The Evil That Men Do, a Steven Universe rapefic

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The Evil That Men Do, a Steven Universe rapefic

Post by Max-Vader » Thu Jun 29, 2017 3:32 pm

Ladies and Gemtlemen, now that Project AFTER is joining that big server in the sky soon, it’s about time to do the first (well, one of the first new) mock(s) on this site! Applause!
Since this is such a grand occasion, I decided that no half-assed mock would do, so I got someone to help out. Say hi, other person!

Hi, other person.

Fuck you.

Anyway, say hi to Paragon. She kindly agreed to help me with this, since fanfiction mocks can always use more girls. Besides, she supplied me with this… piece of “literature” to begin with.

How dare you pin this all on me.

Hey, I just wanted a nice, wholesome Steven Universe Lemon fanfiction to mock to get back in the groove of things and maybe write the first actually amusing mock of my life, and then you give me whatever this is.

Well, you’re getting rape, and you’re going to like it. Let’s get started.

The Evil That Men Do

At least it comes with a soundtrack.


I gotta give the author at least this: He has the most appropriate moniker for a lemon writer ever.

He’s the trash man. He eats garbage.


Peridot wakes in a strange place, only to find she's in more trouble than she thought. Written post-Joy Ride. Terrible things happen and nobody lives happily ever after. Read this at your own discretion.

Officially Canon Divergent as of Stevenbomb 2.0.

At a later point, trash man mentions that he wants to rewrite the fanfic to make it accurate to canon. I like that this is where he draws the line. Terrible sex fanfics and all the other vile shit we’ll see later are perfectly fine, but not being true to canon?! That’s going too far!

I find it endearing that trash man felt the need to notify us about this, as though anybody reading this gives a shit about the ””””canon”””” of the show. Also can’t wait for the re-write where it features midget Peridot rape.



WARNING: In subsequent chapters, this fic will contain graphic descriptions of sexual assault.

Yep. We danced around it long enough, but there it is. This is a rape fic. A long one, too. And the “best” part? The rape is arguably not even the most revolting thing about this.

Please do not read this if you believe it might be distressing to you. If you're affected by any of the issues mentioned in this story, I would urge you to contact RAINN, or the equivalent service for your area.

Or, since this is Steven Universe we’re talking about, Tumblr. I’m sure you’ll get lots of reblogs telling people how you were almost-raped by reading this.

How does one even rape a rock?

With your cock.

I walked right into that one.

Also I feel like this fic is a little uncharitable toward Ronaldo, so if you like him as a character, you may wish to pass this one by.

Oh, dang, the annoying basement conspiracy theorist was my favorite character among a cast of horrifically unlikable characters.

For reasons that will become obvious very soon, we might as well re-name him “Rawnaldo”.

Chapter 1: Those emblematic flames

Are we starting with a rousing round of bootleg Fire Emblem?


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

It all happens too fast, even for her.

I dunno, Peridot never struck me as the “fast” type. In either sense of the word.

Gementally retarded.

The escape pod shoots toward the earth, but in the precious few seconds it takes for Amethyst's whip to dematerialize from around Peridot's body,

This is starting off way too kinky. You have to ease the audience into this, trash man.

the inertial compensation system fries half its own circuitry and promptly stops working. Her head lashes backwards before the pod has a chance to fill with protective gel, slamming the back of her skull against the inside of the pod. Pain rings through her like a struck bell.

“Protective gel”?! That’s the most retarded impact cushioning I’ve seen since some idiot glued “healing” crystals to his steering wheel.

How would she even know what a bell is? Gems don’t know what music is.

She can feel the heat rising outside as she enters the earth's atmosphere, plummeting downwards in a veil of fire, and tiny cracks start to appear in the inner casing as the hull protests against the strain. This planet is too dense, its atmosphere too thick,

“my feet hurt
I wish I was back at the homeworld”

It’s so dense, every single sentence has so many things going on.

for the default settings of this tiny vessel, and Peridot has had no opportunity to compensate for them. Desperately, she pulls up the helm controls, trying to steer toward the original landing site for the Emerald Hand,

The what now? Nothing by this name has ever been mentioned so trash man can’t even blame “canon divergence”

I think he means the ship they came in during the two-parter that had the song about lesbo-sex defeating evil or something

but by now there's not enough time to decelerate before impact and the protective gel doesn't seem to be rising past her ankles and she's bracing herself for a collision that could very well kill her.

Well, at least her feet will be fine.

Peridot has ankles?!

Be nice, her gem elephantiasis was a gemetically inherited disease.

It’s funny that you should mention gem genetics, because those will be relevant much later in a very stupid way.

No, that’s not it, I just felt like making that pun.

Land looms up before her, far too quickly. Flashes of buildings, fields of vegetation, and then she is upside down and being flung. There is a deafening crash from outside and an audible crack from inside, and pain erupts in her ribs, her head, her elbow, her knees.

“Ow, my gemcreas!”

The agony is blinding. She realises suddenly that she is close to discorporating, and that if the traitors find her gem lying in the pod, she will never wake up. Peridot slams the emergency door release with her one uninjured hand and drags herself into the field, crawling on shattered knees through the smoke and the debris until her body will take her no further.

If she was this badly injured, she’d just discorporate. No, I’m not saying “poof” because that’s a retarded word.

I like that Peridot seems to have a flesh and blood-style human body just so that the author can draw out maximum suffering.

Dying, she curls up amongst the stalks of grass and hopes it is enough.

It is not, unfortunately. It’s just grass. Smoke dat ganja.

But grass is super effective against rock types.



“Blood Diamond”?! That’s my OC, get your own!

This isn’t even fitting music.

Chapter 2: Prisoner of the surface
Ronaldo finds his very own alien. Peridot finds she's in deep crap.

And Ronaldo finds he’s deep in Peridot.

Bro, just get a body pillow. It’ll be much less annoying.

Peridot has never regenerated before, but she understands what's happening—or as much as she can understand anything in her dreamlike state. Still, she cannot help but try to force herself awake. This timeless half-sleep is heavy and uncomfortable, like being weighed down by too many blankets. It feels like days, maybe weeks, before she can finally drag herself into consciousness again.

There is a difference between “Gem regenerating her body” and “drug binge”.

She took too much crack rock cocaine the night before.

A flash of light, a strange sensation of outward growth, and then her feet descend to a gentle rest on the ground. Peridot looks around. She doesn't recognize where she is, but to her relief, she is alone.
The room is circular and sparsely furnished, and the light seeping in from the vast windows above tells Peridot it is early evening.

Do Gems even know what evening is?

No. Their homeworld has no weather and no day/night cycle. Fun fact, peridots are also known as “evening emeralds”.

She calls up her holographic screen to try and ascertain where on the planet she is, but predictably, there's no connection to the Emerald Hand any more.

Bearer, seek, seek, lest. Oh wait, wrong emerald.

Seems like Peridot needs a hand.

Navigating is going to be difficult without the help of satellite surveillance, and she abruptly realises that she has no hope of getting anywhere unless she enlists the help of the native lifeforms. Ugh. Luckily, according to Homeworld records, humans are weak, short-lived and stupid, so they shouldn't present too much of a threat.

You’re two-thirds of that, y’know.

Why can’t she just go midget Magneto and save herself?

She was neither a midget nor a Magneto when this was written. However, she did have her laser beams and helicopter mode, so I don’t know why she doesn’t just blast a hole through the door and fly away.

In that case, I suggest the Super Buu/Shockwave strategy of opening an exit via autistic screeching.

Feeling confident, Peridot tries the door. Then kicks it. Then slams her shoulder against it.
Yep. It's locked.
She growls with frustration before taking a moment to reassess the situation. Peridot was built for intelligence, not strength;


Even gems “built for intelligence” are like small children, mentally. Also, this is false. Peridots are basically gem midwives and IT grunts.

The only Gem that actually met the expectations was Lapis. She was built for rape.

she'd just have to think her way out of this instead. Surely, with the proper tools, a rudimentary lock will be no obstacle.

You have laser beam cannons in your arms, how are you not using them. Also how would she even know what a tumbler lock is? Gems have super futurey sci-fi doors that don’t use pathetic constructs like handles or locks.

She finds some pins stuck into a board on the wall nearby, and is about to remove them when an image catches her eye. While she can't understand any of the human scratchings on the countless pieces of paper surrounding it, she definitely recognizes a picture of her pod when she sees it.

The drawing is that realistic? Man, what can’t Ronaldo do? Drawing, conspiracy theories, Peridot...

Use a condom.

Condoms are a (((Gem))) conspiracy to eradicate the human race.

Peridot snatches it up just as the door swings open behind her.
"Holy moly..."
She spins round. There is a human standing in the doorway. He's a little taller than her, with a heavy build and yellow hair, and his mouth is open in shock. The two regard each other in silence for a moment.

When autists collide.

“So, uh… you come here often?”

"You! Human!" Peridot rushes up shoves the picture in his face. "This is mine! Can you tell me where it is?"
"Uhh..." The human's speech is slow, and Peridot briefly wonders if she will need to repeat herself.

America says we love a chorus
But don't get complicated and bore us
Though meaning might be missin'
We need to know the words after just one listen
So, repeat stuff

But after a second, a strange expression crosses his face, and he nods. "Sure. It's in the basement. Hang on a sec."

Oh, here we go.

“Sure, I know that pod. It’s in my creepy basement, let me show it to you.”

“Allow me to show you my collection of dakimakuras, they’re right by your spacecraft that I definitely have in the basement”

“Say, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?”

He turns and scampers down the stairs. Peridot follows him, still clutching the picture. Well, that was easier than she thought it would be. "I'm Ronaldo, by the way," he calls from somewhere below her. Peridot doesn't bother to answer. There's a light clanking, and the sound of something being dragged, and then the stairway veers round to reveal a door open at the end of the hall. The gem peers inside, trying to see into the darkness.
"Ronaldo? Is this the basement?" calls Peridot impatiently.

Does homeworld not have basements either?!

No, and neither do they have blatantly obvious traps, it seems. How did this species survive for this long?

Ronaldo's voice echoes from behind her. "S-sure it is. Just, ah, flick the light switch on as you go in. It's on the right hand side of the door."
Peridot reaches over, but feels nothing. She's about to call out to the Ronaldo again when something hits the back of her head, sending her sprawling into the darkness. A horrible realization washes over her, but before she has time to react, she feels a heavy weight on her back, and something cold and metallic surrounds her body from behind.
Despite her desperate struggles,

“Some people rape Gems in basements, I cut off heads.”

she cannot throw him off, and in a last-ditch attempt at defending herself, she sends her detached fingers flying toward where she estimates Ronaldo's face to be, but he simply bats them across the room, where they skitter out of usable range.

Man, are these the most useless limb-enhancers ever or what? Or was this her attempt at finger-banging?

They gave her defective ones on purpose. Also I don’t think they were ever designed with rape deterrence in mind.

She feels her arms pulled taut above her head and secured together, and then the weight above her shifts and the chain is wrapped around her legs while her head is pinned against the ground by the man's foot.
His bulk suddenly lifts off her, and reflexively, Peridot tries to move away from him, but Ronaldo has her by the wrists.

Wrists? What wrists? How is he even getting his hands around her giant robot limbs?

He drags her deeper into the dark, and then, with obvious effort, lifts her struggling body onto a soft raised surface. She feels her wrists being secured to something, and tries to jerk away violently, putting up so much of a fight that Ronaldo has to pin her down bodily again in order to secure her ankles. He sustains a kick or two when he frees her legs, but eventually manages to chain them down once more, both shackled to separate corners of the bed for no good reason that Peridot can think of.

Which is funny, because according to the next chapter, gems know about sex. Not about rape though, somehow.

One more chain encircles her body, pinning her down by the waist. Then, breathing hard, he slides off her and slumps down on the floor next to her.
“You walked... right into my trap...” he pants. “Next stop... interrogation.”
Gripped by fear, Peridot says nothing. Why did she not consider that this human may be working with the Crystal Gems?

Why the fuck would THAT be an assumption that you make of your rapist?!

To be fair, I’d assume the same thing about rapists in SU, what with Pearl, Amethyst and Lapis.

Two of those have actually raped before, so I guess that’s fair.

She curses herself for her stupidity, and gingerly tests the strength of the chains attached to her ankles and wrists. They're holding fast, but given time, she may be able to wear them down...
Suddenly, Ronaldo stands up. “I'll be right back. Don't go away!” he says, with chilling buoyancy.

