Legend of Zelda: Fierce Deity Naruto

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Legend of Zelda: Fierce Deity Naruto

Post by StabbyKobold » Sat Feb 01, 2020 8:51 am

Every so often, I go looking for something easy, something obviously doomed for failure from the get-go, to mock. And wouldn’t you know it, you can’t take two steps across fanfiction.net without stepping in it. This is Legend of Zelda: Fierce Deity Naruto by Lukepace414, a sputtering jumpstart into a crossover premise that hasn’t taken off the ground three months after it was cleared for takeoff. It asks the question of, what if one of the most overpowered relics of the Zelda series was thrown into the lap of one of the most fan-abused anime character used for vicarious wish fulfillment ever? Let’s find out the answer. Enjoy.


I don't own Legend of Zelda or Naruto

"Triforce" - talk

'Triforce' - thought

"Triforce" - Fi talk

"Triforce" - Fi thought

"Triforce" - Demon/Dark Naruto talk

'Triforce' - Demon/Dark Naruto thought

How wonderful, a font style reference list. How convenient that I’ll have to scroll back to the start of the chapter in order to cross reference what I’m reading to know what’s going on. No, the sarcasm train has no breaks, why do you even ask?

Chapter 1

The Hidden Leaf Village, the strongest military village known in the land of Hyrule where Humans, Hylians, and Kokirian live together. (A/N: Kokirian is from Zelda Unknown Origin.)

First line of the story, and it basically says that I forgot to do homework that was never announced. Unknown Origin seems to be an old flash animation series, and that’s as far as I’m going to look into that.

But now it nothing more then a shell to it former glory. Because seventeen years ago, a Nine-Tails Demon Fox appear out of nowhere and attack the Hidden Leaf Village. Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, summon the giant toad and battle the Nine-Tails. They battle hard but Minato notice that the Nine-Tails was acting strange and quickly figure it out that the Nine-Tail is under a Genjutsu while Minato is trying to figure out how to free the Nine-Tails from the Genjutsu, he was attack by a man with an orange spiral mask name Madara Uchiha. After realizing that Madara is the one causing the attack Minato battle him to free the Nine-Tails and save the Hidden Leaf Village.

And the rest of the “strongest military village” watched from the sidelines as one guy did all this.

The battle against Madara is tough due the strange ability he had to cause the attack to pass through him without hurting him. Minato quickly figure out the weakness of his ability during the fight and use that against him in their final clash.

It was such a genius exploit of his weakness that it need not be explained here.

After the fight is over, Madara disappear leaving Minato to deal the Nine-Tails. After that, Minato know that the only way to free the Nine-Tails from the Genjutsu is to seal it away. So Minato have no choice but to bring the Nine-Tails to the location where his wife Kushina and their son is being held.

The only way to release it from ninja hypnosis is to put it in jail? Is that right?

After bringing Kushina and their son from their safe place, Minato summon the Reaper Death Seal to seal the Nine-Tails into Naruto, much to Kushina protect.

I must protest; the author’s grammar is too terrible to ignore anymore.

Minato explained to his wife on why he have to do this, leaving Kushina no choice but to accept it. As Minato perform the jutsu the Nine-Tails use it claw at Naruto to prevent itself from being sealed away which caused Minato and Kushina to jumped in taking the claw.

Stole it right off his finger. Not getting impaled at all. I mean, can you tell the difference?

After saying their final goodbye to their son, Minato sealed the Nine-Tails into their son and asked Hiruzen to tell the village to see Naruto as a hero before he died. It work at first but it didn't go well as Minato hope because of the certain Warhawk leaked out the information of Naruto status to the villagers. The human villagers, who was blinded by hatred due to the loss of their friends and love ones, demanded Naruto death.

I demand the author write coherent sentences, so I guess everyone is going to be disappointed.

Because of that Hiruzen made a law to prevent anyone from telling the Nine-Tails to the younger generation so that Naruto can have a normal childhood and anyone who mention the Nine-Tails and anything related to it will be executed.


Now back to present, in the clearing forest of the Hidden Leaf Village, a seventeen years old Hylian boy sits as he reading a large scroll. His name is Naruto Uzumaki, a pariah of the Hidden Leaf Village, he has been abused and mistreated ever since he was born.

While forcible demon possession probably ranks high on the child abuse scale, I don’t think that’s what the author is hinting at.

