Yugioh: The Divine Conspiracy

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Yugioh: The Divine Conspiracy

Post by GorillaGamer » Sat Aug 11, 2018 12:04 am

A little story before I begin; I’ve been watching Yugioh Vrains recently, and it’s arguably one of the best instalments of the Yugioh anime. Following the completion of that horrendous Smash fic I mocked, I’ve been looking for some new material to mock so I figured “Why not go for a Yugioh fic? You’ve had plenty of experience with that subject before.”

So I decided to search for a Yugioh fic on Fanfiction.net, starting off with Vrains. However nothing there caught my eye, so I decided to browse the sections for the earlier instalments of the anime; no such luck was there as well. I then pondered on mocking the sequel to that Equestria Girls fic that Dashguy mocked, but as he aptly put it himself “If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.”

Putting that aside, I decided to browse the crossover section for Yugioh, which was how I found this thing…

What have I gotten myself into?

This Yugioh: The Divine Conspiracy by Rider of Black 00

Hello there everyone, this is Rider of Black 00 and I’m here with an idea for a new fic, and it will be the best fic I’ve wrote so far! It’s gonna have Pokémon fangames, Yu-Gi-Oh and everyone’s favourite crossdresser, Astolfo. However the main protagonist will be Roland from Fate/Grand Order, as he’s Astolfo’s cousin in that franchise.

One paragraph in and already I’m regretting my choice. It’s bad enough that you’ve thrown in a Fate character into Yugioh, simply because you like him as proven by your penname, but you threw in Pokémon fangames as well?!

As for the villains well I have a great idea on who the villainous faction will be; it’s just that they’ll remain a mystery until the second chapter. Anyway, what to look out for in this fic? Oh yeah, there will be plenty of lemons. Nice, tangy lemons for those of us who like Pokémon fangame characters/Roland. Honestly I’m surprised there hasn’t been more lemons/erotic fan art involving Pokémon fangames but that could change in the future.

Who on earth is asking for Pokémon/Fate crossover lemons?! I know there’s a sizable portion of the Reborn fanbase who likes writing things about the characters, but I doubt they’re as horny as this author.

You raise a point about the lack of erotic fan art though.

That seems to be it for the notes. Now let me kick start my newest fic Yu-Gi-Oh: The Divine Conspiracy.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters in this fic. They’re the property of their respective creators.

Good. Who knows what madness you’d concoct if that were the case.

Prologue: Card Games and Fan Games

Outskirts of Tokyo: Japan

Today was a most marvellous day for Astolfo; not only had he finished his deck, but his favourite cousin Roland was visiting him from England for a few weeks. The pinkette had spent a while fine tuning his Dark World deck, making sure it’s as powerful as can be.

Because an optimistic, bubbly person like Astolfo is perfectly suited for running a deck based on an army of tyrannical fiends.

Despite the deck’s initial lack of Extra Deck monsters, Astolfo splashed in a couple of cards to fix that little problem. However, Roland didn’t have a lot of powerful cards, with Astolfo promising him that he’d help with that.

If you know what I mean, eh, EH?

Astolfo soon got dressed in his favourite casual attire, which consisted of a purple and white striped shirt, covered with a purple jacket. He also wore a black pleated skirt and matching leggings. The pinkette then proceeded to do up his long hair into a single braid at the back, picked up his deck and exited his room. The house Astolfo lived in was a simple, two-storey house on the outskirts of Japan that he shared with three other people; his best friend Chevalier D’eon, Chevalier’s sweetheart, Blair, and Micaiah, the famous Maiden of Dawn and another friend of Astolfo.

Micaiah?! The legendary Maiden of Dawn and the main heroine of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn? What the fuck is she doing here?!

Sothe, a close friend of Micaiah was also living in the house to ensure nobody attempts to assassinate her, though whether he’s her bodyguard, sibling or lover is a total mystery.

Depending on who you ask, they’re either siblings or lovers. A hotly debated topic in the Fire Emblem community to this day.

Recently Astolfo and Micaiah had started dating one another, but they haven’t made anything public yet.

Both Micaiah and Sothe were going over the cards that Astolfo gifted the former a few days ago. Micaiah was an extraordinarily beautiful young lady with long silver hair, bright golden eyes, and a slender figure. Her attire consisted of a crimson red, sleeveless dress that had side slits, black leggings, fingerless gloves that reached her elbows, a blue scarf and a pair of boots. There was a small bird resting on Micaiah’s left shoulder named Yune, who was the Goddess of Chaos.

Between this lavish description, and that bit about Micaiah and Astolfo dating, she could only be here for one reason.

Sothe was a fairly handsome man who had short green hair and yellow eyes. His outfit consisted of a green vest and black sleeveless undershirt that showed off his midriff, leather pants that were held up with a belt, a pair of boots and a long grey scarf. He was the first one to notice Astolfo rushing down the stairs.

“So you’re awake…” Sothe commented, not averting his gaze from the cards.

The Gagaga Magician Girl was intriguing to the young man…and arousing as well.

“Can you blame me? My cousin’s coming over today!” Astolfo beamed. “We’re gonna have so much fun together, playing card games, hanging out like in the old days…”

“You seem rather fond of your cousin.” Micaiah noted, a small smile on her face as she continued to study the cards. “I must say, these cards are rather interesting; there wasn’t anything like this in Daein when I was growing up.”

Maybe it has to do with the fact that you’re from an entirely different universe.

“I figured you’d like that Prophecy/Spellbook deck, considering your magical prowess.” Astolfo commented. It was then that the doorbell rang, as the pinkette bolted towards the door and eagerly opened it, an ecstatic look on his face. Standing outside was a rather handsome man with short blonde hair and blue eyes and was taller than Astolfo. His outfit consisted of a navy blue shirt with long sleeves, a pair of black cargo pants, brown boots and a pair of brown gloves. This young man was Roland, Astolfo’s cousin and a bit of a pervert.

Oh joy, I can smell the ANIMU HIJINKS from here…

“Roland!” Astolfo beamed, hugging the blonde tightly. “It’s been too long since I last saw you!”

“Yeah, it has been a while. Sorry about that.” Roland apologised, as he broke off the hug and entered the house along Astolfo. Almost immediately, he spotted Micaiah and Sothe and was awestruck at the sight of the former. “Woah, who is that cutie?”

“Oh, that’s Micaiah, and the guy sitting beside her is Sothe.” Astolfo introduced the duo to Roland, who waved politely at him in response.

“Nice to meet you two.” Roland greeted them, before taking something out of his bag. “So champ, ready to get decked by yours truly?” he challenged Astolfo to a duel.

Huh, I get to see actual duels in this story. That’s half a point I guess.

“I was waiting for this Roly!” Astolfo referred to his cousin via nickname, as the pinkette whipped out his own deck. “Time for me to teach you a lesson in duelling!”

The duo walked over to the dining room table, where they sat opposite of each other. Both Micaiah and Sothe shifted their gear and opted to watch the duel, since it could give them valuable insight into the world of Yu-Gi-Oh.

“Duel!” both contestants called out, placing their decks on the table and drew five cards.

I’m gonna be honest here, it’s been a long time since I dueled so my critiquing skills may be a bit off. So if I don’t see a misplay or something, then please let me know so I could edit the counter I have planned.

Astolfo: 4000

Roland: 4000

“I’ll go first! I set a monster and end my turn by setting a card facedown.” Astolfo declared, setting his cards. A fairly basic move, but it could prove to be dangerous to the unprepared, and the arrogant.

Basic and boring. You seriously couldn’t start with a Dark World Dealings or something?

“Too easy, I draw!” Roland initiated his turn. “I activate the spell card Foolish Burial, allowing me to send my Phantom Beast Cross-Wing to the Graveyard. Now I’ll summon Phantom Beast Wild-Horn in Attack Mode!” the blonde man summoned his powerful monster, as the muscular mooseman gained additional power due to Cross-Wing’s effect.

Phantom Beasts; an underwhelming beat down deck that barely qualifies as an archetype. How will the notoriously powerful Dark World deck deal with such a powerhouse?

ATK: (1700-2000)

“Now crush his face down Wild-Horn!” Roland cried out, with the beast-warrior charging at Astolfo’s monster, only to be surprised when it was revealed to be Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World.

Roland: 4000-3900

“Teehee, how’d you like that?” Astolfo teased, annoying the brave knight.

I’m sure there’s that ONE Dark Wold player who thinks that setting Renge face down is a viable defense. I’m also sure that same player would main Zure as his ace card instead of the more useful Grapha.

“Hmpf, I set a card facedown and end my turn.” Roland replied. The young man was slightly concerned about what strategies Astolfo has hiding up his sleeves; after all, Dark World decks have remained quite powerful despite being a fairly old archetype.

“Now it’s my turn; time to crank that dial up a few notches!” Astolfo cried out, drawing his next card. “Wonderful, I activate the spell card, Dark World Dealings! A little gift from yours truly.” The pinkette smirked, as each player drew a card, before discarding it to the graveyard.

Oh, there’s the Dealings I was looking for.

“Now I activate the effect of Gren, Tactician of Dark World. Say bye-bye to your facedown card.”

“Not so fast! I activate my facedown card, Threatening Roar!” Roland retaliated, as Wild-Horn let out an almighty bellow, sending chills down Renge’s spine and preventing Astolfo from attacking.

“Beh, I don’t need to attack this turn.” Astolfo snorted, clearly upset by Roland’s clever trick. I set another monster facedown and end my turn.”

This duel is making me want to lie on my bed face down!

“Hehehe, I draw!” Roland announced the beginning of his turn. “I’ll tribute my Wild-Horn to summon Phantom Beast Rock-Lizard in Attack Mode!” The mooseman disappeared into a beam of light, as a hulking lizard emerged from the light and let out a frightening shriek, gaining power from Cross-Wing’s effect.

ATK (2200-2500)

“Hold up, don’t you need two tributes to summon a level seven monster?” Sothe interjected, taken aback by what he just saw.

“True, but Rock-Lizard’s effect makes summoning it a lot easier.” Roland replied, before turning to face Astolfo. “Now Rock-Lizard, destroy his facedown monster!” The hulking lizard barrelled towards Astolfo’s facedown monster, and effortlessly crushed it with it’s large fists, with the pinkette flinching as he took damage from Rock-Lizard’s effect.

Astolfo: 4000-3500

“Scarr’s effect activates, I get to add a Dark World monster from my deck to my hand!” Astolfo commented, retrieving a card from his deck.

“In that case, I’ll set two cards facedown and end my turn!” Roland replied, setting his cards.

“Alright then, I draw!” Astolfo called out, and grinned at what he saw. “Time for the head honcho of my deck to make an appearance, I summon Brron, Mad King of Dark World in Attack Mode!” The twisted ruler made an appearance on the battlefield, his arms chained up for some reason.

Bondage is pretty big back in Dark World.

“And what’s that guy gonna do against my Rock-Lizard, go on a long tangent about the duality of man?” Roland taunted. “Please, it’s time for stuffy monarchs like him to bite the dust!”

“M-Mad King…you mean like Ashnard?” Sothe commented, as disturbing memories of the former ruler of Daein returned to his mind.

His entire platoon was slaughtered by the Daein-cong. Now he serves one of Daein’s most famous citizens as her bodyguard/brother/lover. Funny how life works.

“I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about, after all he looks more goofy than menacing.” Micaiah attempted to ease her companion’s worries.

“Oh, he’s quite menacing alright.” Astolfo grinned, activating his facedown. “Especially when he has Metalmorph backing him up!”

ATK (1800-2100)

Metalmorph, a card that was bizarrely powerful back when it was first released in the TCG. Why have it in a Dark World deck when cards such as Compulsory Evacuation Device and Dark Core would be more useful?

“Now Brron, put that lizard out of it’s misery!” Astolfo grinned, as the Mad King broke free of his chains and drew his sword, his body glowing a metallic sheen as he gained a power boost and eviscerated Rock-Lizard.

ATK (2100-3350)

Roland: 3050

“Well look at that, another monster sent to the Dark World. I sure hope he sends me a postcard, kyeheheheheheheheh!” Brron cackled to himself while cleaning his sword, as everyone in the room was surprised to see his duel spirit.

*Sigh*…really? You’re giving Astolfo a Duel Spirit? Are you that creatively bankrupt Rider of Black?!

At least it’s not a waifu monster for the author to jizz over.

“Woah, a duel spirit?! Talk about a lucky break!” Roland exclaimed, while Micaiah and Sothe had confused looks on their faces.

“Oh yeah, he’s been hanging around me for a while. I’ll be sure to explain the deets to you all after this duel.” Astolfo replied offhandedly. “Anyway, since Brron dealt battle damage to you, I get to discard a card, and it looks like he’s getting some reinforcements.” The pinkette chimed, as he activated the effect of Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World, who bowed in the presence of his king. Beiige proceeded to charge at Roland and landed a direct attack on the blonde man.

Roland: 1450

“And with that, I end my turn!” Astolfo grinned, as he gained the upper hand. However Roland didn’t seem fazed at all. It was as if he was planning something that could turn the tide of this duel.

“Heh, I draw!” Roland called out. “I activate my facedown card, Call of the Haunted. Welcome back Rock-Lizard!” he beamed as the massive lizard returned from the grave and let out an almighty roar.

ATK (2200-2500)

“Oh now that’s just plain wrong, I already killed that thing!” Brron complained. “I guess it didn’t enjoy its vacation.”

Turns out that Rock-Lizard wasn’t into bondage. Tough luck, Brron.

“But that’s not all, I activate my other facedown, Horn of the Phantom Beast!” Roland added, as a pair of amber elk horns were attached to Rock-Lizard’s head.

ATK (2500-3300)

“Now Rock-Lizard, dethrone that Mad King once and for all!” the blonde man declared, as the mighty lizard charged directly at Brron and walloped him with a powerful punch.

“Oh nooooooooooooo!” Brron cried out, as he was flung back and was destroyed, with Astolfo taking a decent hit to his life points.

Astolfo: 2300

“Don’t forget about Rock-Lizard’s effect.” Roland grinned.

“Yeah, yeah. I know.” Astolfo replied, irritated that one of his key players got decked hard.

Astolfo: 1800

“I’ll end my turn.” Roland replied. “Now let’s see if you can make a comeback after that.”

You forgot to draw a card, as per Horn of the Phantom Beasts’ effect. Oh well, I can break the counter out now.

Dueling Dipshit: 1

Yeah, the name’s kinda cheesy.

“Alright then, let’s see what I draw this turn.” Astolfo said, as he drew his card and gazed at it, before coming up with a plan.

“From my hand, I activate Mystical Space Typhoon and destroy your Call of the Haunted.” Astolfo called out.

“N-no!” Roland gasped, as his Rock-Lizard was destroyed upon the destruction of Call of the Haunted.”

“It gets better from here, by tributing Renge and Beiige, I get to summon my most powerful monster. Please give a warm welcome to Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World!” Astolfo introduced his ace monster, with Grapha letting out a roar that was even louder than Rock-Lizard’s. “Now attack him directly Grapha!” The pinkette called out, as Grapha fired a large beam of dark energy at Roland that wiped out the rest of his life points.

Roland: 0

Winner: Astolfo

“And that’s game!” Astolfo grinned, with Roland sighing and scooping up his cards.

Whatever you say Jaden—I mean Astolfo.

Honestly, while my commentary was a bit lacking, the duel’s just as lacking. I’ll give the author credit in that he isn’t as incompetent as that Blue-Eyes obsessed dipshit who wrote that Equestria Girls Yugioh fic, but the duel still sucked. Astolfo made very little use of Dark World’s powerful discard engine, and Roland was solely focusing on beating down the opponent, which is what Phantom Beasts are meant to do so I’ll cut him a little slack.

