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Now know how I feel about Seehan from Another Journey.
I feel your pain, bro. And happy late birthday, by the way. ^^U

We were ordered to rendezvous with the surviving fleet on the opposite side of Rhome once we had re-established contact with Luft on Fargo. As we rounded the planet and approached the allied fleet, it was disheartening to see the damage as it spread further. There wasn't a single undamaged ship. I thought we took a beating, but I was amazed that some of these ships were still combat capable with the amount of holes in them. I hated seeing this. Not only because of the fact that I knew how much death and destruction was caused, but because there wasn't anything I could do to help. All the power I could ever want, and I was still as helpless as the rest of these people.

This would be all fine and dandy, except for one small detail…
Within a matter of minutes, and a few pints of blood later, we managed to find out that the allied fleet from the Gimson system had been ambushed and wiped out, which caused a bit of worry amongst the angel wing. Before we threw him in the brig, we also found out that Eonia has a secret weapon at his disposal. However, despite how much I….encouraged…him, the squad leader had no idea what that was.

Not just that, you have the advantage of having raised Eonia and knowing how he thinks as well as having Shiva, Luft and the whole crew of the Elsior backing you up on every damn decision you make, yet you choose to not do a damn thing! You didn’t try to alert anybody or coming up with some kind of contingency plan! Nothing! You did fucking nothing!

The angel wing came onto the bridge and passed their report on what they saw. Then the attention shifted to the wings on the emblem frames, as well as what happened to the Elsior. Everyone, myself included, were stumped about it. Then Tact looked at me and said, "Demon, is it possible that you caused it?" I was damn near ready to slap him for that question.

I’m sorry, does your penis get erect when you lose your temper at him or something? Why does everything Tact does have to make you angry in some way or another?

I sighed before I said, "Ok, I'll bite, why are you even asking that question? I'm just as confused by it as you all are."
He continued, "Well, lately, you've been gaining new abilities that you said you never had before. So, it got me thinking, what if this was another one? I mean, you were pretty mad just before it happened, and it happened as you finished yelling at everyone. So…" I just shook my head.

"No, Tact, that wasn't me. I can do a lot of things, but that was something else. What I do know is that whatever caused it, also fixed my arm." Holding up my now perfectly unscathed arm, everyone looked at me in surprise. Even the sleeve around it had been mended too.

How considerate of the Lost Technology to take care of his clothes too.

Not sure if it was my power or the Elsior, but I'm almost positive that it wasn't me.

Fuck you. A few chapters ago you unlocked a power you didn’t knew you had, courtesy of some part of your subconsciousness you didn’t knew it existed. You can’t give me that shit and then get angry at Tact for suggesting you have even more powers.

Milfeulle had a look of confusion on her face as she asked, "What happened with your arm? It looks fine to me." I explained to her what had happened since she left. From the look of shock on her face, you would have sworn I'd kicked her puppy or something.

What are the chances he went into loving detail about the nature of the wound in order to draw maximum sympathy from her?

After I finished, Almo spoke up, "Communication from General Luft." Tact ordered the channel open as we all turned to face the tactical display, where a separate window popped up and Luft's face came on. "Thanks for the hard work, Tact. Is the Angel Wing with you?"

Tact responded, "Yes, everybody's here and safe for now. And…how's the situation over there?"

Luft's expression dropped as he said, "The situation, eh…Simply put, I'm now the acting commander of the entire fleet." Tact was a bit confused by that as he said, "Acting…commander? What happened to Admiral Sidmeier?" I'll bet I know that answer.

Luft replied, "While he was escaping Fargo, he was attacked by Eonia's forces…" Oh, ok, maybe I didn't know the answer. I figured part of the station collapsed on him. Though, I suppose it still served him right for being so arrogant.


Tact simply said, "I see…" Luft continued, "What's more, we haven't heard from any of the people above me. Unfortunately, I'm in charge now." Then I spoke up.

"Good, that lard bucket wasn't much use in the field to begin with anyway. At least now I know I won't get sent up the river without a paddle twice with you in charge Luft. You took my lessons to heart quite well during the wars back then, and they'll be extremely useful to you now."

Classy. And I love how he, yet again, takes the opportunity to brag.

Shiva had a sad look on her face as she understood how many victims there were. Luft popped up as he said, "Demon, I know you didn't get along with him, but have a little respect for the dead." I scoffed as I stared at him and said, "Luft, the only reason I didn't kill him myself was because his majesty begged me not to touch him while we were here. I have far more respect for Prince Shiva than I do for Sidmeier. Death will not change that. Now…"

Why is this guy still alive? No, really. He just admitted he would have killed a high ranked member of the army for badmouthing him had he not been told otherwise. At this point the reasons for leaving him stranded on some asteroid and then bombarding the whole thing far, far surpass those to keep him around.

Prince Shiva cut me off. "Enough. Luft, I shall entrust you with the job of reuniting and reviving the Imperial fleet." Luft bowed his head as he said, "I respectfully accept the appointment. I'll push these old bones to do everything that they can." I scoffed as I said, "Pfft, old bones? Luft, you're still a kid compared to me. If anybody should be saying that, it would be me."

“Please ignore the fact I injected myself with some bullshit formula precisely because I didn’t like the idea of growing old.”

The both of us laughed at my joke before he said, "Now then, Tact. As for your future…" Part of me had a feeling what he was going to say, but I still couldn't help but hold my breath a bit as I waited for him to finish.

"I would like to trust the Elsior and the Angel wing to your continuing command. Will you accept?" I let out a quiet sigh of relief. I was actually getting used to having Tact around. It would be a damn shame to send him on his way without at least imparting some of my knowledge onto him.

Much like with Eonia, I cannot imagine what you could possibly teach him. Especially since he’s been “second guessing” most of your battle plans so far.

Tact smiled and said, "Of course. Thank you for the appointment."

Luft nodded as he said, "Take care of them. I have other things to talk about, but my problems are still piling up. When you have the time, I'd like a full report. In any case, go ahead and get some rest." Tact bid him farewell and closed the com line.

He turned to the Angel wing and said, "…So that's how it is, everybody. I'm back to being your commander." I scoffed, "Great, Eonia screwed up, now we're never going to get rid of him." Prince Shiva and I laughed at my joke, but everyone else just looked at us horrified as I added, "It was a joke, by the stars, lighten up. I'm actually starting to like him, even if he does get on my nerves every now and again." I threw him a snarky look as everyone laughed at that joke with him saying, "What did I do to deserve this?"

“Geez, what’s with you people? I only made a joke about Eonia failing to kill your commander right after he destroyed a satellite city, carved up a planet and killed an untold amount of people. Lighten up!”

As Milfeulle welcomed Tact back as the commanding officer, there was an awkward silence between the two of them for a few moments. That had me worried. I swear, if I threw away my chance with her for him to screw up, there would be nowhere in the galaxy far enough away to hide him from me.

I was under the impression you never had any chance to be with her because you are a “demon” and in charge of bodyguarding the Royal Family, but I guess taking responsibility for your own shit is not a superpower you have unlocked yet.

Then the alarms went off, causing Lester to jump and call for a report. Coco answered him. "Change detected in the Black Moon! Sending image to the main screen!" Oh right, almost forgot we weren't out of the woods yet with that thing. She continued, "The Black Moon is producing automated ships one after another. They're starting to gather on its periphery." Great, of course an arms factory would have extras lying around. Not going to lie, this thing was beginning to get on my nerves. The automated ships were forming a defensive line in place of the attack satellites that the Angel wing had just destroyed. Figures it would patch that up as quick as it could, so much for that window of opportunity.

Having a character be dismissive and/or snarky about a threat is a valid narrative tool, but like with everything else, it has to be used accordingly. Otherwise, you risk killing the readers’ interest. After all, if the main character cannot take the planet-busting superweapon seriously, then why would the readers?

As the discussion continued on the bridge about the black moon's production capabilities, I decided to get lost in my thoughts. So, if the black moon was similar to the white moon, then shouldn't the white moon have a similar capability? I was so entranced by my own thoughts that I didn't realize the angel wing had left the bridge and Prince Shiva was tugging on my tails, snapping me out of my thoughts. She motioned her head towards the door, to which I nodded, and followed her off the bridge.

As we traversed the hall towards the elevator, Shiva asked, "You looked deep in thought, Howard. What's on your mind?" I glanced at her before answering, "I got to thinking about the Black moon. If it's similar to the white moon, then shouldn't the white moon be able to do something similar along those lines?"

“It would be nice if we could have our own planet-destroying superweapon.”

Shiva's expression jumped a bit as she said, "I…I'm not sure. Though, it would greatly help our situation if it could. We could ask Lady Shatoyarn about it and see if she knows more."

There's that name again. I swear, I've heard the name Shatoyarn before, but I couldn't remember where.

As I called the elevator, I looked at Shiva and said, "That name. Who is Lady Shatoyarn? I've heard the name before, but I can't remember where, and it's bugging the hell out of me." Shiva replied, "She's the Holy mother in charge of the White Moon. She basically handles everyone involving the white moon from the collection of Lost Technology to the Angel Wing to the defense of the White moon. I'm surprised you didn't know that. Age starting to catch up with you there, Howard?" She threw me a jokingly coy look as I said, "No, it's not that. I kinda knew that, but it feels like I've heard the name in reference to something else that was completely different. Ahhh, it's no bother, I'll remember eventually."

“Preferably when I can get the most attention.”

The elevator arrived and we boarded it as Shiva continued, "Did you really not like Admiral Sidmeier that much? I mean, I remember what happened at the royal gala vaguely, but still, I didn't think you held a grudge like that against him." I shrugged my shoulders as I said, "It's not just that. He's always been too arrogant and he let his power go to his head entirely too much. If he hadn't been so drunk off of a simple victory, he probably would have seen this whole mess coming and we might have been better prepared for it. However, no use speculating about it at this point."

If you only had received some kind of clue that Eonia had a secret weapon, but nope. This is all Sidmeyer’s fault, obviously.

She nodded as she then brought up another point. "So, not saying I'm not impressed with your abilities, but, um…since when can you breathe in space?" The doors opened on Deck C as I replied, "Actually, I discovered that by accident during the boarding incident. They tried venting the air out of a compartment they had me isolated in, and…well. It's a bit odd, but something told me to focus my power towards my chest. I did that, and I was able to breathe. I decided to put it to the test back on the shuttle, and sure enough, it worked. Plus, it felt good to be back in action and to deal some payback to those annoying flies."

Shiva chuckled as she said, "While I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, you didn't come out of that without a scratch." She poked me through one of the holes in my armor as I said, "Yeah, this armor was getting old anyway. Which actually brings up something I've been meaning to talk to you about. So, back when the Blancmanche merchants were here, there was an apprentice blacksmith advertising his masters forge back on Transbaal. I got to talking with him, and he took a good look at my armor. Apparently, his master has been itching for the opportunity to craft some quality work since all he ever gets is requests for novelty items. I think we should give him a royal commission for my armor, as well as anything else that either myself, or you decree would be needed. What do you think?" As we walked into the audience chamber, I swear, I've never seen a grin that big on her face in my life.

“I know we just survived a genocide, but I really need you to buy me a new armor.”

Shiva sat down and replied, "Absolutely. You have my full blessing to set up a commission with this blacksmith upon our return to Transbaal. Now, with that issue out of the way, as for what I have in mind for you." I took a seat next to her as she looked to the ground, her expression dropping faster than a ship in Chrono drive. "I know how much Eonia means to you. So, this isn't exactly easy for me to ask."

I shifted lightly in my seat, uncomfortable with what I was afraid was coming. "When we catch up to Eonia, I want you to take a shuttle. The Angel wing will carve you a path to his flagship, and you're to board it. He'll have one last chance to surrender himself to you for judgement. If he doesn't…"

"…I'm to kill him." I finished for her. I was in a split state. Half of me was in absolute shock at the fact that, even with all this extra death and destruction that he has caused, Shiva's still willing to spare him for my sake. On the other half was dread. She was basically ordering me to kill a man I raised like my own son since before he could walk. I couldn't have been more proud of Shiva for making a tough call like that. But on that same note, I was sick at the idea of having to kill Eonia. Nevertheless, given everything he's done, I really couldn't defend him at this point.


Let’s pretend they cannot open a channel to communicate with Eonia and ask him to surrender. Let’s pretend they can successfully carry Howie all the way to Eonia’s ship in the middle of a battle and that he can successfully get inside. Hell, let’s pretend Eonia actually agrees to surrender and they go back to the Elsior.

Then what? Eonia is a guy who is guilty of killing thousands, if not millions of people, including the Royal Family. At the very best, he’s gonna get a few dozen life sentences. At worst, he’s getting the space electric chair. Yet we’re going to risk everybody’s life in some crazy maneuver for the sake of some superpowered cretin who can breathe in space?

Shiva nodded her head and said, "Yes. I hate asking this of you, Howard. But, out of everyone in the galaxy he's hurt, he hurt you the worst. I couldn't think of a more fitting punishment for him if he doesn't surrender. I understand if you don't want to undertake…"
But, out of everyone in the galaxy he's hurt, he hurt you the worst.
The people who died a fiery death? The people who survived with crippling injuries? The people who lost their homes? The people who lost their loved ones? None of them has been hurt as much as Howie.

"It will be done, Shiva. No matter what happens, when we find him, this will end."

She looked at me with surprise before she lightly smiled and said, "Somehow, I shouldn't be surprised. You have been my most loyal guardian and most trusted friend. Thank you." She then stood out of her chair and hugged me. I hugged her back for a few moments before she asked, "By the way, how are things between you and Milfeulle Sakuraba?" My stomach lightly jumped when she asked that as we broke the hug and I said, "Tact had an interest in her as well, so when he wanted to ask her to the ball, I told him he didn't need my permission to ask her. So, as it stands, we're really good friends. Hopefully, Tact won't screw up any more than he has at this point and their relationship will grow…I hope." Adding that last part on there, Shiva looked at me with an irritated look as she said, "Seriously, Howard? You have every right to be happy just like everyone else. Don't get me wrong, I'm not upset at you trying to help Tact out. You've always been a good person at heart and placed others above yourself. The stars only knows how many times you've proven this. But it doesn't hurt to be a little bit selfish every now and again."

Stop trying to convince me he’s motherfucking space Jesus when he hasn’t even asked how you feel or can’t be bothered to stay at your side for more than five fucking minutes.

I couldn't help but laugh at this situation. Shiva smiled as I said jokingly, "My, how the tables have turned. Instead of me lecturing you, it's you lecturing me. It's official, I'm out of a job. I'm putting in my two week notice." We both laughed at my joke before I stood up and said, "Well, if you'll excuse me, Shiva, I need to take this off. Unfortunately, it's not useful at this point. I'll talk with Creta in the hanger and see if I can't use some spare parts to patch it up until we get back to Transbaal." She bowed to me lightly, and I to her as I took my leave and made my way to the hanger.

At this point I’m sure Guardian Hawk wrote more about his self-insert’s costume than his past relationship with Eonia or Luft.

After a brief discussion with Creta, she was more than happy to take on the job. Whether it was because she wanted a change of pace, or something easier to do for a change, I don't know, but I wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. From there, I made my way to the Galactic viewing park to find part of the ceiling broken apart and hanging down. If I didn't know any better, I would have guessed that the sky was falling from the look of it. Part of me was a bit disappointed that this part of the ship took damage, but at least it didn't take much. So, I took it upon myself and used my power to start shifting parts of the ceiling back in place. You could imagine my surprise when I found out the same power I used to erect a barrier around the Elsior, could also be used to move things around. Granted, I was still shaky at it, but I figured now would be a good time to practice.

Barriers, breathing in outer space and moving objects? Did you swallow a Green Lantern ring?

I was in the part for about half an hour and was about two thirds of the way done fixing the first panel when Milfeulle came in. "Oh, Demon! You came here too?" I looked back at Milfeulle as I stopped fixing the panel and said, "Yeah, I figured I'd come here and clear my head. Though, you can imagine my surprise when I saw the ceiling, so I decided to take a bit of time and practice using my newfound power and fix it up a bit." She smiled as she said, "You're not wearing your armor. That's a nice change." I was surprised she pointed that out that I felt my face heat up a bit. Was I blushing?

Aww, look at that! It almost makes you forgot he’s an irredemable asshole who threatened to kill Tact for using his real name!

I quickly brushed it aside as I said, "Yeah, I took it down to Creta to see if she'd be willing to patch it up for me until we got back to Transbaal. Surprisingly, she jumped at the chance, so, since I can't really sleep at the moment, I decided to come here."

She walked up beside me and looked at the panel I was working on. She looked at me and said, "Want to show me what you were doing?" I couldn't help but smile as I lifted my hand and focused my power back towards the panel, slowly mending the broken edges as I said, "What I'm doing here is I'm focusing on the broken edges of the panels and meshing them back into one seamless piece. I'm still a bit…new at this, but hopefully, this will give me the practice I need to use it for more localized uses." I glanced over at her and saw her smiling at me.

So, his new power not only allows him to move the panels but also solder them perfectly. Sure, why not? I can’t wait until he finds a way to create a pair of crimson energy wings to fly around.

I smirked and asked, "So, how are you and Tact doing?" She jumped a bit at the question as she said, "Oh, well. I like him a lot, and he's a really good guy and commander…" Before she could finish, however, in came Tact. I swear, his timing is just too perfect.

Milfeulle's attention shot to him. "Ahh, Tact, you decided to come here too?"

He walked over to us and replied, "Hey Milfie, Demon. I would say have you two seen the ceiling, but…" He took notice of the fact I was fixing it. That was nice of him…I'm being sarcastic, by the way.

Milfeulle then said, "Yes. I was pretty surprised too."

As they continued their conversation, I couldn't help but feel a bit odd while I was fixing the ceiling. It was a combination of anger, sadness, and irritation. Like I didn't want to be near their conversation.

Was I jealous?

No, there couldn't be any possible way I was jealous. I was the one that set them down this road for the sake of the stars. I willingly gave up my chance with her so I could let those two have their moment. So, I decided to tune them out and refocus my efforts towards fixing the panel. However, I didn't have much success…

Tact's voice was the first I heard. "Yeah…A lot of places are damaged like this. I wonder if we're really going to be okay…" Wow, did I seriously want to slap him right now for saying that to Milfeulle of all people.

She replied, "I'm…worried too. Can we actually win?"

Tact sighed before saying, "…To tell the truth, I don't know. Are we good enough to…"

She cut him off, "Um, Tact. Is there anything that I can do?"

Tact paused for a moment, "Let's see…Well, for one, how about cheering me up? I've got to keep it together here." I rolled my eyes at his answer. Really? That was the best you could come up with?

She replied with, "I understand. Hang in there!" You know, I am usually all for her antics and humor, but I think she completely missed his point in this case. Though, he didn't help his case by making it extremely vague.

He laughed before saying, "That's not quite it."

Tact likes Milfeulle, but she barely gives him the time of the day because she wants Howie’s furry dick. Howie, for his part, wants to bang her while also acting like he can’t have her, so he lashes at Tact for not going after her while also getting irritated every time Tact does try to go after her.

At this point I would rather have Tact attempt to sexually harass Milfeulle, get his ass kicked and dissappear forever than to see him suffering in some shit attempt at a “love triangle”.

