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Re: New Spy

Post by ConcernedGamer » Wed Aug 08, 2018 11:05 am

You know what, Sean hasn't had a chance to show off in a while. Oh no, I don't mean his muscles. I mean his superior morals and just all around better-than-everyone nature. Seems that's what the author thinks he was going for, anyway. Here's Chapter 29, Mortal Kombat part 2.

Chapter 29 Mortal Kombat part 2

These parts are pathetically short, too. Remember the Total Drama Island parts? Those are longer than this set by more than a third.

"Now that was intense." Alex said with a satisfied smile as they walked to the arena for the second part of the tournament.

That was the orgy, folks. With people who haven’t even been given the customary hair, eye, and boob description, much less spoken a line. I’m sticking with my previous thought. A purple border for the wasted characters the author thinks made it into this story.

"Yeah I defiantly get the feeling that we're going home with a lot more people when this is done." Sean said as they entered the Arena.

Because what better thing do these people have to do in their own dimensions, after all?

"Now for the second part of the Tournament to begin. Sean Ashburn Kruger against Batman." Shang Tsung said making Sean widen his eyes before the masked vigilante walked into the arena.

So, Dragonlord0 injected Batman into this to have his self-insert defeat. Will there be a side-dish of a chest-pounding, better-than-thou ego-tantrum with this one, I wonder.

"Oh fuck." Sean said.

"Where are Harlen and Poison Ivy?" Batman asked.

"Um let me see uh none of your business." Sean said making him narrow his eyes at him. "Lets just get this over with I've got more honorable opponents to fight then someone who lets a killing clown still live hence the reason my country stepped in and demanded his execution." Sean said before they were transported to a different location to begin the match.

Because any country that intends to threaten another into following their way of life is of course the good guys. What planet do you live on, author?

"Doesn't give you the right to kill someone." Batman said.

"I'm a fucking soldier Killing comes with the job especially when the target is someone like him. Don't expect you to understand you don't feel what others feel when they lose someone because of him. How many families have been torn apart because of you letting him live how many lives have been lost because of you?"

Could you at least lube up before raping a helpless strawman in the ass, author? Your two-faced carnival clown of a brainless strong-man is given every non-sequitur you can grant him to boast the most hypocritical shit this side of his harem. This pubescent edgy Punisher logic is rampant enough on the Internet as it is, with whiny, twelve-year-old-like, pseudo-intellectuals waxing moral philosophies for the only reason to make their dick feel bigger by thinking they are poking holes in a fictional character’s moral fiber. Your choice of Joker is already nebulously vague, author, but even if I were to grant you it was the worst one of them all, your question isn’t just about why Batman doesn’t wring the Joker’s neck. It’s why Commissioner Gordon doesn’t pull his gun and blow the clown’s brains out. It’s why a random policeman doesn’t shoot the Joker upon him being locked up. It’s why Arkham nurses doesn’t administer poison to the clown’s evening meal. You even flat out stated it yourself, by having your super-soldier alter-ego – who is toting his pretended profession like he has not only a license, but also an obligation to kill – state outright that his nation forced the hand of the law after Sean himself forgot to kill the Joker when he could have! Batman doesn’t kill the Joker, because he is not above the law on this topic, and is allowing justice to be served through a trial and jury. It’s what separates a vigilante from a villain, you self-righteous simpleton. The worse a version of the Joker up prop up, the more that version is the dark reflection of what Batman is in his cause, going on a murdering spree while gleefully asking for someone to kill him to prove his way is right and sane morals are bunk. This shit is so straightforward that it all got addressed in a fucking Robot Chicken sketch, for crying out loud. Here, I’ll throw in another reason for Batman not killing the Joker, especially for the butthurt, non-due-process, murder-power-fantasy masturbators, if they’ve bothered reading this far. The other side of the coin is that Batman is a fictional character in a franchise being sold to people, and killing off the Joker upon every first appearance would not sell that well. Grow up.

Sean asked glaring before his hands were engulfed in fire making him look at them in surprise.

"Hmm?" Batman said confused.

"Well thats new." Sean said before throwing a fire ball at Batman. "Time to make you feel what others feel because of you." Sean said.

I’ve already had to rub out the stains of your last, pretentious denial of your inferiority complex a paragraph ago, author, don’t make me toss out another rant. Sean’s one-sided, two-bit ego-flexing is supposed to be genuine and true in every way by virtue of your lambasting writing abilities, and here you are thinking you know Batman doesn’t feel remorse for the victims of his rogues. Here you are, thinking that Sean’s position as a soldier has not let others suffer because of the lives he took. Here you are, pretending to not remember why Bruce Wayne became Batman.