“Damn, you got me good that time. But once I build a better deck, it’s going to be a different story cousin.” Roland promised.

“That was some excellent strategies you utilised Astolfo.” Micaiah praised the young man, clapping her hands together. “Now I really want to try my deck out.”

What was her deck again? Oh yeah, Spellbooks; only one of the more powerful decks from the Arc-V era, which gave us Spellbook of Judgment, one of the most overpowered spells in the game.

Can’t wait to see how the author fucks that up.

“Yeah, it looks rather fun if I say so myself.” Sothe added. “I might show it off to Ike and his gang if I get the chance.”

“I knew you were gonna say that…” Micaiah sighed, resting her head on her hands. “If you love Ike that much, why don’t you move in with him and father his children?”

A thing I should point out; in Radiant Dawn, Micaiah got tired of Sothe’s constant praising over Ike, the main protagonist from Path of Radiance and refers to him as the father of Ike’s children in a cutscene.

“I-I-it’s not like that Micaiah!” Sothe stammered, a blush appearing on his face with everybody else giggling in response. It was then that the doorbell rang a second time, with Astolfo making his way to see who it was. He opened the door and saw a pair of familiar faces, his best friend Chevalier, and his partner Blair. Chevalier had long flowing blonde hair, bright blue eyes and a petite frame. His outfit was a blue and white maid’s uniform that had white thigh-high socks and was topped off with a blue headband that had a lily on it. Blair was around a year or so younger than Chevalier and had long blue hair and bright red eyes. Her outfit consisted of a red jacket, yellow t-shirt, black shorts that were held up by a belt and a pair of white sneakers.

Oh, so Blair managed to find a lover after all and it’s another character from Fate, Chevalier D’eon to be precise. Don’t ask me why the author thought they would make the perfect pair.

“Oh hey Chevvie, our special guest has already arrived.” Astolfo beamed.

“Roland’s here?!” Chevalier exclaimed, as he bolted into the house, leaving Blair a little confused.

“I take it that they haven’t seen each other in a long time.” Blair deduced, with Astolfo nodding in confirmation as he gestured for her to step inside. The duo soon walked back to the dining room table, where they were greeted with the sight of Chevalier embracing Roland rather tightly.

“It’s been way too long Roly!” Chevalier said.

“Uh yeah, it has been a while.” Roland replied sheepishly, as the duo then broke it off. “H-Hey, who’s the cutie by your side Astolfo?”

“I’m Blair, and you’re looking at the next Tokyo Duel Monsters champion!” she introduced herself, pointing a finger up in the air.

Based on the cards you used in the anime, it’ll be a miracle if you manage to qualify.

“Looks like I got some competition then.” Roland smirked, crossing his arms.

“Oh really? Because from what I saw, Astolfo wiped the floor with you.” Micaiah retorted, with Roland stepping back a few feet in shock.

“Oh come on, not in front of my cousin!” Roland whined, with everyone else giggling in response. A few seconds later, Chevalier broke the ice with a news update.

“By the way, did you know that the Pokémon Fangame Rally is in a couple hours?” Chevalier reported.

No, I did not know that, nor do I care.

“R-Really?!” Astolfo exclaimed, before a big grin appeared on his face. “Alright, that’s what we’re gonna do today!”

“Pokémon fangames? What’s that about?” Sothe inquired, curious about what he heard.

“You don’t know about it?!” Roland replied, shocked at Sothe’s comment, with the latter shrugging his shoulders in response. “Let me explain; it started a few years ago when a group of people got together and developed a game known as Pokémon Reborn. Once it was released, it received near-universal reclaim. Additionally, it inspired several other developers to make their own games, which led to us getting Rejuvenation, Desolation, Uranium, Insurgence, Sage, Clover, Phoenix Rising, Solar-Light/Lunar-Dark, Full Moon, and many other amazing games.”

And the author listed off his favorite games/waifu hunting grounds. Doesn’t help that some of those games are hot ass.

“Pokemon Reborn…I’ve never been a fan of video games, but I know the rest of the Dawn Brigade can’t get enough of them, especially Reborn.” Micaiah inserted her two cents into the conversation.

“Hey, why didn’t anybody tell be about it?” Sothe whined.

“I figured Ike would’ve told you about them.” Micaiah retorted.

“Anyway, the Rally will be in Akihabara; I’ve been tasked with helping set up the rally by the head organiser, Ame.” Chevalier added, as Blair and him finished packing their bags. “Sorry about dashing out of here, but I gotta get their quick. See you later!”

Ame happens to be the regional professor in Reborn, but in this fic she's the head organizer/developer for the game. Don’t ask me what she’s doing making the game she’s a part of.

“No need to worry about that, we’re coming with you if that’s alright.” Astolfo replied, as he and the rest of them finished packing their stuff as well. They then proceeded to leave the house and hop into Chevalier’s SUV, with its owner putting the keys in the ignition and started the engine. As the car roared into life and Chevalier began driving, they each thought about what a great day it would be, unaware that something would go horribly wrong.


A series of monitors lit up the otherwise dark room; showing information regarding the Pokémon Fangame Rally. Three figures were analysing the information, and were discussing among themselves what to do with it.

Oh boy; vague, shadowy antagonists. My favorite…

“It seems that despite our best efforts, the fangames are still getting released. This isn’t how I hoped things would turn out.” The first figure commented, his voice soothing with a hint of conniving in it.

“Humans have always been easily led astray, and these fangames are proof of it.” The second figure chimed in, his voice deep and philosophical. “Any thoughts about it?” He inquired the third figure, whom chuckled softly in response.

“These games are but an obstacle to the path of salvation. It’s up to us to guide humanity on the right path by disposing of these games.” The third figure proclaimed, his voice being strikingly bewitching.

I’m sorry what? How the hell are fangames leading humanity on the wrong path?!

How’s that for an introduction chapter, did it get you hooked in? Tune in next time, for the Pokémon Fangame Rally and the debut of this fic’s villainous faction.

Well this fic hooked me in, but for all the wrong reasons. I wanna see just how badly this thing turns out in the later chapters.

What a way to get back into the game, am I right?

Dueling Dipshit: 1
Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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Gorillagram only gets sexual stimulation from playing Pokemon Reborn and its derivatives.
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Re: Yugioh: The Divine Conspiracy

Post by Dashguy » Mon Aug 13, 2018 9:58 am

A mishmash of characters from different franchises get to play Duel Monsters and fawn over a Pokémon fangame while a shadowy organization seeks to destroy said fangames. Is SovietRussiaMan back? Did one of his "acolytes" pick up his work? Because this reads exactly like his shit.

And, as you pointed out, what's the point of playing Dark World if you're not going to, you know, play them like Dark World?

Starting with five cards, play Terraforming to fetch The Gates of Dark World from your deck and activate it. Next, play Foolish Burial to send Grapha to the GY from the deck and follow with Dark World Dealings, discarding Broww, Huntsman of Dark World to draw one plus a second one thanks to Broww's effect. Your hand is now at three cards. Activate the effect of The Gates of Dark World banishing Broww in your GY and discarding Beiige, Vanguard of the Dark World to draw one card. Special summon Beiige. Return Beiige to the hand to call Grapha from the GY. Wham, you've got a monster with 3000 ATK and four cards in your hand, all in the first turn.
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Re: Yugioh: The Divine Conspiracy

Post by GorillaGamer » Mon Aug 13, 2018 11:55 am

Dashguy wrote:
Mon Aug 13, 2018 9:58 am
Is SovietRussiaMan back? Did one of his "acolytes" pick up his work? Because this reads exactly like his shit.
I had noticed that as well. After I made the initial post, I caught up with him on a chat he frequents, and asked if he was writing anything. He denied it, leading me to believe that either a former co-writer wrote this fic, or we're dealing with an entirely different crazy. Given the quality of fics that are present on Fanfiction.net, I'm inclined to lean towards the latter.
Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
A quote from Project AFTER
Gorillagram only gets sexual stimulation from playing Pokemon Reborn and its derivatives.
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Re: Yugioh: The Divine Conspiracy

Post by StabbyKobold » Mon Aug 13, 2018 3:50 pm

I must preface my comment by saying I know next to nothing about Fire Emblem and even less about Yugioh.

That said, it's not like the author managed to utilize either to any interesting effect. All I got from this chapter was that there is a bunch of people with a shared interest in card games and Pokémon fangames. The only reason I was even convinced there was a plot connected to all this, was due to the sudden shadowy cabal tagged on at the end. Speaking of which, we've got a trio of typography divided villains all speaking in what might as well be the same superficially described voice. And they're treating Pokémon fangames like Dungeons & Dragons during the satanic panic.

I'm intrigued at what angle this story is attempting to spin. Crazy is expected, but it might just be more.

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Re: Yugioh: The Divine Conspiracy

Post by GorillaGamer » Tue Aug 14, 2018 10:40 pm

StabbyKobold@ Oh you’ll get crazy in this chapter, more than you’d expect.

Well I’m back with the second chapter of this story and so far the story’s plodding along like a shroom-eating tortoise. The one thing I’ll give this installment is that we finally learn who the mysterious villains are, but it’s so out of left field that my lungs still haven’t recovered from all the laughing I did.

Hey there everyone, I’m back with the next instalment of Yu-Gi-Oh: The Divine Conspiracy. I’ve been coming up with a few ideas on what decks I should give the main protagonists; I’ve already got Astolfo and Micaiah covered, and I have a few ideas on what to give the others. I’ll have a think about it while I write up this chapter.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters in this fic. They’re the property of their respective creators.

Chapter 1: Divine Intervention

Akihabara: Pokémon Fangame Headquarters: 2 ½ hours before rally

The interior of the building was decorated in a vast variety of posters and banners advertising various fangames and related merchandise.

Of course they found it weird that there were advertisements for Sonic fangames, in a rally dedicated to Pokémon fangames.

All around the place there were workers cleaning up the place and generally making the place look neat and tidy.

“Wow, the place looks rather spiffy.” Astolfo pointed out, taking in all the appealing sights.

“If you think it looks good now, wait until it’s completed.” Chevalier added, as his eyes soon focused on the person in the center of the room, who was directing everyone on what to do. “There’s Ame, I gotta report to her.”

The group soon made their way to the one Chevalier referred to as Ame. Ame was a beautiful young lady, wearing a black and white sleeveless top and black jeans as well as a pair of black boots and a black scarf. She had gorgeous, shoulder length white hair and bright blue eyes. Roland was taken aback by her gracefulness.

“Woah…you looks amazing.” Roland complimented Ame, his eyes locking onto her.

I see that Roland’s a stand in for the author’s penis.

“Uh, thank you…” Ame replied, a little creeped out by Roland’s forwardness. Both Blair and Astolfo proceeded to drag Roland away, much to the latter’s chagrin.

“Sorry about that miss.” Chevalier apologised. “Roland’s been lonely for quite some time now, and he can get desperate at times.”

How fitting that he gets dragged away like Brock in the Pokémon anime; I wonder if this was how Roland actually acted in Fate/Stay night.

“It’s alright, after all I’ve dealt with worse.” Ame replied, before she noticed Micaiah and Sothe. “Is that the legendary Priestess of Dawn?!”

“Uh yeah, or at least I was a while ago.” Micaiah replied, flicking her hand through her hair. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Ame; I’m fairly interested in learning more about you and your games.”

“Same here!” Sothe quickly replied, bringing out a small notebook and a pen. “May I have your autograph?”

“I’m totally not going to sell it to Edward for an exorbitant price.”

“Sure.” Ame smiled, taking Sothe’s pen and notebook and writing her signature in it before returning the items to him. “Here you go.”

“Thank you Ame, I’ll always treasure this!” Sothe grinned, hugging the notebook tightly.

“Heheheh, I guess he finally found someone he admires over Ike.” Micaiah giggled lightly, as Blair, Astolfo and Roland returned after the latter had cooled down from his previous outburst.

Masturbation tends to let off some steam.

“Sorry we’re late, we had to teach Roland an important lesson, didn’t we?” Blair commented, before turning to stare at Roland and expected a response.

“Uh yeah, I learnt something important today.” Roland replied sheepishly, scratching the back of his head. “So what do you want us to do?”

“To be honest, there’s nothing we need help with right now. Why don’t I introduce you to the representatives?” Ame suggested.

“Representatives?” Astolfo inquired.

“We’ve flown in four representatives to help advertise the games. One from Reborn, one from Rejuvenation, one from Desolation, and another one to represent the rest of the games.” Ame explained, as she made her way to the back room, with the rest of the group following suite.

Translation: the author wanted to insert his waifus into the story as quickly as possible.

The back room was notably smaller, yet more professional looking than the main lobby room. There was a large mahogany wood desk at the opposite of the room, with a shelf behind it that housed several diplomas and trophies. There were four other occupants in this room, two men and two women, who were sitting near the sidewalls of the room.

The first woman was fairly tall and had short red hair that reached the bottom of her shoulders and matching red eyes. Her outfit consisted of a white sleeveless shirt that showed off her navel, a pair of red jeans with a metal belt attached to it, and a pair of grey shoes. She also had some sort of gauntlet on her left arm, made out of reinforced steel. This was Titania; the Steel type Gym Leader of Reborn and her regions representative.

Oh boy, Titania. Been ages since I last saw here in a fic.

The second woman was a very beautiful young lady with short blonde hair, with a red ribbon on the left side, as well as bright blue eyes. Her outfit consists of a black long-sleeved shirt, with a white undershirt, and a black skirt. She also has a black boots with thigh-high socks, and a red scarf. This was Melia, one of the Aevium regions greatest trainers and the representative for Rejuvenation.

She was also responsible for decreasing the value of shiny Pokémon by 1000%

The first man was handsome in a rather gruffly way. He had short black hair and striking red eyes. His outfit consisted of a black jacket that was made of fake fur, a black t-shirt and matching black pants. This was Shiv, a talented yet mysterious trainer from Ayrith who was the representative for Desolation.

Oh, this is new. Hi Shiv, had any encounters with sharp objects again?

The second man was a rather cute teenage man with short white hair and green eyes. His outfit consisted of a white t-shirt, a green jumper and brown trousers. The most notable aspect of his outfit was the red scarf that looked a lot like the red flower Shaymin has. This was Damien, a fairly shy kid who managed to impress Ame enough to be the representative of the independent games.

It’s kinda telling that Reborn and its sister games were able to bring in their own representative, yet the other games had to pool all their resources and were only able to bring in this kid.

“Ame, what’s with the groupies following you?” Titania inquired, pointing at Astolfo and his friends.

“Oh, they’re some of Chevalier’s friends.” Ame replied, before turning to face them. “Everyone, these are the representatives. From left to right; there’s Titania, Melia, Shiv and Damien.”

“Charmed.” Titania greeted somewhat bluntly.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Melia replied sweetly, causing Roland’s heart to flutter.

Methinks we found the authors favorite waifu of them all. Asides from Micaiah, that is.

“Heh, I’ve heard some interesting things about you Astolfo.” Shiv smirked, crossing his hands. “I’ll be looking forward to see where this goes.”

“Uh…h-h-h-hi…” Damian waved at them nervously.

“Nice to meet you all!” Astolfo grinned. “I gotta say you’re doing a really good job with the rally.”

“Considering the amount of time and money went into this shindig, I hope it looks good.” Titania commented, as she soon noticed Micaiah. “Hey, aren’t you that Priestess of Dawn Amy and her friends keeps going about?”

“I can’t say I’ve heard of your friend Amy, but I am the Priestess of Dawn, or at least I was.” Micaiah confirmed Titania’s suspicions.

“I mean, this is the first time I’ve stepped into your universe, but everyone’s already heard of me.”