Where the fuck is she going to go, you silly man?

Is “buoyancy” just a nicer way of saying fat?



Then his footsteps recede, and he shuts the door behind him, and Peridot is left alone in the dark.
Chapter 3: The trapper and the fox
Ronaldo begins the interrogation.

I love how consistently innocent the summaries have been. You have a flair for the understatement, trash man.


There is silence.

The perfect song to get raped to.

Peridot realizes she's breathing hard—a leftover panic response from back when Gems actually needed air to live.

They’re inorganic, they have always been inorganic, you do not evolve from an organic being to an inorganic one.

She struggles to control her gasping, aware that responding emotionally to the situation will only impair her ability to escape from it.
Time to take stock. She's a prisoner. The human (the Ronaldo?) is going to interrogate her. He knows where her escape pod is, but she doesn't. And he's stronger—and smarter—than she thought.

You’d think even a pine cone couldn’t be outsmarted by Ronaldo, but Peridot just keeps finding new ways to undershoot my drastically lowered expectations of her.


Priority one: Get out of these restraints.
Priority two: Get the human to tell her where her pod is.

Not “Murder the fuck out of human who imprisoned you”?

Priority three: Return to the pod and re-evaluate situation.
Peridot tries to recall her scattered fingers to help her with priority one, but they're still out of range, so she settles for pulling the chains in various directions instead, testing their tensile strength and listening for clues that they might be loosening. Her range of motion is severely limited, and she shifts around to see if there's any way to increase it. No luck.
She hears her captor approaching again, and instinctively tenses up. How much, she wonders, does he know about Gem physiology?

What does the author even know about Gem physiology?

Is it possible that he might be able to do her some real damage?

Without spoiling too much, the answer to the last three questions is: Not much, ditto, yes.

The door swings open. Ronaldo is holding some kind of portable light source, plus a bag of assorted tools and what looks like some kind of primitive recording device.

I don’t know how she would discern it’s a recording device, but y’know. Maximum suffering.

“What do you want from me?” snaps Peridot, as he moves across the room to set something up. But Ronaldo just ignores her.
“Don't think I'll be live-streaming this one,” he mutters.

Of course not. This is Steven Universe, not Sweden Universe. He may be a rapist, but he has… uh… “standards”?

He should. It would, without a doubt, make the front page of Twitch.

DarkSydeRonaldo, the King of Rape

“What the fuck, this alien vagina is broken!”

“So according to the stream, you have to exploit a glitch in the green alien midget in order to have sex with her. It turns out you need to remove her pants before putting your penis in her. Okay? How was I supposed to know that?!”

She has no idea what he means by that. Then he turns. That curious expression is on his face again.
“So. The Great Diamond Authority finally sends one of their lackeys to eliminate me. Too bad I was already lying in wait,” he smirks. Peridot blinks at him. That was... surprisingly accurate, actually, aside from the part about eliminating Ronaldo (although it was quickly becoming a part of her personal plans).

I’m rooting for her. The more thinned out the cast of SU gets, the better.

And then Stevens Uncle is gonna build a wall and Ronaldo’s gonna pay for it.

“I'm not here for you,” she scowls. “Let me go.”
“But we're only just getting started.” Ronaldo pulls something out of his bag and spins it around in his fingers—something small and metallic, with sharp edges.

God dammit, even Steven Universe has those stupid fidget spinners now.

Oh my god he’s going to rape her with a fidget spinner. Raping a meme with a meme. This is getting more meta than I expected.

It’ll be like that YuGiOh duel between Yami and Arcana, except instead of legs and buzzsaws, it’s a fidget spinner and Peridots Gem-Pussy.

Peridot shrinks back instinctively as he advances on her. “You're going to tell me everything you know. Starting with your name.”
“This is pointless! You'll get nothing from me!” spits Peridot. Bizarrely, the human starts to unbutton his shirt.

Oh, no, nobody wants to see you shirtless. This is more disturbing than the rape.

“Oh, I think you'll find I can be quite... persuasive,” he says, climbing onto the bed between her parted legs.
The blades descend. She pulls back further, bracing herself for pain, but to her surprise, Ronaldo cuts only her clothing, baring her chest and loins to the warm air. The sight seems to have a weird effect on him—Peridot notices that his face has darkened in colour, and she wonders if this is some kind of human predatory behaviour.

Peridot, the most unintentionally racist gem.

Ronaldo a good boy, he dindu nuffin

Then she spares a thought for her own biology, and does a mental double-take. While sex is strictly forbidden on the Homeworld,

No, just heterosexual sex. I mean fusion. I mean sex.

she's aware that all Gems have vestigial reproductive organs which can be put to... interesting uses. Does he think he's going to pleasure her until she talks? Peridot almost laughs out loud.

I also laughed out loud. For twenty minutes. I can’t stop. Send help.

“This isn't going to work,” she says. Ronaldo ignores her. He slips off his shirt and vest, and then starts to unbuckle his belt, breath deepening.

He’s about to unleash the six-inch foxdick.

I can’t wait until we find Ronaldo’s fanfic collection. Fanfics within fanfics.

He’s the most popular writer on, you know.

Peridot yanks at her chains in the vain hope she can somehow free a hand to strike him while he's distracted, but they still won't give. As her captor pulls down his pants, she notices that his sexual organs are very different from her own, and her confusion only grows. But there's an undercurrent of fear in her chest that she does not entirely understand.

We’ve gotten to the point where Peridot knows what sex is, but at the same time she is literally too retarded to understand the concept of putting things into holes.

Or rape.

“What are you doing?” she croaks, as he lowers himself on top of her. The feel of his body against hers feels invasive and wrong, and the moisture on his skin disgusts her. Peridot feels her panic rising. “Get off me! Get off!”

Telling a basement-dwelling manchild to “get off” is always an incredibly poor choice of words.

“Oh, we're just getting started,” breathes Ronaldo. He fumbles between them, and Peridot feels an unfamiliar sensation between her legs which quickly turns into pain. Something starts to push inside her, excruciatingly hard and slow. She feels sick.

I do, too.

It’s like trash man is some sort of rape Saboscrivner.

“Get off!” she repeats, through gritted teeth, feeling all the while as if she's on the brink of a scream. Is this how humans perform torture?

I mean, only when you’re doing it wrong.

It feels like he's cutting her in half, like he's pulling her apart from the inside.

Really, the most unrealistic part isn’t even Ronaldo raping anyone or Peridot being retarded enough to let herself get trapped and raped but rather the notion that his penis could hurt anyone, even someone like Peridot.

Maybe it’s barbed.

He uses sand as lube just to make it as unpleasant for everyone as possible. This technique is also known as the Full Skywalker.

He rests momentarily on top of her, and his breath falls on her throat, cloying and moist.
“Fuck, you're tight,” he whispers,

The Several Thousand Year Old Virgin, starring Steve Carell as Peridot.

I’d like everyone to try a little experiment. Please look at this picture and imagine him saying that, then try not to laugh.


and Peridot still doesn't understand, and in her fear and confusion and shame, tears start to gather in her eyes. His heavy form overshadows hers. She starts to feel like she'll never get out of this room, pinned beneath this man in the darkness, his hips against hers, pain blossoming between them.

And I feel like I’ll never get out of this fic, but we gotta deal with what we’re given.

I didn’t know rape could be pretentious.

Then he moves, and what she took for agony before pales into insignificance beside what he's doing to her now. Peridot can't help it—she screams, and tears free themselves to spill down her cheeks.


“Stop, please stop!” she cries out. “I'll tell you anything!”


“In time, my love,” he replies against her cheek, and withdraws. For one hopeful second, Peridot thinks it's over. Then he slams himself inside her again,


and the chains around her rattle as her body spasms with pain and helplessness and fear.

Any more “SUFFERING” buzzwords you wanna put in there, trash man?

She pleads again for him to stop, hating herself for how quickly she's given in, but he only quickens his thrusts, grabbing her hips for leverage as he pierces her again and again.
His breathing becomes ragged. Peridot turns her face away from his in shame and disgust. Suddenly, he crushes his body against hers, holding himself inside for a second, and she feels something seep out onto her thighs.

Two years worth of semen made a glopping noise as it endlessly flowed into Peridot.

Then he collapses atop her, and the pain begins to recede into mere soreness.

Ah, that classic comfy post-sex afterglow.

Peridot realizes she's still talking. “Please, please, I'm sorry, please stop, please stop,” she says, and a stifled sob escapes her. She still doesn't understand what he's done,

Jesus, she really is gementally retarded. Ronaldo just raped a retarded rock.

He should have kept the receipt, this pet rock is clearly broken.

but whatever it was, it seems to have stripped her of her dignity in its entirety,

It’s cute to see her pretend that she ever had any to begin with.

reducing her to pathetic pleas at the hands of this human weakling.
Tears of frustrated anger cloud her vision, and when Ronaldo presses his lips against hers, she can barely muster up the energy to flinch. To her disgust, he strokes her cheek when he breaks away.

Yeah, I wouldn’t want greasy basement-dweller sausage fingers on my face, either.

“That wasn't so bad, was it?”

I think Ronaldo is taking the piss at this point.

The piss fetish stuff doesn’t come until he tries to rape Lapis later. “Tries to”

he says, and she has no idea whether or not he means it. “I'm sure you'll come to cooperate with me, in time. Perhaps we can even... bridge an understanding between our cultures.”

He’s already bridged something, that’s for sure.

“Get off me,” she spits. Ronaldo pulls back, his expression inscrutable in the shadows. He stands up and picks up his clothing, leaving her still exposed and chained to the bed as he dresses himself. He doesn't say anything else, only pausing to pick up the recording device and the light source before he leaves. And the door closes once again, leaving the gem alone with her rage.

And leaving me alone with my disgust. Thanks, trash man, I feel like I’ve just been raped, too.

Wait, he actually recorded this?!

He’s got the next big viral YouTube sensation here!

He was originally going to go with his “Ronaldo’s Gem Squad” idea, but then he realized he didn’t want to look like an even bigger loser, so Gem rape it was.

Well, this was a very unpleasant experience. Unfortunately, it’ll only get worse, so I hope you stay tuned.

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Re: The Evil That Men Do, a Steven Universe rapefic

Post by Cody » Fri Jun 30, 2017 3:05 am

Is this the prequel to that screeching Peridot tulpa story?

Because that's where it looks like this is going.

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Re: The Evil That Men Do, a Steven Universe rapefic

Post by Max-Vader » Fri Jun 30, 2017 3:59 pm

You'd think, but it unfortunately goes far worse places.

Also, I made this.


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Re: The Evil That Men Do, a Steven Universe rapefic

Post by Max-Vader » Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:55 pm

Chapter 4: That parasitic fire

I’m sure that title sounded much better in your head, trash man.

(See the end of the chapter for notes.)
As the minutes turn into hours, and the pain of her torture turns into a dull ache, she feels the anger inside her solidify into a cold and calculating hatred.

Peridot couldn’t even out-calculate a jewish ballerina, a black man, an overweight smurf with a harelip and an autistic kid, what makes you think she’d fare any better here?

She’s going to tap into her latent tard strength.


No longer was this simply another assignment for her. Now, for reasons she still can't understand, it has all become horribly personal.

She STILL doesn’t get that she was raped? And that is the reason why she’s mad?

She is going to ruin this fucking planet.


No living thing would be left on this forsaken rock once she and her people were finished with it. They would tear the very essence of life from the heart of it and scatter it across the galaxy in a frenzy of war; they would rend its mountains and its forests into dust, fill its oceans with the dark mist of death,

Gem fart fumes, I assume.

Don’t give this fucking fandom ideas.

smear its inhabitants from existence like the clinging filth they were, and when they were done there would be no being left in the galaxy who could utter the name of this tainted place, and all its stories and names and deeds would be wiped from history as cleanly as in the swipe of a blade…

Her enraged screaming echoes long into the night, and she hopes with every burning molecule of hatred in her body that he will hear her battle cry and tremble.

Maybe it’s just me, but a green midget with autism doesn’t exactly inspire terror.


Wait, that’s it? Why was that even it’s own chapter?!

Chapter 5: We can still destroy

We can?

Kill U 2wice Over

(See the end of the chapter for notes.)
Some time later - Peridot doesn't know exactly how long, but the cycles of this miserable world are meaningless to her anyway - he returns, the door creaking open tentatively with his approach.
"I hope you've had some time to think about your situation," he says.

