Ashura Satoshi Aura God Of Kanto

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Ashura Satoshi Aura God Of Kanto

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This is Ashura Satoshi Aura God Of Kanto, by Crimson-Esper-Of-Ruin-Instinct, a Pokémon fanfic that shows what happens, when a fanfic writer simply pools everything they think is cool from all their favorite anime, and uses a single series as the backdrop for their wish fulfillment. It’s not a crossover, mind you, just surgical insertion of character empowerment elements with all the finesse of redneck rocket science. I’m not going to waste words telling you stuff about the story, that you’ll just learn on the very first line, so we’re jumping right in. Enjoy.


Chapter 1

Summary: Ash Satoshi Ketchum was only 5 year old's when his father left his mother for his own selfish reasons, leaving her heartbroken causing Ash to turn cold, ruthless, and emotionless and unlock his heritage as an Aura God, beware of Ashura Satoshi Ketchum. Godlike/Cold/Dark/Emotionless/Superhuman/Psychic/A ura God/Insanely smart and intelligent Ash, Elemental Ash, cool Ash, Technological Ash x Mass Harem, Pokegirl Harem, Twilight Pokemon, elements from Naruto, avatar, and Asura's Wrath.


Oh me oh my, I haven’t seen this much pre-story wish fulfillment empowerment of the protagonist in quite a while. It would be a shorter read, if authors like these would just write, that their self-insert sock puppet gets all the powers, all the toys, and all the girls. In fact, they should just write, that they get everything but a conflict.

EXTREME BASHING IN THIS FIC. Rated M+ for lemons, gore, sex, blood, torture, swearing, fighting, and deaths, and incest

Rated E for eugh!

I don't own Pokemon or any thing mentioned from any other anime in this fic

A/N: Yes, Ash will use chakra and will be the only one also he will create his own pokeballs like the dark balls in the Movie with Celebi.

The balls that brainwashed the Pokémon caught and turned them evil with a power boost? What a wonderful source of inspiration you’ve picked.


In the home of Delia Ketchum, a tragedy had struck the Ketchum family, Mark Satoshi Ketchum had abandoned both her and her son Ash Ketchum and her daughter Leia Ketchum who were crying on the shoulders of a 5 year old Ah Satoshi Ketchum who's black hair shadowed his eyes, and his onyx black eyes suddenly sparked azure ethereal blue and soon a violet blue aura covered him shocking Delia and Leia.

From zero to edge in less than a paragraph. And look, we have a made-up sister, whose only purpose for existing is presumably to be a sex object; because you saw the fucking rating tags. This will be quite a ride, I can already tell.

"Ash..." Leia whispered as her brother's eyes were now cold, emotionless, and unforgiving and turned toward them.

"Mother, if Mark did this then he doesn't deserve to be in our family anymore and Ash is gone now it is Ashura Satoshi now!" He shouted as the aura intensified making Leia blush at how cool he looked.

Cool? The brat is a three-foot glow stick with a sudden and unnecessary urge to change his identity. I think you have some ill-conceived notions about what little girls thinks are cool, author.

That day forever marked the awakening of the 1st Aura God in the Kanto Region and the 1st Twilight Pokemon Master.

5-years later

We do a time skip without even a token mention of Delia’s reaction to her child becoming his own nightlight? Talk about wasted potential.

Explosions erupted all around the forest, with lightning, fire, wind, earth, and water flying everywhere tearing tree's down. What could be the cause of this strange sight.

A blatant disregard for the environment?

In the center stood a 10-year old boy, wearing black jeans, and black and red sneakers, a red belt, a black tight sleeveless bodysuit, fingerless black gloves, long slicked back hair with a fringe covering one of his eyes, glowing azure eyes with a draconic slit in them that radiated power incarnate and behind him stabbed into the ground were multiple swords one glowed with crimson fire, one wind, one lightning, one earth, one water, and other assortments of weapons.

I think my very soul just cringed. I’ve seen try-hard before, but this author just can’t stop piling on more coolness cliché as defined by puberty addled anime fanboys. He’s got the clothes, he’s got the swords, he’s got the elemental powers, and we’re nowhere near done yet with the warping of Ash’s character to fit the author’s preferred vessel of self-indulgence.

He stood at 5'4 being quite tall for his age, and had ripped muscles in the form of a 6-pack, along with having steel-like wiry muscled arms, biceps and legs showing he had been working out and his stance suggested he was a martial artist of one of a kind and a swordsman and weapon user.

This is Ashura Satoshi Ketchum, a fighter, warrior, chakra user, elementist, weapons master, and most of all an Aura God only appearing once every 20 generations and is a master.

All of which he has attained in only five years. If only he could master the suspension of disbelief.

Asura got rid of his childish views of the world and started training himself physically, mentally, and spiritually and in the ways of Pokemon. He wanted to be a Pokemon Master and knew he needed to research everything on Pokemon so he trained himself by exercising, meditating and studying how the elements reacted.

He didn’t study enough, if you ask me. With his current range of elements, he’s fucked if he goes up against a Dragon-type.

He had went to a dojo for martial artist's after finding out his body was not normal at all, he described it as being Superhuman (Think of 20 superhuman weskers at once), and discovered he couldn't get tired, sleepy, hungry, injured easily, and healed very quickly along with that his information processing was monstrous, he quickly learned several martial arts styles taking only weeks to learn the stances, maneuvers, and movements and master them taking down even the most experienced fighters and then the master before refining them more.

And for an encore he rewrote The Art of War, repainted the Mona Lisa, and made money more valuable by wiping his ass with it.

He also was interested in weapons, and forging so he found by some chance a blacksmith that used rare metals and learned under him forging many weapons from swords to chokutos, knives, katanas, longswords and other bladed weapons imported from Japan.

Author, Kantō is an actual region of Japan. What world do you think Pokémon takes place in?

He also trained in firearms and could hit a moving target from 1000 yards away by the slightest twitch of sound or movement thanks to his superhuman senses.

Guns! Because what super power portfolio is complete without ‘em?!

He also went to a monk, who taught him about the body's energies Ki, Chi and Chakra. Ashura learned Ki was Physical, Chi Spiritual, and Chakra a combination of both and soon unlocked it before learning how to use them by reading manga's his sister got from her friends like Naruto , Avatar, and Dragonball z, (yes he will be able to fire beams, blasts, and projectiles and all that other jazz) and learned he was an Elementist a being who could control the natural elements himself and quickly trained these ability's in control, shaping, and manipulation.

Welcome to the bottom of the barrel writing advice for lazy fanfic authors. Did you see a bunch of cool shit happening in other series, but you don’t want to bother doing a crossover? Worry not! You can leech off the hype by including said works as in-universe fiction. It’s a poor excuse, but there’s no easier way to rip off the powers of other fandoms, thus indirectly admitting that you like them better than what you’re currently writing for.

He also took to re-creating the jutsu's from the manga using the names along with the control exercises, steps, and usage and learned he had Bijuu-level reserves and chalked it up to his heritage as a Aura God and re-created the shadow clone technique and made hundreds of them to train his Shinobi abilities, watch over his mom and sister, and study Psychokinesis, and telekinesis along with, Aerokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Geokinesis, and Electrokinesis showing mastery over it in months and could control the elements at will.