Minutes later

"Hundred bucks says Batman comes back unharmed." Flash said before they came back with Batman knocked out before Sean kicked him to the league who were shocked.

"Asshole." Sean said.

Paraphrased: “I’m better than you because I kill people”. You may extend your index fingers in Dragonlard0’s general direction.

"How did you beat him?" Flash asked.

"Uh." Sean said before his hands were engulfed in fire.

Quick, someone call up Firefly and tell him he got jibbed by DC, because this nimrod of an author huffed his own farts and figured out Batman’s true demise.

"Its getting worse his powers are evolving faster then expected." Freddy said.

"Our next match will be Scorpion against Green Lantern." Shang Tsung said.

If you wanted to go play Injustice: Gods Among Us, why didn’t you just do that instead of wasting my time, author?

"Now you can make fire from your hands?" Sam asked surprised.

"Don't know what to tell you." Sean said shrugging his shoulders.

Gosh, Sean is just so relatable, shrugging off unthematic super-power endowments to pretend he totally deserves them.

"What did the guy who experimented on you do to you?" Donna asked confused.

"Experimented?" Juri said confused.

"I'll explain later." Sean said before Scorpion and Lantern came back with the first being victorious.

"Our next match will be Sean Ashburn Kruger against Wonder Woman." Shang Tsung said.

Has anyone noticed, that aside from not being able to show a match, the author doesn’t even know how a single-elimination tournament is structured?

"Oh this is going to be awesome." Sean said as he entered the Arena.

"Its been a while since a Spartan went up against an Amazon." Wonder Woman said smiling.

Well, you two didn’t share a universe until the author’s cock craved Harley Quinn, after all.

"Lets see who's stronger." Sean said as they were transported to a different arena.

"Care to make this interesting?" Wonder Woman asked as they appeared in a frozen wasteland.

"Oh?" Sean said.

"If I win you have join the league for a week till Batman is fully recovered. I think its only fair that you do so since you went a little to far." Wonder Woman said.

Because of course Sean has to get the Justice League to suck his dick clean after being done sodomizing Batman.

"True I just don't like that he doesn't kill the Joker when he deserves it. And If I win well...I'll keep that to myself till I win." Sean said making her smirk.

"Very well then." Wonder Woman said.

That’s not how bets and stakes are made, dickhead. Who the hell wants to read this crap, where the author is doing nothing but rubbing his ass against his keyboard while incessantly screaming “Fuck common sense, I do whatever I want.”?

Minutes later

"Ok now I'm sure she's going to beat him." Flash said before they appeared with Wonder Woman on her knees exhausted while Sean smirked.

"And once again I win." Sean said.

Because that’s your sole, true super-power, Sean. Your power is that you win. The rest the author pins on is just fluff.

"How?" Flash asked.

"The kid is a lot stronger then he looks." Superman said impressed.

Not even paper can defeat a rock this dense.

"I assume you'll be keeping the end of our deal." Sean said making her smirk.

"Of course." Wonder Woman said.

"What deal?" Clover asked smirking.

"Oh just a date." Sean said.

"Yeah sure whatever." Katara said rolling her eyes in amusement.

By the way, Katara, I hadn’t taken the author for targeting pussy that’s about to hit 90 years old, since he has Korra showing up later in this very same chapter.

"Our next match will be Reznov against Superman." Shang Tsung said.

"Oh crap." Reznov said as they were transported away.

Minutes later

Superman and Reznov came back with the later knocked out.

I must say, this is the most intense game of drawing straws that I’ve seen yet.

"Well that was unfair." Sean said.

"He did put up a good fight." Superman said.

"Our next match will be. Red Sonja against Sean Ashburn Kruger." Shang Tsung said.

"Stop!" Sean said. "What is going on? I've had the most fights here more then anyone else." Sean said getting the others to agree.

Oh, so the bullshit elimination pairing was a plot point, where Sean was simply too stupid to notice after the second fight he participated in, go figure.

"Just testing your skills is all nothing more." Shang Tsung lied.

"Bullshit I know when someone is lying

A super-power with every new breath, this guy.

I knew Raiden was lying about the real reason for this tournament from the start so whats this really about?" Sean asked.