This fanfic is written from the perspective of Peridot, but to be perfectly frank, I’m actually much more interested in what the fuck is going though Ronaldo’s head. Seriously, that boy ain’t right.

I’m not sure I want to know the thought process of a guy whose first reaction to finding an alien is to chain it up in his basement and rape it.

Oh, plenty of time, she thinks. In fact, I have some ideas that could triple the harvesting efficiency of the Kindergartens on this planet and your continent will be the perfect location to test them.
But Peridot knows better than to say what's on her mind now, although she has a creeping suspicion that this human will get it out of her eventually.

Well, he’ll get something out...

It's clear now that the Crystal Gems have enlisted him to do their dirty work for them.

The Crystal Gems’ modus operandi is taking gems prisoner and raping them? Wonder why they haven’t shared that with Steven.

They’re saving that for his next birthday. It’ll be a surprise. For Connie.

Ronaldo's specific choice of method may have been new to her, but her race are no strangers to torture and interrogation. What the Homeworld authorities can do to a Gem is... unpleasant to think about.

They just stick ‘em alone in a room with a Lapis, this is tame rape compared to that.

Fuck Gem 5000

Everybody talks, in the end.

I thought it was “everybody lies”.

Peridot tries to push the thought out of her mind. She doesn't need it now, not on top of everything else. Her only hope is that this human is incompetent enough to crack her gem before she gives away anything important.

“Boy, I really hope he destabilizes my form and weakens me and renders me unable to use any of my powers properly. Sure wouldn’t want to give away gem secrets that he already has zero context for understanding. I’m so loyal and smart”

Why doesn’t she just start lying and claim the Gems are trying to turn the moon into cheese or something? I’m sure he’d believe it.

If she’s too stupid to understand the concept of rape, the concept of lying is probably just as alien to her.


Ronaldo seems to pause at her silence, as if expecting a reply, but when Peridot stays silent, he resumes his tentative approach. She notices that there is something in his hand - a damp cloth.

Already back at it?! Holy shit, that man is a masturbation machine.

"I thought you might appreciate some help cleaning up," he says. The odd gentleness in his voice makes Peridot recoil. The behaviour of this human is becoming more incomprehensible to her by the moment.

Autism has become an epidemic.

Besides, she already took care of all that. As Ronaldo kneels carefully on the side of the bed and runs the cloth over her exposed body, she watches his confusion.
"Uh... how did you..."
I adjusted the resonant frequency of my projected form to repel the layer of organic matter you left, you dumb shit, she thinks. Humans really were pretty stupid, apparently.

“hurr he doesn’t know how my body works, what a stupid alien”

Considering his now-intimate knowledge of it… Also gems can’t do that, you dumb shit.

Not so stupid they couldn't trap you, though, another inner voice reminds her.

Hey, we’re supposed to do the mocking, here!

It’s nice when the fanfic does the job for you.

Peridot grits her teeth.
The human clears his throat, awkwardly. "You know, it doesn't have to be this way. I'm only doing what humanity needs me to do."

Dammit Ronaldo, stop browsing all those “Humanity, Fuck Yeah” threads, they’re clearly not doing you any good.

“Humanity needs me to rape you multiple times, don’t argue, this is perfectly valid and sane logic”

I think he might have misunderstood the phrase “fuck illegal aliens”.

He abandons the cloth and traces his hand over her torso, cupping one small vestigial breast.


There’s really no reason for gems to have tits.


Disgust and anger flare up within her again. If only she'd prepared for this eventuality...

And just how is one supposed to prepare for some grubby alien molesting you? Pack extra gem pepper spray?

Extra-small condoms?

all her defense mechanisms were useless against organic beings, and the resonance trick would only work if her attacker was less than a millimetre thick.

It’ll still work then, just wait until he tries to penetrate you again.

She really, really needed to stop underestimating these people.
(She'd make sure her plans for this planet took that into account.)
Abruptly, Ronaldo brings his face to hers, stroking her hair. "If only you would work with us. I'm sure, deep down, there's a good person - uh - a good alien inside you. Won't you at least tell me your name?"

So far, Ronaldo’s master plan seems to be:
1. Capture alien.
2. Rape alien.
3. Try to convince alien that it should stop being evil and work with you.
4. ???
5. Profit. (Or more rape.)

What “bad” things has he even seen her do that warrants this kind of reaction?

Gems did 7/11.

Suddenly his lips fall against hers. It is the perfect opportunity.
The human screams and pulls himself away from her, blood spurting from his mouth. The Gem spits a lump of flesh out of hers.

She fucking bit his mouth off. Fucking metal as fuck, dude.

"My name is Peridot," she snarls. "And when I get out of here, I am going to exterminate every living thing on this miserable infected lump of rock, and you will be first in line."

Geez, talk about an overreaction.

Coldsteel the gemheg.


Yeah, that’s really fitting. Here’s something even more fitting.

I have a suggestion, too:

Chapter 6: Hour after hour
He tears himself away, screaming, and Peridot find herself laughing triumphantly, although she realizes quickly that this might be her only opportunity to escape.

We are six chapters in, and it’s still a toss-up as to who is more retarded or unsympathetic. That takes skill. Anti-skill.

As Ronaldo staggers out of the room, whimpering, she enlists all her remaining strength into straining against the chains again, and, when that doesn't work, attempts to use the weight of her body to jerk the bed in the direction of her discarded fingers. If she could only get within range of them... but the bed is bolted to the wall, and she exhausts herself before she can loosen anything.

He bolted the bed to the wall?! Fuck me, he sure put a lot of effort into this. Ronaldo is like the Batman of basement-rapists.

Peridot's mind rages against her helplessness. This is her chance. There must be another way.
Her gaze falls to her detachable feet, useless in their makeshift shackles. Each has an emergency release, but it's impossible to activate without her fingers. That's the sticking-point, unless...
With considerable effort, Peridot twists her feet outward, then inward, trying to find a position in which she can detach one foot by using the toe of the other. It doesn't work, but as she moves them back, she notices a spark jump from the friction between her feet and the chain. If the mattress is flammable, maybe there might be something beneath it that could help her.

I’d call this a completely contrived Deus ex Machina, but it turns out to be completely pointless anyway, so...

It's worth a try, and anyway, fire isn't a problem for her technologically-enhanced gem body.

Peridots have a really high melting point, incidentally.

The mattress beneath her ankle has just begun to smoulder when Ronaldo returns.
He's changed his clothing, and his lip--Peridot blinks at it uncomprehendingly. She's fairly sure there was nothing in her brief about humans being able to regenerate that quickly, but it's as if he has never been bitten, although the anger in his eyes tells her she wasn't imagining it.

Ronaldo has cloned several spare body-parts, just in case one of his victims gets a little uppity or he overuses the swedish penis pump. Again.

She literally tore off a chunk of his lips minutes ago, is he a mutant of some kind?

He swears and douses the patch of burning material with some liquid from the container in one hand, and then she notices what's in his other. Peridot identifies it as a rudimentary blunt weapon moments before it hits her in the stomach.

“Hey, that kinda looks like a bat, I wonder where he’s going with thi- OW”

The force makes her choke with pain.
"Bitch!" the human screams, drawing back his club for a second strike. "You're just like all the others!"

Ronaldo is going full Supreme Gentleman at this point.

He’s taken one too many red pills!

Another blow, this time to her chest. Peridot thinks of her gem, tries to work out whether the human is exerting enough force to crack it, but she can't organize her thoughts, and suddenly she's screaming out for him to stop, please, she'll tell him everything, she'll do anything he wants…

After only two hits?! Fucking pussy doesn’t even have a physical body that can be permanently damaged. It’s like that scene in the first Asterix movie where he begs for mercy before the torturer even starts, except not played for laughs. (Anyone who knows what I’m talking about gets a gold star.)

"Anything?" he says, breathless with anger and exertion. The question makes Peridot want to cry, but she nods. So this is where I break, she thinks.

Oh, if only. Unfortunately there’s like a dozen more chapters.

Ronaldo drops the weapon to the ground. His eyes rove over her exposed body. After a moment, his hands move to the zipper of his jeans.

Here we go again...

"You don't struggle," he says. "You do what I say. Okay?"
"Yes," she says quietly, as he kneels down on the mattress again, forcing her legs apart a little more with his own.
His breathing is deep. She grits her teeth, tries not to whimper. His breath falls hot and stale on her face.

Oh, man, nothing’s worse than getting raped AND the guy has bad breath. Amirite ladies?!

He sure couldn’t have picked a worse time for that cheese and onion sandwich for lunch...

As he enters her, he lets out a groan, as if he is the one in pain.
The second time hurts more.

Why, did she regenerate her Gem-hymen?!

Her vestigial gem hymen.

Peridot does not expect that. She had assumed that one might get used to torture, although in retrospect the thought doesn't make sense. Why do it, if it loses its effectiveness over time?
These thoughts come later, in the haze of despair, after she has told him everything.

Chapter 7: Storm-clouds
Three days ago
It's getting late, and the summer sky hangs low, threatening a storm. Pearl turns on the light. "What is it, Steven?"

Oh right, this is a Steven Universe fanfic. I almost forgot, what with the main character being absent so much. The amount of rape is still the same, though.

He's on the window seat downstairs, kicking his legs pensively. "I think the lighthouse might be haunted again."
"Don't be silly." Pearl picks an old T-shirt up from the floor and drops it onto the pile over her arm. "We checked the whole place for corrupted gems before Ronaldo moved back in."
"I heard screaming,"

Then investigate it, Steven, you little faggot.

No way, that sounds like something that might move the plot along.

Outside, the storm begins to pick up. Pearl comes down and ruffles his hair.
"It's just the wind."

“Does the wind usually go ’REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’, Pearl?”

Two and a half days ago.
The air is fresh and warm. Steven flops back on the blanket, staring up at the lighthouse, while Amethyst loudly finishes off the packaging from their breakfast picnic. Connie notices his expression, and frowns.
"Still thinking about that noise from last night?" she says. Steven nods wordlessly. Connie's gaze follows his, and she peers up at the building through her lensless glasses, squinting against the early sunlight.
"We could always just knock on the door and ask," she suggests. "I'm pretty sure Ronaldo would notice if something else was living in there."
Amethyst smirks. "He'd probably try to interview it for his blog."

“Dr. Gemlove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Rape”


Steven picks himself up, but before he can respond, another long wail echoes down the hill, and the hair on the back of his neck prickles.

This is almost comical at this point.

Connie and Amethyst jump to their feet.
"That's definitely not the wind," he says, and takes off running. Ahead, Ronaldo comes staggering out of the door, screaming, his sleeve clutched to his face. There's blood over the front of his shirt.
"Ronaldo! Are you okay? Did the ghost get you?"

“Nah, it’s just my neighbor Randy, he’s gone ghost.”

The young man shakes his head, as hurriedly as he can manage. "Fell downstairs. Cut my lip," he manages to approximate.

Wow, he actually went with the “I fell down some stairs”-excuse.

Connie pulls out her phone.
"I'll call mom," she says. Steven shakes his head, and rolls up his sleeves.
"No need," he says, and spits in his hand. "OK, Ronaldo, you're going to have to trust me here..."

“Just remember to say “no homo” and it’ll be fine…”

This fic is just one long rape exchange.

Two days ago
Pearl catches him kicking his legs on the window seat again. "Still thinking about ghosts?" she asks, although neither of them could see the lighthouse from there.
"Ronaldo's acting really weird," Steven replies. "I healed his face yesterday and he didn't even say thank you. Just told us he had important business to take care of and ran back inside."
"Well, no doubt he's found some pointless human endeavour to amuse himself with," says Pearl airily.

“I’m sure right now he’s rolling around in the muck or playing with some sticks or whatever else these primitive savages do to pass the time.”

Glad to see Pearl’s still a horrific racist. Trash man at least got that right.

"Good to hear your healing powers are back, anyway."
"Mm." Steven looks down at his smartphone distractedly. There's a message from Ronaldo.
IMPORTANT QUESTION: What do gems eat?

“I’ve been feeding this one my dick on a daily basis but I don’t think she likes it”

I’d say that at least an all-semen diet is slimming, but Amethyst is still fat as fuck.

Ronaldo's voice sounds faint and tinny over the line, although the late hour doesn't exactly help. Steven rubs his eyes.
"What time is it?"
"Steven, this is urgent. How can you tell if a gem is sick?"