It amuses me that Ash needed to go to a smith, a monk, and a martial artist in order to become a self-sufficient ninja, yet being a psychic just comes naturally to him – in a world where there are people who could actually teach him.

He, even learned that Fuuinjutsu by just thinking up things on the fly, and applied weight, gravity, and resistant seals on his body to get more benefits from his training and after a couple of more months, he had hypersonic speeds but, learned to control it. He also replicated the Illusions, and Taijutsu from the books as well and could gladly say he was above Kage-level in the shinobi arts, thanks to the Clone Training.

I think it’s thanks to the author’s unfiltered id and unrestrained ego, but I digress.

He took the next few years to learn everything about Science, Technology, Pokeball creation, breeding, coordinating, strategy, tactics, and Pokemon battles. He learned that many Pokemon had either one type or multiple but, that came with the weaknesses and he wanted to find a way to rid his Pokemon of their weaknesses and suddenly thought of an idea.

We can’t have flaws here; what if they’re contagious! Let’s just get rid of them all!

He somehow heard of the Dark Pokeball's that a rouge from Team Rocket had and thought of light and dark and decided to make his own Pokeball's. It took him 8 months before creating his first Twilight Ball, if a Pokemon was captured by this their base stats would increase to the highest level, rid them of their type weaknesses, allow them to speak, think, become more intelligent and give them human forms and by a rare chance get them to evolve.

He somehow heard of the concept, somehow acquired the resources, somehow learned how to make them, and somehow had them work like that. Because somehow the author hasn’t gotten tired of his own bullshit yet.

He also trained in his Aura Powers and can gladly say he had the skill and experience to back up his title but, he made sure to get his own Pokemon early before that whiny brat Gary could get on his nerves along with his friends.

Gary Oak, whiny? The word you’re looking for is arrogant, and I’m surprised every mirror doesn’t just show it in bold on your forehead. That aside, what’s the point of getting Pokémon early, if you’re just skipping the training process anyway?

He disliked several people in Pallet Town especially those who harassed his sister Leia, and his mother thinking they were single and he made sure they could defend themselves along with threatening anyone who even thought of harassing his family.

The fact that he’s a psychic makes this proposed punishment of thought crime anything but an empty boast.

He also dislike that suck-up Professor Oak who thought he would amount to nothing, which he didn't care for his opinion and spent time with his family and saw sometimes his mother and sister blushing at him getting raised brows everytime, and after 2 weeks he found the reason.

Professor Oak thought Ash would amount to nothing? The kid who, at the age of fucking five, overthrew martial arts masters in their own dojos, mastered sword forging, spiritually communed with monks, and then spent years creating his own reality-defying Pokéballs?! If you want to bash Oak, maybe justify it by how professionally intimidated the man should be by the prodigy child, instead of writing him like they’ve never shared a fucking room.

They saw him not as family but, as just Ashura and realized being an Aura God meant any relation to his family was destroyed since his Dna changed and resolved to talk to them about it and after he did they accepted it and promised to show him love making him blush slightly as he had read books on sex, and the anatomy and knew he would have to do that one day (Giggity, Giggity!).

Oh, great! Future scheduled incest under the on-the-spot made up excuse of DNA rewrite, as if that somehow removes the taboo. Listen, to me incest is one of two things – a comedic punchline, or a thing between consenting adults that is none of my business. But when The Aristocrats becomes the author’s choice of spank material, what else can I do but point at the freak with the dated Family Guy references?

He also liked watching wrestling and remembered the moves and tested it out on several bullies that picked on his mother and sister planting a hero image in his little sister's mind.

Right now he was finishing his workout before looking at his belt clip that had white and black colored balls with the kanji for Twilight on them and sealed them into a tattoo on his wrist with the marking for light and dark and used his telekinesis to levitate hsi swords to him and sealed them away on his arm.

The swords I get, but you literally have a belt made to hold your Pokéballs. There is such a thing as being too extra.

"Onii-chan!" He smiled as his sister came into view, Leia Satoshi Ketchum stood at 5'2 wearing a pair of blue jean shorts, slippers and a red blouse, she had Mark's eyes and Delia's looks that made her tan skinned boy even more beautiful and could see her growing C-cup breasts and was quickly glomped by her.


Come to think of it, we were never told her age. But judging from the gratuitous Japanese, she’s Ash’s younger sister, so I’ll grant the author’s hormonal libido the kindness of assuming the smallest age gap possible. Speaking of blights from Japanese culture, this is but the first of many times the author displays how much of a weeaboo he is. I’m not going to count it, just be aware that I could have.

He had learned several foreign languages thanks to his mother's teachings and taught Leia as well and she started called him Onii-chan for brother in Japanese and it felt quite nice.

"What is it Imouto?" He asked in a soft, cool tone with his arms crossed.

"It's Gary's birthday today!" His mouth curved into a irritated frown and turned away.

How his mouth managed to do so was anyone’s guess, but it was probably another super power.

"Why should i go to that arrogant brat's party anyway?" He said cooly making Leia sigh at this, her brother disliked many in Pallet Town for picking on him, her, and Delia but, she expected him to cool down as the years passed.

"You promised!" She whined making his knuckles crack as he gripped them while he growled under his breath and sighed.

"Fine I'll go to the damn party." He growled in irritation and stomped home leaving a blinking Leia who tilted her head wondering what's wrong.

Maybe he doesn’t like Gary? Just a wild guess.

(Ashura's Room)

Ashura was dressed in a pair of black jeans, black shoes, his Pokeball seals on his brown belt, a black muscle shirt, with a black leather jacket with a red lightning bolt on the back with a high collar and had his hair slicked back even further with a pair of dark red tinted sunglasses that hid his dimly lit Azure blue eyes.

I think I just figured out why all of Pallet Town picks on you and your family, Ash.

"Sigh why the fuck am i going to this damn party for an arrogant ass brat!" He sneered coldly and walked outside to the yard and sat down crosslegged waiting for his mother and sister who came out wearing some casual clothing and smiled sadly seeing the emotionless look on Ashura's face.

"Ready, Ash?" Ashura just nodded slightly as they walked toward the loud music coming from the Oak residence and Ashura already had a feeling someone was going to piss him off badly.

A feeling that I find very relatable right now.

(A few minutes later)

"Ahh!, Delia welcome to the party!" Professor Oak smiled at them getting smiles from Delia and Leia while Ashura just nodded in respect getting a sad frown from Oak.

"Thanks for coming, you know how Gary is please help yourself to the food and refreshments." Delia nodded before bringing her children to the food table as the music boomed everywhere irritating Ashura who put his headphones in and played his Ipod music called Indestructible as Leia and Delia talked to their friends and ignored Gary and his buddies laughing.

I’m guessing the author listens to Disturbed, but I’m not sure how heavy metal and hard rock is supposed to be a better alternative. I don’t know of many ten-year-old birthday parties where they blast loud music either. But this is Gary Oak we’re talking about, so I’ll buy it.

