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Harry Potter : Potter Verse REDUX

Post by StabbyKobold » Sun Mar 17, 2019 2:54 pm

There’s a certain thematic subgenre in fanfiction that I’ve been wanting to tackle for a while now. It’s a particular concept that crops up across popular series, either as crossover fanfics or as fanfics derived from other writers being inspired by said crossovers. In this case, it’s the former, meaning we’ll get a closer look at the source of my particular gripe with this fanfic genre.

This is Harry Potter : Potter Verse REDUX by Kyrin Fireheart, a Harry Potter / The Gamer crossover. In case you’re not big on Korean manga, The Gamer is a story of your typical, generic, male high school protagonist, who one day realizes he has a super power. The power in question is to interact with the world as if he’s a videogame character – particularly one of a role playing game with stat-based character progression. You might already realize how rife for wish fulfillment this would make the manga, and any derived crossover of it, but if you don’t, you will soon enough. Enjoy.


Chapter 1: A Wish Gone Awry

Kyrin's A/N : This story was originally written by Mateos a few years ago. I contacted him recently and we came to a decision that I would take over writing this story and he would collaborate with me regarding the plot and certain events.

Hot damn, I get to mock two authors for the price of one. It’s like pulling a tooth with two cavities.

As such I've gone back and edited all ten of his original chapters. With the exception of Chapter 6, which has some minor changes, and Chapter 10, which changes drastically from the original, most of the changes are cosmetic. Regardless I hope you enjoy the story and continue until my completely original chapter starting at Chapter 11. I will be leaving the original Author Notes as well but will put them in parentheses to show the difference.

I can appreciate that. It lets me know the source of the madness.


This story is inspired by the fics Harry Potter : Gaming Wizard Extraordinair by Dreetje, The Adventures Of Harry Potter, the Video Game Exploited by michelsuave, Harry Potter: The Roleplaying Game by Renrag, Harry Potter & The Game by Concept101.

A ripoff so nice they used it to death!

This is not a copy of those fics I repeat this is not a copy, but merely an inspired one.

Yet now it’s mostly a copy of itself due to the author takeover. How ironic.

Now the disclaimer: I don't own anything, not Harry Potter, The Gamer manga, Any and all Game references I may or may not have used.

I always liked those fics which say upfront about the romance or what not straight up, so for readers like me this is a Harry/Harem (And by Harem I mean a really big one).

It’s called shipping bait, and people tend to fall for it hook, line, and sinker. Using the harem label is like chumming the water for sharks. It’s clickbait which lures in frustrated readers ravenously trying to sate their appetite. And here I am, about to critique the quality of the bait, because something smells fishy about it, and it’s polluting the waters.

Harry's Harem also includes monster girls (I haven't got a way around those that are not exactly humanoid yet so they will appear later on).

You’re writing a Harry Potter fanfic, and the word ‘magic’ doesn’t immediately come to mind?

So if you don't like these factors sorry for wasting your time so far, everyone else please continue. Now in order for this to work, I have changed some things from canon - like Hogwarts starts at age 12 instead of 11. The rest I will tell you in later AN.

All suggestions, reviews, criticism, remarks are welcome. Let's get this thing going.)

Putting out a welcome mat for me, author? You shouldn’t have.

Chapter 1

Harry Potter was a very lonely child. At the mere age of five, he had to cook and serve for his family, if one could call the Dursley's that while being called a freak or boy.

Had this fanfic come out of Tumblr, the Dursleys would probably have been vilified by disrespecting his gender identity.

At age six he was made to do all the chores around the house. He tried to please his uncle and aunt by doing a good job, but recognition or compassion never came. He was starved and beaten if he did anything wrong or did his freakish things, though they never said what the thing was. Until going to school at age seven he thought his name was freak.

He then attempted to have it legally changed to avoid confusion.

Boy, that was one of the most humiliating days in his life and a painful one too. When his relatives heard of what happened he got beaten by his uncle with a belt for the first time and was starved for a week, which after going through so much he realized he will never be part of their family and he was unwanted and unloved. Suffice to say he learned his lesson and his self-preservation kicked in.

Yeah, I’m sure he learned his lesson and will never, ever learn his real name again.

At least he would be safe at school right? Guess again, his fat blob of a cousin Dudley and his gang bullied him, had quite the laugh at his expense and because of him Harry never made a friend. Anyone who talks to him was bullied by Dudley and his gang and everyone learned quickly - stay away from Harry Potter.

A lot of fanfic authors needs to learn the same.

Seeing the kids being picked up by parents after school had him wishing for someone, an old relative, a distant cousin anyone to rescue him from the Dursley's. He wished for it every day for an entire year and finally resigned himself of his foolish dreams. Why would he be with the Dursley's if he had anyone else?

Government clerical errors? Just a suggestion.

He never believed his relatives about what they said about his parents. That was the only thing going for him, to live his life through this hell to finally learn what happened to them.

He was eight years old when he stumbled upon Dudley and his friend Polkis playing a video game. An RPG from the snippets he was able to hear from his hiding spot. He watched as the hero in the game was awarded points, items, treasures as he saved the princess and slayed monsters by traveling through all sorts of places.

Places that would look like pixelated censorship filters, because that was eighties videogames for you.

Harry quickly became enamored with it, as he continued watching he learned how to play it. He didn't become a genius or something at it just enough to know how to play it decently. Of course, it didn't matter as he will never be able to play. That night he went to bed dreaming of his life being a video game and he, its central character. He would travel through all sorts of places, dungeons, forests, castles and then save many beautiful princesses, slay monsters and so on.

He would also glitch through walls, get massive lag spikes, and struggle with the unintuitive controls.

He slept with a smile on his face and a wonderful dream he hadn't had in a long time.

The next morning he half expected to wake up with a game window in front of him. But as usual dreams are dreams, reality is harsh and Harry by now has learned to expect the worse. He went on with his life. The only good thing that happened was on Dudley's eight birthday they left him in the house alone as Mrs. Figg was not available. This gave him an opportunity to play his cousin's video game without any repercussion after doing his chores for the day of course.

They Dursleys weren’t being terrible people by locking him in a cupboard? Are they going soft all of a sudden?

Another year has passed, Harry has become a true survivor. He was able to sneak some food into his cupboard when they tried to starve him, he was still skinny and underfed, but he managed. Wearing his cousin's old cast-offs which were one too many sizes bigger didn't help matters either.

He couldn’t eat them, you see.

Today was the day Harry was looking forward to. He was visiting the London Museum as a part of a school excursion. His first time visiting any place other than school or his hometown.

Harry walked with wide eyes and a huge grin on his face as he marveled at the different art pieces, fossils, artifacts of old and much more. He soaked in everything. Luckily his cousin and gang were nowhere to be seen and as such, it was becoming the best day of nine years of life. Walking around the museum along with his designated group something caught his eyes.

Ain’t that what all museum display pieces are meant to do?

It was a stone tablet with an ancient script written on it in some unknown language. What caught his attention was that unlike the rest of the exhibitions it was not encased in glass nor was it particularly guarded either.

In fact, it was lying on the floor, and would be removed as soon as the cleaners came through.

Curious Harry went near it to examine it. As soon as he touched the stone he felt something, some ancient power sleeping, waiting. Harry became more excited because of this and started examining it more closely, running his hands through the carved script.

Just so you know, Harry, radiation poisoning gives you about a few weeks to live, tops.

While doing it he started thinking about his life so far, all the bad and little to no good that happened in his life, he subconsciously thought whether this power he was feeling from the stone could grant him his wish of his life being a video game and he its central character and hero.

Because wishing to live with a nice family was the less believable of the two.

Suddenly he was hit on his back by something, he quickly turned around to see his cousin and gang coming towards him.

Harry panicked, now, because of the good time he was having so far he completely forgot about his bad lot in his life and so the always composed Harry was startled and his accidental magic kicked in.

The hitherto unmentioned phenomena that has been the cause of Harry’s abuse by the Dursleys, which has first now become a thing? I know this is a Harry Potter fanfic, but establishment is kind of important.

But instead of something weird happening to those around him as usual, this time his accidental magic triggered the ancient stone. The combination of his accidental magic, the magic in the stone and the power of the five ley lines beneath the London Museum triggered a world-changing super magic -The wish made by Harry was granted through these magical sources.


Case in fucking point! I suppose the author felt that accidental magic and a rock with chicken scratch was a weak excuse for creating a miracle. So he threw in Ley lines conveniently converging underneath London Museum for credibility at the last minute, never to be mentioned again. Never mind that Ley lines is an explanation that needs an explanation by itself, but you might as well have said that the planets were aligning and the moon was full – an asspull is an asspull, dude.

There was a blinding light all around Harry. He opened his eyes and stared at the blue screen in front of him incredulously.

A quest has been created.

Quest Alert!

Harry Hunting: Escape bullying

Escape Dudley and his gang before they beat you up




Gets beaten up and humiliated by Dudley and Gang


Welcome to every The Gamer inspired fanfic, where floating screens will appear in front of the protagonist’s face to display real world circumstances arbitrarily converted into videogame concepts. Random incidents are now quests with rewards, physical ability is now measured with stats in only numerical nuance, and anything the protagonist does now serves to make him stronger by levelling up through Exp grinding. As an avid player of videogames, I don’t particularly dislike this idea as a storytelling device. As someone who majored in game design, I think this is the most unsupportable, batshit crazy, bullshit wish fulfillment trope put into writing.

'What the hell?' Harry screamed in his mind. But instead of freaking out, with the help of his Gamer's Mind unknowingly, he quickly pushed yes and started running towards his group that has long since moved on while he was examining the stone.

And for those of you who didn’t bother reading twenty chapters of the manga in preparation for this, Gamer’s Mind is a skill that allows The Gamer to keep a level headed composure in any situation. Because we’re meant to interpret a game character’s stoic decision making as a disciplined mind, rather than the soulless apathy of a player avatar.

Harry expertly weaved through the masses and reached his group. His years of practice in escaping his cousin helped him. He moved further into the group of students to avoid any altercation.

Suddenly a new screen appeared, Harry read through it as no one was noticing him.

Quest Complete!

Harry Hunting



Harry tried to touch the screen but his hand went through it and the screen closed. Trying not to seem too shocked and surprised Harry kept quiet and moved along with his group. While his face was a picture of calm his mind was in a whirlwind of emotions. Surprise, shock, confusion, anger and finally determination. Harry always know something was different about him, what happened just before the blinding light that only he noticed was just another example of it.

He always knew, he just never thought about it until now. Makes total sense.

He started mentally going through what happened. 'I was examining the stone and was thinking about my life so far. No that's not it. What happened just before the light? I was hit by Dudley, no before that...' An epiphany hit him 'shit I was wishing my life was a video game. Is that what happened? My wish has been granted?' Harry thought incredulously 'Well only one way to find out'.

Eating mushrooms and jumping down pipes it is, then!

Harry quietly whispered "status" so as to not attract any attention. He didn't need to as everyone was occupied by what was around them. And sure enough, a screen appeared in front of him.

Name : Harry James Potter

Race : ?

Title : Elementary Student

Level : 1

Exp : 20/100

HP : 50/50

MP : 20/20

STR : 2

VIT : 2

DEX : 3

INT : 5

WIS : 2

LUC : 3

Status Points : 0

Status : ?

Unless this denotes his current confusion, it must be showing mine.

Money : 0 £/0ᶃ 0ᶊ 0ᶄ

Harry Potter is the son of Lily Potter nee Evans and James Charlus Potter. His family history and past are unknown to him as his parents died when he was just a baby. Harry Potter is a ? and he wants to learn about his past and his parents.

'So it's true, my life is now a video game' Harry thought 'I am currently level 1. There is an Exp bar so I can level up by gaining Exp, probably through quests like the one I had now. Wait if my life is now a video game does that mean everyone else is an NPC ?'

I sincerely hope Harry doesn’t adopt this way of thinking, because solipsistic and sociopathic thinking like that could create serial killers. If everyone is suddenly nothing but talking bags of Exp on legs, someone thinking they’re the main character of the entire universe could just decide the karma system is overrated.

He quickly looked around

Steve Wilson - Teacher - Lvl 18

Rick Thompson - Guide - Lvl 17

Mary Thomas - Elementary Student - Lvl 1

Matt Murdock - Elementary Student - Lvl 4

Sue Storm - Elementary Student - Lvl 3

Sam Winkle - Elementary Student - Lvl 1

'Ha, it sure does look like it. Now let's see if the game mechanics are the same as the one I played in Dudley's game station'

Harry tapped the STR stat and a new window popped up.

STR : Strength affects how much damage you can inflict physically and using weapons. It also determines the damage reduced from parrying attacks.

Game tooltips in 1988? Sure, whatever you say, author.

'Sweet' Harry thought 'So the higher the status the stronger I get, just like in the game'. He then looked at each, one by one.

VIT : Vitality impacts your total HP and endurance. The more vitality the more damage you can take and the longer you can fight.

DEX : Dexterity allows you to dodge attacks and also increases the accuracy of your attacks. It also determines the HP recovery rate.

INT : Intelligence impacts your total MP. This also impacts on your ability to learn and memorize and the amount of magical damage you cause.

WIS : Wisdom affects how smart you are and how well you can use what you know. It also determines the MP recovery rate.

LUC : Luck affects the ability to be lucky in life. It also determines the amount and quality of loot you obtain.

Right, another ability The Gamer has; obtaining loot from fallen enemies. This doesn’t imply that the enemy’s pockets will simply turn inside out on death, but rather that items will spawn ‘ex nihilo’ – out of nothing. This includes money, generic recovery items, and skill books that’ll teach new abilities, regardless if such a thing ever existed beforehand. It’s nonsensical as fuck.

Status : Throughout your life, you can acquire and unveil any number of status effect both temporary (ex: poisoned, sleepy, etc.) and permanent ones. Some permanent effects can only be gained through genetics or magical gifts while others are obtained through specific actions.

Title : You can obtain any number of titles but can actively use up to two titles at a time. Some titles gives you beneficial boons or status effects.

If you’re not quite catching on yet, the entire premise of The Gamer centered fanfics is to exploit every kind of videogame terminology available for power endowment, while ignoring those that would restrict them. Class restrictions on abilities and equipment? No such thing. Level cap? I fucking wish. Perma-death? Half the fanfics out there starts with the protagonist dying, only to have them wake up to a game over screen with high scores and a goddamn retry prompt. Some fanfics of this type are even shameless enough to inject cheat codes for the protagonist to use. It’s nothing but a wish fulfillment buffet crammed through an RPG filter, and the only causal explanations that are ever offered for these powers are either a clueless shrug or an appeal to God – and the manga does both!

Harry sighed at all the information. While he hadn't really played Dudley's game all that long, he had a firm grasp of the basics of it and that was enough to figure it out most of the mechanics. Some need further observation and testing, he would cross that bridge when he gets there.

As he walked along with his group he closed the status menu for now and started checking for other menus. He uttered the word 'skills' and sure enough, another blue screen popped up.

I hope he doesn’t pull up either an options or a save menu next.

Skills : The easiest way to obtain skills is through performing an action, you can also acquire it through skill books or by learning from a teacher or a master of that skill. You can learn an infinite number of skills. Skills vary in its complexity, but each one has to be leveled up separately, whether they be simple or hard, by using them often or through skill disk. Some skill will evolve into new/different skills as they are mastered.

In other words, he’ll be able to do all the cool shit he wants to just by trying. He might run into skill book stat requirements, but that would only be a temporary problem. This power is in serious need of beta testing.

Gamer's Mind - Passive - Max - Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through.

Gamer's Body - Passive - Max - Grants the user the body of a game character. After sleeping in a bed the user gets all HP, MP and all status effects restored.

And then comes the question, what counts as a bed? Could he just use the floor? Does he need to own the bed, or can he sleep in someone else’s for the same effect? I might be nit picking, but the mechanics of actual game rules would not allow for this kind of vagueness.

Cooking - Active - Lvl 5 - Gives the ability to cook food. The higher the level the more nourishing the cooked food and lower the wastage of raw ingredients will be.

Gardening - Active - Lvl 3 - Gives the ability to grow and maintain beautiful gardens. Higher the level, higher the ability to grow garden, use fertilizers effectively etc.

'Awesome, so Gamer's Mind is what's keeping me from being freaked out by all this' Harry realized and suddenly a new window popped up.

For arriving at a logical conclusion through facts observed you have gained +1 WIS.

'Really I can increase stats like that?'


Whoa, whoa, whoa! A stat increase for the minor act of applying logic? Are you fucking kidding me?

Harry looked at the screen and there it was. He closed it. 'Let's check it out' and said 'Status' in his mind as he felt silly saying it aloud and thought that it didn't matter if you say it aloud or in the mind. Sure enough, the Status window appeared, but another window appeared before it.

For arriving at a logical conclusion through facts observed you have gained +1 WIS.

What’s next, plus one to strength for flexing?! Author, I know you’re doing this because it happened to the main character in The Gamer. But what happened there was that he got a +1 INT increase after a lengthy homework session. He was actually learning stuff. Here, Harry isn’t getting wiser from reaching conclusions, he’s applying the wisdom he already has. If the standards for self-improvement effort are this low, what couldn’t Harry do to get stronger? Hit the bullseye on a dart board? +1 DEX. Win a game of bingo? +1 LUC. Look up a random fact of the day? +1 INT every twenty four fucking hours. This shit was already broken to begin with, but you’ve actually gone and one-upped the manga, author!

'Double awesome' Harry quickly closed it and looked at his status to see whether his WIS has increased by 2 or not.

Name : Harry James Potter

Race : ?

Title : Elementary Student

Level : 1

Exp : 20/100

HP : 50/50

MP : 20/20

STR : 2

VIT : 2

DEX : 3

INT : 5

WIS : 4

LUC : 3

Status Points : 0

Status : ?

Money : 0 £/ 0ᶃ 0ᶊ 0ᶄ

Harry Potter is the son of Lily Potter nee Evans and James Charlus Potter. His family history and past are unknown to him as his parents died when he was just a baby. Harry Potter is a ? and he wants to learn about his past and his parents.

This repeated listing of stats is going to be tiring, but it happens in every The Gamer fanfic. Truth be told, it doesn’t appear to be as bad in this story as in so many others, and it’s one of the reasons I chose to mock this fanfic in particular. Every other story I find basically drowns in needless and irrelevant recital of user interfaces without much story to balance it out. You can’t really make ability scores funny the fifth time they are listed in the same chapter; I’ve tried.

Harry grinned looking at his status, his WIS has indeed increased by 2. His status was low but he didn't care one bit as he wanted to gain power by himself. Closing the status window again he thought 'So I have cooking and gardening as active skills. No surprise there. Now let's see if it has one more good thing and it may be the best thing considering the entire game scenario' with that Harry thought 'Inventory'. And to his delight, another screen opened.

Inventory : The pocket space with infinite capacity, but a limit of 100 per different item.

But what counts as a single item? Could you only carry one hundred grains of rice at once, or could you put them in a bag and have it count as one item? What if you used rice as currency, because coins don’t seem to have the same rules apply to them? The problem with these faux restrictions is that they’re contingent on vague definitions. An item in a videogame is an instance of a data-object for that item, thereby multiple ones can count as being the same. But the real world doesn’t operate by instance templates. If I had a collection of a hundred and one identically manufactured baseball bats, they could all be considered the same. But the moment I take a black marker and sign my name on one, I’ll overcome the inventory restriction. What I’m trying to say, author, is that poorly defined limitations are the same as none, so why even have them?

You can store all and any of your equipment in here - books, weapons, food, clothes, items etc. To put items into the inventory simply open it and drag the item into the inventory box. To pull things out of inventory just open inventory box and pull the item out. The inventory is a stasis pocket space, meaning anything put inside will be preserved as long as it stays there.

It already defies the laws of space, so why not time as well?

'Yes, this is super cool' Harry's grin grew wider as he thought 'Now I have a safe storage that no one but me can access'

And so he began to put his measly items that he considered priceless to him into the inventory and watched as it was stored away. Feeling more safe and secure Harry decided to thoroughly go through his gamer ability. Before doing it Harry watched his fellow classmates and teacher to see if they have found himself staring into space or something. As he continued to watch he saw Sue Storm about to trip.

On what? Did the museum have more unattended wishing rocks lying around or something?

He quickly grabbed her and prevented her falling. After she got steady he let go, Sue turned to him and was pensive for a moment "Thank you, for helping me" Harry smiled and replied, "No problem" with a nod she turned around to listen to the guide while Harry was staring at the new window that appeared.

Skill Created!

Socializing Lvl 1 (5%)

This is your ability to become Emo or Hero

I think you need to increase your own socializing skill, if this is how you define it, author.

2% chance of people interacting with you

˃ -2% due to poor clothing

Harry closed the window and realized that there are negative effects like in game as well. He gazed back at Sue storm and realized why she was pensive and didn't even smile at him. He really needed to change that, actually, he has a lot to do. Just then another window appeared.

Skill Created!

Observe Lvl 1 (10%)

By observing a target one gets information about said target

Max HP, MP and low info

Info-vision™, for when mind reading is too intrusive, but basic observation is not enough for you.

Harry put his new skill to use quickly. Looking at Sue he said 'Observe'

Sue Storm - Elementary Student - Lvl 3

HP : 135/135

MP : N/A

Mrs. Storm is in your class. She likes to study a lot.

'So even if I don't know anything about her this skill gave me some info on her. That means if I level this skill up I can gather more information about a person' with that thought in mind Harry started observing on all and every person as well as the exhibition items around him. By the time the tour came to an end he had leveled up the skill by 3.

At least he’s at a museum, where you basically pay to eye-fuck a bunch of things for a couple of hours.

[Observe]'s Level has risen

Observe Lvl 4 (14%)

By observing a target one gets information about said target

Max HP, MP and basic info

Harry decided to see what his observe skill can do now by using 'Observe' on Sue again

Sue Storm - Elementary Student - Lvl 3

HP : 135/135

MP : N/A

Mrs. Storm is in your class. She likes to study a lot. She loves science and mathematics and wants to become a scientist.

She’s also married, if you didn’t catch it the first time around. You might want to look up different kinds of honorifics, author.

'Ok let's put all that I learned together. I am now the main character of a game which is my life. The game mechanics are similar to the games I watched Dudley play and the one I played, but not all are the same. There are positive and negative effects to everything around you and what you do.'

For arriving at a logical conclusion through facts observed you have gained +1 WIS.

He’s not reaching conclusions, he’s restating observations and facts. Conclusions are drawn from those. He may as well have said that water is wet, and it would still have awarded him a stat increase. My WIS stat would be through the roof from saying how dumb all of this is!

Harry closed the window and started making a mental list of what to do as he heads back to his relatives along with the other students.

He had invited them all over for a slumber party.

This has been the best day of his life and because of today, every other day from now on will be as well. Looking at the sunset through the window of the bus he smiled to himself 'A day ends as a new life begins'

Philosophical introspection from a nine-year-old. Sure.

he quickly embraced the sweet calmness of sleep as the excitement and exhaustion of the day finally caught up to him.

Kyrin's A/N : So feel free to leave your reviews of the story, but remember that I said I only edited this part. If you don't like what we've done with this story feel free to not read it.


Based on just this chapter, I would frankly have passed this story up for something more terrible to mock. Aside from the occasional slip up the writing isn’t overly flawed, and nothing majorly offensive has happened in the story yet. However, a later chapter of this story was caught by my search queries because it involves a sex scene, and as far as I know, at no point does this story progress past Harry’s first year at Hogwarts. Until that, this will probably be a more lighthearted mock, but you never know. The wish fulfillment has only just begun, after all.

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Re: Harry Potter : Potter Verse REDUX

Post by GorillaGamer » Mon Mar 18, 2019 4:20 am

If the standards for self-improvement effort are this low, what couldn’t Harry do to get stronger? Hit the bullseye on a dart board? +1 DEX. Win a game of bingo? +1 LUC. Look up a random fact of the day? +1 INT every twenty four fucking hours.
I'm reminded of Fallout New Vegas upon reading this part, given that you have several opportunities to raise your SPECIAL stats. It worked there, since there wasn't an infinite supply of points to accumulate, forcing the player to think carefully about their stat distribution so far, whereas I doubt we'll see such limitations here.

Mock's looking good so far; it's always nice to tackle something lighthearted every now and then.
Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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Re: Harry Potter : Potter Verse REDUX

Post by StabbyKobold » Mon Apr 01, 2019 1:19 pm

I can see how you'd draw the comparison to Fallout: NV, the stat system in that game was pretty decent. It could however be exploited quite heavily, and at higher levels you'd be nigh unstoppable. DLC added level cap unlocks and mods didn't exactly balance that in the right direction either. But damn it was fun. Unfortunately, exploitative game mechanics does not make for riveting storytelling, as we're about to see here.

If character build planning and inventory management sounds like a good time, then you might just get something out of this chapter. I’m not saying that thing is going to be entertainment, but you’ll at least nod your head in acknowledgement of the existence of these concepts. Enjoy.


Chapter 2: Getting Into the Groove

Kyrin's A/N : As I said before this is originally a story by Matteos. This chapter has just been edited and no major changes have been done.

Why bother with applying the rigors of a beta reading anyway?


DarkseidAlex asked me about the limit of Harry's harem. There is no limit, period. Harry can pair with whoever, how many it may be, as he wants and he will do just that.

If you’re going to objectify women, couldn’t you at least follow the inventory item limit rules?

This is a game world with Harry as hero/MC, so no morality codes about polygamy or something else. If Harry want to do it he will get as many girls as his skill allows.

Now you’re confusing game mechanics with game world, author. The mere fact that Harry is able to amass a harem should not dictate that the world around him should find it acceptable. The game world responding to player choice is the entire point of moral gameplay. Relieving Harry of any and all moral obligations simply because of his powers is psychotic!

Any one wants a particular girl to be in his Harrem PM me or say it in review, I will be sure to add it. It won't be sudden since it is a gradual process.

There will be a poll on who Harry's first Hogwarts female Harem member will be soon.

I will post a new chapter during Saturdays and Sundays. I will try to put at least 1 to 2 chapters a week.

All suggestions, remarks, criticism and reviews are welcome.)

Chapter 2

You have slept in your bed. HP & MP restored to 100%. All negative status effects and ailments have been cured.

In the dreary dark cupboard, Harry grinned widely seeing the blue screen. 'Yes, all that happened yesterday is true and not just a dream.'

“I don’t know how or why it happened, but who would care about such things anyway?”

Closing the screen he opened his status menu.

Name : Harry James Potter

Race : ?

Title : Elementary Student

Level : 1

Exp : 20/100

HP : 50/50

MP : 20/20

STR : 2

VIT : 2

DEX : 3

INT : 5

WIS : 5

LUC : 3

The brat has become a walking case of wish fulfillment, and you’re telling me that’s all the LUC it took?

Status Points : 0

Status : ?

Money : 0 £/ 0ᶃ 0ᶊ 0ᶄ

Harry Potter is the son of Lily Potter nee Evans and James Charlus Potter. His family history and past are unknown to him as his parents died when he was just a baby. Harry Potter is a ? and he wants to learn about his past and his parents.

By reaching 5 points in WIS you have gained a new skill!

Skill Created!

MP regeneration Lvl 10

Passive Skill. The ability to regenerate MP.

5% of total MP/min

It’s a new skill, but it’s already at tenth level? I’m going to assume it’s a typo for now, but I’ll be watching you closely, author.

His WIS has increased by 3 and his Observe skill has leveled up to 4 now. All around Harry was happy and ready for a new day. He read his status menu thoroughly and was confused by the ? in his race and description. When he tapped on race it just said 'unknown'. 'Hm, I need to find out who I am. This could be why my uncle and aunt calls me a freak'

Or it could be a character creation choice that has yet to be filled out. I’ve seen this shit happen in other stories, I’m not kidding.

A blue screen popped up.

A quest has been created.

Quest Alert!

Find your roots: Who are you?

Find who you are, your past and your abilities



A new title


Become a nobody for the rest of your life


Here’s something I don’t like about The Gamer’s quest system. The failure section. It provides info for the detrimental outcome should the player fail to fulfill the quest. But this quest, and others like it, cannot fail, because at no point would Harry become incapable of fulfilling it. There’s no time limit, no external force to provide obstacles, nothing. I’ve never even seen any game that shows you the punishment for failing a quest rather than simply the failure parameters. I get that if Harry doesn’t accept the quest, he won’t learn about his awesome powers; but that doesn’t prevent him from changing his mind – so why even make the quest a choice?

He pressed yes intent on finding out exactly that. There was a loud knock on the door and his aunt yelling at him to wake up and start making breakfast.

A quest has been created.

Quest Alert!

Feeding your relatives: make breakfast

Make breakfast for your abusive relatives




Beating from your uncle and starvation


Here’s what I’m trying to get across. In order for a player to fail a quest, they first have to accept it. That’s how it works. They can’t fail things they don’t attempt to do. And yet if Harry doesn’t choose to accept this new quest, it’s still beatings and starvation from him, because the Dursleys aren’t asking; they’re demanding. What I mean is, there is a difference between someone’s reaction to you refusing to do them a favor, and then their reaction to you accepting the favor and doing poorly at it – and neither The Gamer or its fanfics bothers to distinguish the two.

He sighed and pressed yes making his way to the kitchen to make breakfast. Becoming a hero will have to wait until he was away from his relatives. He started going through the motion of cooking when suddenly an idea occurred.

“Poison! Why didn’t I think of it sooner?”

While he made breakfast he started storing some of them in his inventory. He procured a bottle from kitchen filled it with orange juice and put it away as well.

Sometime later, he put the food on the table just as his relatives came. They started gorging themselves on the food without a second glance towards Harry. Harry used this time to eat what was left for him, while casually casting Observe on his relatives.

Looking at people funny, but casual-like.

Vernon Dursley - Director at Grunnings - Lvl 16

HP : 800/800

MP : N/A

Vernon loves his family especially his son little Dudders and loathes his nephew. He wants to be rich and normal.

He also wants to have his cake and eat it too.

Petunia Dursley - Housewife - Lvl 13

HP : 680/680

MP : 20/20

Petunia Dursley nee Evans is Harry Potter's only leaving blood relative. She hates her sister with a passion as she thinks Lily was abnormal. This hatred is extended to her nephew as well.

Boy, this observe skill is really good at psychoanalysis.

Dudley Dursley - Elementary Student - Lvl 3

HP : 150/150

MP : N/A

Dudley is a spoiled bully. He wants everything to be given to him and expects everyone to do just that. He thinks Harry as his personal punching bag.

While he contemplated what he read through observation a new screen appeared

Quest Complete!

Feeding your relatives



You have leveled up by one!

Harry closed all windows and opened his status menu.

Name : Harry James Potter

Race : ?

Title : Elementary Student

Level : 2

Exp : 70/200

HP : 100/100

MP : 40/40

STR : 2

VIT : 2

DEX : 3

INT : 5

WIS : 5

LUC : 3

Status Points : 5

Time for every stat-based RPG’s casual dismissal of cause and effect; deciding character growth in post. Did you just grind a level by doing nothing but backbreaking labor? Put the earned stat points towards intelligence! It doesn’t need to make sense!

Status : ?

Money : 0 £/ 0ᶃ 0ᶊ 0ᶄ

Harry Potter is the son of Lily Potter nee Evans and James Charlus Potter. His family history and past are unknown to him as his parents died when he was just a baby. Harry Potter is a ? and he wants to learn about his past and his parents.

'So every level gives me an additional 50 HP and 20 MP and 5 status point. I have to get my hands on that game guide Dudley used, it will tell me how to play better' Harry thought.

Exactly how will instruction manuals of the “Press B button to jump” era help you in real life?

'Oh what now?' he said tersely as another window came up

A quest has been created.

Quest Alert!

Play the Game: use a game guide

Find Dudley's game guide and learn more about how to play




You will never reach your potential


Not every quest needs an all-or-nothing incentive, author. This is a game manual we’re talking about, not an ancient tome of wisdom that could be lost forever.

Harry pressed yes and moved on to getting ready for school. Harry started grinding his Observe skill at school. With the help of Gamer's Mind, he was able to listen in class without losing focus. This helped him a lot. Harry was no slouch, after getting a beating for doing better than Dudley in exams he underperformed in tests while learning as much as he could.

The point of a test is to apply what you’ve learned, not learn new things during it.

Adding his gamer ability increased his learning capability a bit more, small though the increase was. That's how by the end of a day's worth of class he got two new notifications.

By listening to the Teacher teaching in class you have gained +1 INT!

“You didn’t understand a single word, but it made you smarter anyway.”

[Observe]'s Level has risen!

Observe Lvl 5 (72%)

By observing a target one gets information about said target

Max HP, MP, status and basic info

That's not all Harry discovered. His usual sanctuary of the Library turned out to be a treasure trove. Every book he read increased his new skills as well as helped him gain some INT points.

Useless trivia, fiction, misprints, outdated or inconclusive research, be they thirty chapters or a single page pamphlet; all of it counts, I’m sure.

Skill Created!

Languages :

The higher the language skill is in any particular language, the easier it is to communicate in that language. Your language score also affects other skills like Socializing when you attempt to work with that language. You can improve this skill by speaking in that language or by reading works written in it.

English Lvl 75 (5%)

You have good English reading skills, can talk it and walk it

75% chance of learning more through reading.

French Lvl 42 (37%)

You have good French reading skills, can talk it and walk it

42% chance of learning more through reading.

I think you grossly overestimate this level thing, author. Almost as much as you overestimate the bilingual skills of a preteen, British boy who lives out of a cupboard.

By reading a book about another language you have gained +1 INT!

He learned French by reading a book for beginners. After that, he read a French to English Dictionary. It was also the first game exploit he did ever since he got his powers. The thing about learning a language is the one you talk to doesn't necessarily need to know it or even be human. As such Harry increased French by 32 levels just by saying "Bonjour" to an alley cat.