“I’m, uh, asking for a friend. Also, while you’re at it, I woul- I MEAN MY FRIEND would like to know what kind of lube you should use on gems. It’s for… an article. Yes.”

"Umm..." Steven thinks for a moment, thrown aback by the question. "When Amethyst cracked her gem, she started talking funny and her arms and legs started going all... like spaghetti. Is everything OK?"
"I'm just doing some research."

Rearsearch, maybe.

"Oh, okay. Hey, Garnet's in the kitchen, she'll probably know. Want me to get her for you?"
"Uh..." Ronaldo sounds uncertain, but Steven is already out of bed and handing over the phone.
"It's Ronaldo," he tells her. "He's doing research about gems."
Garnet looks at it, puts it to her ear for a second, and then hangs up.

Garnet, you fucking asshole.

"Time for bed," she says.

SpiritMorphNerd: Steven?
SpiritMorphNerd: Have you seen Ronaldo's blog today?
STEVEN9999999: No
STEVEN9999999: y?

At last, we finally got the one missing element to make this rape fanfic perfect: Homestuck-esque chat conversations!

SpiritMorphNerd: He's put up a post about Gem history. It's really detailed.
SpiritMorphNerd: And kind of disturbing.
SpiritMorphNerd: Is all this stuff true?

“This stuff about the gem holocaust, perpetrated by Gemdolf Hitler? Also this stuff about the Great Lapis Lazuli Rape Riot of 1973?”

“Pearl just told me ‘Pink Diamond did nothing wrong’. I don’t get it either.”

STEVEN9999999: ....... IDK. Pearl amethyst and garnet never told me any of this stuff
STEVEN9999999: Hang on Ill go ask them

And just like in the show, I’m sure they’d avoid the question entirely...

SpiritMorphNerd: Maybe he just made it up
SpiritMorphNerd: Steven?
SpiritMorphNerd: Are you there?
SpiritMorphNerd: Hello????



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Re: The Evil That Men Do, a Steven Universe rapefic

Post by Max-Vader » Mon Jul 24, 2017 2:14 pm

We’re at the point where there is no rape, but instead far more boring shit. The jury is still out on which one’s worse.

Chapter 8: Let it fall

Let it go

Don’t hold back the rape anymore

Peridot doesn't know how long it's been.
Doesn't matter. She's not in pain. That's what counts.

Too bad you can’t say the same thing about everyone reading this tripe.

The chains are a little looser now.

Just like her vagina.

Wonder if she’ll just regenerate her gem hymen.

If they do in fact do that every time, then Gems are the platonic ideal of a woman in the eyes of the japanese.

It's her reward for doing what she's told. Occasionally she thinks about escaping, but she knows it's not a good idea so she tries not to think at all.

I can’t believe a basement-dwelling manchild was able to thoroughly break the mind of an ostensibly immortal being.

Maybe he used the Curse-ye-hame-ha on her.

Besides, he took her fingers away. And he knows how to break her gem now, because she told him. (Pathetic.)

What the fuck, why on Earth would you tell him that?! “Oh, by the way, here’s how to kill me if you ever get sick of raping me”

I don’t know why she wouldn’t have just lied. “Yes, the best way to rape me is to stab me in the torso, then leave and wait a few days for the leftover gem to turn into a fleshlight.”

But he's not all that bad. He can be kind, when she's not misbehaving. She's learning how to please him, how to keep him calm.

He loaned her a copy of the Gema Sutra.

He tells her he loves her. Is this how humans express their love?

No, but it is how you get fired from Channel Awesome.

Best not to think too hard about it.
Something inside her still hates him, but she keeps it quiet. She's not sure where all the rage goes when it's not in her head.

So on top of rape, basements, and locks, gems also can’t grasp the concept of abstract thought? The fuck do you mean, “where does the rage go” you autist?

Despite all this rage, she is still just a sped in a cage.

At least she no longer misses home. She doesn't even think about it now. All that has been locked away with the outside world, and there is only pain and the avoidance of pain, and the long blank hours that come after surrender.

I’ll take a large Stockholm Syndrome, extra pretentious, hold the depth, please.

And just when it feels as if she's been like this forever, curled on her side in this dark room, the door opens, and once more there is light.


Chapter 9: Castaway

Is she gonna start talking to a volleyball now?

The air in the basement is close and foul, a mixture of human sweat and the strange ozone-like taint of wounded gem bodies.

Those gems should learn to bathe themselves already.

…”Bodies”? Plural? How many other gems does Ronaldo have down there?

Peridot told him about the Kindergarden too, so he was busy the last few days making his Gem-harem.

The latter threatens to take Pearl straight back to the war, but she steels herself, clutching her sword with a soldier's resolve.

Goddammit, does every single gem have crippling PTSD now? How they manage to have an empire spanning dozens of planets is beyond me.

“Hey Pearl, could you hand me the salt-”

"Ronaldo?" A familiar voice emanates from somewhere in the darkness, and for a moment, Pearl can't place it. Garnet, besides her, is quicker to react.
"Steven!" she yells. "Don't come in here! Get Greg!"

“She’s still alive, we need him to finish the job!”

"Get him now." Her voice is so forceful that even Pearl winces. Then Garnet summons a light and the dark figure on the bed is forced into bright relief. It's Peridot, and to Pearl's shock, she seems to be chained there. The homeworld Gem shrinks back instantly and covers her eyes.
"Please don't hurt me!" Her voice is hoarse and panicked. "I've told you everything I know!"
"We didn't ask anyone to hurt you," replies Garnet evenly. Finally catching up beside them, Amethyst whispers, "Holy crap."

I see Amethyst is as insightful as ever.

"We didn't know you were here," clarifies Pearl, her voice wavering. "Garnet... what should we do?"
Garnet stays very still for a moment. Then she dismisses her gauntlets.

And then she pulled out her pistol to put Peridot out of her misery.

"Amethyst, wait outside for Greg. Don't let Steven in here. Pearl, get her out of those chains."
Pearl looks skeptical. "Are you sure?"
"She's not a threat right now."

Well yeah. I mean, what’s she gonna do, screech at you?

Not far off from what she did in the show, anyway.

Pearl steps forward uncertainly. She knew they were bound to encounter Peridot again at some point, but this situation is so different from anything she'd imagined.

Yeah, I think she was expecting to do the raping.

Pearl is like the Pinocchio of rape. If your heart is in your dream no act of rape is too extreme and all that.

Peridot looks so tired and broken that it's impossible to view her with anything other than pity, and the bruises on her exposed body remind Pearl of some ugly truths about humanity that she'd rather forget.

I’ll have you know Ronaldo identifies as a Gem, you fucking bigot.

She begins to understand why Garnet needs Greg here.

Good, because I don’t.

Is he going to just finish her off with the Murdercock?

Raising the sword to take care of Peridot's restraints,

The hell is the sword made out of if it can cut through metal chains?

Pearl sees her flinch again, and something twinges inside her. "It's okay," she says. "I'm not going to hurt you."
Part of her is still expecting the homeworld Gem to spring an attack as soon as her arms and legs are free, but instead, Peridot simply puts her head in her hands and weeps.

“He made me play Magic: The Gathering with him! It was horrible!”

She still doesn’t have her fingers, mind you, so just imagine someone crying with stump hands.

It went like all the rape, in that it was pretty much just Ronaldo playing with himself.

Chapter 10: Against rocks in the morning light
"What can we do for her?"
The Fusion's voice is quiet and low. Peridot remembers being carried, and wanting to struggle, but for some reason her arms and legs feel so very far away.

Gotta keep those limb enhancers more securely attached.

She is wrapped in something--maybe a blanket--and the sudden fear of being captured again makes her stifle a sob. Nobody comforts her.

That honestly got a chuckle out of me. So blunt.

Don’t worry, professional theRAPIST Greg is on his way.

"Honestly, I don't know." She doesn't recognise this voice. It doesn't sound like any gem she's ever heard. Human, maybe? "This isn't something I've ever had to deal with. But I think Steven's friend Sadie used to volunteer at a crisis centre.

I’d mock this fanfic for including such a thing, but if there’s any kids cartoon that could use it, it’s Steven Universe.

Do you think they’d take me seriously if I told them a fanfic of a children’s tv show literally raped me?

Only if you say it was one of the Diamonds. Rape = Pregemdice + Power.

Uh, what are you going to tell Steven?"
"What do you think we should tell him?"
The human sighs. "My instincts say he's too young for the whole story. But we need to make sure Ronaldo doesn't hurt anyone else, and, well, it's going to be hard to keep the truth from him if the police get involved."
The Pearl cuts in. "We're not very good at dealing with the human authorities,

Well, they ARE illegal aliens.

If you listen closely, you can hear Steven’s uncle faintly shout “they have to go back” in the distance.

I wish this fic was written after Andy came into the picture. He’d really add a lot.

and frankly, I don't see Peridot being too interested in talking to them either. Why don't you take care of the human side of things, Greg, and let us deal with her?"

I’d love to see Greg explaining to the cops that Ronaldo raped a space alien.

"Right. I'll talk to Sadie. Maybe she'll have a better idea of how to talk to Steven about this.

Yes, the local minimum wage donut shop employee is the best bet to help a rape victim.

At least she has experience with holes and their filling.

Geez, I'm so out of my depth right now it's unreal." Then, in slightly lower tones; "And isn't this one technically on, uh the other side?"
"We'll deal with that later," replies the Fusion, and Peridot is too tired to think about what that might mean.
For a while, it feels if she is floating, and she wonders if she is regenerating again. But soon the sound of water is lapping at the edges of her consciousness, and her body feels comfortable and warm for the first time in more than three days.

Nobody tell her that it’s pee, not water.

Once Ronaldo got into watersports, all bets were off.

Her eyes open to a vast, pale sky.
Belatedly she realises that she is half-submerged in water, lying in a shallow rock basin with her head propped up on the edge. Stone figures are seated around the basin at intervals; another statue, far larger, towers above her, from whose eyes the fountain seems to emerge. There is something calming about the setting which is wholly unfamiliar to Peridot. Nowhere on Homeworld is like this.

There’s no place like Homeworld.

Peridot sits up. Something shifts in the corner of her vision, making her jump. What she took to be another statue turns out to be the Pearl, holding something in her arms and flanked by the Kindergarten gem. Beside them is another creature with no visible gem, similar in size to the Steven. Its expression seems uncertain; all three of them do, in fact, and as the Pearl approaches Peridot has the distinct impression that she is ready to drop the bundle and draw her sword at a moment's notice.
She looks down at her hands. No fingers, so she is still largely useless against an enemy. Not for the first time, it occurs that this is a serious design flaw.

I was about to say. What idiot is responsible for this?

I don’t think homeworld considered the possibility that someone could lose the fingers to a rapist.

"Peridot?" ventures the Pearl. "How are you feeling?"
Chapter 11: Under the empty sky
Peridot has never seen a Pearl up close before.
It--well, she--is much more graceful than she had imagined, her eyes more intelligent, her limbs more delicate and slender.
So this is my progenitor, she thinks.


Now I’ve heard some pretty wild theories, but I’ve never seen “peridots evolved from pearls”. Also this fic is tagged as Pearl/Peridot so Peridot is going to fuck her grandma? I cannot even begin to parse how stupid this is.

Her mind is still foggy and slow, and it must be taking her too long to answer because the Pearl adds, "You... said you didn't know how to regenerate your clothes, so we found some that might fit you."

“yes, we know the shorts say “juicy” on the butt, you’ll just have to deal with it”

Peridot looks down at her own exposed body. For some reason, the sight makes her uncomfortable in a way it never did before, as if what Ronaldo did to her has somehow laid bare ugly new layers of meaning.

It’s a veritable rape onion!

At least the bruises are gone.

If we’re getting Adam and Eve-metaphors next, I’m quitting.

She stands up, reflexively covering herself with her arms. A few rose petals from the water cling to her bare skin. The question that has been caught in her throat ever since she was rescued finally struggles to the fore.
"Why are you helping me?"
When the Pearl hesitates, the Amethyst steps in. Her eyes are hard.
"Don't think you're off the hook for trying to kill us," she says. "We're doing this for Steven."
"He's the one who realised where you were," adds the Pearl. "He... made us promise we'd at least try to talk to you, when we found you. And we couldn't just leave you there."
Peridot's mind slides back to the dark basement for a moment. Phantom pain shoots through her lower belly.

“Kaz… I am already a Gem.”

What the fuck, did she just get phantom dicked?