She was quick to apologize, even though she had no reason too. He continued, "It's alright. I really wish I could." She then asked him to walk with her, to which he agreed. She then looked at me and said, "We'll be right back Demon." I looked at her, smirked, and nodded before getting back to work on the panel.

After about ten minutes, I finally finished the one panel. Even though I was still relatively new at this, it looked pretty good.

Awesome. Now you can go ahead and keep threatening anybody on the maintenance crew knowing that you could replace them anytime.

So, I decided to start another one. Before I could start, however, a loud trilling alarm began to ring out. I ran over to Milfeulle and Tact as they asked what that alarm was. I could hear a mechanical shifting, like something was beginning to open. Next thing we knew, a massive gale kicked up and caught all three of us off balance. I regained my footing almost instantly and grabbed the two of them by their arms to help them with their balance. Then Lester's voice came over the com system.

"Hey! Is somebody in the park!? If so, hurry up and evacuate!"

Tact spoke up over the wind, "Lester! What's going on here!?"

Lester was surprised to hear Tact's voice. "Tact!? You idiot, what are you doing…"

Milfeulle stepped in, "We're just in the park, there's no reason to call us idiots."

Then I spoke up, "Unless you're accusing us of something, which, if you're smart, isn't the case."

There, there, son. Nobody's saying you have a small dick, okay?

Lester quickly answered, "Whatever, just run! The park's airlock suddenly started opening!" The airlock? I can breathe just fine without the air. Tact and Milfeulle, however…

Milfeulle looked up in shock as she said, "Ehhh!? You're right, a corner of the ceiling is open!"

Tact then spoke up, "No way! That would mean the double airlocks are both open at the same time…" Weren't they designed to not work like that? Wait a minute…

Lester continued, "It's already opened, we can't do anything about it. We don't know what's broken, but the bridge controls aren't working either. In ten minutes, all of the air there will be gone. You've got to get out. And when you leave, make sure to close the barrier." The odds of all of that happening at the same time are about as good as getting struck by lightning…..oh no.

Milfeulle's luck.

The same supernatural luck that has been completely absent from the plot aside of that time in chapter three where it was used as an excuse for Howie to play the White Knight and defend Milfeulle from Ranpha?

Tact acknowledged and called for us to follow him. I looked at Milfeulle as she said, "But what'll happen to the park if the airlock opens?" That was a very valid point, sadly, everything in here would suffocate to death. Plants can't survive without oxygen. As Tact explained it, Milfeulle began to break down. Once she brought up the Kafukafu tree, I began to wonder if there was anything we could do. Then Tact chimed in.

"Okay, I'll close that airlock. I can get up to it using that ladder. From there, I can close it manually." Good thinking Tact.
Then she looked at him with a determined look, "Yes! I'll help you too!"

Lester was exasperated, "I can't believe I'm hearing this. Look here!"

I decided to step in as well. "Mr. Coolduras, that will be quite enough. The situation will be handled, you will receive a report when we're done." With that, I closed the com line, and the three of us made a sprint for the ladder towards the manual controls.

Tact began to climb the ladder, and I was getting ready to start up behind him when Milfeulle called out for him to look out. We were both confused what she meant until Tact get hit with a can in the face. Of course the garbage would start flying as well. After he got hit with a few pieces, I used my energy whip to try and deflect as much of it as I could. The wind, however, was knocking my aim off, so I was only hitting every other piece. After Tact got shoved inside a trash can that started to pull him toward the airlock, I used my energy whip and wrapped it around his ankle. I managed to stop him from being pulled out, but I couldn't pull him back down with the force of the pressure difference. Milfeulle called for him to stick his arm out and grab the railing that was near him. Once he got a hold of it, he pulled the can off him and I retracted my whip.

After making sure he was alright, he made his way over to the manual controls. However, when he tried to close the airlock, the hydraulic mechanism wasn't pushing the hatch very hard. It must have been damaged as well. I groaned as Tact shouted, "The controls aren't responding to my commands. I don't know what else we can do." Then I shouted at him, "Keep pushing the controls to close the hatch!" I leapt into the wind and let it carry me towards the airlock as both Milfeulle and Tact shouted after me. As I drew close to the airlock, I used my energy whip to latch onto a maintenance ladder rung and pull myself behind the hatch. From there, I placed myself between the bulkhead and the hatch and started to push the hatch shut. After about a minute, between Tact and me, we managed to seal the airlock and stop the rest of the air from escaping. However, once the airlock was shut, I lost my footing and fell off the rung.

I could hear the two of them shouting after me as I fell. Thinking quickly, I whirled my energy whip around a few times to get a good flow of momentum going, then launched it at the rung I had used a second ago. It wrapped around the rung, and yanked on my arm, stopping me from falling. I was still about thirty feet in the air, but I could handle that. I whipped my arm, sending a wave through the whip and released it from the rung, allowing me to drop to the ground as it retracted back into my claws. I shook out my arm as Tact and Milfeulle both ran over to me to make sure I was alright.

Yet another scene that served to show Tact’s bravery in the game is now used to shill Howie. That makes it…uh, all of them?

After I reassured them that I was fine, Tact decided to set the park off limits with the exception to the repair crew and investigation crew. As they began to come to the realization that it was Milfeulle's luck that caused this incident, her mood dropped from worry to guilt as she apologized for her luck. Tact tried to calm her down by saying that his worries were gone as a result of it. Plus, he also managed to save the park as a result of taking a few lumps. Then he brought up the point that she'd been acting a bit odd since the ball. She denied it of course, but even though he dismissed it, I wasn't convinced. Then when she decided to go, he offered to go with her, to which she declined. Then I offered to go with her, and she declined me as well. She then said excuse me and ran out.

Tact looked after as he said, "…What's wrong with her? She didn't need to run off in a panic like that…Well, whatever. I have to get going too. Now that I've settled down, I'm ready to get some sleep." I couldn't help myself at this point and slapped him upside the head. Holding his head, he asked what I did that for.

"Ok, jackass, I seriously don't get why I am still trying to help you with her at this point. She ran out of here in a panic because obviously, something is bothering her. Your job, at this point, is to go chase after her and try and figure out what's wrong."

“Don’t you see I was trying to help you when I embraced her and whispered into her ear that I would destroy the galaxy to protect her!? How can you be so freaking dense!?”

Tact looked at me and said, "Ok, ok, I'll go find her a bit later when she's calmed down. I don't think it would do much good if I chased her now." To that, we both left the park and I went back to my room for the night. As I got undressed, I couldn't help but be worried about Milfeulle. Why was I helping Tact at this point? Was I really trying to help him, or was I just trying to keep myself distanced from having a relationship at all. Of course, while not having a relationship would help keep me from getting distracted, on that same note. I actually liked how it felt to have someone to think about and be affectionate towards.

This guy appeared on planet Transbaal when he was twenty-eight, made himself a name from street fighting and opened a martial arts school where he kept teaching even after he transformed into Inuyasha’s dad at fifty-two years-old.

Yet in all those years he never entered a relationship?

Once I took a well-deserved shower, I got in my bed and fell asleep.

Several hours later, I heard Almo's voice come over the announcement circuit. "Commander Mayers, Angel Wing, and Demon of the West, your presence is requested on the bridge. I say again, Commander…"

I sat up and rubbed my face. I definitely felt a lot better after getting some sleep, but within a few minutes of getting my bearings, my thought process resumed the track it was on before I went to bed. However, that would have to wait. I quickly got dressed in my normal red under tunic and white tunic with my fur tails. I made a reach for my armor before I realized that I gave it to Creta to patch up. Once I was dressed, I quickly made my way to the bridge.

Thrilling getting dressed action.

Upon arriving at the bridge, I found most of the Angel wing, minus Milfeulle and Ranpha, as well as Lester, Creta and Prince Shiva waiting. I apologized for my delay, which Shiva quickly dismissed. Tact arrived a few minutes later and apologized as well, to which Shiva scolded him. One of the perks of being the Prince's guardian.

It’s almost as if the commander of the ship has more responsibilites and is far more important than some random asshole.

However, Ranpha and Milfeulle were still missing.

I looked over at Forte and asked, "Where are Ranpha and Milfeulle? It's not like them to be late to things like this." Forte looked at me before responding, "I sent Ranpha to go find Milfeulle. She wasn't answering her com line and her room was empty." This had me worried. As I shook my head lightly, Creta walked by the door and pulled a cart behind her, saying, "Well, before we begin, I finished patching up your armor. I used a few spare armor plates we had from the Emblem frames, so it should last you until you get a new set forged. I also took the liberty of adding a layer of ballistic mesh behind the armor already present, so it will be harder to shoot through. Though, that doesn't mean go jump in front of Forte during target practice." Everyone chuckled at her joke as I walked forward and said, "Thank you very much Creta. Funny enough, that will be coming in very good use here soon."

I think the order of character importance in this story would be something like this:

- Howie
- Howie’s Armor
- Milfeulle
- Shiva
- Absolutely everybody else

I began to put my armor back on when Ranpha ran onto the bridge. "Hold on! I finally found her!" Milfeulle glumly walked onto the bridge behind her, not saying a word. I looked at her and that look of misery would have made a clown cry, I swear. I finished strapping my armor on and began putting my pauldrons back on as Ranpha continued, "Hey, listen to this! Milfie was hiding in the warehouse!" As I finished strapping my other pauldron on and adjusted it, Milfeulle spoke up, "I-I wasn't really hiding." Ranpha shot her a sarcastic look as she said, "Hrmph. Then what would you call sitting in the corner if not hiding?"

I walked over to Milfeulle as Tact asked her what was wrong. She said that she was alright, but I wasn't convinced. I leaned my head next to her ear and whispered, "Somebody who's alright doesn't sit in a corner in the warehouse. Would you feel better if you talked about it privately?" She shook her head as she whispered, "I'm okay, really Demon. It is kind of you to ask though, thank you."

Am I the only one who thinks this shit is getting progressively creepier? Look at it. I feel like I’m watching a child embarrassed that she just peed herself, shaking her head when asked if there’s something wrong only for her father to notice, whisper into her ear and take her aside to help her cleaning up.

I straightened up, still not convinced as I turned towards the group as Mint spoke up. "Everybody is here now. Okay, Miss Creta, what do you have to tell us?"

She stepped forward and began, "Yes. During the battle last night, the phenomenon that happened with the Elsior and the Emblem Frames. The result of our investigation is that all the control and power systems of the Elsior and the Frames have been rewritten. In other words, even though the exteriors haven't changed, the contents have been completely reborn." I groaned lightly, resulting in me getting an elbow in my thigh by Prince Shiva. We already knew that, well, at least I did since Almo was the one who called it out during the battle yesterday. Not to mention all the systems that were on fire were suddenly fixed was a pretty big clue too.

He’s like a repeating student thinking himself clever for already knowing about the subject the teacher is talking about.

Coco added, "Like I thought, so the systems weren't going berserk…" I rolled my eyes as Almo said, "But wasn't there suspicious access from outside during then?" Wait, what? When the hell did that happen?

Creta answered, "This didn't come from outside of the ships. The new system data has been sleeping inside them for a long time." Tact then asked, "Asleep inside them? Then you mean that it was woken up?" Very astute deduction Tact, even if it was completely unnecessary.

As opposed to your “very necessary” eye-rolls, groans and derogatory thoughts.

Creta continued, "Right. As you know, there's still a lot that we don't know about Lost Technology." Yeah, that's for damn sure. "Our technological analysis is progressing well, but we still can't duplicate these ships…and even though we Priestesses of the White Moon have studied hard, most of the tech in the Elsior and Frames remains a mystery."

Forte commented, "Even though they're the jewels of Lost Technology, in the end, they're still just big black boxes to us?" Creta replied, "That's one view to take. But I was finally able to get a clue to their mystery last night. First, as to the system update, I believe it's related to the pilot's mental condition, but I'm not sure of the details. But, I do know that all the performance features; attack defense, and speed increase while the frames have their wings. What's more, all pilot's link to the HALO system was recorded at over 100%. In those situations, when the shining wings appear, it seems like the full potential of the Emblem Frames can be drawn out."

Each of the girls were in shock at the new information, I, however, got lost in thought again. So, if that brought out the best in the frames, did that mean we'd have to be put into a situation like that again to get the wings to reappear? That also raised another question. How did the frames attain a link beyond 100%? Was that even physically possible without killing the pilot? Then a statement Creta made snapped me out of my thoughts.

"If Lady Shatoyarn were here, she might have some insight, but given the situation…" That damn name again. This was seriously going to drive me batty. Where have I heard that name before? I get she's the Holy Mother of the White Moon, but I swear there was another situation where I heard her name.

There are not enough words to describe how much I don’t care.

Every single original plot element (the boarding of the Elsior, the slaughtering of Eonia’s soldiers, the interrogation of their leader, the picking of samples of the Kafukafu three for research, etc.) has been left unaddressed and had zero effect on the plot.

Howie’s backstory is an inconsistent clusterfuck that only serves as a cheap excuse to brag, brood or justify being acquaitances with important figures in the galaxy.

Likewise, nothing he does ever has any negative repercussions on him. Threaten a member of the maintenance crew and risk killing everybody? Nothing. Slaughtering an army on board? Nothing. Admitting wanting to kill a high ranked officer? Nothing.

In short, I have no reasons to care for whatever crap Guardian Hawk is cooking up.

Tact thanked Creta for her explanation before asking if the Elsior was altered in the same way, to which Creta confirmed. However, only the defensive systems and shields were reinforced. Lester was disappointed in the lack of a bolster to the attack system, but Creta made a comment that really caught my attention, "Yeah…or rather, maybe we should say that it does for now?"

My eyebrows shot up at this as Tact said, "For now? Sounds like you've got something to add." She smiled as she said, "Actually, in the rewritten systems, I found data showing a possible armament we could add to the Elsior." You know, I thought the carrier looked like it wasn't finished. I thought I was just being picky.


The guy who never left planet Transbaal until the start of the war somehow thought the ship widely known as a ceremonial vessel was missing some armament. For fuck’s sake, Guardian Hawk, can’t you stop fellating your self-insert for one damn paragraph?

Tact then asked, "Another armament? What is it?" Creta replied, "A large scale energy cannon that could be attached to the bow. I think it'd be enough to stand against the Black Moon." Hang on, we had access to a weapon powerful enough to combat the black moon, yet we didn't use it at the beginning of this Coup? Are you kidding me right now? What in the name of the stars happened to that cannon? Naturally, it was Milfeulle who asked that question. I was beginning to think if Mint was the only telepathic one in the lot.

“Common sense” is not a superpower, Howie. Even if it would dictate that they should have executed your furry ass long ago.

Creta walked over to a panel and pulled up a display of a set of blueprints for a weapons plant, saying that she found it with the weapon data. So, not only did we have a large scale weapon, but we also had access to a weapons plant as well? The more Creta kept talking, the angrier I began to get. Who would seriously sit on all of this during a war and not utilize it? It was almost as if they wanted the war to drag out.

Don’t worry, there’s not conspiracy going around here. Howie’s just being his usual dumbass self.

At this point, I'd been silent long enough.

"So where is this weapon exactly?"

Creta hesitated before she said, "I think Prince Shiva knows that better than I do." My gaze shot immediately to her in shock. No, there was no way she would purposely sit on information like this when her people were dying and her family had been wiped out. As we all looked at her, She said, "Even I am not certain either. However, I think that I do know this place." Tact begged her to say what it was, to which she said, "It's…the White Moon." And that unleashed the firestorm that confused the hell out of everyone, myself included.

As the discussion continued, I couldn't help but feel rage towards the white moon. They had the access to compete and combat with the army that Eonia brought with him, but instead chose to be passive in the conflict that wiped out the royal family, and Fargo, and Rhome, and who knows how many billions of people.

Pity Guardian Hawk left out the conversation with Luft where he explained that Shatoyarn sealed the White Moon inside an impenetrable shield right after the Elsior escaped the initial attack in order to keep the Lost Technology inside out of Eonia's reach.

After a few minutes, Tact made the decision to head to the White moon. Like that was even in doubt. Between getting the armaments needed to take on Eonia and the Black Moon, as well as getting a full explanation of this from Lady Shatoyarn, all roads led to the same place. There was some argument from Lester, however, that was quickly put to rest.

Milfeulle added something that really tugged at my heartstrings. "I understand. I'll…do my best to not cause you any problems." Tact reassured that she was no trouble at all, to which I only shook my head. It was painfully obvious that something was bothering her and had her convinced that she was trouble. Yet, dipstick over there couldn't be more troubled to delve deeper into the matter. Looks like the only way to fix that problem is to give it a…friendly nudge in the right direction.

The only way I see this pitiful attempt at a love triangle could be salvaged is if Howie realizes he’s been a complete cunt and apologizes for troubling Tact and not recognizing Milfeulle’s feelings. Then again, I have more chances of directing a Star Wars movie than Guardian Hawk admitting his self-insert is an extremely flawed individual.

Tact ordered the ship to set course for the white moon. Hopefully, despite the fact it's at the heart of Eonia's fleet, we will be able to plow our way through and get some help, or at the very least…

Get some answers for some very strong questions.

“Moooom! I want my own fleet and superweapon and and and”

Good evening folks, I hope you're enjoying the story so far.

As much as wiping my asshole with sandpaper, yeah.

Quick disclaimer. Once again, I do not own the Galaxy Angel series, or the character Inu-no-Taisho that my OC was styled after.

Howard: Why are you doing that?

Doing what?

Howard: Putting Milfeulle into a conflict of interest between me and Tact like that?

I figured it would add a bit of flavor to the story.

Just like a cat turd can add flavor to a pizza.

Howard: Stop torturing the poor girl.

Awww, you really do care. Would you like to know who she picks in the end?

Howard: No, I only want her to stop being messed with like that.

Oh….well, I wasn't expecting that answer. Well, regardless, you'll get your wish soon.

Howard: Good.

I love how Guardian Hawk can't even pretend he gives a flying fuck about Tact.

Until then, we'll see you readers in the next chapter. Please review and favorite!

You know, I’ve just realized how much the summary of this story outright lies about the premise.
The tale of Galaxy Angel told from the perspective of the Guardian of the Royal family, who also happens to be a demon.

Right from the start, Howie is not a demon. There’s nothing supernatural about him, only shitty science. He just likes to call himself a demon because he’s got the mind of a fifteen years-old edgelord.

By the way, the second trilogy of Galaxy Angel games takes place on a universe where magic is the dominant force, not technology. You still fight with ships, mind you.
How will the galaxy handle a coup d'etat and a demon at the same time?

That sounds like an interesting idea, admittedly. There’s an actual demon from Hell bound to the Royal Family by a pact made by the first emperor, with Shiva being the latest host due to Eonia’s banishment and the death of the remaining members. Now the Angels will have to work even harder to protect her, for her death would mean the demon will finally become free to wreack havoc. Things get even more complicated when the demon, who cannot harm Shiva or anybody else she doesn’t want it to, uses every opportunity to attempt to sow discord among the crew of the Elsior.

Pity we got this crap instead.