The Hylians and Kokirian had enough of Naruto horrible treatment he was given by the Humans. And so the Hylians asked the Kokirian to take Naruto to the forest and raised him there and the Kokirian agreed. Naruto was happy that the Kokirian treat him nicely like he one of them and gave him his own home once he got older.

How lucky for Naruto to become the first and only beneficiary of this abused orphans outreach program.

He became friend with the a lot of Hylians and Kokirian, well expect for Mido. However, even with the nice treatment the Hylians and Kokirian gave him that doesn't stop Naruto from wanting to know why human villagers treat him terrible, so the Kokirian told him everything about what happened that night during the Nine-Tails Attack.

So after listening everything the Kokirian told him. Naruto though that he is the Nine-Tails but the Kokirian told him he is not the Nine-Tails, he just a Nine-Tails container and told him that the Hylians feel the same and they also tell Naruto about his parents and how much they love him.

If I imagine this to be narrated by a six-year-old with a lisp, the storytelling could almost be considered adorable.

Naruto is happy and glad to hear that from the Kokirian and decided to go to the Hidden Leaf Village and become a ninja to get stronger to protect the people he care about as well the Hidden Leaf Village to earn respect and recognition from human villagers.


I’m not sure you are aware, author, but decisions are usually made based on these things we call “motivations”. Particularly those “in favor” of the decision being made, and not all the ones “against”; those being the previous five paragraphs you just wrote.

However he failed the Graduation Exam at the Ninja Academy twice with yesterday being his third due to not being able to use a Clone jutsu properly. One of his teachers Mizuki told him of the makeup exam which involves taking a scroll from the Hokage's office and learning a jutsu in order to pass.

'Well, I was able to learn the Shadow Clone Jutsu but maybe learning another jutsu would increase my chances of passing this makeup exam.' Naruto thought who was wearing a green tunic and brown pant with black ninja scandal and had a mark of the Triforce on his right hand, not he know anything about it as he only assume it was a birthmark. (1)

First you make the reference list redundant by telling me these are thoughts along with who they belong to, and then you throw a footnote at me? Next you’ll throw in yet another appended author’s notes, won’t you?

As he goes through the scroll, Naruto get a paper cut and mistakenly drips his blood on a seal that had the symbol of the Triforce, which release a box and a small scroll that drop to the ground. Curious about the box, Naruto opens it.

"A mask? What a mask doing in the scroll?" Naruto asked in confuse.

Never mind that, who was the genius that decided to have the razor edge parchment activate via blood? You might as well have stored it in a water-activated umbrella.

Inside a box is indeed a mask. It was of a man of warrior-like nature, with Hylian ears, semi-length white hair and strange markings on the face, three red slash-like marks on each side, two under and one above each eye, and finally one blue marking in a strange jagged V sort of shape resting upon the mask's forehead.

Naruto took it out of the box and took a closer look as he can't help but get a strange feeling that this mask seem very familiar for some reason until he remembered the small scroll and opened it to find out what is going on.

To anyone who read this, inside the box contain the Fierce Deity's Mask, although before you say anything this mask is not just any regular mask, it a very special mask that will transform anyone wear it and take it off to change back to normal. There are other three masks with the same ability. They are Goron Mask, Zora Mask, and Deku Mask.

Sure thing, Mr. Telepathic scroll that anticipates the verbal objections of anyone reading it. How fortunate that you came along with the mask and use a font format not defined in the reference list.

However, all four of those masks were stolen by the witch/scientist and plan to harness all their powers at once. Through experimentation, he successfully combine all of them into one. However, there is one drawback, due to all of them being into one mask, the mask chemical makeup was changed to corrosive and bonding nature for some reason. Meaning the transformation will become permanent and he's fine with that. So I kill him before he has a chance to put it on and took the mask to seal it away in the scroll to prevent anyone from getting their greedy evil hand on it.

If you were able to release it from the seal that mean you has the Spirit of the Hero.

Or you just slit their throat over this scroll. Either way, this has been a contrived coincidence.

I hope you can use the power of the mask to save Hyrule and the world like you did in your past lives. If you are up against someone too strong for you and your friends to handle, put the mask on. But be warn because it won't be like last time you wear it. Once you put it on, you can never take it off ever again as the mask WILL become your new face. So, choose your choice carefully.

Decide the decision of putting on the chemical mask, which is in fact four masks combined via magical science, and will permanently transform you with no mentioned drawbacks. Oh, and believe the credibility of this random note that says the mask grants powers in the first place. Who has time for questions or doubt when there is wish fulfillment to be had?