"Sean." Freddy said appearing in front of him.

"Freddy?" Sean said surprised before seeing his face. "Damn what the hell happened to you?" Sean asked.

"Take a guess." Freddy said.

”The author is too busy to make shit up. I probably killed some kids and then things escalated a bit.”

"Look heres the truth and all of you do deserve to know since while this is to show the strength of each realm or group its also to help him." Freddy said.

"What are you talking about? I feel fine. I mean these powers are a little surprising but..." Sean tried to say.

It’s very kind of you to let Freddy “Exposition” Krueger have his say to avoid any and all potential conflict, Sean. Also, fuck you and your fake emotional issues and continuously impactless background story.

"You weren't supposed to get those powers so quickly. When you say I was the one who experimented on in a more inhuman way that was Micheal Kree who did that using the same Mask Mileena wears to look more human. He was trying to make you a living weapon." Freddy said shocking all those that didn't know. "I have a friend in Sparta who sent me a sample of your blood. These powers you're unlocking were supposed to awaken yes but not this soon the more you fight the faster they awaken and now its at an unstable rate." Freddy said.

”So, rather than have my friend inform you of the issue, I decided to put you in a situation where you would fight ten times more than you’d manage to do in a week. Oops.”

"So basically you need us to weaken him enough for this to work." A woman with dark skin brown hair and blue eyes said.

Is anyone supposed to know who you are at this moment in particular, buttercup?

"Yes I know none of you have anything to gain through this but if his evolution is not stabilized it could spell disaster." Freddy said.

"Why didn't you just say so to me directly? Were you afraid I'd just lash out at you for what happened? Freddy I'm not some brute who just attacks people at Random." Sean said.

Correct, Sean, because using the word ‘random’ implies it’s not your default choice of behavior!

"I see that now. You need to be weakened enough for me to inject this into you." Freddy said holding a syringe.

"If you really just needed our help we would have agreed to it." Superman said getting others to agree.

"Then I assume we can proceed with the tournament?" Raiden asked getting others to agree more looking forward to fighting.

Now that the author is done with his plot-handholding and has established that there is no reason for the tournament, sure, let’s just keep going. It’s not like its painfully obvious the author is already losing interest, and is only dragging things out long enough to let Sean remain undefeated and get more boob-dolls he won’t have the time to fondle.

"Very well now as I said. Red Sonja and Sean Ashburn Kruger will fight next." Shang Tsung said.

"Oooh this is going to be interesting." Sam said seeing her outfit which was basically a silver scale bikini.

I have to ask, author. Do you reach up all the way inside your cock-puppets to make them deliver you your boner-polish statements to no one in particular, or do you just pull a string in their backs?

Minutes later

"Ouch." Sean said a little beat up while Sonja was on the ground knocked out. "Now this woman put up a much more difficult fight." Sean said heading back to the others.

"First time I've ever seen you with actual wounds." Reznov said.

"First time for everything." Sean said before the next match began with Super Girl against Sheeva.

If he has wounds, he’s vulnerable. Just give him the damn injection already!

"Ok start explaining. What did you mean by being experimented on?" Juri asked with a frown.

"When I was younger I a rare deadly disease that would have killed me in months. Freddy managed to cure me but also his treatments had some unforeseen side effects. Unlimited Stamina and endurance practically unlimited physical strength and increased intelligence by 25." Sean said.

And we are back at non-stop repeating the power-endowment exposition to try and convince readers of them, and have Sean lure in women by having them gawk at all the features the author mistakenly thinks would make someone love him. Also, fuck you, author, you just smuggled in a retcon to give Sean ‘unlimited’ strength. You are never satisfied, you baby.

"So we consider those a huge bonus." Sarada said grinning at him.

"There was also one more thing before any of these other powers started to show. Somehow Freddy also unlocked something in my blood that should be impossible. Immortality." Sean said shocking the girls new to the harem.

And they are all totally sticking around nearby in the void with everyone else from the tournament, sitting, standing, floating, maybe even existing, should the author bother to give them dialogue.

"What? Is that supposed to be some kind of joke?" Yumi asked.

"Nope not at all. I didn't even know till I went back home to Sparta months ago to confirm my suspicions about why Micheal Kree wanted me so badly. Inside my body is the key to eternal life itself. I still don't know how Freddy did it nor does from the look of it. But I think Micheal wanted the key to making human weapons since..." Sean trailed off as his hand was engulfed in fire to demonstrate his point.