Better yet, how will he handle walking the stars for the first time during this war?
Uh, pretty well? The saddest thing about this plot point that not only did not get anywhere but it didn’t even manage to take off, is that Howie is not only completely calm and confident about his trek into the stars, he’s also completely disinterested about it. Because awe is for losers, I guess.

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Re: Galaxy Angel Variance

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Thanks for the birthday wishes. I've always had a hatred for the authors who put in shitty skits with their characters at the end of a chapter. It's pointless filler that contributes nothing to the story whatsoever.
Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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Re: Galaxy Angel Variance

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Before we start, here’s a character I forgot to introduce on the previous chapter.


Creta Biscuit. The chief of the engineering team on the Elsior. Cheerful and easygoing, but takes her job with the Emblem Frames very seriously. She’s also a fan of teenage boy idols.

Tact requested for Luft to come aboard before we departed to get him up to speed on our plans. The angel wing departed the bridge and I escorted Prince Shiva back to her quarters before going along my way. As I made my way through the ship, I honestly couldn't help but be worried about Milfeulle. Obviously, there was something troubling her, so since Tact is dragging his feet addressing the issue, I'm going to give him a nudge in the right direction.

Translation: “I’m gonna slap him in the back of the head, call him a moron and hope that works.”

The best thing about this “love triangle” is that, in any other work, Howie would be the bad guy. A douchebag who actively encourages Tact to go after Milfeulle while wooing her and laughing his ass off as he watches him struggle fruitlessly. The story would end when Tact and Milfeulle realize how much of an asshole he his, tell him to go fuck himself with a cactus and become a couple.

After he had finished with his briefing with Luft, it had been decided that we were going to stop at the Blancmanche planet to repair and resupply since we badly needed it if we were going to take on the bulk of Eonia's fleet. However, before we had even left Rhome, the Black Moon began to move as well. Looks like Eonia was on to us. So, once Luft made a hasty departure, we made a Chrono jump and hightailed it to the Blancmanche planet.

I was very old friends with Darno Blancmanche. Well, actually, more like old acquaintances. I knew him from his youth when he first started his corporation. Back then, it was more like a mom and pop kind of store before it grew. If there was one thing Darno was extremely gifted with, it was finances. Within the decade, he went from a simple store, to a chain, into an intergalactic corporation. I first met him the better part of thirty years ago, roughly. I was looking for a gift for Prince Gerard's birthday (this was before he ascended to the throne). I actually met Darno when he used his telepathy to figure out what I was looking for. He wasn't too bad to deal with back then. Though, every following occasion we met, he became more and more…blunt, I guess would be the word. Nevertheless, I couldn't fault his talent for being able to spot the right thing for the customer. Not once did I get something from him that my charges disliked for their birthdays.

What a fascinating load of fucking nothing. Darno is good at finances, as you would expect from the president of the biggest fucking conglomerate in the galaxy and started really small, because why try to think something original when you have old as fuck clichés? Howie knows him well enough, because of course he fucking does, and Darno is good at picking gifts; an interesting bit of trivia that gives me a whole new perspective on his characterization. I can’t wait until we find out Eonia can make a mean cup of coffee.

As we were completing our resupply, I stood on the bridge with Tact and Lester. I was more there to make sure that pushy salesman from last time had no involvement in this resupply. Despite multiple reassurances, I wanted to be absolutely sure.

The Black Moon? An army of automated battleships? The Hell Hounds? No, no, the true danger comes from pushy salesmen. Thankfully, they have Howie here to protect us all.

Almo spoke up, snapping me from my thoughts. "Commander Mayers. Communication for you from Darno Blancmanche." I raised my eyebrows as I looked at him in surprise. Tact told her to open a channel, to which, she did, and an image of Darno came up on the display in front of us.

"So you're the commander? I finally get to meet you. I am Darno Blancmanche."


Mint’s Daddy and a telepath too. Stern, aloof and somewhat intimidating. He’s a shrewd bussinessman, to the point he accepted Mint joining the Angel Team in hopes she could extend the connections of the Blancmanche Corporation to the White Moon. Darno loves his daughter dearly, but has trouble understanding her feelings.

Tact replied, "I'm the commander, Tact Mayers. It's an honor to meet you, Mr. Blancmanche." Good choice playing the respect card Tact.

Uh…yes? What else did you expect? If Tact acts casual towards Luft that’s because he knows him from his years at the Military Academy and Luft himself is a chill guy. For other authority figures, Tact always minds his manners. Again, he’s not a random high schooler who fell into the position of commander by accident, he’s a graduate who led his own fleet even before this mess began.

Darno continued, "I am in your debt for watching over my daughter. And you may feel free to call me Darno."
Tact then said, "I understand, Mr. Darno. We're grateful for you allowing us to suddenly show up and helping us with our repairs and supplies."

Darno replied, "No, of course I'd help you. My Blancmanche group will support you however we can." I couldn't help but smile. I kinda already knew this all too well from my previous interactions with him. As their conversation continued, it turned from official business to focusing on Mint. Apparently, her father and her don't quite see eye to eye. Given the two personalities, I still find it hard to believe they're related. But, I was silently observant as Tact basically told him to let her be her own person and look at it from her point of view.

"You're very forthright. It has been a long time since somebody has spoken so openly to me." I rolled my eyes as I said, "Oh, come now Darno, it hasn't been THAT long since the last time we met." That was when he realized I was there.

Right. I forgot you can’t go for more than three paragraphs without receiving attention.

"Ahh! The Demon of the West! I had no idea that you were on board. It's good to see you well, old friend. You have my condolences on your loss of his Majesty, King Gerard. I remember when you first came into my shop all those years ago to find him a nice birthday gift."

The gaze of everyone on the bridge shifted to me as I bowed my head lightly and replied, "Thank you Darno. While I lost one of my best friends, the memories will always carry his spirit. I can assure you that I will contact you when this…conflict has been resolved and proper services can be arranged for paying respect to him and his family."

You could carve their faces on the surface of an asteroid and I wouldn’t give a damn. Not only because I have not seen you interact with those people once, but also because you have been such a massive cunt that anything that comes out of your fucking mouth reads like a lie in an attempt to look better.

He bowed his head lightly and said, "Thank you my lord. Please ask Mint to contact me. If you will excuse me, I have some matters to attend to." With that the com line closed. Lester suggested for Tact to get some rest, to which Tact said he's go get some food.

Time to make my move.

Oh boy, here we go!

As Tact walked off the bridge, I followed after him. He didn't notice me following him until I said, "Yo Tact, we need to chat." As we walked through the passageway, I began to explain to Tact that he needed to talk to Milfeulle. However, I didn't get far in my lecture when we actually found her walking through the passage. Tact tried to call out to her, but she kept on walking. He was pretty loud, so that tells me that she was more distracted than I originally thought. I looked at him and said, "What the hell are you waiting for? Christmas? Go after her you dimwit!" I shoved him forward, forcing him to start running to catch him balance as he chased after her.

“Then, I used my demonic speed to quickly reach the surveillance room and watch him run around like an idiot chasing after Milfeulle.”

However, I don't know if he was able to catch up to her. Once the resupply was finished, he was called back to the bridge. I decided to head to the bridge to see if he had any luck. I walked onto the bridge as the ship shifted into Chrono space. As Lester left the bridge, I walked up to Tact and said, "Did you catch up to her?" He looked at me and said, "No, she's been avoiding me. Every time I see her, she bolts in the opposite direction and I lose track of her." I rolled my eyes before I said, "Ok, we're in Chrono drive, so it should be relatively easier to track her down now that you won't be called to the bridge for a while. Now, you check her room, I'll head to the park and we'll meet up on Deck B if we have no luck, alright?" He nodded and we split up and began our search.

I walked into the park and took a walk around. Everything had been repaired while we were at the Blancmanche planet, so it was nice to see everything back as it should be. I walked around the entirety of the park, but I caught nothing of Milfeulle. No sight, sound, scent, nothing. So, I decided to make my way down towards the tea lounge next. And sure enough, I heard Milfeulle and Tact talking.

In the game, Tact asked Almo and Coco for advice, whom in turn told him to ask Ranpha, who agreed to convince Milfeulle to meet Tact in the tea lounge. Here, it almost reads like Howie purposelly told Tact to go look around her room before Tact wisened up and asked Ranpha.

I waited by the doorway and listened in on their conversation. But, man, did I pick a bad spot to come in on it.

"…I don't think that I should see you for a while, Tact."

….WHAT?! Tact, what the hell did you do?

"Why!? If I did something to offend you, I apologize."

"No, the problem isn't you. It's my fault!" Ok, now I'm confused. How, exactly?

"What are you talking about? Please tell me exactly what you mean."

"When you're with me, unusual things are always happening. You know that, right?" That's not completely true, but ok.

"Yeah, of course. What about it?"

"I don't want to involve you in my fate any more. I don't want to burden you. So, you should try to stay away from me as much as possible…"

"What are you talking about? Up to now, I've never thought of being around you was a burden, have I?"

"Until now, it's been okay, but what'll happen after this…"

"Are you sure it's not because you want to be with the Demon and you are worried about hurting my feelings? Because it's perfectly alright if that's the case." What the…why is he dragging me in on this?


"No, it's not that. I like him a lot too. But I don't want to cause any trouble for either of you. I don't want to see you get hurt because of my luck." I rolled my eyes as Tact said, "Milfie, I'm pretty sure the Demon isn't worried about your luck at all. I mean, come on, he jumped out of a shuttle into space to fight against fighters that were twenty times his size! Who does that?"

He’s vouching for you and you still roll your eyes at him?

"I know, but at the same time, things will just get more dangerous as we get closer to the white moon. You remember the air lock in the park the other day? What if something had happened to you or him?"

"We managed to handle that situation pretty well all things considered…"

"Even so! They've just been funny stories so far, but I don't think that it's going to stay that way! And if you or him are with me, what if something happened that threatened your lives?"

"Somehow, I don't think he'd be the least bit concerned about that. As for me, I've always managed."

"I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! Goodbye, Tact!"

The next thing I heard was footsteps rushing towards the door. I backed up a bit so she wouldn't hit me on the way out. Milfeulle rounded the corner, saw me and jumped. I looked at her and said, "Milfeulle…" I didn't even finish my sentence before she turned and bolted the other way. I shook my head and walked into the lounge to find Tact with a glum look on his face. Then Ranpha showed up.

"That didn't go well."

We both looked at her, wondering where she popped in from as Tact said, "Ranpha…you were listening?"

She nodded as she replied, "So that's what Milfie was thinking about. I've known her for a long time, and I'm still surprised."

Tact leaned back as he said, "But we're both on the Elsior, how is she going to avoid ever being around me or involving me in anything strange? Sooner or later…I just don't get it."

I walked over to him and slapped him across the head, which caught Ranpha off guard.

"Tact, I did not throw away my chance to be with her just for you to flush yours down the drain!"

He was holding his head as he said, "I don't know what to do…"

I growled lightly as I said, "Go get some sleep. With some luck, and a prayer, you'll both be a bit calmer and can settle this once and for all." With that, he got up and left to head back to his room. I sighed and looked at Ranpha, who was a bit irritated as she said, "Did you have to kick him while he's down?" I shook my head as I put my hands on my hips and said, "She is the first girl I've actually fallen in love with in 400 years. Yet, I figured Tact would be a better fit for her than I would, so I let him try to build on that chance. So far, since the ball, he's been pouring it down the drain and making my sacrifice for nothing. It's really getting on my nerves at how clueless he's been lately."

There comes a point where you can’t help but laugh at Howie’s ego. I mean, look at this shit. Milfeulle is in the dumps because she’s afraid her supernatural luck will end up hurting two important people in her life and the only thing this guy can think about is how Tact is wasting HIS SACRIFICE.

Ranpha's expression dropped as she said, "You're…in love with Milfie?"

I nodded as she looked at me and said, "Then why are you letting Tact steal your love away? If you really did love her, you would fight for her."

I looked back at her and said, "What do you think I'm doing by poking Tact with a cattle prod over and over again? I'm fighting for her and him to have that chance."

She scoffed as she said, "It sounds to me like you're just a coward and are running away from it. You've never experienced love before and the fact that it's new is scaring you because you don't know what to do."

Holy shit, Batman! First Mint with “have you tried not dressing like a clown for once” and now Ranpha!?

My blood began to run hot as I said, "You better be very careful with what you say next Ranpha. You're treading where those who have before you, didn't survive to tell the tale."

Nice work implying you’ve killed people merely for saying something you did not like. Oh, but where all those stories about him being a monster could have come from?

She threw her arms in the air as she said, "Or what? You're going to kill me? Fine, but that doesn't change the fact that you're still a coward from running away from what is probably going to be the best thing that ever happened to you. And the worst part about it is you damn well know it!"

Stop! My penis can only get so erect!

Part of me was pissed beyond words at how she had addressed me, but another part of me knew that to a degree, she was right. So, I did the only thing that crossed my mind. I turned, walked out of the lounge and said, "Then I guess it would behoove me to make sure Tact doesn't follow in my footsteps, now, wouldn't it?"

I decided to head back to my room to get some sleep, but I didn't have much luck. I was too irritated with what Ranpha said, and the fact that Milfeulle seemed basically depressed, made me feel even worse.

I like how he tries to play it cool and mature but in reality is barely holding back a bitchfit.

So, I got up early in the morning shortly before we completed drive out and made my way towards Tact's quarters. What I wasn't expecting was to find Milfeulle running away from Tact. I followed behind as Milfeulle yelled at Tact not to follow her. As I kept up with Tact, I asked, "What the hell, you haven't cornered her yet? Dude, you had all night…" Tact waved me off as Almo came over the announcement circuit. "Elsior will be completing Drive out soon. All hands report to high alert stations. Commander Mayers, report to the bridge."

Milfeulle called out, "See, Tact! You have to hurry to the bridge!"

I rolled my eyes and said, "They'll live an extra few minutes without you."

Tact then called out, "And aren't you supposed to be standing by at the hanger!?"

I glared at him as she called out, "Even if I wanted to, I can't because you're chasing me!"

I’m pretty sure Milfeulle could kick Tact in the nuts and Howie would still glare at hit while thinking he's weak for doubling over in pain.

After a few minutes, Tact was beginning to get winded, as was Milfeulle as he said, "Milfie, that's enough. Just listen to what I have to say."

She was panting as she said, "I-I can't. What'll happen if you get near me…"

At which point, I decided to make my presence known. "Then I will deal with it, like I have the last several times things have happened."

Guess when you’re an asshole with claws that can tear steel everything looks like a scratching pole.

She was shocked to hear me as she looked over her shoulder at the two of us running after her. Next thing we know, Lester's voice comes over the com line. "Hey! Get to your posts right now! Drive out is in five seconds!"

Tact quickly retorted, "Lester, just hold on a little longer. I'll get there once I stop Milfie from running away from me."

Milfeulle had a rebuttal of her own. "And I'll go once Tact stops chasing me!"

Lester sarcastically replied, "What the hell are you two doing!?"

I chimed in, "Trust me, Mr. Coolduras, I've been trying to figure that out for the last few minutes. Once I figure it out, I'll be sure to let you know."

I can’t tell if he’s being sarcastic or is genuinely too stupid to know.

He sheepishly continued, "Honestly. They're running around and now we're back in normal space….Hey!"

I decided enough was enough and used my demonic speed to blaze past Milfeulle and stop at the end of the hall, effectively cutting her off and forcing her to stop.

As Tact asked Lester what was up, the ship was rocked by an explosion, knocking all three of us off balance. Tactt and Milfeulle fell down, and I leaned against the wall, keeping my footing. Tact asked if Milfeulle was alright, to which she replied that she was fine before asking what that was.

Next thing we know, the alarms went off and Almo's voice came over. "Full spread of automated missiles in front of the Elsior! All hands to red alert!" Perfect timing, can we not get shot at for more than five minutes at a time?

Lester then called out, "Damn! The enemy was waiting for us! Tact, get back here and take command! Their fleet will be here any minute!"

As Tact acknowledged, Coco came over. "Second wave of missiles incoming! We can't evade them!" I was still off balance and couldn't get a barrier up to stop the second wave from hitting us. There was an explosion, knocking Tact and Milfeulle down and causing part of the bulkhead above to collapse. I sprinted forward and caught the bulkhead a few feet above Milfeulle before it crushed her. She just stared at me in shock as I said, "Milfeulle, please move!" She quickly scrambled out of the way as another explosion rocked the deck, causing more debris to collapse onto the piece I was holding up and dropped on top of me. I could hear Milfeulle screaming as I felt the ship rock and a couple of missiles shoot through the bulkhead and lodge in place. The fact that they didn't explode was probably thanks to Milfeulle's Luck.

And the fact you still had to interviene to save her was definitely Guardian Hawk’s boner.

When things calmed down, I could faintly hear their voices past all of the debris. I was barely able to move because of everything pinning me down, so the best thing I could do was get comfortable until they could dig me out. As I waited, I decided to listen to Tact and Milfeulle now that they were trapped together.

"Ow…are you ok, Milfie?"

"Yes, thanks to you and Demon protecting me. Ahh! Demon!"

I could hear faint rummaging, probably Milfeulle digging through the debris as Tact said, "Milfie, calm down. He's tough, odds are he's just stuck and waiting for the rescue team to dig him out when they come for us." Pretty good guess, actually.

"…Tact! You're bleeding!"

"What? This is nothing."

"Thank you very much. You saved me."

"Well, I can't take all of the credit. Demon was more instrumental in saving you than I was. Not to mention as hard as he's been trying to give me the chance to be with you."


"With everything that's been going on, it's been obvious to everyone that he cares a great deal for you. But ever since I asked him if I could ask you to the ball at Fargo, he's been pushing for me to be with you as opposed to going for his own happiness."

"Tact, you must have hit your head really hard…"

"No, but this is something that I've been ignoring until now. As much as I'm sure he wants me to be with you, it's not fair to him since he was flirting with you first."


I could barely breathe with all the debris on me, so I couldn't shout at him to shut up. All that work, I can hear it being flushed away as he kept going.

"What's important here, Milfie, is that he cares for you way more than I ever could. I know he wanted me to go after you, but, I think I'm finally starting to realize just how selfish I was being. I didn't even think to take his happiness into account. He has been putting himself through so much stress and suffering to try and put the two of us together. I wouldn't be a very good person or a good friend if I just went along with it."

Great, hell of a time to get a concussion Tact. Why not tell her that she would make a great bikini model while you're at it, jackass?

Can you please go choke with a horse dong? Tact is doing something you will never be able to do in your entire damn life, putting the feelings of others before his.

"So…so you want me to be with him?"

"Ha ha, I guess that's basically what I'm saying, yeah. I've seen how you smile with him around. It's not quite the same whenever he isn't around. And I don't think I'm the only one to notice it."


"Besides, it would be better for my health overall if you were with him, that way he can stop beating me up every time I mess up, ha ha, ow."

I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

I know, son, I know. Every single thing Tact does is bad and worthy of an insult, glare or eye roll. Guess this is what happens when you just know even a ten years-old boy is probably better endowed than you.

"I…I think I can slip past the missile."

"Missile!? Are we safe here?"

No sooner did he say that did Coco's voice come through. "Direct hit on Deck D. The missile has misfired. Activate emergency barriers. Rescue and repair teams, report to Deck D!"