She swallows hard, tries to push the thought away.
"So. How am I supposed to put those clothes on without my fingers?"
The Pearl helps her, in the end. It feels strange and uncomfortable having someone else so close.

I think anyone would be uncomfortable with Pearl that close. She could gore you with her nose.


"We think your fingers are still at the lighthouse somewhere. Garnet's gone back to look," she says, as she buttons up the front of her shirt. "Meanwhile, we can help you with anything you need. It's... probably for the best, for now, anyway."
Peridot doesn't need to ask what she means. The presence of an armed escort confirms that she is still very much a prisoner, but at least she can see the sky, here. She didn't realise how much that meant until it was taken away.

Doesn’t the Gem Homeworld not even have a sky?

No atmosphere.

"Where am I?"
The Pearl seems unexpectedly brightened by the question. "Oh! This is Rose Quartz's healing fountain. She built it during the-"
Peridot isn't interested in a history lesson. "Right. So what's that?" She asks, pointing to the short creature, which exchanges a look with the Amethyst.
"Uh, this is Sadie. She's a human," Pearl tells her.
Peridot wonders whether a Sadie is a specific type of human, or whether each creature on this planet has a separate name, rather than a simple designation of caste like Peridot or Pearl. It's hard to get her head around.

It’s really not.

The Sadie--or maybe just Sadie?--steps forward uncertainly. Its body is more gem-like than the Steven's,

The hell does that mean? Because she has tits?

but its skin is the same odd beige tone, and its hair is fluffy and yellow.
"Hi, Peridot," it says, giving a little wave of her hand. "Um, since the Gems don't really understand what happened to you, they thought it might be helpful for you to talk to someone who does. So... I'm here if you need me."
Peridot looks Sadie over. Somewhere inside the numbness, anger rears its head.
"Why would I want to talk to a human?" She replies coldly. "It was a human who hurt me in the first place."

So by that logic, if a single Gem ever hurts you, it’s gas the Gems, space war now.

Well, that went over quicker than I expected.

Just like the sex with Ronaldo, look at that!

Sadie seems to be keeping its expression carefully neutral. "Right. Sorry. I'll go. If you change your mind, the Gems know where to find me. Just..." The human pauses mid-turn. "It's not your fault, OK? Try to remember that."
Shows how much you know, Peridot thinks bitterly as the creature is led away by the Amethyst. I only have myself to blame.



I love the melodramatic soundtrack trashman likes to include.

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Re: The Evil That Men Do, a Steven Universe rapefic

Post by Max-Vader » Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:57 pm

Chapter 12: The curtains of the mind

Peridot is interrupted from her thoughts by a hand on her arm. It's feather-gentle, but she still jerks away.

"We need to go back," Pearl says.

“Steven’s Uncle says so, and I’m sure he’s almost finished the space wall by now.”

Andy is the unsung hero of this tale, truly.

A small distance away, the other two have stopped to wait for them, and the Amethyst's hand is on the handle of her whip.

Fuck’s sake, Amy, she just got out of Ronaldo’s rape basement, she’s not ready for your degenerate kinks.

"Fine. I'll come. You don't need to touch me," Peridot spits. Head down, she follows Sadie and the Amethyst out to the warp pad, feeling Pearl's eyes on her all the way.

God dammit Pearl, does your horniness know no bounds?! Do you even have to go after basement rape victims in order to fill your holes now that Rose is gone?

She doesn’t discriminate, anything that fills the void will do. Her friends, her enemies, rape victims, little boys, especially her wife’s son.

Murdercunt. (Both literally and figuratively.)

Her new clothes feel awkward and loose; the plaid shirt rests against her body in unfamiliar ways, and the trousers are ever-so-slightly too long. She remembers hearing somewhere that ancient Gems had much more control over their own forms, even to the point of shapeshifting.

“ancient gems” Yes, as ancient as Amethyst, huh?

Trash man was half on the money with this one. Post-war gems can’t shapeshift, but Amethyst is the youngest gem in the show. Youngest and shittiest.

Amethyst is like the female Ghostbusters of gems.

That would have been useful a few days ago.

Don't think about it don't think about it

BYE BYE MAN *eyeroll*

Don’t think it, don’t rape it.

She hugs herself unconsciously, and tries not to think at all.

I’m guessing that’s not too hard for her.

His body is heavy and slick with moisture, and when his hand slides between her legs, she quickly squashes the temptation to bite his lip again. That would not end well for her.

Try his ear instead. Mike Tyson that bitch.

Or his neck. Go for the jugular.

Sweep the leg!

"Relax. It's like you've never been touched this way before," he says petulantly, pulling away.

"I haven't," breathes Peridot, although she is aware such things happen amongst Gems, on occasion.

Do tell.

Oh, no, now you actually want to see gem sex? You’ve gotten fanfic Stockholm Syndrome!

No, I just want to see Sugar explain it in the context of the show, because you know it’d be hilarious.

“How do gems have sex? Oh, gosh. Let me get my ukulele out and tell you through an insufferably quirky song”

Tentabulges, probably.

But that is a world away from here, and was never part of her life to begin with. Right now, she doesn't miss it.

Can’t miss what you never had.

"Then I'm your first," Ronaldo says, with wonder.

Are we sure Elliot Rodger didn’t write this? I know he died in 2014, but maybe he predicted SU?

Steven Universe started airing in 2013, so it’s entirely possible he was ghost writing for Becky Sucrose.

Makes sense, he DID go ghost.

His fingers explore her. The touch is surprisingly gentle, but she can't help tensing up in expectation of pain. It seems to annoy him. "I said relax."

"I'm trying. Please don't hurt me."

Sheesh, stop the dirty talk, this is too erotic for me.

"I'm not going to hurt you," he says, but all the while his thick fingers are delving into her,

Christ, even his fingers could use a diet.

and oh great Diamond please not again, hasn't she been good, hasn't she done everything he asked her to? Peridot squeezes her eyes shut and tries to convince herself that she is alone in this dark, that she is anywhere else but here.

There’s no place like Homeworld.

The Wizard of Oz is a lot more rapey than I remembered

The wonderful Wizard of Pozz.


Gradually, she realizes that she's crouched on the warp pad in the beach house. Time telescopes outward again, separating her once more from those long days in the basement.

"What's happening?" Pearl's voice. It's strangely comforting.

Very subtle. I can’t tell at all that they’re gonna hook up later. Speaking of, this also means that Ronaldo sucks so bad at sex that he turned her into a complete lesbian.

She was only mostly a lesbian before.

Still though, if there’s one thing we’ve learned from James Bond, Mike Pence and the Murdercock, it’s possible to convert them.

"I think she's having a flashback," Sadie says.

Holy shit, she has fourth wall awareness!

"Peridot, can you hear me? You're with me in Steven's house, and you're safe. OK? Do you want a drink of water?"

"I don't need to drink," Peridot murmurs.

The silence in this room is like a dangling sword.

let it fall let it fall let it fall let it fall


She can tell without looking that everyone is staring at her, and the thought makes her feel as if she is being buried alive.

"Peridot, why don't you come outside for a second?" The human offers.

“We’ve got a beautiful pillory for your next rape.”

“We figure offering you up like Andromeda to the sea monster will keep Malachite out of the plot a little longer.”

Hearing the word outside reminds her of this planet's sky, its beautiful vastness. She goes to stand, but her legs are unsteady and Pearl catches her as she rises. "Sorry," the Gem says, reflexively, but Peridot shakes her head.

"It's fine. Let's go."

It's not until she's leaning on the railing outside beside Pearl and Sadie that she finally stops feeling so trapped. "There must be something wrong with my Gem," she said. "Nothing like that ever happened to me before."

The rape or the autism?

"It's a normal reaction to an abnormal situation." Sadie leans beside her. "Don't beat yourself up about it. I've seen other people go through the same kind of stuff. It's hard, but... You're not alone, OK?"

Peridot swallows.

Something she’s done a lot recently, I’m sure...

"Does all that..." She can't say it. Tries again. "How often do humans do that to each other? Does it happen all the time?"

"Not all the time. But... sometimes," admits Sadie, sounding sad.

Peridot grits her teeth. She'd clench her fingers if she had them.

So are they gonna bother getting those back for her or are they condemning her to PTSD and handlessness?

"And you want to save this planet, Pearl? After seeing what humans are capable of?"

Pearl doesn’t even give a shit about humans or Earth, she’s just in it for Rose.

That slut.

"They..." Pearl glances at Sadie, who is trying to disguise how alarmed she looks. "It's true. Humans can do some terrible things. Things a gem wouldn't even dream of.

Said the gem that tried to literally kill a baby in cold blood, belonging to a race that in order to perpetuate itself GENOCIDES ALL LIFE ON A PLANET-WIDE SCALE.

But... they can also be kind, and generous, and..."

"Oh, shut up!" Peridot slams her stumps on the railing. "I don't want to hear this! If you guys want to stay on this crummy planet and get fucked by humans, that's your business!"

No lie, I actually laughed at that. It’s funny because it’s true.

Just imagining that line in Peridot’s nasally voice is amazing.

At Pearl's shocked stare, she continued. "Because that's what he did, wasn't it? He took something that Gems do out of love and he used it to hurt me and he did it because he enjoyed it."

I just realized she’s effectively implying that gems don’t know what rape is. Pfffff.

But I thought she didn’t know what Ronaldo was actually doing, and didn’t know what sex was. Keep your shit consistent, trash man.

This fic’s about as incoherent as Ronaldo’s dick is bent.

She's babbling now, but she doesn't care. Beside her, she hears Sadie's voice, uncertain and soft. "Peridot..."

"And you can shut your mouth too! Do you think I even want to look at you, you parasite?

The irony of a member of a completely parasitic species calling a human a parasite is fantastic.

Why aren't you gone already?"

Post-rape Peridot is my new favorite character. This is the arc she should have had in the show.

Is post-rape something like post-timeskip?

Well, when the rape is happening in a basement over the course of a few weeks, maybe even months...

The human keeps her expression calm. "You're right. I'm sorry. I should have gone sooner. I'll see you later, Pearl," she adds as she leaves, shooting a glance at the other gem.

Peridot watches her go, Pearl silent at her side, and it takes all her will not to break away and take off running along the beach.

Ocean gem, take me by the hand, lead me to the rape, that you understand

And then Malachite pops out of the water, snatches her up and goes back down to rape her. Sort of like with Ronaldo, except wetter and with better sex.

This is the good end. Who wouldn’t want to be repeatedly raped by a six-armed sea monster fusion that’s also simultaneously raping itself in its mind?

Considering that half of it is Jasper, nobody. Also: “The rape was in your mind all along!”

Aw, no soundtrack this time. Don’t worry, I got this.

Chapter 13: Any consoling ritual

So is this when they fuck or what am I supposed to interpret from this?

Is that really the chapter title or did he just jump the gun and start writing sentences too early?

They sit in silence for a few moments, the sea wind blowing gently.
"I wish you could see--" Pearl starts, but then thinks better of it. "We should go back in," she suggests instead, then; "As long as you... I mean..."
"It's fine. Whatever." Peridot straightens up and walks in without needing any more prompting.

Geez Peridot, I know you got raped and all, but there’s no need to be that much of an asshole.

The Steven and the other two Gems are there, conferring, and when the Steven sees her, its expression flickers through distress through to what she assumes is sympathy. It grabs something from the table and rushes up to her.
"Um, hi Peridot. The Gems said you were sick, so I got you ice cream and a blanket. You can use my bed if you want."

For once, the gems’ tendency to tell Steven absolutely fucking nothing about anything comes in handy.

But she doesn’t have any hands...

Peridot is tempted to just kick him aside, or at least yell, but she just doesn't have the energy right now.

What a dick. At least that way we are spared more autistic screeching.

And there is something in the gesture that gives her pause, something that makes her want to just let Steven do whatever stupid Earth shit he wants to make her feel better because she's tired of making decisions for herself, tired of fighting, tired of everything. "Fine," she says, and three surprised pairs of eyes--plus one extra--watch her clomp heavily upstairs after him.
Steven eats the ice cream, in the end,

Ah, the DarkSydePhil approach to mentally ill people.

but the blanket is draped around Peridot's shoulders in a way she assumes is supposed to be therapeutic. They sit together on cushions piled up at the end of his bed, Steven explaining the nuances of season 2 of Crying Breakfast Friends,

Imagine trying to help someone who just went through weeks of basement rape by telling them about the plot of your favorite cartoons. In detail.