He fixed him a bowl of mashed potatoes with some barbecue sauce and ate in peace and soon finished his food and was drinking a mountain dew from his bottle and thanked kami no one bothered him only to speak too soon as Leia ran over to him. "Onii-chan, my friends want to speak to you!" Ashura's eye twitched dangerously.

"I did not agree to that Leia, i said i would attend the part, not socialize." He reminded her getting a sad frown.

He’ll take the free food and drinks, but don’t you dare ask him to talk to anyone or even bring a birthday present.

"Did that incident really make you this way?" He chuckled coldly.

"You can blame that bastard Mark for making me this way." He said coldly without any remorse, not caring if any adults heard him.

Maybe you should thank him, because if he hadn’t walked out on your mother, you wouldn’t be a literal god right now.

"Well, well if it isn't Ashy boy!" Ashura's eyes turned cold behind his glasses something Leia saw and pale before moving out of the way as Gary and his friends walked to Ashura arrogantly with sneers not seeing his hands twitch towards his sheathed blade.

Is he doing open carry, or did the author already forget Ash stores his weapons in tattoos?

"What do you want Oak!?" Ashura said coldly making several shiver and wince at the 10 year old talking like that.

Oak frowned. "Delia why is Ash always cold like that?" He asked concerned while Delia just sighed sadly.

"Mark abandoned us because he didn't need any attachments to hold him back from his dream." Everyone gasped.

It’s been five years, and you didn’t so much as even inform the fucking neighbors?!

"My son told me Ash was no more, he named himself Ashura and called Mark a disgrace to the Satoshi name." She said the last part quietly making even Oak wince now knowing the reason why Ashura was like this and paled seeing Gary try to snatch Ashura up only for his arm to get caught in a tight grip.

"I am warning you stinkin waste of space leave me the hell alone..." Ashura said quietly as his eyes glowed more brightly.

Geez, man, he was just trying to give you a hug. I think. Exactly what do you intend to imply with “try to snatch up”, author?

"Or else I won't be responsible for crippling you and your friends for the rest of your lives!" He smirked coldly making Gary and his friends sweat.

"Charmander!, Flamethrower!" One of Gary's friends ordered a small orange animal who fired a stream of flames from it's mouth at Ashura who's eyes glowed causing the flames to freeze in the air before swirling to his palm getting shocked looks.

I get that they’re shocked at Ash casually breaking the laws of reality, but is the kid ordering his pet to kill someone over a threat getting a free pass, as if this is just an everyday occurrence?

"Get lost!" Charmander squeaked and hid back inside the Pokeball, Ashura shoved Gary and his friends harshly before walking out K.I. just flowing off of him.

"Onii-chan matte!" Ashura walked faster.

"Leave me alone, Imouto i'm turning in for today." He muttered quietly as he vanished using his hyperspeed to appear in his room leaving a sad Leia with Delia at her side.

"Ashura, just cannot let go of his hate, Mark what have you done..." Delia whispered.

Then ground the brat until he learns not to be a party mooching sourpuss, Delia. Be a fucking parent before you become a fucked parent, please!

(Ashura's Room)

Ashura grunted in anger as he boxed a punching bag repeatedly and stopped as ten of his clones came back carrying one Twilight ball each and laid them on the bed. "They came willingly boss, good luck." They saluted before poofing out of existence with Ashura muttering a thanks and opened each Ball.

Why waste time and effort catching Pokémon anyway? What sort of loser would actually want to earn the Pokémon master title, am I right?

"Pika!" A yellow rat shouted in english making it blink at hearing it's female voice and looked up to see Ashura and it surprisingly blushed seeing it's owners looks.

"Pikachu, you know that Twilight Ball gives you a human form right?" Pikachu blinked and suddenly glowed before transforming into a yellow-skinned girl the same height as him looking like a female pokemon and even had it's original looks especially low d-cup breasts and onyx black eyes.

Let me guess, every one of his Pokémon are going to be female? Can’t have this whole human transformation, intelligence granting, and weakness removal bullshit be wasted on creatures with dangly bits between their legs. That would just make the author insecure about his masculinity.

"Master Ashura?" She spoke in a cute voice and saw him blushing and saw the reason why was her womanhood was on view and was quickly handed some clothes to Pikachu who blushed in embarrassment and slight lust seeing her master look at her body.

"Thank you Ashura-kun." She said smiling at him getting a soft smile from Ashura who patted her on the shoulder.

"Don't mention not all Pokemon deserve to be treated like items." He spoke in a soft, kind tone making her heart flutter a bit before opening the other two balls.

Says the guy who, in fact, received said Pokémon like a mail order delivery, its body and mind customized to fit his personal preferences, and it’s the first in what I’m assuming will be a sizable collection. You may not be getting off to it, Ash, but it’s objectification all the same.

He blinked when he saw what looked like miniature Pikachu's with plus and minus signs and noticed they were in the same state Pikachu was no clothes and quickly dressed them much to their inner joy.

"Arigato, Ashura-sama." They chorused with wide grins tails flicking from side to side.

"Maa, maa don't worry about it you're my precious people."

Much like his heart, Ash’s wardrobe is copious, one-size-fits-all, and black.

They felt touched by his statement and opened the other balls showing a Eevee, Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Butterfree, Torchic, and a Beedrill all blushing at him.

He gave each of them sets of clothes to wear in their human forms. "Ok girls I decided to tell you that the Twilight Balls, my clones captured you in have boosted your base stats to maximum, increased your information processing, physical abilities, mental abilities, and removed any elemental weaknesses you possessed." He explained much to their shock and awe.

If their mental abilities were increased, why couldn’t they figure all that out on their own?

"M-master where did you get such a rare ball these feel like their more powerful than a master ball!" Torchic chirped while he just smiled and rubbed his head sheepishly.

"I kinda made them myself, i was interested in the technology and decided to create my own Pokeballs due to hearing about someone from Team Rocket possessing a Darkball." The pokemon shivered hearing that familiar name.

We’ve been over all of this already, Ash. We don’t need you to impress your new toys with your exploits.

"T-that Pokeball corrupts those captured by it turning them evil at the cost of power!"Minus squeaked fearfully remembering being hunted by those Pokemon hunters.

"Mine uses both powers of light and dark balancing you out removing any weaknesses you have but, you will have to train." He reminded them getting nods before Pika got curious.

You haven’t invented some kind of Ultra Rare Candy yet, I take it.

"Ashura-sama is it possible for us to be your mates?" The others blushed at that while looking at him with hope making him sigh and smile.

"If you get to know me better, and I'm pretty sure Delia, and Leia would want to join." He quipped dryly making Minus and Plus raise eyebrows.

Sorry, girls, you must have this much background knowledge of him to suck his cock.

"Is it because you're an Aura God?" He nodded at their guess before cracking his knuckles with a dark grin making their womanhoods wetten and whimper.

"Time for you to get my own form of training!" Ashura cackled his voice echoing everywhere making several piss their pants and run as tortured/lustful screams erupted from his room.

This is like this author’s “thing”. His protagonists will put on displays of intimidation, which for males will make them terrified, but women react with panty-dropping lust – no ifs, ands, or buts. I can scarcely think of a shallower excuse to kill two inappropriate birds with one morally questionable stone.