“How can we be ignorant of you? You were the brains behind the Fire Emblem franchise.”

“Wow, I can’t believe I’m meeting Micaiah!” Melia gushed. “I can’t wait to tell my friends about this!”

“First Astolfo, and now Micaiah? Today’s turning out to be an excellent day.” Shiv smiled to himself.

“Ummmm, it’s nice to meet you Miss Micaiah.” Damien greeted nervously.

“It’s nice to meet you as well sweetie.” Micaiah replied politely, causing Damian to start blushing like crazy as Sothe walked up to him with his pen and notebook in tow.

Sothe about to shank a bitch for trying to woo his sister/lover.

“Hey there, can I get an autograph from you and your friends?” Sothe requested.

“S-s-s-sure.” Damian stuttered, as he took the pen and notebook and jotted down his autograph, before passing it on to the others who promptly signed it as well, with Titania handing it back to Sothe.

“Thank you all so much.” He smiled, hugging the notebook tightly.

“So how’s the speech going to go?” Blair inquired

“Well for one thing my speaking role isn’t that big, which is perfectly fine in my book.” Titania answered. “I know Ame’s got the majority of the speech, but I don’t know about the others, though I assume it’s roughly the same size as my part.”

“I see.” Blair replied. “So what got you all into making these fangames?”

“Money. Well we’d be rich if it weren’t for those damn copyright laws!”

“It’s simple really, we were playing around with several what-if scenarios, and our regional champions figured it would be a great idea if we made some games around these scenarios. A lot of these scenarios are rather off-kilter; take Rejuvenation for instance, that game had me attracting shiny Pokémon by the bucket load.” Melia explained. “The games can get a bit morbid at times, but they were intended for an older audience.”

“Oh Melia, just saying your name out loud sends shivers down my spine!” Roland kneeled before her. “I’d be honoured if we could hang out after the rally at—“he continued before Chevalier dragged him away once more.

“Sorry about that, it seems he’s a slow learner.” Chevalier apologised, glaring at Roland whom gulped nervously in response.

And the author’s an idiot who thinks repeating the same joke makes it twice as funny.

“It’s alright. I mean I’m honoured that I’ve got devoted fans, but some of them can get a bit creepy at times.” Melia chuckled, as a worker entered the room and walked up to Ame.

“Ma’am, the rally’s ready to go. The audience is being seated as we speak.” The worker reported.

“Thank you for the update.” Ame replied, before turning to the rest of the occupants. “Alright everyone, the show’s about to start! As for you Chevalier, I’ve reserved some front row seats for you and your friends.”

“Consider it a gift for not cutting yourself while reading the script.”

“Thank you Miss Ame. I’m sure the show will turn out well.” Chevalier thanked her, as everyone left the room and proceeded to head to their seats.


The room was filled to the brim with audience members, who were all eagerly awaiting the presentation. Astolfo turned around and saw several audience members cosplaying as their favorite characters, while holding up banners that featured drawings of the various characters. On the stage, the representatives were seated on their chairs as Ame made her way to the podium.

“Thank you all for coming here today.” Ame kicked off the speech. “As you all know, we’ve spent years developing our games, and have dealt with problem after problem. But today’s not that day! We’ve managed to gather enough sponsors to have our games receive official publication.

I’m curious as to who these oddly generous sponsors are as well as why they would fund these games to begin with.

These games will be getting an official release today, and we all couldn’t be happier, as these games were built with our blood, sweat and tears and it’s a refreshing feeling to see our hard work not go to waste!” The crowd applauded wildly in response to the beginning speech.

“WWWWWHHHHHOOOOOAAAAARRRRRHHHHH!!!!” A portion of the crowd clapped wildly.

“That’s our Ame!” A few more people cried out.

“Why don’t I start things off by having our representative from the game that started it all? Please give a warm welcome for Reborn’s representative, Titania!” Ame called out, as she handed the microphone to Titania with the latter being applauded like crazy.

Wouldn’t the Gameboy Advance ROMs like Light Platinum get a special mention, since they came out before Reborn? Oh wait, those games don’t have anyone the author jerks off to in them. My mistake.

“Ok, I’m not a big fan of speeches but I guess I’ll say my thoughts on it. Everyone, I have to say that I never expected our games to get this large a following. Originally they were passion projects that we made in order to experience a more challenging Pokémon game, but when you all played them, you enjoyed them thoroughly and wanted more. And when there were a few design errors in the game, you were quick to point them out which helped us to deal with them effortlessly. To this day, I will always be grateful that you helped spread the word about our game, giving it all the attention that it has.” Titania spoke into the microphone, with everyone applauding wildly as the redhead handed the microphone to Melia before sitting back down on her chair.

“What an inspiring speech.” Melia commented, before raising the microphone to her face. “When I was making Rejuvenation, my teammates and I were told that what we were doing was illegal and how we’ll get sued by Nintendo and Gamefreak.

They’re not wrong, and this rally would only alert them to what you’re doing. Enjoy your extensive lawsuits.

And while I appreciated their concerns, we still soldiered on and didn’t let adversity getting our way. And we were stacked against the odds; asides from the people decrying our actions as illegal, there were those who felt that the official games are perfect and there’s no need for fangames to be made. Then there were the ones that decried our games as ‘edgy’ and ‘tryhard’, simply because our games tackled more mature issues than the official games. And then there were the ones that cried about our games being ‘SJW propaganda’; I’d talk about them but that’ll be giving them more attention than they deserve. So to all those that told us we weren’t gonna make it; well here we are!” The crowd applauded wildly once more.

Translation: “Everyone who criticized our games are stupid and mean and their breath smells like poo.”

I think that’s as accurate as I’m gonna get.

“WOOOOOOO! Go Melia!” Roland called out, giving her a standing ovation. Melia bowed politely, before making her way to her chair and handing the microphone over to Shiv.

“Thank you for the reaction, now allow me to say a few words.” Shiv began his speech, clearing his throat. “I’ll admit that my crew and I got into the game later than the other big players, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t dedicated to it. When we were making Desolation, we wanted to make our game stand out from the crowd so we decided to take a few risks. The first one were the ranger quests that added some replayability to the game. The testers loved the idea; praising the humor and the challenge of the quests and offered additional ideas for quests. The second and the most notable risk was the relationship mechanic, where you can earn relationship points with various characters in the game, with storyline changes depending on your status with certain characters.

That’s an actual thing in the game, as I pointed out in that review I did a few months ago. Who would’ve thought that Pokémon would be the background to a harem dating simulator?

There were several romantic scenes that happened if you earnt enough points with the characters, enabling players to bond with the characters even further. This mechanic was ridiculously popular with the players; heck I remembered one of our testers jumping for joy when he managed to pair himself up with Scarlett.

Faceless tester has excellent taste I see. Faceless tester better get his greasy mitts off of Scarlett since she’s mine.

What I’m getting at here is that you shouldn’t be afraid to take risks as it can be very rewarding in the end.” Yet again, the crowd applauded wildly with a few people giving him a standing ovation. Shiv handed Damian the microphone, with the young boy gulping nervously. Ame decided to help out Damian and walk him to the podium, however the room grew dark all of a sudden.

“Wha—what’s happening?!” Ame called out, as the crowd began murmuring among themselves.

“I’m sorry to interrupt your little speech, but we’ve got a few things to talk about.” An alluring voice called out to the crowd. A few seconds later, the lights flickered on and everyone soon noticed the three newcomers on the stage, surprised Ame and the representatives.

Seems to me they’ve taken a page out of Kanye West’s book on how to interrupt speeches.

The figure on the right was what looked like a tall statue of a rotund man wearing a pink dress, who was clasping his hands in prayer. The figure on the left was a tall man wearing gold and purple armor and was adorned with a blue cape. He wielded a rather imposing spear and had a four-eyed crow resting on his left hand. The most notable feature was the purple flame coming out of his left eye socket, as if it were an eyepatch. The final figure in the center was a strikingly attractive man of Indian heritage, who had short teal-green hair. His outfit consisted of a red, button-up long-sleeve shirt with a green dinner jacket over it, as well as tan colored shorts and matching colored boots. He also wore a green fedora that had a peacock feather attacked to it, and held an ornate flute in his right hand.

“Allow me to introduce ourselves; my name’s Krishna and the lovely gentlemen beside me are Odin and Maitreya. Together we form the Divine Powers.” The figure in the center introduced himself and his compatriots.

You know, I was honestly expecting the author to have Team Meteor of some other villainous faction from the fangames to play the role as this fics villains. Maybe the author would’ve thrown in a few antagonistic Servants from Fate since Astolfo is a major character in the story. Or even a few representatives from Nintendo and Gamefreak who heard about the rally and want to sue Ame and co. for copyright infringement.

What I didn’t expect was for the Divine Powers from Shin Megami Tensai IV: Apocalypse to storm the stage like they’re the fucking Spanish Inquisition and take a stand as the villains of this fic. I have so many questions in my head right now, but I’ll bring up the most pressing of them all. Why would a faction of omniscient deities get worked up over video games?

“W-w-w-w-what do you want with us?” Damian asked, visibly frightened by the newcomers.

“We seek to guide humanity on the path to salvation, eliminating any obstacles in our way.” Odin answered, his crow squawking harshly at the teenage man. “These games you made are one such obstacle.”

“But how are these games opposing your goals?!” Ame called out. “We’ve done nothing to upset you lot.”

”The fangames go against our ideas for a new universe, and encourage humanity to cling onto them, denying them the chance to attain true salvation.” Maitreya answered. “These games are a complete mockery and need to be eliminated.”

Because Pokémon games with edgy stories is the one thing preventing you from creating a new universe and lording over it.

“Look, I don’t know what we did to offend you, but we’re sorry.” Melia apologised, only for Krishna to raise his hand at her in response.

“Offended us? You got it all wrong.” Krishna chuckled lightly. “We find nothing in the games that offended us personally. However, the characters in the game are often praised as messiahs, and have won the hearts of its target audience.”

Messiahs? Please point me to the review of Reborn where the player character was referred to as a messiah.

“False messiahs often lead the masses on the wrong path; leading them into eternal damnation and making them forgot the old gods.” Odin continued, before proceeding to pint his spear, Gungnir, at Melia. “You of all people should know about the false messiahs.”

“Me?!?!” Melia exclaimed, taking a few steps back. “How am I a false messiah?”

“You took the spotlight at several critical points in your game, managed to get everyone to sing your praises, and even got the masses to buy pillows with sexualised images of you.” Maitreya explained. “Such sinful behavior prevents humanity from attaining enlightenment.”

I know the author is desperately looking for a dakimakura with Melia on it, but would it kill him to have his deity strawmen act logically?

“What a load of shit! Do you three seriously believe what you’re saying?!” Titania retorted, standing up straight and not backing down and inch. “Next you’ll be telling us that Hyperdimension Neptunia is preventing us from attaining salvation.”

A franchise that revolves around humanised depictions of video game consoles? Playing that shit would automatically brand you as an Unclean One.

“Why thank you for informing us about another obstacle in our path.” Krishna thanked the redhead, whom scowled in response.

“You three have gone on in circles about this salvation, and how our games are opposing your plans. Can you three get to the damn point already?!” Shiv demanded, irritated by the interruption.

Hey, Shiv raised a fair point. Good on you mate!

“Silence! You have no right to order us around, especially given the magnitude of your impudence.” Odin barked at the young man.

“Your response tells me that you have nothing to back your claims then.” Shiv replied smugly, crossing his arms.

“Nothing to back our claims up?” Odin replied, before glancing at the audience members for a moment, and turning to face Shiv again. “The amount of followers you have here is proof enough that your games are a danger to humanity.”

“That’s enough! How dare you barge in here and spit on the end result of their years of hard work.” Astolfo snapped at the deities, standing up on his chair. “You must be the losers Melia briefly mentioned at the end of her speech!”

Because I can totally see Krishna and co. working at Nintendo to stamp out the fangames.

“Yeah, I’d like to see you do better than them!” Blair joined in. “I bet you lot don’t even know how to play Pac-Man!”

“I expected better from a trio who prides themselves on being powerful deities.” Micaiah added.

“You will all pay for ruining Melia’s big day!” Roland growled at them, drawing his sword and pointing the tip at them.

“Well isn’t that cute, the followers are scrambling to defend their cult.” Maitreya chuckled. “None of you are even a remote match to the Divine Powers, so I’d recommend that you back down now.”

“Ha! For a group labelling themselves as the “Divine Powers” you’re grossly outnumbered.” Titania pointed out. “It must be a really special organisation if its member list consists of nobody but Fatso, One-Eye, and Flute Boy.”

Woah there Titania! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

The audience started laughing at Titania’s last comment; Maitreya was flabbergasted at Titania’s comment while Odin was incredibly livid, and was ready to strike her down. However Krishna wasn’t fazed in the slightest, instead he chuckled at her.

“Do you really think we’re the entirety of the Divine Powers? Allow me to show you the error of your ways.” He replied, before proceeding to play a few notes with his flute. The tune was quite enchanting and managed to soothe the rage of everybody in the room, however a portal soon appeared in the back of the room. From the portal, a large army of angels, demons, gods and humans who all supported the Divine Powers emerged from it and stared at the audience members, waiting for them to make a move.

How nice of the enemy army to show up on cue without a single person noticing their presence.

“Oh my, that’s one heck of an army.” Chevalier commented. “I think I might sit this one out…”

“What in the goddamn, that army makes the Begnion Army look like a disorganised militia!” Sothe exclaimed in shock. “What are we gonna do Micaiah?!”

“We have no option but to stay put and hope they don’t massacre the innocent civilians.” Micaiah told Sothe, an uneasy look on her face.

“Oh Micaiah, did the suffering caused by the Begnion Occupational Army cloud your judgement? Fear not, for I am a merciful god. I won’t harm a single hair on the civilians.” Krishna told her, before turning to the crowd. “Everyone, it is not too late to save your souls. Those of you who wish to seek salvation can make a pilgrimage to our headquarters in Tsukiji Konganji.”

“We’ve got plenty of Shin Megami fangames for you to enjoy; I’m sure the writing would hook you in.”

“T-Tsukiji Konganji?” Ame inquired.

“Correct. The massive temple in Tsukiji Konganji is the main headquarters of the Divine Powers. Don’t even think about infiltrating it; our guards would smite you in an instant.” Odin replied.

“We’ve already reached out to several former gods who have been betrayed and humiliated by the Creator God, and we expect more to join our ranks soon.” Maitreya added.

“That concludes our speech for today everyone. I hope to see you all at the entrance hall in Tsukiji Konganji, as it’s where the new recruits get initiated.” Krishna farewelled the crowd, before turning to face Damian. “Especially you, young Damian. I sense great potential within your soul.”

Calling it here; Damian is going to be his Godslayer. That scarf of his must be the source of his power.

“Uuhhh…” Damian replied nervously, as the room was blanketed in darkness momentarily. When the light came back, everyone noticed that the Divine Powers and their massive army had disappeared.

“Well, if you're wondering what's happened, so am I.” Ame broke the ice.

“The whole thing’s been ruined, thanks to those clowns.” Titania commented bitterly. “There’s no way I’m letting them prevent us from releasing our games.”

Well when your opponents consist of a faction of angry deities, maybe it’s best you take their advice to heart.

“And you won’t have to worry about it; I will help you!” Astolfo declared, with his friends showing their support as well.

“Look kid, we really appreciate the offer, but you aren’t involved in this.” Titania replied. “The last thing I want to happen is other people getting killed over things that don’t involve them.”

“True, we had no role in the creation of your fangames. But I won’t stand idly by while innocent people are getting terrorised.” Micaiah declared.