Peridot failing to find any coherent narrative in the show outside of a near-constant stream of minor tragedies and crying.

Not unlike the show Steven Universe.

Except with less rape.

Pearl comes to join them soon after, and they sit in silence while the sky darkens. A little while after sunset, there is a rap on the door that makes Peridot jump.

Rap is one letter away from rape, so I can see why she was spooked.

It's another human, taller than Sadie but roughly the same colours, and on seeing her, Amethyst suddenly brightens up and bounds over from her space on the couch. Peridot watches them warily from the upper level. The human catches sight of her and waves.
"Hey. I found some more of my old clothes if you need 'em," it says. Peridot looks down at her shirt.
"These are yours?"
The human makes a dismissive gesture with her free hand. "They're yours now. It's just a painting shirt and my old maternity jeans. I brought you a belt in case they needed holding up."

“Or in case you want to be tied to a bed again or whipped, whatever.”

“Ronaldo told us all about the weird shit you like”

“Didn’t take you for the type to be into butt stuff, but whatever floats your gem-boat.”

Peridot tugs experimentally at the stretchy waistband. They are, admittedly, a little looser than what she's used to. She drags herself to her feet and hesitantly comes down to join them, Pearl following.
The human moves to fasten the belt around Peridot's waist, but stops herself and holds it out to her instead. There is a moment of awkward silence, everyone glancing from each other to Peridot's fingerless hands. Eventually, Pearl takes the initiative. Her touch is gentle and deft, and as Peridot lifts her arms to allow Pearl to fumble with the archaic fastenings, Amethyst pipes up.

Boy, the jump from autistic rape to playing dress-up with the rape victim is fucking riveting to read.

"You want to stick around for a while, Vidalia?"
Pearl's eyes light up. "It's past Steven's bedtime, but I'll bring some tea out to the porch," she says. "Peridot, could you come help me?"
Peridot has no idea what tea actually is, or what use she'll be without her fingers,

Well, where do you think Pearl is gonna get the liquid for the tea from, huh?

but she's smart enough to know that this is code for "I need to keep an eye on you," so she merely rolls her eyes and plays along with the pretense. As she follows Pearl into the kitchen, she hears Amethyst say, "Sorry. She really enjoys making tea," and Vidalia laughs.
Tea, it turns out, consists of hot water poured over some kind of sachet inside an open-topped container, and Peridot occupies herself with trying to figure out what it's for.

The alien that has the stones (get it?) to call other species primitive, everyone.

As Pearl places the containers on a flat tray and carries them out, they catch the end of Amethyst and Vidalia's conversation.
"...always knew that kid was trouble," Vidalia is saying. "If he turns up round mine he'll be lucky not to catch a faceful of lead."

Jesus christ, this lady doesn’t fuck around.

Unlike Ronaldo.

It only takes a moment for Peridot to connect the sentence with the momentary looks flashed in her direction.
"Ronaldo's still alive," she says, and her skin goes suddenly cold.

He had places to go, gems to rape.

Were they thinking that he’d died!? How? When?

Chapter 14: Steep from the sunset

These chapter titles are getting worse and worse.

Silence falls like a thick curtain. The other gems and the human look at each other.
"His dad says he skipped town," Vidalia says, then, in what is possibly an attempt to reassure her; "Don't worry. He won't come back here if he knows what's good for him."
"But he's still alive," repeats Peridot. She had assumed the Crystal Gems killed him; to learn otherwise makes her feel at once betrayed and panicked. Could he be out there right now?


*teleports behind you* nothing personnel, kid *rapes you*


Her eyes scan the dark beach, the shadows behind the rocks. And what about Steven's house? Did this structure have a back entrance?

Peridot knows from experience that Ronaldo has a strong preference for back entrances.

What if he managed to sneak in without anyone noticing? She feels her legs quivering, her vision narrowing. She wants to run.
"Peridot," Pearl is saying from somewhere far away. "It's OK. You're safe now. You're with us."

Why are they even entertaining the idea that he’d come back for one last quickie? Why on earth would he do something that stupid?

Paragon. We’re talking about RONALDO here. “Stupid” is his middle name. Maybe even his first and last one, too.

She forces herself to pay attention to where she is now, to the sound of the ocean and the rough weight of her clothes. It's surprisingly helpful, but as the world drifts back into phase with itself, she realises that her eyes are leaking tears, and the thought of breaking down in front of yet another human is humiliating.
"I need to get out of here," she says, through gritted teeth. "I just want to go home."

Without Ruby Slippers, I’m not seeing that happening.

Her vision blurs and she turns away, going for the door. The handle is kind of hard to operate without digits and Peridot resists the urge to just smash it to bits. Pearl puts one light hand on her arm.
"Here," she says, but Vidalia interrupts them.
"Look, how about I go back and get my shotgun?" she says. "That way, if he does come back here, we can install him a superflous asshole or two."


“and then we’ll rape him! See how he likes it!”

Ah rape. The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.

"Well, that's very sweet of you," replies Pearl, with a touch of laughter in her voice, "But I can assure you--"
"You have a weapon?" asks Peridot.


"Yeah, a 20-gauge Stoeger."
"And this weapon - it is capable of killing humans?"
"At close range, that thing'll kill pretty much anything." Vidalia glances sideways at Amethyst.

Do it, fucking try it on her, I’d love to know how a gem holds up against a shotgun.

"I feel safer just having it in the house."
"Then go get it," Peridot says, and for whatever reason, neither Amethyst nor Pearl seem inclined to argue.
They end up taking the night in shifts--Amethyst and Vidalia first, and then, when the human can't stay awake any longer, Pearl and Peridot come outside to relieve them.

Seriously Pearl? Can’t you just keep it in your gem-pants for once?

Pearl hefts the gun experimentally into a firing position, checking its weight and lining up her sights with something in the distance.
"You look like you know how to use that," Peridot comments, watching her. When Pearl replies, there is a warmth in her voice which is strangely endearing.

Why the fuck would Pearl bother with human weapons when she can literally generate endless spears from her forehead?

Can’t do that in a christian cartoon.

"It's been a while, but I remember." She looks over the weapon fondly. "When you get your fingers back I can show you how to use it, if you like."
"How does it work?"
"Oh, it's quite ingenious, really. The basic principle is the use of explosive pressure to launch a metal cartridge through a hollow barrel. The details vary between models, but it's surprisingly effective for such a rudimentary technology."
"Ha! You're telling me this species is still using physical projectiles?" Peridot snorts. "Losers."

We all know the REALLY effective weapons are electric tuning forks incapable of affecting non-gems.

"Be kind," replies Pearl, although she seems amused. "For organic beings, they're actually quite intelligent."
Peridot laughs skeptically. "What is your deal with the humans, anyway? Did they just decide to put you in charge, or what?"

Oh, god, I don’t even want to think about that.

"Well, no. They generally do their own thing. We tend not to interfere unless we need to."

“We tend not to do much of anything, really”

They’re too busy collecting gem-welfare.

"Then..." Peridot trails off, looking down at her new outfit. "...are they scared of you?"
"Probably. Humans are scared of all sorts of things," Pearl replies flippantly.

Like of having to read shitty fanfiction.

Then; "Oh, but I don't think that's why Vidalia gave you her clothes, if that's what you're wondering. I'm pretty sure she's just being nice."
"I don't get it." The concept of 'just being nice' rests uneasily in Peridot's head. Nobody just gave you things on Homeworld. You assisted others because it was your job, and if it wasn't your job, you stayed away. That's how it worked everywhere, wasn't it?


The idea that a human could just decide to help another human of their own free will, without regard to their assigned role--it seemed so disorganized. And yet. "...You must really like this planet, to have stayed here so long."

Yeah, it’s certainly not because they lack the technology to leave and then had an entire episode dedicated to how Pearl wanted to go back to space the second she had a chance.

Pearl looks wistful. The sea air teases her hair lightly, and against the darkness of the sky, her skin is as pale and clear as snow. Peridot watches her, unsure of why her chest suddenly chose that moment to tighten.

This romance makes absolutely zero sense.

"Well," the older Gem says, "That wasn't entirely our choice. But... you're right. I do."
And oddly, despite herself, Peridot is starting to see why.

It’s because of the rape, isn’t it?

What else could it be?

Also, because this chapter doesn’t have a pointless song at the end, I’ll just link this in honor of Peridot’s ordeal:

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Re: The Evil That Men Do, a Steven Universe rapefic

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Chapter 15: After all
I apologise for the recent lack of action;

I’m not sure if he means the lack of anything interesting happening or the lack of Ronaldo plowing Peridot.


big developments are coming, I promise.

In Peridot’s gem uterus.

Gempire baby.

In the meanwhile, I am hugely grateful for your kudos and comments - my heart soars when I see something in my inbox here!

Who the fuck read this and thought “yeah, this is good, I want more of this”?

Some sick fucks who think this is an accurate portrayal of rape recovery.

If you want to catch me on tumblr, my nsfw side account is depraved-trash. I'm always looking for more SU blogs to follow!

Well, there’s certainly no shortage of those, trash man. Also, this isn’t already nsfw? Does the author have a side blog with even worse shit than this?!

The next few months are strange.
While in theory the Crystal Gems have agreed to take turns guarding her, neither the Amethyst nor the fusion appear to relish the idea, and, much like the amended chore chart on Steven's refrigeration unit, the task ends up being Pearl's responsibility alone.
Surprisingly, Pearl doesn't seem to mind this.


There’s no way they would have a millennia-old being take advantage of a recent rape victim. It’s certainly not like Pearl has taken advantage of unsuspecting people before.

Their mutual respect for organization and structure becomes apparent early on, and it's not long before Pearl is vocally looking forward to the day Peridot is considered safe enough to have her fingers back so she can finally assist in the ongoing effort to keep Steven's house from descending into chaos.

Honestly, Stevens house being such a mess that you need to resort to alien technology to fix it is the first thing in this fanfic that makes sense.

So they just left her handless for months, cool shit, guys.


Not forgetting, Pearl adds, the myriad of broken Gem technologies around the planet that could really do with a technician's touch.

Pearl is also good with technology. Well, “good”. What can Peridot do that you can’t?

Get raped.

Peridot knows deep down that she should be formulating an escape plan;

I don’t think that’s necessary, you could probably just wing it and escape, no planning needed.

that she still, in any event, has a job to do on this planet, and just because the Crystal Gems are being nice to her does not mean she suddenly owes them her loyalty. Yet Steven's constant efforts to make her feel cared for and welcome, as well as Pearl's obvious growing fondness for her,

Keep your gem boner in your gem pants, dammit.

are disarming to the point that Peridot soon finds herself making excuses for her inaction.
Without her fingers, she's effectively useless, after all.

Sounds like a massive design flaw to me, but what do I know about lesbian space rocks?

Well, she could still bludgeon her new captors with her stumps, seems like they’d be effective at it.

And while she could simply force herself to retreat into her gem and regenerate them, she has no guarantee that the Crystal Gems would not track her down and put her in a worse position than she was before.

Couldn’t be worse than the positions Ronaldo had her in.

Downward Fucking Dog!

So as the other Gems finally come to trust her a little, and the rare opportunities to run away or stab them in the back begin to pile up, Peridot allows herself to ignore them. Back on Homeworld, loyalty to the state was taken for granted, and dissidents were punished severely; here, Pearl and Steven go out of their way to try and persuade her that Earth was worth saving.

Which might be a lost cause, considering we are talking about someone who thinks the reasonable response to getting raped is annihilating planets.

Considering that’s what their entire species is geared to do...

And they suck at it, too!

For the first time in her life, it seems, someone actually cares about her opinion.
The pain is still there, of course. To Greg's consternation, the shotgun becomes a semi-permanent fixture in the house, prompting a very important lesson on gun handling from Vidalia and a long lecture on the importance of never, ever, ever, ever, ever touching that thing from Pearl to Steven.

Guns are like demi-liches, if you touch them they wake up and start killing everyone.

And then Uncle Andy swung by to teach Steven the proper way to handle trespassers and illegals.

Nights are unbearable unless Peridot is allowed to perform a perimeter check, usually accompanied by a patient Pearl.
The first time Peridot attempts to sleep, she wakes in a fog of terror, and spends the rest of the night crying in Pearl's arms. She doesn't try this again for a while.

Conveniently forgetting the fact that gems have no need for sleep in favor of contrived romance, nice.