And this perfectly illustrates why I hate The Gamer’s power. The exploiting. Because people going to this series for wish fulfillment don’t want the experience of their protagonist living life as if it was a videogame; they want them living life as if it was a poorly made videogame. Here’s the thing; the real world could be interpreted as a videogame. Stats could be clear indicators of physical abilities, skills could very well describe honed crafts, and even experience points and leveling could be indicators of growing competence. But the series’ fans wants it to be a two-way-street. They want to play the system. Instead of raising their stats through dedicated effort and self-improvement, they want to accumulate points to distribute at their leisure. Instead of practicing a skill that requires memorization, precise movements, or intense concentration, they want to hit a button that says “Perform Skill” and get the same effect. They want to utilize lazy game design, or rather the failure of videogames to properly simulate reality, as loopholes for reality itself! And if the author thinks that repeatedly greeting a cat in French will make Harry a competent speaker of the language, what will he fucking think of next?!

He continued reading and grinding as much as he can.

Using logical thinking to find an exploit in the game you have gained +1 INT!

Harry did something, stat increase! Fuck off, author! You’re cheapening the very thing that Harry should be struggling to get.

Skill Created!

Science :

The higher the science skill is in any particular science, the easier it is to understand that science. Your science score also affects how well you can apply science to your daily life. You can improve this skill by learning from a teacher or by reading works written about it.

Physics Lvl 16 (61%)

You have good grasp of physics and its basic applications of it in life

16% chance of using what you know in daily life.

If it’s anything like with the cat, then a bouncy ball and a wall will boost the crap out of this skill.

Chemistry Lvl 14 (32%)

You have good grasp of chemistry and its basic applications of it in life

14% chance of using what you know in daily life.

Biology Lvl 20 (93%)

You have good grasp of biology and its basic applications of it in life

20% chance of using what you know in daily life.

I’m not sure that, “mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell,” has as many day-to-day applications as you think it does.

By reading a book about another science you have gained +1 INT!

By reading a book about another science you have gained +1 INT!

By reading a book about another science you have gained +1 INT!

By reaching 10 points in INT you have gained +20 MP!

You will get +20 MP for every 10 points gained in INT

'Now that is cool. So if it's applicable for INT then it must also apply for VIT as well' Harry reasoned.

You haven’t been wrong about anything before, ever, so why start now?

Skill Created!

Mathematics :

The higher the math skill is the easier it is to understand the working of society and economy. Your math score also affects how well you can apply math to your daily life. You can improve this skill by learning from a teacher or by reading works written about it.

Basic Calculus Lvl 34 (72%)

You have good grasp of basic calculus and its basic applications of it in life

34% chance of using what you know in daily life.

How many levels can something have before it stops counting as basic?

Basic Geometry Lvl 37 (22%)

You have good grasp of basic geometry and its basic applications of it in life

37% chance of using what you know in daily life.

By reading a book about another math you have gained +1 INT!

By reading a book about another math you have gained +1 INT!

Raiding the library was not just a treasure trove of knowledge but a treasure trove in the literal sense.

Unless you’re trying to make a literature pun, this would imply piles of gold and jewelry, so I’m going to call bullshit.

While browsing the aisles in the library he used observe to quickly get the things he wanted. On one such round, he found a hidden cache in the lowest part of one aisle. Harry hastily opened it and put the whole thing into his inventory without looking in order to get it over with. He saw some pound notes among the items and was waiting when he was alone and safe to check out his loot.

He just stole someone’s illicitly stashed property. I guess it was only a matter of time before he’d start stealing everything not nailed to the floor, in typical RPG fashion.

Harry also learned that the higher your stat points are the harder it is to grind, but learning new things increases the status.

Walking back to the Dursley's gave him another surprise in the form of three new messages.

By walking continuously you have gained +1 STR!

By walking continuously you have gained +1 VIT!

By walking continuously you have gained +1 DEX!

I can feel my own stats dropping by reading this repetitive crap!

As night came Harry started mentally noting down what he learned about the world around him and his powers.

+ You can increase INT/WIS through acts of intellectual means

+ You can increase STR/VIT/DEX through acts of physical means

+ It will be harder to grind status points as it grows

Harry looked at his status menu to check his progress

What’s that, author? No stat increase for Harry thinking he’s clever? Did you finally put the lid back on the cookie jar?

Name : Harry James Potter

Race : ?

Title : Elementary Student

Level : 2

Exp : 70/200

HP : 100/100

MP : 60/60

STR : 3

VIT : 3

DEX : 4

INT : 13

WIS : 5

LUC : 3

Status Points : 5

Status : ?

Money : 143 £/ 0ᶃ 0ᶊ 0ᶄ

Harry Potter is the son of Lily Potter nee Evans and James Charlus Potter. His family history and past are unknown to him as his parents died when he was just a baby. Harry Potter is a ? and he wants to learn about his past and his parents.

He’s also a min-maxing little shit, who will go out of his way to acquire power through doing the most mundane of things.

Smiling he closed it and decided to call it a day.

You have slept in your bed. HP & MP restored to 100%. All negative status effects and ailments have been cured.

Harry woke up next morning to the yelling of his aunt to make breakfast as usual. He then realized no new quest came up. 'If quest are hard to come by then leveling up would be harder than I thought'. After going through the morning routine of feeding the Dursley's, getting ready he reached school with the hopes of gaining more stat points and skills.

Because making friends is somehow still impossible even when you have super powers.

Harry listened to class and came to the realization that he could perfectly understand what was being taught and in some cases how ahead he is in knowledge. Like the day before Harry started grinding in the library and eventually gained 3 more INT and 1 WIS along with increasing English to lvl 82 and French to lvl 53.

Today had the dreaded P.E. class and Harry wasn't looking forward to it. It wasn't because he disliked physical exertion, the reason was that he always got picked last for any game his fellow classmates choose to play.

Please, do go on about how Harry’s the grade school outcast, as if it wasn’t hammered in enough already. At least the other kids included him.

Lucky for Harry today they were made to run laps around the ground. After the exhausting P.E. class, he was aware of his poor physical capacity. His newfound power helped him in healing the years of malnutrition. The fact that STR, VIT, DEX all increased by 1 also was good news to him.

By reaching 5 points in DEX you have gained a new skill!

Skill Created!

HP regeneration Lvl 10

Passive Skill. The ability to regenerate HP.

5% of total HP/min

Again? A skill at level ten right from the get-go? I shouldn’t really have a reason to complain, since all of these numbers are arbitrary and will change based on the author’s whims. But you just don’t acquire an ability with prepackaged expertise in its use.

Harry has started storing fruits - mainly apples, oranges and bananas-, sandwiches, bottles of milk and juice into his inventory whenever he was in the cafeteria. Because of his inventory skill, no one suspected a thing.

Because I guess everyone is now NPCs that can’t figure out why things disappears whenever Harry walks into the room.

He used these to increase his physical capacity, slowly but surely, through eating a healthy and regular diet. By the end of the day, he was able to gain 1 more INT and WIS.

In the evening Harry reached Number 4 Privet Drive quicker than usual, several hours ahead of his fat cousin.

Exactly what does this imply? That their school is miles away, and that Dudley walks home? That classes and/or detention lasts well into the late hours of the day? That the author was too lazy to come up with a better excuse, such as Dudley hanging out with his friends? We may never know, but I’ll hazard a fucking guess.

Harry wanted to get that game guide from Dudley today. Dumping his bag inside his cupboard, Harry slowly and steadily reached Dudley's room. Entering it he searched in the dumpster that's called Dudley's room. After half an hour he found it, he was just about to give up too, under the TV stand in the room. He also found 25 pounds, some candies and another book about gaming.

But did he find a reason that Dudley wouldn’t notice those being gone, and thus not flog Harry as the first suspect of the theft.

Putting it all in his inventory he quickly got back to his cupboard just as quietly as he came.

When inside the cupboard Harry was greeted by a message.

Skill Created!

Sneaking Lvl 1 (18%)

The ability to sneak up on somebody or move around unnoticed

Sneaking, the ability to sneak. Don’t you just love descriptions that tell you nothing that wasn’t obvious already?

5% chance of not getting caught

5% chance of landing a critical strike

Grinning Harry closed it and picked out the game guide to learn more about gaming. After an hour, a new message appeared followed by another.

Through strategic reading, you have gained +1 WIS!

He read words in a sequential order, how strategic! But seriously, what did he read in that game manual, and how did it help him? Fucking tell us!

Quest Complete!

Play the Game



You have leveled up by 1

With a smile that threatened to split his face, Harry opened his status menu.

Name : Harry James Potter

Race : ?

Title : Elementary Student

Level : 3

Exp : 20/400

HP : 150/150

MP : 80/80

STR : 4

VIT : 4

DEX : 5

INT : 17

WIS : 8

LUC : 3

Status Points : 10

Status : ?

Money : 168 £/ 0ᶃ 0ᶊ 0ᶄ

Harry Potter is the son of Lily Potter nee Evans and James Charlus Potter. His family history and past are unknown to him as his parents died when he was just a baby. Harry Potter is a ? and he wants to learn about his past and his parents.

I know this is coming a bit late by now, but “Charlus”? What the hell is that about?

Harry thought back to what he just learned from the game guide. 'It is easier to grind levels at earlier levels and gets harder later on. So save status points until necessary or in case of an emergency like facing a Boss Battle or entering a Dungeon. Also, LUC can't be grinded, the only way to level it up is through status points. Alright then since there is no emergency I am going to save it for later'

By reaching a wise decision through logical thinking you have gained +2 WIS!

By continuing this idiotic farce of rewarding Harry for having the thoughts you put in his head, you’ve officially made it onto my shit-list, author!

As soon as that message appeared Harry had a shit eating grin on his face. "Yes, finally now I can use all those skill books I found in the school library" He exclaimed aloud.

By reaching 10 points in WIS you have gained an additional +5% to MP regeneration!

You will get +5% to MP regeneration for every 10 points gained in WIS

Brimming with excitement of what awaits tomorrow he started reading the second book he took from Dudley. It was the storyline of an RPG.

We call those “fantasy novels”, author.

The hero of the game grows up in a village unknowing of his past and heritage. One day the village is attacked by the evil king's army and only the hero survives. Vowing to defeat the evil king the Hero starts his journey to power. On the way he meets and allies with different powerful ladies - a priestess, a witch, a swordswoman and a noblewoman.

Gee, I wonder if this story will somehow resonate with the protagonist and possibly foreshadow future events. The suspense, the intrigue, the tired clichés of every harem anime in existence!

Travelling with them the hero conquers many monsters, saves villages and people, receives rewards for his good deeds and learns about himself. Near the end of the game, the hero comes to the knowledge that he was the son of the previous king, who was killed by the evil king, and the rightful heir to the throne. At the finish, the hero defeats the evil king and becomes king himself and rules the land with the ladies that accompanied him.

That certainly sounds like a storyline you’d market to children, right?

Finishing the story, Harry came to a conclusion. 'Every game has a hero and a villain. If that is so and I am the hero of this story then who is the villain? Does the villain have minions like in the story? Will I meet fair maidens like the hero in his story?' Harry went to sleep that day filled with thoughts of maidens, monsters and a red-eyed villain.

You have slept in your bed. HP & MP restored to 100%. All negative status effects and ailments have been cured.

Just because Harry will eventually be driven insane by reading this text, that doesn’t mean we have to do the same, author.

Harry went through his daily routine in a never before seen vigor, eager to get to school and use the various skill books he found during his grinding times, he barely registered the leveling up of his cooking skill.

Only with the help of Gamer's Mind was Harry able to remain calm and collected in class until he got to go to the library. His knowledge level was more than what was taught now, so no new status points were awarded to him.

Unless he decided to contemplate something, because then he’d just be drowning in stat increases.

As soon as he was capable, he reached the library and started collecting all the skill books there. Finally with all skill books in tow he reached a quiet corner and opened the first one.

Skill Created!

Sword Fighting Lvl 1 (18%)

The ability to handle and use a sword

Nah, this is how you fight swords, can’t you read?

5% additional damage when using a sword

2% chance of landing a critical strike

With a broad grin, Harry started going through all the skill books.

Skill Created!

Martial Arts Lvl 3 (47%)

The ability to use martial arts to defend and attack

15% additional damage using unarmed combat

5% chance of landing a critical strike

0% chance of seeing the point in this story format.

Skill Created!

Meditation Lvl 2 (96%)

The ability to meditate and find inner peace. Meditation helps in effective control of Mana, Mind and Spirit.

Skill Created!

Flirting Lvl 1 (25%)

The ability to make girls swoon

What kind of school library has pickup artist books?!

(Luc)% chance of the girl being enamored by you

[Sword Fighting]'s level has risen!

Sword Fighting Lvl 3 (63%)

The ability to handle and use a sword

15% additional damage when using a sword

6% chance of landing a critical strike when using a sword

[Cooking]'s level has risen!

Cooking Lvl 9 (23%)

Gives the ability to cook food. The higher the level the more nourishing the cooked food and lower the wastage of raw ingredients will be.

[Gardening]'s level has risen!

Gardening Lvl 7 (57%)

Gives the ability to grow and maintain beautiful gardens. Higher the level, higher the ability to grow a garden and use fertilizers effectively etc.

How many levels until he unlocks cannabis?

[Socializing]'s level has risen!

Socializing Lvl 4 (6%)

This is your ability to become Emo or Hero

8% chance of people interacting with you

˃ -2% due to poor clothing

You have gained +50 XP for using skill book for the first time!

After finishing all the skill books Harry returned to his normal grinding gaining +1 INT.

“See spot run” was conveniently within arm’s reach.

It seems luck does run out as a window opened up during recess.

A quest has been created.

Quest Alert!

Harry Hunting : Escape Bullying

Escape Dudley and his gang before they beat you up



A new skill

Because now he learns them straight out of the aether, I guess.


Gets beaten up and humiliated by Dudley and Gang


Pressing yes Harry took off as fast as he could away from Dudley and gang. All too soon he ended up in the alley near the school without a way to escape. Harry could hear the shouting of his pursuers. Looking around he only saw the school roof as the only way to escape, but it was too high for his reach. As the shouting got nearer Harry's heart started pounding hard even though his mind was calm. Closing his eyes he wished he was up there on the school roof. CRACK. A loud cracking sound echoed and Harry's head started spinning. After a moment he cleared up and looked around to find himself on the school rooftop. His attention was drawn to the several windows that appeared one after the other.

Quest Complete!

Harry Hunting



New Skill : Apparition


Harry did nothing more than focus a desire. Boom, desire manifested and he learned how to apparate in the process. He also proved the future is pre-determined, since his quest reward was a fucking prerequisite for completing it. Why don’t you just give Harry the power of wishing hard enough, author? That way you won’t have to waste time with all these skills you pad the story with.

Skill Created!

Apparition Lvl 1 (15%)

The ability to apparate from one location to another

(Luc)% chance of not being splinched/losing your body parts

Cost : 50 MP + 10 MP for every 4 miles

You have discovered your first magical talent, you gained +1 INT and +1 WIS!

At least we won’t have a stat increase for Harry realizing magic is real. I hope.

Harry sat down on the roof to steady his heart rate. Even though his adrenaline was high Harry's mind was working through the new information. 'Apparition is sort of like teleportation only this one is more dangerous if the losing your body part comment is anything to go by. Better to wait a bit more before going anywhere near this skill.' Then he looked at the last message. 'First magical talent? That's a new one. This probably means all the skills that uses a set amount of mana. Damn, I need to increase my MP a lot more if I want to be able to do more magical skills.

Maybe if you think about it some more, you’ll just magically get it. Merlin knows the author is only looking for an excuse.

Let's get out of here before others find out. Don't want my relatives to know more about my freakishness after all.' Harry didn't gain any more points or quest that day.

You have slept in your bed. HP & MP restored to 100%. All negative status effects and ailments have been cured.

The school year came to an end yesterday and today was the beginning of another summer. For Harry, this will be the first summer that he actually enjoys and the one he has been waiting for. The entire school year was used by Harry to grind as many skill points as he could.

Same for me, only it was my teeth.

During that time he only got one more Harry Hunting quest with a 20 XP reward again. He also found another 68 pounds hidden throughout the school. He was proud of all that he achieved. He gained +5 WIS, +4 INT, +12 STR, +14 VIT, +11 DEX and leveled up English to 92, French to 79, Socializing to 7, Cooking to 15 and gardening to 11. Harry reminisced all the new abilities he obtained during the course year.

No, really, you don’t need to, author. We just got the cliff notes version, we don’t need it in full. Please.

By reaching 10 points in VIT you have gained +50 HP!

You will get +50 HP for every 10 points gained in VIT

By reaching 10 points in DEX you have gained an additional +5% to HP regeneration!

You will get +5% to HP regeneration for every 10 points gained in DEX

By reaching another 10 points in INT you have gained +20 MP!

You will get +20 MP for every 10 points gained in INT

And I will get a migraine for each of them.

English Lvl 92 (2%)

You have good English reading skills, can talk it and walk it

92% chance of learning more through reading.

French Lvl 79 (11%)

You have good French reading skills, can talk it and walk it

79% chance of learning more through reading.

[Cooking]'s level has risen!

Cooking Lvl 15 (18%)

Couldn’t he have grinded this one more by, I don’t know, making toast by the loaf?

Gives the ability to cook food. The higher the level the more nourishing the cooked food and lower the wastage of raw ingredients will be.

[Gardening]'s level has risen!

Gardening Lvl 11 (87%)

Gives the ability to grow and maintain beautiful gardens. Higher the level, higher the ability to grow a garden, use fertilizers effectively, etc.

[Observe]'s Level has risen!

Observe Lvl 8 (83%)

By observing a target one gets information about said target

Max HP, MP, status and info

What they are wearing and what they look like might also be included in that.

[Sneaking]'s level has risen!

Sneaking Lvl 6(99%)

The ability to sneak up on somebody or move around unnoticed

25% chance of not getting caught

10% chance of landing a critical strike

[Meditation]'s level has risen!

Meditation Lvl 4 (76%)

The ability to meditate and find inner peace. Meditation helps in effective control of Mana, Mind and Spirit.

[Flirting]'s level has risen!

Flirting Lvl 2 (65%)

Ew! How would a nine-year-old acquire an entire level in flirting? It was the cat again, wasn’t it?

The ability to make girls swoon

(Luc)% chance of the girl being enamored by you

[Martial Arts]'s level has risen!

Martial Arts Lvl 4 (85%)

The ability to use martial arts to defend and attack

20% additional damage using unarmed combat

5% chance of landing a critical strike

[Socializing]'s level has risen!

And yet Harry’s friend pool remains stagnant. Which is weird, because he could exploit the hell out of having a friend to socialize with.

Socializing Lvl 7 (10%)

This is your ability to become Emo or Hero

14% chance of people interacting with you

˃ -2% due to poor clothing

Harry opened his status menu to inspect his status achievements.

Name : Harry James Potter

Race : ?

Title : Elementary Student

Level : 3

Exp : 150/400

HP : 200/200

Having your health measured in a finite number should really be more detrimental than fanfic authors think. Sure, you could probably tank the impact from an oncoming car, but if you could die from having your nose flicked two hundred times, you’d be terrified of something as insignificant as paper cuts.

MP : 100/100

STR : 16

VIT : 18

DEX : 16

INT : 24

WIS : 15

LUC : 3

Status Points : 10

Status : ?

Money : 236 £/ 0ᶃ 0ᶊ 0ᶄ

So, will Harry ever spend this money on anything, or does he just steal everything he wants?

Harry Potter is the son of Lily Potter nee Evans and James Charlus Potter. His family history and past are unknown to him as his parents died when he was just a baby. Harry Potter is a ? and he wants to learn about his past and his parents.

'Now that summer's here I can finally start learning new magical skills and start leveling up all that I do find. Also like last summer, I will have chores all around the neighborhood provided by my dear uncle, hopefully, some of them will turn out to be a quest and give me some exp to level up.'

Nothing makes you a productive member of society more than personal gain.

"Boy come here now" Vernon's voice rang through the house. Harry sighed thinking 'let's see what the whale wants.' "Coming uncle" he called out. Reaching the kitchen he saw his uncle already sitting at the table waiting for him. Not to cause a scene he quickly approached his uncle.

"Listen up boy, summer has started and I don't want to see you lazing around. You have to earn your keep here. I have talked to the neighbors and you will be doing chores for them like last year." Vernon rumbled " And you better do a good job because if I hear one complaint it will be your cupboard and no food for the rest of the summer. Am I clear?"

Wow, Harry surmises the likely outcome of his situation and it happens just as he predicted. Totally necessary for us to read that, it was.

"Yes Uncle Vernon" Harry replied quickly. In his mind, Harry was calculating how to time manage all the chores and his special training and also wondering if he will get any quests.

Okay, now you’re just starting to get repetitive without an excuse, author.

Whatever the case one thing was sure for Harry "It is going to be a long eventful summer this time"


Next chapter Harry's Summer Shenanigans :) )


Pretty typical chapter of this kind of story. You can probably see now why I hate it. It can go for entire chapters like this, showing how wicked awesome and super cool the protagonist’s abilities are; whether he’ll ever use them or not. Summer Shenanigans at least sounds like something will be happening, as opposed to spending an entire chapter staring at repeated popup windows and having the author argue his way into giving his protagonist more stat points.

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Re: Harry Potter : Potter Verse REDUX

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This chapter is a grind. It’s pretty much what happens throughout, too. The author seemingly can’t get enough of it, and it wrecks pretty much all the established laws of reality while doing so. Enjoy.


Chapter 3: Harry's Summer Shennanigans

Kyrin's A/N : Again, just cosmetic changes.

Again, you didn't care about improving the story's quality. You're either lazy or easy to please.


Thanks for the reviews guys. About Harry's Harem all the Harry Potter ladies will be on it first, I will add the other world girls later on as I don't have a good enough plot point to add them this early in the story. But rest assured all will be added.

Once this world has been stripped for all of its harem potential, he'll move on to the next.

About level cap of skills - Skills like language, science etc.. have a level cap of 100 ( I have no clue what the need of 110 level English is) but for other skills there is no level cap.

Because who would want to be limited by what's physically possible or supported by reality, am I right?

Once again all suggestions, remarks, criticism and reviews are welcome.)

Chapter 3

"BOY" His uncle's voice brought Harry out of his musings of what to do in the summer.

It was probably something stupid like saying, “¿Qué pasa?” to a sock puppet over and over again.

"Yes, Uncle Vernon" Harry replied.

"Listen here boy, I'll give you the list of chores for each day before I go to work and you better do them all" Vernon spat "Today you will be working at the Witsher's house; they need help with moving some junk to their shed"

Let me guess, some of this junk is going to be conveniently useful to Harry, right?

"Yes, Uncle Vernon" He replied again before leaving the house. The Witsher's lived some blocks further down the road. He never went there before but he did know their daughter, Jenny, who is few years older than him. She was okay, if being indifferent towards him can be said as okay.

Ringing the doorbell, a petite lady with brown hair and chocolate eyes opened the door and greeted him politely.

"You must be young Harry" Mrs. Witsher smiled "Come on in we have a few boxes to move"

The woman is a capable adult and she has a child of her own, so of course she'd hire the neighborhood delinquent to do the house chores.

"Thank you, Mrs. " Harry answered.

Mrs. Witsher smiled and led him to the several boxes in the living room "You need to move these boxes to the shed in the back, don't rush, take your time"

A quest has been created.

Quest Alert!

Summer Chore : Move those Boxes

Help with moving boxes to the shed







Lose all Summer Quests

Get locked up in cupboard and be starved


Why are these failure outcomes always unnecessary, consequential extremes? And how the hell is moving boxes around worth two hundred xp?

Harry pressed yes and started moving the boxes to the shed he was shown to. After showing the shed, Mrs. Witsher left Harry alone. This allowed him to use Observe on each box. He was able to find several items of worth in those boxes. He got some clothes that fit him but instead of just taking it he decided to ask Mrs. Witsher whether he could take it or not. Other items like a 5 pound note, a treasure map, a skill disk, catnip and an old baseball bat he put it in his inventory without letting anyone know.

Hey, you know what should make you fail a quest? Stealing the property you've been tasked to handle, you kleptomaniac fool! Wait, what the hell is a skill disk? Is that like an audio-skillbook?

Just as he finished moving all boxes, Mrs. Witsher came with a pitcher of Lemonade and offered it to him.

"Thanks, Mrs. Witsher," Harry said thankfully.

"No need, you did good" Mrs. Witsher replied kindly.

Not by any standard I'm aware of.

"Mrs. Witsher in one of the boxes I couldn't help but notice some old clothes, some of them fits me perfectly. If you don't want them I could take it off your hands. You could save some space that way"

"Are you sure? They are Jenny's older brother Mark's old ones. Won't it be too old for you?"

"No worries ma'am, I am okay with it and besides it's wrong to waste things that can be used"

I'm currently reading over ninety thousand words that could have benefited from this advice.

"Alright, take what you like"

[Socializing]'s level has risen!

Socializing Lvl 8 (23%)

This is your ability to become Emo or Hero

16% chance of people interacting with you

Whether he likes it or not? Because that could almost be considered a drawback.

˃ -2% due to poor clothing

Skill Created!

Persuasion Lvl 1 (15%)

The ability to persuade others to your thinking

(5+luc)% chance of persuading others

It doesn't matter if he has good arguments or evidence, it's all luck based. Anyone else see the stupidity, or am I the only one with points in logic?

After taking three pairs of T-shirts and jeans that fit him much more perfectly than Dudley's old castoffs Harry said goodbye to Mrs. Witsher with the promise of helping her out with other chores as well later in the summer.

Quest Complete!

Summer Chore : Move those Boxes



5 £

Treasure Map

Skill Disk Lvl 2

Harry inspected what a skill disk was by clicking on it.

Skill Disk :

Skill disks are used to level any skill that you know by the amount of designated level of the disk.

Hold the fuck up, what?! What the he'll is this? Seriously, what - emphasis W-H-A-T - is this object that this woman had in her family belongings? The Gamer was able to have items spawn when killing monsters, but as far as I know, he did not have the ability to find randomized loot by going through other people's things. On top of that, the items he had spawn were analogous to real world objects; current legal tender, potions that matched highly expensive alchemical mixtures, and skill books that could presumably be read and understood by others. This thing however is an object solely for Harry's use. It has no purpose besides this, and this random family in Little Whinging definitely didn't have a use for it. Fuck, does this mean that the treasure map is an actual treasure map that he can use to get loot, instead of some kid's leftover arts and crafts?! This story just became a lot dumber.

With the day's chores over Harry went to the training spot he had planned, Little Whinging Public Park. After finding a secluded spot under a tree, Harry decided to meditate on what to try out first. He thought of all the different heroes he had seen Dudley and his friends played as - Warriors, Mages, Rouges and many more. For Harry throwing around fireballs and summoning, monsters looked cooler. So with that he decided to try creating fireballs.

For creating fireball, first he decided to get in touch with his mana so that he can easily understand and feel the flow of mana.

For making the right decision without having any prior experience, Harry can cram another +1 WIS up his ass.

With that Harry turned his meditation deeper. After an hour Harry was able to feel his mana. Something didn't feel right as he felt a block in his mana. Deciding to worry about it later he opened his eyes to start creating fireball.

Are we really going there? Are we really going to retread the fanfic cliché of "Dumbledore putting inhibitors on Harry's magic to control him better"? And here I thought you couldn't become more unoriginal, author.

Still sitting in his meditative state Harry opened his palm facing up and started channeling mana into it. The knowledge he acquired in science helped him in picturing the air compressing and generating heat, the oxygen in the air ready to burn and crackle - a bright orange red ball of fire was dancing in his open palm. Harry quickly threw it at a nearby stone and it fizzled out leaving a scorch mark on it.

And he instantly performed the feat without a hitch. Remember, kids; if at first you don't succeed, then you're not a Marty Stu.

Skill Created!

Fireball Lvl 1 (88%)

The ability to throw fireballs at a target

(50+INT) damage

Cost : 50 MP

Harry smiled at the blue screen even though he was feeling drained. Closing it he decided to meditate while his MP recharge and when its back to full create another fireball and then repeat the process again.

Sure, burn down the entire park while you're at it. I'm sure no one will notice the human flamethrower casually breaking the wizarding statute of secrecy.

Two hours of training later Harry decide to call it a day and head back home. He was able to level Fireball to 3 and meditation to 7. When he reached his relative's house he saw his aunt was once again in front of the TV. Seeing Harry she ordered him to start making dinner. It was fine for Harry as he was able to make more than necessary and store them all in his inventory. After finishing dinner he got to bed with a sense of accomplishment.

Every day for the rest of the week Harry received a list of chores to do, but unlike his first quest he didn't get any exp for doing them. Instead he got small monetary reward and a level up in Socializing skill making it to level 9. He was able to gather an amount of 75 pounds throughout the week.

Plus whatever the pilfering pyromaniac could help himself to while no one was looking, I'm sure.

Today was Sunday, with no chores to do today Harry hastily made it to his training spot to start grinding his fireball skill. He worked at it all day quickly leveling it up to level 5.

And no one spotted him during all this? In a public park? On a Sunday?!

[Fireball]'s level has risen!

Fireball Lvl 5 (47%)

The ability to throw fireballs at a target

(55+INT) damage

Cost : 45 MP

'It seems for every 5 levels I get an increase of 5 additional damage as well as a reduction of 5 MP cost'

I'm still a bit miffed by this skill progression. Not just that it's so easy for Harry, but that he can do it at all. Mind you, he hasn't learned Fireball; he essentially invented it. If he wanted to shoot lightning from his ass, all he would have to do is try, and it would become a new skill. How is this considered acceptable logic?!

Harry was walking back towards his relatives house when he saw the Sunday market closing up, this pulled a thought in his mind. 'I haven't checked what I have in my inventory. I might be able to sell all the unwanted junk in the Sunday market and also buy some things as well'.

Unwanted junk that he's been stealing from other people. What a nice kid Harry is.

Harry was immersed in his thoughts that he didn't see a distraught Mrs. Figg, or the cat lady as he dubbed her, in his path until he was about to collide with her. Luckily he didn't and seeing how distracted she was he decided to enquire about.

"Good evening Mrs. Figg. Is everything alright?"

"Oh, hello Harry " Mrs. Figg replied sadly "I am afraid not, Snoocky had a litter few days back, and this morning all the liters vanished into the blue.

Maybe they formed into gallons and that’s why you can't find them?

If you happen to come across them, would you please bring them back? I'd really appreciate it. They are quite vocal, so listen to find them. See you around Harry and you better get back home, it's getting quite late" With that Mrs. Figg turned back to her house.

A quest has been created.

Quest Alert!

Cat tamer : Catch those Kittens

Help Mrs. Figg to get her kittens back (10)


50 xp for each kitten captured


A heartbroken Mrs. Figg


A fetch quest? Skip!

Seeing Mrs. Figg sad Harry felt sad as well. Even though he never liked all the cats that made their home at her house, she did agree to take him in whenever his relatives wanted to be rid of him for a few days. Besides she was always kind to him and taught him how to cook cookies and gave him some story books she had. Harry pressed yes, happy that he can repay her kindness in some way.

It totally wasn't that sweet, sweet xp that won him over, no siree.

Some more days went by and Harry hasn't found any kittens nor did he get any quest with exp reward. Today he was walking towards the Miltons house, something about planting a garden.

He rung the bell and the door was opened by a kind faced man.

"Welcome, you must be the young man who have been helping around the neighborhood eh?"

"The Dursleys' slave boy, right? They really know how to pick them."

Mr. Milton asked with a smile as he motioned him to come inside.

"Thank you sir, I just do what I can and besides some give me pocket money as well" Harry replied while entering the house. The house was very much more homely than the Dursley's.

"No need to thank me lad and an honest one too" Mr. Milton laughed

I’m rather tempted to laugh myself.

"I need the help of someone with a lot of energy that these old bones don't have any more," Mr. Milton said flexing his arms.

Harry had started wearing the clothes he got from Mrs. Witsher so his Socializing skill no longer had negative points.

Suddenly a screen popped up making Harry smile.

He does that a lot, actually. At what socializing level does he get more emotes?

A quest has been created.

Quest Alert!

Summer Chore : Green Thumbs

Help in planting a garden





Get locked up in cupboard and be starved

By the Dursleys or by Mr. Milton? I feel that is a valid question.


Harry quickly pressed yes as he finally got a quest with exp reward. After giving Harry some instructions Mr. Milton left Harry to his own devices.

For the next few hours, Harry worked in the garden planting trees, shrubs, flowers and pruning them. The day was hot and it had Harry sweating bullets like crazy. The Miltons' were a nice bunch, they gave Harry water and let him take rest and provided sandwiches as lunch. Some of which he discreetly put in inventory.

Why not just pocket the silverware while you're at it?

It took Harry all day to finish the work in garden and complete the Quest. By doing this he gained +1 STR, VIT and DEX and his gardening leveled to 15.

"Good work Harry, thanks for helping out," Mr. Milton told him as Harry was leaving "I might have some more work for you, if you are interested that is?"

"Definitely Mr. Milton" Harry nodded "I'll be happy to help out"

"Excellent, here is something for your trouble," Mr. Milton said handing him 10 pounds "You earned it"

"Thank you sir" Harry replied happily "See you around"

Quest Complete!

Summer Chore : Green Thumbs



10 £

That's what needed to be a mystery reward? Money? Remind me not to get excited for the next one.

You have leveled up by 1

Harry quickly pulled his status menu

Name : Harry James Potter

Race : ?

Title : Elementary Student

Level : 4

Exp : 450/800

HP : 200/200

HP regen : 10%(200) = 20 HP/min

MP : 100/100

MP regen : 10%(100) = 10 MP/min

STR : 17

VIT : 19

DEX : 17

INT : 24

WIS : 15

LUC : 3

Status Points : 15

Status : ?

Money : 326 £/ 0ᶃ 0ᶊ 0ᶄ

Harry Potter is the son of Lily Potter nee Evans and James Charlus Potter. His family history and past are unknown to him as his parents died when he was just a baby. Harry Potter is a ? and he wants to learn about his past and his parents.

Seeing 15 status point he decided to put 7 in LUC, as it can't be grinded, making it 10.

So much for that wise decision of saving those points for emergencies.