4 years later-Pallet Town

"Ashura-sama!, it's time to go!" Ashura chuckled as he got suited up and headed downstairs and into the kitchen where his Pokemon were eating breakfast with his mother and sister. He introduced them to Delia and Leia right after he captured them and Leia was kinda jealous Pikachu had a bigger rack then her but, quickly got over it and became fast friends in martial arts that he taught everyone.

Because in-fighting in the Marty Stu’s harem is a no-no. It’s weird that I’ve never seen a fanfic author who were into catfights, though.

He also thought about Mark and his eyes darkened, promising if he finds that asshole he will cripple that bastard!

"So Ashura-kun, you have everything you need?" Delia asked smiling getting a smirk and a nod since he registered his Pokedex at a different town Delia took him and his sister to relax.

"Our master's ready to kick some ass!" Eevee cheered with a feral grin on her face getting barking laughter from her sisters making her pout.

That sort of implies that they are mocking her, author. Which I’m fine with, but they’re doing my job for me.

Charmeleon who transformed from a Charmander 2 years ago sat there with an amused look while twirling her orange locks of hair while smirking inwardly thinking about Gary getting knocked down a peg or two.

Ashura read her thoughts and gave her an amused expression making Charmeleon blush. "You want to one up Gary that bad Char-chan?" He said with mirth making Charmeleon whine as they snickered at her.

It’s not like you need a reason to hate someone, right?

Delia smiled seeing Ashura with that alluring smile that made her heart flutter and feel warm unlike Mark who made her feel uncomfortable, Ashura still loved her, Leia, and the girls strongly and knew he had the drive to be someone great. 'Mark you are a fool to think Ashura-kun wouldn't go get revenge on you.' She smirked darkly making Ashura who accidentally read her thoughts shiver slightly knowing those were for Mark and had to feel sorry for the asshole, evne he wouldn't wish all of that on him.


Can we take a moment to talk about this Mark guy? I just feel there’s a disproportionate amount of hate our protagonists are throwing his way, when compared to what he has actually done. He walked out on his family. Boo-fucking-hoo, so what?! It’s scummy, I suppose, but hardly anything deserving of violent recompense. I can understand that his departure could break the family, but with this continued portrayal of Mark, it’s a wonder they’re not all thankful that he’s gone. Instead, they channel hatred towards him, as if he killed a family member – when in fact all he did was to get out of this clusterfuck while he could.

Ashura stood up with all his Pokemon and instantly all of them vanished in swirls of white light except Minus and Plus in their human forms. He turned to Delia and Leia giving each of them a kiss on the cheek getting blushes before putting his sunglasses which were now dark red tinted and made his weapons were secure and headed to the door while waving at them.

"Wish me luck girls!"

There is nothing else you could need less off, Ash.

They waved him goodbye as he walked out and smirked before tapping a seal on his arm and out of the smoke came a sleek black motorcycle making the two Pokegirls squeal before Minus sat in his lap and Plus wrapped her arms around his back.

"Ashura!" Ashura blinked before turning to see Oak running toward him with a worried look. Ashura came to befriend the elder Oak and came to see him as a grandfather.

I guess what the ten-year-old hatemonger needed was to get laid. What else in the past four years could possibly have changed?

"What is Uncle Oak?" Oak sighed.

"You were supposed to get your Pokedex register along with your license." Ashura chuckled and pulled both out showing they were registered getting an unhinged jaw making Minus and Plus giggle making Oak smirk at Ashura who just grinned.

How he could do so with an unhinged jaw, I cannot fathom. Get your grammar under control, author.

"Gary's gonna be jealous you know?" He deadpanned humorously with Ashura just giving him a shrug before starting up his bike.

"Keep an eye on Delia and Leia for me Grandpa." He said before blasting from his spot racing down the road exiting Pallet Town with a smiling Oak looking at his fading away figure.

Too lazy to have your shadow clones continue stalking your family, Ash?

"Be safe out there Ashura..." He whispered.

(With Ashura)

Ashura looked around the road with a keen eye, as he had only been driving for a few minutes and suddenly stopped and looked around with narrowed eyes glowing sensing something watching and suddenly saw something move from the bushes and raised an eyebrow seeing what it was.

It was a grey furred dog with a black snout and amber piercing eyes that had a feminine quality to them and looked feral showing it was a wild pokemon.

I was expecting Ash to start picking up bitches, but this wasn’t what I had in mind.

Ashura tapped Plus on her shoulder getting a look before pointing at Poochyena getting a nod before shifting into her Poke form getting a surprised look from the wild Pokemon before rushing at Plus who just smirked before her body crackled with blue electricity and plowed into Poochyena who yelped as it was both electrified and knocked out instantly allowing Ashura to capture it with his Twilight ball watching it glow and spark with white electricity.

I’m going to guess the color denotes the electricity to be blueberry and mint flavored respectively.

"Poochyena captured, excellent work Plus-hime." He smiled at her blushing look before it turned to a shrewd one making him blink before feeling someone fondling his crotch and looked down seeing Minus doing it drooling making him sigh in exasperation. "Minus-chan down." She blushed and stopped before pouting.

"Glad i put in a healing system for the Twilight ball..."

Of course you did! You say you did, so naturally that just makes it so! It’s totally not a last minute addition to the seven other things the ball does! Honest!

He muttered before driving further down the road encountering more wild pokemon catching, a mudkip, Cicada, Odish, Ekans, zigzagoon, Spearrow, and a Taillow before deciding to camp for the night as it was close to getting dark and let out his pokemon including his captured ones who looked at him for instructions.

"Spread out, and search for foods, I'll get the firewood!" He ordered getting nods before they set off into the woods leaving Ashura who just turned to the trees smirking as his hands swirled with a green sheen before going to work at the trees like a lumberjack.

I don’t know what kind of lumberjacks you’ve seen, author, but I’m pretty sure those were wizards.

With the pokegirls they decided to get to know their new companions since they are calmed down from the twilight balls healing processes.

"So, Poochyena you and the others healed up nicely?" Pikachu asked the grey haired dog girl who smiled and nodded happily.

"Yes, I have to say we have a very charming master if i do say so myself."

The way he drives from place to place, and has his Poké-bimbos wreck the wildlife before enslaving them, makes him totally attractive, I’m sure.

She licked her lips predatory-like getting giggles from the others while they gossiped about Ashura who heard every single thing and had a pink tinge on his face along with a tic-mark at hearing such lewd comments from his girls, and shuddered to think if they cornered him in a dark alley (Shinku Kami No Arashi: Ash you have my sympathies.) and lit the campfire with a katon jutsu just as they came back bringing buckets of caught fish, berries, and dead squirrels and cooked them.

Two of those things must necessarily be Pokémon, you reality confused dumbass. When Delia asked if you had everything you needed, maybe supplies was one of those things.

"So, Ashura-kun where will we go from here?" Poochyena asked curiously getting the others attention since their master planned on being a Pokemon master but, before that they heard rustling in the bushes and Ashura detected negative emotions from that location.