I’m sure the crowd were so terrorised, they disappeared from existence.

“Heh, I wouldn’t say no to some reinforcements, especially if Micaiah’s leading the charge.” Shiv commented.

“It’ll be a real honor to fight alongside you all.” Melia smiled.

“And it’ll be a real honor for me to fight by your side!” Roland cried out, kneeling before her. “I’ll gladly give up my life for you, Melia.”

“That’s nice and all, but keep it in your pants mister.” Blair reminded the blonde, as Chevalier and her dragged Roland away, to his chagrin.

That joke was so funny it was worth putting it in three times. Oh wait, it wasn’t funny at all!

“Well since you’re gonna be fighting with us, how about we discuss the situation in the Pokémon Fangame Headquarters? It’s only half a mile from here.” Ame informed the group. Astolfo and his gang agreed to the proposition and proceeded to stay behind and follow them once the rally was over.

Tsukiji Konganji: Main Shrine room.

The shrine room lived up to what you’d expect from a massive temple; it was lavishly decorated in precious metals and jewels and had several large statues of various deities for the followers of the Divine Powers to pray to. The three heads of the organisation soon materialised in the room to discuss the events of the day.

“Well I’d say today went adequately I suppose, though that depends on whether the followers of that cult seek salvation or not.” Maitreya commented.

“I’d expected them to defend their blasphemous games, but they disappointed me.” Odin added. “That woman though; she had the audacity to insult us when she knows we could obliterate her in an instant.”

If that was all it took to upset you Odin, then I have bad news for you…

“I wouldn’t concern myself over her, or any of them in general.” Krishna mused. “Not only do we have our secret weapon, but I’ve received news that some of their friends wish to betray them. I’m very interested to see how this will turn out...”

And that’s it for this chapter, and boy was it a thrill. As for why I made the Divine Powers the main antagonists of the fic, I figured it would be slightly amusing to see them attempt to destroy the fangames so that humanity can attain salvation.

That has to be the weakest justification I’ve seen for a characters sudden appearence; destroying fangames to have humanity attain salvation, what the fuck is that shit?! You may as well make them allegories for the Jack Thompson-esque, since it’ll be less of a disservice to their characters!

What started out as a Yugioh/Pokemon fangame crossover with characters from Fire Emblem and Fate/Stay night ends up dabbling into Shin Megami territory, simple because Rider of Black thought it would be hilarious to read about angry deities trying to destroy fangames. Who knows how the later chapters would play out.
Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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Re: Yugioh: The Divine Conspiracy

Post by GorillaGamer » Sun Aug 19, 2018 11:58 pm

Well when we last left off, the Divine Powers declared war on fangames because MUH SALVATION. Here we see why it’s fucking stupid to feature them as the villains of your fangame fapfic.

Last time, Astolfo and his friends attended the Pokémon Fangame Rally, where they met Ame and a few of her friends. However the rally was interrupted by the arrival of the Divine Powers, who spoke of their intentions to destroy the fangames.

Before I begin, there’s a couple things I want to get off my chest. The first is that this takes place before the events of Shin Megami Tensai IV: Apocalypse. The second is that Nino got a new alt in Fire Emblem Heroes and it’s the cutest little thing of all time. And with that off my chest, we can now begin.

Why don’t you try offering your soul to Krishna in return for unlimited orbs? You’d be able to get as many Ninos as you want.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters in this fic. They’re the property of their respective creators.

Chapter 2: There’s treachery afoot

Pokémon Fangame Headquarters

The group had arrived at the fangame headquarters in order to discuss the events of the rally, most notably the Divine Powers and their master plan. They had entered the lobby, with Astolfo and his group picking up a brochure from the front desk, when they were soon halted by a man guarding the nearby elevator. He was a fairly tall man of African-American descent and had short white hair and brown eyes. His outfit consisted of a tan long-sleeve jacket and matching pants, with a dark blue undershirt and a pair of boots. He also wore a brown wide-brimmed hat that had the logo for the Cellian Police Force. Shiv immediately recognised the man and gave him a friendly bro-hug.

“Garret, long time no see!” Shiv greeted, as the two broke off the hug. “How have things been going?”

“Could be better, but nothing worth complaining about.” Garret replied, a grin on his face.

“Some deity stormed into my room and complained about how my hat is opposing their salvation. What was that about?”

“Sorry I was late but I got caught up in some official business. How did the rally go?”

“That’s why we’re here, we need to get to the meeting room as soon as possible!” Shiv blurted, as he made his way to the elevator and quickly pressed the button a few times. A few seconds later and everyone entered the elevator and they soon made their way up. Once they arrived at the top floor, Shiv bolted out of the elevator and made his way to the meeting room.

“Damn, shit must’ve hit the fan if Shiv’s this worried about it.” Garret commented, as the rest of the group entered the meeting room. Asides from Shiv, there were four other people in the room, three women and one male. The male was a young man with a dark shade of purple and his eyes were brown. His choice of attire was rather unique, with a black, fishnet shirt cover by a dark purple jacket as well as a pair of matching coloured pants. He also had purple boots and wore black eyeshadow. This was Cain, the reserve Poison-type Gym Leader of Reborn and the Minister of Tourism for the region.

Ame loves handing out powerful positions to her friends, as if Reborn’s meant to make a commentary about the benefits of nepotism. Also, hi Cain.

The first woman had luscious navy blue hair that reached her back, and matching blue eyes. Her outfit consisted of a short sleeved blue shirt that showed off her naval, and a pair of blue shorts, with a rope belt around the helm that held two small pouches. She also wore blue boots, which matched her outfit. This was Valerie, the Water-type Gym Leader of Aevium.

And another familiar character from the LoA mock makes an appearance; oh man, the memories I have from that fic were wild.

The second woman was very pretty; with her long green hair and bright blue eyes. Her outfit consisted of a green short-sleeved shirt, a blue pleated skirt, thigh-high socks and light green sneakers. This was Nora, one of the Torren regions most talented trainers and a close friend of Damian.

The third and final woman was a gorgeous young woman with her long pink hair done up in ponytails, with matching pink eyes. She wore what appeared to be a short-sleeved, red button up shirt, a matching red skirt, as well as red gloves and boots that reached the bottom of her knees. This was Rosetta, the mayor of Cellia City and the Fairy-type Gym Leader. She and Garret are acquaintances despite some tense moments in the past.

At this point, you can tell who the author insert is gonna fuck based on whether they have ‘beautiful’ or ‘pretty’ in their descriptions. There are a couple exceptions to this rule, but I digress.

“H-hey Shiv, what’s the rush about?” Rosetta inquired, curious about his attitude.

“The entire rally got screwed up thanks to those asshats!” Shiv complained, slumping down on an empty seat.

“Screwed up, by who?” Rosetta turned to Ame for answers.

“This group appeared out of nowhere and called themselves the Divine Powers, before going on a tangent about how our games are denying humanity the opportunity of salvation.” Ame explained, sighing to herself. “I honestly don’t know what they were going on about.”

Don’t worry, neither do the Shin Megami fans that are reading this.

“T-t-that head honcho of theirs said that I had great potential to me, as if I was important to his plans.” Damian mentioned.

“I wouldn’t pay too much credence to it.” Nora attempted to ease his worries. “It’s probably nothing but an attempt to get a reaction.”

“Y-Yeah, you’re right.” Damian replied,

She essentially said that you suck Damian. Way to depreciate yourself man.

as Astolfo was taken aback by Cain.

“Wow-wee! You look amazing!” the pinkette grinned like crazy. “What’s your name?”

“The name’s Cain sweetie.” Cain replied, a soft smile on his face. “You look stunning as well.”

I’m not surprised that the flirtatious Poison-type trainer from Reborn is eyeing up the most infamous crossdresser/trap in anime. Heck, I’m sure there’s porn of it somewhere on the internet.

“Aw shucks.” Astolfo blushed, as Sothe whipped out his pen and notebook.

“Cain! I’ve heard about you. Would it be a hassle if I got an autograph from you and your friends?” Sothe requested.

“Not at all handsome.” Cain replied, as he took the pen and notebook and wrote his autograph in it before passing it onto the others who proceeded to do the same. Once they had all finished, Garret handed the pen and notebook back to Sothe.

Sothe’s sitting on a potential goldmine, with all the signatures he’s collecting.

“Thank you all so much!” Sothe thanked them all, as Valerie noticed the troubled look on Melia’s face.

“Is something the matter?” She asked.

“Yeah. That Maitreya fellow said something about people buying dakimakuras with images of me on them, yet I don’t recall anyone of us making those.” Melia commented.

And I certainly don’t recall Pokémon Reborn dakimakuras being a thing at all. Forget the signatures, there’s a potential market for those things.

“You think Ren could’ve been behind it?” Valerie asked.

“I swear if he did make those pillows, I’ll never talk to him again!” Melia threatened, crossing her arms.

“Anyway, back to business. Does anyone here know anything about this Divine Powers?” Titania asked out loud.

They have some sort of Divine Power over the masses?

“No unfortunately, this is the first time I’ve even heard of them.” Rosetta replied.

“Well there is something I heard that may be of use to us.” Nora chimed in, with everyone turning to face her. “I overheard Jaern mentioning something about meeting up with this guy with a flute and a fedora.”

“Sounds a lot like that Krishna fellow who stole the stage.” Ame replied, before pausing for a moment. “You think Jaern’s planning in defecting to the Divine Powers?”

And what would the Second Auger of Torren gain from allying with the group that theoretically, wants him dead?

“Oh he can try, but I’ll break his legs if he goes through with it.” Titania added, stretching her arms.

“Perhaps I could be of assistance?” a feminine voice called out from outside the room, as two more figures entered the meeting room, one female and one male. The female was of average height and had long red hair, matching red eyes and tanned skin. Her outfit consisted of a simple black dress. The male beside her was a teenage male around Cain’s age and had short, messy brown hair and blue eyes. His outfit consisted of a black jacket, grey undershirt, black tracksuit pants with a white stripe running down the sides.

“Amelia…what brings you here today?” Garret inquired, facing the woman.

“I came here to propose a little deal with you. If we help weed out those potential traitors, you dispose of our criminal records. Sound fair?” Amelia bargained, with Hardy waving politely to everyone else in the room.

More characters being dumped into our laps. This is the fucking Smash Bros fic all over again!

“That’s an unaccep—“Rosetta began speaking.

“Now hold on there, I’m willing to hear them out.” Garret interrupted her, causing Rosetta to huff in response.

“I’m glad to see you’re willing to listen to reason.” Amelia replied, before Sothe made his way to the duo.

“May I have your autograph please?” Sothe requested.

“Sure, if it keeps you out of my hair.” Amelia replied, as she and Hardy proceeded to write their signature in his notebook before handing it back to him.

Go Sothe, do what no man has done before and complete your Reborn signature collection!

“Thank you both so much!” Sothe replied.

“Eh, no big hassle.” Hardy replied, shrugging his shoulders. “Anyway, I’m down for this infiltration mission. My younger brother had just come out of surgery and is able to care for himself now.”

“I can’t say I’m too thrilled about this idea, but it’s not like we have any other choice.” Rosetta admitted, resting her chin on her hand. “Very well, we accept the terms of your deal. But you better get some results.”

“Oh don’t you worry your pretty little head about it, the Black Foxes always get results. Amelia retorted coolly, before turning to Hardy. “You can handle this Hardy.”

I’m sure he handles his “Hardy” every night.

“Alright then, I promise not to disappoint you all.” Hardy pledged, with Garret placing a duffle bag on the table.

“Now then, you’ll be wearing a wire over your chest so that we’ll be able to record their conversation. Additionally you’ll be wearing this bowler hat sine it had a concealed camera in it.” Garret explained as he unpacked the mentioned items from the duffle bag. “I’ll need you to remove your shirt and jacket so I can attach the wire and fine tune it.”

A bowler hat isn’t going to do much against a fedora, Garret.

“Alright then, but be quick about it.” Hardy replied quickly, removing his shirt and jacket and turning away from Garret who proceeded to attach the wire.

“It if makes you feel just a bit better, you appear quite healthy for someone your age and stature.” Micaiah commented.

Seems that Micaiah’s liking what she sees. Wonder how Sothe feels about that.

“Uhh, thanks for the comment miss…” Hardy replied somewhat awkwardly, a faint blush on his face. A few minutes later, Garret had finished attaching fine-tuning the wire with Hardy putting his clothes back on.

“Now then, you know where the meeting is?” Garret inquired.

“The entrance hall of the temple in Tsukiji Kongangi. Jaern’s probably already there alongside anybody else who wishes to join the Divine Powers.” Hardy deduced. “Any way, I gotta get going. Wish me luck!” he called out as he exited the room.

Tsukiji Konganji: Entrance hall

Befitting the large temple, the entrance hall was lavishly decorated in precious metals and jewles. Additionally there were several priceless artefacts on display, guarded by highly durable glass containers. As Hardy entered the hall, he soon spotted several figures wearing hooded cloaks being guided by Jaern, whose hood was down. Jaern had short blonde hair and had a ponytail hanging off the back of his head. He soon noticed Hardy and went up to him.

Because every villainous group needs a bunch of mooks in hooded cloaks. It’s Villainy 101.

“S-s-so you came Hardy?” Jaern said, his voice being rather high-pitched. “Got sick of Amelia ordering you around?”

“Nah, I needed some money for my brother’s surgery.” Hardy lied, hoping Jaern would by it.

“Makes sense, though I wish you contacted me earlier so you would’ve gotten your own cloak.” Jaern replied.

“Ah I’ll be fine without it.” Hardy brushed off the statement. It was then that a rather tall man entered the room. He had bright red skin, a bushy beard and clothing that originated from Ancient China. This was Zhong Kui, a rather friendly agent of the Divine Powers.

“Hey there, you must be the new recruits Lord Krishna told me about.” Zhong Kui said out loud in a polite tone of voice. “The name’s Zhong Kui and I’ll be leading you to the initiation room.”

And who better to introduce the recruits than a miniboss the player battles before their scripted defeat against Odin?

“Alright then, lead the way.” Jaern replied, as the group proceeded to follow the agent for a while. Eventually they reached the initiation room, where the leaders of the Divine Powers were waiting.

“Lord Krishna, I brought the recruits you mentioned.” Zhong Kui replied, bowing before his master.

“Well done. We can handle it from here, you return to your post” Krishna replied.

“Here, have a cookie on the house. Most deities would kill for one of my Salvation Cookies.”

“As you wish.” Zhong Kui replied, as he exited the room and shut the door. The traitors took their place in the middle of the room alongside several other humans, demons and gods, while the three deities looked them over.

“Welcome to Tsukiji Kongani, I am Krishna of the Divine Powers and the lovely gentlemen beside me are Odin and Maitreya. Thank you all for coming here today.” Krishna introduced himself and his compatriots.

“Our mission is simple; to eradicate all those who stand in our way. We do this in order for humanity to obtain salvation.” Odin commented.

“The Pokémon fangames are one such obstacle; though I detect several people who worked on these fangames in here.” Maitreya added.

Either Maitreya is omniscient to the point where he knows who the traitors used to work for, or he read the script for this chapter ahead of the others.

“C-Correct. We wish to rebel against our former friends, having realised the poor quality of the games.” Jaern replied.

You were part of the development team in this fic Jaern. Couldn’t you have done something to make the games suck less?!

“Oh? You must be the newcomers then. Everyone else already introduced themselves, so why don’t you take off those hoods and introduce yourselves.” Maitreya suggested, with the traitors, sans Hardy doing so.

“Jaern, Second Augur of Torren and head of the Sky Cult.” He bowed.

“Zenith, head of the Infernal Cult.” He bowed.