I honestly don’t see what’s stopping Kree. The guy had Sean examined by an underling to confirm that the experiment was a success, and since all that comes down to is testing blood, there should already be an army of clones being developed. But of course the author can’t do that, since it could create story-driving conflict, or allow Sean to finally go fuck himself.

"So what abilities do you have so far?" Tsunade asked curiously.

"Uh so far unbreakable skin and this." Sean said.

"Makes me wonder if you can copy other abilities as well." Nami said.

Copy other abilities. What a neat way of admitting you steal everything you can think of, author. You don’t even want to be original, do you?

"Maybe in later years or months since Freddy seems so convinced that my powers are evolving to fast." Sean said before SuperGirl and Sheeva came back with the later being victorious.

"Our next match will be Sean Ashburn Kruger against Power Girl." Shang Tsung said as the alternative version of SuperGirl came into the arena.

"Oh great I get to go up against a Kryptonian." Sean said grinning making her grin back.

Okay, we all know it wasn’t credible up until now, but Sean is bullshit incarnate. The only reason he’s not going to get an hour’s worth of eye heat beams from afar from a flying Kryptonian, is because the author probably doesn’t even grasp what super powers his caricatured cock-guzzlers have.

10 minutes later

"Well this is taking much longer." Alex said before they came back with Sean being victorious again.

"What? How did you beat her of all people?" Flash asked.

"Uh actually." Sean said as his right arm turned into emerald or at least it looked that way till it started glowing.

"Kryptonite." Superman said groaning before Sean's arm turned normal again.

Because of course he would develop a super power that lets him turn his body into a specific type of rock not found on planet Earth infused with radiations specific to the destruction of an alien planet, which by its plot-importance can’t be synthesized by anyone else. Just suck up your insufferable pride and ego and let Sean get hurt, author, you insecure pencil-dick.

"Sorry. In my defense it just happened the first time." Sean said.

”So of course I exploited it, because why would I let myself intentionally take damage from a super-human when I know what’s at stake. I have 25¤ more intelligence than anyone else, remember?”

"Jesus how many powers is he going to have?" Jax asked Freddy.

"I have no idea. Like I said his powers are evolving faster every time he fights which is what I need in order to inject this into him." Freddy said holding the Syringe.

You’re actually incapable of saying anything that doesn’t have to do with reminding people what the plot of this chapter is, aren’t you, Freddy?


More fight were fought and won for the past few hours. Sean went up against many such as Chun Li, Killer Frost, Naruko Uzumaki, Mira Strauss, Korra, Azula, Charm Caster, Yoko Littner and Tuppence Terror.

While I could question the probable dick in disguised with this lineup, I’d rather play a game of ‘Guess how many of these characters are still fourteen years old’.

Right now Sean was up against Wasp from the Avengers.

"Oh man at this rate I think we're going to need a bigger house." Donna said.

Why, is your storage shed for forgotten knob-lickers full?

"Oh yeah definitely." Sam said just as Sean came with Wasp in his arms knocked out.

"I think nows the best time to inject the syringe into him." Raiden said.

Wow, author, for a guy who obviously never got it in anywhere, you certainly know how to pull out.

"No not yet he's not at the point where it will work yet. He just needs one more fight." Freddy said.

"In that case. Sean Ashburn Kruger you will face Superman." Shang Tsung said.

"Wait what?" Sean said before the man of steel appeared. "Oooh man come on." Sean said as they vanished.

an hour later

"They should have been back minutes ago."

Yeah, fifty-nine after he turned himself into kryptonite, to be precise. But tea-bagging Superman for nearly an hour is just another complementary enjoyment of Sean living the life.

Alex said before a portal appeared and Superman was on the ground knocked out while Sean looked completely exhausted.

"Now or never." Freddy said quickly injecting him with the Syringe making Sean groan in discomfort.

"Warn before you start putting needles in me will ya." Sean said annoyed before his injuries started to heal faster.

Did this talentless author forget to mention Sean had regeneration powers two chapters back already?

"Ok this syringe should be stabilizing your powers now but I suggest we wait till tomorrow to see if its taken full effect." Freddy said.

Okay, this has been bothering me non-stop, Doctor Freddy. Could you acknowledge the shit you put in the syringe, instead of phrasing credit in every sentence to the instrument of delivery, rather than the stuff the author shies away from ever making up to further his objectively shitty plot contrivances?

"Yeah I'm definitely up for any more fights for today after that." Sean said.