Super mood ring powers; got it!

"Girls do not move." They nodded but, then three shadows jumped out landing in the trees.

"To protect the world from devastation!"

"To unite all people within our nations!

Team Rocket?! Fuck, am I glad to see you guys! Finally something that isn’t completely absurd!

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

"To extend our reach to the stars above!



"Team Rocket blast off in the speed of light!"

"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

"Meowth!, That's right!" Two people wearing a uniform with a red R with a funny looking cat in the middle in a pose that looked extremely gay (A/N: Am i the only who see's that as the most gayest thing ever?')

I’m sorry, what?!

Ashura and the others just stared in total disbelief with green faces of disgust and revulsion, by all might god that was revolting!

'Oh, Arceus-sama! that was so fucking gay!' They shouted inwardly in disgust mentally clawing their eyes out to get rid of the image in their brain before it clicked in their mind.


As if I needed more proof that this was written by an immature teenager with a dodgy view of sexuality. Here’s the lesson to learn, author. Within the context of your story, it is the gayest thing ever; because that’s the only way you’ve described the pose. This homophobic stab at a homage to sentai team posing is telling of your level of maturity. In fact, denoting the posturing of a man, a woman, and their pet sidekick as ‘gay’ is just about the most insecure, inaccurate, and immature insult that could come out of that cesspool of hormonal fantasies and schoolyard conflict projections you call a brain. You have also just turned all of your protagonists into raging homophobes as a result – so there’s that. I wonder how soon you’ll have them be hypocrites for the sake of your libido.

'Team Rocket, isn't that where Ashura's dad wen-...uh oh." The pokemon suddenly shivered as Ashura started chuckling in a dark, gleeful manner that made the hairs on their necks and everyone else's stand up on end inwardly they were thinking.

What the fuck are you on about? We don’t know shit about where Mark went. A little bit of prior establishment would prevent your character from being omniscient by accident, author.

'Why do i feel the need to piss and shit myself?' James and Meowth thought

'Why do i feel so horny and turned on by this?' Jessie and the girls thought in arousal with a blush on their faces.

I can understand how Jessie, part of the gayest heterogenic duo ever, would be confused by this; but are you telling me Ash’s pets haven’t caught on to the author’s personal fetish yet?

"So Team Rocket is where my deadbeat of an old man is now, ne?"

You mean you didn’t know? Who the fuck is implying that he is, if you aren’t?!

He mused lowly as he stood up K.I. rolling off of him in waves as his eyes glowed venomously behind his sunglasses as they bursted into pieces due to the sheer chakra and aura exploding from him causing a flame like aura to cover his body, like a shroud.

I was hoping to see Ash being lit on fire, but I was also hoping for more screaming.

"Tell me where Mark Ketchum is and I promise not to break you permanently!?" Ashura demanded coldly as he moved forward slowly with red lightning sparking off his arms burning the grass at the stray bolts arcing off of him making them step back fearfully till Jessie and James threw out their Pokeballs.

"Come on out! Koffing!, Ekans!" He smirked seeing the two poison Pokemon and cracked his knuckles and beckoned them with his finger.

I’m currently flexing a finger too, though I wouldn’t say it’s in a beckoning way.

"Come let me show you how futile your efforts are against me." He sneered condescendingly making them angry and charged at him recklessly, not seeing him grin darkly under the shadows of his hair.

In bright daylight, while visually immolated, with supposedly slicked back hair? What the fuck even is this?!


Everyone stared as both Ekans and Koffing were sent flying out of orbit and finally vanished with a twinkle in the sky getting dumbfounded looks while Jessie looked at him starry-eyed while James looked at him in anger and charged at him swinging his fists wildly only for Ashura to dodge while chuckling in amusement as he moved at Hyperspeeds appearing in one spot after the other.

The literal god is toying with a mere mortal, who so far is only guilty of existing within his presence. How exciting.

Jessie's eyes widened using her knowledge of Science and other educational subjects on speed deciphering the speed Ashura is going at. "He's going at Hyperspeeds...that's humanly impossible you'd need a modified body...unless you were Aura Guardian (Yes people Jessie will be quite knowledgable in things and will be good in this fic, thus joining Ash at one point)." She whispered the last part in awe while Meowth hissed and joined James in trying to attack Ashura and failing.

Of course James and Meowth has been reduced to lobotomized aggressors, while Jessie becomes yet another soon-to-be cock sock for the author to metaphorically jerk off with. It’s practically teenage power fantasy paint-by-numbers now.

Ashura grabbed James fist tightly making him groan in pain before twirling around before landing a right cross to the face. "Come on is that all you got!" He barked dodging a swipe and choke slammed Meowth knocking him out instantly only to look down seeing a grenade before an explosion engulfed him.

"ASHURAAAAAAAAAA!" Jessie, and the Pokegirls screamed in anguish and pain while James cackled maniacally gloating at the brat thinking he was hot shit.

Author, it hurts me to know, that this is you being one hundred percent serious. This is your modus operandi, your bread and butter, the thing you write in every single fanfic spawned from your mind. These actions and events are unironic, unsatirical, and entirely intended to be, as you’ve put so nicely, hot shit. But it’s not. It’s self-indulgence of the highest degree, the gratification of puerile humors, and entirely derived from obscenity. It’s the literary equivalent of liking the smell of your own farts. And not only is your head already up your own ass, you are breathing deep, too.

"Is that it?" Everyone stopped hearing Ashura's voice echo through the clearing .

"If it was i am severely disappointed." Was what was said before the fire parted slowly and they're jaws dropped seeing Ashura covered by a azure blue shroud shocking them especially a hidden female in a tree looking at him with curious brown eyes and orange hair (Take one guess who this is).


Orange hair? Brown eyes? Lives in the Kanto region? Of course! It’s Brock’s mother – Lola! Misty’s eyes are blue, author. You couldn’t be bothered to fact check?

They also noticed only his shirt was left and it was barely hanging on to his toned frame making the girls drool and pant with blushes on their faces, he just sighed and ripped his tattered shirt off letting it blow away letting his 12 pack abs show making them even more aroused and he frowned deeply as he saw one of his lens had a large hole in them.

There’s also a large hole in the author’s comprehension of anatomy. Twelve pack abs are an impossibility. You don’t get new muscles by working out, you develop the ones that already exist. Guess how many abs regular human beings have. Half as many as the half-wit author wants to put on his protagonist. Even the most gratuitously drawn anime characters get eight at most, so I have no idea how the author thinks this looks good.

Closing his eyes he took them off slowly with annoyance evident on his face, then suddenly the air suddenly changed around him and it was very dangerous and suddenly he crushed them in his hands, sighing and opened his eyes showing his azure blue eyes gain a reptilian slit. "You've caused quite an inconvenience for me."

Dude, you broke those glasses on your own with your little aura display. Now you’re not just petty, you’re a goddamn liar.

He started slowly as they brightened before appearing next to James before he could react chopped him in the neck knocking him out along with Meowth dusting his hands off he turned toward Jessie and the other girls with smirks.

"So who's hungry?" They all laughed including Jessie since her teammates had the Men are better than women mindset and wondered what the future will be like now.

