to ban you if we feel you are an overall determent to the forum. If you shit up EVERY thread you're a part of, for example, we'll simply stop wasting our time and 86 you.

- Don't be a dick; if you're discussing new media that people actually like, hide your spoilers.

Okay, that's it! Have fun, everyone!

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