Closing the status menu Harry walked back to his relative's house. On the way he heard some noise. Harry stopped and listened, 'There it is a mewling sound. It must be one of Mrs. Figg's.' Harry quickly moved towards the alley from which he heard the sound. And sure enough on one of the dumpsters was a mewling mess. Just as he was about to give chase Harry got an idea. Looking through his Inventory 'Yes, there it is' he took out the catnip and reached towards the kitten. The kitten jumped to Harry without much hesitation. As soon as Harry's hand wrapped around the kitten it vanished in a small white light. 'What the ... ?'


Quest Item Obtained!

1/10 Kittens

"Of course, just as in a game it automatically put quest items in your inventory. SWEET!

Sweet?! A sentient creature was just vanished into limbo!

To get a quest item all I need is to touch the item in the least case or grab it in the worst case and bam it's in my inventory, this will be very useful" Harry said delightedly as he put the catnip back in his inventory. 'Wait, if I can store a cat in my inventory does that mean I can store any living thing in there? Even Humans?'

It entirely depends on what can be considered quest items. Usually, this would mean collectibles that could feasibly fit in your inventory. That would not include people. They are for escort missions. Terrible, terrible escort missions.

Harry stood there in amazement and realized the power he held was way more powerful than he first thought. Grabbing hold of his runaway mind Harry resumed his walk back. 'This needs to be checked out, but not today or tomorrow, might as well leave it now until I have more power and maneuverability before biting off more than I can chew' and on that note he went to sleep.

You have slept in your bed. HP & MP restored to 100%.

As if his ridiculous regen rate wouldn't fix that within ten minutes. Because it literally would.

All negative status effects and ailments have been cured.

Once again it was Sunday. Last few days went without getting any exp reward quest other than the one he got from Mr. Milton.

I would have asked what Harry then spent all that time on, but then I remembered that I don't care.

Today Harry planned to go to the Sunday Market to buy some clothes for himself and sell all his Dudley castoffs. He also wanted to see what all is there. After finishing his morning routine Harry went straight there.

In a few minutes time he reached the Sunday market.

Location Discovered : Surrey Sunday Shop

This would make a bit more sense if Harry had a map to mark the location on. Wait, please don't give him one, it’ll probably just allow him to fast travel!

Shops :

Shops are location where you can buy or sell goods. You can either do so in the traditional way of taking things off the shelf or by using the command 'Shop' inside the store. The 'Shop' command will bring a menu showing all the goods in the shop, which can be sorted criteria-wise. You can buy or sell in the 'Shop' menu as well.

'That's to be expected since it is a game world after all.' Harry though as he walked into a second hand shop.

But this is the real world, or what counts as it now! How much of reality was broken by that Ley lines crap? The Gamer still takes place in the real world, it's just the protagonist that interacts with it, as if it was a video game. But here Harry is basically the protagonist of reality, the world existing solely to be interacted with by him. To anyone who is now an NPC, this is a confusing, existential nightmare!

'Let's do it the traditional way and see if I can haggle the price as in the real world' With that in mind he started browsing the store.

Most of the items were furniture, toys, and other knick knacks. But soon he found dumbbells, weights and weight bands. They were priced at 35 pounds together. Harry wanted to buy it as he could use them to exercise daily and increase his status. So he engaged the shopkeeper about them.

Maybe you should engage in some actual human conversation, author.

"They are top notch," said the seller

"I'll give you 20 pounds for them," Harry said "They are a bit rusty and unclean"

"20? No deal" Seller replied angrily " 30 pounds"

"Look they are a bit rough around edges and you see it is quite old, 22" Harry countered.

"25 is my last offer" the man replied

"Deal" Harry bought it quickly before the man changed his mind.

At no point does the faceless and nameless seller question what a ten-year-old needs dumbbells for. Or realize he can just deny the haggling attempt. Will anything ever not go Harry's way?

He was happy to save 10 pounds. And his Persuasion skill has leveled up by two.

"That sure is a useful skill to have," Harry said putting what he bought into his inventory "I need to remember to level it up"

Ask random people on the street to tell you the time, you'll grind that effortlessly. You're welcome.

With the help of his skill Harry was able to buy a pair of sneakers, some clothes and a skill book on sword fighting and another on martial arts for a total of 185 pounds. He also sold all his possessions of Dudley castoffs at 32 pounds. Overall it was a nice haul and his Persuasion skill was now Level 5.

After finishing shopping, he used the skill books he bought to level those particular skills by 1 each and went to the park to train his Fireball skill. Leveling it up to 7 Harry called it a day and went back to his relative's house.

I feel like I'm grinding levels in trying not to get tired of this shit. Can we move on to the plot? The main quest, if you will?

The next few weeks of summer went pretty much the same for Harry. He received his daily quest from his uncle and completed them quickly so as to work on his own things. He managed to acquire another 120 pounds through his daily quests throughout the rest of the summer.

And since it's not mentioned, I guess he didn't bother to look for more kittens. How long is videogame logic going to let those cats survive in misery on the street?

After buying the training equipment, Harry had started to wear the weight bands all the time. He also incorporated working with the dumbbells and weights along with his Fireball training. This training regimen resulted in Harry gaining +6 in STR, +3 in VIT and +4 in DEX. Also his Fireball skill has become level 14 now.

By reaching 10 points in VIT you have gained +50 HP!

You will get +50 HP for every 10 points gained in VIT

By reaching 10 points in DEX you have gained an additional +5% to HP regeneration!

You will get +5% to HP regeneration for every 10 points gained in DEX

And by reaching 20 points in Apathy, I'm not going to give a fuck.

Harry was able to go to the Surrey Public library on one of his off days. He grinded his English and French skills to 100, Physics to 35, Chemistry to 30, Biology to 38, Basic Calculus to 63 and Basic Geometry to 58. Also found some more skill books on sword fighting and martial arts increasing them by two levels each. All this gave him +2 INT and +2 WIS.

By reaching 25 points in INT you have gained a perk!

Well Read : Gives you 25% boost in learning

Because he should have an easier time doing what he already does effortlessly.

Perks :

Perks gives you permanently enhanced abilities and access to abilities you would not normally have. You will get a perk at every 5 levels as well as for every 25 points in a status. You will also gain perks by completing certain objectives or actions. You can access it through 'Perks' menu.

Now Harry was able to read books and understand them faster than normal. It certainly gave him a little boost in grinding INT.

There were three things that happened in summer that can be considered as milestones or even turning points in Harry's life.

You mean aside from turning the entire world into his personal playground?

The first one was the day of his birthday were he woke up to an amazing birthday present, which truthfully was his first true birthday present in all the 10 years of his life.

You have slept in your bed. HP & MP restored to 100%. All negative status effects and ailments have been cured.

Congratulation! It's your Birthday!

You have gained 1 level up!


Fucking hell, in how many ways is the author going to shoehorn in unearned stat boosts for his protagonist?! It's bad enough that the entire world has been turned into a solipsistic joyride, but actual videogames have challenges and limitations. This world the author has Harry beta testing is without any. Every rule and mechanic caters directly to pleasing or empowering Harry in some way. It's an endless parade of reward, the author tirelessly abusing every minor accomplishment as an excuse to vicariously improve upon his escapism avatar. Step by effortless step, Harry is becoming a super powered demi-god, and the only challenge he has had on this pedantic road of wish fulfillment is deciding on his stat distribution. Fuck this story!

You reached level 5! You get to choose a Perk!

Warriors Call : Gives you 20% additional STR

Mages Spirit : Gives you 20% additional INT

Rogues Will : Gives you 20% additional DEX

After some thought he decided to take Mages Spirit since it will increase his INT and thereby his MP.

By reaching 10 points in INT you have gained +20 MP!

You will get +20 MP for every 10 points gained in INT

Name : Harry James Potter

Race : ?

Title : Elementary Student

Level : 5

Exp : 450/1600

HP : 300/300

HP regen : 15% (300) = 45 HP/min

MP : 140/140

MP regen : 10%(140) = 14 MP/min

STR : 23

VIT : 22

DEX : 21

INT : 26 + (20%) = 30.2

WIS : 17

LUC : 10

Status Points : 13

Status : ?

Money : 268 £/ 0ᶃ 0ᶊ 0ᶄ

Harry Potter is the son of Lily Potter nee Evans and James Charlus Potter. His family history and past are unknown to him as his parents died when he was just a baby. Harry Potter is a ? and he wants to learn about his past and his parents.

The second one was when he completed his quest from Mrs. Figg and went to her to give her the kittens.

I appreciate that we didn't have to see him collect every single kitten. I hate that we weren't given the notion that Harry even paid attention to completing the quest. I loathe that the world now functions on videogame logic that would allow for Harry to have no urgency in rescuing lost, starving, and imperiled creatures.

Yes, he gained 500xp for the quest but that's not it. While she thanked him profusely Harry used Observe, which was level 12, on Mrs. Figg and one of the cats, which turned out to be something else, there.

Arabella Figg - Squib - Lvl 16

HP : 350/350

MP : 35/35

STR : 8

VIT : 12

DEX : 5

INT : 15

WIS : 32

LUC : 5

Arabella Figg is an old squib who loves her Kneazles. She is here to watch over Harry Potter on the order of Albus Dumbledore.

I vote to rename 'Observe' to 'Spoiler Vision'.

Snoocky - Half Kneazle - Lvl 2

HP : 65/65

MP : 4/4

STR : 4

VIT : 3

DEX : 18

INT : 1

WIS : 1

LUC : 9

Snokey is a Half-Kneazle. She loves Mrs. Figg, fish and cat nip.

'Squib, Kneazle what is all this?

Arbitrarily provided information, which might as well have been replaced with her favorite brand of tea or what she does in her spare time. The only reason Observe is giving this plot relevant information, is because the author wants it to.

If she is here to watch over me, then why hasn't she done anything? No that's not right she has helped me as much as she can. Who is this Albus Dumbledore? Is he the reason why I am stuck with my relatives?' Suffice to say Harry was left with a lot of questions and not a lot of answers. He realized that there are many secrets around him and so vowed to be more observant of his surroundings and people. Harry put it in the back of his mind for further investigation.

Why not do it now? Is asking Mrs. Figg about it not part of her dialog tree?

The third and last experience was one which he will never forget in his life. Even thinking about caused steam and a nosebleed to form in his mind.

Oh no. This soon? Really?!

Harry had finished his daily chores earlier than usual, as such he was taking a leisurely stroll to the park. That was when he stumbled upon weird noises coming from the Polkiss house. He was curious as to what it was since it was the house of one of his tormentors, Piers Polkiss. Then a weird quest with a lot of xp points appeared.

A quest has been created.

Quest Alert!

Summer Bonus : Peeping Tom

Sneak to the Polkiss house and find out what the weird noise is



500xp for not being caught

1000xp and new skills for watching the whole thing


Get locked up in prison

Become a prude


Basically; live out the author's deviant fantasies, or else! And of course the effects of failure are so extreme, and the rewards so great, that he has no choice but to do it. Railroading at its finest.

Like any game addicted boy Harry quickly pressed yes and made his way to the back of the house where the kitchen was. His level 7 Sneaking helped him a lot in reaching his destination without being caught, which resulted in leveling his Sneaking skill to level 9.

Isn't this so much more exciting, than simply knowing Harry has had a lot of practice? Numbers and names makes everything better!

The moment he peeped inside to find out what was going on was the first time his Gamer's Mind ability worked over time. Inside Mrs. Polkis, a curvaceous blonde and blue eyed lady, was being rammed into by the milkman. This was the first act of fucking that Harry witnessed.

He's ten. No shit, you freaky creep.

Harry was stuck watching the whole thing partially because of the huge xp reward if he did so and partially because of the shock and other boat load of emotions that that particular act of passion invoked in him. Needless to say Harry didn't need to have 'The Talk' anymore.

Probably not ‘the talk’ but certainly ‘a talk with a psychiatrist’. How the hell would he know that sex makes babies, though?

You have leveled up by 1

Ignoring this and many other messages that appeared after completing the quest Harry stoically made his way to his tree in the park and tried to meditate. Tried being the key word. Because of his gamer ability all of what he watched was ingrained in him automatically. That day no training was done by a dazed Harry.

An actual setback for the protagonist? Say it isn't so! No, really, what benefit does he reap instead?

When he came back home Harry had come to terms with it and found it to be quite informative. He checked all the new skills he got due to it.

Skill Created!

Sex Lvl 6 (28%)

The ability to do various sexual actions and make your partner a mewling mess

Your libido - Half an hour for every 4 VIT

5% towards orgasm of partner

6% chance of partner wanting another go with you

Skill Created!

Fucking Lvl 5 (56%)

The ability to fuck someone

10% chance of orgasm

8% chance of finding the G-Spot

Skill Created!

Anal Lvl 2 (88%)

The ability to sodomize someone

12% chance of orgasm

Skill Created!

Oral sex Lvl 8 (61%)

The ability to please a women using your mouth

20% chance of orgasm

10% chance of finding the G-Spot

Are you fucking kidding me?! Harry plays voyeur for about ten minutes, hasn't even discovered what masturbation is yet, and now he's a fully capable sex partner with leveled skills?! Again, from simply thinking about it for a bit?! Author, I'm sorry to be the one to tell you, but this isn't what counts as sexual experience.

Harry closed them all and went to sleep with only one thought "How the hell could she bend like that?" and a very detailed images of the encounter in his mind that night.

Thinking on all that he achieved this summer Harry checked his status menu.

Name : Harry James Potter

Race : ?

Title : Elementary Student

Level : 6

Exp : 1350/3000

HP : 350/350

HP regen : 15% (350) = 52.5 HP/min

MP : 160/160

MP regen : 10%(160) = 16 MP/min

STR : 23

VIT : 22

DEX : 21

INT : 26 + (20%) = 30.2

WIS : 17

LUC : 10

Status Points : 18

Status : ?

Money : 268 £/ 0ᶃ 0ᶊ 0ᶄ

Harry Potter is the son of Lily Potter nee Evans and James Charlus Potter. His family history and past are unknown to him as his parents died when he was just a baby. Harry Potter is a ? and he wants to learn about his past and his parents.

But he doesn't want it enough to be proactive about it.

'All things considered it was quite the eventful summer' Harry sighed 'And from tomorrow onwards back to school, that means back to basic grinding. Oh well one step at a time I guess' With hopes and thoughts filled about the future Harry went to sleep.


Next chapter Back to School will be posted by Saturday the latest. Oh I put the LUC of Snoocky as 9 to represent the nine lives of a cat :P)

You sacrificed the integrity of your already loosely defined stat system in order to make a pun, instead of increasing said stat in order to explain the nine lives thing. You never waste an opportunity to disappoint, do you?


Not content with utilizing the wish fulfillment of the chosen crossover, the author is beginning to draw in other tired clichés into this mess. Suppressed powers, archetypical strength training of most anime series, and then suddenly sex is thrown into the mix. It’s going from bad to worse. It’s never the opposite, I’ve noticed.

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Re: Harry Potter : Potter Verse REDUX

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Yet another chapter, yet another long, meticulous grind of Harry amassing more power. Because that’s what it’s all about in the end, what the crossover facilitates through its injection of game mechanics meant to provide a positive feedback loop of enjoyment. Too bad that enjoyment is consumed by the author on writing it and doesn’t exist past that point. Enjoy.


Chapter 4: Back To School

Kyrin's A/N : Again just cosmetic changes.

As in changing the font size, or as in changing actual elements of the story? The definitions in this fanfic are already vague as fuck, your nonsense isn’t helping.


This is my first time writing a fic, so Grammar mistakes, forced sentences etc. will be more common. Also I don't have a beta. So please forgive the inconvenience. Of course I will strive to be better but it will be a slow process.

I am just writing a story on an idea I got reading all the fics that I mentioned. There are even some parts that are influenced by those fics as well.

Cause leading to effect. Who would have imagined?

Hope you guys won't mind it too much. Thanks.

( I am actually wondering if even my AN has such mistakes :D )

Maybe you should spend less time wondering, and spend more time fixing the missing commas in your author’s note for the first chapter.

The sewer - rats idea was given to me by Calebros, thanks again mate.

All suggestions, remarks, criticism and reviews are welcome.)

Chapter 4

You have slept in your bed. HP & MP restored to 100%. All negative status effects and ailments have been cured.


Oh, you too?

The first two to three months of Harry's school days can be accurately described in that one word. Grinding for INT and WIS has come to an all-time low as he only got +1 INT and +2 WIS. The classes taught are so far behind that only his Gamer's Mind ability kept him awake and acting normal in them. Thankfully not all the grinding was same. He was able to grind +4 STR, +3 VIT, and +4 DEX. The P.E. section helped in that regard.

I wonder how the author runs the math for these stat increases. You think he follows a progression formula, or that he’s trying to say that public education sucks?

After facing months of boredom Harry realized the cause - Dungeons. 'That's what I missed, this is a game and what better way is there to spend time other than defeating dungeons and gaining rewards? But where do I find one? It's not like there is a place with a sign saying Dungeon Here.'


This is what happens, when you write a story set in a location you have no knowledge about.

Having got a goal, Harry started researching possible Dungeon locations.

In games, dungeons are usually in Forests, Castles, Mountains and Ruins. The only thing that's close to having a dungeon that he could check out immediately was the Surrey Forest, which was a quarter a day's trip from his relative's house.

As opposed to any of the dozen or so actual castles or ruins that are located in Surrey? Author, you are aware that this story takes place in England, right?!

'Well, at least I do have one possible dungeon location. Will have to find a way to go and check it out without raising the suspicion of my relatives.' Harry mused 'Hm isn't Dudley's birthday in summer. They always leave me alone to go do something for Dudley. Yes, that would be the perfect opportunity.'

With a course of action set Harry decided to check the History books and maps of London, specifically those around his immediate surroundings, that could double as a dungeon. The history books he mainly used to find out whether there were any ruins worthy of being a dungeon. Harry spent the entirety of his free time raiding the school library for this.

History books? These things are local tourist attractions. His history class should have been all over this already.

Harry picked five ruins that stood out as best to him:

1. The ruined 12th-century church at Reculver that lies on the Kent coast in southeast England.

2. The ruins of Ardvreck Castle in the far northwest of the Scottish Highland.

3. The 15th-century St Mary's Church which is in the middle of a small wood, in a forgotten part of Norfolk, in East England.

4. The 13th-century Kilchurn Castle which is surrounded by mountains in the West of Scotland, near Glasgow.

5. Raglan Castle, a large medieval castle located in southeast Wales, 15th-century ruin.

In other words, Harry will be travelling all over the continent, rather than explore readily available sites within the Surrey county. Has the author never been to a European country before? Not every historical ruin is in some remote, obscure location. Most of them just complicate urban development, really.

Of course, this didn't mean he could just grab a cab and go there to search for dungeons like a possessed kid. No, he noted these down and put it in his inventory so as to explore these when the chance arrived, which will probably take some years. That didn't mean Harry was out of options for dungeons for the foreseeable future. He took out the map of Surrey and went through it to find those ruins or dungeon possible places which are easily reached, within an hour or two from town, using a cab or otherwise in a trekking distance.

Oh, so now he looks for local ones? Why didn’t he do that to begin with, instead of setting himself goals he won’t reach for years?!

By checking through the maps Harry found eight ruins that are close to Surrey:

1. Waverly Abbey, a 12th-century ruin 2 miles southeast of the town center.

Castle also a 12th-century ruin, this was the farthest one.

Looking up the original story by Mateos, this was supposed to say Farnham Castle. Cosmetic changes, huh?

3. NewarkPriory, 2 miles east of town.

4. Guildford Castle in Guildford, Surrey.

5. Arbinger Castle which is in between Guildford and Dorking.

6. Betchworth Castle in Mole, Surrey. It was 1.2 miles from Dorking railway station.

7. Bletchingley Castle which was south of the village of Bletchingley in Surrey.

8. Reigate Castle in the town of Reigate, Surrey.

Harry promptly made a list of them as well and put it in his inventory for later perusal. 'I could do one or two dungeon checks during summer. Under the right conditions it won't be too much of a hassle' Harry mentally noted 'So much to do, can't wait for school to end and summer to start.

You mean the summer that ended last chapter? What the fuck kind of calendar does this world use now?

I need to level up more and create two or three magical attacks other than Fireball if I am going to brave the dungeons. Also, I totally forgot about defense. Better develop a good defensive skill as well'

The rest of the school days was spent by exploring the entire school compound trying to find a place where he could train without interruption. During these exploration, Harry received two more Harry Hunting quest giving him 40 XP. During the quest, he tripped and had a nasty fall. Luckily the Gamer's Body skill avoided any scars or bruises. He got a new skill Physical endurance for that little stunt. Also, he learned that eating foods and drinking water, juice or milk restores 50 HP and MP for each item eaten.

Because at no point up until now did he ever get so much as a bruise, I guess. And what a delightfully vague definition for restoratives – a flat recovery value for an unspecified volume of consumption. How wonderful for Harry to have yet another thing to assist his already absurd regen bonuses.

Skill Created!

Physical Endurance Lvl 1 (15%)

The ability to take less damage and increase your body durability

3% less damage from physical attack

Harry quickly realized that he can increase the level of physical endurance by taking some body damage. He grinded it to level 10 by being the target for dodgeball for P.E. and falling on the mat in the gym. Harry was really grateful that he had at least one defensive skill.

He should be more grateful that the author thinks pain is trivial.

By getting each STR, VIT, and DEX to 25, Harry got three new perks.

By reaching 25 points in STR you have gained a perk!

Force Punch : Gives you 50% additional STR for physical attacks.

By reaching 25 points in VIT you have gained a perk!

Iron Skin : Gives 20% additional HP and 5% to Physical Endurance.

By reaching 25 points in DEX you have gained a perk!

Shadows Embrace : Gives you the ability to blend into the shadows thereby removing your presence and hiding among them. Only enemies with 30 levels higher than you can detect you.

Are you for real? A perk that prevents anyone not thirty levels higher than you from spotting you in the dark at a measly 25 DEX? At least I hope darkness is needed for it to work, because otherwise this perk will be more broken than my suspension of disbelief.

During one of his explorations, Harry stumbled upon the boiler room where he promptly got a new quest. Harry was checking the room when he came upon the janitor, who triggered the quest.

"What are you doing here kid?" the janitor asked.

"Just checking the room out Mr. Why is there a problem?" Harry replied carefully.

You’re not supposed to be there, maybe?

"Problem? Of course, there is. Those stinking no good rats are the problem. No matter what I do they just come back again and again. It's like there is no end to them. You better stay away, kid, or they might swarm you" and with that, the janitor went out.

Hopefully to find some rat poison to deal with the school’s clear violation of health code. But then that would be a logical progression of events, and that was about the first thing that died when Harry wished for personal gratification.

But Harry wasn't looking at the door instead he was studying the new quest that appeared.

A quest has been created.

Quest Alert!

Raterminator : Exterminate those rats

Exterminate all the rats in the boiler room



+5xp for each rat killed






Get rat poisoned and possible death


Never mind that Harry wasn’t asked to do anything about the rats. It’s something that he can exploit for personal gain, so I’m honestly wondering why the author still includes the choice.

Normally Harry would have easily jumped in, but he decided to be smart about it before accepting the quest and check whether he was ready to face a swarm of rats since it will be the first time he attacked something as part of a quest.

"My level is 6, I have 420 HP and 160 MP with 16 MP/min and 63 HP/min regen. My physical attack is 40.5 due to my new perk. Fireball is level 14 making its damage 92.4 with a cost of 40 MP. Alright let's do this thing" Harry said pressing yes.

Unless the entire gamification of reality has empowered regular animals to be as threatening as medieval fantasy vermin, I don’t think this requires a human flame thrower.

As soon as he pressed yes, an archway appeared before him leading to a sewer tunnel.


Equipping the old baseball bat with 25 damage bonus Harry entered the tunnel.

The tunnel was like entering another world entirely than the one he just came from. Dark tiles lined the entirety of the tunnel. It was dim and grimy. There were splotches of water here and there. In the silence, Harry could hear the occasional splash of water drops.

What is this utter nonsense? Harry was tasked with removing the rats in the boiler room. The place he was already at. What the fuck does this spontaneously appearing sewer system have to do with any of this?! Harry is at school. A physical building of modern design. It doesn’t just materialize a sewer dungeon because a ten-year-old decided he wanted to play exterminator. The janitor undoubtedly has no association with it either, so it only exists because the author doesn’t have a clue of how logic works. The rats are causing problems in the real world, not some esoteric plane of existence conjured by Harry’s videogame abilities – so this random dungeon shit is just plain idiotic. Furthermore, why would Harry even need to go to ancient ruins to find dungeons, when they can just spontaneously materialize whenever the-powers-that-be decides to throw Harry a new quest?!

It seemed that the tunnel had four sections or outlets, each some meters apart. There was a low light, which Harry couldn't figure out where it came from, that covered the tunnel making it at least traversable.

Harry moved with grace provided by his DEX stat. Suddenly there was a muffled squeaking sound. He quickly moved to the edge of the turn he was coming upon and used his sneaking skill and Shadows Embrace to get rid of his presence from whatever was around the corner. He found a single rat and used Observe.

Rat - Pest - Lvl 2

HP : 10/10

MP : N/A

STR : 2

VIT : 2

DEX : 4

INT : 1

WIS : 1

Just a stupid rat, what more do you want?

Creative writing that would have made the previous eight lines more than wasted space.

Harry ignored the snarky tune of his Observe and quickly dispatched the rat, it was easy since one hit from him caused 65.5 damage. As he started moving further in, he encountered groups of 4-5 rats instead of the occasional single one. He started to get rid of the groups quickly as he didn't want to be swarmed by them, even if they were low-level monsters.

Rats. Monsters. Not animals. Yeah, I think the author has well and truly lost his brain in the nonsense department, and he’s never getting it back.

He was making a lot of progress this way, though there didn't seem to be an end to them.

Harry cleared three sewer outlets before entering the last one. He lost count of how many rats he killed up till now. The rats also got more and more aggressive and evasive as he worked towards the last room. In the room before he wasn't able to sneak up on any group of rats. They tried to outnumber him by joining with other groups of rats nearby. He used his speed to kill them before they had a chance. Even though it appeared that the commotion attracted the other groups of rat, Harry had the distinct feeling that they were signaling each other.

Because we can’t have the protagonist be so incompetent as to not know, when there is something fishy going on, even if he’s had no prior experience with anything in his current situation.

The last room was a bit bigger and darker than the rest, making it difficult see all the way to the end, Harry moved cautiously towards the far end. Suddenly he heard a large amount of squeaking from the front. He promptly threw a FireBall towards the sound. "Oh hell," Harry exclaimed. It was a large mischief of rats, possibly hundreds of them. Harry quickly started smashing his bat, THWACK, THWACK, THWACK, THWACK. Getting frustrated by the onslaught, which was more of a nuisance than anything,

Having them be a threat would make this less exciting, I guess.

"Ah to hell with it. Fireball" Harry said putting all his mana into the attack.

Putting such an amount of mana into the attack caused it to create a new skill. Harry ignored the new message that appeared as he torched the rats with a torrent of flame. The smell of burned flesh permeated the room as the onslaught ended after a few minutes. Harry leaned against the wall totally spent. Even though he didn't lose much HP it was truly exhausting as he lost almost all his MP.

Critical Damage!

-100 HP

"What the ..?" Harry quickly looked at the weight that suddenly attached to his leg. On his leg was a 4 foot long ugly dark brown rat with black beady eyes and whiskers.

Does Harry even feel pain anymore? At this point, I’m not sure if I’m to question the story’s reliance on game mechanics or the author’s failings as a writer – even if they are one and the same.

"Stupid THWACK mutant THWACK rat. THWACK Let THWACK the fuck THWACK go!" Harry screamed as he hit the thing with his baseball bat. Hitting it lose and kicking it to the other side he quickly used Observe on the monstrosity.

Rat - Boss of Sewer - Lvl 6

HP : 72.5/400

MP : N/A

STR : 15

VIT : 5

DEX : 8

INT : 2

WIS : 1

The Boss rat, also known as boss of the sewer. Boss rat was born from a normal stinky rat but due to is contact with biowaste and chemical X he grew in size and strength. After becoming the boss rat of all rats, he ruled the sewers with an iron fist from his Waste Throne. "No rat can play the Game of Sewers" is his motto.

This is what your story has become, author? Your boring imaginings of contrived game mechanics overlaid with forced pop culture references in a feeble attempt at humor? I know this is far too late for me to ask you this, but please stop.

Reward : 1500xp

"Seriously?"Harry said. Just then the Boss rat jumped towards Harry. He moved out of the way. Thus Harry and the Boss Rat started to fight, with Harry mainly avoiding its attacks and the boss rat jumping, scratching, and squeaking along the fight.

Harry was spent, he was low on MP and it will take some minutes for it to get to a level where he can use a magical attack.

Isn’t this exactly the time he would use some of the food from his inventory? Or is he going to violate Chekov’s Gun as well as my low expectations?

Suddenly he heard the angry squeak of the boss rat and looked up to see it jumping towards his head. Exhausted and frustrated instead of moving out of the way again, with the help of his DEX stat, Harry pulled a solid hit on its face with all his strength screaming loudly and breaking the baseball bat in the process.

I don’t recall you mentioning anything about an equipment durability system, author.

Skill Created!

Critical Strike Lvl 1 (23%)

The ability to do critical damage to an enemy

25% additional damage to attacks

27 + (50%) + 25 = 65.5

65.5 + (25%) = 81.875 Damage inflicted

With that attack, the boss rat disappeared. "Well that was anticlimactic," Harry said while he relaxed seeing the messages that appeared.

It’s your world now, Harry. If your kills don’t explode in confetti or gushes of blood, then it’s your own fault.

Quest Complete!

Raterminator : Exterminate those rats



5 x 500 = 2500 XP


Skill Disk Lvl 3

Skill Book

50 £

You have leveled up by 1!

With the quest now over Harry started collecting the loot. There was a wooden chest at the end of the boss room at the foot of what appeared to be the boss rat's waste throne. "Seriously though, what the hell was up with that?" Harry half asked half stated to the empty room as he promptly opened the chest.

The author thinks lampshading a bad joke somehow makes it a funny one.

"At least the rewards are awesome" Harry stated as a number of items obtained flashed in front of him.

Items Obtained!

Japanese Katana - Kurobochi

Treasure Map

Lesser Healing Potion x 2

50 galleons


A Japanese katana, hoarded by a giant rat, in a sewer, inside of a boiler room, in a school, located in fucking Surrey, England?! Author, are you insane or just stupidly shameless with your wish fulfillment? These item pools you’re having Harry receive his loot from are so obviously rigged by your personal preference, next I expect him to find porno mags that functions as skill books.

He also got 25 rat skulls, 87 rat tails and 123 pounds using 'Collect All Loot' option that appeared when he tried to pick one such loot up. That was a time saver and another one of the game world's quirks.

It totally wasn’t thought up at this very moment to line Harry’s pockets with more loot.

After finishing up scoping out the entire area for other chests or items Harry checked his status menu. It seems he gained another +2 STR, +1 VIT, and +1 DEX during his fight with the boss rat.

Name : Harry James Potter

Race : ?

Title : Elementary Student

Level : 7

Exp : 2890/6000

HP : 400/400 + 20% =480/480

HP regen : 15% (480) = 72 HP/min

MP : 180/180

MP regen : 10% (180) = 18 MP/min

STR : 29 + (50%) = 43.5

VIT : 26

DEX : 26

INT : 27 + (20%) = 32.4

WIS : 19

LUC : 10

Status Points : 23

Status : ?

Money : 441 £/ 50ᶃ 0ᶊ 0ᶄ

Harry isn’t even going to question how he has found a currency he’s never hear of before? Really?!

Harry Potter is the son of Lily Potter nee Evans and James Charlus Potter. His family history and past are unknown to him as his parents died when he was just a baby. Harry Potter is a ? and he wants to learn about his past and his parents.

Also, it seems his other skills have leveled up as well. Physical Endurance and Sneaking had gone up by 3, Observe by 1 and Fireball by 2. Harry decided to get out of the sewer and check the rest later as he was seriously spent and wanted to be out the sewers as quickly as possible.

Will it even continue to exist the moment he steps out of it? The entrance appeared out of thin air, unless the author somehow thinks that all school boiler rooms has one.

The remainder of the day was spent for relaxing by Harry. He also meditated to remove any lingering tension that he may have gotten from his previous quest. If Harry was being honest, he would admit that while it was an easy quest it really tested his patience and endurance.

I think it tested mine much more than yours, Harry.

He truly needed more experience if he was to do dungeons this coming summer. He got +1 WIS for that particular thought.

The next day Harry checked out the new skill he obtained during yesterday's quest.

Fire Cone Lvl 2 (11%)

The ability to create a cone of fire that envelops the enemy

(100 + INT ) damage

Range : 5 meter

5% chance of causing burn

Cost : 60 MP

A skill that Harry created by “putting all his mana into the attack” when casting Fireball. Granted, experimenting is how you learn new things – in the real world, that is. In what game has this skill-learning mechanic actually existed, ever, much less in the late nineteen-eighties?

"Now that's a cool skill. This one will be useful in facing a large number of foes like in the sewer." Harry noted."Let's see the items that I received. First, let's check out the skill book."He eagerly opened his new skill book.

Skill Created!

Lightning Bolt Lvl 1 (19%)

The ability to throw a bolt of lightning towards a target

(60 + INT ) damage

5% chance of stunning the enemy

Cost : 50 MP

"Sweet, now I have another elemental attack. Wait this means I can do water, air, and earth magical attacks or even defense.

Did those mages in Dudley’s game only throw fireballs, or did Harry really forget why he picked the mage class in the first place?!

Need to research more about them. Another job to add to the summer's to-do list." Harry said as he browsed his inventory "I am pretty sure I got a sword yesterday, ah there it is"

Japanese Katana - Kurobochi

40% additional physical damage

10% chance to cause bleeding damage

Requirement : 25 STR, 25 DEX

"Cool, now I have a proper weapon. And just at the right time too as I broke the baseball bat. It has nice stats as well" Harry said as he took it out. The katana was 3 feet long, slender and sleek with a wave-like design on the black and blue hilt. It gleamed in the sunlight. It had a black sheath in the same pattern as the hilt.