Naruto was surprised that he now has the most powerful weapon in the world but at the same time he was happy. And what does it mean by Spirit of the Hero and past lives? He'll think about that later and as he was about to examine the mask, Naruto felt someone come into the clearing. It was his other teacher from the academy, Iruka Umino.

"Look like you found me Iruka-sensei, I only had time to learn one jutsu from the scroll." Naruto said with a grin.

'He has been practicing out here until he wore himself out.' Iruka thought looking at the blond and he notice the strange mask Naruto is holding. 'What a weird mask. I've never seen one like it before.'

An identity-concealing accessory in a world full of ninjas? Hold the presses!

"Anyway if I perform the jutsu property then you would let me pass right? Those are the rules, anyone who learns a jutsu from the scroll passes." Naruto said with excitement.

Iruka looked shocked, "Who told you about this?" he asked with tension.

The final part of a cramped summarization containing three chapters worth of story prelude.

"Mizuki-sensei told me about it, I thought since you are here, you knew as well." Naruto said.

Hearing a sound from behind, Iruka pushed Naruto out of the way only to hit by kunai which was thrown. "Like I thought, you planned all this Mizuki!"

The said ninja laughed out loud "You were alway too smart for your own good Iruka, now Naruto hand over the scroll."

"W-what going on?" Naruto asked looking at the two teachers in confusion.

Humans are deceitful, malevolent assholes that want you dead, Naruto. You would think your benefactors expressed as much during your backstory info dump.

"Naruto! Don't let him have the scroll! It contains the forbidden jutsu that could destroy our village, he used you so that he could steal it!" Iruka said.

"Don't listen to him Naruto, Iruka has been keeping secrets from you, him along with the other human villagers that concern you, don't you ever wonder why they hate you so much back when you were a kid?" Mizuki said with an evil smile.

"Mizuki don't tell him! It the village secret!" Iruka yelled.

And yet the Kokirians and Hylians know about it, and I can only conclude that they live outside of the village, since Naruto had to go back to it.

"If you're going to tell me that I has the Nine-Tails sealed inside of me, don't bother because I already know." Naruto said calmly, surprising them both.

"Naruto, how did you know that you has the Nine-Tails sealed inside of you?" Iruka asked in surprise as they hear a female voice.

"That because we told him." They turn to the direction of the voice and saw a green hair shoulder-length teenage girl coming out behind the tree and she has a E-cup (2) and bubble ass and wearing Kokirian clothes and she is holding a spear. (A/N: I don't know how to put her clothes into word. So it better to look up on Zelda UO - Deku Chapter - Part 1 on youtube as I find that clothes better than the one in Zelda Unknown Origin BETA.)


Not only was my prediction right, the author is now not even pretending to have any kind of talent. He just admitted that he, in his task as a writer, could not write out the description of — hold on, let me just take a gander at the video… a green jumpsuit and brown short pants?! Neither of which show any indication of the breast and ass sizes mentioned, by the way. I expected this story to be amateur, but at this point you can’t even use laziness as an excuse.

"We told him the truth about what happened that night seventeen years ago." Kokirian Girl explained as she is referring herself and rest of the Kokirian.

"Saria? How long you been hiding behind that tree?" Naruto asked in surprise to see his one of his best friends is here and unknown to Naruto, she has a feeling for him.

"Long enough to know that you been trick into stealing the forbidden scroll." Saria answered as she is walking right next to Naruto.

Which could be all night, in fact. I think that single feeling she has for Naruto is making her a stalker.

"I see. So you already know. Then you know that you are the one who attacked the village seventeen years ago, the one who killed Iruka's parents, YOU ARE THE NINE TAILED FOX!" Mizuki shouted out, laughing maniacally.

Naruto and Saria looked at Mizuki calmly and sighed.

"Human. I will never understand them." Naruto said.

Saria nodded her head in agreement "You and me both."

Could you two stop being aloof assholes for two seconds and stop Mizuki from assaulting Iruka?!

Iruka looked down in sadness knowing what they say is true. Even though Hylians and Kokirian look human but they have pointy ears, so they not really human and Iruka can't blame them for not understanding human.

Mizuki growled angrily thinking that they're mocking him.

Oh, they totally are, although I’m completely convinced the author isn’t aware of that fact.

He grabbed the large shuriken from his back and throw it at them. Seeing this, Naruto tackled Saria to the ground and a large shuriken pass right by them.