She notices, as well, that there have been wider repercussions to what happened. The first time Steven and Pearl take her out into the wider settlement, she hears Ronaldo's name a couple of times, and while many of the local humans treat her with varying degrees of awkward kindness, there are one or two who give her a wide berth with contempt in their eyes.

This is implying anyone would take Ronaldo’s side on anything, which even for a SU fanfic is ludicrous.

I’m more shocked that people are just okay with a new alien walking around, and care more about her sex life than the fact that she was obviously connected with that giant ship that could have blown up the town. There should be a lynch mob after her, not a few dirty looks.

Peridot doesn't know what this means until one of the smaller humans--whose features and colouring are dangerously familiar--admits to Steven that he's not allowed to talk to him any more.

In what universe are the friends/captors of a rape victim ostracized? Oh, wait. The Steven Universe.

Peridot watches Steven's face redden as the child walks away, both puzzled and fascinated by this interaction. "What happened?" she asks, glancing up at Pearl, but all she sees there is sadness. Steven rubs one eye with the heel of his hand, and Peridot realizes he's crying.
"It's OK," Pearl murmurs, kneeling down to put her arms around him, but Steven wriggles out of her grip.
"It's not OK!" he cries. "Ever since Peridot came back, nothing's been OK! I wish mom had never come to this planet!"

Credit where credit is due I guess, Steven is just as much as a whiny, selfish little shit as in the show.

I’m inclined to agree, because then SU wouldn’t exist, and we wouldn’t have to bear witness to literary abortions like this one.

He storms toward the beach, leaving two stunned Gems on the boardwalk behind him.
"He doesn't blame you, you know-" Pearl begins, but Peridot cuts her off.
"He's angry. I know what that's like," she says, surprising herself. "Why don't we get him some of those... solid torus things he likes to eat?"

God, the autism is palpable enough to taste.

"You mean doughnuts?"
"Yeah, dough knots, whatever."

Peridot’s going to be taking the knot now.

Thankfully, Sadie is able to interpret their vague request for "a reasonable quantity of the best dough knots" without much trouble.

Thanks to Steven, she’s used to dealing with severe autism.

When they finally locate Steven--sitting on a rock some distance along the shore--the sky has only just begun to turn pink.
"I'm sorry, Peridot," is the first thing he says. "It's not your fault."
Peridot slumps down on the sand beside him. "It's fine," she says. "Pearl and I bought you something to make you feel better."
Pearl hands him the bag. To Peridot's surprise, the next thing she hears is Steven crying again.

They forgot to bring him his Happy Meal, which means Pearl can say goodbye to un-smashed plates for the next two weeks or so.

She clambers to her feet. "What? Is something wrong with the food? Is there not enough? I told Pearl I didn't think that was enough--"
Steven hugs her.

Oh, no, you’re gonna trigger her with your non-consensual hug!

Peridot freezes. It's not that the hug brings back unpleasant memories, but rather that she has no idea how to react to this. It is different from the way in which Pearl has comforted her in the past, and she cannot tell whether Steven is seeking reassurance or attempting to offer it. She settles for awkwardly tapping the top of his head with one of her stumps.

Seriously, just give the poor autist her fingers back, she’s more pathetic in this fanfic than she ended up becoming in the show.

"When we first saw you," he snivels into her waist, "I just wanted to show you how great Earth was. But all you've seen is how--horrible--"

In retrospect Steven’s idea of a Teen Titans GO marathon maybe wasn’t the best idea of introducing Peridot to Earth entertainment.

I’d rather just be raped in a basement.

I thought you wanted to be chained to a wall and beaten instead. At least according to the Dakari King, and since when has he ever been wrong?

Hey, man, not cool, bringing my kinks into this.

Peridot doesn't need to let him finish. "Yeah, well, Homeworld can be pretty horrible too," she admits. "Earth's not that bad. Once you get over being stuck here, I mean."
"You're not mad?"
"At this cruddy planet? Nah," she says, and it almost feels like she's telling the truth.

Secretly, she’s planning on having Earth wiped out of existence the second she gets away.

Chapter 16: From this pain worse pain

Is trash man just slowly losing his grip on the English language? These chapter titles have become amazingly incoherent.

So, without wishing to spoiler anybody, there have been developments in SU which make this fic even more canon-divergent, hence the delay in updating. I have decided that I'll be continuing this story according to my previous assumptions for now, but I may write a revised version once it's done, to bring it in line with canon.

I can’t wait for the rewrite where Ronaldo does not rape an autist, but an autistic midget instead.

Meanwhile, thank you all so much for your comments and kudos - they mean a lot to me and are a great motivator for continuing :)

I know I’m repeating myself, but how in the world did he get positive comments?

A brief glance reveals that people think this is an accurate and good portrayal of rape and rape recovery. Also, it’s the SU fandom. They’re all degenerates. is this an accurate portrayal of rape?

Well, it’s not like most of the fandom will ever know what it’s like.

Garnet still doesn't like her.

And nobody cares about Garnet, so it all works out.

Peridot is not surprised by this, having her own particular feelings about permanent fusions, but Pearl seems to think the two will reconcile eventually.
"She was... a little upset about the cluster experiments," she explains, after Steven has gone to bed and the two of them have taken up their usual place on the porch. "I'm sure she'll come around, in time."

Yes, the living embodiment of a gay relationship is going to get along splendidly with the racist space Nazi scientist.

I just realized Garnet is literally a Gaynigger from Outer Space.

"I'm surprised you guys managed to sort the whole thing out on your own," murmurs Peridot.

Please, a group of trained monkeys can sort out the problems in the average Steven Universe episode.

I think the monkeys would be more efficient, actually.

She remembers the circumstances that led her to reveal the information in the first place, and quickly tries not to think about it. "I just don't understand her attitude. Back on homeworld, Fusion is a military tactic. Nothing more."
"It was so much more than that, once." Pearl looks up at the sky, full of stars this clear night. "For us, fusion is an expression of ultimate trust; a willingness to open yourself up to another Gem and create a new consciousness between you.

That’s kind of incredibly creepy.

I... suppose you could say it's the closest thing we have to creating offspring, outside of the Kindergartens."

That’s kind of really incredibly creepy. Several of the fusions are essentially rape babies, then.


Peridot looks over at her. Pearl's eyes have gone misty, and Peridot's incomprehension must be showing because Pearl adds, quietly, "You've... never fused, have you?"
"I don't think I can."

I heard there are pills for that.

Peridot indicates her stumps. "These things are fixed in place. Besides, I can't dance."
"Have you ever tried?"
She looks at the sea. "We're not encouraged."
Pearl seems to think about it for a second. Then she extends a hand to her, lithe and pale in the moonlight. "Then how do you know?"

bitch is thirsty as fuck

She’s had a decades-long dry spell, and her only other options are Amy and Granite.

She's seen Pearl dance, of course--and yes, maybe she has occasionally allowed her eyes to linger,

Yes, the stick person with a shitty dyke haircut and a schnozz that could probably legally classify as a sword in some countries is just so sexy, you can’t tear your eyes away.

her thoughts to wander to the Gem's impossible lightness and grace, but never once has Peridot allowed herself to imagine that she is dancing with her, and as Pearl leads her down onto the beach, it seems for a moment as if she is dreaming.

This is more like a nightmare.

Not the kind of dream from which she wakes in terror, but the kind of dream where Pearl is in her arms, and it feels once more as if she is home.

Wait, didn’t you say earlier Homeworld sucked?

Shh, sh, sh, sh. No logic, only lesbians now.

Before she even realises what is happening, Pearl's hand is on her waist, her other clasped at Peridot's elbow, perhaps in lieu of a hand to hold.

I’m sure that looks as hilariously awkward as it sounds.

"Just follow my lead for now," she says. Is it Peridot's imagination, or is there some falter in Pearl's voice that makes Peridot think the other gem is as nervous as she is? But she is moving now, and Peridot lets Pearl guide her, in gentle patient circles that feel as if they should leave no trace on the sand, because for the first time in Peridot's life she knows what it means to be made of pure light.

What the fuck does that mean?!

You’re already made of light you stupid idiot. This is stupid. And idiotic.

If this is supposed to be a lesson, it is failing miserably, because Peridot is taking in nothing but Pearl's hand on her waist, the closeness of her, the reflection of the moonlight in her eyes. Suddenly she is being swept, dipped low, and Pearl's face is close to hers, and without even thinking about it Peridot kisses her.

For two wonderful seconds, Pearl's arms wrap around her in response.


There is a strange, unsteady feeling in her gem that makes Peridot feel like her form is destabilizing - and then, abruptly, Pearl drops her.

When did this go from shitty romance novel to Three Stooges?

"I--I'm sorry," Peridot manages, and Pearl falls to her knees as Peridot lifts herself up on her elbows. But the other Gem isn't looking into her eyes any more, and to Peridot's confusion, she reaches a hand out to touch her stomach.

what the fuck?

"Pearl, I'm so sorry," Peridot says again, but it is almost like Pearl has not heard her.
"Has this--has your belt gotten--smaller?" she says. There is a fear in those words that Peridot does not understand.

Neither do I, considering Pearl’s tastes this should be a turn-on for her.

If this turns into some fat fetish shit, I’m leaving.

What show did you watch?

She looks down, noticing for the first time that the waistband of her trousers is far more snug than when Vidalia first gave them to her. As Pearl lifts up her shirt, Peridot observes that her stomach has indeed become slightly--but perceptibly--swollen. The sight is confusing.
"I think I've gotten bigger," she replies, perplexed. "Why? What does that mean? Pearl? Pearl, what's going on?"

Pearl then proceeds to make a face while the laugh track plays and a music sting indicates the end of the episode.

Freeze frame on everyone leaping into the air and high-fiving.

Chapter 17: As free of the wide sea
So it looks like my theories were wrong about Peridot's limbs. I might go back and rewrite this at some point to be closer in line with canon, but for now, I will work on the assumptions already made in this fic.

They can't watch her forever.
Peridot spends the next few days sitting in view of the temple door, waiting. In between the long hours of silent awkwardness, there are intermittent visitors, hushed discussions. After the initial explanation, Peridot refuses to contribute, only pulls the blanket around her traitorous stomach and looks away.

Once she got the explanation, Peridot spent the next few days doing her best Spoony-impression and autistically screeching “BETRAYAL” at the top of her lungs.

That’s more in-character than anything else she’s done so far.

"As far as I know, what happened with Rose was... entirely intentional," Greg explains, as Garnet and Amethyst listen solemnly and Pearl wipes tears from her face.

Greg’s just rubbing it in Pearl’s face, isn’t he?

"Are you suggesting she did this herself?" she hisses, voice breaking.

There’s literally no other way this could have happened, you moron. She’d had to have literally shapeshifted the equipment for any of this to be happening.

I’m just picturing Ronaldo showing her anatomy textbooks and then hitting her with a bat until she gets it right. Also, couldn’t she just have shapeshifted some teeth then?

The Pearl has been crying almost constantly since that moment on the beach. It makes Peridot uncomfortable, and she resists the other gem's attempts to engage her, shrugging her off when a slender arm is woven tentatively around her shoulders, pulling her head away when those feather-light fingers reach for her face.
"Stop crying. It's ugly." His fingers, thick and smothering, smearing away tears.
"I'm sorry. It's hurting." His weight pins her against the mattress.
"You're lying. You won't make me feel sorry for you. I know all about women; don't think you can fool me."

Even when he’s technically out of the story, Ronaldo keeps showcasing his euphoria.

He is enlightened, not by some phony god’s blessing, but because of his own rape.

"I'm not a woman." Her thighs strained and aching, bruised from the pressure of his hands. "I don't even know what that means. Please."

You clearly knew the difference between male and female humans, your entire species uses feminine pronouns, how do you not know, I swear my brain is going to leak out of my ears.

Peridot keeps staring at the door to the temple, but the sound of Pearl's voice brings her back to the present. "She won't answer you," Garnet mutters, and Peridot turns to them just to spite her.
Pearl's expression is heartbroken. "You don't... I mean... do you feel anything different? In your Gem? Anything at all that could help us?"

Depends on if you remember where the shotgun is.

She shakes her head and looks back to the door.
They can't watch her forever.

Is she gonna gouge their eyes out? Please tell me that’s what’s going to happen.

"I think we need to talk to Doctor Maheswaran," the human says. "It really does sound like you've run out of other options."
Pearl speaks through tears. "Maybe we really do need a human solution to this."

A human abortion is totally going to work on an inorganic hard light being, yup.

This entire fanfic is an abortion.