"I'm sorry! I'm really sorry!"

"No, it's alright, I wasn't trying to sound like I was blaming you."

"I got you involved again…And because of my luck, you're in danger."

At this point, I'd managed to wiggle myself a bit more loose from the debris so I could shout.



I'm pretty sure I caught their attention as I heard Milfeulle say, "Demon?"

I started ripping pieces of debris apart before I jumped a bit in pain. Apparently, one of the hydraulic pipes impaled me through my leg and I didn't notice it until now. I groaned as I broke the upper half of the pipe when Milfeulle called out for me again.

"Yeah, I can hear you. I've been sitting here under all this crud listening to Tact have his little confessional moment there. Not exactly prime listening material, especially given recent events, Tact."

"Demon, it's the truth. We both know you care more for her than I ever could."

"That isn't fair to her though. At least with you, she'd have a happy life with you. All I'd do is end up outliving her, just like I have with everyone else I ever knew."

What happened to “I’m a demon and you’re a human” and “I’m the guardian of the Royal Family”? Either way, it didn’t seem to me watching your friends die bothered you that much...
As I watched my friends and students start dying, I began to realize how….I don't know. Sad, I guess would be a good word, it was to live without aging but watching people I cared about grow and die.
"Who's to say she wouldn't have a happy life with you? You're the only Demon known to exist. I'd say that's a pretty exciting life between that and her luck."

"Umm, boys, I'm right here, you know."

Before I could respond, a piece of the bulkhead dropped onto my leg and pushed the pipe through a bit more, causing me to yell out in pain. Both of them called out to me, asking if I was alright, to which I replied, "Yeah, just had a pipe introduce itself to my leg. Gaahh, fucking hell, this hurts!"

Then, I heard Milfeulle start to sob, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I tried to stay away from you, no matter how much I wanted to see you, I tried!"

I growled a bit and said, "Milfeulle, stop apologizing!"

She stifled a sob as I continued, "As much as I hate saying this after everything I did to help Tact, I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am to have known you. If I'd never met you, I'd probably be simply content with living. I've never actually known what real happiness was until I met you. Every time I see your smile, I hear your laugh, hell, even smell your cooking, since, you know, I'm a dog demon, I can't help but smile. So, in all honesty, I'd rather be happy and dealing with trouble all the time with you, than to live a relatively boring life alone."

I've never actually known what real happiness was until I met you.

I’m sure Shiva would love to know that.


"Prince Shiva brought up a very valid point with me not long ago. There are all kinds of stories about me meant to instill fear into people. But not one of them involves a special someone in my life. Personally, I'd love the opportunity for a story like that to be told."

“There have been stories about me slaughtering a crowd, zealots who came chasing after me, enemy soldiers and people who talked to me in a way I didn’t like. But there has never been a story about me killing a guy for looking at my girl’s ass. Will you help me change that?”

I heard Tact say, "Milfie, I like you a lot. But he deserves the opportunity way more than I do. We can still be friends, after all. I've always seen you happier near him. And they say that when two people share feelings, happiness is doubled and sadness is halved."

As I pushed another piece of debris off of me, I heard Milfeulle say, "Yes….yes! I'm…happier when I'm near him too. I want to always, always be with him!" If it wasn't for the fact that I was in pain, I'd probably be laughing at how much like a soap opera that sounded like.

Next thing I know, I hear an alarm go off as the emergency barrier is opened, causing some of the debris that was on top of me to get pushed back onto me. Then I hear a crewman call out, "Heey! Anybody in here!?"

As I groaned, I said, "Yeah! I was actually making progress getting out of this mess when you pushed all of this crap back on top of me! Ow! Damn it…"

“Damn it. We failed, guys, he survived…”

Tact then called out, "What? The barrier's opening?"

Next, Milfeulle called out, "Y-Yes! There are three of us!"

I could hear Creta's voice come next. "Those voices…Milfie, the Commander, and the Demon of the West? What are you doing in here!?"

I had to groan lightly. What did she think we were doing in here?

Then, as if in response to my thought, "Oh, now I see…Did you want us to just leave you alone for a little while?"

I heard Milfeulle quietly say, "…Is that okay…?"

I rolled my eyes and shouted, "While that sounds nice, I'm afraid I'll have to pass for the sole reason that lying here under a pile of debris in a pool of my own blood is not very comfortable! Now hurry up and start digging!"

Once I had been dug out, I pushed past the rescue team and called out to Tact and Milfeulle, letting them know I was heading to the medical bay. One of the crewman tried to grab me to assist me, but I…convinced him to leave me be and focus on digging them out.

You threatened him for attempting to help you. I’m not even remotely surprised.

Once I got down to the medical bay, Dr. Cera looked at my leg and went to get her surgical tools. After we got the pipe out and sealed the wound in my leg, she told me to try to take it easy while it healed. Given my anatomy, I figured it'd be healed within the day, so I made my way to the bridge to find out what was going on.

Upon walking onto the bridge, Tact asked if I was alright, to which I slapped him upside the head. Lester asked, "What the hell did you do that for?" I looked at him and said, "He damn well knows. Jackass. Alright, now that I got that out of my system, what's the situation?"

“I know you solved this whole mess and ensured she ends up with me, but I’m still upset that you wasted all the effort I made to pair you up with her.”

He can’t see beyond his asshole, can he?

As Tact held his head, he filled me in that Sherry had been waiting for us and was trying to stop us from getting back to the white moon. Yeah, fat chance that was going to work.

Apparently, the hell hounds were also here helping Sherry to slow us down. Most of the ships had already been defeated except for the battleship and a couple of the hell hounds. I was surprised that they were able to repair the damage I did so fast. Though, odds are they had help from the Black moon.

Within a few minutes, the battleship had been pummeled to a firm halt and the hell hounds had been beaten. However, that's not to say that they went quietly. Camus was the first to speak.

"How disappointing. I thought I would have a better chance this time."

Milfeulle retorted, "Why don't you just not come back anymore?"

Camus simply replied, "How cold, my honey. But you are still so lovely."

Milfeulle groaned as she said, "Ueeee…I'm getting goosebumps…Save me Demon!"

Care to guess who she asked for help in the game?

I came over and said, "You go anywhere near her and I'll hop out of the nearest airlock and rip your frame apart from underneath you…again! Now get the hell out of here!"

Milfeulle was in shock as Camus said, "Oh…Now I get it. My poor honey, are you being misled by that beast still?"

Milfeulle quickly snapped, "I'm not being misled at all! Demon's a much, much better person than you!" At this point, I was fighting to hide a blush from crawling on my face.

I don’t think having a higher kill count than the other guy makes you a better person, but what do I know.

Camus then said, "You're just having a nightmare, my honey. Allow me to crush that man and wake you from your dream. The next time we meet, darling Milfeulle, you will see the most beautiful dream. You'll find eternal sleep at my hands…"

I rolled my eyes as Milfeulle said, "Whatever! Just leave already! Get out of here!" I couldn't agree with her more.

Camus coyly replied, "Phew…The Hell Hounds must be going now. Until we meet again…adieu."

Coco passed the report that they were falling back from the area. Good riddance.

As Lester and Tact began to converse amongst themselves, I got to looking at the flagship. Now why would they leave, but leave the flagship there alone?

Then the proximity alarms went off. Coco called out, "Reaction on radar! Eonia's flagship is flying straight at us!" Sure enough, as I looked closer, it was moving in our direction. Looks like Sherry isn't going to go down without trying to drag us with her.

I shot my arm out and erected a barrier around the Elsior. Despite how much the angel wing was pounding away at it, the ship wasn't slowing down. If anything, it was speeding up. Hopefully, my barrier can stop her from hitting the Elsior. As Tact ordered full power to the engines, Lester ordered all emergency barriers to be activated and to brace for impact. A com line had been opened as we heard Sherry yell at us, "I won't let you reach Lord Eonia…You will not get in the way of that man's dreams! Fall, Elsior! I'm taking you with me!" I gritted my teeth as the ship drew closer to my barrier…until…

The ship collided with my barrier, sending a feedback pulse throughout the barrier and into my arm. As the pulse shot through the energy stream and into my arm, I could feel my arm being crushed. Nothing was broken, but I could feel the pressure the ship was putting against the barrier. I struggled to hold the barrier up and keep the ship from hitting the Elsior until the angel wing finally did enough damage to cause the battleship to explode. As it exploded, it sent another pulse through the energy stream into my arm, this time, causing a series of 1st degree burns to crawl across my hand and to the middle of my forearm. When the explosion subsided, I dropped my arm and groaned a bit.

“And that’s the story of how I saved the Elsior. Again!”

“What…are you talking about? The Angels shoot down the enemy ship and the shields held firm. Have you been smoking the leaves of the kafukafu tree again? Didn't we told you to stop doing that?”

I looked at my arm to see it lightly burned. Nowhere near as bad as the burns I sustained from the black moon, but still enough to smart a bit. As Tact thanked me, I waved him off and left the bridge to head to the hanger.

Within a minute, Tact was running to catch up to me. I raised an eyebrow as he said that he wanted to thank the angel wing for their help when they arrived. When we walked into the hanger, the frames were in the process of landing. While we watched them come in one by one, I looked at Tact and said, "You're sure about what you said earlier?" He nodded his head and slapped my pauldron, saying, "Absolutely, besides, everybody already knew it, I just gave you a friendly nudge in the right direction." I shook my head as the angel wing exited their frames and walked over to us.

I love it. It’s like watching a child who absolutely refuses to admit he’s wrong.

While we conversed, I couldn't help but wonder why Sherry would do something that wreckless. Then again, Eonia was always charismatic and had a way with people. She was, after all, extremely loyal to Eonia despite the fact it ended up costing her life. As Tact brought up how dangerous that situation was, Milfeulle got extremely quiet. I looked at her as Tact asked if something was wrong. To which, she said, "No. That Sherry person, why would she do something like that…" Now, that question I knew all too well. Tact responded, "She laid down her life to try to stop us. She might have been an enemy, but her loyalty was admirable…"

Milfeulle was silent for a moment before saying, "…I don't understand that at all."

Tact was confused by her response before she continued, "Because if they're important enough to you to give your life for them, then they wouldn't want you to die. I would never want the person important to me to do that!" This was a very valid point, and it was often how Eonia thought when he was younger. Now though, who knows what's going through his head. I honestly don't anymore.

Forte then chimed in, "I can understand how you feel. But it's no use getting sentimental. The enemy's thrown those feelings away. Letting his subordinate helplessly die shows how big an idiot bastard Eonia is." I don't think I'd quite go that far in describing him, though, after everything, I can't blame her really.

In the game, there are a couple of interludes here and there, where you get to see what Eonia and his crew are doing. There are two in particular that do a good job in “humanizing” him. The first one occurs before Sherry embarks in her pursuit of the Elsior. She thinks she’s not been living up to Eonia’s expectations and he assures her it’s not the case. He even begs her not to do anything rash and come back to his side. The second is after her “senseless sacrifice”. We get to see her death hit Eonia pretty hard.

In hindsight, with all the "Eonia used to be a good guy" shit Guardian Hawk has been trying to pull, I'm kind of surprised he didn't do anything with those. Okay, not really since he's a lazy, uncreative ass, but you get the idea.

Then she quickly changed the subject. "By. The. Way. Milfie, who exactly is that important person you just brought up?" Uh oh…..this is not looking too good for me.

Milfeulle just stammered, "Eh…Ehh?"

Then Mint jumped in, "I am interested as well. By all means, let us know who this person is." She threw me a coy look since she already had a good guess.

'For the love of the stars, Mint, please don't go down this road.'

"U-umm…I have no idea what you're talking about! Right, Tact?" I internally facepalmed before Mint continued, "That's alright, I know exactly what you're talking about." Everyone looked at her as I glared at her.

'You wouldn't dare!'

"Oh come now, is that any way to talk to your friends? I swear, your thoughts are so questionable, it makes one wonder how nobody picked up on this by now."

'Mint, I'm warning you…'

"There's no need to be hostile. After all, you yourself told me that it was indeed the truth."

'Last chance Mint…'

Ranpha spoke up, "No need to be so cold Demon, we all know what you were up to before the drive out."

Vanilla added, "We heard about it."

I groaned and dropped my head as I said, "Seriously….?"

Mint then asked, "So what were you and Milfie up to in that corridor all alone?"

Tact started, "How to put it…A state of emergency cut short the relations between a man and woman…" I glared at him for opening his mouth.

Mint said, "I see. So that's what it was."

I gave Tact a dirty look as I said, "God damn it, Tact, seriously?"

Vanilla added, "…I think I understand."

Forte wasn't satisfied, however. "No, no. Not yet. To prevent any misunderstandings, how about we hear it directly from their own mouths?"

Oh, for the sake of damnation. This was getting blown way out of proportion.

He can kill people as easily as a kid steps on an ant but gets flustered when it comes to romance! Isn’t he so quirky and likeable?

Milfeulle answered, "T-That's, um, Demon and I weren't really…"

Ranpha cut her off, "You know that you've got nothing to hide anymore? Come on already, just say it, okay?"

I rolled my eyes as I said, "You know what, figure it out. In the meantime, Vanilla, can you do me a favor and, um…" I held up my burnt arm, to which Vanilla fixed right up with her nano-machines as Milfeulle looked at me with worry, probably wondering how that happened. Once Vanilla was done, I made a decision.

"One thing I will say, however…"

The entire Angel wing looked at me, along with Tact as I smiled and said.

"Please, feel free to call me Howard. You've more than earned that right today."


Oh my God. I…don’t know what to say. This is how Guardian Hawk decided to end this chapter, with his self-insert announcing they all earned the right to call him by his name. And the way he says it, as if they have just made a great accomplishement.

And here we settle the conflict of interest.

Implying there was anything resembling a conflict from the start.

As a reminder, I don't own the Galaxy Angel series or the character Inu-no-Taisho.

Howard: You couldn't just let Tact have her?

That wouldn't fit nearly as well with what I have in mind for you in the next few stories.

Implying you’re going to come up with original material and not just copy-paste Tact’s route with Milfeulle.

Howard: Still, he should have been with her more than me. I'll just end up outliving her.

Oh, don't worry about that. He'll have a relationship of his own in due time. Plus, you don't quite know that for a fact.

Implying there’s the slightest chance Howie will lose his powers and become mortal or some shit.

Howard: …what?

Don't worry about it. In the meantime, like, review and favorite and we'll see you in the next chapter.

Howard: No, wait a minute, what did you mean by...

Jesus, Guardian Hawk, stop embarrassing yourself, man.

And this was chapter fourteen, with only two remaining. The story is almost one hundred thousand words long, not a feat when two-thirds are copy-pasted from the game’s script, but it feels far, far longer. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised when the prose is so barebones and the narrative is so dull. Action sequences read like laundry lists, Howie’s constant thoughts and musings slow down the pacing to a crawl while adding nothing and the whole thing feels extremely repetitive since the focus is always put on him. I mean, how many times we’ve read the whole “I hurt my arm shielding everybody with my powers” sequence already?

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Re: Galaxy Angel Variance

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Having reached this point, I think it’s become obvious Guardian Hawk intended for us readers to find his self-insert’s ego to be something to endear him to us, perhaps in the vein of Gilgamesh, “The King of Heroes”, who remains one of the most popular characters in the Fate/Stay Night franchise. Or, if you would prefer a more recent example, the character of Escanor from “The Seven Deadly Sins”.

Needless to say, Guardian Hawk failed miserably; but why exactly? Well, when one tries to write a character with an “awesome ego”, as TvTropes would put it, there are several factors to consider. The first that comes to mind is that the character in question does live up to his claims. Gilgamesh claims to be the strongest and he, most likely, is. Howie certainly lives up to the whole “killing people with ease”. However, it should be noted Gilgamesh faces against fellow superpowered servants, while Howie comes against normal humans.

The second point is having virtues to balance the ego. Gilgamesh, despite being an egomaniacal asshole, is also dignified, intelligent, wise, insightful and cultured. Howie, on the other hand, has shown us time and time again that he’s ill-tempered, hasty, petty, prone to hold grudges, immature and overall not very intelligent. The fact Guardian Hawk is constantly using his knowledge of the game’s plot to give him an edge is especially pathetic.

Last but definitely not least, the “ego” part should be entertaining. Howie’s boasting comes off as terribly insecure. He’s like a teenager who, upon watching a video of two boxers having some friendly sparring, goes on to write a comment about how he could take them on both and then gets angry at the people replying to him in a sarcastic way, telling them to “come and say that to my face”.

Over the next couple of days, every time we dropped out of Chrono space, we had to deal with a small force of automated ships from Eonia's fleet. It didn't take very long to dispatch them since they were mostly cruisers and destroyers, but it still slowed us down. However, we still managed to reach the White Moon first.

When we arrived, the White Moon was still practically untouched. Apparently, after the Elsior and the Frames were forced out, Lady Shatoyarn raised a shield that was completely impenetrable. While it was nice to hear that Eonia couldn't lay a finger on it, I was still…bothered at the idea of what the moon was supposedly capable of. When Lester voiced his concerned, both Almo and Coco defended the moon, saying they didn't believe it. If that was really the case, then where did that data come from and what was it really talking about?

Here’s a little bit of trivia for you. All the people working inside the White Moon are women, dubbed "Priestess of the White Moon" by the populace. When Eonia attacked, they were all "drafted" into military service. This is the reason most of the crewmembers of the Elsior in the game are girls.

As we approached the White Moon, I stood silent on the bridge as Tact ordered Almo to hail it. However, when she did, we didn't receive a response. That was not good. Lester suggested that it might have already been captured, but if that was the case, then we probably would have known within seconds of hailing them. Then Prince Shiva walked onto the bridge and caught all of us off guard.

"Do not worry. Lady Shatoyarn and the White moon are safe."

I raised an eyebrow in curiosity at how she knew that, however, I decided it would be better to keep that to myself for the time being and just watch things play out. Tact, naturally, asked what she meant. She then explained, "The shield that she used blocks all interference from the outside. You could call it a kind of seal. In other words, communications and attacks cannot affect the white moon. And the opposite is also true." Ahh, so that's why she didn't answer us. She didn't hear us.

As she continued, I looked at the White moon and began to think to myself. Where have I heard her name before? This was really starting to bother me. I could have sworn I've heard the name before. When Prince Shiva brought up the fact that she was the only one who could release the seal; that gave a more specific explanation as to why Eonia was dead set on getting a hold of her.

That’s not a “more specific explaination”, you dumb fuck, that’s THE REAL reason Eonia wants Shiva ALIVE. And for somebody who loves to claim that Shiva is like a child to him, you sure are unaware of a LOT of things around here.

"I'm returning to my room to release the seal. Come with me Mayers." As the duo walked off the bridge, I turned and followed suit. I was a bit curious as to how she was going to release the seal on the moon. Tact then commented, "You're going to show me how to release the seal? Lucky!" I rolled my eyes as Shiva said, "I'm not exactly bringing you to show you how to release it. I just want to speak with you." Tact voiced his disappointment before she then said, "If you're going to complain, then you don't need to come." I couldn't help but smile since I would have said the exact same thing. From there, we returned to her audience chamber.