"Are you alright, Saria?" Naruto asked in concern.

"Yeah, I'm alright." Saria said with a small blush.

No, please, don’t get up. Let the homicidal ninja have time for another attack.

Mizuki jumped off the tree and on to the ground, "So you survive, no matter I'm just going to kill you all anyway and take the forbidden scroll to Lord Orochimaru."

"And how are you going to do that? You may be a Chunin, but you're no match against three of us working together." Naruto said as he, Saria, and Iruka getting ready to fight.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHA! True, but with the power Lord Orochimaru already given me, you have no chance of beating me!" Mizuki said before pulling out an elixir which he proceeded drink.

Don’t throw a weapon at him or anything. Really, it’s fine! Allow him to proclaim his intentions and then carry them out unimpeded.

The three watched as Mizuki gained tiger-like stripe on his arms and face, while Iruka sense his Charka levels increased as well.

"HAHAHAHAHA! Yes, this power is amazing and once I give the forbidden scroll to Lord Orochimaru, he'll give me more power!" Mizuki shouted madly, before vanishing in the burst of speed surprising the three.

Mizuki appeared before them and send Naruto flying deeper into the forest.

Now boarding all passengers for flight “I Told You So, Dumbass”.

"Naruto!" Saria yelled in concern.

"You should start worrying more about yourself than him." Mizuki said causing Saria glared him as she and Iruka begin attacking Mizuki together.


Meanwhile in the deep forest, Naruto is laying on ground while holding his face in pain.

"Damn that bastard, he grow a lot stronger by drinking that elixir. I don't think we can beat him even with the help of my Shadow Clone. There's gotta be another way." Naruto said as he stand back up and notice Fierce Deity's Mask next to him.

Gee, that little thing? For whatever reason would you think to— oh for fuck’s sake, just put the damn thing on already!

He picked it up and look at it as the words on what the scroll said about the mask echo in his mind. He narrowed his eyes in determination as he made his choice while knowing he will lose his old face for the rest of his life with the new face but at least he will gain the power to protect the people he care about and so, he put on the mask.

As soon he put the mask on, he lower his head in extreme pain as if the mask ate away his face and was ingraining root into his skull. He move his head up and screamed in pain.


The battle against Mizuki isn't going well as Iruka and Saria barely able to keep up against Mizuki increased speed, but now it gotten worse as Mizuki transformed further now resembling a bipedal tiger and his strength increasing even further while his speed decreased.

It’s been, what, thirty seconds, and already Mizuki indulged his transformation fetish again?

"Yes, yes, YES! This power is amazing, with it I'm stronger than anyone!" Mizuki said crazily, Iruka and Saria laying on the ground beaten.

'Does this guy just enjoy hearing himself talk?' Saria thought.

Do you enjoy being alive? Then shush and let Mizuki play into the villain clichés until Naruto jumps in to save your incompetent asses.

"The battle was fun while it lasted, but it time to die." Mizuki said as he approached to kill them but he got kicked in the face, send flying through several trees followed by the voice. "That is not going to happen."

"Naruto?" Saria asked as she and Iruka turned to the direction of the voice in front of them.

It turn out that the voice is indeed Naruto but he is completely different.

You could almost say that who or what Naruto actually is has no consequence on this fanfic.

He is a full-grown adult, and a ripped one too. Rather then the Kokirian clothes given by the Kokirian, he now sported a silver tunic with some armor and in between his legs. On the armor's right breastplate was an orange crescent-shaped like the new moon. On the left breastplate was an orange triangle. On the stomach was a plate of armor with the same color as the tunic. Right below his neck was a necklace of three blue gems. On his head was a long hat that would be triangular in shape if held upright; it was of the tunic's same color. He was wearing buckle boots that went up to his knees, armguards on his lower arms, and wearing black tights whenever there wasn't armor, boots or any other such stuff and finally he had semi-length white hair and had strange markings on his face, it was three red slash-like marks on each side, two under and one above each eye, and finally one blue marking in a strange jagged V sort of shape resting upon his forehead and he had red eyes of instead of blue. (A/N: Looked up on youtube - Lost with hope - ll as it better for him to have eyes instead leaving completely white.) He had the forbidden scroll strapped to his back and they also noticed that he holding a huge sword. The strangest sword they had ever laid eyes on too, rather than one large blade it was actually two smaller one criss-crossing at the center at the center, then meeting at the end again. One is light-blue and the other is light-green. To Saria, it was actually a beautiful sword in her eyes.