It’s going to have a lot more denial in it.

All in a days work for Ashura Satoshi Ketchum upcoming Pokemon Master!


Finally, a little slow on the uptake but, overall a good chapter!

Quality assurance brought to you by someone high off his own product.

If you have any requests on the bashing plz PM, Im sparing Misty of the bashing but, Brock a.k.a. Mister Horndog is getting broiled, roasted, fried and cooked like a piece of sushi set at 5000 degrees of heat.

Silly hypocrite, you don’t heat up sushi.

I'd like to point out that Pokemon fics that include elements from Naruto are extremely rare since i've been searching for these kinds of fics and found none! WTH! MAN!

You’re telling me that not only do you suck at writing, you also suck at internet searches?

I kinda based his hairstyle off of what Wesker form re5 had with the sunglasses being tinted a different color.

Twilight balls was a idea of mine basically I used the Yin and Yang as an example for it due to the captured Pokemon being balanced out removing all weaknesses.

Your concept of being balanced couldn’t be further from being just that.

Also as for Mark Satoshi working for Team Rocket what a twist bet you didn't see that comin, rest assured Team Rocket will get what's coming to them!

It wasn’t a plot twist so much as a plot wedge, forced in to pretend Ash has a reason to travel at all.

A/N: Will be doing a godlike Naruto/Dbz fic tomorrow but, this one will be different from my first one!

(Shinku cackled crazily making several bashing characters piss themselves in fear making him chortle in amusement before vanishing through a portal of blue fire)

Shinku, the author’s chosen name when writing this, if I’m not mistaken. I don’t think I even need to comment on this.


What a ride. Funnily enough, this story is nothing special. There is literally nothing in this fanfic that I haven’t seen already – human transforming Pokémon, anime power endowments, edgy clothing, incest, the lot. But the very way that the author shows no restraint, not even a smidgen of self-awareness, makes it impossible for me to not mock this. The story functions on no other logic than the author’s laundry list of cool things he wants to happen, and any sort of causality outside of that is just coincidence. There’s one more chapter of this mess, and I’m not expecting a prettier picture.

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Re: Ashura Satoshi Aura God Of Kanto

Post by GorillaGamer » Mon Sep 24, 2018 10:35 pm

My lord, this story is fucking bonkers! Between the obvious Gary Stu protagonist, the braindead bimbos slobbering up to him, the sheer amount of bashing and the piss poor writing, I can come to the conclusion that Crimson-Esper-Of-Ruin-Instinct must be a back-up account for Dragonlord0, or a hardcore fan of his.

Good work with the mock Stabby, I'm morbidly curious to see how crazy the second chapter is.

Edit: Having reread the chapter, part of me thinks that the story borders on the line between genuine and parody.
Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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Re: Ashura Satoshi Aura God Of Kanto

Post by StabbyKobold » Mon Oct 01, 2018 2:01 pm

Thanks for the praise, GorillaGamer.
I can understand why you'd think this fanfic to be parody. I had to reassure myself that it wasn't multiple times while mocking. If you want to have your doubts squashed, I encourage you to check out Crimson-Esper-Of-Ruins-Instinct's profile on -- especially his list of original characters.

Who’s ready to have their sense of logic and good storytelling assaulted by juvenile power fantasies and misanthropic social views? Ash is still large and in charge, and absolutely nothing is going to change that, so let’s get to it. Enjoy.


Chapter 2

Shinku Kami No Arashi:What's up everyone this is Shinku Kami No Arashi with another chapter of Ashura Satoshi Aura God!

Ash: Bout time Shinku.

Yeah, I was wondering, how long it would take for you to fuck up the fourth wall.

Shinku: Ignoring the peanut gallery.

Brock: Hey!

Shinku looked with an arched eyebrow seeing Brock in his room and spoke: What the fuck are you doing in my room you limp dicked womanizer?

You put him there, author. Don’t pretend otherwise.

Ash: Ooooh! Burnnnn!

Brock: Why the hell is this no talented Pokemon trainer loser getting the girls while i get nothing!?

Because entitlement is something the author presupposes for the protagonist, yet projects as juvenile and petty behavior for every character deemed the least bit comparable. If there was suddenly another male character, who even had the possibility of garnering female attention, the author wouldn’t know how to handle it.

Shinku mocked thought for a second before deadpanning: Simple because i don't like womanizers or perverted flirting assholes like you now get the fuck outta my room before i bust out the Chuck Norris special on you ya squinty eye bitch.

(Brock growls glaring at Shinku and pulled out a Pokeball not seeing the irritated look on Shinku's face but Ash did and moved outta the way)

What was Brock looking at, if not Shinku’s face? Would it even have mattered if he did? The author already has him act like a beach bully with roid-rage, you think a look from a guy is going to accomplish anything?

Shinku: Brock you don't wanna do that I'm being nice here letting you off with a warning I don't have any qualms about breaking some legs

Brock: Bitch please i bet you're nothing but a little weakling like Ashy-boy!

Strawman used impotent taunt! It had no effect against the guy pulling his strings!

(Shinku's face lost it's calm expression and became replaced by cold golden slitted eyes sending a shudder down Ash's spine*

Shinku: I wonder how fast your tune will change when my pet emo fangirls break you?

(Shinku snapped his fingers causing the floor to open under Brock who looked down in horror to see thousands of Emo fangirls with eyes of lustful insanity baring their teeth at him and licking them in hunger and perverseness and looked back at the evilly smirking Shinku and screamed plummeting down into the pit that erupted with screams and howls of agony from a sexually abused idiot*

Oh look, male gang rape played up as a joke. Hilarious. How entirely fitting for an author, who is totally against treating women like objects, to have a rancor pit filled with them.

Shinku: Ignoring the fangirl's little boy toy down below, i apologize to the readers who wished i had done the update sooner but i've been a bit lazy since i have finals soon during my last year of highschool so i'm feeling a bit down i won't be able to see all my classmates and teachers again.

(Ash flinches hearing Brock's screams and tries to stay calm and not sweat in fear and stiffened when Shinku turned his gazed on him before going back to the audience and let out a breath of relief)

Why don’t you just line up every bully stand-in and minor antagonist you’ve got, flick their heads off with your pinky finger, and have a laugh about it to get it all out of your system, author? You’re ego tripping in your own author’s note, for fuck’s sake!

Shinku: Oh yes for those flamers out there that like to criticize my work, piss off and keep your comments to yourselves if you don't like my story then don't fucking read it oh yeah im pretty sure one of my faithful readers would like to hear about my Twilight Ball idea well...

(The audience leaned in only to get a trolling face)

Shinku: That's a secret

(The audience face faulted twitching on the ground)

Hello, 911? I would like to report an attempted murder. Of comedy. Yeah, the fifth this week. I’ll hold.

Shinku: ok basically I just took the concepts of the Dark Ball's power limiting removal, while using the Light attribute of Pokemon to balance out their mind, body and spirit so they won't turn into Evil Pokemon but, they still have to train in their Attacks and techniques so expect original moves and new ones to be shown in the installation.