Finest neckbeard basement dweller swag money didn’t buy.

Putting it back Harry continued his inspection of the inventory.

"Damn there are a lot of stuff in here. I should have taken a look at it earlier." There was 28 apples,16 oranges, 37 bananas, 12 sandwiches, 58 waffles, a bottle of syrup, 8 bottles of milk, 14 bottles of juice, 25 rat skulls, 87 rat tails, all the clothes he bought, his training equipment, a completed treasure map, 2 lesser healing potions, two skill books - 'Kama Sutra' and 'The book of love', a pocket knife, a collection of Porn magazines, catnip, a baseball hat and a pack of gum.


Porno mags and actual sex skill books. I was half right, but doubly so. This chapter has been nothing but a constant nosedive through bad humor, mind numbing logic, and the author’s personal gratification. Said gratification being to obnoxiously overshare his homemade character sheets and putting porn into the hands of a ten-year-old. What the fuck, author?!

Harry took out the two skill books causing his skills Sex, Fucking, Anal, Oral Sex, Flirting and Socializing to go up by 2. Next, Harry's attention was drawn to the treasure map in the inventory.

Treasure Maps :

Treasure maps are another way to get unique items, XP, money, and weapons. Each area may have one or more treasure map. In some cases, you need to collect parts of a treasure map to complete the set.

Sometimes a part of the map will be in some random family’s belongings, and the other will be in a mutated rat’s extra-dimensional lair. If that doesn’t make sense to you, congratulations, you understand that the world should not revolve around a single person.

Surrey Treasure Map (2/2)

Look under the stone on the twilight.

'It seems the map was a set of two parts. This points to the large stone near the entrance of the forest in Surrey. And I have to look there in the twilight to find the treasure. That's reasonable enough. This excursion can also be used to check whether or not there is a dungeon in the forest too.' Harry mused.

Everything is so convenient for Harry, isn’t it? If he was two dollars short, he’d find a single dollar bill on the ground and a second one underneath it.

The rest of the school year passed by quickly for Harry as he used his time to grind, research on dungeons and elemental skills and hunt down the occasional rat in the boiler room to improve the skills he already had.

Harry's gamer abilities were not the only development he had. Because of his increased Socializing skill and by wearing something that fits him, he was able to mingle more with his classmates. Sue Storm has become a constant debater for him as well as for her. She was a typical bookworm and had little to no friends. The fact that Harry was way ahead of the curriculum also helped that fact as well as he could hold an intelligent conversation with Sue.

Intelligent conversations between ten-year-olds? I don’t think we have the same definition of the term, author.

Also, Harry had started to grow taller moving out of the midget zone. He was about a little above average in height and had a much healthier body than a year ago thanks to the constant source of healthy food and his own exercise regimen.

Soon summer arrived and with it, Harry upped his own training.

Who would even think that Christmas or New Year would be notable events anyway?

He still had daily chores like the last summer but didn't get any XP reward quests. They still provided him with a small but steady income. Harry spent 60 pounds on buying new clothes as he outgrew his old ones, selling the old ones at 24 pounds. He also bought a wet stone for his blade, some more food items for storage and two skill books that increased his sword fighting skill, all for 169 pounds.

The increased training paid off quite nicely as Harry got +5 STR, +4 VIT, +4 DEX, +3 INT, +2 WIS and he improved most of his skills. Socializing was level 14, Persuasion 8, Fireball 20, Fire Cone 5, Lightning Bolt 10, Sneaking 15, Observe 10 which now showed the emotion of the target as well, Physical Endurance 15, Sword Fighting 10, Meditation 18, Cooking 20 and Gardening 18.

Exactly who would find this writing exciting other than accountants?

You have slept in your bed. HP & MP restored to 100%. All negative status effects and ailments have been cured.

Today was Dudley's birthday and his relatives were preparing to go to an amusement park.

"Boy, come here" Harry was shaken out of his planning for today's excursion by his uncle's loud voice.

Does Harry ever do anything else than grinding or planning for said activity?

"Yes, Uncle Vernon" replied Harry dutifully as he didn't want to cause any hitch in his plans.

"Alright boy, listen here. Today is Dudley's special day. We will be out all day enjoying the amusement park. Stay inside the house and don't make any noise." His uncle said to him harshly.

"Yes, Uncle Vernon" Harry replied as his relatives filed out of the house.

"And no funny business either BOY" Vernon yelled at him as they drove out of the porch.

Oh, you’ve heard his attempts at jokes, too?

Shutting the door Harry shouted in joy "Yes, finally I thought they would never leave" Harry quickly put everything he needed for his trip to the forest in his inventory. He put a shovel in the inventory for digging up the treasure, some water bottles and a towel for cleaning up. With the preparations complete, Harry set out towards the forest.

It took him less than 6 hours to reach the forest.

Meaning he’s banking on the Dursleys being out of the house for a full twelve hours of the day, if not more, and he didn’t think of paying for a cab, settling on walking even though he has the cash. I’m not sure which is the dumber of the two.

His improved stamina helped him a lot. Only then did Harry realize that his gaming powers have eased his everyday life very much and that he previously hadn't considered it. Walking a mile or two without even taking a break was no longer a problem for Harry.

It was still just past noon when Harry found the right stone pointed at in the map. But it was not twilight yet. So marking the stone Harry decided to venture into the forest and search for the dungeon that might be there.

Harry literally has to wait for dusk, and then he has to get home afterwards, all without the Dursleys making it back home and noticing he’s gone to not get in trouble. I’ve got to stop expecting even a modicum of logic from this mess.

Two hours and some wild dogs later Harry found the dungeon. It was an opening in the middle of two giant trees that curved onto each other so that it looked like an archway. As soon as Harry was near it, Harry was alerted to the presence of dungeon by a blue screen.

Dungeon Discovered!

If this is a dungeon, then what the fuck was the boiler room sewer?

Forest Of Surrey - Lvl 10

Mode : Above Normal

Player level recommended - Lvl 10

Enter dungeon?


Harry checked out the info on Dungeons.

Dungeons :

Dungeons are an integral part of the game where hordes of monsters reside guarding treasures and keeping prisoners.

Which would be missing persons sought by the local authorities, were it not that Harry is the only one who has agency in this world.

Braving a dungeon and clearing it will give you huge rewards, which include legendary items/weapons/armors, unique ingredients, large quantities of gold/jewels and other treasures. In dungeons where prisoners are kept freeing them will add them to your party. Beware as dungeons are not for the weak or the faint-hearted.

Harry decided that he was not ready for this. First, he was level 7, the dungeon recommended level ten. His power and skills may not be enough. Second, he had to return to his relative's house before they come back.

When the fuck do you think twilight takes place, then?!

And he had no idea how long will it take to clear this dungeon as it could take hours or even days. Third, he had no idea what he will face in the dungeon. While it's impossible to predict what monsters the dungeon will have, some idea can be formed due to the dungeon's location. Harry seriously doubted that a dragon will be in a forest where it could easily cause a forest fire.

For a guy this much into fantasy RPGs, he’s rather ignorant of the variety of dragons in those games.

So Harry went back to the stone where the treasure was hidden. Very soon twilight was upon Harry, as the sun went below the horizon the soft glowing light fell on the stone. The stone glowed brightly causing Harry to close his eyes. When he opened them he saw the stone moved aside revealing a small hole with a silver chest in it.

'Looks like the shovel was unnecessary' Harry thought as he picked the chest out of the hole. Harry opened it to find several new items as well as 500xp.

Items Obtained!

Mage's Gauntlets - Rubicon

Healing Potion x 5

100 Galleons

Skill Book

Skill Disk Lvl 5

Yet another easily obtained reward, with neither peril or morals to stand in his way. Harry might as well get all his loot from Santa Claus for all the effort he goes through.

Closing the screen Harry quickly started going through the new items.

The first one he checked was Mage's Gauntlets, it was a pair of silver clad gauntlets with a red Ruby, at least 5 cm in diameter on the top front face, encrusted on them. The rubies gleamed in the light giving the gauntlet a regal look. Harry fell in love with it the instant he laid his eyes upon them.

Mage's Gauntlets - Rubicon (Indestructible)

+20% to all magical attacks and defense

+20% less MP cost for all magical attacks and defense

+20% MP regeneration

Harry is lucky he’s doing this single player, because this item would be nerfed so fucking hard in every possible multiplayer.

"Its indestructible SWEET, with this I can tackle the dungeon earlier than I thought," Harry said gleefully.

"Now let's check the skill book, whatever it may be it would not be a waste" Harry mused opening the skill book.

Skill Created!

Fulmen Curre Lvl 10

The ability to move around at the speed of light

Range : 500 meter

Cost : 20 MP


I’ve just about had it with this story. All fucking pretense of tension or difficulty has been fucking thrown to the winds, and Harry is once more endowed with an impossible skill that’s pulled from the author’s ass, all for the sake of molding him into the ultimate, overpowered, god-tier player character in the game he’s fashioned in his own head. Like an addict, he craves more and more gratification, pinning reward after fucking reward onto Harry, each one bigger than the previous, and the difficulty curve doesn’t even have the ambitions of a speed bump. Even within the game world this is unbelievable, since Harry is only level 7. What fucking skills will randomly drop into his lap at double or triple that number?!

Harry was over the moon as he heads back to his relatives' house that day. With a wide grin on his face, Harry planned his move on the dungeon.

"I will get a level up on my birthday. Then I can use the 20 status points from the 28 I will have on luck, that way I would be able to avoid getting into trouble. It will also reduce any blunders that I usually make. With that much luck, I might even be able to face a monster two times my level and escape without being seriously damaged.

I’m sure you would have found a way regardless.

And with my new skill getting away won't be a problem as well and I should be able to recover if anything goes awry. So, grind my skills until I get a chance to explore the dungeon without my relatives looking over my shoulder. Ha, easier said than done. Then with the gauntlets increasing my attack power while reducing cost at the same time and giving a boost in MP regeneration, I might just clear the dungeon with minimum problems."

Because that’s what your readers want, right, author? Minimum problems, minimum risks, minimum effort. All the satisfaction, none of the hardships. I hate that there are genuine consumers of this shlock.

Luck did strike Harry without him putting status points as he learned that the Dursley's won a trip to the Bahamas for a week starting from August 1. "Thanks for the small mercies" Harry exclaimed delightedly.

On his birthday Harry woke up in excitement, which grew larger as he saw the messages waiting for him.

Congratulation! It's your Birthday!

He should be one year closer to death, but I’m sure the author will fix that wonderful flaw at some point.

You have gained 1 level up!

You reached level 8!

Name : Harry James Potter

Race : ?

Title : Elementary Student

Level : 8

Exp : 3390/9000

HP : 500/500 + 20% =600/600

HP regen : 20% (600) = 120 HP/min

MP : 220/220

MP regen : 15% (220) = 33 MP/min

STR : 34 + (50%) = 51

VIT : 30

DEX : 30

INT : 30 + (20%) = 36

WIS : 22

LUC : 10

Status Points : 28

Status : ?

Money : 236 £/ 150ᶃ 0ᶊ 0ᶄ

Harry Potter is the son of Lily Potter nee Evans and James Charlus Potter. His family history and past are unknown to him as his parents died when he was just a baby. Harry Potter is a ? and he wants to learn about his past and his parents.

Harry wasted no time in putting 20 of his stat points in LUC making it 30.

Bold words, since you just wasted more than a hundred words worth of my time.

By reaching 25 points in LUC you have gained a perk!

Luck's Kiss : 25% more rewards from quests & dungeons, 20% more chance of finding party members from dungeons and 10% chance of avoiding trouble.

Are extra dungeon prisoners now just going to manifest based on his own luck? Doesn’t sound very lucky for them.

Harry had no clue about the party member bit but the 25% more rewards and 10% chance of avoiding trouble made putting all those stat points in LUC worth it.

You have slept in your bed. HP & MP restored to 100%. All negative status effects and ailments have been cured.

"HP check"

"MP check"

"Gauntlets on check"

"Food and drinks check"

"Katana check"

Increasing lack of faith in the author’s talents, check.

Harry checked each of his equipment and status as he prepared to enter the dungeon. It was close to noon on August first. Harry was decked in a black T-shirt and black jeans with his katana in his sheath on his back and the silver gauntlets with gleaming rubies on his arms. Harry had trekked his way to the forest and then to the dungeon entrance the same way he last came.

Harry was left on his own much like the day on Dudley's birthday by his relatives as they went on their trip.

"Boy, we are going to enjoy some family time without your disgusting presence and away from your abnormalities." His Uncle spat

How many times must this conversation take place before it goes without saying?

" When we come back there better be no problems with the house. And when I say no problems I mean no broken bulbs or lamps, blasted doors or any other freakishness, got it?" His Uncle screamed to his face at the end of an hour-long speech about being grateful for what they have done or some such things.

Naturally, Harry listened to the whole thing like a dutiful servant without any complaints. They still thought Harry was meek, 'The stupidity of them' Harry thought during the speech.

“Hurr durr, how stupid they are for not realizing I’m the main character, I’m so special and super awesome, and why does it sounds like an incompetent author is masturbating to my every move?”

With the usual "Yes, Uncle Vernon" wherever required along with nodding of his head Harry breezed through the spiel and left for the dungeon as soon as they were huddled into their car and out of the parkway and out of his view.

"Good riddance" Harry removed his thoughts on his relatives.

A small breeze caressed his face ruffling his hair as Harry stood stoically in front of the dungeon entrance, shuddering a bit as he looked at the blue screen in front of him.

Dungeon Discovered!

Forest Of Surrey - Lvl 10

Mode : Above Normal

Player level recommended - Lvl 10

Enter dungeon?


Say no and walk in anyways. Might as well test the programming of this shit game you’re living in.

"Well here goes nothing," Harry said as he pressed yes, mustering his courage. Harry was blinded by a bright light that surrounded the entire area.

Slowly he opened his eyes "Holy Shit!"


Next chapter - Dungeon Ahoy! will be posted on Saturday or Sunday.)


I’m really starting to hate this story. The benefit of The Gamer setting itself in the real world means that the narrative is grounded by certain rules. We know how the world works, how people normally act, how space and time functions. With a protagonist overlaying game mechanics onto that, we know that it’s just a matter of translating real world phenomena to videogame logic. But in this story, the author has changed the entire world to run on videogame logic, which he makes up seemingly as he goes along. It turns the narrative from, “this is how it would happen in a videogame,” into, “this is how it would happen, were I the god of reality and only cared about this one person”. It’s unbearable.

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Re: Harry Potter : Potter Verse REDUX

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Harry is going dungeon crawling. And by that, I mean he wanders around a forest like a homeless person, heartlessly attacking any creature he comes across. Because it’s what happens in a videogame, and since the world is a videogame, of course it has to happen here. For reasons. Enjoy.


Chapter 5: Dungeon Ahoy

Kyrin's A/N : Cosmetic changes again.


For those who recognized the monsters; yep I shamelessly took them from Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning :)

Mind if I shame you for it anyway?

All suggestions, remarks, criticism and reviews are welcome.)

Chapter 5

Harry was running. Shrubs, broken branches, stones and any other obstacle in his path didn't even phase him as he ran through the forest. He could hear the howls of the Barghests that chased him. Harry didn't stop to turn around and look for the signs of his pursuers. He had only one goal in his mind and that was a small cave on the side of a small cliff with a ledge leading out of the cave. He has been using it for three days now.

That’s quite a skip. Gee, I wonder how we’ll learning what happened during that time.

The howling was getting nearer now. Just as a Barghest lunged at Harry he flashed away in a yellow light.

Harry's heart was pounding as he huddled to the end of his cave. Harry was more frustrated than exhausted as his plan has gone awry so quickly.

Because Harry suffers nothing more than mild inconveniences.

Sighing Harry decided to rest for now and try again a couple of hours later, if that was possible today. As he closed his eyes in meditation he thought back to all that he had done, from entering the dungeon up until now.

Three days ago.

Forest Dungeon, Day One.

Where the chapter should have started, but hey, we can just all pretend that flashbacks can build tension after the fact.

"Holy Shit!" Harry gasped. Whatever he was expecting this was not it. Harry thought that dungeon would be like the ones he saw on Dudley's game station, a small maze of trees or high hedges made of strange plants that needed to be traversed until the boss room is reached, maybe a bit larger but certainly not an entire forest spreading around in all direction.

Totally different from the forest he was standing in the middle of just before. So unexpected.

Harry took stock of everything around as much as his eyes could see. The dungeon was a large forest with trees that even reached the skies. The forest seemed to be packed more closely than the one outside of the dungeon. Harry looked back to see a stone arch way in the place he supposedly came from.

Harry tried to leave the dungeon, a blue screen appeared before him.


You are trying to leave Forest Of Surrey.

Do you want to continue?


Harry should consider investing in a pop-up blocker.

'It seems I can leave the dungeon whenever I want though what the price for that will be is unknown. It may be possible that the dungeon may disappear if I leave now' Harry sighed and decided to be very careful about this whole dungeon thing. Checking all his equipment once more Harry started to brave the dungeon after pressing no.

Harry was cautious, using his Sneaking skill all the time and using Shadow's Embrace whenever he could.

Because anything less than absolute paranoia and ability spamming before encountering any threats would be a sign of incompetence.

The first few minutes into the dungeon, Harry was jumping at shadows and at any sound, he heard with him waving his blade around towards the obstruction. But Harry soon calmed down to a state of not being jumpy but still with utmost caution towards his surroundings.

“See, readers! My self-insert—I mean, Harry is not a Marty Stu at all. He was about to piss himself for a few minutes, before he remembered that he’s an unflappable badass. Feigning character flaws after erasing them all is totally clever writing.”

It took about an hour and a half on his slow-paced advance for Harry to come across the first Dungeon monster. They were brownish pink in color and had a large head for their short bodies being barely about three feet in height. They had batty ears and sharp pointy teeth.

Brownie - Lvl 3

HP : 100/100

MP : 30/30

STR : 8

VIT : 7

DEX : 4

INT : 3

WIS : 1

Small big-headed wild goblins that inhabit the forest. They are a distant cousin to the goblins who are much more civilized and intelligent than their evolution stunted cousins. Their teeth are razor sharp and can spread diseases. Brownies are not aggressive unless threatened.

Reward : 50xp

They are docile and non-threatening, but they give xp, so it’s like they are asking to get killed. Right, Harry?

Harry decided to engage the five Brownies as they were low in level and he needed experience in fighting as well as for leveling up.

Harry used his DEX to rush them together with his katana. It seemed the Brownies weren't expecting the attack as they were easily dispatched before they could even counterattack.

He gained 250 XP as he moved to check the loot from the Brownies. He selected the 'Collect All' option and started checking each item.

Items Obtained!

Lesser healing potion x5

250 galleons

You’ve got to be kidding me! The brownies’ loot consists of a flat galleon amount, which is over three hundred dollars worth of wizard gold, and a redundant healing item, each. Each! As if they all had the same mother, who packed their lunch boxes before leaving home. I blame this unbalanced, game-immersion breaking bullshit solely on the author, because even terrible role-playing games try to avoid this!

'It looks like Brownies are a source for those gold coins called Galleons' Harry mused.

Successful in his first scrimmage Harry spread through the forest with more confidence. The group of Brownies he faced were all dispatched easily. He faced 6 more groups of Brownies before coming across a new type of monster.

Harry approached a huge tree with a width larger than triple the size of his relatives' house, which seems to be the center of this part of the forest. It was there he met the green leaf-covered monsters.

Probably another creature stolen from the author’s preferred videogame. Any bets on how many there’ll be by the end?

They only had a wooden mask for a face with wooden limbs and hair made of the same leaves. They were between three and three and a half feet in height. They seemed to be dancing around the huge tree. They had a hollow body like how a hollow tree trunk would be, but with a small green ball of light inside of them. Their masks had different markings of red and white, with some sprouting horns as well. The mask almost looked like the ones used by early shamans in one of the books Harry read.

Boggart - Lvl 5

HP : 150/150

MP : 45/45

STR : 7

VIT : 9

DEX : 12

INT : 4

WIS : 2

Enchanted wooden forest creatures. They are weak, but nimble and usually travel in groups.

Reward : 50xp


For fuck sake, author. Boggart is already the name of a magical creature in Harry Potter. And not just some background entity either. It was a major plot element of Harry’s third year at Hogwarts. Would it bother you to cross reference in your crossover?!

They were weak alright as using fire type attacks did double the damage and Harry had enough mana to burn them all using his Fireballs. But the comment about they being nimble was very much understated as they danced around his Fireballs. It took Harry two or more tries to get a hit on them. But the fact that they exploded as they are about to die helped Harry in defeating them as there was 10 of them in the group and one exploding caused nearby Boggarts to get caught in the crossfire.

How many of these fights are going to be non-threatening shooting galleries with free prizes?

Gaining 500xp Harry continued the same way when he defeated the Brownies, collecting loot that is.

Items Obtained!

Lesser Healing Potion x2

50 galleons

Their loot was low compared to the Brownies.

The societal inequality of this dungeon is heartbreaking.

Harry continued his traversing until it was close to evening. On his exploration, he found a cave on the side of a small cliff with a ledge leading out of the cave. It was a perfect spot to be used as a safe house, for his time in the dungeon.

Something he would of course know while having no frame of reference.

Harry only came across two more Brownie groups and four groups of Boggarts. The Brownies were a good source of galleons and lesser healing points while both Boggarts and Brownies were good for gaining XP. Harry had never gained so much XP in just one day.

'I will level up tomorrow if I continue like I did today, that is if nothing goes wrong.' Harry thought as he called it a day.

Because we couldn’t possibly have Harry fuck up, without him having predicted it as a possibility. Merlin forbids he should grow overconfident from effortlessly slaughtering monsters all day.

He had reached a small stream that seems to cut the forest dungeon into two parts when he decided to end his clearing of the dungeon for the day. If the dungeon has any similarities to ones he knew Harry was sure there will be tougher monsters on the other side.

Forest Dungeon, Day two.

You have slept in a bed. HP & MP restored to 100%. All negative status effects and ailments have been cured.

No! No, no, no! He did not sleep in a bed, he slept in a fucking cave! Health-wise it doesn’t matter, because of Harry’s regeneration abilities, but this eliminates even the token restriction on his cure-all-negative-statuses nap. Poisoned? He could curl up on the ground for a bit, and he’d be fine. Paralyzed? Close his eyes and count some sheep. Induced sleep or knocked unconscious? Guess how long that’s going to fucking last! How much easier will this game mode get?!

Harry was well provisioned for his time in the dungeon thanks to his inventory. So food, drinks and a change of clothes were not a problem for him.

Harry got up earlier than usual to cover more area with the extra time. Harry went straight to the stream he had founded yesterday.

He had also founded a monument to the author’s lacking grammar.

The forest on the other side of the stream looked eerily calm. Harry made his way slowly into the forest using Shadow's Embrace as much as he could. No later than a few minutes in, Harry heard growling and small howls. Harry gulped, he knew that that meant wolves or something similar. Harry edged closer to the clearing he was approaching. What he saw there put a small shiver through him.

Maybe if Harry thinks about what he’s seeing, he’ll get some more stat points for the inconvenience.

In the clearing was a group of five look-alikes with protruding teeth like the ancient saber tooth.

Barghest - Lvl 10

HP : 900/900

MP : 40/40

STR : 20

VIT : 15

DEX : 24

INT : 11

WIS : 4

Large half hound - half wolf monster with a vicious bite. They are fast and their lunge has enough force behind them to unbalance a heavily armored warrior. They often travel in packs, surrounding their prey and tearing it to pieces.

Reward : 2000xp

Only a marginally larger xp reward than a mutated rat. Also worth the same as replanting four gardens, or moving boxes around ten times, or rescuing forty kittens, or, most importantly, exactly the same amount as spying on two people having sex. Killing things sure is a great shortcut to becoming stronger.

On a second more detailed look of the Barghest Harry could see the hound parts as well. Their skin was covered in a dark blue colored hair, with a sort of reddish-brown mane on them. They had large claws that seemed sharp as knives and strong as steel, if the way they glinted in the sunlight was any indication.

Reflective properties are now proportionally indicative of material strength and lethality. Mirrors and water surfaces are now considered deadly weapons.

Harry didn't question the information about they having a vicious bite after taking one look at their teeth. The Barghest were big, more so than the normal hounds or wolfs he had seen and read in books. They were at least four feet in height, six to seven feet in length including the tail.

Harry decided not to engage them since as a group they are more organized and powerful than the Brownies and Boggarts. Harry didn't want to pick a fight where he knows he will lose badly if he went half-assed.

If you can’t win by not trying, then why try at all? Do you have any idea of how lazily opportunistic your murder puppet sounds, author?!

"I need to pick them apart one by one in order to defeat them. It won't be easy but it isn't impossible as well." Harry thought as he moved away from them. He truly did need a plan.

On further exploring, Harry came across one more such pack. "It seems there are less of them than Brownies and Boggarts. But I don't think they are this dungeon's boss. I wonder where the boss room is?"Harry internally asked.

So long as its not another reference plagued vermin, I’m-- no, you know what, I’ll be disappointed either way.

Suddenly he was met with a pungent smell that almost made him gag. It reminded him of unwashed clothes or even an unclean toilet. Looking around he didn't see anything. Then he saw movement, it was like two small trees were uprooting themselves and planting again. Looking closely he understood that it was a monster, a 12 foot monster with skin that looked like the bark of a tree.

Forest Troll - Lvl 15

HP : 1500/1500

MP : 50/50

STR : 70

VIT : 23

DEX : 4

INT : 7

WIS : 1

A forest troll, found in the deeper part of the forest. They are more docile than there mountain counterparts. They are all brawn no brains. They are weak to fire but immune to all other magical attacks.

Reward : 4000xp

How convenient that Harry has been practicing magic that this creature is specifically weak against. Oh, it’s standard weakness for this creature and location, alright. I’m just annoyed that nothing Harry finds is a genuine challenge.

Harry looked at the info he got through Observe and decided to try his luck in defeating it, as Fire was his forte. Along with his high DEX, it won't be too much of a hassle.

Harry started looking for a perfect opportunity to open his attack as he wanted to take full advantage of his stealth. Harry saw that the weapon used by the troll is a wooden club which was as long as his own height.

"I can set fire to the club using Fireball and then use my katana to cut his tendons while he is distracted to make him fall" With a plan ready Harry came out of the shadow throwing two Fireballs at the club simultaneously.

Because now he can do double casting, I guess. Seems odd to pull that move now, when it could have reduced time during his fireball training.

It resulted just as Harry planned, the club caught on fire quickly and the troll started to wave it around and beat it on the ground to put the fire out.

Harry quickly used his Fulmen Curre to get behind the troll and cut its tendons, making it fall on its knees. Without missing a beat, Harry used a Fire Cone straight to its face and quickly moved back out of the range of the troll's long hands.

[Critical Strike]'s level has risen!

Critical Strike Lvl 5 (23%)

The ability to do critical damage to an enemy and find critical spots on the enemy.

50% additional damage to attacks

100% additional damage when landing a critical hit

His critical skill just rose by 4!

I can’t believe this bullshit either!

Harry was surprised, but he soon understood as a new message popped up.

51 + (40%) = 71.4

71.4 + (50%) = 107.1

107.1 + (50%) = 160.65

Critical Hit!

160.65 + 160.65 = 321.3 damage inflicted

+ bleeding damage , -20 HP/min

Does he read all of this instantly, or did the world switch to turn based combat? The troll should have clobbered his ass by now.

The level up was because he landed a critical hit on the troll. Harry quickly used another Fulmen Curre to get behind the downed troll to slash him at the back of its neck, giving him another critical hit.

Harry put two more Fire Ball into the torso of the troll by moving around. His Fire Cone and Fireball were boosted by his Mage' Gauntlets giving him quite the damage count.

105 + 36 = 141

141 + (20%) = 169.2

70 + 36 = 106

106 + (20%) = 127.2

Math homework must be like the highlight of your day, author.

The troll was helpless against the onslaught of Harry as Harry was much faster than the troll and fire being its weakness. Two more Fireball and a Fire Cone later the troll was defeated. Harry was glad he defeated the troll without taking any damage. It was strong but it was at a disadvantage against him. Harry doubted all of his plans will go just as smoothly as this one.

Attention! Attention! The Marty Stu is reminding himself that he should be fallible, even though he is not. This will totally absolve him of any embarrassment the author might feel by proxy, once a contrivance of misfortune is injected to fulfill this very same prophecy of non-detrimental humbling. Bask in the author’s greatness! Bask!

You have leveled up by 1!

Harry smiled as he finally leveled up. He quickly took the loot he obtained.

Items Obtained!

Skill Book

Healing Potion x5

50 galleons

Harry decided to inspect the items later as he took a look at his status.

Name : Harry James Potter

Race : ?

Title : Elementary Student

Level : 9

Exp : 3140/10,000

HP : 550/550 + 20% =660/660

HP regen : 20% (660) = 132 HP/min

MP : 240/240

MP regen : 15% (240) = 36 MP/min

STR : 34 + (50%) = 51

VIT : 30

DEX : 32

INT : 30 + (20%) = 36

WIS : 22

LUC : 30

Status Points : 13

Status : ?

Money : 236 £/ 2700ᶃ 0ᶊ 0ᶄ

Harry Potter is the son of Lily Potter nee Evans and James Charlus Potter. His family history and past are unknown to him as his parents died when he was just a baby. Harry Potter is a ? and he wants to learn about his past and his parents.

"So I got +2 DEX from that fight as well," Harry stated as he closed the screen and moved off again to explore.

Because he accumulates stat increases at every possible opportunity. Thanks for reminding me.

Harry was sure that he was close to the other end of the forest dungeon as it had been an hour since his fight with the troll. The Forest seemed to get darker and more menacing as he moved further in. Harry was sure he was now close to the boss of the dungeon as a sense of doom enveloped him.

But still, Harry moved forward intent on finding his last nemesis of this dungeon so that he could form a plan to defeat whatever it is.

You know, adventurers usually have some sort of reason for why they delve into dangerous dungeons. They could be looking for an important artifact, save a lost person, or eliminate a threat to nearby settlements. Harry is just here for personal gain, killing anything that he encounters on the path of least resistance, because it makes him stronger. In any other story, he’d be a villain, and not a respectable one.

It was a clearing that Harry got to after his hours of walking. There was a cave of sorts, a very large one at that, there. The opening was full of big rocks littered all over the area. Harry used his Sneaking to good use as he edged near to the cave.

Harry Potter, the sneakiest sneaker that ever sneaked.

The sight that greeted him chilled him to the bones. There in front of the cave was a giant at least 20 feet in height with one eye which made Harry think it was a Cyclops mentioned in the Greek legends. The Cyclops was armored and was watching the group of Barghests like they were his personal hounds. Harry used Observe on the monster.

Bolgan - Lvl 25

HP : 5000/5000

MP : 100/100

STR : 88

VIT : 23

DEX : 20

INT : 18

WIS : 9

Massive one-eyed battle hardened humanoids. They use swords and shields and wear heavy pieces of armor. They are beastmasters and can control Barghests. Though they are one-eyed, they are not related to Cyclops.

Reward : 10,000xp

The reason they’re not related to cyclopes is because they’re not naturally cycloptic. They ritualistically gouge out one of their eyes in what I assume is reverence of cyclopes, but that’s all I can glean from a cursory Google search. It’s still more accurate than what the author has written here. Had it been a pirate with an eye patch, then what?

The only thing that stopped Harry from shaking like a leaf and screaming like a girl was because of his Gamer's Mind.

And the only thing preventing him from running to safety was the author’s total control of his character.

"How the hell am I to defeat this thing. It can even control those damn Barghests and those alone are tough enough for me. I seriously am in trouble now" just as Harry thought this, a blue screen appeared.

A quest has been created!

Quest Alert!

Hero or Zero : Be the hero or be a zero

Kill the Bolgan and rescue Nimuae from his captive









Death to you and Nimuae


"Not now, and who the hell is Nimuae." Harry raged as he read the new quest. "Stupid hero complex" Harry grumbled as he pressed yes.

Selfish greed, ignorance, and peer pressure. Yep, totally how being a hero works. Are you daft, author?

With it being close to sundown Harry decided to get back to his cave and start planning for his quest and the ultimate confrontation with the Bolgan. Harry moved back into the line of trees before using his Fulmen Curre so as to not draw any attention.

Inside the relative safety of his cave, Harry started planning as he ate some pancakes with syrup. Harry knew that the monsters once killed won't come back as he checked it out by taking a look around the forest where he killed Brownies and Boggarts yesterday. Also, a quick sweep of the first part of the forest informed him that he was the only one there on this part.

If my neighbors started turning up dead by the dozen, I’d get the hell out of the forest too.

"So if I killed off the Barghests, I can face the Bolgan one on one. All I need is a plan to get rid of them." Harry continued to muse "There are two wild packs of Barghest in the forest other than the Bolgan's. I can use them as test subjects. Since there is only me on this side, I can put up a trap and lead them here to my traps. Yes, that's what I should do. Now for traps..." Harry's planning continued for the most part of the night before he finally went to sleep.

Forest Dungeon, Day three.

You have slept in a bed. HP & MP restored to 100%. All negative status effects and ailments have been cured.

I guess the author considers sociopathy a positive status effect.

Harry looked up wiping the sweat from his brow to see the noon sun glaring down at him. Harry cleaned up using the water from the stream and looked at his handiwork. In a word, Harry felt satisfied. There were several pits covered up with twigs, leaves, and mud. Inside the pit were several sharpened pointy wooden spikes. The pit was also half filled with dry leaves and twigs as well.

Harry woke up early in the morning just like yesterday to make all the pits that covered most of the bank of the stream. It wasn't too close to the stream but not too far away as well.

I’ll put them down for vague distance from the nondescript landmark, then.

The shovel Harry had taken for his treasure hunt was still in his inventory. It made things that much easier for him.

The only thing Harry wished he had was some oil or a bow and arrows. It would have really helped him in what he was about to do.

Starting a forest fire in a forest dungeon sounds like a bad idea.

After eating and drinking some milk to restore his spent energy, Harry was ready to trap some Barghests.