The author couldn’t be bothered to describe two articles of clothing for Saria, but stand the fuck back as he obsessively details the absolute shit out of the Fierce Deity armor. He even affords the sword twice as many sentences of description than the useless stick figure made of nothing but tits and ass. The author’s avatar took priority, and the word never achieved plural form.

All together, Naruto looked like someone you don't wanna mess with.

Saria blushed heavily at how handsome and ripped Naruto became. Iruka looked at Naruto in shocked after sensing his godly power, as Miuzki stand back up on his feet rubbing his face where he got kicked at.

They recognize him. That’s the punchline. Of what joke, you ask? The joke of the author injecting the Fierce Deity mask into Naruto, rush through a threadbare dilemma of him replacing his face with it, turn him into a body builder in armor after putting it on, and then still have his identity not even being questioned. Naruto is now the Fierce Deity in every way, and yet they all RECOGNIZE HIM!

"So, the demon finally show his true color. Now I can finally kill you and everyone in the village will see me as a hero." Mizuki said insanely, not afraid of Naruto god power he sensing as he charge after him. However, he didn't know that he is sending himself to his death.

Naruto stood calmly as he hold his sword in kendo position and begin channeling the magic into the sword causing the colors to glow as he lifted his sword in the air and swing it down sending out a large magical light-blue crescent-shaped wave at Mizuki.

Mizuki got hit by the magic wave and begin screaming in pain as he went completely vaporized, leaving nothing but a large trench behind. Saria and Iruka widen their eyes in huge shock at that huge amount of Magic Power.

Congratulations. You just killed a man. Let’s celebrate by never learning why he was working for an enemy of the village.

"I don't think so." Naruto said as he dismissed his sword. He walked back to Saria and Iruka and kneeled down. "Are you two hurt?"

"Yeah, but we'll be fine." Saria answered with a smile, feeling touched by Naruto concern.

"Naruto, what was that you just do and what happen to you?" Iruka questioned.

"I was wondering about that too." Saria said as she too want to know what happen to him.

"I'll explain everything after we return the forbidden scroll to the Old Man since I don't want to repeat it again." Naruto said as Saria and Iruka nodded at that answered.

“I’ll say it once, and then never again. I simply can’t be bothered.”


In the Hokage Tower, after returning the forbidden scroll to Hiruzen, Naruto explained everything about what has happened in the forest, the mask, and what it said in the scroll minus the Spirit of the Hero and past lives. They were surprise at first but they took it well.

"So you're telling me that you can't take off your mask as you are stuck like that for the rest of your life?" Hiruzen asked after hearing everything Naruto told them.

"Yeah, it said so in the scroll that the mask will become my new face due the experiment the witch caused to make all four masks into one which result making the mask transformation become permanent. So I can't take it off, no many time I try." Naruto answered while touching his new face.

He hasn’t even attempted it. Again, why do you believe everything the scroll said, even disregarding that fact that you don’t know who wrote it?!

"I see, I'm sorry to hear that. Now that you're stuck as a Hylian God." Hiruzen apologize as he feel bad for Naruto.

"Lord Hokage, if I may ask, do you know anything else about the Fierce Deity's Mask?" Iruka asked as Naruto and Saria too want to know what else the mask do than what they know.

"No. The information about the Fierce Deity's Mask is very limited. All I know is that anyone who wear the Fierce Deity's Mask will gain the power of the god, not only that but it also make the wearer to become a god as well. And since Naruto is now Hylian God since his transformation is permanent, he going have to suffer the fate of watching his friends and love ones grow old and die as he continue to live." Hiruzen answered gravely at the end, shocking both Saria and Iruka.

He’s an omnipotent being, but oh the woe of having to eventually lose his friends. I’ve had it with this sentimental excuse of a godhood drawback. Friendships end all the time, loved ones die when you least expect it – these aren’t unique burdens to immortal beings. Naruto is now, in his own words, the most powerful weapon in the world, but we’re supposed to feel bad for him over something that most everyone experiences in their own lifetime?! Fuck off!

Naruto looked at the Hiruzen with his eyes shook in fear. Him, watching friends and love ones grow old and die while he continue to live? He didn't like the sound of that. Saria saw this and decided to cheer him up.

"Naruto, it okay." Saria said, getting Naruto attention. "It true that you will lose your friends and love ones of old age, but you still have me, Diggs, and the rest of the Kokirian."