In the game, Shiva asking Tact to come with her is something that only happens if you pick your options right and manage to bond with her. Otherwise, Shiva just goes back to her room alone and moments later the seal disappears, allowing the Elsior to get inside the White Moon.

No sooner did the door close was I caught immediately by surprise by Tact. "Okay, Princess Shiva. What do you want to…?" I didn't let him finish his sentence as I grabbed him by the throat and pinned him against the wall before I said, "What the hell did you just say, Mayers?" Shiva walked over to me and placed a hand on my other arm as she said, "It's alright, Howard, he knows. The space whale informed him about me and when he asked me about it, I came clean. He's sworn his silence about the issue until I deem it necessary. Please release him." I glared back at him, as he was struggling to try to get loose from my grip before I dropped him to the ground, causing him to start coughing for air. I stepped over to the table in the room as they began to converse.

Maybe if you weren’t so desperate to leave Shiva’s side at every opportunity, you would have been there when Tact tried to confirm her true gender with her and do something about it. But you fucked things up. And just like when Forte took Shiva for a walk without your knowledge, you quickly attempt to cover your sorry ass with the threat of violence.

God. Don’t you love how everytime Guardian Hawk tries to convince you Howie is a badass and loyal bodyguard he ends up showing an incompetent, angry cretin?

And while we’re at it, it’s nice to see Guardian Hawk scrapped all the development between Tact and Shiva and just went for “hurr durr space whale told me”.

"…Tact. Why didn't you say it clearly?"

"Yes? Say…what clearly?"

"Don't act stupid. The other day when I asked you who on the Angel Wing you liked, you evaded it." Uh oh…

I turned to look at them as she continued, "But it seems like you do have somebody that you like." I was beginning to get a bit worried at what he was going to say about that whole mess.

"Ah…Well…I mean, it's hard to…" I suppose I should be grateful the one time his inability to formulate words happened to strike now.

"If I say her name, will you admit it? I shall do so." Oh hell…moment of truth.

"It is Milfeulle Sakuraba." …shit.

As Tact started to look nervous, he began to stammer out, "Your highness, that is a bit…complicated. I…well…that's to say…I do like her. However, I realized that I wasn't the only one who was…attracted to her." They both looked at me as I groaned lightly. Shiva couldn't help but smile as she said, "Ahh, I see. Howard, as I recall, I told you that you should continue to pursue the affection you had towards Milfeulle. That said, did you speak with Tact about this?"

I sighed as I said, "Yes, he had asked me about it before the ball and wanted to know if I had any issues. Of course, I told him no, since I don't own her and they're both free to make their own choices. So, she went to the ball with him, and was starting to get closer until jackass here decided to pour his heart out after that hit we took a few days ago."

“Fucking moron wasted the feeble effort I made trying to pair him up with the girl I fell in love with, constantly flirted with and declared I would protect with all my strenght.”

Shiva glanced at Tact before walking over to me and slapping me upside the head. "Idiot. You were trying to pair the two of them together? What were you…" I sighed again as I cut her off, "I figured they would be a much better match as opposed to her being with me. I'd just end up outliving her. However, after that whole debris incident, she's a lot keener on spending time with me. So, I think it's safe to say I won't be wasting that opportunity." She nodded her head as she looked at Tact and said, "Thank you Mayers for making that decision to give Howard a chance that he really does deserve." He bowed lightly as he said, "It was nothing. Besides, you never know what the future might hold in store. I might find someone yet, ha ha." The both of us smiled as she then said, "Now I will dissolve the seal on the White Moon. I'm sorry, but please leave the room." Tact bowed lightly and stepped out as she walked to the center of the room and began the ritual to dissolve the seal.

In the game, Shiva asks Tact about the girl he likes because she had developed a crush on him. Here, she asks for no reason except to make the topic go back to Howie, like always.

I decided to go back to my thoughts as I waited for her to finish. Shatoyarn. I vaguely remember her name being mentioned a few times over the last decade, but I couldn't remember if it was in regards to the White Moon, or if it was something unrelated. The Elsior began to shine as a blinding white light emerged from Shiva's body and enveloped the ship. I paid no mind to it since I was familiar with the ritual from a century prior. I've never actually seen it done, but at the same time, I didn't really care since you apparently had to have specific qualifications in order to use it.

Going on, in the game, Tact pieced that the ritual could only be performed by a girl, which is why she couldn’t do it in front of everybody, lest she reveals her true gender. Moreover, you have to have been trained by Shatoyarn herself aside of having the “qualifications” to do it.

Howie here was somehow familiar with the ritual, but did not give a fuck. Now that he found out Shiva can do it he…still doesn’t give a fuck. Yep. She’s like a daughter to him alright.

Once the light faded, Shiva looked to me and said, "Come, Howard, let us contact the White Moon." I got up and walked with her out of her room, where Tact was waiting. She informed him the seal was gone to which he suggested heading to the bridge.

We ran to the bridge, where Tact informed the bridge crew the seal should be gone and ordered Almo to hail the White moon. When she did, it was a tense few seconds before we received a response. It was on audio only, so we could only hear her voice as she expressed her relief that the ship was safe.


Shatoyarn, the “Holy Mother of the White Moon”, who saved Transbaal by sharing the Lost Technology she possessed. She’s wise and gente, treating everybody with equal levels of kindness.

Now this was really starting to get under my skin. I've heard her voice before too, but I just couldn't put where. As Tact introduced himself to her, I couldn't help but smirk. The way he was acting, you would swear he was meeting a famous movie star face to face for the first time.

Yeah, it’s not like he’s going to meet the most important person in the empire, the one responsible for bringing it back to glory after hundreds of years.

Once he finished, what she said caught me a bit by surprise.

"Tact Mayers…Then you are the suitable person that General Luft meant. You lead the Elsior and Angel wing here through many battles. You have my word of gratitude." Hold on a minute, Luft knew this woman? Sounds like him and I need to have a chat.


Tact sternly replied, "No, not at all. It is an honor!" I raised an eyebrow at his change in attitude. Funny thing was that I wasn't the only one who noticed.

Lester whispered, "Hey Tact. What's with the change in attitude?"

Tact quickly whispered, "Shut up. Be quiet." Both my eyebrows shot up. I've never heard him to tell Lester to shut up before. There was something really weird going on here.

“Come on, man! Why are you so nervous? You’re just going to meet the Pope in person!”

Prince Shiva stepped forward and said, "Lady Shatoyarn!"

Shatoyarn replied, "Prince Shiva…it is good that you're safe."

Shiva then said, "You are safe as well Lady Shatoyarn. Even though I was far away, I prayed for your safety." I couldn't help but smirk a bit watching this conversation. Even if not knowing where I heard her voice before was getting on my nerves.

Your constant fucking reminders are getting on my nerves too, funnily enough.

The conversation carried on between the two of them for another minute before we were given permission to dock in the White Moon. As preparations were made to dock, I looked at Prince Shiva, who was practically radiant with joy.

After the Elsior and Emblem Frames all were docked in the White Moon, we all proceeded to meet up in the audience room. I came with Prince Shiva and Tact, whereas the Angel wing met up with us after we had arrived. I was pacing back and forth trying to think about her voice. Granted, if I didn't remember who she was after I see her face, then I may as well give up afterwards, but still, it was gnawing at me. We had been waiting in the audience room for a few minutes at that point.

Ranpha then spoke up, "What are you so restless for? You're starting to make me nervous." I glanced at her before saying, "I'm trying to think where I've heard her name and voice before. It's been bugging me for the last week now."

Tact decided to add his own input, "Lady Shatoyarn is the one who controls the Empire's Lost Technology. And she's also a smart and beautiful woman. And I'm supposed to be calm right now? No, there's no way!"

I shot him a dirty look before Milfeulle came over to me and said, "Ignore him. What's troubling you Howard?" I looked at her and said, "I know I've heard her name and voice somewhere before. But with everything that's happened as of late, I can't for the life of me remember where." She smiled and placed a hand on my chest, stopping me from pacing as she said, "It's alright. I'm positive it'll come to you in time. Whenever I have trouble remembering things, I try to think about what all I did that day or week to back track my steps." I scoffed as I said, "A bit hard for me since I've got centuries worth of steps in my head." This made her giggle a bit as Prince Shiva said, "Quiet down, all of you."

Bashing Tact? Check! Fellating Howie? Check!

By the way, in the game, Tact’s comment prompts a sarcastic remark from the girl he’s paired up with, but I guess Howie had to take that role here for some reason.

Within seconds of saying that, I heard a pair of footsteps behind me as that same voice rang out, "…This seems like a very lively conversation. Am I interrupting you?" I turned to look at the voice and when we locked eyes, both of our faces shot up in surprise. She was silent, I, however, was not…


I knew I'd heard her name before. She was the Priestess that had an affair with King Gerard the better part of a decade ago. I happened to stumble across it when I caught a new scent in the air and found the two together after they had…well, let's just say spent some quality time together. King Gerard ordered me to stay quiet about it, to which I told him I would and there was nothing wrong with what he did. However, when we found out later that she was with child that changed things quite a bit. I'd forgotten all about her when things started going downhill with Eonia. But now that I'm staring at her face to face, it all came flooding back. Of course, this also reminded me that Shiva had absolutely no clue who her mother was, since I'd been sworn to silence about that too, so this is going to be one hell of a firestorm here if she starts digging.


Yep. As you may have already guessed, this was one of the other “big twists” of the game that you needed to follow Shiva’s “sub-route” to find out.

Ten years before the start of the game, Shatoyarn had an affair with Emperor Gerard Transbaal and gave birth to Shiva. This why Shiva “qualifies” for performing the unsealing ritual; being Shatoyarn’s daughter by blood, she’s got the same “administrative privileges” over the White Moon as her.

Once again, no plot twist escapes Howie’s nose.

Everyone jumped when I shouted, including Shiva as I continued, "Ok, ok, I knew I'd heard your name somewhere before! I never forget a face! This was where you ended up!? Damn it, damn it, damn it…" I turned and started to walk away cursing as everyone just looked at me in shock before Shiva said, "Howard, have you met Lady Shatoyarn before?" I honestly couldn't help but laugh at the question.

"Oh yeah, we've met before. Though, as I remember, you weren't nearly as covered in decoration last time I saw you." This caused Lady Shatoyarn to blush a bright red as everyone noticed, causing Milfeulle to look at me strangely. "Howard, what do you mean by that?"

I took a deep breath and sighed as I said, "That is between me and her. She knows very well what I'm referring to. What I will say though, is that I'm not referring to anything distasteful. Back then, she wasn't the Holy Mother of the White Moon is what I meant."

“Shiva? Yeah, I found out she’s a girl right from the go after I smelled her cunt from a mile away. And I also knew Shatoyarn was her mother when I found her sitting on the imperial throne, if you get my drift!”

I wonder if Guardian Hawk genuinely thinks this juvenile crap makes his self-insert look cooler instead of a massive creep.

They stared at me for another couple of seconds before Prince Shiva broke the silence. "Lady Shatoyarn! It's good to see you again!" Lady Shatoyarn turned and smiled at the young prince as she replied, "Prince Shiva…I'm so glad you were able to come back."

As the two were talking, Tact muttered, "What's with Prince Shiva? This is a big deal for us, but he's the one who can't control himself." I rolled my eyes as Milfeulle giggled a bit and commented, "He looks like a kid being reunited with his mother." Oh, how little did she know how right she was.

He’s like a neckbeard who thinks himself clever because he’s already seen a movie that his classmates did not.

Lady Shatoyarn then turned to us and said, "All of the Angel wing, Commander Mayers, and, of course, the Demon of the West. For protecting Prince Shiva up until now, I offer my sincere gratitude."

Tact tried to play it off and place the credit with myself and the Angel wing, though, I don't think Lady Shatoyarn was any less grateful, regardless of who the credit was owed to. I chose to remain silent as I stood by Milfeulle while the angel wing vouched for Tact in their own way.

When Forte brought up the fact that the reunion wasn't without its strings, Lady Shatoyarn's expression dipped as she said, "…I had a feeling it would not be. The fight against Eonia is not over yet?" Prince Shiva nodded as she said, "Correct. We have returned here seeking a way to defeat Eonia's forces." Tact added, "By chance, we learned an important secret related to the White Moon. We would like to ask you about it." I felt my blood begin to heat up at the mention of that. A mixed feeling of anger and anxiousness ran through my muscles as Lady Shatoyarn said, "…I understand. Let us go inside and speak of it then."

As we all followed Lady Shatoyarn into another audience chamber, I grabbed Milfeulle's hand and held it behind her back, causing her to yelp a bit before I whispered, "Sorry, but something tells me I'm not going to like what she has to say and I'd like to…well…" She smiled and whispered, "It's alright, I understand." Squeezing my hand, I smirked a bit, happy with the thought that I had her there to support me through what I'm sure was going to be a…rough revelation.

Can kill people with minimal effort and has self-control issues. The perfect qualities for a stable relationship.

When the doors closed behind us, Tact began, "…From the data we found in the Elsior and Emblem Frames, we understand that there's a weapon for the Elsior here. We need that weapon to be able to beat the Black Moon. Does anything come to mind?" Moment of truth.

Lady Shatoyarn glumly said, "Is that so? The hidden power of the Elsior and Emblem Frames…"

Mint added, "That weapon appears to be in an arms factory in the central portion of the White Moon. However, does the White Moon truly have a place like that?"

Milfeulle continued to hold my hand behind her back as she also added, "And could you please tell us the secret about the Emblem Frame's hidden power, if that's okay."

Shatoyarn just stood there in silence. I knew that look on her face all too well.

Tact then said, "Please, Lady Shatoyarn."

She took a deep breath and said, "…I understand. I suppose you have the right to know the truth."

Tact, as well as the rest of the Angel wing were in shock as she told us everything. The anger I felt began to come to a boil as she asked us to follow her to that part of the White Moon. As we caught sight of the Elsior and the Emblem Frames, my arm began to shake in anger, though, I did my best not to squeeze Milfeulle's hand so as not to break it. She felt my arm shaking however and saw I was beginning to get mad.

Lady Shatoyarn told us everything about the history of the White Moon, as well as its true purpose. Milfeulle whispered to me, asking me if I was alright since she could feel my arm shaking. However, all I could do was slowly shake my head. I let go of her hand after Lady Shatoyarn had finished her explanation and took a step towards her. Milfeulle tried to hold me back, but her arms slid off of me as I continued to walk forward towards her, drawing everyone's attention as I let loose my anger.

I apologize for interrupting Howie’s most riveting bitchfit, but this requires elaboration. The reveal here is that the White Moon is a weapons factory, much like the Black Moon. They’re not opposites but a pair. They do not have the same capabilities, though. The White Moon cannot mass produce automated ships and does not have a planet-busting laser beam, but it has the girls’ Emblem Frames and the Elsior.

"So, tell me then, Shatoyarn, how many people had to die before you figured that we could have used that weapon and this factory to put an end to this nonsense?"

Everyone looked at me in shock as Lady Shatoyarn looked at me in fear, knowing what was about to happen as she began to back up and say, "I truly hoped we wouldn't have to use the moon like this…"

That didn't satisfy me as I continued, "How many people, Shatoyarn? A million? 10? A billion? HOW MANY PEOPLE HAD TO DIE BEFORE YOU GOT PAST YOUR ARROGANT IDEALS TO LET US USE THIS THING FOR WHAT IT WAS DESIGNED FOR?!"

Have you ever read something so wrong, so stupid you don’t know where to start pointing out how wrong and stupid it is?

The girls’ Emblem Frames are powerful. Like, really powerful. A single one of them at 100% output can take a whole fleet by itself and I’m not making this up, it does happen in the game. Similarly, the main weapon that is missing from the Elsior is a cannon so powerful that can blow up a moon. Again, this does happen.

The people from Transbaal that Shatoyarn invited into the White Moon hundreds of years ago took a look at the weapons section and decided that shit was overkill. They removed the cannon from the Elsior, put limiters on the Emblem Frames and sealed that section of the White Moon because they knew going around with all that stuff in times of peace was the equivalent of police officers carrying grenade launchers instead of handguns and driving around fucking tanks.

Funnily enough, the fact Howie thinks that was the wrong approach shows he has a lot in common with Eonia, who was exiled for craving the Lost Technology and who has no qualms about using it to crush anybody who stands in his way.

"Howard! That's enough!"

Prince Shiva's voice rang out, forcing me to stop in my tracks. Lady Shatoyarn was in tears as I glared at her, my arm still shaking and lightly pulsating faint blue as I tried my best to restrain myself from knocking the tar out of her. I growled at her before I turned and walked back over to Prince Shiva, who was glaring at me, clearly upset at how I had addressed her. I took a breath and stood behind her as Lady Shatoyarn apologized for hiding all of that from us and informed us that she would have the Chrono Break Canon, the weapon for the Elsior, installed back onto the ship. As well as removing the limiters that were on the Emblem Frames to allow the Angel wing to have their wings in the coming battle with Eonia.

Aaaand of course nobody dares to contradict or refute Howie. Shiva glares at him, not because he’s a retard spouting retarded stuff, but because he yelled at Shatoyarn, the clear message being that he’s right.

As she asked us to get some rest to prepare for the coming battle, Shiva stepped forward and said, "Lady Shatoyarn. May I please have a moment?" She turned to her and said, "What is it?" Shiva continued, "I have something I want to ask you. About myself…" Oh hell, that's not good. "And…will you allow Tact Mayers to join us?" I glared at him, suspicious of how he had figured out her secret as I said, "Your majesty, with your permission, I would like to request to be present as well. The reason is….well, I can explain later."

I don’t get it. What’s the freaking point of dragging Tact into this when there has been zero development between Shiva and him?

She looked at me and nodded as Lady Shatoyarn said, "Commander Mayers?" "Yes. What I want to ask you…I think he has the right to know too." Part of me was dreading what she was planning. If it was what I think it was, then I'm going to be in for a serious earful here shortly as Lady Shatoyarn said, "…I understand. Let us find a more suitable place. Come with me." As the three of them began to walk towards the door, I walked over to Milfeulle and said, "I'm sorry for that outburst. I couldn't control the anger I was feeling because of that. Can we talk later?" She smiled and said, "Of course. Though, you might want to hurry, they're leaving you behind." I smiled and poked her nose, causing her to giggle as I turned and caught back up with the three making their way out.

I have this feeling Milfeulle is gonna fall down plenty of stairs during their relationship.

Upon entering another audience chamber, I leaned against one of the columns lining the room as Lady Shatoyarn closed the door and said, "Nobody will hear us if we speak here. Let us continue our conversation."

Prince Shiva took a breath and said, "Lady Shatoyarn…I'd like to ask you the truth surrounding my birth." Lady Shatoyarn's expression dipped as she looked at Tact, who also confirmed his curiosity. She then turned to look at me as I silently nodded my head, signaling her to go ahead and say it.


Prince Shiva looked at me in shock, wondering why she looked at me before she said, "I will tell you everything, however, the truth is not pleasant. You may regret coming to know it…Is that agreeable with you?"

I groaned lightly as Shiva said, "Yes. No matter how painful it may be, I shall not look away." That wasn't what I was worried about. Lady Shatoyarn commented, "…You truly have become stronger." With that, she told her everything.