He made his way cautiously towards the first group of Barghests he saw yesterday. Harry quickly jumped on to a tree and climbed up to be as high as he could to carry out his plans.

The Barghests were lazing around when they were hit with small rocks, looking up they saw Harry waving and making weird gestures at them.

Probably not as weird as thinking the monsters would understand gestures.

Getting angry they chased after Harry as he weaved through the broken branches, fallen trees, and shrubs to reach the bank of the stream.

Suddenly Harry stopped and stood still, the Barghest came crashing through the thick vegetation and stopped seeing Harry standing still. They circled around him carefully. Seeing nothing dangerous they all pounced on Harry.

They flew forward quickly as their lunge was indeed quite fast as the Observe noted yesterday. Just as the first Barghest claws reached Harry, it passed through him.

I’m assuming not in a manner that would eviscerate the idiot and end this story on a satisfying note. Alright then, what bullshit is Harry pulling now?

But they didn't have time to contemplate what happened as they all fell into the pit as their weight gave away to break the twigs.

As soon as they fell and got impaled, Harry came out of the trees and started showering them with Fire Balls which also caused the leaves and twigs in the pit to catch fire, which was Harry's final touch to the trap. The combined effect was enough to defeat the Barghests who went down howling in pain as they were burned.

Harry waited near the pit and stabbed any Barghest that was able to make a foothold on the edge of the pit sending it back to the pit.

This is a totally unrelated question, author. How many Dungeon Masters have you left groaning behind their screens with your encounter ruining tactics?

It was over in about fifteen minutes. Harry was exhausted, yeah, sure he didn't seem to have done much but that's not true. Firstly, Harry had to produce the illusion that provided bait for the Barghest. Yes, Illusion. In the morning, Harry remembered the skill book he got from defeating the troll. He actually had forgotten about it after seeing the Bolgan.

Or maybe the author used the unspecified skill book to give Harry whatever skill he wanted as a get-out-of-jail-free card. Why the fuck else would a WIS 1 troll, of all creatures, have an Illusion skill book as loot?

Skill Created!

Illusion Lvl 1 (8%)

The ability to cast any and all illusions. The illusions are limited only by your imagination.

30 sec duration for each illusion cast

15% chance of making it look real

Cost : 20 MP

Any and all illusions? That’s rather vague. No limit on size either, it seems. At least is has the same chance of looking real as Hollywood CGI.

After receiving the new skill, Harry used it nonstop while digging pits to increase its level. This had indeed paid off as he was able to make it to level four thus increasing the duration to 2 minutes and the chance of making it look real to 30%.

It was his illusion that served as bait and using it while jumping through treetops drained Harry, then followed up by throwing Fireballs, he was quite drained. Then keeping guard over burning Barghests and keeping vigil to stab back any crawlers was demanding of his mind as well.

Author, the worst part about this isn’t that you’re explaining all of this after the fact. It’s still annoying, but I digress. It’s that you’re doing this to convince us Harry had to strain himself. The guy could bleed health points from six wounds by his own weapon and still have a positive regen value. Are you including a hidden stamina mechanic, or did Harry master the illusion of effort?

But Harry quickly regained his lost strength by eating some food. The howling was loud enough to alert the other group and possibly the Bolgan as well. He needed to be more careful about his next attack.

Just then Harry received a message in blue screen that made him smile like a fool.

I think that goes without saying.

You have leveled up by 1!

You reached level 10! You get to choose a Perk!

Warriors Call : Gives you 20% additional STR

Rogues Will : Gives you 20% additional DEX

Magic Sense : The ability to sense magic around you, making it easier to track your surroundings and get valuable artifacts ( Adds [Magical Sense] skill to your repository)

Arcane Magics : Gives you 50% additional damage with elemental attacks and reduces the cost of all elemental attacks to 10 MP permanently.

Unbroken : Gives you 50% additional HP if it falls below 20%

Harry quickly chose Arcane Magics as it reduced his MP cost of the elemental spells he had now and those which he might get later.

No shit he picked that one, it’s completely broken. He can now use elemental spells, regardless of their size, damage output, or effect, every twenty fucking seconds, and still have excess mana. This little shit-stain is inching closer and closer to omnipotence with every breath he takes!

This was as an easy decision for Harry as he looked at the perks he could see that the ones he got to choose from before, but didn't, in the list as well. Right now the most needed thing for Harry was the ability to use his magical attacks at a reduced cost. The ability also provided an increase in their damage as well. He could get the others when he leveled up by another five and pick the ones most suited as needed then.

We get how logic and decision-making works, author. I wish you’d apply it outside of your wish fulfillment.

Harry closed the window and checked the items he obtained from the Barghests. There were 20 healing potions, 150 galleons, 2 Barghest claws and 5 Barghest hide. No skill book or cool weapon/item this time. Harry was actually hoping for some seeing as they were of high enough level and danger.

The entitled prick shouldn’t even get loot aside from the solid gold coins, since he incinerated all the Barghests in his firepit.

"I should be careful now, the other Barghests would be alert by the ruckus caused by the ones I killed" shaking the disappointment away and with determination firmly in mind, Harry made his way to the second group. On his way, he checked his new status.

Name : Harry James Potter

Race : ?

Title : Elementary Student

Level : 10

Exp : 3140/11,000

HP : 600/600 + 20% =720/720

HP regen : 20% (720) = 144 HP/min

MP : 260/260

MP regen : 15% (260) = 39 MP/min

STR : 34 + (50%) = 51

VIT : 30

DEX : 32

INT : 30 + (20%) = 36

WIS : 22

LUC : 30

Status Points : 18

Status : ?

Money : 236 £/ 2700ᶃ 0ᶊ 0ᶄ

Harry Potter is the son of Lily Potter nee Evans and James Charlus Potter. His family history and past are unknown to him as his parents died when he was just a baby. Harry Potter is a ? and he wants to learn about his past and his parents.

Harry used the same tactics on the second group and it worked the same way until the time where they ambushed illusion, Harry. Instead of all of them trying to take the illusion out only three lunged this time.

Why would they even pounce multiple at a time, when their prey is no bigger than a deer? It’s not like they can all take a bite at the same time.

Harry was in a conundrum, he had three Barghests in the pit howling in pain while two stood around growling. Deciding to take the advantage in any form that came, Harry initiated his Fireball attack igniting the pit.

As soon as he lit up the pit, Harry concentrated on the two remaining ones. They were cautious making it easier for Harry to launch the first attack. Two Fireballs hit them each in their face as Harry moved towards them with his Katana drawn. He was able to land two hits directly on their faces that were charred from his Fireballs, making them critical hits.

Of course they were. Any excuse to push the odds further in Harry’s favor. As if they would go anywhere else.

The Barghests were far from down as they pounced on Harry knocking him away. They shook their pain away as they circled Harry and lunged at him. Harry was able to dodge the first one but got hit by the other.

Before being torn to pieces by them Harry used Fire Cone around him as they lunged at him again, hitting them square on their exposed underbelly making it a critical hit as they fell down howling in pain.

Because why should a chance-based damage modifier be left up to chance?

Harry made quick work of them using his Katana as he stabbed both of them through the skull of the Barghests in quick succession using his Fulmen Curre. The attack caused a chained critical hit on the Barghests.

51 + (40%) = 71.4

71.4 + (50%) = 107.1

107.1 + (50%) = 160.65

Critical Hit!

160.65 + 160.65 = 321.3 damage inflicted

+ bleeding damage , -20 HP/min

That was enough to finish them off. Just as Harry turned he was mauled aside by a burning Barghest that made it out of the pit. Cursing his luck, Harry quickly got up.

Shouldn’t he be cursing his lack of LUC instead?

His katana was dropped during his impersonation of a rag doll.

The monster was down for the count, but it still had the ferocity in it to take a piece out of Harry before its death. Harry used Fire Cone full power on the Barghest, burning it to the bones as he finally let up his attack.

Harry looked down at his body after making sure that all the Barghests were dead and are no longer trying to crawl out of the pit. His clothes were ripped, he had several scars which would probably heal after a quick wash and some food and a healing potion if necessary.

Five minutes regen time. It says so every time you write in Harry’s status screen, author. Follow your own nonsense!

All things considered, Harry was happy. Sure the plan didn't work as well as the first time, but Harry expected that.

He didn’t make a backup plan, but he totally expected the first to fail.

But now the two wild packs of Barghests were gone for good and looking at the blue message he knew he leveled up again. Content with the result Harry made his way back to his cave, picking up his dropped katana and the monster loot, which was same as the last one.

He checked his new status, it seemed he had gained +4 STR, +3 VIT, +1 DEX, +3 INT, +4 WIS for his well-executed plans and working around the problem of the failed plan, which gave him a new perk.

Everything goes right? Harry benefits from it. Something goes wrong? Harry benefits from it. Who could possibly have seen that coming?

By reaching 25 points in WIS you have gained a perk!

Wisdom's Visage : Gives you the ability to read books 3x times faster than normal without missing anything. Also, you get a 5% boost for every Social related skill.

Also, his Physical endurance had leveled up by 3, Fireball by 2, Fire Cone by 1, Illusion by 1, Sneaking by 2, Sword Fighting by 2 and Critical Strike by 1.

Author, get yourself a girlfriend that can recite the digits of pi, if numbers is what arouses you.

Name : Harry James Potter

Race : ?

Title : Elementary Student

Level : 11

Exp : 2140/12,000

HP : 650/650 + 20% =730/730

HP regen : 20% (730) = 146 HP/min

MP : 280/280

MP regen : 15% (280) = 42 MP/min

STR : 38 + (50%) = 57

VIT : 33

DEX : 33

INT : 33 + (20%) = 39.6

WIS : 26

LUC : 30

Status Points : 23

Status : ?

Money : 236 £/ 2850ᶃ 0ᶊ 0ᶄ

Harry Potter is the son of Lily Potter nee Evans and James Charlus Potter. His family history and past are unknown to him as his parents died when he was just a baby. Harry Potter is a ? and he wants to learn about his past and his parents.

Forest Dungeon, Day four.

You have slept in a bed. HP & MP restored to 100%. All negative status effects and ailments have been cured.

Harry's plan went south the moment he initiated it. His improvisation didn't work out as he thought as he was now running around the forest with the Barghests at his back.

You mean we’re back to before the flashback, but we still have events unaccounted for? Why do you do this?!

Harry made his way to the Bolgan hideout after making sure that the traps were intact and in perfect condition. He reached the clearing before the cave and climbed up the tree and created an illusion of himself to lure the Barghests away from the Bolgan. But the Barghests didn't start to follow the illusion as it taunted them.

Harry quickly realized that the Bolgan was not fooled by the illusion and he called back the Barghests as they began to give chase.

Well spotted for a creature with no depth perception.

"Well if they don't' fall for the illusion let's see if they will for the real thing" Harry stated as he moved down into the clearing as to lure them himself.

It worked, just that it worked too well. Now Harry was running for all his worth as the Barghest chased, ambushed and cut through his path making him push his limits.

It’s your own fault for basically going piranha fishing with your bare hands. What good is 26 WIS, if the author still makes you do dumb shit like this?

Harry was running. Shrubs, broken branches, stones and any other obstacle in his path didn't even phase him as ran through the forest. He could hear the howls of the Barghests.

No, no, that’s me, bemoaning that I have to read the start of the chapter again.

Harry didn't stop to turn around and look for the signs of his pursuers. He had only one goal in his mind and that was a small cave on the side of a small cliff with a ledge leading out of the cave. The one he has been using for three days.

Harry realized by now that the traps as they are now would fail spectacularly. The Barghests are definitely well trained, it would take more than simple traps to get them. The howling was getting near now. Just as one of the Barghests lunged at Harry, he flashed away in a yellow light as he used Fulmen Curre.

That brought Harry back from his musings on his days up until now.

I hate these types of flashbacks. Because they’re not flashbacks. Not really. You see, a flashback is usually meant to divert from the normal timespan of the story. It’s usually to show a significant event or backstory, which enhances the audiences’ understanding of the story. What this is, is a botched flash-forward, where the author jumps ahead in the script, then lazily shifts the chronology back to where the chapter should have started, and just carries on from there. It’s entirely pointless, and in fact kills suspense; what little the author could pretend still existed.

"Back to more planning" Harry grumbled as he rested while looking out into the forest. Harry decided to do his meditation in order to think about his problem. After a few more hours, Harry had a plan of action as he went out of the cave to the traps.

Harry modified the existing traps as well as added some new ones. Then he began to map out the second side of the forest, every fallen branch, toppled tree, unevenness in the ground and even the twists and turns and the shrubs on the different paths from the Bolgan cave to his traps. It was a long and tedious process, but he went through it patiently, memorizing all of it. He wanted every advantage he could get and to stop the Barghests from cutting him off on his run as they clearly knew this forest well.

How about you square up instead of running away, Mr. Katana Wizard?

Harry even marked some tree trunks pointing towards his traps, this was so that he could mix up the different paths if necessary. All of this took the rest of the day and Harry was anything but patient now. He knew at the level he was now he could take them on easily one on one and against the whole group if his traps worked perfectly.

Checking everything once more Harry went to bed, determined to get the Barghests no matter what tomorrow.

Your obsession with killing to gain power and wealth isn’t healthy, Harry.

Forest Dungeon, Day five.

You have slept in a bed. HP & MP restored to 100%. All negative status effects and ailments have been cured.

With a fierce determination, Harry went to face the monsters once again. Harry wasted no time in making elaborate illusions this time as he strode straight through the clearing and started taunting them. The Bolgan screamed at the Barghests and they leaped forward to hunt Harry.

Harry was more focused now, he ran as fast as he could, weaving and rolling out of the way when one of the Barghests lunged at him but never stopping as he came out of the roll in one fluid motion and started up running again.

But he gets exhausted by climbing trees, doing one illusion, and kicking burning Barghests back into pit traps. Sure.

The chase through the forest was shorter in time but still felt like several hours to Harry. He leaped towards the shoreline, towards the traps, but was cut off by two Barghests. Harry didn't stop though as he changed directions and came to a stop near the edge of the stream further down.

"This is it" Harry mentally prepared as he took out his katana to face off the Barghests. The now caught up beasts had surrounded Harry and were stalking him. Harry carefully watched their movement as he readied into a fighting stance.

Suddenly the one in the back lunged towards Harry as he barely avoided it but he was pummeled by the one on his left side.

Are we going to get a number on how many there are in his vicinity, or will they just materialize in accordance with the author’s preference?

Harry rolled on the ground keeping his grip on his katana tight as he came up just in time to slash at another one who lunged at him.

It put a nice gash on the beast and Harry rolled to his side once more to avoid the next attack. The fight began anew as some beasts continued to lunge at him while others tried to bite or ram him, as Harry leaped, rolled and sidestepped the attacks. Harry didn't let up even as he received gashes, cuts and even a full-blown bite to his torso as he hacked, slashed, and kicked the Barghests.

Why the fuck should I care? Number one, he picked this fight, so it’s his own fault. Number two, we aren’t being told anything about the state of his ridiculously high HP count – what is even the point?

The beasts were wary as they surrounded him again in a box formation on Harry's four sides as one stood back calling shots or something of the like. Both sides were heavily damaged, Harry was bleeding from the gaping wound on his torso from the bite of one of the Barghests, whose one eye was damaged as Harry stabbed it with his blade to get out of its bite. The Barghests were sporting wounded eyes, torso and slashed up backs and were also bleeding just like Harry was.

That’s usually what wounds do, you pedantic simpleton.

All four ran towards him planning on pinning him from all sides and that's when it happened. All the four fell down simultaneously into a very deep pit with spikes just as they moved towards Harry. Harry, however, was anticipating it as he used Fire Cone in a 360-degree arc around him to light the pits up.

This was Harry's plan from the beginning. He knew that he couldn't fool them like their wild counterparts and had to catch them unaware. What better way than to catch them in a trap in the heat of the battle. Harry made this new trap that was a four-set of pits in four directions, leaving solid ground in the middle and small open spaces for Harry to walk through but not big enough for a Barghest. He also made the pit deeper and larger remembering the time one made it out of the pit and mauled him.

And this brilliant plan all hinged not only on Harry managing to stay mobile not to mention alive throughout the fight to get into place, it also required that all four would attack him simultaneously from precise angles at the same time, and at that very moment. You couldn’t get this much bullshit if you spiked cattle feed with laxatives.

With how deep he made the pits Harry was sure they won't be coming back up before they died. Harry quickly turned his focus towards the last one through the screams of the other monster's dying howls. The Barghest was too confused and angry to see the attack from Harry coming and respond.

He only happens to be its only target, the prey it is attacking, the very thing that’s been hacking it to pieces for the last several minutes. Sure, Harry, and I’ll bet the sun was in its eyes, too.

Harry sliced at its neck and stabbed it in the skull with all his might as he used Fulmen Curre to reach the beast, killing it before it even registered what happened. Harry turned to check whether all the ones in the pit had died or came up. They hadn't done either and he watched on as the last one died.

It took some more time for collecting all the loot and healing himself using the healing potions. Harry had to use two healing potions to fully recover. Harry received the normal 20 healing potion, 150 galleons, 2 Barghest claws and 5 Barghest hide as loot this time as well.

"Oh come on, they were more dangerous than the wild ones" Harry grumbled at the loot received as he walked back to his cave.

Because this is all that matters to him. The loot. The reward. Author, your protagonist is shallower than the grave I want to put him in.

Walking into the cave, Harry was happy as he got another level up. He cleaned up by the stream on his way back removing another set of torn clothes off his body and putting new ones on.

Reaching the cave and eating his provisions Harry sat on the cave floor, which was now covered in leaves for comfort Harry, and leaned against the walls of the cave to take a look at his status.

So, you even acknowledge that he doesn’t have a bed. Fucking amazing.

He had received +2 WIS and +2 INT for his successful execution of the plan. Seeing his WIS was 28 now, Harry put 2 status points, from the 28 he now had, in it to make it 30 and increase his MP regen by another 5%. So his status was now;

Name : Harry James Potter

Race : ?

Title : Elementary Student

Level : 12

Exp : 140/13,000

HP : 700/700 + 20% =840/840

HP regen : 20% (730) = 168 HP/min

MP : 300/300

MP regen : 20% (300) = 60 MP/min

STR : 38 + (50%) = 57

VIT : 33

DEX : 33

INT : 35 + (20%) = 42

WIS : 30

LUC : 30

Status Points : 26

Status : ?

Money : 236 £/ 3000ᶃ 0ᶊ 0ᶄ

Harry Potter is the son of Lily Potter nee Evans and James Charlus Potter. His family history and past are unknown to him as his parents died when he was just a baby. Harry Potter is a ? and he wants to learn about his past and his parents.

Harry decided to put 20 into LUC making it 50 so as to get a perk point in it as well as getting all the luck he needed to defeat the Bolgan. He was running out of time, as he had only two more days before the Dursleys are back from their vacation.

Right, their randomly won vacation, conveniently falling into their laps so Harry could do all this without repercussions. You might reach a high word count, author, but you’re still a lazy writer.

So he did that and just as he thought he got a new perk.

By reaching 50 points in LUC you have gained a perk!

Luck's Playboy : 40% more chance of landing a critical hit during your attack, 25% chance in defeating monsters higher than your level. And as Luck's new Playboy you get to be one as you get 40% success chance in getting into a girl's pants and blowing her mind with your skills in love making.


You’re not even trying anymore, author. At first your obfuscation of the purpose for Harry’s ability endowments were merely transparent, now it’s entirely non-existent. The design of this perk is so contrived and self-serving to your horndog projections upon your underage author avatar, that I dread an inevitable statting and subsequent augmenting of his genitals.

Harry didn't know what to think about the Playboy ability but the 40% chance in landing a critical hit and 25% chance in defeating monsters higher than his level more than made up for putting all his points in LUC worth it.

Brimming with anticipation for tomorrow's final confrontation with the Bolgan, Harry settled in for a restless night.


Cutting off here due to character limit. Will continue in next post.

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Re: Harry Potter : Potter Verse REDUX

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And we're back.


Forest Dungeon, Day six.

You have slept in a bed. HP & MP restored to 100%. All negative status effects and ailments have been cured.

It’s one of the oldest RPG tropes that sleeping cures all injuries, but it kind of implies an adequate level of comfort is applied. Last I checked, a bunch of leaves and caves without interior heating fall rather short of that.

Harry woke up as usual since entering the dungeon. Cleaning himself up, downing another healthy meal and drinks from his inventory Harry was ready for the final fight. Harry had no doubt that the Bolgan will be waiting for him.

With a purposeful stride Harry stepped out of the forest into the clearing before the cave that the Bolgan lived. Just as Harry imagined the Bolgan was already waiting for him. Clad in golden armor, sword, and shield the Bolgan was indeed a picture of pure terror.

They’re basically red ogres in gladiator armor. Aside from their size, there’s not all that much pure terror about them.

The Bolgan wore a helmet made of golden metal as well. The sword and shield the Bolgan carried were as big as Harry, the blade had one curved side, the shield was round in shape and both just as golden as his armor. Harry checked the Bolgan once again properly.

Bolgan - Lvl 25

HP : 5000/5000

MP : 100/100

STR : 88

VIT : 23

DEX : 20

INT : 18

WIS : 9

Massive one-eyed battle hardened humanoids. They use swords and shields and wear heavy pieces of armor. They are beastmasters and can control Barghests. Though they are one-eyed, they are not related to Cyclops.

Reward : 10,000xp

Harry eyed the Bolgan's HP, 'It would be hard to kill this guy. On top of his high HP, he has armor and a shield as well. Getting in some damage will be truly hard.' Harry calculated as he saw the Bolgan's one big eye as its only weak spot.

He probably wouldn’t bother if it didn’t have a weak spot.

Harry made the first move by launching a Fireball at the Bolgan, which was promptly blocked by the shield of the monster. The Bolgan let out a fierce war cry as it charged Harry. Harry was already on the move as he moved around the rocks in the clearing for cover.

For a clearing, it sounds rather cluttered.

The Bolgan was fast, making Harry feel it was even faster than the Barghests he faced before. It charged at Harry, pursuing him relentlessly as it smashed through the rocks that Harry hid behind. Its slashes were ruthless, and one of them could actually cleave Harry in two as he saw the Bolgan do that to the top of one of the rocks he had hid behind. Harry used his high DEX to keep ahead, he was able to land a couple of Fireballs on the Bolgan, reducing its HP a little.

80 + 42 = 122

122 + (20%) = 146.4

146.4 x 2 = 292.8

HP : 4707.2/5000

What better way to pace a fight scene, than by illustrating the severity of each strike through math? Why not just have the damage numbers float above the monster’s head while you’re at it?

But it barely affected the Bolgan as it charged without even showing signs of being hit. Harry quickly changed tactics as he stopped moving and used Fulmen Curre to get behind the Bolgan.

Harry was able to slash at the Bolgan's leg tendons as he planned, but what he didn't expect was to be knocked of his feet into the air crashing into a rock as the Bolgan back handed him.


57 + (40%) = 79.8

79.8 + (50%) = 119.7

119.7 + (50%) = 179.55

Critical Hit!

179.55+ 179.55 = 359.1 damage inflicted

+ bleeding damage , -20 HP/min


While Harry was able to put some more damage to the Bolgan, the one he got in return was a lot bigger, considering it was just a back hand.

-500 HP

Which is more than half of his total health, if anyone didn’t pay attention last time the author jerked off to Harry’s stats; not that I could blame you. I do wonder why he’s not showing the math here, though. Could it possibly be because it would show how ridiculously under-leveled Harry is for this encounter, and thus make him look stupid?

It showed the sheer power the Bolgan possessed. Harry didn't wait around to get hit again as the Bolgan charged him, he used Fulmen Curre to get away from the clearing all together.

Harry wasn't running away, far from it.

As if the Marty Stu could be accused of cowardice or, even worse, possessing a self-preservation instinct.

He used the time to drink two heath potions and one lesser health potion as they restored 200 HP and 100 HP respectively bringing his HP back to full.

After restoring his HP, he got back to the clearing the same way. He saw the Bolgan trashing the rocks to find him. Harry used this opportunity to pull another critical strike to the same place. This time just as his attack connected, Harry flashed back away from the Bolgan's reach.


How long is it going to take for Harry to cheese this boss?

The Bolgan was furious as it waved its sword and shield and pumped his chest as he charged Harry again. Harry pulled two more Fireballs which were all batted away by the Bolgan.

With a surprising speed that it didn't show before, the Bolgan rammed Harry using its shield into a rock behind. Harry spit out blood just from the impact of the shield and again did so as his back hit the rock behind him, the total impact causing the rock to crack.

-640 HP


Harry tried to catch his breath. As he looked up, he saw the Bolgan step forward to cleave him with its gigantic curved sword. Harry's mind was working at the speed of light and his emotions were a complete mess as it changed from fear to desperation and then to resignation for the death to come.

Because the Gamer’s Mind ability only works when he remembers he has it, I guess.

Again it changed to anger, anger at his stupidity for thinking he could take on the Bolgan, to anger at every single thing in his life including the Dursleys and finally anger towards the stupid Bolgan that was about to kill him. And once again it changed to determination and pure will, the determination to defeat the stupid monster and clear the dungeon, the will to live and find out about his parents and his past and finally the will to live and see a new day.

Just because his thoughts do loops and end up where they started, that doesn’t make it a rollercoaster of emotion.

Harry quickly came up with a plan as he used his free hand to throw a stone in the direction of the cave as he used an illusion of a person trying to enter the cave. Harry already realized that the Bolgan can distinguish between illusions and the real thing. So Harry concluded that its eye must be magical in order to detect the illusion. All he needed was a distraction, as the illusion will cause that due to the magical eyes of the Bolgan causing it to check on the intrusion around it.

And the reason the Bolgan won’t stop killing him before checking is what?

Just as Harry hoped the illusion caused the distraction Harry needed. Just as the Bolgan turned back to look towards Harry after confirming that what caught its eye was an illusion, the monster was met with the sight of a Fire Ball coming towards his eye. Quickly covering his face with the shield the Bolgan avoided any damage.

But it was just the initial phase of a three pronged attack by Harry. The moment Fireball sizzled out due to the shield, the Bolgan looked down at Harry angrily only to get hit by a pocket knife into his unprotected eye, which Harry took out from his inventory.

The Bolgan was screaming in pain as the pocket knife was embedded deeply into its eye. Harry didn't let up as he raised his katana and stabbed it through the Bolgans neck with all his might, which was surprisingly not guarded by any armor, causing a triple critical hit from the blade and one critical hit from the pocket knife thrown.

Mind explaining what Harry is standing on to be able to stab the giant in the neck? Or how you calculate how many hits a single stab counts for? Or your critical hit chances? Anything, just anything, really?

57 + (50%) = 85.5

85.5 + (50%) = 128.25

Critical Hit!

128.25 + 128.25 = 256.5 damage inflicted!

57 + (40%) = 79.8

79.8 + (50%) = 119.7

119.7 + (50%) = 179.55

Critical Hit!

179.55+ 179.55 = 359.1

Triple critical hit!

359.1 + 359.1 = 718. 2

718.2 + 718.2 = 1436.4 damage inflicted!


Harry twisted his blade inside the Bolgan's neck and pulled it out harshly moving back. The Bolgan screamed hoarsely in pain as it dropped to its knees holding the damaged part as it dropped its sword and shield. Harry with all the fury and pain he felt, ran straight up to the Bolgan to put the blade through the wounded eye screaming all the while as he did so. The blade went into its brain through the eye and broke through the golden helmet it wore.

Double Triple Critical Hit!

With sextuple sprinkles on top!

57 + (40%) = 79.8

79.8 + (50%) = 119.7

119.7 + (50%) = 179.55

179.55+ 179.55 = 359.1

Triple critical hit!

359.1 + 359.1 = 718. 2

718.2 + 718.2 = 1436.4

Double Triple critical hit!

1436.4 x 2 = 2872.8 damage inflicted!

The Bolgan draw its last breath as it disappeared in a golden mist leaving several loot items and giving Harry 10,000xp. Harry screamed towards the heavens as the joy of surviving the ordeal hit him in euphoria.

And so our brave and noble hero slew the beast that had the audacity to exist.

The sky darkened as small droplets started falling from the sky. Rain, Harry stood on the spot he killed the Bolgan as he basked in the rain which slowly cleaned the mud and blood on his body.

Slowly Harry walked towards the rock he had been rammed into to sat down, breathing heavily he drank three healing potions to restore his health.

What good is it to have health regeneration, if you’re not going to take advantage of it?!

The adrenaline rush was over as soon as he leaned into the rock and leaned his head back on the cracked rock, which made Harry aware of the exhaustion his body was in. Sure due to the Gamer's Body he wouldn't be having any battle scars nor was his body's health low now that he drank the healing potions. But the mind was an another thing entirely.

As Harry faded in and out of consciousness in the falling rain, he felt a change in him, a profound one caused by the trials he faced in the dungeon.

What, some kind of videogame puberty?

Harry fell into a restful sleep basking in the surety that he defeated the final boss of the dungeon. But Harry was unaware of the thing inside the cave.

From the darkness of the cave two smoldering amber eyes were watching the whole battle, never leaving the sight of Harry taking on the Bolgan one on one. As Harry laid there in the clearing, the eyes concentrated on the prone form of the warrior that defeated the Bolgan.


Next chapter - ? muhahaha

Hope this will be enough for another 4-5 days until the next chapter is posted :) )

Got to appease those ravenous readers, what will take their wish fulfillment fix wherever they can find it.


Assuming the battle voyeur is this Nimuae person Harry was supposed to rescue, I have some very existential questions regarding their existence. Like, did the quest create a sentient creature directly from the aether for Harry to save? Is it a denizen of the forest, who happens to have been captured? Will they have any other purpose aside from Harry benefitting from their presence? I have no idea if these questions will be answered, but my guess is I will be annoyed either way.

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Re: Harry Potter : Potter Verse REDUX

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Here’s another long haul of the author empowering his protagonist through basic math, and he manages to offend all of my brain cells while doing so. Enjoy.


Chapter 6: Hogwarts Bound

Kyrin's A/N : I went and added new Perks for reaching level 15. Though the one I chose won't really change the story much as the only real conversation he'll have with one will be with someone who already wanted to work with him for his own benefit.

Early access patch notes, only it’s a fanfic. Yep, this is life now.


There is a reason for higher drop rates of money. First Harry's LUC stat is really high, Second it's a natural dungeon not the one created by him and it will be small compared to what he must obtain for something later.

Since the entire world now runs on videogame logic, I can hardly argue against the frivolous drop rates. But by what fucking logic can you just create a dungeon by yourself?!

Sorry for being late in posting a new chapter, had electricity problems due to heavy winds and rain.

All suggestions, remarks, criticism, and reviews are welcome.)

Chapter 6

You have slept. HP & MP restored to 75%. All negative status effects and ailments have been cured.

Pardon me? Did the author realize that sleeping without a bed should not provide the same recovery bonus as with one? Yet instead of denying any and all health recovery, instead he provides a laughably penalized version of it? One that will be instantly mitigated by either regen values or food consumption? AND IT STILL CURES STATUS EFFECTS?! Look, I don’t want to disparage progress, but when “having your cake and eating it too” becomes “feigning difficulty while playing on easy mode”, then I have a fucking problem.

The rain had stopped when Harry woke up from his sleep after his battle with the Bolgan. Harry got up and straightened to release all the kinks and knots he got while sleeping on the ground. He could hear the small cracks as he twisted and turned, sighing at the feeling of tension leaving the body.

Harry looked around and realized that it was around evening. "Damn, I slept too long." Harry exclaimed "Let's take a look at what I got from defeating the Bolgan"

Probably things that the Bolgan wasn’t using for its own benefit, and that it had no business even having in the first place.

Items Obtained!

Mithril Blade - Dragon Fang

Higher Healing Potion x5

Mana Potion x10

Skill Book

Key to Nimuae's cell

10,000 galleons

Harry let out a loud whistle at seeing the loot. Before checking the new blade and skill book, Harry remembered the quest he received - Something about rescuing Nimuae. "It seems like I got the key to the cell, might as well do it and get it over with" Harry thought as he moved to enter the cave.

“Man, I have to save someone from captivity – such a chore!”

The cave was just as large as it seemed from the outside, there were torches lit in intervals along the cave walls on both sides. They weren't particularly bright as they gave of just enough light to traverse the cave. It only took Harry a couple of minutes to reach the inner part of the cave.

The exact inside of the cave was a large circular room with high ceiling. Harry almost drooled at the sight of the large pile of gold coins on to the side of the room.

Greed. Such a charming trait.

Shaking out of his stupor, Harry decided to check the cave thoroughly after rescuing this Nimuae person.

The cell was obvious, sitting right next to the bunch of animal skins - which Harry imagined was the bed the Bolgan used - and was a medium sized wooden cage with iron bars. The light was low there and Harry had a hard time figuring out the silhouette of the person inside.

Harry got near the cage and opened it up. It seemed to Harry that the person was afraid as he or she was on the far edge of the cage away from the cage door. Opening the cage, Harry stepped back in a non-threatening way so as to comfort the person inside.

While I agree that distancing himself is the only way Harry could ever comfort someone, is both he and the prisoner mute all of a sudden?

Just then the quest complete message popped up.

Quest Complete!

Hero or Zero : Be the hero or be zero



3,000xp for rescuing Nimuae unharmed

New Title - Monster Slayer

Ring of Judgment

Lunalar's Tear

50,000 galleons

You have leveled up by 1!

"You can come out now, I am not going to hurt you and the Bolgan is dead," Harry said in a placating tone, closing the messages.

"I know" a sweet melodious sound, which was definitely feminine, reached Harry from inside the cage. The sound alone hitched Harry's breath and as the person came out of the cage and the sight took all of his breath away making him stand there and stare like a lost puppy seeing its master again.

Before we get to what is obviously one of the author’s sexual fantasies put into writing, I’d like to remind everyone that Harry is a prepubescent child granted with sexual prowess by the author forcing him to be a voyeur. This is going to be uncomfortable.

A sweet melodious laughter pulled Harry out of his slightly hormone induced stupor. Shaking the cobwebs off of his head, Harry took a detailed look at the person before him.