What she said gave Naruto a small smile knowing what she said is true even though he will lose his friends and love ones of old age but at least he still had Saria, Diggs, and the Kokirian.

"Yeah, you're right. I still have you, Diggs, and the Kokirian." Naruto replied with a smile making Saria to smile as well. Iruka and Hiruzen is smiling too, both happy to heard that Naruto still have his Kokirian friends.

We heard you the first THREE times, you moron! Even this heartbreak threat is made null and void, since he already has immortal friends! We can’t even pretend there is any sort of disadvantage to this anymore!

"Naruto," Hiruzen said, getting their attention. "Since Kokirian told you about the Nine-Tails, I take it they told you about your parents as well?"

Naruto was about to answer the question, but Saria beat him to it. "Yes, we told him about his parents and the reasons why you didn't want to tell him. After all, he deserves to know the truth."

Hiruzen lower his head in sadness thinking Naruto is mad at him for not telling him the truth about his parents. Naruto saw this and sighed.

"I'm not mad at you." Naruto said making Hiruzen looked at him in hope. "Look, I has already forgiven you. If you want to keep my true identity a secret to protect me from my father enemies, that fine. All I want to know is who my parents are, that all."

If the Kokirians telling you about your parents didn’t include who they were, then what did they even tell you about them?

What he said make Hiruzen smile in relieve hearing he not mad at him and has already forgiven him. Iruka smiling as well hearing that Naruto has already forgiven his surrogate grandfather.

"And beside, I'm going to make the Nine-Tails pay for making my life a living hell back then when I was a kid." Naruto stated.

"The Nine-Tails didn't make your life a living hell back when you were a kid, Naruto. Someone else did." Hiruzen said, surprising them.

"What do you mean by 'someone else did', Lord Hokage? Wasn't the Nine-Tails the one responsible for attacking the Hidden Leaf Village seventeen years ago, which is the reason why Naruto life is terrible?" Iruka asked in confuse.

"No, the Nine-Tails did attack the Hidden Leaf Village but it not the one for making Naruto life a living hell when he was a kid." Hiruzen stated.

It’s almost like we didn’t spend five paragraphs at the start of the story on this topic, including Naruto expressly being told all of this.

Hiruzen looked at them and see that they are even confuse than before. So he decided explain thing for them to understand better.

"After your father sealed away the Nine-Tails inside you Naruto, he asked me to tell the village see you as a hero, which I did, I tell the village that you defeated the Nine-Tails and the villagers is filled with happiness to hear that, but on the next day, that happiness soon turn into hate to the human villagers when someone leak out the information of you holding the Nine-Tails and I has a hunch of who that person is." Hiruzen clarified.

Naruto gritted his fists tightly at that informations "Who is it? Who is responsible for making my life a living hell?"

"It was Danzo." Hiruzen answered grimly.

Canon fixing is going full throttle, I see. Got to have all those pesky antagonists dealt with way before the plot manifests itself.

"Danzo? The elders of the councils? But why would he do that to make Naruto life terrible?" Iruka questioned.

"He did it in order to make Naruto his emotionless weapon and remain loyal to only the Hidden Leaf Village and no one else. Not his friends, not the other races throughout the land of Hyrule, and especially not the Royal Family of Hyrule Castle. He did it all for the "good of the Hidden Leaf Village"." Hiruzen replied gravely, making an air quotes at the end.

Because the best way to turn someone into a loyal weapon is to make them resent the village they’re supposed to serve, right? You might find this idiocy humorous, but I have seen this line of reasoning in fanfics far too many times to even smile about it.

Saria and Iruka looked in shock at Hiruzen respond. Iruka looked at Naruto and saw he is gritted his teeth hard while slowly leaking out his magic aura.

"I'm going to kill that old bastard for what he did to me!" Naruto said, angrily.

"And you will, but not today. We'll worry about that later." Hiruzen replied, Naruto nodded and begin to take a deep breath and exhaled to calm down while his magic aura disappear.

After Naruto has calm down, Iruka suddenly remember something else.

"Hey, Naruto." Iruka said, getting Naruto attention. "What jutsu did you learn from the forbidden scroll? You didn't learn anything destructive, did you?"

You mean something that would top him utterly destroying a tiger-morph ninja with a casual swing of a sword? Does he need anything more?

Saria and Hiruzen looked at Naruto as they too want to know what did Naruto learn from the scroll.