“Professor Maple, head scientist of the Holon Delta Pokémon Laboratory.” He bowed.

“Lin, leader of Team Meteor.” She bowed.

“Sirius, long time commander of Team Meteor.” He bowed.

“Blake, hired agent for Team Meteor.” He bowed.

“Cal, Blake’s brother and long-time rival.” He bowed, with the two brothers staring down each other.

“Fern, reserve Grass-type Gym Leader of Reborn and the greatest trainer of all time.” He bowed, smirking to himself.

“Madame X, founder of Team Xen and the wielder of Senketsuken.” She bowed.

“Nastasia, second-in-command of Team Xen.” She bowed.

“Madelis, head of Team Xen’s Shadow Pokémon Program.” She bowed.

“Neved, prison warden of Blacksteeple Castle.” He bowed.

“Geara, commander of Team Xen’s spec. op forces.” He bowed.

“Ren, former lab assistant of Professor Jenner.” He bowed.

“Professor Larkspur, talented researcher from the Tandor region.” He bowed.

“Rick, future champion of the Rikoto region.” He bowed.

“Professor Gobline, renegade professor from the Everia/Rathio region.” He bowed.

“Radius, former leader of Team Lightning.” He bowed.

“Redi, Radius’ son and admin of Team Lightning.” He bowed.

“Sam, field commander of Team Lightning.” She bowed.

“Elia, spec. ops commander of Team Lightning.” He bowed.

“Lavius, one of the true leaders of Team Lightning.” He bowed.

“Lavia, Lavius’ sister and the other true leader of Team Lightning.” She bowed.

“Baron, second-in-command of Team Crescent.” He bowed.

“H-Hardy, renegade agent of the Black Foxes.” He replied slightly hesitant, before bowed like the others.

I don’t know what to say here. These villain introductions were so bland and one-note, it may as well have been Krishna reading his grocery receipt to everyone present.


“Well now that we know who the traitors are, we can arrest them and charge them with treason.” Rosetta commented.

“I figured Fern would betray us, like the slimy vermin that he is.” Titania scoffed to herself, crossing her arms.

“Huh, that Krishna fellow’s rocking a nice outfit.” Garret admitted. “That flute’s a nice touch.”

Say what you will about the Divine Powers, but they have great taste in apparel.

“Now’s not the time to be admiring the enemy’s outfit.” Shiv reminded his friend.


“It’s a pleasure to meet you all.” Krishna replied to the traitors. “Now onto the main topic at hand; we’ve already secured a minor victory for the Divine Powers by disrupting their rally over at Akihabara, but we’ve still got plenty of things to deal with.”

“For instance, the fangames have been distributed all over the world via the internet. That is why we need to spread our influence to contain this virtual plague.” Odin stated. “Doing this will decrease the amount of followers these games draw in.”

“Speaking of followers, you also need to find a way to shrink the player base. Converting them, disposing of them, we don’t care what you do to them. If anything, killing them would free their souls from the corrupted prison of flesh the Creator God bestowed upon humans.” Maitreya added.

“Then there’s the merchandise they peddle to their followers; fan art, manga, dakimakuras. There’s no level they wouldn’t stoop to in order to profit off of children.” Odin added as well.

Again with the dakimakuras. Wait, is that why Krishna’s upset at the fangames; he didn’t get the dakimakura he wanted?

“Uh…about the dakimakuras. I-I-I-I was forced to help make them!” Ren admitted, lying through his teeth. “They told me that if I didn’t make those Melia dakimakuras, they’ll break my kneecaps.” He blubbered, as he began crying crocodile tears, with Redi “comforting” the young man.


“What a lying sack of shit!” Amelia scoffed at Ren. “I always knew he would try to weasel his way out of responsibility.”

“I swear if he put me or Amy on any of those godforsaken pillows, I’ll break him in half!” Titania growled, clenching her fists tightly.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a pillow featuring both you and Amaria would sell like hotcakes. That’s just how the fandom goes.


“It seems that they have no problem mistreating their own workers in order to push their agenda.” Krishna mused to himself. “However, we also need to look out for this Hyperdimension Neptunia thing the fangame creators mentioned during their rally.”

“It could be a red herring planted by the fangame creators in order to protect their sorry hides.” Odin interjected.

“True, though it’s worth investigating, just in case it’s a legitimate obstacle to our cause.” Maitreya replied.

“That is all for now. You may leave.” Krishna called out, as the recruits began to exit the room. “Oh and one more thing?” he added, with Odin snatching Hardy and tying him to a chair.

”W-W-What’s going on?!” Hardy cried out, as Odin backhanded him hard, with Krishna walking up to him.

Getting slapped by Odin would do more than bruise this kid, it’ll send his head flying like a fucking baseball!

“Did you really think you were gonna get away with it? I knew all along you were a spy for the enemy.” He smirked, sending shivers down the young man’s back.

“How did you know that?!” Hardy demanded an answer.

“As it turns out, somebody else decided to betray the fangame creators. Somebody who knew about your plan.” Odin informed the young man.

“As a matter of fact, here he comes now.” Maitreya commented, as another person entered the room, with Hardy glaring at him intensely.

“Greetings. My name is Connor, and I’m the Fire-type Gym Leader of the Ayrith region.” He bowed.

How convenient that a late comer would just so happen to have overheard that Hardy was a mole, right before defecting to the Divine Powers.

“I thank you for finding out about the mole they planted.” Krishna thanked the bespectacled redhead.

“No problem. After all it gets rid of another obstacle in my path.” Connor smirked.

“Oh, seems like you have an agenda of your own. May I ask what your goal is?” Odin inquired.

”I wanna hook up with Scarlett, however she already has her eye on someone, and it happens to be Rosetta’s wimpy scrub of a son.” Connor scoffed.

H-Hey! You get your greasy mitts off of Scarlett as well!

What do you mean she’s already taken?!

“Heh, seems I’m not the only one looking for some action.” Blake smirked.

”How about splitting some of the tail once we beat them?” Fern suggested.

“Sounds fair, but I get first choice.” Blake agreed.

How about you two shut the fuck up and give me first choice?! Of course, there won’t be much left for you two, but I digress.

“You can all kiss my ass you gutless traitors!” Hardy snapped at the traitors, as he attempted to break free.

“Wiggle all you like, but your fate is sealed.” Maitreya informed him ominously. “How do you suppose we deal with him Lord Krishna?”

“Yeah what are you gonna do, play some flute song that kills me?” Hardy taunted, with Krishna shaking his head in response.

Wha, were you expecting him to play Despacito with a flute?

“No, I’ve got a more fitting fate for you. One that I hope your allies can see through their camera, so I could teach them the consequences for opposing me.” Krishna replied, before turning to an open door on the other side of the room. “Oh Shesha, I’ve got a surprise for you!”

“Shesha?” Hardy inquired. The room started to shake mildly as the sound of something slithering on the floor drew closer and closer. From the open door emerged a colossal emerald green cobra with the arms and torso of a well-built man. There were several red eyes on the creatures head, and a large mouth filled to the brim with sharp fangs.

Yep, you read that right. The author is having his fangame heroes go up against Shesha, one of the most powerful deities in the Shin Megami franchise and Krishna’s trump card. I wanna see how the author writes them out of this corner.

“You called masssssster…?” the massive serpent hissed in a raspy tone, bowing before Krishna.

“You see that young man tied to the chair? Why don’t you free his soul from his prison?” Krishna requested, with Shesha knowing what he meant. The serpent eyed up Hardy for a while, as the young man was shivering in terror.

“Certainly, he looksssssssss quite tantalisssssssing.” Shesha hissed, snatching the boy up and crushing the chair in its massive hand. Hardy let out a blood-curdling, ear-piercing scream as Shesha shovelled him into its mouth and began chewing him alive. The other traitors looked on in morbid curiosity as chunks of muscle and tissue were sprayed onto the floor alongside a bucket’s worth of blood. Shesha soon swallowed the mangled remains of the boy and lightly petting its stomach.

“Mmmmmmmm, ssssssscrumptiousssssss!” it hissed.

Evidently, you were never taught proper etiquette when eating your food.

“I hope you all learnt a lesson on what happens to those who cross the Divine Powers.” Krishna told the traitors in a friendly tone, as they all bolted out of the room. “You’ll get your first assignments tomorrow.”


The recording and video feed had ended upon Hardy’s grisly demise. The atmosphere in the room was a mixture of shock, anger, and utter horror at what they say. Amelia in particular was both livid and saddened over the loss of a trusted comrade and friend.

”What the fuck was that thing?!” Garret broke the ice. “How are we expected to defeat that monstrosity?!”

With card games. What, didn’t you read the title?

“Oh god!” Damian cried out, as he began sobbing into Nora’s shoulder. “I don’t wanna get eaten by that thing!”

“Hey there, it’ll be alright.” Nora attempted to comfort him, gently petting his back.

“Well now that we know who the traitors are, how do you suggest we deal with them?” Ame suggested.

“Who cares about the traitors, they’ve got a giant snake on their side!” Sothe exclaimed. “I’ve dealt with some shit, but this takes the cake.”

On the flip side, you’ll be the proud owner of so many snakeskin boots.

“Look, we’re not gonna get anywhere if we keep freaking out. Why don’t we take a break to compose our thoughts?” Micaiah suggested.

“Now that sounds like a good idea.” Valerie agreed to it.

”In that case, we’ll all meet back here in half an hour.” Ame informed everyone, as they all went their separate ways temporarily.

And there we go everyone; giant snakes are on the loose and eating people. I’m sure the only reason that the author isn’t sobbing right now is that his waifus are perfectly safe and sound. After all he wouldn’t kill them off before he blew his load in them, right?

Now that chapter was intense. Not only did we find out who betrayed Ame and the fangame community, but we learnt about the Divine Power’s trump card. The next chapter will have a duel in it and I’ve got a good idea how it’s gonna go down.

I’ll also be putting down a list of the heroes and villains so that it’s easy to keep track of the characters. See you next time everyone.

Astolfo’s group:
Chevalier D’eon
Blair Flannigan

Pokemon Fangame Community:
Hardy (K.I.A)

The Divine Powers:
Zhong Kui

The Traitors:
Professor Maple
Madame X
Professor Larkspur
Professor Gobline
Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
A quote from Project AFTER
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A quote from Andrew himself

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Re: Yugioh: The Divine Conspiracy

Post by ConcernedGamer » Mon Aug 20, 2018 11:45 am

This fanfic is really giving me League of Angels: The Devils Gambit flashbacks. The phrasing, the pace, the character choice, introductions, fangame themes, crossover-cavalcade, etc.

And its looking to be just as bad. Chapter 2 was useless. The self-revealing villain roster revealed itself a bit more, while a character whose only presence now was obviously to die to make the villains seem evulz did so. No wonder, since all they had managed to do before that was to show up to announce their ploy, told the protagonists exactly where they were and what to do to learn more about them, and then fucked off. Their presence had less impact than a bomb threat, not that responding authorities or armies ever exist in these pseudo realities, where both games and their characters coincide in the same universe.

These villains are just fangame-detractor strawmen that the author thinks he can get a blast out of altering motivation and goals for, before he has them defeated in a rigged card game.

And the betrayal was a joke. There's more to betraying characters than non-villain characters, whom the author merely doesn't like so much and are only showing up upon their turn to evil, by putting on a whiplash mustache and behaving pathetically. That's not betrayal. That's just revealing more random antagonists, which in essence was the same way Chapter 1 went. The trope of Ron the Deatheater is more genuine in betrayal, because with that you actually know a character had performed in the universe in a non-antagonistic manner.

Seriously, everything about this fanfic screams League of Angels: The Devils Gambit school of writing.

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Re: Yugioh: The Divine Conspiracy

Post by StabbyKobold » Tue Aug 21, 2018 6:04 pm

I have so many problems with this story already. If this keeps up, I could write a novel on the author's incompetence.

As ConcernedGamer mentioned, this reeks of League of Angels: The Devils Gambit. Especially the disjointed world-building and handling of characters. Excuse my ranting, but I've a lot to cover.

Firstly, the Pokémon fangame thing. We were made aware of the Pokémon fangames previously, namely that they were games that people play. Now we're told that said fangames were made by the characters appearing in said games, and basically present them as "what if" alternate reality interactive fiction. Does that mean the events of those games actually took place, or is there a complete disconnect between the games and "reality"? Do Pokémon even exist in this world, and if so, does Nintendo and Gamefreak own them, since they can sue for copyright? Why is the Pokémon Fangame Headquarters outfitted to function as a base of operation for the coming conflict, when really it should be a game development studio?

Secondly, the villains. They appear out of nowhere and no one knows who they are, yet they somehow have a temple located nearby, somewhere, and no one apparently considered what it was for. They act threateningly, yet provide no meaningful demonstration outside of summoning an army that somehow fit into the back of the room. They proclaim that they target Pokémon fangames, as they stand in the way of humanity's salvation, yet we get no explanation of what salvation entails or why Pokémon fangames are a threat to it outside of "humanity clinging to them". By that logic, they would need to target every other piece of escapist fiction - but only the things the author likes are under fire, of course, since these villains are nothing but stand-ins for critics and cooperate lawmakers.

Lastly, the plot. The bad guys want to take over the world, remake it in their image, bring humanity salvation, whatever. And the only way they can achieve their goals is to eradicate a harmless media, which the author obviously enjoys. Much like how the erasure of fanfiction was the crux of League of Angels: the Devils Gambit, how can anyone take this seriously?! This is like Voldemort deciding that Quidditch is what's preventing him from achieving his goals, and Harry Potter must then rise to defend and champion the spirit of wizard sports.

I could go on, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to stop.

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Re: Yugioh: The Divine Conspiracy

Post by GorillaGamer » Sun Aug 26, 2018 6:34 am

@ConcernedGamer: Now that you say that, I’m experiencing similar flashbacks as well. I still stand by my theory that this was written by someone who genuinely liked that fic for some reason, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one of SRM’s former co-author’s was behind this tripe. There is one other comment I’ll respond to.
There's more to betraying characters than non-villain characters, whom the author merely doesn't like so much and are only showing up upon their turn to evil, by putting on a whiplash mustache and behaving pathetically.
Most, if not all the characters on the traitor list are either villains, or at the very least acted hostile to the main character in the fangames they’re from.

They proclaim that they target Pokémon fangames, as they stand in the way of humanity's salvation, yet we get no explanation of what salvation entails or why Pokémon fangames are a threat to it outside of "humanity clinging to them".
I doubt we’ll ever get an acceptable explanation for why the fangames are a threat, given that the author has thoroughly botched their original goals.

Well after watching someone become snake chow, it’s time to mock another chapter of this tripe, though luckily it has a duel to spice things up.

What’s up everyone? I’ve got a new chapter for you all to enjoy. It’s got a thrilling duel featuring Blair herself, with a new deck she’s gonna try out. This chapter would also give her a special friend, and I’m confident all the Shin Megami fans reading this would know who I’m talking about.

You mean Hallelujah’s gonna be in this fic?! Sweet, I love that guy!

Oh and if anyone has any info on where I can find some Pokémon Reborn fanart where the characters are relaxing on a beach, that’ll be sweet.

Wow, you really aren’t subtle about why the fangame characters are in this fic; you just wanna see the ladies in swimsuits. Either search it up yourself, or pay an artist for a commission or two.

Then again, I can’t exactly fault you for having good taste.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters in this fic. They’re the property of their respective creators.

Chapter 3: Inzektor Invasion!

Pokémon Fangame Headquarters

Everyone had returned to the meeting room after the quick rest break, the atmosphere still as tense as it was before. It was evident that everyone was still worked up over Hardy’s grisly demise.

“Well we’re in a bit of a jam; just how are we gonna combat the Divine Powers?” Garret inquired.