“That wasn't so bad, was it?”
"Get Steven to call his friend. Connie can bring her here." The fusion.
The the runt speaks. "Uh, I don't think we want Steven any more involved in this than he already is."
"He knows what's happened, Amethyst," Garnet tells him flatly. "He's not an idiot."


"Kids... pick up these things," confirms Greg quietly.

Oh, yeah, all kids totally have to deal with aliens getting raped by people they know and then have a bizzare, impossible rape baby. They’re definitely intuitive enough to figure this shit out.

"I just wanted to show you how great Earth was. But all you've seen is how--horrible--"
She screws her eyes shut, and almost misses her chance. Garnet stands up.
"I'll be in the burning room. Let me know when Connie is here."

“A human sacrifice might appease the Gods of Pregnancy.”

Are they could to fry and eat Connie? What the fuck kind of degeneracy are we descending into here?

Peridot pushes the blanket aside and stands up. Somewhere far away, she hears Pearl say, "Peridot..." But as the doors slide open she's already halfway there, quicker on her unsteady legs than she has been in months.
"You don't struggle. You do what I say. Okay?"
Can't watch her forever.
The fire is within her sight now, and even Garnet is too slow to catch her as she slips past through her doors, fast as the click of a fuse.

Fuck yes, she’s going to kill herself! Hallelujah!

"Peridot!" Pearl screams, and she hears the crack of a whip reaching to pull her back, but her limbs have already made contact with the burning embers, and through the agony and and the screaming, she hears someone yell.
"Stop her! Stop her! Don't let her gem touch the-"
And then a dark, searing, purifying flash of pain.
And then nothing.

Not quite, since we got three more chapters. God damn it all.

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Re: The Evil That Men Do, a Steven Universe rapefic

Post by Max-Vader » Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:59 pm

We’ve finally reached the last bit of this travesty.

Chapter 18: Brought to birth

Short one this time. Sorry. More coming soon!

The dream is different, this time. It has edges, and directions, and Peridot has a sense of being on a level surface, though as before, it is hard to organize her thoughts.

This is some Tsavakin levels of non-Euclidian geometry demon parties.

After some distorted and indistinct amount of time she understands that her suicide attempt has failed - that she is alive in her gem and actively regenerating.

She is her gem, how could she be inside of it?!

I’m more upset at the fact that she didn’t properly an hero, and we’re still stuck here, reading this.

Could she stay here, perhaps? Avoid the pain of living by refusing to emerge from her half-sleep?

Yes, just stay in a coma, Ronaldo will be by to pull a Shinji later.

The thought emerges and disappears in a blink as she realizes that the sense of shame and weight that has dogged the last few months has followed her even into this dream. She fights back a spike of pain. No - better to be anywhere else at all than alone in here with the memories.

This is sounding more and more like Evangelion.

Yet even as she thinks this, Peridot knows she is not alone. The feeling comes like an itch, a sense of someone standing nearby unseen. She tries to drag her thought-form to its feet, as if to look in the face of this strange being, and its light blinds her.
You are weak, it says.
"Who are you?" she mouths, but there is no sound in this world. And yet the response comes anyway.
You are weak, and stupid. You let him hurt you.

That light is kind of a dick, but it does have a point.

The light before her is still agonizingly bright. Peridot notices that she has no arms to shield her eyes with, and it occurs that she might not have eyes either.

How is she able to even sense the light then, without any sort of photoreceptors?

Gem magic.

She grits her teeth, or the memory of her teeth,

I’m starting to think this fanfic is really elaborate prank.

“The Memory of Her Teeth” would make a good band name, though.

and focuses her awareness on its centre.
You are weak. You are dying. You will not take this planet. But I am strong, the being tells her. I can finish what you started.

“I can go take your place in Ronaldo’s basement”

"I don't understand," Peridot mouths into silence.
Abruptly, she realizes that the light has form - that there is a humanoid body before her, tall, with a green gem in its forehead, and for a second Peridot thinks she is looking at herself.


Then features start to emerge.
It is gem-shaped, like the females of this world. It has his skin, and his hair - but her eyes.

“This is Perinaldo, my half-gem OC, do not steal”

It also has a keyblade, a magical katana and a duel disk.

Something rushes through her, gripping her from within, something that Peridot cannot even come close to describing. A human might have said they were in the Presence.

The what, now?

Peridot, who had no such frame of reference to fall back on, thought only of the exultant second she had Ronaldo's lip between her teeth and was about to bite, the deafening thrill of vengeance and freedom and hope.

I’m picturing what would have happened if she had bitten his dick off instead and it’s nothing short of hilarious.

And in that moment of transcendent fear and love she realizes that she is looking upon the face of her child.

Chapter 19: To die a little

Why is Peridot having an orgasm all of the sudden?

She was just thinking about how erotic it was when she was ripping off Ronaldo’s face with her teeth. She’s into some weird shit.

Please read the tags. This gets grim.

Oh, please, no, it’s already grim enough!

Time is meaningless here, so Peridot can't tell how long it takes for her to re-emerge. Later on, someone will mention she was in there for over a month, but like everything else, it doesn't seem to matter much.

Well, look on the bright side, only 8 more months to go!

She feels different when she comes out - her head lighter, her clothes less tight-fitting (at least she won't need to borrow Vidalia's any more). As her feet lower to the floorboards, Steven skids out of the kitchen and does a double-take.
"Peridot! You look... different," he says. Both of them glance downward suddenly. The boy's shoulders drop a little. "What did you do to, uh, to your hair?" he says, although his eyes are still on the gentle swell of her abdomen.


Peridot lifts a hand to her head.
"I don't know," she mutters, feeling around. It definitely sticks out less; some even seems to hang down around her neck a little. Her clothing is simultaneously looser and more covering. Peridot decides she prefers it this way.
The front door slams open, and Pearl is there, desperation in her eyes. "Peridot!" she cries. For one horrible and drawn-out moment, Peridot feels the urge to run into her arms, and she wonders if the other gem is thinking the same thing, because her body twitches once in her direction, like an animal preparing to bolt - but then both seem to decide against it, and Peridot turns from her before she can catch the look on Pearl's face when she realizes the child is still alive.

We all know nothing gives Pearl more joy than dead babies, so she is incredibly disappointed.

She got into some sick fetishes after arriving on Earth, didn’t she?

Perhaps it's better this way.

It might hurt, Dr Maheswaran explains. Anesthetics need... organic matter to work. And the only organic matter in your body is here. She indicates the image on the screen, one formless blob inside another. Only her gem is clearly defined, sharp-edged and dark. Peridot wonders numbly if this is some primitive form of nuclear resonance imaging.

Is this implying that gems get pregnant back on Homeworld, too? Why else would they need it? They don’t have internal organs.

They need it in order to better see all the organs and bones they don’t have.

Whatever the case, the human doctor seems no less confused than she was before the scan.
Honestly, I've... never seen anything like it.

I know doctor, the writing in this is horrible.

Peridot wonders who Priyanka is talking to. She hasn't said a word. There's nobody else in here. Pearl and Garnet are outside, in the corridor. Amethyst is... somewhere. Who even cares?

A rare moment of self-awareness.

How did she even get here? Her memories feel indistinct, hard to access. Even Dr Maheswaran sounds like she's talking from far, far away. Peridot wants the child gone. That much alone is sure.

Planned gemhood has a lot of resources for this sort of thing.

Wasn’t that founded to get rid of the Garnets?

Everything else just feels like a dream.
Perhaps it's better this way.

I think Peridot might have regenerated as a soundboard.

Well, you don't seem to have organs, and the, uh- the fetus... it's really more of a... vague area. The woman's hands are shaking as she pulls on the gloves. So first I'm going to perform what's called an... an aspiration biopsy. She's holding a long, sharp needle, and Peridot seems to have forgotten how to be afraid. Only when the point breaks the skin does she finally feel something. Hot, then sharp, then sharp and deep, and it's the only real thing in the whole world and it is hellish.

That’s not what that procedure is for. Also, the needle in question is ludicrously thin, quit being a pussy.

The procedure is far worse. The pain blossoms out and becomes her entire existence. And it doesn't stop.
It keeps... it's growing back somehow, she hears someone say. She can no longer remember her name or why she's here and the doctor's mask is damp with tears. I'm sorry. I can't- I have to use the scalpel.

Have you tried the vacuum cleaner?

Mercifully, her body gives out not long after that, and when Peridot re-emerges a few days later, neither she nor Dr Maheswaran are keen to try again.

Chapter 20: Since death is camped among us

"I don't understand it," says Pearl, as they gather around the coffee table later, and Peridot thinks, neither do I.
That fuzziness, the strange dreamlike clouding of experience that she felt while inside her gem, seems to have followed her back into reality once more. Even as Pearl continues talking, the voice of Peridot's daughter echoes inside her, sharper and more real than anything else on this disgusting planet.

Fucking racist.

Soon. I'll be ready soon.

I expect it’ll make a pleasant ding sound when it is.

Gives a whole new meaning to “bun in the oven”.

"Rose had to actively try to create Steven. And she was an expert - she'd done experiments, created servants out of plant matter..."

Oh, yeah, because sentient plants are totally similar to a gem/human hybrid.

Pearl's thin, nervous fingers trace aimlessly over the grain of the table. "All I can think is that there's something we've missed."
"What about the fountain?" Amethyst seems bored, or maybe just subdued. Period isn't invested enough in the situation to tell the difference.

Wait, did trash man seriously just misspell Peridot as Period? How’d he not catch that?

My poor, weak, stupid mother. You are so tired. I know. I understand.

Man, Peridot is just a walking advertisement for abortion at this point, isn’t she?

I want to get one, and I’m not even pregnant!

"We've used the fountain on both humans and gems before, and it's never ended up like this." Pearl keeps trying to catch Peridot's eye. Peridot ignores her; Pearl looks down and carries on. "Although, granted, this situation is... a little different."

Greg speaks up then, which is annoying. Peridot has been trying to pretend he isn't there.
"So... this might be, uh, too much information, but when Rose and I were, uh, trying to... create Steven-" The back of his neck is red. Great Diamond, but humans are disgusting. "-we had to try a lot. Like... really, a lot."

That’s because she’s so FUCKING FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT

Pearl suppresses a sound that might have been "ugh". Greg shoots her a look, but continues.
"My point is that she... seemed to know as soon as it happened. Just a feeling, she said. Like... love. A feeling of love."

Oh, Ronaldo put a lot of “love” into Peridot, alright.


Sceptical eyes turn to Peridot, who doesn't need to say anything. Inside her the voice, as soothing as sleep after pain.
I understand. I can become your legacy. I can make sure the humans get what they deserve. All I need is time.

I assume that when she gets born, she’ll come out of Peridot like a chestbuster.

That would be brutal and amazing.

"I hardly think the answer would lie in something so... vague," says Dr Maheswaran, who has been all but silent up until now. She taps the notebook in front of her with a pen.
"From what I understand of gem physiology - which... isn't much, I'll warn you - your bodies are generated according to information stored inside your gems. Since the, uh, pregnancy has continued through two successive..." She grasps around for the right word for a moment, "... resurrections, it stands to reason that whatever is going on is encoded in her gem."

Peridot is the worst Jesus ever.

Is there going to be an Easter rape baby instead of the Easter bunny now?

"Then... if the fountain didn't work... that's not something we have the technology to deal with." A silence. Then; "Garnet?" This from Pearl. Her voice is cracking a little, again. Peridot has grown to hate that sound, insofar as she feels capable of hate. Of anything. "Can you... I mean... does your future vision..."
"I don't know." The fusion's voice, smooth and low as ever. "The future is... indistinct. There's too many variables. I'm sorry."

And just like in the show, future vision works or doesn’t work depending on whatever is convenient.

Expecting Garnet to do something useful? You’re asking for way too much.

Pearl is starting to sound desperate. "At least tell us if you can see a future where she survives."
"I'm sorry," says Garnet again. Pearl gets up and walks out quickly. Her face is turned away from them. If the hand to her mouth is stifling a sob, it is drowned out by the voice inside Peridot's mind, the memory of that beautiful and terrifying light.
Not long now. Not long now, mother, and you can rest. And I will bear your vengeance into life.

Well, that was a load of shit. Personally, I think every single problem in this fanfic could be solved with a hammer. It’s even thematically appropriate, considering how much Peridot got nailed.

hue. Such a shame this is all we have so far, just as it was turning into some kind of weird Berserk rip-off with gems.

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