Naruto chuckled a bit "No. No destructive jutsu. It more of the solid clone than destruction."

"Solid clone?" Iruka asked in confuse then widen his eyes after realizing what he meant. "Wait, you don't mean..."

Naruto nodded his head and crossed his index fingers before calling out the jutsu. "Shadow Clone jutsu." a large plume of smoke appeared cover the office and cleared to reveal a copies of himself only that they are solid like Naruto said. Iruka and Hiruzen was shocked that Naruto was able to use a high rank jutsu with no issue.

I have seen no issues in this story thus far, not even when Naruto was sent flying from a punch to the face. I’m not expecting any to show up, ever.

Saria blush dark-red after seeing so many of Naruto clones and she starting to have dirty thought about Naruto and his clones during their "private" time.


I’m just going to pretend I didn’t read that. The story is only one chapter long, the author is clearly an imbecilic teen – this will go nowhere. I’ll save my ire for something that deserves it.

Naruto dispelled his clone "Now that I have master the Shadow Clone jutsu. I pass, right?"

Iruka smile knowing Naruto had pass and he was going to him that but got interrupted by Hiruzen "I'm sorry, Naruto. As much as I want you to pass but I can't."

Naruto, Saria, and Iruka was shocked that Hiruzen refused to let Naruto pass even though he wanted to.

"But Lord Hokage why? Don't you want him to pass for mastering the Shadow Clone jutsu?" Iruka questioned

"True, I do want him to pass for mastering the Shadow Clone jutsu, but there a law made by the Second Hokage. A law I can't get rid of, no matter how many time I beg him to." Hiruzen explained.

"What did the law say?" Iruka asked as he and Naruto both fear the answer.

"Anyone who fail the Ninja Academy for the third time is forbidden is become a ninja." Hiruzen stated.

Sure, right, how long until this pebble-sized hurdle is either ignored or kicked out of Naruto’s way?

Naruto feel like the world has shattered around him. He lower his head with the sad expression on his face after hearing that. He failed Graduation Exam the third time and now he is forbidden to become a ninja. Saria place her on his shoulder with the sad expression on her face as she feel sorry for him now that he is forbidden to become a ninja.

"I'm sorry, Naruto." Hiruzen apologized, getting their attention. "Even though you're forbidden become a ninja, but that doesn't mean you need to be one to protect the people you care about."

They were confuse at he said. Naruto doesn't need to be a ninja protect the people he care about? What is he talking about?

I don’t think anyone is talking. From the author’s grammar, it looks like everyone one is having a stroke.

"What are you trying to say, old man?" Naruto asked in confuse as he don't understand what he meant.

"That is something you have to figure it out yourself." Hiruzen replied. "You and Saria should start heading back home and rest. It getting late."

They nodded in agreement as it is getting late. So they start heading back home leaving Iruka behind.

"Lord Hokage," Iruka said, getting his attention. "About that law you said that created by the Second Hokage, how come I never heard of it?

"That because I made it up." Hiruzen answered, shocking him.

The pebble didn’t even exist. Hold on a minute, I need to jam a fork into an electrical outlet so I can feign shock.

"What? Why would you made it up?" Iruka asked, wanting to know why he lie to Naruto by the made-up law.

"It because he has a destiny waiting for him beyond the wall of Hidden Leaf Village." Hiruzen replied.

"Naruto has a destiny?" Iruka asked in confuse.


"That right," Hiruzen answered. "Tell me Iruka something, while you were teaching the students during the academy, did you notice the mark on Naruto hand?"

"Yeah, I did notice the mark on his hand. I asked Naruto about it but he told me that he didn't know what it was, so he assumed it was a birthmark."

"It not a birthmark. That mark on his hand is the symbol of the Triforce." Hiruzen replied.

It’s not enough that he’s a literal god now, we have to add an additional magnitude of heavenly blessing onto him in the form of divine destiny. What is it, then? Will it be something he couldn’t accomplish within a single afternoon?

Iruka eyes widen at he said as he heard the story of the Triforce. The Triforce is a sacred relic combined by three golden sacred triangles. These golden sacred triangles were left behind by the three Golden Goddesses — Din, the Goddess of Power; Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom; and Farore, the Goddess of Courage — after the creation of the land of Hyrule. It was formed at the point where they ascended to the heavens, in a different dimension connected to Hyrule, called the Sacred Realm which would later be referred to as the "Golden Land." Hyrule's Triforce consists of three separate sacred golden triangles: the Triforce of Power (top), the Triforce of Wisdom (left), and the Triforce of Courage (right).