Hold on, if Pokémon and Shin Megami are in the same universe, then would Pokéballs work on demons? In that case, why not throw a Master Ball at Shesha and seal the fucker in an impenetrable iron box. Heck, why not do that to the rest of the Divine Powers as well!

“Combat them? While they have that giant snake with them?!” Valerie retorted. “We’re not combating anything while that thing is still alive and kicking!”

“Oh my, that creature was rather lively. Just like that guy I brought home a week ago.” Cain smiled to himself, with everyone turning to face him. “What?”

The joke is that Cain’s talking about his penis.

“Putting aside what Cain does in his spare time, does anyone here have any ideas?” Ame called out, with Blair raising her hand to answer.

“Well I know we can’t face them head on in battle, since they’ll crush us instantly. But what happens if we challenge them to a duel? Deities are honor-bound to accept a challenge from anyone who requests one.” She suggested.

“By duelling, I assume you’re talking about those cards you lug around everywhere?” Titania asked.

“Yep! And I’ll have you know I’m quite talented.” Blair commented, proudly puffing her chest.

Oh boy, Card Games on Demons. Can’t wait to see that in the next series of the anime.

“There’s one little problem with your plan; we don’t have any of those cards.” Titania replied, pointing to her wrist.

“We could use our Pokémon to battle them instead of duelling.” Nora suggested.

“A fair point, especially since the traitors have their own Pokémon.” Shiv added, cracking his knuckles. “Oh what I wouldn’t give to crush that bastard Connor in a battle.”

“Get in line; it’s thanks to him that Hardy’s dead.” Amelia reminded him.

Pokémon battles, and Yugioh duels? It’s a two-for-one deal that I never wanted.

“Well we have out attack plan sorted out, now we just need to figure out where they’re gonna strike. And I think I have a few ideas.” Micaiah commented, unfurling a map of Tokyo onto the table. “First of all, an assault on Tsukiji Konganji is out of the question. Even without Shesha’s presence, the city’s guarded by their strongest agents. Ginza and the Tokyo Bay area would also be out-of-bounds by my train of thought. And given their interruption at the rally, it’s a safe bet that they’re mobilising on the Akihabara district as soon as possible.”

“So where do you suggest we make our first move?” Ame inquired.

“The Shinjuku region; given that it’s home to the busiest train station in the world, it would provide an ample recruiting ground for the Divine Powers, which is why we can’t let them control the area.” Micaiah suggested.

‘Ample recruiting ground’? What, are they going to be handing out flyers pointing out the benefits of becoming snake food?

“A reasonable plan.” Astolfo admitted. “Any volunteers?”

“Oh! Can I go? I’ve finished fine-tuning my deck.” Blair volunteered. “I can handle anything they throw at me!”

“Well the kids’ got spunk, that I won’t deny.” Garret admitted. “Alright then, you can go. But be careful, the last thing I want to happen is see you get eaten by that monstrosity.”

“But I jest; it’ll give me a great opportunity to blow this joint!”

“As for us, it’s best we update our other friends on the situation. Therefore we’ll be out for a day or too.” Ame informed Astolfo’s group. “Best of luck to you all.”

“Same.” Astolfo replied, with the two groups going their own way. The group of six hopped back into Chevalier’s SUV and engaged in some small talk with each other as the car began the journey to the Shinjuku train station.

“So any thoughts on what we discussed today?” Micaiah inquired.

“I’ve got no complaints on my end, though I’ll have to start considering what deck I’ll be using.” Sothe replied. “Speaking of which, what deck will you be using Blair?”

“Considering how the latest booster packs gave them some support, I figured I might give my Vampire deck a twirl.” Blair answered.

Vampires? Considering that a whole bunch of support was released recently, that changed the game plan of the archetype, this’ll be interesting to see.

“Huh, that’s interesting.” Roland replied. “By the way, did anyone notice all the cute girls there?! My favorite would have to be Melia.”

“I figured you’d notice them, given how you were salivating like a lobotomised chimp.” Chevalier replied dryly.

Much like the author while fantasizing about his Reborn bikini pictures.

Around twenty minutes later, the GPS began beeping, indicating they had arrived at their destination. “Well we’re here everyone.”

“In that case, I better get going.” Blair called out, unbuckling her seat and hopping out of the car. “I’d say wish me luck, but I think we all know how it’s gonna go down.”

“True, but I’ll still wish you luck just in case.” Chevalier commented, hopping out of the car to give her a proper farewell. “Please be careful out there, I can’t imagine what would happen if you don’t make it.”

You’ll mope about it for around a week, before the author gifted you a new girlfriend?

“Don’t get too worked up over it, I’m gonna be just fine.” Blair replied, before hugging the blonde tightly. “Thanks for the concern though.”

“I-In that case, I guess I shouldn’t hold you up.” Chevalier replied, as the duo broke off the hug. “Teach them what it’s like to mess with the wrong community!”

“I’ll be sure to emerge victorious!” Blair cried out as she began running towards the train station.

Shinjuku Train Station

Blair was wandering aimlessly around the area, hoping to find an agent of the Divine Powers or one of the traitors. The other civilians were too wrapped up in their newspapers and phones to pay much attention to the young lady. However there were a pair of men talking about something unusual.

“It was the oddest thing; this sudden blast of cold air blew in my face.” The first man began. “It was like I was on top of Mt. Fuji!”

Ice cream farts are no laughing matter; one nearly made my nose fall off.

“Don’t be daft, it’s not that cold today.” The second man knocked it back.

“I swear I’m telling the truth; why else would I lie about it?” The first man stood by his statement, when the duo soon noticed Blair walking up to them

”Excuse me, but where was this blast of cold air?” She inquired.

“If I remember correctly, it was near the disused ticket booth to the south of here.” The first man answered.

“Gotcha, thank you mister!” Blair quickly replied, running towards the location as the men looked at her in confusion.

Can’t blame them; why would she focus on what could be a trick, as opposed to her mission?

“Wonder what’s up with her.” The second man inquired.

Blair had arrived at the disused ticket booth and it was as she expected it to be. The entire area was dirty and had trash strewn about, with the booth window shattered into thousands of tiny pieces. A cardboard box beside the booth began shaking wildly, as a small figure burst out of the box and landed before Blair’s feet. The figure was an adorable little snowman, with a round body, two large black eyes and a mischievous grin that showed off his two fangs. He wore a purple cap with a yellow smiley-face on it, a purple jester’s neck-frill and a pair of purple boots. He was about as tall as Blair’s legs and was surprised to see her

Oh, it’s Jack Frost. Glad to me-hee-t you I guess…

“Hee-ho-ho! How’d you find me, hee-ho?” The snowman inquired, looking up at her.

“Awww, you’re so adorable.” Blair commented, crouching down to his level. “What’s your name?”

“The name’s Jack Frost, hee-ho. I love all things could and chilly.” He introduced himself.

“The name’s Blair, and it’s a pleasure to meet you.” She greeted back. “Wat are you doing out here on your own?”

“Hee-ho you know, searching for that treasure those folks wanted.” Jack Frost answered. “It might be powerful enough to make me taller, hee-ho.”

“Treasure? What kind of treasure are we talking about?” Blair inquired. “And who was it that sent you here in the first place?”

“Well I don’t hee-know what I’m looking for, but I do know that I was sent here by them Divine Powers folk ho.” Jack Frost answered, confirming Blair’s suspicions.

Well considering how in Apocalypse, Jack Frost was tricked by the Divine Powers to hunt for a treasure in the Fairy Forest, I can understand why you’d be suspicious Blair. Wonder if the author would add more shit from the game to the fic.

“Now this is a surprise; I didn’t expect to find such a cute prize here.” A woman’s voice echoed throughout the area, attracting Blair’s attention. The newcomer was a taller than average teenage woman with long cherry-red hair, amber-colored eyes, and a curvaceous figure. Her outfit consisted of an emerald green jacket on top of a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. She was beautiful but deadly, and had a small platoon of high-school students following her. “Well if it isn’t Bland Flannigan; what are you doing here?” she taunted.

“I could ask you the same question Missy!” Blair retorted, with Jack Frost stepping a few feet back so he can watch the fight.

That was one of the weakest insults I’ve ever heard, and this came right after that salvo Titania fired off in chapter 2. Also, who the hell is Missy?! Did that random OC from Greek Duelist that Sean punched come back with a vengeance?

“Easy, I was sent here to retrieve a valuable artefact Lord Krishna desires, but I see that he already has an agent out here.” Missy answered, eying up Jack Frost. “My, my. What a cute little demon. I’ll gladly keep him as my personal servant.”

“Hee-ho-ho…?” Jack Frost called out, a little nervous by the newcomer.

“That’s right little buddy, you’re gonna spend the rest of your life serving Zane and I.” Missy smirked, as the small demon ran behind Blair’s legs and started quaking in fear.

Is this normal Zane we’re talking about, or ‘Ow the edge!’ Zane? Cause the latter would most likely melt the little bugger just to win a duel.

“You have no right to terrify an innocent demon!” Blair called Missy out. “Besides, Zane’s still single from what Jaden told me.”

“Oh he may be now, but once I obtain the artefact and Lord Krishna destroys those awful fangames, Zane would fall head over heels for me.” Missy fantasied, imagining Zane sweeping her up off her feet and taking her away to his Cyber Mansion.

If Zane really had a Cyber Mansion, he’d be drowning in too much pussy to even care about you.

“I highly doubt he would fall for someone as twisted as you.” Blair snarked.

“And why wouldn’t he? I’m smarter than you, I’m stronger than you, I’m sexier than you. I’m the perfect package.” Missy bragged, with the platoon behind her showering her with praise. “At the very least Zane’s a lot better than that wimpy brother of his.”

Watch your tongue, wench! That’s Syrus “Pussy Destroyer” Truesdale you’re talking about.

“I’m sure he’d really appreciate hearing that from someone who’s interested in him.” Blair replied, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Oh don’t get worked up over matters that don’t involve you.” Missy replied, as a smirk grew on her face. “Then again I’d be jealous to if I was stuck with a complete wuss like that Chevalier punk.”

“Hey you take that back this instant!” Blair demanded.

Well to be fair, I don’t think they’re that high up in the list of Fate Servants a person would marry.

“What’s the matter, did I hurt your feelings?” Missy crooned, leaning in towards Blair. “If I were you I’d ditch that crossdressing freak.”

“That’s it!” Blair snapped, activating her duel disk. “I’m gonna deck you hard for that last remark. And I’ll let you know I’ve improved greatly since I left Duel Academy.”

Translation: “You hurt my friends raaaarrrgagaggagaag!”

“Heheheh, you’re not the only one who’s improved.” Missy remarked, activating her own duel disk.

“Let’s duel!” They both declared while drawing their cards.

Yay, another duel everyone. Let’s see how this one goes.

Blair: 4000

Missy: 4000

“I’ll take the first move.” Missy stated. “I play the spell Allure of Darkness to start things off.” She drew her cards and banished a monster from her hand. “I set two cards face down and summon Inzektor Centipede in Attack Mode, and end my turn.”

Blair eyed up her opponents field cautiously. Inzektors were a powerful archetype that gave many trouble due to their quick swarming and the numerous gains they made by destroying their own resources. It got to the point that Inzektor Hornet and Dragonfly got put on the limited list to nerf the deck. Regardless, Blair wouldn’t back down in the face of such a powerful adversary.

Inzektors? Having tested them out in Duel Links, they’re a nifty archetype that can ruin your opponents’ day by destroying their own shit. Having said that, I doubt we’ll be seeing any of that in this duel, especially if the idiot summoned Centipede without equipping Hornet or Earwig to it.

“Alright then, it’s my turn!” Blair called out, drawing her first card. “I play the spell Foolish Burial to send Vampire Sorcerer to the graveyard. And since he’s in my graveyard I can activate his effect; by banishing him I get to summon a Vampire monster without tributing a monster. And I think I’ll chose Vampire Red Baron in Attack Mode!” she grinned, as the powerful monster stormed onto the field.

“Eurgh! What a hideous monster!” Missy shrieked.

“Oh I’m sorry it’s not to your liking.” Blair teased. “Now Red Baron, flatten that lowly bug on her field!” the vampiric baron’s horse let out a loud whinny as it charged towards the hostile warrior.

“Sucked in Blair, I activate Negate Attack!” Missy retorted, as the horse was halted in its tracks and trotted back to Blair’s field.

“Tch, I set two cards face down and end my turn.” Blair said.

Such an intense match of Rock-Em Sock-Em—I mean Duel Monsters.

“Is that all? My turn then.” Missy started her turn. “I’ll summon Inzektor Dragonfly in Attack Mode, and activate it’s effect to equip Inzektor Giga-Mantis to it, bolstering its attack to 2400!” The warrior let out an almighty battle cry as he gained great power from his comrade.

ATK (1000-2400)

“Ahahahahahaha! Now Dragonfly, eliminate that decrepit old man!” Missy ordered, as the souped-up warrior charged at Red Baron who proceeded to defend himself. Eventually the two monsters clashed with each other, creating a large explosion that destroyed the both of them. “Dragonfly’s effect activates. When a card that’s equipped to him is sent to the graveyard, I get to special summon another Inzektor from my deck, and I’ll chose Inzektor Hopper in Attack Mode!”

Another mighty warrior materialized from her deck, this one wearing a light green set of armor. Blair scowled at her opponents; Missy was taking full advantage of the Inzektors powerful swarming capabilities.

“Now Centipede, attack her life points directly!” Missy called out, with the stocky warrior barrelling towards his opponent.

“Perfect. Now I’ll activate Vampire Fraulein’s effect to special summon her from my hand in Defense Position!” Blair countered, as a cute girl in a black dress appeared on her field and blocked the incoming attack with her parasol.

Parasols; the one weakness of the Kamen Rider knock-offs.

“Urk, seriously?!” Missy whined, as she lost some lifepoints.

Missy: 3600

“Tch, I end my turn.” She hissed.

“Excellent! It’s my turn.” Blair drew her card. “Now I’ll activate my facedown card, Vampire Takeover! I’m sure you know what this baby does.”

“I do…” Missy replied through gritted teeth, as Blair’s field transformed into a medieval village with an ominous castle overlooking the area from atop the hill. Additionally Vampire Red Baron arose from the dead and stared down Missy’s monsters.

“I’ll have Red Baron attack your Hopper!” Blair called out as the large monster charged at its foe once again, this time obliterating the warrior, causing Missy to growl as she lost lifepoints.

Missy: 2900

“I’ll end my turn here.” Blair replied smugly, infuriating her opponent.

“I’ll show you, my turn!” Missy snapped, drawing her card before gazing at it, her anger being replaced with a sinister grin. “I’ll start things off by activating Centipede’s effect to equip Giga-Mantis to it. Arise once more my monster!” Inzektor Centipede let out a battle cry as his body was filled with an awesome power.

ATK (1600-2400)

“And I’ll also activate my facedown card, Variable Form to Special Summon Giga-Mantis in Attack Mode.” She continued, with Centipede losing the power it had recently gained.

ATK (2400-1600)

A bit sad once you think about it; you finally get to beat over that troublesome Goblin Attack Force, only for your power to get replaced by that asshole who ruins your coffee at work every morning and—I HATE YOU JERRY, YOU BASTARD!!

“Now I’ll summon Inzektor Hornet in Attack Mode, and equip Centipede to him in order to bolster his level.” Missy added, before she began laughing like crazy. “Now I’ll overlay Inzektor Giga-Mantis and Hornet to XYZ summon a monster of extreme power; Inzektor Exa-Beetle!”