She was enchanting and couldn't be described in just one word. Harry had seen many beautiful women and girls in his short life. But none of which invoked any feelings in him, unlike the girl, for the way she looked couldn't be more moving, standing in front of him.

You’ve spent a hundred words describing solely how Harry reacts to what he’s seeing, rather than describing what he’s seeing. Get a move on!

She was slim but not petite, curves that seemed perfect on her lithe body but also not overly so, bountiful chest for a girl of her age but never in the curvaceous sense, beautiful long light auburn hair that flowed down to her waist and the red pouty lips made her look like a goddess. The small silver wire circlet with a small white pearl on its center and leaf patterns on her head and the simple short white gown like dress with silver embroidery, which barely reached up to her knees, that she wore only added to her beauty.

Beauty of the classical school contradictory and non-committal platitudes that matches the author’s ideal partner.

In that moment Harry realized two things, one the gown was sort of transparent around the edges and two he was staring like a hormonal teenager. "How the hell did that happen? I am only eleven for God's sake, don't tell me that surviving a dungeon and killing monsters had me grown mentally" Harry thought exasperatedly.

Videogame puberty. I was fucking right. And I was kidding when I said it. How unapologetically sleazy and unashamedly depraved can you get, author?

Taking a breath Harry introduced himself "Hello, I am Harry Potter"

"Thank you for saving me Hero, My name is Nimuae and I am a dryad or a tree nymph" she replied with a bit of mischief in her tone and in those brilliant smoldering amber eyes. "I saw your battle with my captor a few hours ago, I was worried that you were seriously injured when you sat down and didn't move after the battle. I am glad you are not" She said pointing towards his now naked torso.

Oh, sure, she totally saw that. All the way from her cage in the back of the cave, which took minutes to traverse. I mean, we were told so at the end of the previous chapter, but that doesn’t have it make any more sense.

"I ah- you don't ha-ve to thank me" Harry stammered, blushing brightly just realizing that his shirt was ripped and more than half was gone and that he was standing in front of a beautiful lady half naked. It was also then Harry realized that there was a sort of lingering sense of trees, forest, grass, and earth around her. A thoroughly refreshing aura and he felt at peace around it.

Stilling his mind again, Harry asked: "Why did you call me a hero?"

Asks the guy with a self-admitted hero complex, who just released this girl from a cage after slaying her monstrous captor. I struggle to name anime protagonists denser than this.

"You rescued my life, so you are my hero. And my life is now yours until you deem it unworthy" She said with a small bow of her head.

More than confused now Harry said "Wait no, I saved you but not for anything like that. You can go and live your life however you want. Don't you have a family or something to go back to?"

"I am a dryad, my hero, I was born alone from an Oak tree due to earth's magic. I do not have anyone besides you. Do you find me unworthy to not choose me as a companion?" she replied with a question of her own.

Harry was trapped "Of course not, you are beautiful, er I mean you are not unworthy or some such thing. I was just saying that your life is your own"

"That makes it all the more right to be yours, my hero, do you accept?" Nimuae asked with a little bit of pleading in her melodious tone.


In case you missed it, that was the last shred of pretense of this girl being a believable character getting thrown out of the window. This lavishly lackluster lumber lass is, for all intents and purposes, an object – devoid of personality, emotional depth, and autonomy. She’s a pretty thing for Harry to receive for his efforts. A prize and nothing more. Rant incoming, and it’s going to be a bitter one.

First, she’s a dryad. Tree nymph of Greek mythology. Like with the Boggarts, tree nymphs are already mentioned in Harry Potter too. As serenading Christmas decorations at Beuxbatons Academy of Magic. So there’s another bastardization of the canon. Because the author doesn’t bother to do cross-reference, when he can easily fill whatever function he desires by injecting a stolen template instead of writing with any kind of effort. Right from the get-go, Nimuae is nothing but a loose collection of tropes, her race being known for beauty, timidness, and a connection to nature. And it gets worse.

Nimuae is a damsel in distress. Nothing wrong with damsels, nothing wrong with distress, it’s merely two overlapping circumstances, that occurs as the part of a narrative. However, Nimuae is a damsel in distress and nothing more. She’s a prisoner of the Bolgan for seemingly no other purpose than to be rescued. In fact, we are given no indication why the Bolgan would want to keep her prisoner, other than her possible function as an air freshener. And immediately upon her rescue, she pledges her life to Harry for the favor. Because she is so vapidly devoid of personality that she has nothing else to do, no motivations or desires that are her own. She’s Harry’s reward, just another piece of loot. An item that talks and won’t fit in his inventory. A female unit collected like a literal sex object. She’s only here because gold and weapons don’t have boobs and vaginas. And guess what, I’m not done yet!

This bark bitch has submitted herself to Harry like property. She is his servant, his slave, his toy, his fucking toothpick if he so desires. How is this any different from being a prisoner at the whims of the Bolgan? She didn’t have anywhere else to go anyway, right? So being a collectible for an ogre is probably just a step up above a life of meandering boredom. Cage or no cage, she now a prisoner again, but she’s happy to be so, because her new warden killed her old one. She should have no gratitude towards Harry, when his gesture has been rendered utterly meaningless. All of this is because the author’s libido comes before even the idea of having a character with more depth and dimensions than the pinup he ripped off her design from.

A blue screen appeared in front of Harry;

New Party Member Request!

Nimuae - Dryad -Lvl 16



Harry resignedly pressed yes.

What does he think she’ll do if he doesn’t – commit suicide?!

Suddenly there was a bright light and Nimuae disappeared. Harry panicked looking around wildly until he saw the new message that popped up.

New Party Member Added!

Nimuae - Dryad - Lvl 16

Harry clicked on the message to get more information.

Party Member :

Party members are those who chose to follow the gamer throughout his adventures. They bring many useful skills that are unique to them to the gamer's party. (Like Healing all, Communicating with animals, plants etc..) Party members can be put in the 'Party Room' and can be called upon just by saying the name of the party member in mind or out loud, they can be called back the same way.

Oh, great! Never mind me, then! Harry conveniently has an inventory for the items that walk and talk – to be pulled out and put away like goddamn trading cards. Fuck!

You can also access them through the 'Party Room' menu. Only four party members can be called at a time, but you can put any number of party members in the 'Party Room'. Each and every party member you have will get a level up for every two level ups you have.

Because any kind of equality is a dead notion by now.

Harry quickly said 'Party Room' and there it was just like the info said. As Harry looked at the screen displayed, he saw a miniature Nimuae in what appeared to be a miniature living room. Harry called out "Nimuae", and she appeared just like she disappeared.

"Impressive magic you have my hero," Nimuae said with admiration in her tone.

Usually an NPC would be nonplussed by game mechanics, but sure let’s have it grant the main character unwarranted praise.

Harry decided since she was going to be with him, he might as well tell her about his powers and his life and ambitions. So he did as they got comfortable on the animal skin bed. Telling all his secrets and life until now went well into the night, it was sort of therapeutic to have someone he could share them all with.

Why bother trying to gain a confidant through risk and effort, when a slave just falls into your lap?

After everything was told, during which Harry was able to make Nimuae call him by his name, seriously it was embarrassing for him, Nimuae looked even more impressed than before.

Right, I’m sure it was totally embarrassing and not at all flattering. The humbleness of our protagonist simply could not stand the indignity of being addressed with reverence. Why, he would simply be forced to rebuff the compliments of any servile woman he meets, lest his ego grows to the size of the author’s.

"I knew you were strong Harry, but this is beyond amazing" Nimuae said with respect.

They came to a decision as to how they will proceed, Nimuae will be in the 'Party Room' or simply 'Room' whenever they are not alone or in secluded spaces like this. Nimuae didn't mind being in the 'Room' as she said it well-equipped room and was very comfortable.

Can’t have anyone else play with Harry’s toys. Who knows, they might realize that people can be independent.

For the night and until Harry leaves the dungeon, Nimuae decided to stay with him on the outside.

It was when they laid down for sleep that Harry used 'Observe' on Nimuae. But before showing the info another message popped up.

[Observe]'s Level has risen!

Observe Lvl 15 (23%)

By observing a target one gets information about said target

Max HP, MP, status, emotion and info

He closed the window showing the skill level up and concentrated on Nimuae's status window.

Nimuae - Dryad - Lvl 16

HP : 450/450

MP: 600/600

STR : 14

VIT : 16

DEX : 12

INT : 24

WIS : 22

LUC : 10

Nimuae is a dryad or a tree nymph or a tree spirit. They are specifically nymphs of Oak trees. Nimuae is shy towards anyone other than Harry.

Nimuae is enamored of Harry.

Harry did a double take seeing the info."She is enamored of me. This is going to be crazy. She is shy towards others, no wonder she agreed to stay inside the 'Room' when anyone else was there. Let's just get to sleep"


She doesn’t have a single self-characterizing trait. What little personality she has is defined by her attachment to the author avatar. Her stat points gives her more personality than the fucking description paragraph!

You have slept. HP & MP restored to 100%. All negative status effects and ailments have been cured.

Morning came, Harry woke up to his internal clock as he got used to waking up early in the morning. The sight Harry was greeted with made his heart beat faster than ever and his blood rushed through his head, making him bright red like a tomato.

“Gamer’s Mind, please fail me now!”

There clutching him was Nimuae. From the angle Harry was lying down, he could see glimpses of her soft pink areola and nipples. Her dress has riding up, giving him a glimpse of the plentiful mounts that lay beyond. Quickly shaking out of his hormone induced stupor, Harry slowly detached himself and gently shook Nimuae awake.

"Morning, Nim," Harry said to her calling the nickname he come up with in last night's conversation.

"Good Morning, Harry" Nim replied.

Nimuae told him yesterday that her clothes and leather sandals were magical and they never got wear and tear. Also it allowed her to be always fresh. So she refused Harry's offer for new clothing.

Meaning Harry doesn’t even get the responsibilities of having a pet in his eye-candy package deal. Heck, one more flaw fixing line from the author, and he won’t even have the responsibility of watering a house plant.

After shaking off the cobwebs from sleep, Harry combed through the Bolgan's cave and found 50,000 galleons, two diamonds and one emerald from the gold pile he noticed. He also checked the two items he got as quest reward.

Lunalar's Tear - Amulet

+20% Elemental Damage

+100 MP

+100 HP

Ring of Judgment - Ring

+5% HP Regen

+5% MP Regen

More numbers to add to the other numbers, which makes new numbers that are better than the old numbers. Can you guess the number of fucks I have left to give?

Harry was surprised at first before realizing that of course there will be such items since it was same in the games.

The fact that their stat bonuses are game breaking is just part of the charm.

"I should use it when I am doing serious quests or exploring dungeons and killing monsters. For now, let's put it in my inventory so my relative's won't find out about it" Harry decided as he took one more look at the items.

Lunalar's Tear was just like its name, it had a silver crescent moon with a blue tear shaped sapphire gem in the moon's inner side center both connected to a silver chain. While the ring was made of gold with two sapphire accompanying one small diamond at its centre.

Striping the cave of everything useful, yes Harry even took the animal skins, Harry and Nim walked towards the exit of the dungeon.

Enjoy your ogre sweat soaked pelts, I guess.

Just as Harry, along with Nim, crossed the Dungeon exit, Harry was greeted with a blue screen.

You Have Cleared A Dungeon!

Forest Of Surrey



Skill Book

100,000 galleons

5000 pounds

You have leveled up by 2!

If you says so. I doubt even fans of this story bothers to keep track of the xp.

You reached level 15! You get to choose a Perk!

Warriors Call : Gives you 20% additional STR

Rogues Will : Gives you 20% additional DEX

Magic Sense : The ability to sense magic around you, making it easier to track your surroundings and get valuable artifacts ( Adds [Magical Sense] skill to you repository)

Unbroken : Gives you 50% additional HP if it falls below 20%

Nature's Wrath : Grant's an Affinity for the Elements. Gives double experience to all Elemental spells

I’m expecting “elemental spell” to become a very inclusive term if Harry picks this one.

Erin's Blessing : Grant's an Affinity with all Sentient Magical Races allowing you to have better luck in dealing with even those that hate your kind.

Genius Inventor: Grant's 50% more creativity as well as 40% chance that new spells, potions, rituals, and magical items will succeed on the first try.

It’s cute how it tries to imply, that Harry failing something on the first try has ever been an option.

Harry was beyond delighted at the rewards and after mulling it over for awhile he decided to branch out a little and chose Erin's Blessing. With the thought and hope that he would meet more like Nimuae he felt that having better relations with them could only help.

It’ll certainly help the author’s excuses for Harry getting in their pants. Why else would a diplomacy perk be in this little mass murderer’s character sheet?

As he looked up he saw that the dungeon had disappeared.

"So after a dungeon is cleared it no longer exists." Harry noted. Harry put Nimuae in the Room and pulled up his status menu.

It’s not like I imagined you’d ask for her consent, I just didn’t think I’d have an issue with it so soon.

Name : Harry James Potter

Race : ?

Title : Monster Slayer

Level : 15

Exp : 1,140/16,000

HP : 850/850 + 20% = 1020/1020

HP regen : 20% (1020) = 204 HP/min

MP : 360/360

MP regen : 20% (360) = 72 MP/min

STR : 38 + (50%) = 57

VIT : 33

DEX : 33

INT : 35 + (20%) = 42

WIS : 30

LUC : 50

Status Points : 21

Status : ?

Money : 5236 £/ 213,000ᶃ 0ᶊ 0ᶄ

Harry Potter is the son of Lily Potter nee Evans and James Charlus Potter. His family history and past are unknown to him as his parents died when he was just a baby. Harry Potter is a ? and he wants to learn about his past and his parents.

Because that banger of a motivation is totally what has been fueling his rampant orgy of animal slaughter and wealth accumulation.

Harry checked out his new title.

Monster Slayer

Gives the user 20% more damage dealt when dealing with monsters. +3 to all status when facing monsters.

"It's a jackpot, this is seriously going to help me a lot in the further dungeons that I will definitely go to," Harry exclaimed gleefully.

Oh joy, I cannot wait, because I’m hoping it’ll never happen.

Soon Harry started his march back to his relatives house as by his count it will be the last day that he would have until his relatives come back.

Reaching home, Harry quickly went out to work every chore that he may have left undone, as well as cleaning up the place. He didn't want his relatives to find out what he was up to. Harry was able to finally relax as the day was close to over, as he finished all his work. It was then that the newspaper he picked up as he entered the house caught his attention.

"The date seems to be wrong," Harry said as he closely examined the newspaper. It was dated the day after Harry entered the dungeon.

For fuck’s sake, really?! We’re doing this too?!

"But that shouldn't be possible, it took me nearly 6 and a half days to finish the dungeon" Harry quickly searched the house premises to check whether it was an old edition and the new ones were in the bushes of the garden in front. He didn't find any, and that's when Harry came to a realization as he breathed the words "Time dilation."

Harry quickly calculated the time dilation that happened in the dungeon " I was in there for 6 days and 12 hours and on the outside it was only 1 day and 15 hours roughly. So that means ... 1 day in real time is equal to 4 days in dungeon or 4 hours in dungeon is equal to 1 hour in real time. This is the best! Now I don't have to worry about having less time in clearing up dungeons. So many possibilities..." Harry muttered in a dazed fashion.


The amount of bullshit this author has pulled for the benefit of his protagonist is fucking staggering at this point. Truth be told, I expected this time dilation trope to come up when Harry had spent days in the forest dungeon, until I remembered the Dursleys would be gone for an entire week. There was no reason for the author to include this idiotic suspension of natural laws, so I didn’t mention it. And yet he did it anyways! This means that Harry can just go dungeon crawling whenever he wants, without worrying too much about when he’ll be back. Is there no inconvenience that Harry can suffer?!

After some more planning and plotting, Harry came back to his senses. He took out the two skill books he got and learned them.

Skill Created!

Mage Eyes - Active - Lvl 1 (23%)

The ability to see magic around all things

Can detect magic.

Rule of game design, don’t allow for player choices that invalidates the existence of other choices. This skill pretty much eliminates the usefulness of the Magic Sense perk.

Skill Created!

ID Create - Active - Lvl 1 (0%)

The ability to create Instant Dungeons. Higher the level, stronger the dungeon

Current Dungeons :

Empty Dungeon - No Monsters

Skill Created!

ID Escape - Active - Lvl 1 (0%)

The ability to escape Instant Dungeons.

I hope for the sake of my sanity that these dungeons won’t come with sentient creatures or potential party members.

Harry smiled at this and quickly closed the windows. A lot has happened to him in the dungeon. He lived in a monster filled forest for seven days, almost faced death and earned a true friend who will always be there for him.

What friend?! Nimuae is an admirer of Harry, and that’s the nicest way I can describe their relationship. He has known her for only a day, and all he’s gotten from her is a baseless vow of devotion and a nipple slip. He received catharsis from spilling out his life story to her, but he might as well have been talking to a wall. In turn, he has provided her with only compliments and quarter-effort attempts at having her acknowledge her own autonomy, all of which she rejected. She’s not a friend, she’s a robot programmed to obey him!

Harry felt strong, more mature and that was slowly changing him and he knew it. He has grown to be an above average 11 year old in height now and maybe even more in terms of maturity. His thoughts now occasionally filled of the other gender, things he didn't care about before had started to worm their way into his mind. But Harry didn't care, he was, for a long time now, truly happy for the life he has.

As if everything since the museum trip hadn’t been a fucking joyride to him.

The next day Harry went out to his usual training ground, the park. When there, Harry used the ID Create. The sky turned red as black clouds floated in them. There wasn't a soul anywhere near as far as Harry could see. From reading a lot, he figured out that ID was similar to a pocket dimension. He used ID Escape to return back and checked the time.

"It seems this one doesn't have time dilation. Oh well at least I get a peaceful place without any disturbances for training now," Harry thought.

Because nothing could possibly be important enough to interrupt his training. Another potential inconvenience dead and gone.

He got back inside the ID and called Nimuae and told her about his new skill. Together they started training, Harry wanted to practice party battle formation and tactics. Nimuae could control trees freely and earth to a small degree. Also she had great healing powers. She could heal anything from small bruises to broken or dislocated bones. She truly was a strong support class.

The same can be said about a bed. It doesn’t make her special.

Harry decided then and there that she would be the perfect support for him. Harry put Nim through his physical training exercise to see if her status would increase like his. To his amazement it did. While Nimuae did her exercise, Harry tried the Earth Spikes skill he learned from her.

Skill Created!

Earth Spikes - Active - Lvl 1 (23%)

The ability to sprout spikes to strike the enemy from the ground.

(50 + INT) damage

Cost : 10 MP

His perk Arcane Magics reduced the cost of all elemental magic to just 10 MP. So Harry was more eager to learn all types of elemental magic.

Got to exploit the arbitrary game mechanics. They exist for no other purpose, after all.

This became there routine for the next three days, where Nimuae did physical training while Harry improved his overall skills including the new ones. On the fourth day, Harry's skill ID Create & Escape leveled up to 5 giving him a new dungeon - Zombie Land.

Both Harry and Nimuae went into it eager for getting xp and more money and items. To their disappointment, the monster in the dungeon gave very little of either.

The fact that they give any at all, when they exist solely because Harry made it so, is incomprehensibly stupid.

The common monsters were obviously Zombies or as the Observe noted Inferi, Harry didn't understand what the difference was, which only gave 10 xp for each and some pounds or galleons here and there. They were easily killed with his Fire moves and sword skill. The boss monster was called Zombie Legion, which was a giant amalgamation of all the zombies, which only gave 1500 xp. Sure it was big and strong, but it was painfully slow for Harry.

It was also ripped straight from The Gamer, so that explains why the author is rushing through this.

Harry made quick work of the 15 foot tall monster without breaking a sweat. In total, Harry got 1800 xp, 320 pounds and 23 galleons, 12 sickles and 8 knuts from the dungeon. Truly pitiful compared to the Forest of Surrey dungeon.

He also get to test out his new sword against monsters as well.

Mithril Blade - Dragon Fang

65% additional damage

15% chance to cause bleeding damage

5% burning damage

Can channel mana through the blade without affecting the sword.

Again, no inconvenience is so small that it won’t be lynched by the author’s need for a total lack of obstacles to the protagonist. Harry gets a wicked cool weapon, but uh-oh now he has one less hand free for casting spells – what do?! Never fear, wish fulfillment is here!

The sword was like a double edged katana, but slightly wider than his Kurobochi, but still slim at the same time. The sword's hilt was decorated by a silver dragon with red ruby eyes, curling around the slightly curved silver cross guard, which gleamed brightly, where it was made to look like the blade was coming out of its open mouth along its forked tongue. Strong leather covered the grip while the pommel stood at the end like an old Roman or Greek sword. Its sheath was also made of mithril and decorated as if it was made from scales. Overall it was a cool blade.

So cool that it deserved to be described with six more words than Nimuae. I could make a joke here, but I think that speaks for itself.

Harry tried the sword's ability to channel mana to no avail. Eventually he gave it up as he thought he might need another skill for it to work out.

Meaning we’re waiting for this skill to arbitrarily show up as a perk, conveniently fall into his lap as a skillbook, or he makes it up by himself.

Even though in terms of monetary and xp grinding it was low, the ID did allow Harry to level up his skills and his party battle style with Nimuae very much. Doing the dungeon together has gotten them closer than ever and both enjoyed their time in ID. There is nothing like a good bonding time through monster hunting.

I bet the author takes all the girls to his private dungeon on the first date.

Harry also wanted to see if he could get a bow and arrows for Nim, as it will be very useful during fights.

It was the first time Harry enjoyed spending time with someone and he truly liked having a friend. Nim became his best friend and confident. She was 13 cycles, by her saying, or 2 years older than him.

Let’s cut her in half and count the rings to be sure.

But it didn't matter in the least. Their affection towards each other only grew as they continued their ID conquering.

Spending time with Nimuae greatly increased his Socializing skill, even the Flirting Skill leveled up occasionally. The last day of freedom before his relatives arrived, Harry decided to relax and enjoy time with Nimuae as they wouldn't get much alone time now. They had figured out that they can communicate with each other mentally even if Nimuae was in the 'Room'.

Don’t want your family to know about your new girlfriend? Put her back in her box. Also develop telepathy. Can no problems exist for this guy?!

They went to the forest where they met each other for the first time and their friendship started to have a picnic. It was nice, the calming and fresh air of the forest greatly eased their souls.

Unless it’s listed in their inventories, I’m not convinced they have such things.

They enjoyed the peace and the lovely atmosphere only got them to feel closer to each other. It was a little romantic for them, but not overly so. As the picnic came to an end when the sun started setting down, they looked into each other's eyes. Both lonely for most of their life, both without any friends or true family, they found solace in the other. Slowly they moved closer, their lips touched and they both were lost in the feeling of each other. The kiss was very brief, a short peck maybe more but it was all they needed for now.

To paraphrase; they went to the place Nimuae was held captive, it was necessarily romantic, the two projections of the author’s misguided ideas empathized with each other, and we’re meant to buy this adolescent love story like it’s convincing, heartwarming, and not at all contrived.

They watched, holding each other. the setting of the sun as the soft golden light cascaded through the canopy of the forest. It was a beautiful day for both of them.

Harry received two new skills during his romantic time.

Skill Created!

Kissing - Active - Lvl 2 (23%)

It is what it is. The higher level you are the better kisser you are. Remember practice makes perfect.

Your level of kissing leaves the person surprised.

Skill Created!

Foreplay - Active - Lvl 1 (3%)

The ability to arouse your partner before sex.

5% towards the orgasm of partner

With all of these eroticism skills that Harry is getting, the sex scenes had better be as obnoxiously written as the battle descriptions.

Real life soon caught up with Harry, as was natural, as every good thing must come to an end.

That explains why this dumpster fire keeps going.

His relatives returned and with them his normalcy, boredom, and irritation. After going through the dungeon, Harry yearned to be free, to go on adventures with Nim at his side and possibly meet more beautiful maidens.

What, so he can kiss them and keep them in his room? How is this not supposed to be creepy?!

But Harry preserved. "One day soon enough, I will be free and with Nim at my side, I will go on to do great adventures" each time when he felt depressed, he thought this like a mantra.

Harry hasn’t had a single reason to be depressed ever since he divided the world by zero and got what he always wanted. Don’t pretend otherwise.

Soon school started and it became even more unbearable for Harry than last year. He was so ahead now that he could attend high school or even maybe college now. The lack of potential grind, even the STR, VIT, and DEX grinding became so slow, has really started to bore down on him. The only good thing was he could talk to Nim all the time without anyone knowing.

I guess there weren’t any beautiful maidens in school to make slaves of- I mean, friends with.

Harry described every detail of his boring normal life to her. Having Nim brought Harry a little of the childhood he was robbed of, but he was moving into the teenage category so it didn't matter much. Harry suffered through the school year. Occasionally he was able to create an ID so that he could meet Nim personally and spend time with her. He even took her to an ice cream shop near the school once. Finally summer came as school ended.

You have slept in your bed.

No, but if the narration keeps whining about Harry’s “Player 1” problems, I might as well.

HP & MP restored to 100%. All negative status effects and ailments have been cured.

Today was Dudley's birthday and Harry wasn't looking forward to all the chaos that would come along with it. Dudley was as spoiled as he was before Harry got his Gamer powers. It seems the spoiling has only increased since then.


There were no Harry Hunting quest, seeing Harry tall and healthy made his cousin and gang hesitate and eventually drop the bullying towards him. Even though they ignored him that didn't mean they stopped bullying others and Harry helped out those who got bullied whenever he could. He truly hated bullying. But his cousin and gang were good at doing it without anyone noticing.

While I pretend to give a rat’s ass, did Harry do it for petty xp rewards, or just because the author has to somehow elevate him on a moral scale?

Back to his cousin's birthday, Dudley was spoiled to the core, each year he got more and more presents. If by some mistake he didn't get as many presents as last year, he would throw a tantrum and cry for hours until he got what he wanted. So his parents made sure to give him more each year.

This mirrors Harry’s adventuring withdrawals so much it’s not even funny.

As he started on Dudley's special birthday breakfast, he ignored his relatives and started plotting how he could use the day to his advantage. Because of this, Harry missed Dudley shouting he only got 37 present and how his day was ruined and the following promise by Dudley's parents to take Dudley to the Zoo for compensating it.

"Boy," Harry was startled by his uncle's shout "We are going to the zoo today." Vernon told Harry as they finished their breakfast "We were going to leave you here like last time, but Petunia said there have been rumors that we left you unsupervised in the house alone for a week. We asked Mrs. Figg to watch you, but she is out with a broken leg. So you'll come with us, but you better be on your best behavior. Is that understood?"

The plot demands the protagonist’s presence. All aboard the canon railroad!

"Yes, Uncle Vernon" Harry nodded without showing any anger at his ruined plans for spending some quality time with Nimuae. He was not looking forward to spending the whole day with his relatives 'Damn it, I would have preferred Mrs. Figg over this' Harry thought.

As Harry expected the day totally turned out to be a bore. He was supposed to stay away from them so they wouldn't be associated with him, 'Like I ever want to be' Harry muttered under his breath, but close enough so his uncle could keep an eye on him.

This stuff would lead to zoo staff mistaking Harry for an unattended child and cause even more attention. Does the author ever leave his house?!

Harry didn't mind the zoo as he liked seeing all the animals and this was only his second time outside other than the trip to the museum that gave him his powers. Harry described to Nim all that he saw. Both were sad and a little angry for the animals. Nimuae because she was close to nature and she had a protective streak for all things in nature, Harry because the caged animals represented the life he had and still does in a small way.

Are your for real, author? You can’t possibly be this obtuse, this fundamentally ignorant and lacking of self-awareness. Nimuae is literally kept in a box that she cannot leave of her own will!

Harry was no longer living in the cupboard as he got larger he no longer was able to fit in it. So he was given Dudley's second bedroom. But it still was small, broken, and a cage for him nonetheless.

Dudley and his friend Piers Polkiss, yeah that Polkiss which made Harry remember what he saw in their house and made him wonder who Pierce's father truly was every time he saw the kid, were less interested in animals and more into antagonizing them. Harry was truly sad for the animals, for being the target of his cousin's and friend's taunting.


They spent their lunch in one of the many restaurants in the zoo, while giving Harry a little money to get some food for him and sending him away. Harry made use of this by buying as much food as he could using the money he had and storing them in his inventory, along with this he bought some clothes and trainers for him as he needed new ones.

So you bought overpriced vendor food and zoo merchandise clothes? What was your WIS stat again?

They soon went to the reptile house where all the snakes and other reptiles were housed. Again, Harry made the tour on his own. As he stood in front of the cage of one enormous snake he stopped and read the sign that said it was a Boa Constrictor from Brazil, but was bred in captivity.

"Poor guy, bet you wouldn't mind going back to Brazil" Harry whispered as he leaned closer to the cage.

It has never been there, did you not just fucking read the sign?!

To his surprise, the snake lifted his head towards him and started hissing at him.

§You are a speaker§ the snake hissed §I have never encountered one before§

§You can understand me Harry asked in surprise.

§Of course§ the snake hissed §I don't suppose you can get me out of here

§Sorry, I can't§ Harry replied sadly.

§It's fine§ the snake shrugged, at least that's what Harry thought the snake did was, §It's not bad here. They give me fat rat every now and then§

§Sorry, I've got to go now, bye§ Harry replied waving to the snake.

§Bye§ The snake said before he moved away from the cage.

Harry wanted to rescue the snake but didn't because of two reasons, one he would easily get caught breaking the glass when the security guys were watching and two the snake was bred in captivity. It wouldn't know how to live in the wild.

But if the snake had pledged its life to him, then he would totally have been obliged to do it.

A special skill has been unlocked through a special act!

Parselmouth - Active/Passive - Lvl Max

The ability to talk to snake and understand them.

New Perk awarded!

Silver Tongued Devil : You gain an immediate +5% to Persuasion,+10% for Flirting and Politicking. And +25% for Oral sex.

Does everything have to give Harry bonuses to sex now?!

Harry quickly closed both screens before moving on to the next cage. He tried to suppress his smile at discovering a new skill through special act and receiving a new perk. Harry had started to appreciate the skills that his soon to be teenager mind considered was worth it, so he was pleased with that too.

But he’s totally depressed with his life, can’t you see?

The rest of the day Harry acted like he was supposed to; he kept to himself and stayed out of trouble. Vernon seemed pleased as he only had a scowl seeing Harry when they reached the car. After dropping Piers at his house, they reached theirs and each went his own way. Harry was glad that he went to zoo as he got a new skill and a perk when he went to bed.

You have slept in your bed. HP & MP restored to 100%. All negative status effects and ailments have been cured.

Harry woke up with his aunt banging his door as usual.

Now why did you have to make Petunia unfaithful, author? If you can make everything about sex, then I can too.

The ritual of waking him up by banging on the door didn't change even as he changed rooms. Sighing he got up and made his way to the kitchen to make breakfast for his relatives.

As they sat for breakfast, his uncle instructed him to get the mail that should have arrived. Harry had gotten used to his uncle's laziness but still grumbled about it under his breath as he went to pick the mail.

I’m surprised he doesn’t just spontaneously develop a skill to make this rewarding for himself.

As he reached the mail, he quickly scanned them to see if there was anything of importance. There were a few bills, a postcard from Aunt Marge, his uncle's sister and a nasty one, maybe even more than her brother too. The last letter gave him a shock as it was addressed to him. Quickly he put it in his inventory and delivered the rest of the mail.

After finishing his chores, Harry made his way to the park and pulled out the letter to him. Before reading it, he created an ID and called Nimuae.

"Hey Nim" Harry smiled fondly at Nimuae " Look what I got. A letter and one that is addressed to me!" he said excitedly

“Unlike all the previous ones that I found in NPC belongings.”

"Hey Harry, what are you waiting for then, open and read it" Nim replied while smiling at Harry's enthusiasm. She knew the reason of course, it would be the first time Harry got any type of correspondence from anyone.

Studying the letter closer, Harry noticed it was made out of some kind of parchment instead of normal paper. It was sealed with a wax seal with symbols he had never seen before.

And that he’ll never describe, so why bother telling us?

Tearing open the seal, he unfolded the letter and started reading aloud so that Nimuae can hear it too.


Headmaster : Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin First Class, Grand Sorc., Chief Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confederation of Wizards)

Dear Mr. Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

Yours Sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

Harry didn't know what to make of the letter at first and neither did Nimuae. But then he remembered hearing or rather reading the name Albus Dumbledore some time before.

You mean that brilliant bit of forced character description for Mrs. Figg, which the author thinks count as foreshadowing? How could I forget? Tell me, because I wish I had.

"Of course, Mrs. Figg's info said he put her there to watch over me. What does the headmaster of a school, a magical school at that, have anything to do with me?" Harry asked Nimuae. But all she could do was just shrug at him.

Figuring it couldn't hurt to try, Harry wrote a letter saying that he had no clue what was going on and it would be helpful if they could send him some more information. Harry called Nim back and moved out of the ID to see how he could post the letter. Suddenly a brown owl swooped down in front of him and stuck its leg out.

Convenience is the word of the day, every day.

Harry was a bit surprised but figured if a magical school existed, then it would be possible for such a thing as this. He gently wrapped the letter around the owl's leg and watched it fly away.

'How weird' Harry thought as the owl disappeared from sight 'Oh well, we'll see what happens.'

Later that day, hundreds of miles away, a women with stern expression read the letter that the owl just dropped on her desk. A frown appeared on her face as she finished the letter and got up. She double checked her schedule for tomorrow and deciding on a plan let the matter drop for now. Only one though was on her mind 'Albus, you better not have forgotten about your duties.'

His duties? Was it Dumbledore’s duty to expect that Harry’s relatives would withhold information or lie about his parents and the Wizarding World?!


Chapter once more exceeds character limit, so continue in the next post.

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Re: Harry Potter : Potter Verse REDUX

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Back to it.


You have slept in your bed. HP & MP restored to 100%. All negative status effects and ailments have been cured.

Harry woke up next day due to the anticipation for what the reply to his letter would be, that and his aunt's shouting.