Authors Note: Sorry this took so long been busy.

Oh, I bet. Jerking off to every paragraph you write must be such a time-waster.

Now next chapter will conclude the Mortal Combat arc with the rest of the girls joining the harem. Read and Review.

Because I’m sure the mortal enemies thrown into the mix will have no problems sharing space as long as there’s a cock between them.


And here is the freshly minted list with the new category of entirely neglected characters included. The author thinks all he has to do to add women to his harem at this point is to just have their name appear in this fanfic. As such, all this chapter's female stand-ins and last chapter's possible inclusion of Scarlet Witch have been added with a new type of frame, for having appeared but not even having been confirmed in-universe as being part of the harem. I won't let the author get away with not even working for the cake he wants to have and eat, too.

Okay, civilities and running gags are over with, I’m going to be mean now. Oh, I may rant, be foul-mouthed, throw a lot of nasty stuff at the fanfics I read, address the author behind it and so on, but I do so under the guise of comedy, and because I only address the strawman created by the author’s work. How the author chooses to present himself is all I can respond to, after all. But this obnoxious immoral pandering to a power-fantasy so dark and twisted, soiling decent archetypes and foundational ethics, just for the purpose of getting yourself off to it, is really grinding my gears. Want me to be nasty, mean and angry? Here is comes. Make up whatever little personal, undefeatable, infinitely over-powered, better-than-everything-and-beyond, god-like, immortal, rich, sex-sated, super-soldier power-fantasy flesh-suit you want, author. I find it pathetic you wish to share something so personal and solely self-gratifying, but you are free to do so. But the moment you make him a bully with the moral fiber of a psychopath, transparently only caring about himself and his own needs above others, guess what. I will rejoice at knowing its insignificance at being but a conceptual figment passing from this Earth the moment you forget it ever existed. I will condemn anyone believing him a paragon of what people should strive to be, until they wise up. And I hope you never rise out of the muck you wallow and fester in to write this escapist fantasy, to attempt or succeed at achieving what you want to profess your desires to be with this character. You are no soldier, author. Hell, I wouldn’t even pin you for a meter-maid, because I hold more credence to the belief, that people who are in such positions of power cares that they can do harm unto others, and at the very least know when and why they shouldn’t. Was that harsh? Fuck yeah. And it’ll stay that way until someone changes their tune. If anyone wants to convince me that person is me, give it your best shot.

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Re: New Spy

Post by GorillaGamer » Wed Aug 08, 2018 11:21 am

That rant at the end was very satisfying to read. Believe me, it was as scrumptious as a five-star chocolate mousse cake. Still deciding on what I should mock next though.
Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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Re: New Spy

Post by Dashguy » Wed Aug 08, 2018 9:20 pm

I find it funny Sean is lashing at Batman for not killing the Joker, and the Joker alone, when the Dark Knight has several other enemies who are just as dangerous, such as the Scarecrow, Victor Zsasz and Killer Croc. Not only that, but he doesn't say anything to Superman who is just as adverse, if not more, to kill as Batman.

If I were a cynic I would suspect Sean is only giving shit to Batman because he had the misfortune of crossing paths with the Joker and wouldn't give a damn otherwise.

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Re: New Spy

Post by ConcernedGamer » Sat Aug 11, 2018 8:30 am

@GorillaGamer - I'm glad that my ranting is found entertaining. I must admit though, it has been a long time coming, what with the terrible trends these types of fanfics keep propagating.

@Dashguy - I have a feeling it's only more of an ongoing trend, with the author getting rid of the remotest of possibilities of his targeted flesh lights having a second option of a love interest. As far as my memory goes, Wonder Woman did flirt with Batman once or twice in the author's likely specific Justice League source material, and the track record on everything thus far has been for Sean to muscles out anyone of the opposite gender who has shared interactions with his spank material.

Let's just get this thing over and done with already. Here's Chapter 30, Mortal Kombat part 3.

Chapter 30 Mortal Kombat part 3

Competitor for worst Death Battle, ever.

"Ugh. Fuck what did you inject me with?" Sean asked.

For all the actual evidence of the drawbacks of your condition thus far, Sean, I’d say it was a placebo.

"Jeez I thought soldiers never complained." Freddy said amused.

"Fuck off. Whats happening to me I feel so weak." Sean said.

"Your body is adapting to the Syringe I gave you after your fight with Superman. Its going to take an hour or two before the side effects wear off." Freddy said.