The two monsters turned into balls of light and dove into the miniature galaxy, causing a bright flash to illuminate the area. Everyone present except the duelists shielded their eyes from the bright flash, only for is to dissipate a few seconds later. In the monsters place was a gigantic warrior wielding a set of glorious golden armor, and was equipped with a massive spear.

“Exa-Beetle’s effect activates. When he’s special summoned, I can equip him with a monster from my graveyard, and he gains Attack and Defense equal to that monsters Attack and Defense.” Missy pointed out, as the hulking warrior snatched Hopper from the graveyard and rested him on his shoulders, with Hopper providing a potent power boost to his leader.

ATK (1000-2700)
DEF (1000-2400)

Exa-Beetle only gains ATK and DEF equal to HALF the stats of the monster equipped to it, something that even Mykan got right in his Yugioh/MLP fic.

Dueling Dipshit: 2

I gotta get a better name for that counter.

“Now by detaching an XYZ material from Exa-Beetle, I get to pop a face-up card on both sides of the field. So say goodbye to your Red Baron again!” Missy taunted, as Red Baron and Variable Form were destroyed by Exa-Beetle’s mighty lance. “Oh and I’ll use Enemy Controller to change Fraulein’s position, just to make things that little bit worse for you.”

And speaking of Duel Links, the bane of everyone’s existence makes an appearance…

“N-No!” Blair cried out, as the situation took a turn for the worse.

“AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Exa-Beetle, destroy that slut with Inzektor Pierce!” Missy cackled, as the massive warrior thrusted its lance into the poor girl, destroying her instantly. Blair screamed in pain as her lifepoints took a huge hit.

You say that, when as a matter of fact, Fraulein’s wearing a more modest outfit than you.

Blair: 1900

“Just give up already; I’m sure Krishna would show you mercy if you yield.” Missy offered.

“Except inside the bedroom; you don’t wanna know what goes on in there.”

“I…I refuse to give up!” Blair declared, her body covered in dirt and scratches. “You may save sold your soul to the Divine Powers, but that is what will cost you the game.”

“Ha! Save your breath. I’ll let you start your last turn.” Missy scoffed.

“With pleasure.” Blair replied while drawing her card and looking at it. On its own it won’t be able to do much, but with a bit of thinking, it could lead to her victory.

“I place a monster in facedown Defense Position and end my turn.” Blair declared.

“What a waste of a turn…” Missy muttered, drawing her card. “Exa-Beetle, crush that facedown monster!” The large warrior charged at the facedown monster and obliterating it, causing Blair to smirk at her opponent.

“Why thank you for doing that. By destroying my Pyramid Turtle, I get to special summon a Zombie-type monster with 2000 DEF or less, and I’ll chose my Vampire Vamp!” Blair replied, as the seductive monster appeared form the deck and winked lovingly at Exa-Beetle.

No thank you, I’m not interested in reading about succubus on beetle action, thank you very much.

“So what, I can just activate Exa-Beetle’s effect to—“Missy began.

“No so fast! I activate Vampire Domination to negate your Exa-Beetle’s effect and destroy it. Furthermore, since it was a monster card I destroyed, I gain lifepoints equal to its original attack.” Blair grinned.

“N-No!” Missy growled as her ace monster was swarmed by vampire bats and got destroyed, while Blair was struck by a blood red beam of healing energy.

Blair: 2900

“I end my turn…” Missy huffed.

“Alright then, I draw!” Blair called out. “Now I’ll summon Vampire Lady in Attack Mode.”

“W-W-Wait a minute!” Missy began to panic.

“I see you know how things are gonna go down. I won’t keep you waiting then; Vampire Lady, Vampire Vamp, drain the rest of her lifepoints!” Blair declared, as the two vampires lunged at Missy and attacked her, causing her to scream as her lifepoints were gone in the blink of an eye.

Missy: 0

Winner: Blair

“I-I can’t believe I lost…” Missy complained, slumping down to the ground.

This is what happens when you play like an idiot Missy.

I dare say this duel is even worse than the one in chapter 1. As bad as it was, there was a partial attempt at replicating Dark World’s game plan in that chapter. The original incarnation of the Vampire archetype revolved around milling your opponents deck, but the newer support pushed them to a new direction based on control effects via paying lifepoints. We didn’t see any of that shit in the duel. But the worst offender would go to the Inzektor duelist. Where the hell were the explosive combos that were so powerful that a few key cards got put on the banlist, something that was even mentioned at the start of the fucking duel!!

“Hee-ho-ho! That’s what you get for messin’ with the wrong lady, hee-ho!” Jack Frost taunted, pointing at her.

“You were supposed to be mine!” Missy cried out, when her duel disk started glowing harshly. “No…NOOOOOOO!! Please don’t do this to me!”

“W-what’s happening?” Blair inquired, as a holographic arm emerged from the duel disk and plunged its hand into Missy’s chest and snatched her soul. The hand soon dove back into the disk as Missy’s body slumped onto the ground, before dissipating into thousands of bright lights. The platoon of Divine Powers Supporters that followed her all ran off in fear.

Oh boy, now we’re playing this bargain-bin Shadow Game are we; play a card game where the loser gets their soul sucked out by some holographic hand. Did Bakura/Marik join the Divine Powers on a whim?

“Hee-ho-ho…?” Jack Frost eyed the scene curiously, with Blair picking him up.

“Come with me, cute-stuff. I’ve got the perfect room for you.” Blair proposed.

“Yes sir-ee!” Jack Frost agreed to the idea, as their duo left the train-station and proceeded to head back to the designated meeting location.

Tsukiji Kongangi: Leader’s Quarters

“Now that was…disappointing to say the least.” Krishna sighed upon hearing the news about Missy’s defeat. “At the very least her soul would help out plans by having Shesha feast on it.”

So in other words, they’re using the card game to supply Shesha with a steady source of souls. A clever plan, were it not for the fact they could just dump the snake in a heavily-populated city and tell it to go wild.

“Using these cards to extract enough souls for Shesha to become the Cosmic Egg is a clever trick. It’s just that we need more competent duelists.” Odin commented.

“As we speak, out subordinates are teaching the foot soldiers how to play this game.” Maitreya added. “Perhaps we should try it ourselves.”

“If that’s the best plan you lot have, then I have bad news for you.” A gruff, Scottish voice echoed throughout the room. Within an instant a new figure materialized into the room, this one was around as tall as Odin and was clad in a set of dark-green and black armor and having reddish-orange hair and a matching color beard.

“Hmph, so you finally decided to show up Dagda.” Odin greeted the newcomer. “State your business.”

Oh for fucks sake, Dagda’s in this thing as well?! Why is he here? What are his goals? Is he going to join the Divine Powers? Is he planning on finding his Godslayer amongst the traitors? Who the fuck thought that writing this shit was a good idea?!

“I was wondering if you were still pursuing that salvation you seek, and I see that you’ve all degraded to nothing but a trio of imbeciles.” Dagda dryly retorted.

“The salvation we seek is a most noble goal indeed; it’s a lot more logical than whatever dollar-store plan you have!” Maitreya hastily retorted.

“It’s not that I’ve given up on it, far from it. It’s just that I need the right pawn for my Godslayer.” Dadga replied, crossing his arms. “At the very least it’s less humiliating than waging war over video games.”

Evidently he’s going to be the voice of reason in this fic.

“I’ll have you know that those games are a major obstacle in our path! It’s important that we do whatever we can to dispose of them for good.” Krishna retorted.

“Whatever; I’ll study these games to see if they really are an obstacle to your salvation, though I highly doubt that’ll be the case.” Dagda stated, before disappearing back to where he came from.

“Heheheh, now that you’ve joined the game Dagda, things are going to get interesting soon…” Krishna chuckled ominously to himself.

What an amazing chapter we have here. Not only did Blair befriend the lovable Jack Frost, but Dagda has entered the fray. Whether he’ll assist the Divine Powers or not is a complete mystery.

By the way, I was lucky enough to pull Summer!Tana on the latest Banner in Fire Emblem: Heroes and she looks really pretty. Her kit’s looking mighty powerful, so she could be a really strong hero in Arena battles. That’s all for now everyone, catch you later.

That was the complete opposite of an amazing chapter; the fangame stuff was pointless, the duel was horseshit, and that bit at the end came right the fuck out of nowhere! And I couldn’t care less what waifu you got in Fire Emblem Heroes, nor do the rest of the people reading this fic.

This is starting to become an absolute joke; Blair picks up a demon for no reason other than “MUH FANSERVICE”, and Dagda shows up because the author want’s to maintain his iron-grip on his Shin Megami crossover. What’s next, are Lucifer and Merkabah going to be fighting each other using card games?!

Dueling Dipshit: 2

Astolfo’s group:
Chevalier D’eon
Blair Flannigan
Jack Frost

Pokemon Fangame Community:
Hardy (K.I.A)

The Divine Powers:
Dagda (?)
Zhong Kui
Missy (Defeated)

The Traitors:
Professor Maple
Madame X
Professor Larkspur
Professor Gobline
Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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Re: Yugioh: The Divine Conspiracy

Post by GorillaGamer » Fri Aug 31, 2018 10:27 pm

A little earlier than usual, but this chapter isn’t as long as the previous ones so that should make up for it.

Welcome back to Yugioh: The Divine Conspiracy. In this chapter, Roland will start building his deck up to be a terrifyingly force of power. Meanwhile, some of the traitors will begin conjuring up a scheme to further their twisted goals.

Ah, this must be the chapter where the other heroes get their own decks. This’ll be interesting to say the least.

I was searching for some more Reborn fanart, when a rather lovely thought popped up in my mind. I was imagining several of the female characters wearing a variety of gorgeous outfits, with my personal favorite being some bunnysuits. *drools* -er, sorry about that. Onto the next chapter!

Classy, absolutely classy. Not only are you salivating over the prospect of the females wearing bikinis, but you’ve now fantasized about them wearing Playboy bunnysuits. And to think that I thought you wrote this fic with both hands author, for shame.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters in this fic. They’re the property of their respective creators.

Note: Any made-up cards will be underlined, and will get their effects explained in their introductory chapters.

Chapter 4: Deck-building time!

Shinjuku Apartment Complex:

Blair had made her way to the apartment complex that Astolfo and co were staying at while they were conducting business in Shinjuku, and entered the elevator to the penthouse suite. She sighed to herself and slumped down while the elevator began its ascent, still exhausted from the duel with Missy. At the very least, she knew about the Divine Power’s latest scheme. Soon the elevator reached the top floor, with Blair hopping out of the elevator with Jack Frost following behind her. The duo eventually reached the penthouse suite that her friends had rented out temporarily and it was a sight to behold.

Aside from having an amazing view of the area, the room was filled to the bring with expensive luxuries, including a widescreen tv, a Jacuzzi in the bathroom, the latest in kitchen appliances and enough bedrooms for all the occupants.

Years of playing card games has earnt Astolfo enough money to make Bill Gates look like a beggar in comparison.

Blair spotted her friends sitting at a table, with Chevalier, Roland and Sothe eyeing up a trio of small suitcases on the table.

“Hey guys, I’m back!” Blair called out, with the group turning to face her.

“it’s good to see you’re alright—wait, who’s that with you?” Chevalier began, before being alerted by Jack Frost’s presence.

“Oh that’s Jack Frost. He was tricked by the Divine Powers into finding some treasure at the train station.” Blair answered. “Why don’t you go saw hi to them—“she turned to ask Jack Frost, but was caught off guard by the snowman opening the freezer door.

“I’m gonna go to bed hee-ho. Nighty night!” Jack Frost waved at her, before hopping into the freezer and closing the door.

Evidently, he doesn’t give a shit about this fanfic. Can’t say I blame him.

“He seems like a nice fellow.” Micaiah commented. “Anyway, what else happened there?”

“I reunited with this girl from Duel Academy; you remember Missy, Chevvie?” Blair answered, turning to Chevalier.

“Y-Yeah, she was always mean to me for some reason.” Chevalier winced, recalling the painful memories at Duel Academy where she harassed him due to the fact he was a crossdresser.

Well to be fair, you do look like a prime target for bullying, regardless of what you’re wearing.

“Well you won’t have to worry about her anymore, I decked her in a duel!” Blair grinned briefly, before a grim look overtook her face. “And I’m being serious about her never bothering you again…”

“Huh, what do you mean by that?” Sothe inquired.

“When I defeated her in the duel, some holographic arm emerged from her duel disk and snatched her soul. And when I think about it, there’s only one culprit who could’ve done such a thing…Shesha.” Blair continued in a serious tone.

“Shesha?!” Everybody else cried out.

“Yes, I believe Krishna’s using Duel Monsters to siphon people’s souls and have Shesha feast on them, but for what purpose I have no clue.” Blair continued, with everyone mulling over the purpose of Krishna’s diabolical scheme.

“I mean it sounds ridiculous when you factor in that Shesha can just consume our souls without the need for card games.”

“I guess it’s something we’ll find out later. But first, we’ve got some loot crates to open!” Astolfo grinned, eyeing up the suitcases.

“I noticed the lot of you starting at those cases when I came back; what are they for exactly?” Blair inquired.

“While you were out, we managed to win these three loot crates at a Duel Monsters exhibition.” Micaiah informed her. “We decided to give them to Roland, Sothe and Chevalier since neither of them have a proper deck yet.”

How convenient…I’m surprised you haven’t donated one of these asspull crates to your favorite waifus.

”And guess who’s gonna be the first one to score?” Sothe grinned, taking one of the suitcases for himself and eagerly opening the case. Inside was a few stacks of cards neatly packed into the case, with Sothe picking up one of the stacks and taking a closer look at the card on top. “Blackwing Armor Master? Looks interesting.”

“Wow, talk about hitting the jackpot! Blackwings are awesome; they may not be that strong but with how easy it is to swarm the field and disrupt your opponent’s plays, you can churn out some Link, XYZ and Synchro monsters easily.” Astolfo explained.

Oh, so not only do they get every card they need to make their gifted archetype work, but said archetype just so happens to be one of the most potent swarm decks, enabling them to special summon several extra deck monsters a turn. This is just the author shoehorning his favorite cards onto his chosen protagonists.

“Alright! I’m gonna go make my deck now; shouldn’t be gone for long.” Sothe commented as he took the case and began going through his cards.

“I guess it’s my turn then.” Chevalier said, taking the middle suitcase and opening it. He was taken aback by what he saw and picked up a majestic white dragon he was all too familiar with. “Seems like I’ve got a Lightsworn deck to play with.”

“Woah, talk about a neat coincidence!” Blair grinned.

“Come again?” Roland asked.

“Chevalier didn’t have a deck when he attended Duel Academy, so I help set him up with one using some rental cards from the shop. We ended up creating a Lightsworn deck that decimated the opposition with ease, at least until Chaos Emperor Dragon was banned.” Blair explained.

No wonder Missy hated you, if you made her look bad in front of Coldsteel Truesdale.

“To be fair, Chaos Emperor Dragon was a ridiculously powerful card, especially when paired up with Yata-Garasu.” Astolfo chimed in. “Regardless, Lightsworns are still a powerful set of monsters and are not to be underestimated.”

Lightsworns eh, the archetype that popularized the infamous “Chaos” decks, which propelled the price of Dark Armed Dragon to exorbitant levels.

“Cool. I’m gonna start sorting through my cards then.” Chevalier replied as he began to sort through his cards like Sothe is currently doing.

“Well I guess that leaves me with this case.” Roland said, taking the last case for himself and eagerly opening it, only to stare at the contents with a confused look on his face. “Huh…?”

“What seems to be the matter?” Astolfo inquired, peeking into the case and was taken aback as well. “D/D/D’s?! This is gonna be tricky.”

“What exactly makes them tricky?” Micaiah inquired.