"Get up and start making breakfast" his aunt yelled at him.

"Yes, Aunt Petunia," Harry said.

Just as he was about to serve breakfast, someone knocked on the door and was ordered to see who it was by his uncle.

Right. Let the freakish nephew greet visitors at the door, as if they’re not ashamed that he’s living under their roof. Brilliant.

When he opened the door, Harry stared at the woman in front of him. She looked to be in her seventies or late sixties, with a stern expression on her face and don't bullshit me aura around her. Harry gulped slightly as he was intimidated by this woman. The little screen above her head told him her name was Minerva McGonagall, which was the name mentioned in his letter. Trying to be polite and going for the safe route he greeted her with a smile.

As opposed to what? Spit in her face and close the door?!

"Hello, how can I help you?" Harry asked.

"Mr. Potter, I presume?" She said to which Harry nodded his head "My name is Minerva McGonagall and I am here to explain to you about some things regarding the letter you received yesterday, may I come in?"

"Oh, yes of course. Please come in" Harry said quickly " I have to warn you though; My relatives are not the nicest of people when it comes to me"

As if the term “people” holds any meaning when everyone is an NPC to him.

"I am sure I can deal with them, this isn't the first time I had to deal with people like them. I'll take care of it, do not worry" The woman reassured him with a smile "Why don't you call them and let's get this over with?"

Harry could tell from the expression on her face that she meant business and that she wasn't someone to be messed with, so he quickly guided her to the living room and went to get his relatives. As expected his uncle exploded in rage and stomped his way to the living room.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my house?" Vernon thundered.

You were expecting the child to keep insistent people out?

"Mr. Dursley, I presume?" Minerva calmly said as if he hadn't raised his voice " My name is Minerva McGonagall and I am here to speak about your nephew's acceptance into Hogwarts school of witchcraft and Wizardry."

"Nope, not a chance," Vernon said vehemently "He won't be going to any freak school, now get out of my house!"

"That is just not possible," Minerva said calmly "Mr. Potter has been accepted into Hogwarts just as his parents were before him. He's a wizard and must be taught in order to learn about magic."

Taught? Ha! He’ll be an auror before the end of first year with all the boosts the author provides him.

"You knew my parents?" Harry interjected "Can you tell me about them, I know nothing about them just that they died in a car crash" Of course Harry never believed the lies told by his relatives, but this was a chance to know about his parents. He couldn't just miss it.

Of course he never believed their lies. That would make him a naïve child who wouldn’t know any better. Author, why do you keep fixing every possible flaw you come across?

" A car crash? How preposterous. James and Lily Potter weren't killed in a car crash" Minerva exclaimed shocked " What have you been telling the boy?"

"We didn't tell him anything about his freakish no good parents" Vernon shouted "And neither will you. Now get out of my house"

Minerva simply glared at the man and Vernon suddenly started feeling small as he backed away. Harry was glad the stare wasn't directed at him. Aunt Petunia quickly put a hand on Vernon shoulder calming him down.

"Vernon, please calm down" Petunia begged " It's no use. They won't back down and it would be better if we send him away. That way we will be rid of him for the year"

"Wait, you know about all this" Harry asked his aunt "You know about magic?"

So do you, and yet you didn’t see fit to share that information with anyone.

"Of course I know, you silly boy" Petunia said with disgust " How could I not? Oh, I remember when your mother received letter to this so called school. Our parents were delighted; a witch in the family. What an honor. I was the only one who saw her for what she was, a freak. Every summer she came back and filled our parents head all about magic and other nonsense. They were so proud of her." Here, she paused and her face contorted "Then she met your father and had you and got herself blown up."

"Blown up?" Harry whispered shocked to his core.

You’ve decapitated an ogre, slaughtered rats and goblinoids, and burnt wolves to death in spike filled pit traps. But please, do act shocked at the mention of violent death.

"That's quite enough." Minerva said " I will explain his heritage to him. I can see that we are not welcome here so we will leave now. To my shame I was right about you lot all those years ago and still let Harry be put in your care. Mrs. Dursley, I am sure your sister is appalled at how you treated her son when she couldn't. I pray you don't meet her in the afterlife as she wouldn't be happy with you."

She motioned Harry to follow her without waiting for any response. She walked till they reached a secluded spot, then she instructed Harry to grab her arm.

The strange woman, who took you away from your family, is asking you to touch her? Better do what she says!

"I am going to apparate, which is a magical way of travelling, along with you to Diagon alley," Minerva explained. "This will be unpleasant."

Harry nodded and was suddenly hit with the sensation of being sucked up into a tube before they reappeared in a busy street filled with people. His stomach turned and he had to try hard not to throw up. Once he got his bearings, he took a deep breath and looked up at the woman.

"That was very unpleasant," Harry said to which the lady smirked and said "That it will be for your first time experience Mr. Potter, you will get used to it"

It’s not like he learned how to do this all the way back in Chapter 2, or whatever.

"Now please stay close to me and I will explain everything shortly," she said as she guided Harry into a building.

Harry just nodded and followed her into a building, which turned out to be a pub like place but a lot bigger on the inside, and watched as she greeted the bartender and asked for a private room. For which the bartender reverently greeted her and replied by showing them a room and even promising refreshments.

"Now we have a lot to talk about, so please refrain your questions until after I am finished," Minerva said and continued seeing Harry nod his head.

Please remain complacent and without agency until the exposition dump has reached a complete stop.

"As I said my name is Minerva McGonagall and I am the deputy headmistress of Hogwarts. I received your letter and was disturbed to find that you didn't know about your heritage. To keep it short, you are a wizard. Just like your parents before they died and just like them you have been accepted into Hogwarts. The Wizarding world, as we call our world, is hidden from the normal world in order to protect us. It has been for hundreds of years."

For the next few hours, Minerva explained everything about the wizarding world and how it came to be. Then she told about the reign of an evil dark wizard, refusing to say his name vehemently and only calling him He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, came to power and the destruction he wroght on the wizarding world. She explained to him how his parents were part of a resistance group and fought against the madman. And how they were killed by the madman on the night of Halloween, 1981. She then told him how famous he was in the wizarding world for surviving the unblockable killing curse on that night.

And now everyone can legitimately call hax on him.

New Title Available!

Boy-Who-Lived : +25% experience boost, +10 to Socializing, Flirting, Persuasion and Politicking

This is the equivalent of being told that you’re important, and then suddenly you are.

"I know it must be overwhelming to you Mr. Potter," Minerva said seeing the distraught face of Harry. "I wish it wasn't so but I can't change the past."

"So I am famous here and people call me the Boy-Who-Lived? My dad and mum opposed the Dark Wizard who killed them and then tried to kill me as well?" Harry asked stunned. "But why would he try to kill me? Why, when thousands of others had died by the curse, did I survive? I am confused."

Just roll with it and make up your own explanation. That’s what you usually do.

"I am sorry Mr. Potter, as to why he tried to kill you and how you survived is something I can't explain to you," Minerva said sadly. "No one really knows about it. All we know is that thanks to your parents and you the Wizarding world was saved from destruction."

"So the dark wizard is gone then?" Harry asked hopefully. "He's dead right?"

“I can claim the xp for the kill, right?”

"Some people believe he is still out there," Minerva said honestly. "Others believe he is gone for good and will never terrorize this world again."

"What do you believe?"Harry asked again intently.

"I believe that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was a powerful wizard. Perhaps even the most powerful wizard since Albus Dumbledore." Minerva replied "I don't know what will happen in the future, but I do know that Hogwarts is the safest place in the whole of Britain.

Only because the Forbidden Forest doesn’t count as school grounds.

At Hogwarts you will learn how to use magic, how to become strong and make many friends. I have no doubt that you will be a most powerful wizard if you put your mind into it."

Harry decided then and there to get stronger. He just learned about his arch enemy. "Stupid story line" Harry grumbled in his mind thinking about the one he read. He knew that somehow the guy was not dead and sooner or later he would have to face the Dark wizard. Really all RPG games were like that.

The author could have crafted an interesting narrative, but the cliché refused to change. For all the bad fanfics I’ve mocked, even I am not so dumb as to use that argument, whenever I read a new story. Mind you, it’s going to be valid nine times out of ten, but that’s besides the point.

Sighing Harry decided to get things started. But before that he decided to hide his abilities from others who had not earned his trust so that he will have an advantage when facing foes.

"So what do I need to do now?" Harry asked. "I mean, I don't have any money to buy these items mentioned in the letter."

"That's easily remedied. I am sure your parents have left you more than enough money to go through seven years of Hogwarts, after all your father was the Lord of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter" Minerva smiled gently "All we need is to visit Gringotts and have someone escort you to your vault."

There’s two hundred thousand galleons in his inventory, but why not go to the bank anyway?

"Gringotts?" Harry enquired.

"The Wizarding Bank, run by the goblins," Minerva explained. "It's outside and if you are willing, I will help you get some money and we can start getting things on your list"

"Okay then," Harry replied.

As they left the building, Harry noted that the name of the pub was 'The Leaky Cauldron' and that it was a gateway between magical world and normal world.

It’s the entrance to the wizarding equivalent of a mall, you twit. It’s supposed to keep the non-wizarding world out.

On his journey to Gringotts, Harry watched all the people and the different shops around him. He used Observe on Minerva as he hadn't done so.

Minerva McGonagall - Deputy Headmistress - ?

HP : ?

MP : ?




This surprised Harry as up till now he had always been able to read other people. Now all he had was a name, profession and a bunch of question marks. After this Harry used Observe on the many passersby, most of the time he got the info but there were ones similar to Minerva. He decided to stop as he figured his level was not high enough.

Shrug his shoulders, assume a conclusion, move on. You never change, Harry. And I hate that.

Minerva led him to a large white building at the end of the street which made Harry stop and stare for a bit. Before they went inside, Minerva made Harry promise not to insult or belittle the goblins that worked there as they could be dangerous and very vicious. Harry promised her to be on his best behavior and followed her inside.

The goblins were somewhat similar to the Brownies he killed in the forest of Surrey.

And this fact does not stir his xp craving conscience at all, does it?

They were short and had a huge head compared to their body with sharp teeth like their counterparts. Harry used Observe and found out the result to be similar to Minerva's.

"Mr. Potter are you in possession of your vault key?" the goblin asked.

"No sir, I don't have a key," Harry answered.

"Well then, we'll have to get a new one" The goblin smirked evilly "If you would please cut your palm and let some blood drop into the bowl in front of you"

“It has nothing to do with making a new key. It’s just punishment for losing the first one.”

Harry looked at the silver bowl with some weird looking liquid inside it. It had carvings on the its surface. Harry carefully took the blade he was given and cut his palm to let some blood drop into the bowl. As soon as the blood touched the liquid it started to change colors and finally reached red.

"Well, it seems you are who you say you are," the goblin smirked. "Please wait in the lobby until the key is made"

"Thank you," and with that Harry followed Minerva to the lobby.

A few minutes later another goblin came up to them and told them to follow him to the vault. Harry enjoyed the trip down to the vault while Minerva looked a bit green, which in turn made the journey hilarious for Harry.

An old woman is getting sick, how hilarious.

The goblin, named Griphook by the blue screen above his head, didn't talk much and once the vault was reached showed Harry how to open it and Harry went inside. Harry stood stock still seeing the heaps of gold in the vault, which were at least twice his size.

Minerva quickly explained the coin system, which wasn't hard to understand.

Your non-attempt to convey it sure proves that.

As per her instruction, Harry filled a pouch with enough galleons, sickles and knuts. Then they left the vault. As they reached the bank counter and was about to leave, Griphook discreetly gave Harry a letter which was sealed by wax. Seeing the discretion required, Harry put the letter in his inventory without Minerva noticing.

I hope it’s the bill for making a new key, but it’s likely something that’ll benefit Harry – it’s been a while and the author needs his fix.

After leaving the bank, Harry was dragged from one shop to the other. Books, clothes, potion ingredients and other supplies were bought. Harry decided it was better to explore alone seeing the urgency in Minerva.

"Come along Mr. Potter," Minerva said. " The final item on your list is the most important one. We need to get you a wand."

This was something that interested Harry, as all day he has seen people using their wands to do magic.

Must have been a quite interesting first impression that we never got to read.

He wanted to know what was the difference between them and his way of doing magic was. Harry quickly followed Minerva so as to reach the shop as soon as possible.

"Ah, Mr. Potter," The old man with silver eyes and wild white hair said. " I have been expecting you."

"You were?" Harry had a feeling something was up.

Harry, you’re famous and have reached the age where you’d be expected to go to magic school. This isn’t hard.

"Why of course," the man said. " I am Ollivander at your service"

"It's nice to meet you Mr. Ollivander" Harry replied dutifully.

"Well then let's get to it." Ollivander turned "Which is your wand arm?"

And so began the long and tedious process of waving wand after wand. When he got bored he used Observe on Ollivander only to get similar results to Minerva's. Finally one wand accepted him, it was unlike anything Harry had ever felt, an euphoric feeling rushed through his body as soon as he touched the Holly and Phoenix feather wand, producing bright red, gold, and green sparks coming out from the wand.

Item Obtained!

Magical Foci – Wand

Holly and Phoenix feather wand. Gives +10% MP and -20% cost for casting magic.

Meaning all elemental spells now take a whopping 8 MP to cast. A videogame is supposed to get progressively more challenging, and yet this one just have everything get easier.

Harry closed the window just in time to hear that his wand and the Dark wizard's wand were brother wands. While leaving the shop, Minerva was very disturbed by the news as well as Harry.

Not as disturbed as Ollivander must have been if they left by the window.

'Of course, stupid game scenarios. I knew something like this would happen. At least I am not a king or worse the Dark wizard's son.' A shudder went through Harry at the last though. Unknown to Harry things were proceeding elsewhere that he might just become the next king.


Author, how about you don’t pat yourself on the back for ruining story immersions and foretelling another utterly vapid and horrendously contrived piece of wish fulfillment all in the same sentence, hmm?

"Well Mr. Potter," Minerva started. "I think our shopping is done. Now I will shrink your trunk and supplies which will last long enough until you reach your house. Now there are strict laws regarding underage magic and the penalties are severe, so you must not use magic while you are at home."

"I understand," Harry replied while his mind was working through the problem.

He was never stopped from throwing fireballs around in the park, so I think he’ll be fine.

They soon reached Harry's relatives house and Minerva left with a warning to Harry's relatives and giving direction to platform 9 and three quarters. Harry put all his things into his inventory, while his relatives were distracted. They stayed away from him for the time because of Minerva's warning.

Quest Complete!

Find your roots : Who are you?



New Title - Boy-Who-Lived

Harry had all but forgotten about the quest he got years ago. Harry was content to finally know who he was and who his parents were, how they died as well which made him sad. He vowed to be the best wizard there is as way to repay his parents.

Wow. What a deep and moving character motivation he has now. Be the best there is. Because his parents existed at one point. What an inspiration.

Harry took out his new books and started reading them. His perk Wisdom's Visage helped him to read all the books and understand them in just about three days.

Now it was the day before his birthday and he wanted to explore the magical alley more thoroughly. He learned that there is a magical transport bus service called Knight bus. He used it get to Diagon Alley and started exploring.

How he learned about the Knight Bus is not important, what’s important is shut up.

The first thing Harry did was to explore the bookstore. He bought many books in wizarding politics, laws, etiquette, and genealogy, then books on dueling, ancient runes, arithmancy, magical creatures and one Hogwarts - A History. Some of them gave him new skills. He also found some skill books which gave him skills in Transfiguration, Charms, Potions and one called Politicking. Some increased his Socializing, Flirting, and Persuasion skills. But no matter how much he searched he couldn't find any related to his type of magic, that is elemental or some such type.

As I said, school is not needed for this guy. Hogwarts is just going to be him whining about the lessons not being on his level.

After enjoying an ice cream, Harry was drawn to the Magical Menageries, there he found lots of creatures for sale. Rodents, reptiles, kneazles, spiders and a large number of owls were filled to the brim inside the shop. As Harry looked around each and every creature, a pair of bright amber eyes were following his movements.

Suddenly a snowy white owl landed on Harry's shoulder. Though startled Harry didn't made any move to remove the owl, instead he started stroking the white plumage of the black speckled snowy owl. The owl preened under Harry's touch. He very much fell in love with the owl and decided to buy her.

Speaking of creatures you own, how is Nimuae doing in her box? I hope she can breathe in there.

It was a quick exchange as the owner was very glad to be rid of the owl who wouldn't let anyone else touch her. Buying a perch, bowl and some owl treats, Harry stepped out and put them all in his inventory without anyone seeing. Then he used Observe on the newly christened Hedwig the Snowy owl.

Hedwig - Familiar - Lvl 8

HP : 200/200

MP : 100/100

STR : 10

VIT : 7

DEX : 10

INT : 10

WIS : 5

LUC : 7

Status : Harry's Familiar

Hedwig is a rare Snowy white Owl. It has become Harry's familiar and is very devoted and protective of Harry.

It can evolve into a phoenix if given Holy Fire.

I wish everything in this fanfic would just go up in fucking flames. Why must everything that Harry touches be somehow “cooler” than in canon?!

Harry was delighted to learn that Hedwig has become his familiar and even more so when he learned she can become a phoenix if given holy fire. Though he didn't know what it was or how to find it, Harry was optimistic.

On his tour around the alley, Harry found Knockturn Alley. Though he wanted to go in, the many ? contained blue screen on most of its people put a stop to that notion.

He will probably find a dungeon once he goes there, I can’t bring myself to hope otherwise.

Harry bought some more essential clothes and even bought a wand holster and polishing kit.

You have slept in your bed. HP & MP restored to 100%. All negative status effects and ailments have been cured.

Today was his birthday and Harry woke up excitedly for the free level up. But what awaited him was far more than just simple level up.

What a delight. What is my intelligence and sense of logic going to be insulted by this time, I wonder.

As Harry opened his eyes, he was bombarded with blue screens.

Congratulation! It's your Birthday!

You have gained 1 level up!

You reached age 12!

Status 'Unbound' added!

Full powers accessible now!

All systems at full capacity!

Harry had no idea what was going on as he stopped reading the messages at that point and closed them all together.

Is he expecting to find out what they mean by not reading them?

Then he opened his status menu.

Name : Harry James Potter

Race : Wizard

Title : Boy-Who-Lived

Monster Slayer

Level : 16

Exp : 2,940/17,000

HP : 900/900 + 20% = 1080/1080

HP regen : 20% (1080) = 216 HP/min

MP : 760/760

MP regen : 20% (760) = 152 MP/min

Meaning he can cast an elemental spell every three seconds. Fucking hell!

STR : 38 + (50%) = 57

VIT : 33

DEX : 33

END : 23

INT : 35 + (20%) = 42

WIS : 30

CHR : 12

LUC : 50

KAR : 1

That’s three stats too many. Endurance and Charisma I get, but Karma? There is a karma system now? Why isn’t it lower?

Status Points : 26

Skill Points : 0

Status : Unbound [Permanent] MP back to 100%, First Year Student +1 VIT, +1 INT per level up

Free stat points! Get your free stat points! The author is a lazy, greedy, unrestrained hack, so you can get your stat points here, there, and everywhere!

Money : 5556 £/ 213,023ᶃ 12ᶊ 8ᶄ

Harry Potter is the son of Lily Potter nee Evans and James Charlus Potter. He now knows his family history and past, how his parents died when he was just a baby and how he somehow survived the killing curse giving him a title. Harry Potter is a Wizard and he wants to make his parents proud by being the best.

Harry was surprised. He had double the MP from what he should have from before.

And yet it breaks the suspension of disbelief three times over.

Harry started to quickly go through all the new things he got. So first he clicked on his status.

Unbound [Permanent] :

The block placed on your magical core by your parents for reducing accidental magic until you start Hogwarts year 1 or reach 12 years of age has been dissolved. Now +50% MP block and all other powers unblocked.

Ah, so it’s not Dumbledore’s fault in this fanfic, my mistake. It’s just ANOTHER contrived benefit that the author pulled to make his protagonist teh beshtest carahcter evah!

First Year Student :

You are now a first year student of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, so additional bonus on each level up during the school year. +1 to VIT and INT.

Next he checked his title and it gave him info that he could hold two titles now. Next he clicked on END, CHR, and KAR.

END : Endurance, this shows the ability to endure attacks and thus reduce the amount of damage taken. Higher the endurance point, higher the damage reduction will be.

CHR : Charisma, this shows the ability to be charismatic around peers. Higher the charisma the more people will support your side, follow you, and stand on your side.Higher chance of persuasion, socializing and flirting.

KAR : Karma, the only status that can't be increased using status points. Good deeds gives you positive points, bad ones gives you negative points. Both have its own pros and cons. You alone shall decide your fate.

Oh, like he alone decided to peep on Piers Polkiss’ mom? Author, the strings on your puppet have always been visible, don’t think we haven’t notice them.

Then he called the skill menu.

Skill Trees :

Skill trees are now unique branches of similar skills put together. The new skills discovered by you will automatically be updated on the skill trees. You can level up skill via skill points (Three skill points for each 10 levels starting from level 20) you get or through normal way of finding skill books, repetitive use of skills or via skill disc. For each level up in any skill requires 5 skill points in them.


Cooking - Active (Lvl 25) (2/5) -+

Herbology - Active (Lvl 22) (1/5) -+

Potion Making - Active (Lvl 2) (3/5) -+

Runes - Active (Lvl 1) (4/5) -+

Arithmancy - Active (Lvl 1) (3/5) -+

Planning - Active (Lvl 5) (2/5) -+

Trap Making - Active (Lvl 4) (3/5) -+

Map Making - Active (Lvl 1) (1/5) -+


Fie Ball - Active (Lvl 25) (4/5) -+

Fire Cone - Active (Lvl 10) (3/5) -+

Lightning Bolt - Active (Lvl 15) (1/5) -+

Earth Spikes - Active (Lvl 5) (1/5) -+

[Wand Magic]

Transfiguration - Active (Lvl 2) (4/5) -+

Charms - Active (Lvl 3) (1/5) -+

DADA - Active (Lvl 1) (3/5) -+

[Weapon & Melee]

One Handed Sword Fighting - Active (Lvl 22) (3/5) -+

Two Handed Sword Fighting - Active (Lvl 1) (1/5) -+

Martial Arts - Active (Lvl 5) (4/5) -+

One Handed Blunt - Active (Lvl 3) (4/5) -+

Two Handed Blunt - Active (Lvl 1) (3/5) -+


Sneaking - Active (Lvl 20) (3/5) -+

Knife Throw - Active (Lvl 1) (4/5) -+

Critical Strike - Active (Lvl 6) (2/5) -+

[Art Of War]

Socializing - Active (Lvl 24) (4/5) -+

Politicking - Active (Lvl 1) (1/5) -+

Persuasion - Active (Lvl 9) (2/5) -+

[Art Of Love]

Flirting - Active (Lvl 9) (4/5) -+

Kissing - Active (Lvl 4) (1/5) -+

Foreplay - Active (Lvl 1) (1/5) -+

Sex - Active (Lvl 8) (2/5) -+

Fucking - Active (Lvl 7) (1/5) -+

Anal - Active (Lvl 4) (1/5) -+

Oral Sex - Active (Lvl 10) (1/5) -+


English - Active/Passive (Lvl 100) (0/5) -+

French - Active/Passive (Lvl 100) (0/5) -+

Parseltongue - Active/Passive (Lvl MAX) (N/A) -+

Latin - Active/Passive (Lvl 8) (2/5) -+

[Knowledge Bank]

Physics - Passive (Lvl 35) (4/5) -+

Chemistry - Passive (Lvl 30) (1/5) -+

Biology - Passive (Lvl 38) (3/5) -+

Basic Calculus - Passive (Lvl 63) (2/5) -+

Basic Geometry - Passive (Lvl 58) (1/5) -+

History - Passive (Lvl 4) (1/5) -+

Magical Creatures - Passive (Lvl 3) (4/5) -+

[Magical Travel]

Apparition - Active (Lvl 1) (4/5) -+

Fulmen Curre - Active (Lvl Max) (N/A) -+

[Arcane Magics]

Observe - Active (Lvl 15) (4/5) -+

Gamer's Mind - Passive (Lvl Max) (N/A) -+

Gamer's Body - Passive (Lvl Max) (N/A) -+

Illusion - Active (Lvl 9) (3/5) -+

Mage Eyes - Active (Lvl 1) (1/5) -+

ID Create - Active (Lvl 5) (2/5) -+

ID Escape - Active (Lvl 5) (2/5) -+

Skill Points : 0


This is what it means to read a The Gamer fanfic. Endless listing of arbitrarily skills chosen at the author’s preference. Lines of descriptions inanely repeated and displayed regardless of importance or relevance to the story. Character depth replaced by list upon list denoting superficial traits and what they can do accompanied by calculated numbers. Welcome to my hell!

Harry was truly overwhelmed. "This is new. All this because my magical core was bound. That's a lot to take in," Harry said as he went through all the skills in the skill tree. Harry was super charged, as he went through others, he didn't see much difference. But overall, Harry was just like any other gamer - new abilities brought happiness - so he was truly over the moon.

Author, my hobby has me occasionally read sex scenes involving minors, vore, rimming, and gratuitous misunderstanding of how vaginas work. Yet your narrow minded and simplistic reasoning for Harry’s source of joy is more revolting to me.

It was during his browsing of all the new stuff that he remembered the letter he received from the goblin in Gringotts. He quickly pulled it out from the inventory and opened the wax seal. A silver coin dropped into his palm as he opened the letter which contained no other information written on the it.

As he examined the coin, the coin flashed a pale blue color. Harry felt a tug at his navel and just like that he was whisked away in a swirling mass. Harry became sick as he was violently thrown around in what seemed to be a twister of some kind. Just as it came, it ended and Harry fell on his backside as he reached the destination.

Voldemort goes through so much trouble in the fifth book to pull off the same stunt, and yet the goblins outdo him five years in advance. If it was a joke, it might even be funny.

The place he reached was a marble finished room with high polished ceiling and weird engravings, which Harry realized was some type of runes, with moderate illumination. Harry quickly got up in a battle ready stance and was startled on the inside seeing a goblin in business suit. Harry didn't release his stance, somehow the goblin seemed pleased.

" Welcome Lord Potter, sorry for the sudden kidnapping but matters are severe and urgency and anonymity was of utmost importance," the goblin said in a refined but still grating voice.

Harry was stunned, of all the things that happened to him today, the only thing that grabbed his attention and the one he could get out of his mouth was two words said in confusion;

"Lord Potter?"

Because why make it a crossover between The Gamer and Harry Potter, when instead it can be a crossover between The Gamer and every overly self-indulgent fanfic you’ve seen a million times before?


For coldblue and anyone else who have similar questions;

1) Will the harem be small or big?

First of all, don't mix harem and romance. In my fic Harry will have romance interest of at least 4 to at most 10, that's it. Harem is different as they are not exactly romantic but in a friends with benefits way but with only Harry and a lot of girls. Most of them will have their own roles in the harem.

I am confused. Harry will have romantic interest from up to ten people, and yet that is not a harem, because a harem is only casual commitment? Where the hell did the author learn that definition?

2) Is Harry Potter going to be a Light, Dark or Chaotic Wizard? Will Harry use whatever Magic that he chooses depending on his own morals?

Well you have to wait and see. Also Harry has to consider the Karma status now.

It said there were pros and cons to both good and evil. I have no reason to think he won’t pick evil.

3) Will Hedwig actually be influenced by Harry Potter Gamer ability such as joining Harry Party/Alliance?

I hope you like what I have done with Hedwig. There may be more action for Hedwig as well. ;)

It won’t be the first fanfic I’ve read where Harry scores some bird cloaca, so go ahead.

4) Is Harry going continue to live with the Dursleys or figure out a way to live somewhere else?

Wait for the next chapter.

5) Is it possible for Harry Potter to learn Wandless Magic or is the Wand going to be important for Harry in this story?

Wandless magic of canon wand magic nope. A variation of wandless summoning/banishing yes. And yes the wand is going to be important to some extent as there is his other skills that do not need a wand or other foci. Consider it as a battering ram vs Surgical blade.

It gives him stat bonuses. He might as well have it grafted to his hand, because he has no reason to put it away.

I hope I haven't rushed this chapter as I was late, so hit me with all that I missed thank you.

Next Chapter - Goblins, Lords, and Sorting)


Harry becoming a king is not a new thing to anyone who has perused Harry Potter fanfics for as long as I have. It is but one of many wish fulfillment tropes prone to be splurged through prose. But why it has to be injected alongside the ego stroking of turning Harry into a videogame protagonist, I have no idea. I could also not care, but I find it hard to when the author gratifies himself at every contrived turn of the narrative.

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Re: Harry Potter : Potter Verse REDUX

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Harry has been magically abducted by a goblin. But never worry, if it was something detrimental to him, the author would never have let it happen. The chapter is long enough as it is, so let’s just jump on in. Enjoy.


Chapter 7: Goblins, Lords, and Sorting

Kyrin's A/N : Not much change except for standard editing.


Sorry for being late but life is a bitch, a sexy one at that but still a bitch. Anyway here is the new chapter.

All suggestions, remarks, criticism and reviews are welcome.)

Chapter 7

"Lord Potter?"

Sure Harry know he will be Lord of his house when he becomes 17, but not now when he was still 12. And who the hell kidnaps him and then calls them a Lord?

And who the hell doesn’t proofread this atrocious writing for grammatical errors? Not just one, but two authors, apparently.

Harry used Observe on the goblin;

Bloodfist - Potter Account Manager - Lvl ?

HP : ?

MP : ?



?-?-?-?-?- ?-?-?-?-?- ?-?-?-?-?- ?-?-?-?-?- ?-?-?-?-?- ?-?-?-?-?- ?-?-?-?-?- ?-?-?-?-?- ?-?-?-?-?- ?-?-?-?-?-?

"That's correct, or it will be by the end of our discussion," the goblin said with a small bow "Allow me to introduce myself. I am BloodFist, your, or rather the Potter family account manager. Please follow me so that we can have our discussion in a private room."

“I could have had the portkey deliver you to one, but then what would be the point of this room?”

Seeing Harry nod and release his battle stance BloodFist lead him through a twisting corridor until they reached a very ornate door, which was every bit the representation of elegance and wealth, with a golden plate inscribed Bloodfist on it. They stepped through the door and Bloodfist motioned Harry to sit in the chair in front of a large desk while he himself sat on the one behind it.

Taking a quick look around the office, Harry could relate to and confirm what little he read about the goblins being a warrior race seems to be true, as it was adorned with various weapons and trophies.

I, too, walk into the author’s basement dwelling and conclude that humans are all a bunch of dweebs.

Various weapons from small plain daggers to jewel-encrusted swords were mounted on the walls. Thinking that made him realize that goblins don't like those who waste time, so Harry gave his full attention back to his account manager.

"Let me start by giving you an overview of what I do and what your heritage exactly entails." Bloodfist then continued to explain the vaults he had, both the family vault and the trust vault that Harry visited when he came to Gringotts. Then on to the different business ventures that once the Potter family had and about the subsequent decline of Potter family fortune ever since the Potters went into hiding up till now.

"Wait, so my dad went into hiding while giving someone power of Potter family business to run on his behalf, whom you don't know of, who then sold all the businesses to the Parkinson, Malfoy, Nott, and Avery families and only the timely intervention of my current magical guardian Albus Dumbledore put a stop to it before I lost everything. Is that the whole gist of it?" Harry asked feeling irritation and anger seeping into him.

“I mean, the author sort of just skipped right through me explaining it, so who knows really?”

" Yes, that's most of it," Bloodfist nodded. "We have been trying to get in contact with you but your magical guardian blocked us every time. You see because of the laws that exist, we can't be in charge of wizarding businesses so your father had to give someone that authority while going into hiding with you. But luckily he only gave power over businesses that were abroad Britain, your vaults remain safe. But the loss was heavy as before it happened your fortune was around 82 million galleons and now all you have is the 7.31 million in the family vault and of course the money in trust vault as well."

Unless Harry is going to be using any of that money for a functional purpose, what is the point of including it in this story?

"So I have lost everything?" Harry asked depressed at the loss of his family's fortune.

You’ve lost nothing you couldn’t get back in time, Mr. Dungeon Crawler. It’s not like you have a need for the money anyway. Stop pouting, you greedy dumbass.

"Well not everything, you still have the Potter Docks and some other investments, while mostly destroyed, you can build your family's fortune back up with those," Bloodfist intoned with a spark in his eyes.

"What do you get from this? What's your motive? How can I trust you? Why now?" Harry asked curiously.

Yes, mysterious goblin, please explain at length how the author has structured Harry’s latest cornucopia of monetary benefits.

"What do I get? Everything Lord Potter, everything a goblin could want. You see as a goblin, we are ranked by the amount of money we can make using our customers money and how much profit we make for the customer. As your account manager, I get a 4% profit from yours, as payment for being your account manager. So as your fortune increase so does mine and my prestige.

Because that totally wouldn’t cause ruthless competition or widespread corruption and backstabbing within the company at all. How the fuck do they determine who gets to be the accountant of new clients? Do they draw straws or do they duel for the privilege? I’m so tired of authors romanticizing goblin culture without any idea of how a bank is supposed to operate.

Ever since the decline of Potter family fortune I have lost the prestige and power I once held. The revival of the Potter fortune will propel me to the forefront of my peers. And that would also be my motive as well." Bloodfist took a break and continued "As for trust, I and my family are under a magical blood contract. If I were to betray you willingly, my life and my family's life will be forfeited by the magic in our blood, due to our breaking the agreement."

Why is this sort of allegiance assuring magic not employed by other people like, oh I don’t know, Voldemort?! Stop poking holes in the plot with your contrivance fixes!

Harry had read all he could from the books he could obtain about the magical world and its custom easily understood the severity of the blood contract and nodded.

"As for the why now, it is more complicated," Bloodfist paused.

"I am all ears," Harry asked with utmost interest.

"As I said before a goblin can't oversee the business of a wizard, the laws prevent that. So I can't take care of your business, merely do what you authorize me to do. Trust me when I say cheating my way would be the last thing on my mind as it will strip me of any prestige and life I have and maybe cause a war between goblins and wizards if it is found out.