"And what will you do when it does? Go back home and prove your innocence?" Sean asked.

Oh yeah, Freddy Kruger, innocent, pull the other one.

"I already did through a friend of mine when I sent him a video of the event. You don't need me since its clear you still have issues with me." Freddy said.

"Can you blame me? For 11 years you never came forward with the truth about that night. How about you just be honest about the experiment and just tell me what really happened?" Sean asked making him sigh.

Fuck off, author, you conflict-scared coward. Your coy withholding of your imaginary brother’s existence obviously extended to the entire universe, because what the fuck prevented Freddy from clearing his name the day after this first now established decade old incrimination?!

"Look I swear on my life I have absolutely no idea how you became an immortal. I was messing around with a few chemicals that would have held back the virus that was killing you thats all. When I mixed them together it caused some kind of reaction inside you. You were convulsing on the table for half a minute before it stopped and when that happened you were basically and impossibly as healthy as a physically fit man in his early 20's even more then that actually. I think the chemicals activated something inside your blood." Freddy said.

It was very progressive of the author to tailor this fanfic for people with constant memory loss, because this has got to be the fifth time or so that this shit has been stated!

"What do you mean in my blood? We share the same blood." Sean said making Freddy sigh. "What? What are you not telling me. We are brothers completely by blood right?" Sean asked.

Are you kidding me with these exposition-baiting non-sequiturs? Is he supposed to say it caused a reaction inside both of you, dumbass? That’s even worse than hooking onto someone stating they are having a light breakfast, and assuming they have a plot-based urgency beyond their control to make it light, right off the bat!“

"Not exactly true. We're only related by our mother. Dad had an accident a few years before you were born and mom wanted a second child. She never told us how but we know she didn't cheat on dad to get what she wanted but she also didn't visit any of the clinics for a donation for what she wanted. I could never find out how she got you conceived but she did and she would never tell us how and I couldn't find anyone whose DNA matched yours in the DATA base. Whoever your biological father was is the reason you have immortal blood inside you." Freddy said making Sean sit down.

Yeah, sure, whatever, Starlord. Am I supposed to find it subtle that you put together this chapter three weeks after the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, author?

"That doesn't make any sense. Did dad..." Sean tried to ask.

"He knew you weren't his son by blood but he loved you anyway since you made the family complete until you got infected.

”Then you didn’t make the family complete and he hated your guts.”

I think he actually knew who your real father was but didn't feel obligated to tell me thinking it didn't matter. I argued with him saying if we found your father I could find a cure but he wouldn't tell me saying he didn't know but he did." Freddy said.

Exposition Freddy never fails to paint every corner to let any of those pesky doubts, curiosities, and intrigues up for exploration later, does he?

"Did you ever come close to a small lead on who it was?" Sean asked.

"No but when you were born I did a small test on your blood.

How far apart in age are you two?

Even before the accident which made you who you are today you had a lot of enhancements inside you that a newborn shouldn't have. Look as of now it doesn't really matter who it is. You and I are still brothers and its my job to look after you." Freddy said.

So, another thing to add to the list of reasons why Sean is not a real Spartan. My biggest disappointment is that the author took out whatever fun I could have at calling him a bastard.

"Likewise." Sean said making Freddy chuckle before his computer beeped.

It was leaning against Raiden’s vacuum cleaner, right next to Quan Chi’s boombox.

"Oh looks like the side effects wore off faster. I guess your clear to finish the Tournament." Freddy said.

Who cares if Sean might still feel the effect? A computer just beeped.

"Looks like it." Sean said heading out.

Minutes later

"Now then today will be the final day of the tournament. Sean Ashburn Kruger against Samui and Karui." Shang Tsung said.

Should I expect Karui to die in this combat, or should I just go ahead add yet another harem participant the author never bothered to mention on his list?

"Huh?" Sean said before looking at the two women one with white skin blonde hair cut short with blue eyes and had large breasts slightly smaller then Tsunade's and another with dark skin red hair amber eyes her breasts were not anywhere close to as big as her friend but she was still beautiful. "Nice." Sean said.

Single-worded, monosyllabic exclamation truly hits home the idea of wholeheartedly appreciating beauty, doesn’t it?

"Lets just get this over with." Karui said as they were transported to their arena.

Minutes later

Sean came back victorious with Samui and Karui knocked out before they were carried to the healing room.

Healing room? What the fuck have your forgot to establish up until now this time, author?