“D/D/D’s are a series of powerful monsters that can churn out Fusion, Synchro and XYZ monsters easily. They go well with D/D monsters and the various Dark Contract Spells/Traps, both of which seem to be in the case as well.” Astolfo began, before his eye’s locked onto a rather peculiar card. “Is that a D/D/D Link Monster I see?!”

Aw man, why’d you have to throw D/D/D’s in this fic as well? I love those guys; ARC-V made them fun as shit to play—Hold the phone, what the fuck is this about a Link Monster?!

“Nice!” Roland cheered, leaping out of his chair. “How strong is it?”

“I don’t know, but apparently the card’s called D/D/D Regal Chairman Napoleon.” Astolfo replied. “At the very least it should enable you to summon multiple monsters from the Extra Deck.”

“Just you wait Astolfo, I’ll make a deck that would utterly annihilate you!” Roland promised, with Astolfo handing him the Link Monster back as the former proceeded to start creating his new deck.

Yep, you read that right. The author is making his own made-up cards to give his heroes an edge over the competition.

Because that works out well every time it happens…

“So are you two going to be updating your deck? I’ve still got a few things to sort out with my deck.” Micaiah asked Astolfo and Blair.

“Nah, my deck’s fine the way it is.” Blair replied.

“Agreed, but it wouldn’t hurt for me to add a few Counter Traps to combat my opponent’s plays.” Astolfo admitted.

“The fact that you went this long without using Counter Traps, kinda says something about your skills.” Blair snarked, causing Astolfo to chuckle in embarrassment. “Anyway, I’m gonna take Jack’s advice and hit the hay.”

Hey, looks like Blair has some good advice for us all. I’ll take her up on it.

“Alright then, nighty-night.” Astolfo chimed as Blair made her way to her bedroom.

Meanwhile in Toyosu

A few of the traitors decided to organise a meeting in an abandoned shelter in the Toyosu district; namely Jaern, Fern, Madelis, Professor Gobline, Connor and the latest member of the traitors; the reserve Fighting-type leader of Aevium, Texan.

Another late-comer for the traitors; now who’s gonna become snake chow?

“Yo, this whole shindig is lookin’ pretty rad!” Texan grinned. “I hope we can pick up some hot babes later.”

“N-N-N-Not right now; we’ve got to come up with a plan to deal with those losers.” Jaern replied.

“Why don’t we infect their games with a virus that renders them unplayable? Nobody would defend such buggy garbage.” Madelis suggested.

I don’t know, have you seen the Sonic 06 fandom.

“I was just about to say that actually; what a magnificent plan I came up with.” Fern bragged, with Madelis huffing in response.

“The problem with that is that the games have already been released to the public.” Professor Gobline interjected. “Theoretically we could infiltrate the bug into these games whenever the next update gets released, but the security would most definitely be tight.”

“Weaksauce, my idea’s much better; we expose these games as poorly-made, unsubtle feminist propaganda, which these games are to be fair.” Texan suggested.

Because we can’t have an antagonist who acts reasonable while providing a compelling argument; no, they have to be brain dead ninnies who screech like howler monkeys at the thought of diversity. Are you for real author?!

“Not this shit again…” Jaern sighed.

“How are you morons this blind to their agenda?! Take Reborn for instance; not only are the four jewellery wearers girls, but a lot of the most prominent characters are women as well. And don’t get me started on how all the men are depicted as cartoonishly evil villains!” Texan ranted. “This is an example of their evil progressive agenda!”

Well Cain’s a protagonist, and he’s a guy, so there’s your argument shot down in an instant. As for the jewelry girls? I’ll explain that when the time comes.

“Why don’t you go cry to your mommy about it? Oh right, she abandoned your ass once she learnt what kind of person you’ll grow up to be.” Fern taunted, with Madelis chuckling lightly in response.

“Shut the fuck up, fuckboi! You’re lucky we’re on the same side, otherwise I would beat the shit out of you!” Texan snarled.

“Oh shut up you!” Madelis snapped, smacking the back of Texan’s head. “Now onto the main topic, why not go back to that controversy about Pokémon encouraging kids to dabble in Satanic rituals?”

“That old chestnut? Even the noobiest of gamers know that theory is bullshit.” Connor argued. “Besides, Satanic Panic has been dead for several decades; the real hot-topic now is representation.”

Hey Stabby, there’s that Satanic Panic you brought up a while ago. Talk about a neat coincidence.

“Hey, I just got an idea; why don’t we protest the lack of People of Color represented in these games?” Jaern suggested.

“That argument wouldn’t work against Sage; given its focus on South American culture.” Professor Gobline argued. “I could see it being used against the other games though.”

That whole issue on representation is mired in so much controversy, that it never ends well whenever it’s brought up. At least you’re more reasonable about it than Texan.

“Oh come on, are you seriously vouching for more representation?!” Texan interjected. “What fucking loser cries about MUH REPRESENTATION?!”

Well let’s see here: All of Tumblr, a majority of Twitter, All of ResetERA, Reddit, Something Awful, One Angry Gamer…

Shit, that’s a bigger list than I anticipated.

“The one I’m looking at right now.” Fern retorted, staring smugly at Texan, who gritted his teeth in response.

“I’ve got it! Why don’t we make a few alliances with the renegade members of Metal Slug Attack?” Connor suggested.

“I’ve heard about the Metal Slug Civil War, but I can’t say I know everything about it.” Madelis admitted.


“From what I’ve heard, the Metal Slug Attack fandom is up in arms about how many waifus get dumped into the game for the sake of drawing in horny nerd dollars. There are two sides to the war; the ones who refuse to accept the waifus as Metal Slug characters save for a choice few, and the ones who love the waifus and want there to be more of them. If we side with the waifu side, we can take out two birds with one stone and receive a bonus from Lord Krishna.” Professor Gobline explained.

Ok, back the fuck up here. What the fuck does Metal Slug have to do with any of this shit?! Better check out this shit out, give me a minute or so.

*intense research action*

Alright, story time. SNK released this IOS game based on the Metal Slug franchise, titled Metal Slug Attack. Initially the game had what Metal Slug fans craved; awesome war machines. Sometime later, SNK created a few female OC’s to compliment the cast. The playerbase didn’t have a problem with it at first, since the females were modestly dressed, and added to the Metal Slug lore. But following record profits in Japan, as well as a survey that requested more female characters, SNK started creating more and more females, wearing provocative outfits to cater to their newest fans. This has angered the old guard greatly, as they felt that SNK is sacrificing what made Metal Slug great, in favor of cashing in on horny weeaboos. However, it seems that with the recent addition of male OC’s and new war machines, the old guard is sated for now.

That being said, it seems that the author is on the side of the old guard. Though I suspect the characters from that game he likes is going to appear sooner or later in this fic.

“A bonus you say? Oh how I love bonuses.” Madelis grinned.

“What an excellent plan; courtesy of yours truly.” Fern bragged. “But I have an utterly amazing plan, and it involves something Texan knows all too well about.”

“What are you—“Texan began, before it dawned on him. “Oh yeah, my stash. Good thinking bro.”

“What stash?” Madelis inquired.

“I managed to score this cache of realistic, Fire Emblem porn. We can use it to brainwash the masses so they can willingly give their souls to that giant snake thing.” Texan explained.

I could go on a tangent on how the hell Fire Emblem porn would brainwash people to sacrifice themselves to a hungry snake, but I highly doubt the author has an answer for that himself.

“Speaking of which, it’s been a while since I last masturbated. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“Charmed…” Professor Gobline commented as Texan ducked into one of the rooms nearby. “Anybody else got an idea?”

“Nope.” Connor replied. “I’m gonna suggest we go for the Metal Slug plan first.”

“Sounds like a plan then!” Jaern exclaimed, as Texan exited the room and reunited with the group.

“Couldn’t last a single pump, chump?” Fern taunted.

“Fuck off! I couldn’t get a signal down here.” Texan snapped.

I know Texan was a major asshole in Rejuvenation, but he had more class than this angry chimp with a nametag.

“Regardless, we have our game plan. Now we should report the situation to Lord Krishna.” Madelis suggested.

“I already informed him of the plan.” A mysterious voice called out, as a seventh figure emerged from thin air.

“Madame X?! I can explain…” Madelis began to defend herself, concerned for her personal safety.

“Don’t start crying now; you’ve done nothing wrong, yet.” Madame X replied coldly. “That Metal Slug plan was something I thought of a while ago, and suggested it to Lord Krishna while you lot were out.”

“Naturally, he said it was the stupidest thing he’d ever heard in his life.”

“And a good idea it was! Your intelligence always manages to amaze me great leader.” Madelis quickly replied.

“Tch, praise shouldn’t come out of your mouth, unless you aspire to be some politician’s bootlicker. Regardless, it is a reasonable idea I’ll admit that much.” Madame X retorted.

“A-Any way my lady, is there anything else we need to know?” Professor Gobline inquired.

“One thing; Krishna has established communications with the leader of the *groans* MS Waifu Army.” Madame X answered, groaning in disgust upon mentioning the name of the allied army. “All of you will need to be at the airport within the next 12 hours, where you will be taking the next flight to San Francisco to meet up with the leaders of the army.”

Look, I have no idea where Metal Slug Attack takes place, but wouldn’t San Francisco be a bigger shithole than it already is, if we’re in the Shin Megami universe?

“Sounds like a plan then!” Jaren agreed, before turning to the others. “You heard her, get your stuff dealt with and meet me at the airport, pronto!” The group of six proceeded to leave the shelter, leaving Madame X by herself.

“Excellent, everything’s going according to plan. Now to update Krishna on the situation.” She chuckled sinisterly to herself, before teleporting out of the room.

Pokémon Fangame Headquarters: Reborn Wing: Billiard room

The Fangame headquarters was branched off into several wings to accommodate the VIPs, with every wing containing the same luxuries and living necessities. In the Billiard room for the Reborn league, Titania was busy setting up a match with her lover Amaria. Amaria was a beautiful young lady with her long luscious teal hair, and bright green eyes. Her outfit consisted of a dark blue, short-sleeve shirt, and matching dark blue pants. She also wore blue boots and what appeared to be some sort of small blue cape around her waist, with a wave pattern on it. Additionally, she wore a gold bracelet that had a sapphire set in it. Asides from those two, there were a few other people in the room minding their own business.

And the last LoA veteran makes her appearance; Amaria, with a peculiar shout-out to her Sapphire Bracelet.

“So how did the rally go?” Amaria inquired, having finished setting up the match.

“It went to shit; in fact the whole day went to shit! First some asshat and his cronies stormed on the stage and proclaimed some nonsense about how our games needed to be destroyed so that humanity can achieve salvation. Then we find out some of our friends stabbed us in the back, including that slimy weasel Florinia has for a brother. And to top things off, Hardy gets ousted as a mole by that bastard Connor, and promptly gets eaten by a giant fucking snake demon!” Titania ranted, striking the white ball and knocking a couple balls into the pockets. “So yeah, that’s how my day was.”

You thought your day was bad, check this out. I had to walk uphill, both ways in the snow to get to work, without shoes on. Then I had to work my hands to the bone sorting boxes, while the other workers called me names. Then when I got home, I made myself dinner, which was a few pieces of cardboard from a pizza box, while huddling up inside a shoebox for warmth. And to top it off, I have to mock some shitty fanfic made by an asshole who jerks of to Pokémon Reborn characters wearing fucking bunnysuits!

So yeah, that’s how my day went.

“Tania, it’s good that you’re letting your stress out as opposed to letting it build up inside, lest we get a repeat of what happened that time.” Amaria replied, firing a shot and managed to sink a ball in. “But part of me thinks that you’re still holding onto some stress you picked up during the last few months of game development. Maybe we can take a nice trip into town tomorrow.”

“Can I come along? I wanna get my hands on some firecrackers and light the night sky with my boomies!” Julia cheered, lounging on a beanbag while drinking a cup of coffee. Julia was a cute girl in her early 20s who had long, green hair in a ponytail, with matching coloured eyes. She wore what appeared to be a cheerleader’s uniform coloured yellow as well as a pair of yellow boots.

Oh joy, Julia’s here. Well let’s hope she sets of an explosion that kills everyone in this damn fic.

“Well I guess I could use a break after all I’ve been through these last few months.” Titania mulled the proposition in her head before coming to a conclusion. “Alright then, I’ll go with you. And yes Julia, you can come along as well.”

“Really?! Hooray, this is gonna be awesome!” Julia grinned wildly. “I just wish Rini was able to come with us as well…”

“I do as well, but she needs some time to herself after what happened regarding Fern.” Amaria replied.

Can’t say I blame her; I‘d be depressed if some drugged up alien started masquerading as my brother.

“What’s this about Fern I’m hearing?” a man’s voice called out as two people entered the room. The first person was a teenage male with shoulder length red hair, and rocked a simple black t-shirt and a pair of jeans. He also had an electric guitar slung around his shoulders. This was Hardy, the Rock-type Gym Leader of Reborn and Titania’s younger brother. (Note: he has nothing to do with Hardy from Pokémon Desolation).

Thanks for the help, Captain Obvious. Though it does bring up the questionable idea of having two characters with the same name in a fic; just how will you differentiate the two?

The female beside him was a very pretty young lady with long purple hair and matching color eyes. Her outfit consisted of a black t-shirt that had white trims at the end of the sleeves and collar as well as a purple stripe at the bottom of the shirt, a white pleated skirt with a purple stripe at the bottom as well and had a metal chain looped at the helm, grey thigh-high socks and a pair of black loafers. She also had a gold hairpin that had a large pearl set in it. This was Aya, the reverse Poison-type gym leader of Reborn and Cain’s older sister. Hardy and Aya started dating each other recently and it’s been working out rather well.

Ah, Aya. Powerful Poison-type trainer and Cain’s yummylicious sister. A shame that she’s gonna become one of the author’s chosen cum-socks—wait a second, what’s this about a hairpin I’m reading? She didn’t have that in the game.

“To put it simply, he stabbed us in the back and is plotting against us.” Titania summed it up.

“I figured he’d do something like this; the gutless coward…” Hardy muttered. “Anyway, you got any plans for tomorrow?”

“Amy and Tania are gonna go out, and I’m coming along as well, and I’ll buy so many boomies, and it’s gonna be fun and…” Julia started to ramble.

“How interesting...” Aya replied. “Anything else we need to know.”

“Well we did make contact with this young man named Astolfo or something, he and his friends seem like interesting characters.” Titania added. “At the very least, they’re working to defeat our enemy.”

Via card games; the one weakness of anti-Reborn deities.

“That’s good to here.” Amaria replied. A few minutes later, the game had ended with Titania winning the match.

“Anyway, I better head off to bed. Don’t stay up late shorty.” Titania commented, heading off towards her room with Amaria and Julia following suit.

“Sure thing sis.” Hardy replied, as he and Aya sat down on the couch to watch some television.

A little slower than the previous chapters, but the next chapter would pick things up. It will have Roland make his debut duel with his next deck, and maybe a lemon if I’m feeling up to it.

By YHVH’s name; there’s a duel next chapter, and it’s topped off with a LEMON?! This is gonna be more painful than usual. Oh well, guess I better prepare myself mentally for it.

Catch you all next time everyone!

Astolfo’s group:
Chevalier D’eon
Blair Flannigan
Jack Frost

Pokemon Fangame Community:
Hardy (Reborn)
Hardy (Desolation) (K.I.A)

The Divine Powers:
Dagda (?)
Zhong Kui
Missy (Defeated)

The Traitors:
Professor Maple
Madame X
Professor Larkspur
Professor Gobline
Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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Gorillagram only gets sexual stimulation from playing Pokemon Reborn and its derivatives.
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