If fraud was this effective at starting wars, then rogue Nigerian princes would have had a much more worldly impact.

Now, why I didn't approach your guardian? Simply put it's because he can't do anything on your behalf other than arrange marriage contracts or picking where you should live or other such parental duties."

They can’t handle your money, but they can arrange marriages that decide who benefits from said money. It’s nice when a legal system has all their loop holes on display.

"So you are saying only I can take care of my family business and fortune," Harry asked.

"That's correct in a sense. You or the wizard or witch who you appoint can do it for you. But even then there was a problem, as a minor, you couldn't have taken up the mantle of Lord Potter until you were of age. However, there is a loophole allowing the last living heir to an Ancient house to get emancipated starting from age 12.

And we can assume this loophole is bogus, since you don’t bother explaining the laws that made it.

That, while possible for you, was blocked by both your guardian and the earlier mentioned Lords who have seats in the Wizengamot which is the ruling body of the wizarding world. I don't know the motive behind your guardian but we can safely assume the motive of your enemies, Lord Potter."

Harry was disgruntled, ever since he entered the wizarding world, he began to realize that it was not all sunshine and unicorns. The prejudices run rampant and so does cutthroat practices and backstabbing just as it was in the non-magical world. Hearing he was also a victim of such underhanded methods really drove the reality of the situation home for Harry.

The situation is that Harry was kidnapped, and is now believing everything his kidnapper is telling him, because it benefits him to do so.

"It seems we are at an impasse then since I don't have anyone I trust nor does it seems like I can trust any Lords or their offspring," Harry said with more maturity than he let on earlier.

Really? Because it sounds like paranoid whining to me.

"Yes, we were, until you came to access your vault. When we used your blood to confirm your identity, it wasn't a test that just doesn't say you are who you say are or not. Instead, it gave the full details about you, your parents and your heritage. Simply put it was an inheritance test. And any document regarding you reaches me as your account manager."

Magical doxing, yay!

Harry had read about them in one of the wizarding law books he bought from Flourish & Blotts. The test that identifies one's lineage.

Yes, yes, Harry has read and knows everything about the wizarding world – we get it! Having the protagonist acknowledge the validity of your added nonsense to the canon does nothing, author.

"What does it say? And how does it help?" Harry asked eagerly for more information about his family.

"It appears you are a pureblood, Lord Potter, and not a half-blood. From the documents, it seems your mother was actually the last living member of the Ancient house of Debonair. Thus making you a pure-blood even though her parents were squibs."

Harry never liked the prejudice and discrimination based on one's purity, it simply didn't make any sense at all. And all the books he could find about it only spewed propaganda and useless trivia. But still, he could see the advantages of being a pureblood along with the power and privileges that being one entailed.

Moral high ground retained while still enjoying the advantages of bigotry. As if Harry would have it any other way?

"And what advantages do I get from this? How does being a pureblood get us out of this situation?" Harry asked.

"It does have its advantages. But being pureblood doesn't help our situation, nope not at all," Bloodfist said making Harry sigh.

"Then how?"

"While there are those who can and want to stop your emancipation and thus your ascension to Lord Potter, there is none who does so against your ascension to Lord Debonair," Bloodfist said this with a wide smile showing all of his sharp teeth.

How are people preventing him from becoming Lord Potter again? They just all decide that no one can claim the title of Lord Potter, leaving Harry open to take his other title because of omission? Is that how this works?

Now Harry understood what this was all about. "So all I need to do is to accept my Lordship of house Debonair and then I am emancipated, which will allow me to accept the Lordship of House Potter. Isn't that correct?"

"That's precisely correct Lord Potter," Bloodfist said with much more emphasis to the Lord bit, as he commended the young Lord's intelligence mentally.

And the author commended himself for introducing an obstacle to his protagonist and removing it in the same conversation.

"Wait, it can't be that easy. There must be many cons to this as well as pros. So what are they?" Harry asked as he quickly started getting on due to his skills in Politicking.

"Indeed you are correct. It seems my decision to help you out early than I planned was worth it. There are both pros and cons so I will tell you both," Bloodfist said seriously before continuing with his explanation. "I personally believe it has more positive than negatives," he said firmly, making his opinion on the matter known.

How much you want to bet the negatives are of no consequence?

"For the positives, essentially taking up the Lordship of Debonair will give you an extra layer of protection against laws. This is due to Heads of the houses having extra rights and privileges over lesser peers and households. So if someone attempts to cause you or those individuals under your protection harm, you would have the ability to block and counter them in the courts." Bloodfist said carefully, before adding "It also gives you an increased degree of freedom and independence; this in part due to you being considered an adult under the laws of magic, effectively making you immune to underage laws of magic. It will also limit your current magical guardian's ability to control your life," his account manager explained.

In other words, Harry will be treated like an adult, yet he’ll have “an extra layer of protection” from the law anyway. What a fair and balance application of the justice system.

This caused Harry to smile at the thought of being free from his relatives permanently. Besides, it was nothing really as he was forced to grow up quickly and he has become more mature due to his adventures. He had been responsible for caring for himself as his relatives didn't care for him. After all, he had been cooking, cleaning, and slaving around his relative's house all the while being complained to as being lazy. He had to take care of his bruises and wounds from the many beatings from his relatives including his cousin's constant Harry Hunting until he got his powers. In many ways, he was an adult with only a child going on teenager's body. Freedom from all the oppression and the chance to have a peaceful life with his Nim in some grandeur castle or even a small house made taking the Lordship all the more appealing.

Allow me to rain on the parades of every writer and would-be storyteller utilizing this maturity aggrandizing romanticization of childhood abuse. The supposed “benefits” of neglect and trauma is a fucking lie. Angst peddlers sells it all as a toughening of character, an early maturity and adulthood achieved before its time, when really all it leads to is a mess of psychological issues. Getting responsibilities as a child gets you to early maturity. Getting beaten, mistreated, and abused gets you into therapy.

Yes, all through his musing, Harry never forgot about the impact it would have on Nimuae as well.

He considers the well-being of his pet, how quaint.

"Bloodfist, would this lordship mean I don't have to return to my relative's house?" Harry asked carefully not to sound too hopeful unless the goblin learned of his situation.

"Indeed, Lord Potter, you can pick your own accommodation," said the account manager, causing Harry to smile internally while keeping a cool facade over his external features "However you would have to be regularly checked on by an adult until you are 14 years of age, but we can, of course, overlook that point" the goblin said with a devious grin, causing Harry to smile at the obvious bribe.

Sounds more like blackmail, but whatever.

"There is also another advantage to it, as until it becomes public that you are both Lord Potter and Lord Debonair, you can buy shares in businesses under both names, without people being aware of it. Simply speaking you could buy 20% shares under both names, giving you 40% shares in the business, potentially allowing you to take control without your rivals being aware of it," his account manager continued speaking.

And that sounds like fraud. Harry is certainly going to need that extra legal protection.

"Ok, I understand. So what's the downside?" Harry asked since he could gain control over his finances as well as leave his relatives to live with Nimuae, it was so far good.

"The main one is, Lord Potter, that if you ever commit a crime, you could be charged as an adult wizard instead of a minor, so you will have to behave yourself," Bloodfist said sternly, making Harry nod in understanding. "Also you would be more exposed to wizarding politics such as attending the court meetings and other key events, but you can leave it your proxy to handle such responsibilities. Currently, your magical guardian is your proxy. It depends on whether you want to be involved in politics or not. If you don't let your proxy handle it, you will have to attend major court cases and hearing as well as the off chance of a blood feud being declared against you."

"Blood feud? What do you mean by that?" Harry asked as he read something like it in passing.

Blood feud, oh joy, this fanfiction pox that’s been abused every time an author wants to have legally sanctioned murder. At least real world old-timey duels were made under more fair terms than “my magic versus your magic”.

Bloodfist responded calmly, "Blood feud is essentially declaring war between your house and another house, effectively between your house and allies against another household and their allies. This is where having two names can be useful, especially in investing a jointly owned business against your rivals," the goblin answered showing his teeth in a cruel grin.

I’m pretty sure everything he’s been recommending so far has involved some form of crime.

"Ok then, is there anything else I should know about?" Harry asked, noticing the excitement of battle in the goblin.

"Yes, you will have to fulfill any outstanding magically binding contracts. However, fortunately, your parents didn't leave any outstanding contracts to fulfill and the Debonair house doesn't have one as well." his account manager said causing Harry to sigh in relief.

All in all, no cons at all to the emancipation loophole. He gets all the privileges and restrictions that he’d get as an adult anyway. Color me ‘I fucking told you so’.

Thinking it over, Harry decided that the pros do outweigh the cons, "I accept the title of Lord Debonair, how do I do this?"

Bloodfist reached into his desk and pulled out a small silver box. Opening the box, revealing two rings inside it, he pushed the box towards Harry. Harry promptly used Observe on the rings.

Potter Lord Ring

+100% defense against mind magics

Gives immunity to low-level jinxes, hexes, and curses

Is a permanent Portkey to Potter mansion, key phrase - "Den"

An instant emergency escape device that doubles as weak magic immunization. Everything Harry could ever want just falls into his fucking lap.

The silver ring of Potter lordship had two griffons holding swords at the two sides of a kite shield with a small sapphire encrusted in the middle with an inscription on it - 'Fortes Fortuna Iuvat'. Harry's budding Latin knowledge translated it as 'Fortune favors the brave'.

“Dumb luck saves the day,” for the cynical ones of us.

Debonair Lord Ring

+100% defense against mind magic

+50% defense against low-level jinxes, hexes, and curses

The Debonair Lord ring was also made of silver but darker with hints of red along the kite shield with a red ruby surrounded by a phoenix, it also had an inscription on it - 'Imperium Voluntatis'. 'Strength of will' Harry instantly liked both house mottos.

Of course he does. They’re like horoscopes – flattering and vaguely identifiable, but ultimately non-connected to his actual character.

"The one with the sapphire is the Potter Lord ring and the other is the Debonair Lord ring. I suggest you put the Debonair one first so we can make it officially legal." Bloodfist said as Harry stared at the rings. Nodding, Harry put the Debonair ring on his left ring finger and the Potter ring on his right ring finger.

As he finished putting them on, both rings gave a soft golden glow and settled on his fingers shrinking to make a perfect fit. Suddenly Harry could feel the protections given by the ring.

"Now you are bonded to your families magic and you will be able to access areas and items that may have been previously denied to you, such as family tomes or mansions.

More stuff that Harry neither deserves nor has made an effort to get. Wonderful.

This is common practice among magical families to protect family secrets as only the current Lord or his Heir can wear the rings and everyone else would die if they tried to put them on. The ring will also protect your mind from wizards who can use mind arts. But I suggest you learn mind arts sooner than later. Because the ring will only protect you against an average wizard, not one who is trained like your magical guardian. They will be able to penetrate the protection, but the ring will fog your mind at best against such attacks. Both rings can also be willed to be invisible as well." Bloodfist insisted.

So invisible in fact that it wasn’t mentioned when Harry used Observe on the rings, and Bloodfist missed the portkey aspect entirely.

At the word mind arts Harry couldn't help but feel threatened, not liking the idea of his mind being attacked as well as due to his connection with Nimuae through his mind. Deciding to ask Bloodfist about it in order to better protect himself against it, "What do you mean by mind arts?"

Oh yes, oh please, give Harry more excuses to become even more of a powerhouse, oh benevolent benefactor who conveniently came the fuck out of nowhere.

Bloodfist seemed to be weighing his response as he took a pause, but responded. "Mind arts are the ability to protect and influence the mind. We all have natural barriers which grow as we age. However a wizard or witch trained in mind arts is able to view the memories of another as well as influence them by use of compulsions or implanting suggestions," the goblin said sternly as he continued. "Mind arts can also help in increasing one's memory recall, suppressing physical pain, fears and emotions. A witch or wizard trained in it are more capable than others. The mind arts is considered to be dark grey in type and is tightly controlled by the Ministry, due to the damage it can inflict. You understand the implications of this, don't you? Lord Potter, I only told you so you can protect your secrets and our business dealings," Bloodfist finished with a smile.

Totally not because the author is maximizing Harry’s benefits of gaining inside knowledge of the Wizading World, that he somehow didn’t get from reading an entire bookstore’s inventory.

Harry could understand why it was considered dangerous by the Ministry as it dealt with a person's mind. Hearing the description of mind arts, Harry couldn't help but compare it to his Gamer's mind. They almost felt similar. Deciding to go for it Harry asked "I understand, thank you for telling me. How would I go about learning it?"

"The Ministry regulates any teaching of mind arts and its related books. However, old families have several tomes related to them. If I am correct, you will find one in the Potter family vault." Bloodfist replied.

Hold up. Basically, you’re telling us that mind arts, Occlumency included I guess, is borderline illegal, or dark grey whatever, yet the government actively controls and allows access to it, even though some people happens to privately own books about it. This means that anyone not holding these privileges are helpless against these mind arts, which has oh so casually been implied is a thing that Dumbledore will just do. Am I getting this right?!

Later, Bloodfist took Harry down to his family vault; from which he was able to get a magical trunk that had a small library full of books arranged by his parents with a letter from them as well. He put them all in his inventory. Bloodfist has also arranged a Gringotts card for him. The card itself was black in color with a golden dragon on it, with Gringotts Bank written underneath it. The card will also work in the non-magical world. He put in his inventory as well.

He can shove all of it up his own ass! Can we stop throwing more stat boosters and inconvenience eliminators at the protagonist already?!

"Come by any day a week after from now, before you leave for Hogwarts. I will be able to conduct an audit of both Potter and Debonair vaults and their holdings and other businesses or contracts if any exists. Then we need to start the restoration of your fortune." Bloodfist said to him as he left the bank.


Harry went back to his relatives relatively quickly having lots to think about on his mind. As was becoming usual, his relatives paid him no mind. After some thought, Harry decided to use the Portkey on his Potter ring tomorrow after telling his relatives he will be gone until next summer.

It seems his relatives were apparently overjoyed to have him out as well. Harry went to his safe place, the park, to activate the Portkey. Harry remembered what Portkey was from the books he read in order to know more about apparition, it explained all types of magical transportation. There were even magical teleportation circles like in the games once a long time ago, but they are all lost to time.

Harry not knowing something is now lost to time as well, since the author can just go, “oh yeah, Harry read about this, because books exist, and Harry reads books, and someone would write a book about that, and Harry is so smart that he’d read about it, even though he had no reason to.” Fuck off!

With clarity in his voice, Harry said "Den". As soon as he said it, Harry was again overcome with the feeling of receiving a tug on his navel as he was whisked away just like his yesterday's Gringotts visit.

Harry was slammed into the marble floor of the mansion's foyer. Slowly dusting himself, Harry got up. His first look at the mansion had him standing stock still. The foyer was large, with brightly lit chandeliers and deep maroon, red, and blue curtains hanging around the room. Looking around Harry found the Potter crest, coat of arms, along with the family motto on the wall where two large steps situated. The foyer alone showed the wealth and prestige of the Potter family.

Gee, I wonder why Lily and James didn’t live in it.

"I may have lost most of its fortune, but not all is lost," Harry said letting out a low whistle.

Just then a tiny blur barreled into Harry's leg nearly causing him to lash out with his power only to stop at the last moment.

Because being caught by surprise and then acting rashly is not in his skill tree.

"Master Potter sir!" the small creature squeaked in an indisputably loud female voice "You's finally here, Tilly have been waiting for so long!"

Harry smiled awkwardly and patted the tiny creature's head while he used Observe. The creature wore a maid's dress only much shorter, had eyes the size of tennis balls with blue irises, pale pink skin with small weak limbs and body and batty ears that seemed to be flopping according to her emotions.

Tilly - House Elf - Lvl ?

HP : ?

MP : ?



Tilly is a house elf. House elves were once a race of great powerful monsters, who were turned into slaves to wizards for all of eternity by persons unknown. They can't survive without being a servant to magical person or place. They are powerful and use magic different to wizarding kind, but are bound to the will of its masters. They like to work a lot and being set free by giving clothes to them is considered a fate worse than death.

”Master has given Dobby a sock! Dobby is dead!”

Tilly is a Potter elf and wants to be Harry's elf, she has been waiting a long time for this.

Twist Harry’s arm harder, why don’t you, author?

'What do you say to calm down a hysterical house elf?' Harry mentally asked as he ventured "Um, sorry?"

Tilly's horrified gasp let him know that it may not have been the right thing to say.

Fortunately calming down Tilly didn't take too much of an effort once the initial hysteria was out of the way. The small house elf had all but demanded to be bonded to Harry immediately after that. Harry was still a bit iffy on the subject of having a thinking creature bonded to him in lifelong servitude, but Tilly's wobbling lower lips and watering eyes every time he stalled the subject eventually wore Harry down and he gave in.

Because you’ve totally had such a conflict of emotion about it ever since getting Nimuae. You can’t just pretend to be virtuous because the would-be slave isn’t hot.

After giving a quick tour of the mansion and showing him the master bedroom, which became Harry's now, Tilly had gone into a cooking frenzy determined to give Harry the best meal he ever had. While eating Tilly's hearty meal, Harry thought about what he read by Observe.

'It seems house elves are way stronger than wizards, I couldn't get her full status but got enough info about them. They like to work and do not want to be set free, got to remember that. At least now I have someone to cook and take care of me.'

More inconveniences suddenly solved by having a maid. Life only gets easier, it seems.

While reading about the wizarding world, Harry had come across talking portraits, that are imprints of once lived witches or wizards, and ghosts, like real ghosts and some poltergeist. Thinking for such an old mansion, it should have at least something, Harry wandered around exploring the whole place from top to bottom.

Thanks to Tilly, the place was pretty clean and so Harry had fewer problems while exploring.

Not even dust is allowed to impede the protagonist’s leisurely search for more wish fulfillment.

So far he discovered the mansion had 26 bedrooms with baths attached including his bedroom. The foyer he came to using the Portkey which also had a floo connection that he activated with the help of Tilly, baring all incomings through the floo. All the rooms had antique and high valued tables, four-poster beds and furniture. He found a basement which had a jail and a ritual chamber, which he had no clue what for and a library. Obviously, Harry was hooked to the library, which was larger than his school or the public library in Surrey, running around picking all the skill books available there.


The author is just helping himself to an everything-you-could-ever-want buffet at this point. Reading this is the equivalent of having someone win the lottery first prize every five minutes, and not only are we not supposed to question it, we’re supposed to be equally excited each time it happens.

He got the usual sword fighting, socializing and politicking skill books from the library. It was when he was on his way back to his room that Harry came upon a hallway which had several portraits on the walls. Harry quickly used his mage eyes to determine that they were all magical ones, but to his disappointment, they were all in a sleep state. And he didn't know how to wake them and neither did Tilly.

Why are they in a sleep state? Do mansion owners put their portraits to sleep, or did their batteries run out? This is just an obviously contrived, artificial barrier that has no other purpose than postponing either the plot or more wish fulfillment. Which is one and the same in this story.

Even though he couldn't speak to anyone, Harry was able to see for the first time his ancestor's pictures. From what he saw almost all Potter men had messy hair like his.

Harry quickly called Nimuae out to show her their new home.

So quickly that she missed the entire tour. She’s a fucking afterthought.

Harry gave Nimuae the tour of the mansion as he introduced her to Tilly. For all her shyness, Nimuae became quite good friends with Tilly. Nimuae chose to stay in Harry's room, just the way she liked it. Nimuae and other dryads like her don't necessarily require food as they can survive on sunlight alone. One exposure to sunlight is enough for nearly 50 years. But she could also access Harry's food storage in his inventory while inside the 'Room'. So she was pretty much in vacation mode while she stayed in the 'Room'. Even then she liked having food now and then.

Problems. Don’t. Exist. For. These. Characters.

So it was both Harry and Nimuae that enjoyed Tilly's fine cuisine at dinner that day. Overall Harry was happy with his new home as he retired for the night with Nimuae.

You have slept in your bed. HP & MP restored to 100%. All negative status effects and ailments have been cured.

The next day Harry woke up to the pleasant sight of Nimuae sleeping on his arm, he spooning her. Harry nuzzled her with his cheek and at that moment Harry felt more content than any day he had ever lived. After a little more of enjoying Nimuae, Harry woke her up with a kiss and went to get ready for the day.

If only we all had female servants sharing our beds before we reached puberty, right? When will the author stop gratifying his skin suit?

After finishing the breakfast prepared by Tilly, Nimuae asked, "Harry are you not going to open the chest you took from the vault?" Even though she was inside the 'Room' at the time, Harry kept constant contact with her.

"You are right Nim, I even saw a letter to me from my parents," Harry said as he pulled the trunk from his inventory.

And this boy, formerly driven to know about his parents, had to be fucking reminded about it a day after.

He quickly opened it and took out the letter and started reading it aloud for Nimuae as well. The letter was written in an elegant script.

To Harry, our beautiful son

Inside the chest are some books that your father and I thought would be most helpful from our family library in ensuring you had the best start possible.

The most privileged start possible, you mean. Why the fuck does Harry have to go to school already knowing everything and more than they teach?!

Most of this collection are books that focus on rarer magics and magical arts, which are hard to find in the open market. The more dangerous and rarer books are in the vault, which you shouldn't take until your of appropriate age and understanding. Basically, the books here are a thorough introduction to magic. But aside from that, there are two books that are personally written by me and your father. I, myself, concentrated on charms and runes since they were my strengths and my passion. Whilst your father's skill laid in the art of transfiguration, but it focuses more on the uses of it in dueling than for academic purposes, as well as using other spells for more creative results.

I would have an easier time buying all this crap if Harry’s parents had been planning on home schooling him. What is the point of Hogwarts in this story other than the plot being there?!

Your father and godfather were in the process of creating a book on how to become an animagus. It is a skill that is time-consuming to master, and most that do have the ability never achieve a transformation. Some just can't due to their magic, if you can't, don't be ashamed. I couldn't achieve one either. However before you try this, look into mind arts, you'll find it far easier; it would help in more ways than you could ever know.

And Lily just assumed that Harry would know about that, so she won’t spend the next four paragraphs on at all explaining this government restricted and morally ambiguous magical art.

There is also a book that both your father and I wrote containing our memories, our thoughts, so you can see who we were.

Oh, what a delight, Harry’s parents made a Horcrux.

The contents are under time lock so it will be available to you at the correct age. It also contains those memories during the war, it will show you how much we love you and how much we went through to protect you. There may contain some questionable decisions, but remember we are also human so we make mistakes as well. We hope you can learn from ours and grow to be stronger than both of us.

Remember when this story was about exploiting video game mechanics? What happened to that?

Other sections contain knowledge only you should have, like family magic, and will help you understand your heritage better. Magic is a living thing, it is inside beating away, pulsing through you, in your blood. In our blood, abilities form, but changes from generation to generation. This is where pureblood supremacy ideology has its roots; new blood doesn't have these inherited abilities resulting from house magic, like your father. This can be explained when you are more able to understand it, however, we felt yours would be stronger, as a result of new magical blood being introduced, the signs were there when you were a baby.

Oh, fuck off with your nonsense, you postmortem pampering putz! None of this has anything to do with The Gamer! Nothing! It’s all just a ten servings portion of Harry Potter fanfic wish fulfillment tropes! Why did this need to be a crossover?!

Remember we will always love you, you are constantly in our hearts and thoughts, live your life to the fullest, never let someone hold you back, and don't let yourself be controlled. Your life is your own and those you decide to share it with. Remember we live on in you! We will always be in your heart.

We will always love you and if we died protecting you then it is a sacrifice we will make without hesitation, without regret. Death is a journey all must take, the only choice we have now is how we face it.

Love you always in this life and the next,

Mum and Dad

Lily and James Potter

Harry couldn't take his eyes away from the text, his tears fell like raindrops on the parchment, as he read the letter again and again, through his tear clouded eyes, trying to find comfort in his mother's love.

What love?! Three quarters of the letter was devoted purely to enabling Harry with more power endowment. Of the rest, only three sentences were simple statements of affection, while the rest were cliché morale speeches. Their love was a footnote because, in the case of their untimely demise, Lily’s and James’ expectations of Harry’s academic achievements took precedent. The letter was five hundred words of, “Here, son. Have a power boost,” and Harry bawls his eyes out as if he just read the emotional anguish of a parent, who would never be able to see their son grow up – which is what is should have fucking been!

The words echoed in his mind, sure he believed in his parents love for him, but to see proof of it lifted a heavy burden on his soul. Nimuae wrapped Harry in a hug as he cried away his burden feeling lighter with every passing moment.

Through his crying, he looked deep into himself, the abuse, the resentment, the sheer perseverance that helped him survive until he got his power and even then more struggles.

Struggles he put on himself voluntarily. Throwing yourself at monsters isn’t a sympathy cause.

His meeting of Nimuae, the feeling of having someone there for him the first time, finding out about his past and parents. And now this, determination and an iron will formed in Harry's mind as he thought, 'I may never know you mum, dad, but I'll never forget what you gave so that I could live. I will make those who took you away from me regret; I will make sure you didn't die in vain'.

He may never know them, except he totally will once he absorbs that Horcrux the letter mentioned. How hard is it to keep this shit consistent, author?

Tears continue to flow as he laid his head in Nimuae's lap, cursing the loss of his family, whom he had never known, whom he never would. A soft song began to echo from Nimuae, it was warm and comforting just like she was, soothing his heartache, and her soft stroking of his hair stopping his tears and lulling him to sleep, allowing dreams to claim him.

It was a long restless day for Harry, in order to calm himself and to get a grip on his heartache he opted to explore the surroundings. The mansion ground was large, it had a small forest to the north, a small lake to the west, a Quidditch pitch on the east along with two greenhouses and the main entrance gate that proudly showed the Potter crest and coat of arms to the south.

Nothing like basking in newly gained real estate to lighten the mood.

Through all of his exploring, Nimuae was at his side always holding his hands and comforting him through her presence. Harry also found out that there is a town 2 miles away from the mansion. He decided to wait until he was a bit older to go there to avoid unnecessary attention, besides all the food supplies and clothing can be bought with the help of Tilly now so there was no need.

How much of that is already left to rot in his inventory, I wonder.

However soon his mind turned towards the magical world and his future in it as the new Lord Potter, and how he would have to carry the burden of rebuilding his house. Harry was very thankful for his powers in the current situation as he would need all the help he could get. He realized he had to prepare so he could catch up with the other heirs, and he is already a Lord. So he couldn't slack off anymore.

Other heirs? What?

Turning his attention back to his parent's chest, Harry decided he needed to get started, so he could catch up with his future classmates. After all, other heirs and children coming from magical families would already have some prior education and instructions in magic; hence he needed to level the playing field.

Oh, the heirs of other magical families, I get it now. And you are so grossly mischaracterizing the benefits of wizard family privileges, author. How many school students read and retain entire libraries on a whim, or are capable of flinging fireballs from their bare hands before OR after Hogwarts? Harry is treating this like some sort of race or competition, only he’s already at the finish line, and everyone else has yet to start.

First, he took out all the books and started putting them on the table, sorting them based on the topics. He pulled out an old looking book with the title 'Mind and its Mysterious Magics' by A.C. Lewis. As soon as he opened it, Harry received a lot of messages;

Ancient Book Obtained!

New Skill Tree added!

[Mind Arts]

A Skill has been evolved!

[Meditation] has evolved into [Occlumency]!

Harry was surprised as the book was not glowing like a skill book, yet it disappeared just like one.

Because why should he even be bothered with reading books in order to benefit from their content?! That would be silly!

He quickly clicked on Ancient Books message to get info on it.

Ancient Books :

Ancient Books are similar to skill books, but unlike skill books, they give a whole new skill tree. Please note that not all the skills under the skill tree will be given by using an Ancient Book. Instead, it mainly gives the skill tree and what skills it had. Also, the level of skills inside the skill tree will also be 1. You will be able to get new skill trees through ancient books or by finding skills of new skill trees.

Harry smiled 'Yes the other kids have some advantages over me in terms of time, experience and sources. But I have one that can top them all.'

No, they don’t! Don’t fucking pretend that they do!

He quickly pulled up the skill tree and the two available skills on it, he also noted that though his Mediation skill level was 20 the new skill Occlumency was level 1.

[Mind Arts]

Occlumency - Active/Passive (Lvl 1) (1/5) -+

Legilimency - Active/Passive (Lvl 1) (1/5) -+

Occlumency - Active/Passive - Lvl 1

Occlumency is the art of occluding or shielding your mind from legilimency and other mind-controlling spells and potions. It also helps in ordering your memories, thoughts, emotions, etc.

Can detect intrusion

5% mental defense

Legilimency - Active/Passive - Lvl 1

Legilimency is the art of invading others mind and finding information or controlling them. If proficient enough, one can implant false memories, emotions, and thoughts on others with this skill.

Can perform mental intrusion but will be detected by anyone.

(2 + LUC)% chance of the victim not noticing

5% mental attack power

Cost : 30 MP

Harry was sort of sick reading about Legilimency, 'People can do that? I really have to level up Occlumency fast and also I need to be careful about using Legilimency.'

How about you don’t use it, ever? That would be swell.

From the information that flowed into his brain via the Ancient book, Harry started to meditate so that he could build his mindscape and start arranging his memories. While Harry concentrated on his mind arts and the books his parent's left for him, Nimuae found the Greenhouses interesting and started rebuilding it with the help of Tilly.

Her first act of independent activity is to do labor for the benefit of her slave owner. The author’s use of Nimuae’s character is like that of an invisible toilet lid in a men’s bathroom – a transparent target for his own relief that only inspires disgust.

Harry had also decided on daily exercise that consisted of 4 laps circling the Quidditch pitch, a swim in the lake, pushups, pull ups and then ending it with stretches. He wanted to be at peak health, now that he was living on his own.

A week later.

Harry was walking up the marble steps of Gringotts. He was currently dressed in a fine matching black silk shirt and trousers, with a pair of black dragonhide boots. If anyone saw him, they would assume he was a natural born wizard born to a high family, except for the hat that hid his scar.

The hat was so ugly that people thought he was an impoverished squib?

The black hat starkly contrasted against his other dress. As soon as he was inside the bank, Harry removed the hat.

'The price for popularity, oh well let's get to the meeting' Harry thought as he approached a teller and showed his 10 o'clock appointment card. He was soon shown to the familiar door of Bloodfist's office.

Bloodfist called him in as Harry knocked. Harry quickly made his way across the office room to the sit across from Bloodfist.

"Let's get down to business as I am sure you are busy with your preparation for your trip to Hogwarts. But I thought it would be wise to have a business meeting before you do, because there may be difficulties in ensuring effective communication" Bloodfist started.

This goblin is getting clingy. What’s wrong with post via owl? Is this just so Harry won’t have the inconvenience of writing any letters?

"Thank you, I agree completely. It would be wise to have a business plan or policy just in case I can't be reached," Harry replied.

Bloodfist responded by handing him a file "This file contains information regarding your current financial holdings of both Potter and Debonair families. It also details all the businesses that were lost during the war and to whom. Basically, you lost the Potter Greenhouse shipping, The Potter Vineyard in France and The Potter textile industry in Spain. For Debonair nothing is lost. These are explained on pages 4 to 6".

Bloodfist paused allowing Harry to turn the pages and to have a quick look through it, "We also found several businesses or firms that weren't rebuilt after the last war; hence these markets have been taken over. Pages 7 to 14 contain these details; a prime example of this is the Potter Docks in Edinburgh. After suffering a major death eater attack in the war, it was never rebuilt. Since this was the biggest port to the north, most of the businesses in the surrounding alley have been forced to move south or were forced to close due to the need for docks to import raw materials, to stay profitable and competitive with their rivals. Also, there is the abandoned Debonair acromantula farm in Norway, which has been that way for a long time."

Blah-blah-blah, boring wish fulfillment bank statements, blah!

Harry just nodded, it was a lot to take in. He was grateful for the report that Bloodfist provided him, "Anything else?"

"Simply put, your businesses are a mess. It may take years to build all the fortune back. However, I have made some small-scale investments for the Debonair account into some minor real estate; basically small magical family homes. Also, I have a couple of proposals for additional investment for the Debonair account if you are interested?" Bloodfist asked, handing over a new list.

Looking over the list, Harry didn't recognize the two businesses listed there, but he could look it up at a later date. Looking up at Bloodfist, Harry responded, "If you believe that these businesses are good investments, then I will follow your advice." Re-reading the names of the businesses, "Mystic Herblore Of Old" and "Terra Former Conservatorium" he asked, "Is there anything I should know about these businesses?"

Maybe how they sound like they come from opposite ends of the fantasy to sci-fi spectrum?

Bloodfist took a minute to articulate a response as he couldn't expose the details of another goblin's client, "Both businesses are profitable; they both primarily deal with the selling of potions and ingredients. They have been around for about 150 years each, but they are selling these shares due to financial debts. I can't say more, due to laws, but the client wants a private sale and I was approached by their manager since I was discreetly inquiring about possible investments."

Both businesses are profitable, but they are selling due to financial debt? Is that how money works now?

Harry just nodded, "Alright, I understand. Can you send me a note confirming the sale and any extra information about them after the sale is complete?"

"Indeed, I will see to it," Bloodfist replied.

"Ok, I assume that is everything I need to know, or is there anything else?" Harry asked.

"I believe we are done for today. I will contact you if I see any other investment that may be of interest," the account manager replied. "And Lord Potter, this is the start of rebuilding your fortune. I hope you will be invested in this project just as I am."

Harry interested in making more money? What would ever make you think he’d care about such a thing? Simply preposterous!

Just then a blue screen appeared;

A quest has been created.

Quest Alert!

Tycoon Lord : Build back your fortune and then some!

Rebuild the Potter fortune and the Debonair fortune

Gather 1 billion galleons










Lose all Potter fortune and Debonair fortune for all eternity

Possible death


Make a billion galleons or else suffer! Author, these quests are fucking ridiculous, and it’s simply your way of rewarding Harry for already attaining a reward. This is mind-numbingly contrived and sleep inducing to read.


Chapter is, once more, too goddamn long to be contained in a single post. Continuing in the next one.

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