Aside from the new moves bit, we already knew all that. Not that I expected differently, because it’s obvious you didn’t put any more thought into it than that.

Shinku: Now without further ado the Disclaimers, Ash if you'd please do the honours.

Ash: Of course Shinku, Shinku doesn't own Naruto or Pokemon and i am still scared to think what Pika and the girls would do to me if i let my guard down.

Author, do you have these women act like wild animals because they are, in fact, wild animals transformed to have human proportions and intelligence, or because you’ve made Ash just that gosh darn irresistible. I’d like to know of which poorly excused and ignorantly handled bit of misogyny I should be accusing you of.

(Shinku sighed sympathetically feeling the same situation with the fangirls)

Shinku: Fangirls...the bane of our existence...welp continue on with the story while me and Ash listen to the screams of a perverted asshole being sexually abused by Emo Fangirls



Ash was just about to walk back towards the others only for a new scent that wafted into his nose and he didn't recognize it and started sniffing the air something Pika and the others took note of and grew wary and for good reason.

The Marty Stu makes use of one of his five senses! This is a sign, people!

One night when he was just doing some little sparring with Leia he was under attack from three Team Rocket grunts led by one of the more arrogant Scientists who wanted to perform experiments on him and that creepy pedophilic grin on his face sent shudders down his spine even now. So he decided to make sure no information about him got out by making them disappear...and when he meant by disappear he meant snapped necks and burned with a Katon jutsu.

Oh. Okay. I guess we’re being informed about this now, as opposed to last chapter where we skipped years of time, for the author to now simply stick in pivotal events after the fact. Events that now inform actions and motivations, which weren’t present previously. So, Ash is made a murderer, and he can, what, smell pedophiles?

But not before he read the mind of the Scientist and discovered to his anger that a pokemon who was a legendary and a psychic like him was being held as a weapon and experiment by Giovanni the leader of Team Rocket. Her name was Mewtwo and had a little sister in the form of Mew Mewtwo's base unevolved form, that enraged him even more when Mewtwo and Mew got disciplined by his father Mark to condition them into obedient weapons and now found a more better reason to destroy Mark, one for causing his mother and sister along with him heartbreak and grief and for following that twisted man Giovanni and sniffed the particularly familiar scent that smelled faintly of peaches, water and the perfume and he wondered why he felt feelings of happiness, joy, sadness, admiration, excitement, anger and lust?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, time out! Author, what did you just do? Aside from not hitting the period key for a solid one hundred words, I mean. You just screwed up Mew and Mewtwo’s origins, to the point where I’m questioning your credentials as a fan of the series. And for what?! To make them fit your masturbation fantasies? To further villainize Mark, who you’re now retconning as Giovanni’s lackey, known to Ash a chapter after it was relevant information? I don’t know if you’re trying to patch plot holes, or if you are even aware such things exist.

He used his widespread mind-reading ability after reading a bit about Yamanaka's from that Naruto manga making a handseal with the Ram sign. "Hijutsu: Mass Mind Reading..." He whispered lowly and with a pulse of chakra let out like a sonar he came across one mind that made his eyes go wide in disbelief.

(Memory View)

Let’s see, how do we do a flashback without doing an actual flashback?

A 5 year old orange haired girl and brown eyes watched from above in a tree hidden watching a 6 year old boy with black slicked hair and cold, apathetic eyes colored azure glowing blue that entranced her and saddened at the same time. She came with her mother Clarise and her abusive...father oh how the word father sounded so bitter and distasteful in her mouth.

The author probably forgot to wash his hands before putting the word in her mouth.

She watched with awe shining in her brown orbs when she saw him make a strange handsign like a cross and multiple versions of him formed to make what was equivalent to an army and she grew worried seeing them charge at their creator with a war cry along with firing dragons of lightning, earth, water, fire and even wind and she almost screamed for him to move out of the way only to see him raise his hands calmly and uttered two words that forever planted the image in her mind.

"Juryuton: Shinra...Tensei..."


She watched in shock and anime round eyes as a massive force of gravity ripped through the ground and into the clone army dispelling all of them at once and she had to hold onto the branch she was hiding on from being blown away screaming her little head off in fright from the power she just witnessed while inwardly she wondered if she would be able to learn the same.

I’m wondering what kind of crazy scenario he’s training for, since he lives in a world where the main staple of combat is one-versus-one cockfighting with trained animals.

Her eyes widened when he just vanished like a blur but then froze. "What do you think you are doing spying on me..." His voice asked in a bored dull amused tone that caused her cheeks to turn slightly pink and turned around slowly and then their eyes connected, slitted azure glowing blue to her now glowing brown orbs and both had similar thoughts.

'H-his eyes they hold such pain and hate in them...' she thought shocked while Ashura was in a similar state with the faintest hints of worry passively reading her mind and memories.

Please don’t cut to another memory flashback, we don’t need to go deeper.

'Kami must love bringing vile people like fathers into our lives and by some miracle i find this girl's life is almost similar to mine except her father get's kicks from embarrassing them by shamelessly flirting with other women in front of his own...wife i can't help but find satisfaction i am not human anymore at all.' He closed his eyes feeling sympathy for Misty and her mother Clarise.

With the Mew botch up and now the omission of Misty’s sisters, I’m pretty sure the author is only a peripheral fan of the series. This is also his only Pokémon fanfic out of seventy-two stories as of me writing this. I don’t know what daddy issues the author has, but I hope his petty ruination of fictional families via self-indulgent wish fulfillment helps him through it.

He gazed back at her with a stern look in his eyes. "I ask again...why were you spying on my training?" He quirked an eyebrow waiting for an explanation and took amusement seeing her sputter trying to come up with an answer but groaned inwardly in exasperation seeing the familiar signs of a crush forming and still cursed for inheriting his father's good looks it was like some damn sick joke by Kami and her sisters.

Above in the heavens the goddesses and cried anime tears hearing his words and destiny and fate hugged themselves in the emo corner crying how Ashura-kun was so harsh but cheered up resolving to make his life better.

I’m amazed at your ability to make me feel revulsion at your attempts at comedic writing, author.

"I-i was just curious Satoshi-kun." She said meekly radiating a shy, timid aura softening Ashura's eyes and helped her up.

"It's ok Misty-san, i don't interact with many people except my sister, mom and my pokemon." Her eyes sparkled at the word Pokemon.

Yet you both know each other’s names. Did you turn Misty into a mind reader too, author?

"How many Pokemon do you have?" He smiled and whistled soon Misty heard the pitter patter of footsteps before several blurs tried to tackle Ashura who didn't move an inch only wearing that same dull amused look on his face.

Are they still up in the tree, or did everyone teleport to the ground?

"Girls what have i told you about trying to tackle me in front of a friend?"


He scolded playfully getting pouts from Pika, Minus, Plus, Charmeleon, Mudkip, Pidgeotto, Beedrill, Raichu, Lucario, Bulbasaur and what she saw made her eyes pop open n shock seeing a Suicune nuzzling Ashura's hair.

Raichu, Lucario, and Suicune? Those are new. As in, clearly injected at this very moment, because the author thought it would be cool for Ash to have them. Fuck establishing how he caught them, I guess.