Once she finished explaining that Shiva was qualified to become the next Holy Mother of the White Moon, Shiva asked why that was. Lady Shatoyarn began, "Shiva…is qualified to be the Holy Mother of the White Moon because…she inherited the qualifications from me." Both Tact and Shiva were shocked as they asked, "What do you mean by that?" That was when I spoke up.

"She means that she's your mother, Shiva."

Leaning against a column, most likely with both arms folded over his chest, and interjecting important information into somebody else’s conversation. Guardian Hawk is trying so hard to make his self-insert look cool it’s almost cute.

The three of them looked at me in shock as I looked over at them. Shiva was in complete shock, as was Tact as Lady Shatoyarn looked back to them and said, "It is true. You're the child born to King Gerard and myself. 11 years ago, King Gerard and I fancied each other. I spent a night with his majesty, however, before I could leave, the Demon of the West had found me with his majesty in his chambers. Then you were born."

Shiva stammered, "N-no…How could…"

Tact then said, "I can't believe that King Gerard had a relationship with the Holy Mother of the Moon…No wonder nobody knew who your mother was. There's no way they could announce that…"

After Lady Shatoyarn said that she was sorry. Shiva looked over at me. Here we go.

"You knew? You knew this whole time!?"

I took a deep breath and walked over to the trio as I said, "Yes. Your father and Shatoyarn were both quite…surprised when I discovered them in his chambers."

No shit, you fucking autistic cretin. Had you had an ounce of social skills you would have realized the Emperor was having an intimate moment thanks to your super senses, turned around and go away without even glancing.

Shatoyarn looked down as I continued, "He swore me to secrecy because he was worried about what the people would think of him if word got out that he had a fling with a priestess of the White moon. Naturally, I laughed, and told him to relax. I gave him my word and escorted Lady Shatoyarn here to a private shuttle so she could depart. Where she went, I didn't know, but we received word that she was pregnant shortly afterwards. At first, there were a lot of calls to terminate the pregnancy from others who knew, however, I convinced your father to leave her be and to carry the child if she so chose too. That was when the decision to conceal your gender and who your mother was came to be, and even in death, I still wished to respect my old friend's request. However, since you brought it up, and somehow found your way back to her, there is no more avoiding the subject."

You’re probably tired of reading the same three words over and over again, but—FUCK ME—I have to say it. In the game, Shatoyarn was the one who wanted to give birth to Shiva while everybody else opposed. Here, of course, Howie is the one who came to her rescue because HE HAS TO HAVE HIS FUCKING FURRY DICK INSERTED IN ABSOLUTELY EVERY SINGLE FUCKING EVENT IN THE WHOLE FUCKING GALAXY.

As I stood in front of Shiva, I could see tears welling in her eyes. I'm pretty sure I knew exactly what she was feeling. To find out someone you trusted with your life had been lying to you for years hit deep. The next thing I knew, she rushed forward and started hitting my armor as she cried, "Why didn't you tell me the truth? Why did you lie to me for all these years!? Why!? Why!?" After tiring herself out, she simply cried. She then said, "I endured for so long. I couldn't know my mother's face, and I was kept from my father. I thought everyone had forgotten about me. Then this revolt happened. I resigned myself to hiding that I was a woman, and decided I'd live my life as King. But…I don't know anything anymore! I was born from my father's flirtations! Nobody actually wanted me! I…What am I supposed to do…? Why was I born…" That hurt to hear. However, before I could say anything…

"No…No, Shiva. You were never unwanted!"

Lady Shatoyarn spoke up, catching me off-guard. Granted, at this point, I had no right to be angry with her about this, since I was just as guilty of concealing the truth as she was. Shiva looked at her in surprise as she continued, "When I learned that I was pregnant, everybody who knew opposed the birth." I growled a bit as she quickly added, "My apologies, everyone except the Demon." I huffed as she continued, "But…I wanted to have you at any cost. I persisted in my selfish desire…The small life in me…I wanted to bring you into this world. Even though almost everybody else opposed it, I wanted to have you. That is the truth, Shiva…

Lovely. Fucking lovely. Shatoyarn here is opening her heart, letting out all those feelings she had no choice to keep sealed for over ten years and this MOTHERFUCKER still feels the need to interrupt her to make sures he clarifies he was speshul and did not oppose the birth.

Shiva was beyond words as she just kept going. "But…I hurt you after all…I will not ask for your forgiveness…This was my own selfish desire…" I sighed a bit as I added, "As I have told you many times before, Shiva. You're the closest thing I have to a daughter. I won't apologize for hiding the truth about this because I was honoring the request from a very dear friend of mine that was your father. If you wish to dismiss me from your service, I do understand."

Both Tact and Shiva were silent for a few moments, as I looked at Shatoyarn, who gave me a sympathetic smile, knowing that this was just as hard for me as it was for her.

Before the start of this chapter you didn’t even remember who Shatoyarn was, much less that she was Shiva’s actual mother, but this is somehow as hard for you as it is for the woman who had to raise a child while keeping the fact she was her daughter hidden for over ten years.

Shiva then finally spoke up. "…No…It's…I'm okay now. The person I've wanted my entire life…The person who gave birth to me…She's right here. With that alone, I…I'm glad to have been given life…That's how I sincerely feel. Thank you very much. …Mother…!"

Both, myself and Lady Shatoyarn looked at her in shock and surprise as Shatoyarn said, "You…called me mother…" Shiva then leapt into her embrace, calling her mother again as I smiled and decided to give them some privacy. Part of me was envious because I have no memory of my mother.

Uh-huh. I would give a fuck if it wasn’t for the fact, one, this is the second time you’ve thought about your parents in the whole damn story and, two, you didn’t spent more time worrying about your outfit which in turn was inspired by the only thing you remember from your previous life: a fucking cartoon character.

So, knowing that she finally has hers back warmed part of my heart. As I made my way towards the door, I could feel Tact's eyes on me, though, I paid no mind to it. I could hear the two begin to cry as they held each other.

There was nothing quite like watching the reunion of a mother and a daughter. This, however, was their moment, so I chose to exclude myself from it.

I thought you accompained them because you were suspiscious of Tact? And you’re leaving them alone now? Is it much to ask for a bit of consistency here?

Upon returning to the Elsior, I decided to look for Milfeulle to apologize to her properly for that outburst. As I made my way through the ship, I came across each of the angel wing members, each more anxious and unable to sleep than the last. I spent some time with each of them, helping put their thoughts at ease and convincing each of them to go and get some sleep before I finally came across Milfeulle in the viewing park, staring at the stars in thought.

Seems Tact has fell into a plothole somewhere. Thank God Howie is here to put the Angels at ease.

As I walked up to her, she turned towards me and said, "Ah…Howard."

I smiled and said, "So this is where you were hiding. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to be able to find you."

She looked down a bit as she said, "Yeah, I couldn't sleep for some reason…"

I chuckled as I stood next to her and said, "You're anxious about tomorrow. Perfectly understandable. Usually, the night before a fight that may end them all usually gives anyone the jitters. I've been getting the same thing from the rest of the angel wing before I calmed them down and got them to bed."

She commented, "Yeah…I guess…Tomorrow…Finally."

I smiled and said, "Yeah, everything comes down to tomorrow. I can assure you that no matter what, this Coup, this war, is ending tomorrow."

She looked at me and said, "Do you think that we can win?"

I chuckled as I said, "Well, considering we've got your luck, I think it's the safe bet to go with. Besides, they have yet to be able to stop me. Not to mention with you on our side, I don't have a worry in the galaxy."

She looked at me in confusion as she asked, "Why wouldn't you worry because of that?"

I answered, "Well, I guess the best way to put it would be that you're my Angel of Luck, and I'm your Demon of Retribution. Between the two of us, we can't possibly lose."

She blushed as she said, "I'm….an angel of luck…?"

I prefer Tact’s “Goddess of Luck”. And I love how, in the game, Tact told Milfeulle he felt a mixture of courage and warm when she was with him, while Howie takes the opportunity to jerk off some more. “They have yet to be able to stop me” and “I’m your Demon of Retribution.” Fucking wanker.

I smirked as I said, "Absolutely…When I'm with you, I can't help but feel happy. That gives me the confidence and the feeling that there isn't a thing in the galaxy that can hurt me. With you at my side, no matter what happens, I think it'll turn out perfectly fine."

She turned towards me before saying, "I'm…really happy…That you said that Howard. People have been jealous of my luck, and it's caused so much trouble. But you're the first one to say anything like that!"

I smiled and said, "You've always been an angel of luck to me."

She was blushing profusely at this point as she stammered, "Howard…I…"

Before I knew it, I was knocked back a bit as she leapt forward and hugged me. She looked up at me while I looked down into her beautiful cerulean eyes as she said, "Tomorrow, I'm going to do my absolute best. For the man…no…for the Demon that I love…For you."

I couldn't help but smile as I rubbed my nose with hers lightly before saying, "Knowing that, that's all I'll need to be able to win tomorrow."

She smiled and said, "Yes, we'll definitely win. Please believe in me."

I chuckled as I said, "Of course I will. The angel of luck is telling me too."

She merely giggled before saying, "Hey, Howard?"

I tilted my head a bit as I said, "Hmm?"

She continued, "I'm thankful for my luck. I think that because of it, I was able to meet you."

I felt a surge of joy flow through me as I said, "Words couldn't express how happy I am to have met you."

She then asked, "Can we…stay like this a little longer?"

I chuckled as I held her and said, "Of course. As long as you want, my dear Milfeulle."

As she rested her head on my chest above my armor, she said, "Thank you."

This is something I will never understand about the authors that write these kinds of stories. How can they, as writers, be satisfied when they’re basically using somebody else’s work? How can Guardian Hawk write a character that is practically the polar opposite of the original protagonist and still find himself copy-pasting the orginal’s lines? Don’t you have some measure of pride or self-respect, man?

As we held each other, I placed my hand behind her head and said, "Do you know what I'm doing tomorrow?"

She placed a hand on my armor as she said, "You'll be protecting everyone on the Elsior while the Angel wing goes after Eonia, right?"

I sighed a bit as I said, "…Not this time, I'm afraid. Prince Shiva has something else in mind for me."

She lifted her head and looked up at me as I continued, "I'll be flying a shuttle to Eonia's flagship. You girls are going to clear a path for me, and I'm to board his ship. I'm to either force him to surrender, or…" I trailed off as she looked at me with worry, placing a hand on my cheek. I nestled her hand as I finished, "…or I'm to kill him. Either way, the war ends tomorrow. Knowing I'll have you watching over me, I can't possibly lose." I grabbed her hand and kissed it, causing her to blush as I hugged her tightly.

No matter what happens tomorrow, I can truthfully say I've never been happier than I am right now.

In the game, the scene ended with Milfeulle’s “thank you” line. know the fucking drill.

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Re: Galaxy Angel Variance

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The next morning, as I walked with the Angel wing down to the Docking bay of the White Moon to their frames, we were all quiet. I was lost in my thoughts, wondering if I'll actually be able to bring myself to kill Eonia if I had too.

If only he was a nameless soldier you could rip his spine off without a second thought and maybe crack a joke about it, but alas…

Ranpha decided to speak up, "You're awful quiet this morning, Howard. You didn't seem that worried when we spoke last night." I cocked my eyebrow as I said, "It's not you I'm worried about Ranpha. I have every confidence you girls will do fantastically as you always do. I'm more worried about what will happen to Eonia." Milfeulle grabbed my hand behind her back and gave it a squeeze, letting me know that I'm not alone as Forte said, "I don't get how you could be worried about that heartless bastard. He's butchered billions of people and razed a couple of planets in his path for the throne. He doesn't deserve anyone's sympathy."

I looked at her and said, "So tell me then, if you were ordered to kill a man that you raised as a son, could you do it without so much as a second thought?"

I wonder how many of your past victims had families? How many of them were fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, etc.? And while we’re at it, how many of them you killed in genuine self-defense and how many of them you killed because they said something you didn’t like? How many of them you killed because you accidentally awakened your “bloodlust” and they happened to be caught in the “crossfire”?

Everyone's gaze shot to me as we stopped short of the Emblem Frames as Mint said, "Howard, I can't truly say I understand how you're feeling right now, but please don't forget that you're not alone. Not anymore."

Ranpha then asked, "Technically, it's not you that's going to be killing him. It'll be Tact when he orders the Chrono Break Canon to shoot him down." I shook my head at her response before I rebutted, "Then…never mind. You girls should get to your frames. Eonia's fleet will be here soon, and I don't want you getting yelled at."

“Then again, having Tact get angry at you would give me a perfect excuse to slap and threaten him, so go ahead and take your time.”

The girls nodded, and as they walked to their frames, I yelled to them, "Good Luck!" To which they smiled and thanked me. What I didn't notice was that Milfeulle was still next to me, holding my hand still. I looked at her and before I could ask, she cut me off.

"No matter what happens, promise me one thing, Howard."

I smiled as I gave her hand a squeeze and said, "Of course, just name it."

She was fighting to hold back tears as she smiled and said, "Promise you'll come back to me."

The cracking in her voice tugged at my heartstrings as I pulled her into a hug. I whispered to her, "There isn't a force in the Galaxy that could stop me from coming back to you, my dear angel."

God, this so…saccharine. Why can’t you just say “I promise”?

She sniffed a bit as she wiped a tear away, smiling at me as I motioned her towards her frame and said, "Now go get 'em Tiger." She giggled a bit and released my hand, running towards her frame, leaving me alone on the dock. I couldn't help but wonder if I had just made a promise that I couldn't keep. Well, at the very least, I'm going to give it my best shot.

My heart hopes you will die a fiery death, but my brain knows better.

I rushed back to the hanger of the Elsior as the Frames launched from the White Moon ahead of the Elsior. It didn't take me long with my demonic speed, but I could still feel my heart pounding in my ears. The sense of dread that began to flow through me was irritating to say the least.

This would have been a nice opportunity for some development. The man who’s never been afraid of an enemy suddenly experiences fear, not for himself but for his beloved fighting out there. But nope! Like everything else, these emotions are mild irritations to the ultimate badass in the whole galaxy.

Creta informed me that the shuttle I was taking was prepped and ready to go, so I thanked her and quickly ran aboard.
As I prepped the shuttles systems for take-off, my comm system chirped for my attention. I opened the channel and several displays popped up, showing the faces of Tact and the Angel wing. As I began conducting my takeoff, Tact began his briefing.

"Alright everyone, this is it. The final battle! Here's the plan. There are three missile frigates, three high speed frigates, six carriers, and the Hell Hounds all defending Eonia's Flagship. Angel Wing, you're going to engage the hell hounds, as well as keep the attention of as many of those ships as you can. Your job is going to be to punch a hole in Enoia's defenses long enough for Howard to slip through on a shuttle to board his flagship. Once he's in, you'll be cleared to engage and destroy what you can. Go for the hell hounds first because they'll pose the biggest threat…"

Ranpha cut him off, "What do you mean Howard is boarding Eonia's flagship? All we need to do is buy enough time for the Chrono Break Canon to charge, and then we'll wipe him and his fleet out."

Thank you for that last injection of common sense, Ranpha. You’re the best character in this written monstrosity.

Tact replied, "This order is from Prince Shiva. Eonia is to be given one more chance to surrender. If he doesn't surrender to Howard, then his orders will be to kill him."

Everyone gasped as I remained silent, focused on conducting my take off from the hanger. As I cleared the Hanger, Forte said, "Howard, is that what you were talking about earlier?" I looked at the girls faces, choosing to remain silent. It was bothering me enough as it was and the last thing I needed was something to distract me since they'll have their hands more than full trying to open a path for me.

That’s a quaint way of saying they’re going to risk getting overwhelmed so you can have a face-to-face chat with the guy who would undoubtedly be executed if he surrenders himself.

Mint then said, "Tact, we'll do our absolute best. Don't worry Howard, we'll make sure nothing comes near you." Everyone sounded off in agreement before Tact finished his plan. "Ok then, like I was saying, go for the hell hounds first because they'll pose the biggest threat, both to you and to Howard. Once Howard signals he's clear of the battleship, we'll fire the Chrono Break Canon and take out whatever is left of his fleet. Any questions?"

Everyone said no as I said, "Girls, I will not be waiting around if I see an opening. So, don't worry too much about me."

I won’t, champ. Because even if I didn’t know this whole scenario was a moronic excuse to put you in the spotlight because you’re the author’s self-insert in a poorly written, juvenile power fantasy, I have no reason to.

We have already seen you expertly maneuver your ship under enemy fire, against both, manned and unnamed enemy vessels, despite the fact you claim you have never left Transbaal before the start of the war. We have seen you survive the vacuum of space and even take down enemy ships with your claws alone. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s your Green Lantern bullcrap powers that can block enemy fire and move objects at a distance.

In short, suspense is not going to rise from the grave anytime soon.

Next thing I hear is Almo in the background saying, "Commander! Communication from the enemy flagship!" Guess he wanted to get one more word in before we started. Fair enough. Before Tact could say anything, I said, "Open a channel, Almo. Let's hear what he's got to say." Truthfully, I was hoping I could convince him to give up before this went too far, however, even with my and Milfeulle's luck combined, I don't think that was going to happen.

Does that mean we’re not going forward with that clusterfuck of a plan to put you inside his ship?

Eonia's face popped up on a new display in front of me as he said, "…You people on the Elsior and in the Angel Wing still continue to resist?" Tact replied, "Yeah, that's the plan. Until you and the Black moon are defeated!" Eonia coyly replied, "You should understand the power that I have here. Do you really think you can win?"

"Eonia, what was the 5th thing I taught you?"

I dunno. "Don’t tip because they’re just doing their job"?

His expression shot into surprise when I spoke up, showing that he wasn't expecting me to interject.

Somehow, despite the fact you have been interjecting in every single damn conversation so far.

"Howard…even though you're outnumbered, still you fight. Though, you do have a point. I should have remembered that after I tried to take over the Elsior. It's not too late to join me. With the Black Moon at my back, not even you could hope to come out of this victorious."

I shook my head as I said, "Funny, I was going to say the same thing to you. Though, the Black Moon isn't going to be of much help to you in this fight."

He raised an eyebrow as he said, "Oh? And why do you say that?"

"Because no matter how many ships that thing spits out to put in my way, I'm coming over there and there isn't a thing you can do to stop me."

A look of horror eclipsed his face as I closed my end of the channel.


The Emblem Frames? Pfft, big deal. The Elsior? Don’t make me laugh. Howie? Oh shit, run for your lives!

Go ahead, try to guess my three next words. I’ll wait…


In the game, this is an important scene where Eonia explains his motivation. He believes a conservative use of Lost Technology is a mistake, that they should be using it to expand the reach of the Transbaal Empire and not just maintain the borders.

He explains that, five years ago, he tried to make everybody see his point of view, but was exiled as a result. Yet, ironically enough, it was out there beyond the borders of the empire that he found the Black Moon. This fact was all the proof he needed that expansion was a necessity, that they could find even more Lost Technology out there and take the Transbaal Empire to a new golden era.

Tact recognizes it’s an admirable goal, but Eonia has no right to force those ideals on the populace. Shiva further adds Eonia is merely using his ideal as an excuse to take revenge, and the fact he can slaughter people without a second thought means he has no right to try to call himself their king.