The Triforce has the power to grant the wish of whomever touches it, and molds the Sacred Realm to reflect that person's heart. The Triforce does not discriminate between "good" or "evil".

Triforces do not destroy the world; the Goddesses’ Chosen do!

However, if a person without an equal balance of power, wisdom, and courage makes a wish, the Triforce will split into its three separate parts: the piece that best personifies the wish-maker will be the only piece to remain in hand, whilst the other two will take residence in whosoever most personifies them.

Reassembly is then required for such a person's wish to be granted, but does not exclude another from making the attempt. It is also notable that the Triforce is somehow essential to the stability of Hyrule. If it ceased to exist, the land of Hyrule would fall apart.

"Let me ask you a question, Iruka." Hiruzen said, snapping Iruka thought. "Have you heard the Legend of the Hero of Hyrule?"

Iruka nodded at that question as he has heard of it. Since the Legend of the Hero of Hyrule is very well-known throughout the land of Hyrule.

Iruka sure knows a lot about the Triforce legend for someone who didn’t think twice when seeing it on Naruto’s hand.

"Yes, I've heard of it." Iruka answered. "It said that he defeated the Great Evil who plan to steal the Triforce to conquer the world. It also said that he carry the Spirit of the Hero and continue to be incarnated again and again to keep Hyrule and the world safe."

"Yes. That is correct, but there is one thing that you don't know." Hiruzen replied, making Iruka confuse. "Not only he carry the Spirit of the Hero but he also carry the mark of the Triforce. And Naruto has the Spirit of the Hero and the mark of the Triforce."

Meaning, that despite Naruto not mentioning the spirit thing, Hiruzen already knew. Did he put the mask in the scroll, or has the author still not stopped being daft?

'Naruto has the Spirit of the Hero and the mark of the Triforce? But there only one person who has those two and that is the Hero of Hyrule, and Lord Hokage say that Naruto has them.' Iruka thought, then widen his eyes in realization. 'Wait, then that mean...'

Hiruzen nodded his head knowing what Iruka is thinking "Yes. Naruto is an incarnation of the Hero of Hyrule. And a final one, in fact, now that he became a Hylian God."

"So that why you did it and what you meant before." Iruka said, as he finally understand why he have to lie to Naruto about the made-up law and what he meant about Naruto doesn't need to be a ninja protect everyone.

"Yes, because I know that sooner or later, he going have to leave the village to help and save everyone as a Hero of Hyrule. Just like he alway did in his past lives." Hiruzen replied, smiling at the end.

Meaning you invented that law and crushed his dreams without telling him why, just so you could have this conversation with Iruka after the fact. Why does everyone keep giving Naruto reasons to hate this village?


Finally! It took me to a finish. Also if anyone wondering what kind of crossovers story this is. It a crossover story Naruto, bit of Zelda Unknown Origin, and Breath of the Wild. However, like Ageless Guardian of Hyrule, this story going to be very long.

And also, you're probably wondering about why Naruto is seventeen instead of fifthteen. Well, that because I made him 2 years older. So all the people who were killed in the Nine-Tails attack is the same in canon.

It certainly helps that Saria wants a gangbang from someone who is closer to being an adult than in canon. Now, what were those footnotes you wrote about?

(1) I move the mark of the Triforce to his right hand instead of leaving it on his left since Naruto is right handed instead of left handed like the one show in Skyward Sword and wii version of Twilight Princess.

(2) Saria is as busty as Sakura is in Sunahara Wataru.

First off, who gives a legitimate shit about what hand it would be on? Second, Sakura wasn’t “in” Sunahara Wataru, because Sunahara Wataru is a Naruto doujin hentai artist – so thanks for blemishing my google search history with that little surprise, jerkwad.

Thank you and have a good day.


While nothing in this story came as a big surprise to me, it did contain some peculiarities. Magic masks suddenly working through chemicals, for one. But most of it was purely derivative. Protagonist receives unfathomable power, he saves his sex-object love interest, and the narrative pace falls flat on its face since all conflict has been taken off its already tenuously existing life-support. Potentially the author could still try to plaster more chapters onto this story, like an incomplete papier-mâché arts and crafts project, but I’m not holding my breath. For now, thank you for reading, I hope it was entertaining for you.

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