"A Suicune! She's so cute!" Misty squealed petting Suicune who blushed at the lavishing attention by the orange haired girl while Ashura and the other pokemon roared with laughter seeing the normally stoic Suicune blush getting an indignant glare in return before joining in on the laughter.

I can only imagine they keep laughing until it gets awkward. Which it got five minutes ago.

"You must have been blessed to have a Suicune with you she's a legendary as well!" Ashura smiled warmly seeing how this girl seemed to defrost his cold heart a bit and the Pokemon noticed this and cheered before deciding to help bring them together and soon Ashura and Misty were running from the Pokemon in comical horror when they tried dressing them as freaking Kabuki, Ashura never felt so afraid in his entire life but it was so funny they were all on the ground laughing.


But that all stopped when they heard an enraged scream. "You filthy pervert how dare you try to woo my daughter!" The pokemon paled and so did Misty when she saw his eyes turn pitch black with an azure blue vertical slit with the same feeling of coldness coming back times two the amount of power.

Author, your grammar is starting to be twice as bad as last chapter.

"Misty, girls come with me." They obeyed knowing that tone of voice booked no room for discussion and ran through the trees and backyard hearing loud yelling and cursing. Ashura sped up as the noises got louder and skidded to a stop and saw much to his fury his sister Leia and mother and Clarise had handprints on their faces like someone slapped them and looked around to see a brown haired man scoffing at them holding his hand not seeing Ashura and the others.

Who’s ready for a blatant white knight scenario? I know I am!

Ashura's bangs shadowed his face his hands by his sides clenched into balled fists shaking with rage and fury and began leaking out K.I. causing Misty, and his Pokemon to shake in fear knowing he was now totally pissed off and enraged he loved his family and would do anything to make them happy. Seeing such a perverted bastard flirt with his sister being old enough to be her uncle it disgusted him that this man was also Misty's father her own flesh and blood he looked at her silently asking permission.

Author, am I reading your story right now? Because I feel like what I’m reading is not what you think you’re writing. There is something going down in your mind, a shocking spectacle of events, where seemingly an adult man is flirting with a girl whose age is at a minimum a decade away from being legal. And yet you’re writing none of it. In fact, you wrote that all the helpless waifs had been treated to a taste of the man’s backhand. Unless Ash thinks that counts as flirting, the plot holes here are becoming plot craters.

Misty sniffled tears running down her eyes and glared with hateful disgusted eyes and screamed out in a voice of power that shook the others out of their stupor. "Destroy him Auru-kun!" Ashura's eyes snapped open and slowly lifted his head showing his cold hardened eyes and nodded. "As you wish Auru-hime." His voice radiated the same power, and her father Ricky was fearful after hearing about his old friend Mark's son's cold ruthless attitude.

I think this story is finally derailing and becoming a proper train wreck. Not only do I have no idea what Auru means, but now the author is suddenly making Misty’s father a friend of Ash’s father, who is afraid of a six-year-old’s attitude. I seriously have no idea what I’m reading anymore, and I think the author doesn’t either.

Ashura narrowed his eyes as two clones phased from his shadow each having the same cold expression on his face, this tactic caused Ricky to break out in sweat and tried to back away only to find his way blocked by a clone, he tried to go the other way and another clone blocked him with a dark smirk, and he backed away shaking only to turn around getting a fist to the face sending the man flying into another haymaker that sent him toward the 2nd clone who bloodied his face more with a barrage of hard jabs and punches with a crunching and cracking sound.

You know the author is getting excited, when he neglects his period key in another hundred word run-on sentence. I just hope he keeps this bully beating fantasy short.

"You dare to touch my little imouto and kaa-san, Teme!' Ashura growled sidestepping a sloppy punch grabbing the arm smashing his forearm into the weak, pudgy appendage and it bent grotesquely with a sickening crack sound and the others watched with unflinching eyes as Ricky screamed cradling his arm as the bone poked out the skin blood gushing down his broken arm. He was helpless as Ashura and his clones beat him ruthlessly for his treatment of his family and Ashura's mother and sister.

Being a psychopath is totally the best character trait anyone could have! Right? Right?!

Ashura stood back and looked toward Pikachu. "Pika-chan. hit his other arm with an Iron Tail followed up with a Thundershock." Pikachu smirked sadistically raising her tail that glinted like metal and swung it upon the unbroken appendage causing the man's screams to increase in pitch. Pikachu sparked with azure blue and yellow lightning and shouted. "Pikaaaa!" Ricky whimpered with a barely heard. "Mommy..." The bolt of thunder struck him and he writhed in agony and pain screaming his voice hoarse this continued for a few minutes.

You are writing a villain, author. Just thought you should know.

Ashura smirked hearing the man's sobs. "Pika-chan that's enough i believe he gets the message." She nodded and let off and Ricky whimpered crying pleading for mercy, Ashura walked up to his smoking broken body on the verge of being in a coma and hissed. "This is the first and final warning i am going to give you Ricky, if i ever catch you abusing misty-hime or Clarise-hime, if i find out you have been embarrassing them any further!, If i catch any peep about you doing any despicable disgusting things again!" His voice caused the earth to shake and the Pokemon even nature seemed to go still to his will.


This cavalcade of torture and self-righteous anger aimed at a stock misogynist cliché has gone from annoying, to insulting, to downright exhausting. The author thinks this is awesome, that his protagonist is a hero and totally justified in his actions – and yet Ash is the prime example of a misanthropic demon; unleashed to cater to the author’s sadistic whims. This has literally become torture porn.

His eyes burned an unholy white light. "I WILL SHOW YOU WHY THE WORLD SHOULD NEVER PISS OFF AN AURA GOD!" Ricky crawled away screaming in fear and managed to get up and run away at inhuman speeds screaming about Demon children making Ashura laugh his ass off including the others while Clarise found herself blushing.

'I wonder if he's into older women?' She thought absently not seeing Delia's lecherous grin.

Again, would she care if she saw it? After all, Ash’s dick is the only thing any woman in this story seems to have the brain capacity for.

Stay Tuned For the Next Chapter of Ashura Satoshi Aura God!

Peace out this is Shinku Kami No Arashi

Author, aren’t you forgetting something? Perhaps the beginning of the fucking chapter? Everything that just happened was a memory. You’ve still got Ash huffing Misty’s fumes from up in a tree, right where you left them both at the end of the previous chapter. Did you seriously let your flashback spiral out of control, to the point where you forgot in what point in time your story was taking place?! Why am I even surprised by this?!


Thus ends this short exercise of the author entertaining his own fantasy of becoming an amalgamate of bad anime tropes. He went off on a flashback tangent, and then never left it. A good ting too, I can’t quite see any other outcome from this story, other than Ash goes somewhere, Ash gets girls, Ash tortures or kills someone, repeat ad nauseam. When the protagonist is turned into a literal god, credible antagonists are hard to come by. As such, this would basically just have been the author turning Kanto into his personal playground of curb-stomp battles and implied sexual escapades. Good riddance. Thank you for reading this mock, I hope you found it enjoyable.

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