Eonia accepts their answers and drops his two best lines in the whole game:

“Power creates the future. Power achieves dreams. Power will be called justice by history. My name is Eonia! I will show my power before Transbaal's history and carve my name into eternity!”

Guardian Hawk has deprived Eonia of all of his personality traits and reduced him to a pussy obssesed with Howie. Or, as I like to say, a medal for his self-insert to look better.

Howie supposedly raised Eonia like a son, but not only Guardian Hawk never bothered to show us any of that because he can’t write the instructions for a roll of toilet paper, all the conversations between the two of them play exactly the same.

Howie: “I’m going to be a condescending asshole and wag my finger disapprovingly while telling you you’re going against the hundreds of lessons I taught you.”

Guardian Hawk: “What are those lessons you ask? Uh…”patience” and…err…look! A shiny spearow!”

Eonia: “Howard, you were my best friend, mentor, protector, martial artist, pilot, hacker, scientist, forger, singer and totes badass in the galaxy. Join me, pretty please with sugar on top.”

Howie: “lol nope.”

Eonia: “Curses! Foiled again!”

I looked at the girls and said, "Alright girls." I cracked my knuckles as I said, "Let's get this party started!"

“I know I failed to stop Eonia ten years ago, failed to stop him after talking with him during the hijacking of the Elsior and failed horribly right now, but we should continue with this idiotic plan because I’m totes sure he’ll change his mind once I’m in front of him.”

With that, the girls shot off towards the enemy fleet, with me close behind them. As we grew closer to the enemy fleet, I could make out the Hell hounds making their approach on the angel wing. I knew that they were probably going to have their hands full with them, so it'll mainly be up to me to force my way through the extra ships.

So I guess you really never needed their help. Color me surprised.

The Angel wing broke formation and engaged each of the hell hounds as I blew past them and made my way towards Eonia's flagship. However, I did not go unnoticed. All of the Frigates and Carriers turned towards me. Of course this wouldn't be easy. The high speed frigates were the first to enter firing range and they proceeded to do so, forcing me to pull off into an evasive action. As I weaved through two of the frigates and turned towards Eonia's flagship, however, the three carriers off his port side moved into my way.

I turned to starboard to try to circle around the aft end, however, the frigates had turned and began firing in my direction. I dropped and pulled to port to get out of the line of fire, however, I wasn't fast enough and the shields took part of the attack. I was jostled a bit from the hit, but I maintained my composure and pulled up to try and slip behind the carriers and force my way to the battleship.

Unfortunately, the other three carriers had entered into weapons range and began firing their heavy weapons towards me. I knew this wouldn't be easy, but not having a means to fire back made this really annoying. I had one missile that was jury-rigged onto the shuttle so I could blow my way into the hanger, and that was it. Though, as luck would have it, I saw an opening off the starboard bow of the flagship that only had a carrier in front of it. Guess they were more hard pressed to get me than they were giving a proper defense.

Big mistake.

Like you wouldn’t say the exact same thing if they did the opposite.

I turned and slipped between two carriers and below a missile frigate as I made a B-line towards the one carrier, which was turning towards me. I knew this was going to hurt and braced myself for the hit I knew I would have to take to get to Eonia. However, as the carrier prepared to fire, a bright pink beam shot out and took out the carrier in front of me.

The Lucky Star flew past my bow, with one of the Hell hounds hot in pursuit as she drew off the other ships that were chasing me. Like the angel she is, she swooped to my rescue. I swear, when this is over I'm going to kiss her square on the mouth for that. I won't care who's watching, but that's a matter for later.

I think I just puked a bit on my mouth.

I plowed through the debris of the carrier and fired the missile I had to blow the door to the hanger bay open, allowing me to land on Eonia's flagship. It was a hasty landing, but I did my best, considering I was not going to have a lot of time before the welcoming party showed up. I leapt out of my chair and opened the door leading into the hanger. An emergency forcefield activated, sealing the hanger from space, which meant that I wouldn't be alone for long. I sprinted with my demonic speed towards the main door, however, when I reached it, it had been sealed. Guess he wasn't going to make this easy.

I took a couple of steps back and clenched my right fist, digging my claws into my hand and soaking them in blood. After a moment, I reared my hand back and swiped the air in front of me, sending several red blood blades flying into the door. The force of the impact reverberated throughout the hanger and damaged the door, but not enough for me to tear it open. So, I swung three more times, sending a flurry of blades into the door until it finally gave and was nothing more than several large chunks of detached metal on the floor. As I stepped into the passageway, however, I heard several weapons racking back. Looks like my alone time was up.

I turned towards the men, who all leveled their weapons at me, and said, "Morning gentlemen. Are we going to do this the easy way, or the hard way?" No sooner had I finished did they open fire. I ducked behind a corner as I said, "Somehow, I thought you might say that." I took a deep breath, and lunged around the corner and charged into the hail of gunfire, weaving between the energy bolts with my demonic speed and tearing through them like they were wet paper.


After roughly ten minutes of hacking my way through the ships company, I finally reached the bridge. I approached the door and, surprisingly, it opened, revealing Eonia standing and facing the windows showing the battle as it raged on in front of his ship. I slowly walked onto the bridge, the sound of my boots echoing through the deck, as he said, "Punctual as always, Howard. Some things never change."

Jesus Christ, man. Can you stop fellating him for every single fucking thing he do--

I stopped about ten feet behind him as I said, "Well, you know how I like to make an entrance." He chuckled a bit at my joke as he said, "So, I presume you're here to kill me?" I stared at him for a moment before responding, "Prince Shiva has allowed me to give you one more chance to surrender. Please Eonia. It's not too late to just end this and come home." He sighed a bit as he said, "You and I both know that's not true. After everything I've done, trying to bring a golden age to Transbaal with the Lost Technology, there is no redemption left for me." He turned and looked at me with his charismatic smile as he said, "You've always been a good friend, and my best guardian. I remember when I was a child and how you would watch over me whenever I would go out to play, or how you were there when my teachers would lecture me on one topic and another, just to have you turn around and tell me what I should really take away from it. Those were good years. I never did properly thank you for everything you did for me."

I was getting a bit worried at this point. Before I could respond, he continued, "I know that you're to kill me if I don't come quietly. And I have too much respect for you to allow you to stain your hands with my blood. I know it's too late to apologize, but…" He trailed off as he looked back out into the battle. I was beyond suspicious at this point as I asked, "Eonia, what did you do?" All he did was turn back to me, and smile.

Within seconds, I got my answer.

The ship rocked heavily, knocking the both of us off balance as several of the systems across the bridge overloaded and exploded. One of them shattered a metal plate into several jagged metal spears, flying out from the momentum of the explosion. The larger of the pieces impaled Eonia through his chest, causing me to yell out, "NOOO!" I sprinted forward and caught him as he dropped to his knees, blood rampantly flowing from the wound in his chest and his mouth. As I propped him up to try to cauterize his wound, he smiled and said, "Don't bother. I know what you're thinking. This is a fitting punishment for what I've done. I know I have no right to ask for your forgiveness. But, I do want to say that you were right. You were right about everything…" With that, his head fell limp as the last of his life drained from his body. I checked his pulse to see if he was gone, which, I was met with a lack of a pulse.


…Well, I’ll be.

In the game, Eonia dies by a shoot of the Chrono Break Cannon, genuinely wondering how could he have lost when he was going to bring a new era of prosperity to Transbaal.

Here, he dies with Howie’s dick in his mouth.

The ship rocked several more times as I silently grieved for the loss of a man that I raised like a son. After a few moments, I stood up, gently setting his body down and ran over to one of the few functional consoles on the bridge to find it locked out. The last command still locked onto the display.

He had ordered all automated ships to destroy his flagship.

So, Howie can kill hundreds of people, threaten to kill those who annoy him and generally act like a massive asshole, but executing Eonia (a literal genocider) would have made him look bad.

Now I was sitting on a time bomb. This ship could only take so much punishment from all those ships before it finally gave. So I ran over to Eonia's body and pulled it up and over my shoulder. He may have been an enemy of Transbaal, but I won't stoop down and throw away my values because of it. He didn't deserve to be sent off like this, no matter what he had done. With that, I sprinted off the bridge and into the corridor as several more explosions rang out across the ship.

Ah, but Sigurd Sidmeyer did deserve to die a fiery death in space, eh?

As I made my way through the first corridor, Tact came over my comlink that I had in my ear and said, "Howard, what's your status? The automated fleet just began firing on Eonia's Flagship."

I quickly responded, "Eonia was killed in the initial bombardment. I'm making my way to the hanger now. If you don't hear from me in five minutes, fire the Chrono Break Canon and wipe out this fleet."

Tact began to object, "But…"

I cut him off swiftly as I said, "That's an order."

Sometimes I wonder about Guardian Hawk’s thought process behind the creation of his self-insert. I mean, it obviously started with “I wish I was as cool as Inuyasha’s dad” and went from there, but the whole thing reminds me of a little kid piling blocks. He just keeps adding and adding and adding without giving a shit that his tower of blocks is wobbling like jelly and will fall at the slightest push. Howie is that tower of blocks and only needs the slightest push of common sense to fall, starting with a single question: why the fuck is the royal bodyguard allowed to give orders to high ranked army officers?

With that, I closed the comlink and continued to hurry through the corridors as the ship began to fall apart around me. After several re-routes and detours later, I finally reached the hanger, where the shuttle I came in on had been hit with some debris, but it was still spaceworthy. So I quickly hurried over to it and ran aboard, slamming the console on the bulkhead to seal the door behind me. I set Eonia's body down across a few of the seats and ran to the pilot's chair. I had been keeping count since I closed the comlink with Tact and I had about a minute left before he was to fire. So, I fired up the shuttles engines and began to take off.

A few more explosions rang out, causing the shuttle to rock a bit while I was taking off, but nothing too damaging. Within seconds, I flew out of the hanger and began to weave my way through the heavy crossfire coming from all the automated ships. It didn't take me long to clear them as they were locked in on destroying that flagship. No sooner had I cleared them, a bright and powerful energy blast shot across my stern, lighting up my proximity alarms and engulfing the automated fleet, as well as Eonia's flagship. I guess Tact actually listened to me for a change. I pulled to the port to get a view of the blast firsthand, and to see that much power coming from the Elsior sent a chill down my spine. No damn wonder they locked that thing away.

Oh, really?
That didn't satisfy me as I continued, "How many people, Shatoyarn? A million? 10? A billion? HOW MANY PEOPLE HAD TO DIE BEFORE YOU GOT PAST YOUR ARROGANT IDEALS TO LET US USE THIS THING FOR WHAT IT WAS DESIGNED FOR?!"
And here I was thinking it was all the fault of Shatoyarn and her “arrogant ideals”.

As the blast faded away, revealing nothing left from the automated fleet, my comm system lit up like a firework with several hails from the angel wing and the Elsior. Guess they wanted to know if I made it out alright. I accelerated the ship to full speed towards the Elsior as I opened the channels, causing several displays to pop up in front of my with everyone's faces on them as they all sighed in relief when they saw me.

Milfeulle was the first to speak. "Howard! Thank goodness. I was worried that you didn't make it off Eonia's flagship in time."
Ranpha came on next, "Yeah, what's the big idea with telling Tact to fire the Chrono Break Canon if he didn't hear from you? Where you trying to get yourself killed and scare us half to death? Idiot."

Mint followed suit, "Now, now Ranpha, we should be happy that he managed to get out in time. How did your mission go?" As she asked that question, my expression dipped, forcing me to remain silent as Forte said, "I think we all already know how it went. Bottom line, that's it. The war is finally over and we can go back to living in peace again."

The Angel wing formed up behind me as I drew closer to the Elsior with Milfeulle off my port bow. I couldn't begin to put how I was feeling into words. I had just watched a man I practically considered a son die in front of my eyes, and there wasn't a thing I could do to stop it. All the power I could ever want at my fingertips, and yet death still held absolute domain over me.
Truthfully, I was hoping I could convince him to give up before this went too far, however, even with my and Milfeulle's luck combined, I don't think that was going to happen.
"Eonia, what was the 5th thing I taught you?"
I shook my head as I said, "Funny, I was going to say the same thing to you. Though, the Black Moon isn't going to be of much help to you in this fight."
"Because no matter how many ships that thing spits out to put in my way, I'm coming over there and there isn't a thing you can do to stop me."
A negative predisposition, a condescending question, a boast and a threat, followed by an horrified Eonia suddenly cutting the communication. That was your last attempt at “convincing” Eonia to stop before boarding his ship. But yeah, sure, it’s all because of fate and death and midichlorians and shit. Nothing is ever your fault. Just like when you had the intel about the existence of the Black Moon and didn’t do a damn thing.

As I silently continued on course to dock in the hanger, several of my proximity alarms went off. I looked at my radar and five enemy ships were coming at us from behind. It was the hell hounds, but when I pulled up a visual on them, they were…different.

They had their own wings.

Before I could ask what was going on, Tact opened a channel with us and said, "Angel Wing, I'm not sure how, but the Hell hounds are coming back onto the field, and they have wings on their frames as well. Howard, continue on course to dock with the Elsior as quickly as possible. Angel wing, you're to engage the Hell Hounds."

As the angel wing began to voice each of their concerns over what they were feeling, I could feel it as well. Most likely due to my demonic aura, however, I knew what the angels were telling Tact. Those pilots couldn't be considered human anymore. Whether they were dead, or something worse, I wasn't sure. What I was sure of, however, was that they no longer had any control over their actions. The angel wing broke off and turned to engage them as I made my final approach and landed in the hanger of the Elsior.

Once I shut the shuttles engines down, I walked over and picked up Eonia's body and carried it off the shuttle. As I exited the shuttle and the hanger staff were getting ready to conduct any necessary repairs, every single one of them, including Creta, stopped in shock as they saw me carrying Eonia's lifeless body through the hanger. None of them said a word, probably because they saw the look on my face and knew I wouldn't take it kindly, as I left the hanger and proceeded to the medical bay.

“The monster is finally dead…good.”

Howard froze in his tracks. He sharply turned around, his heightened sense of hearing allowing him to discern the person who made that comment among all the presents almost immediately. It was a young redheaded girl with emerald green eyes and wearing a mechanic uniform.

The girl stood firm, with her right hand on her hip, even as Howard glared, bared his teeth and asked, “What did you just say?” She glared right back and replied, “I said, it’s good that monster,” she tilted her head towards Eonia’s body with disdain. “Is finally dead.”

Howard stomped forward, stopping right in front of her and growled, “I raised this man since he was a child. He was like a son to me and I will not tolerate you speaking ill of him!”

The girl looked at Howard in the eyes and, without warning, spit him right in the face, hitting him on the forehead. Even with his superhuman reflexes, the rebelious gesture took him by surprise and he stumped backwards a step. “That monster killed my cousin, her husband and her child living in Rhome,” she hissed. “If there is a hell I hope he burns there until the stars fade.”

Howard shook his head, with his hands occupied holding Eonia’s body, the drool was free to trail down between his eyes. He snarled, “You better take that back and apologize or I swear I will--”

“You will what,” The girl interjected coldly. “Smash my head against the wall? Rip my body to pieces?” She scoffed. “No wonder Eonia was a monster when he was raised by a pathetic bully who needs to constantly threaten, belittle and humillate others to feel superior.”

Howard’s temper flared and his eyes flashed red for a second. “If I didn’t have my hands occupied…”

The girl rolled her eyes exaggeratedly. “You would kill me and dump my body into the thrash bin—yeah, yeah, yeah…” She shook her head. “Didn’t anybody ever told you going around threatening everybody does not make you look tough but like a complete tool, Howard?”

Howard’s eyes widened in shock. “You take that back! I did not gave you permission to use my name!”

“Oh my goodness.” The girl put a hand over her mouth. “I thought Almo was joking, but you really are serious with the whole name thing!” Her comment elicited a few giggles among her crewmates. “You know everybody on this ship calls you Howie when you’re not around, don’t you? And that we all think that whole “demon” thing is the dumbest thing in the galaxy?” More giggles could be heard, and even a couple of laughs.

“Shut up!” Howard’s chest heaved. “I can kill you all in the blink of an eye!”

The girl sighed. “Don’t you ever get tired of being a one trick pony?”

Howard’s face reddened. He turned to Creta and barked, “You better take care of this and punish her! Punish them all!”

Creta looked at the girl, then at the rest of the maintenance crew. She shook her head, folded her arms and said, “Unfortunately, I don’t take direct orders from a bodyguard.”

Howard’s rage filled expression faltered. He looked around him to see the members of the maintenance crew looking at him without an ounce of fear and doubt in their faces. “I will…” He gulped. “I will take this to Prince Shiva himself!”

“Go ahead,” Creta said firmly. “The crew of the Elsior is more than ready to present a formal complaint against you.”

Howard gritted his teeth but said nothing. After throwing one last glare at the redheaded girl, he sharply turned around and stomped towards the Medical Bay.

Once I had Eonia's body placed into the cryo-storage chamber to keep his body from beginning decomposition, I quickly set my feelings aside and ran to the bridge. Upon entering the bridge, the battle between the hell hounds and the angel wing was almost complete as Tact looked at me and said, "Howard, if there's…"

I cut him off quickly and coldly, "Nothing you can do. What's the status of the battle with the hell hounds?"

He hesitated for a minute before responding, "They're just finishing up. All we have left to do is to clear a path through the attack satellites so we can get into position to fire the Chrono Break Canon at the Black Moon."

The Hell Hounds kept fighting despite the death of Eonia, their ships somehow having gained their own wings while the pilots turned into some kind of undeads or worse, but who cares, Howie’s brooding was far more important than that.

I nodded as I looked at the tactical display showing the field of battle as the last hell hound disappeared off the radar and the angel wing pressed forward towards the attack satellites.

As the Elsior moved forward, Almo called out, "1000 kilometers until we're in range. Estimated time until we're in range, 5 minutes. Chrono Break Canon at 67% charge. Time until full charge is 3 minutes." Continuing forward, I heard the faint whisper from my subconscious. 'The Black moon isn't done, be ready.' As I watched the Black moon slowly pull the White moon from its orbit, I couldn't help but wonder what that thing could possibly do in this position. Within a minute, however, as the line of attack satellites began to thin out, I got my answer.

"Energy spike from the Black Moon! It's firing at us!"

Immediately, I leapt over the railing in front of me and erected a barrier around the Elsior with a couple of seconds to spare. As soon as the energy blast from the Black moon hit my barrier, I could feel the heat from the shot transfer from the barrier into my arms. I gritted my teeth in pain, trying not to scream at how much this seriously hurt before the energy blast subsided. I dropped my hands, lowering the barrier as saw that I had suffered several 2nd degree burns stopping that blast. However, my reprieve didn't last long.

"Another energy blast incoming!"

I shot another barrier up around the ship, and again, stopped the blast. This time however hurt worse than last time and I screamed in agony while struggling to maintain the barrier. I couldn't afford to drop it. That same energy blast took out a chunk of Rhome, I shuddered to think of what it would do to the Elsior if it hit us. As the beam subsided, I dropped to my knees, arms shaking at how badly they hurt. I was also feeling my anger begin to slip. I could hear Tact and Lester's voice, but they were faint, like they were yelling at me from a distance. My heartbeat slowed as I made a choice that would either save us, or doom us.

I let go.

Another energy blast came towards us, and I stood up and erected another barrier. As I felt the pain flow into my arms, I roared out, letting my demon blood take control. This time was different though, I was seeing everything that was happening, but I didn't feel like I had any control. I saw my arms and as I fought to keep the barrier erected, I saw the burns struggling to spread up my arms. My skin was burning and healing almost instantaneously as my rage held the barrier in place, allowing the Elsior to push forward.

I stopped two more blasts before my rage faded and I regained control, however, as I stopped the next blast, the pain was getting to the point of becoming unbearable as the burns began to spread again up my arms and onto my chest. As the energy beam subsided, I yelled out, "How much further? I can't keep this up!" Almo responded, "Almost there, 15 more seconds." No sooner did she say that, did another energy blast come in. I shot up another barrier and stopped it, but it didn't last long. I couldn't hold it up any more as the burns spread across my body, causing my legs to give out and drop to the ground and allowing the energy blast to hit the Elsior. I felt the ship shake and I heard several damage reports getting called out, though, the fact we were still there meant I managed to stop most of the destructive power from wiping us out. However, I had reached my breaking point.

As my arms were shaking and I could visibly see the smoke coming from my body, I saw the Lucky Star fly above the Elsior, sending out feathers as her wings flapped which looked beautiful. I would have enjoyed the sight more if it wasn't for the agonizing pain I was in. That, however, was the last thing I remember seeing before I finally passed out.


This is the last time, I promise. Do you remember the little girl Howie met on chapter eleven, Noah?


As I mentioned back then, she’s an ally of Eonia who refers to him as “big brother”, but there’s more than that. Noah is the one who control the functions of the Black Moon. She gave the Hell Hounds Emblem Frames after analyzing the girls’. And the strange EMP wave that disabled the heroes’ ships on chapter twelve? That was her. She behaves in a cute and childish manner, but also displaying knowledge and cruelty far beyond her apparent age.

Going on, in the game, after the heroes repel the initial attack, Noa offers the Hell Hounds more power and they eagerly accept. She answers by taking control of their ships and “merging” them with the machinery. This empowers their ships, giving them wings, and effectively “kills” the pilots. After the Angels defeat them, the Elsior fires the Chrono Break Cannon and Eonia dies.

End of the story, right? Nope. The Black Moon is still functioning and releasing even stronger ships. Turns out Noah, whom the game made you believe she could control the Black Moon just like Shatoyarn with the White Moon, is merely a puppet and the Black Moon itself is a sentient AI.

I have to admit I was slightly surprised Guardian Hawk did not do anything with this revelation considering his attempts at making Eonia look sympathetic and that the Black Moon basically admitted manipulating Eonia for its own goals.

Speaking about goals, the Black Moon wishes to merge with the White Moon in order to become the ultimate weapon in the galaxy. Now Tact and the Angels have to get the Elsior in position to blast the Black Moon with the Chrono Break Cannon before it manages to absorb the White Moon. Things get complicated when the Elsior gets attacked by the Black Moon’s defense satellites. Depending on which girl you are paired with, you get to see them saving the Elsior. Mint, Ranpha and Forte destroy the satellites and clear the way, Vanilla fully repairs the damaged Elsior and Milfeulle reactivates the damaged systems and fully charges the Chrono Break Cannon.

It’s one of the best moments in the game, complete with cutscenes, but since Guardian Hawk’s self-insert already did his part, he goes the Eragon route and just has Howie pass out instead of bothering with anything else or writing a proper scene transition. I also find it laughable how Howie keeps using his RAGE to fuel his powers in a sequence were the power of love and care was what allowed the girls to succeed.

When I woke up, I found myself in the medical bay. I moved to sit up and found myself in a hospital gown. I was covered in bandages from the neck down, but I wasn't in any pain. That didn't make any sense since the last thing I remember was nothing but pain from stopping all those blasts from the Black Moon. I began to undo the bandages on my arms to find my arms had fully healed. I had to have been out for at least a day to have allowed them to fully heal. As I began to undo more bandages, Dr. Cera came in and saw what I was doing.

She was not happy to say the least.

"Stop! Demon, what are you doing? Do you have any clue how long it took to treat all your injuries!?"

As I let the bandages fall to the ground, she noticed that my wounds were gone. I began to undo the bandages around my chest as I calmly replied, "As I've said on quite a few occasions before, Doctor, I heal a lot faster than humans do."

Good to know your regeneration and Green Lantern powers have the same level of bullshit and therefore perfectly complement each other.

The burns on my chest had also healed completely before I asked, "How long was I out?" She walked over to me and said, "A little under a day." Judging from the fact we were still here, I assumed that Tact managed to get the Elsior into range to fire the Chrono Break Canon and we were finally at peace.

After removing the last of the bandages, and a thorough examination, Dr. Cera finally gave me the ok to leave. Not before I got a visit from Tact, though.

"Well, look who finally decided to wake up. Have any good dreams there, Howard?"

I looked at him and chuckled as I said, "Not that I can remember. Speaking of not remembering, what happened after that last hit before I passed out?"

He walked over to me as I was getting dressed and said, "Milfie used all of her luck through the Lucky Star and saved us from getting picked off. We managed to destroy the Black Moon, but it didn't come without its cost. Milfie can't fly the Lucky Star anymore. We had to tow her back into the hanger of the White moon. The angel wing all moved back onto the White Moon and Prince Shiva has been making preparations to ascend the throne here later today."

As I moved to put my armor back on, I found it in pieces in a bin by the bed as Tact said, "Oh, yeah, that. So, your armor had been superheated by the energy transfer from your barrier, so we had no choice but to cut it off of you in order to treat your injuries. Prince Shiva gave his approval before we did, just so you're aware." I sighed as I picked up a piece of what was my pauldron before tossing it back into the bin and said, "Where is Prince Shiva?"

Tact smiled and said, "He's on the White moon, and I'm pretty sure he'll want to see you back on your feet."

“By the way, did you heard the part where I said Milfeulle cannot pilot her ship anymore?”

*6 months later*

So, 6 months have passed and things have slowly but steadily recovered from that whole mess we went through with the Black Moon.

Millions of people died and a whole damn planet was most likely rendered inhabitable, but yeah, it was quite a “mess” alright.

And numbers below 10 are written with letters, you dumb fuck.

So, quick update on a couple of things before we get to current events. Within a couple of weeks, Shiva ascended the throne and announced her true gender to everyone, which was welcomed by an overwhelming majority of the population.

Fun fact: the ending of the game changes depending on wheter you find out Shiva is a girl or not. If you do, Shiva abdicates the throne and Transbaal becomes a republic with Luft as its first president.

I still worked as her personal guardian because…well…like I need to explain that one. After Shiva ascended the throne, I held a private funeral with myself, Milfeulle and Empress Shiva for Eonia. At first, Shiva wasn't enthusiastic about the idea, but after a bit of convincing, she agreed to it in the end. Milfeulle didn't hold any ill will towards Eonia, she was mainly there for me since she could feel how much it hurt me to have to do this.

I like Eonia. Out of all villains in the franchise he’s my favorite. With his solid motivation, ambiguous past and motley crew he’s got a great potential for storytelling. And even after all he did, between his interactions with Sherry and the whole Black Moon revelation, you can get to feel some sympathy for him.

But here? I loathe him. He’s constantly sucking up to Howie and even his suicide was something he did more out of obssession with him than regret for all the people he killed.

So, next up was the matter of my armor.

Right. Your armor. Not Ranpha, Forte, Mint, Vanilla, Tact, Lester, Luft, Shatoyarn or the entire damn crew of the Elsior. Nope. None of them are as important as this fucking piece of your fucking cosplay.

Empress Shiva and I paid a visit to the forge of Master Blacksmith Joseph Yoshinaka. He was quite surprised to see the two of us suddenly walk into his forge unannounced, but his apprentice, Heskel, remembered me and welcomed me back. Once I explained my case with Master Yoshinaka, he was excited beyond words to craft me a new set of armor. I filled him in on how I wanted it to look and Shiva told him to spare no expense. The order took about two weeks to complete, but when it was done, it looked even more gorgeous than my previous set did. Granted, it looked identical to my previous set, but between the materials used as well as the techniques employed in its forging, this set was definitely going to last much longer than my last set did.

Thanks, man. I really needed to know that.

Last, but most certainly not least was my relationship with Milfeulle. We began dating shortly after the end of the battle, and despite how I kept getting dragged away by my duties, I always did my best to slip a little time in at every chance to either go see her, or to contact her just to hear her voice. But, I was left in shock when I found out she put in to resign from the Angel wing because she couldn't fly the Lucky Star anymore. I pleaded with her to stay with me at the palace, but she didn't want to impose. She did ask me to come see her off at the spaceport and once she settled into her new place that she would let me know where it was so I could come and see her more often.

Which brings us to now.

The reason Milfeulle could pilot her ship was thanks to her “supernatural luck”, but since she “spent” that luck saving the Elsior during the final battle, she cannot pilot her Emblem Frame anymore.

Here, she cannot because “reasons”.

I was pacing back and forth on the shuttle as we were docking on the orbital spaceport above Transbaal. I received word that Milfeulle decided to quit the Angel wing and I received permission from Empress Shiva to go and see her off. I couldn't move fast enough as soon as I heard that. I haven't seen her in a few weeks from how much traveling Shiva had been doing that I had to go with her for. Words couldn't express how much I missed holding her. Now, here I was about to miss the perfect chance to do so because I let my duties take precedence over my love life.

Last time the problem was your immortality, now we’re back to the whole “duties” bullcrap?

As soon as the doors to my shuttle opened into the spaceport, I bolted out the door and using my demonic speed, soared through the corridors towards the lobby to see if I could find the shuttle she went to. Upon arriving in the lobby, I found the angel wing all standing there talking between each other. Mint was the first to notice me flying towards them.


All of the girls turned to look at me as I stopped just short of them and said, "Hey girls, hate to chat and run, but Milfeulle, where?"

Mint pointed down the corridor on my right and said, "Dock D9, if you hurry, you can catch her!" I gave her a quick hug and said "Thank you!" With that, I bolted and leapt into the air to avoid the crowd and make my way to the docking airlock.
Within a minute, I arrived at Dock D9 and saw the doors closing. Just past the doors, I saw her standing there holding her bag. I landed and ran towards the door, yelling, "Milfeulle!" She turned and looked at me as the doors sealed. She put her hand on the door as I ran into the door before yelling at the attendant to open them back up.

The attendant tried telling me they already began the takeoff sequence and that it couldn't be stopped. I heard Milfeulle knocking on the door in front of me, causing me to look at her as she smiled and held up a finger in front of the door. I lifted my right index finger and channeled a bit of my power into it so I could follow what she did. She drew the letters on the door and I followed with my finger, drawing and illuminating them on the door in front of me.

I love you.

As soon as I saw that, I smiled and placed my hand on the door, which she matched and we smiled at each other before the shuttle detached from the dock and slowly took off away from the port before finally disappearing into the atmosphere. I sighed as I heard the angel wing run up behind me, all huffing and puffing from the running they just did. I was still staring out into space where the shuttle flew as I heard them begin whispering about who should say something. I sighed and said, "It's alright. While it wasn't quite the sendoff I wanted to give her, at least I got to see her one more time." I turned to look at them and smiled before I said, "Come on, let's go get some food, my treat." Even though I was with the angel wing for now, my thoughts were with Milfeulle.

'Until the next time we meet my beloved Angel of Luck.'


In the game—damn, I did it again—Milfeulle quits the army and, while waiting for a bus, meets Tact who also quit the army to go with her. It ends with both of them going for a picnic.

Here, everything feels terribly forced. Howie talks about how his “duties” keep him occupied, even when he’s been shitting on them at every opportunity and Shiva applauded him for that. Milfeulle refuses Howie’s offer to stay at the palace because she “doesn’t want to impose”? What kind of logic is that? The whole thing feels like a cheap romance cliché, which wouldn’t surprise me considering Guardian Hawk’s sheer lack of creativity.

A/N: And with that, we have come to the conclusion of Galaxy Angel Variance! That was definitely a ride, and I can't wait to get the next story in line rolling.

Howard: You are really messed up, you realize that?

…Ok, I'll bite, why?

Howard: All that trouble to set me and her up, and we end up separated in the end? Seriously?

Trust me, that was for a reason.

Howard: And what's the deal with destroying my armor at the end, I actually liked that armor.

That was also done for a reason.

Howard: -_-

So, before I forget, quick disclaimer, once again, I do not own the Galaxy Angel series or the character Inu-no-Taisho. Thank you all very much for reading my story and by all means leave as long of a review as you possibly can, both Howard and I enjoy reading them and really want to hear your thoughts on how we overall traveled through the story.

Howard: Absolutely, I am also eager to hear your thoughts on how I handled being included in this retelling of a classic story.

Thank you again for reading, and we will see YOU…in the next story!

People say the world is a cruel and unforgiving place. The fact somebody wrote these ”author notes” and wasn’t immediately told to set his computer on fire then chop his hands and feed them to a crocodile tells me otherwise.

Anyway, we’re finally done. What can be said about Galaxy Angel Variance?

The story is told from the first person point of view of Howard, Guardian Hawk’s painfully obvious self-insert. He is a guy who appeared out of nowhere on planet Transbaal, hundreds of years before the start of the first game, for no given reason and with no memory of his past life. Despite having no surname, way to acredit his identity or, presumably, money, he managed to become famous after winning a few street fights and opened a martial arts school.

A decade later, he decided he didn’t like aging and began dabbling on genetic engineering in order to stop or reverse the aging proccess of his body.

Another ten or so years later, he succeeded with his experiment and transformed into a character from a cartoon, which was the only thing he remembered from his past life, complete with the same powers and abilities. Conveniently enough, all his research data was destroyed and the experiment couldn’t be duplicated.

Over the course of the years Howard watched his friends and students grow old and die while he remained the same. One day, he decided to leave the school to one of his students and left to travel. At some point a crowd tried to kill him, he flipped his shit and killed them all. Fearing his power, he exiled himself to the western corner of the world and word began spreading about him, earning him the title of “Demon of the West”.

Howard spent the next years honing his powers, killing people who came after him and creating an exact replica of the outfit his cartoon character wore. How he managed to get the materials when, according to him, people ran away as soon as they saw him is a mystery.

Going on, the emperor of Transbaal got word of his existence, sent a team of soldiers to bring him to the palace and offered him a job as guardian of the Royal Family against all the common sense in the world.

Howard accepted and, over the course of another hundred years until the start of the game, he kept serving the Royal Family. During that time he took part in some war with Brigadier Commander Luft Weizen under his charge, witnessed Darno Blancmanche turn into a successful business tycoon, raised Eonia Transbaal like a son, became aware of the affair between Moon Goddess Shatoyarn and Emperor Gerard Transbaal and raised their offspring, Shiva Transbaal.

Keep in mind all of the above happened on the very first fucking chapter.

So, right from the start, we can see the myriad problems that plague this story. Starting with the pacing. What should have taken place over the course of several chapters, instead is poorly summarized in a single one. There isn’t a single line about Howard’s parents, among other things, but there is a large paragraph going into details about the outfit he made in the image of favorite cartoon character.

Going on, Guardian Hawk doesn’t know the meaning of “show don’t tell”. Howard is constantly “telling” us about his experiences, all he suffered and his friendship with others, but we never “see” any of it. The result is everything about him feels extremely shallow.

In terms of narrative, Guardian Hawk obviously went for a “jaded badass protagonist” tone. The kind of guy who is clever, sarcastic and likes to crack jokes even in the most dire situation. Unfortunately, he failed badly. Howard’s jokes are unfunny, his sarcastic comments get annoying very, very quickly and the constant input of thoughts and musings make dialogue confusing and bring the pace to a snail’s crawl.

Not helping things is the dull prose. At one point Howard massacres a whole army, including ripping a guy’s spine and using it to club another to death, and everything is narrated in the most basic “I did this, then I did that” way. This extends to every single action sequence.

In terms of personality, Howard is supposed to be a wise, intelligent and skilled immortal who has grown weary and resentful of normal humans over the years spent in solitude and all the persecution he suffered. In practice, he’s a MASSIVE CUNT. He demands others to address him by “demon” or “my lord”, always expecting respect and compliance when he gives an order, yet he himself has no qualms about belitting, threatening or humillating anybody he doesn’t like or does something he doesn’t approve of. Despite his gigantic ego, which prompts him to show off and establish dominance all the times, he’s terribly insecure, flying into a rage when somebody mocks or disrespects him, even when he has no qualms mocking and disrespecting others. He’s hasty and immature, always turning every argument into a “dick measuring contest”, using violence and/or threats to solve every issue. His few displays of wisdom are incredibly basic and vague, and Guardian Hawk is constantly using his knowledge of the game’s plot to give him an edge over others.

Plot-wise, this story is a copy-paste of the first Galaxy Angel game and what little changes Guardian Hawk makes all have the only purpose of shilling his self-insert in one way or another, consequences be damned. For example, Howard slaughters a whole enemy army aboard the Elsior, leaving ripped bodies and rivers of blood all over. Yet despite the brutal display, everybody acts as if nothing happened.

As for the canon characters…they’re just there, floating around Howard like satellites. They sing his praises, cower before him and don’t even think about contradicting him, no matter how wrong he may be.

In short, imagine, if you will, a guy holding your favorite book. After setting it on a nearby table, he unzips his pants, pulls out his dick and begins masturbating. After a minute or so, he blows his load all over the book, making sure to flip the pages as to cover it all throughly.

That’s Galaxy Angel Variance in a nutshell.

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Re: Galaxy Angel Variance

Post by GorillaGamer » Tue Oct 30, 2018 9:41 pm

What a splendid end, to a splendid mock. I understand the pain of seeing some hack tarnish a series of games that were the cornerstone of your childhood. I wonder what you'll mock next. If you want, I can offer you a few suggestions.
Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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Re: Galaxy Angel Variance

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Congratulations on getting through the fanfic, Dashguy.

I found your final deconstruction of its faults and those of Howard to be spot on, and I have a bit to add to that, to highlight a major problem for the author you probably noticed, but the nuance is important.

Dialogue regarding the slaughter of the army aboard the ship was directly lifted from Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, specifically relating to but possibly not limited to these:
I replied, "I'm not your mother last night."
They took exception to that. Buuut, you know how that song and dance goes, and I killed all but one of them."
This makes it quite clear that the author was attempting to let Howard emulate the Abridged parody's interpretation of Alucard, which in itself is a deconstruction of what Alucard actually is; an insane, uncaring, remorseless, untouchable, murderous sociopath, who has and will do every evil act under the sun if an excuse or opportunity arises, caring nothing for the lives of innocents or even allies. And that works in Hellsing because Alucard is acknowledged and treated as such, being feared and judged on every evil he commits.

But, of course, in this fanfic Guardian Hawk wants to have his cake and eat it too. Howie is both a monster and a hero, whenever to whatever degree of each that Guardian Hawk thinks pans out for him.

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