"So..." Sam said.

"Lets just say you'll be surprised when we get back." Sean said taking a drink

"Our next match will be Julia Mactavish against Sonya blade." Shang Tsung said making Sean spit out his drink.

Julia Mactavish. A made up name, which means she’s down there with Reznov in the shit pile. As far as I can tell, she’s also in the author’s other Mortal Kombat fanfic. Go figure, he recycles everything.

"WHAT!" Sean yelled in shock.

"Hey jackass." Julia said behind him.

"Oh no." Sean said turning around and saw a woman with white skin brown hair in a pony tail with brown eyes and glasses. "Uh hey Julia." Sean said sheepishly before she kicked him in the family jewels. "AH!" Sean yelled in pain on his knees holding his balls. "Ok I might have deserved that." Sean said before she punched him in the face. "That I'm not so sure." Sean said.

Are you done with your 'Jack Sparrow'-like reenactment for lame comedy excuses, Mr. Invulnerable Man-child?

"Uh are we missing something?" Clover asked.

"Ex girlfriend?" Sam said.

A woman who left this guy’s harem? You can’t truly believe such myths, Sam.

"Nope not even close." Sean said as Julia and Sonya went away. "Julia is like me and Reznov she's military. We're good friends despite what you just saw but I defiantly deserved that. A couple months before we met Me Reznov and Julia were on a join mission op that hit a snag. We had two choices either save the prisoners who were all Ex cons or capture a high level terrorist that was planing an attack on British soil. Reznov and I went to capture the target while she tried to save the prisoners but because she didn't have any backup she failed so she blames me since it was my call."

Oh, stop pretending you have not only thought up a source of conflict, but also pretend that it’s going to matter in the span of more than a couple of paragraphs, author. It’s painstakingly clear every time that you inject something, in order to fake the evidence these characters know each other and have always existed.

Sean said as Julia and Sonya came back with Sonya knocked before Julia walked away. "I'll be right back." Sean said following her.

Julia sighed as she sat down next to a tree.

"Julia." Sean said walking to her.

"Go the fuck away." Julia said.

"Come on you got to let that go I said I was sorry but the mission was more important. What do you think would have happened if Reznov and I didn't stop him you know what he was planning on using a biological weapon on your country." Sean said making her sigh.

Forgiven in a heartbeat. Why, it’s almost like it never happened and held no purpose.

"I know. I don't hate you for doing your job I just wished you'd help me save my uncle." Julia said.

"Trust me not a day goes by that I wish I could go back and help.

I’m going to hold you to that sentence, you English-deficient asshole.

But the mission came first. Now come on lets go see the rest of the matches." Sean said as they went back to the fights.

What is there to see, fucktard?!

"Now for the next match. Sean Ashburn Kruger against Red Monika." Shang Tsung said as a woman with Red hair white skin and green eyes appeared and she was beautiful(Look her up and you'll be drooling for hours)

We know you credit beauty onto every bimbo-changed character you fap to, author, that’s why you are including them. Does Red Monika look sexually desirable? Of course, you dip, she’s designed to appeal to a male demographic. Just keep your filthy projected immaturity away from people, when you yourself have put her down as #57 on your spank-list.

"And Kushina Uzumaki." Shang Tsung said as another Red head walked she had white skin and dark blue eyes.

"Oh boy your going up against my mother." Naruko said.

"Any suggestions?" Sean asked.

Tell her she has no son, just to confuse her.

"Call her a tomato." Naruko said making him snicker.

Minutes later

"And once again I win." Sean said coming back with the two red heads knocked out.


"It would seem the serum is stabilizing his powers." Raiden said to Freddy.

Yeah, I mean, it’s just so obvious, isn’t it?

"Yes but once the Tournament is over I'm requesting his SO in the group he works for that he stays off duty for a month or so. Just to be safe." Freddy said.

”I’m just assuming he has a SO who will listen to me, though. Sean’s a soldier first and foremost if anything, what with his complete inability to take commands and do his duty without back-sass.”


The Tournament was nearly finished. Sean had faced a few other opponents before he was one of the final 4 Combatants. He had face Star Girl, Tula, Giganta, Circe, Poison Cammy, Rainbow Mika, Elena, Crimson Viper, Ur, Lisanna, Cana, Juvia, Sakura Haruno, Hinata Hyuga, Kurotsuchi, Nico Robin, Boa Hancock, Morrigan Aensland and Regina.

So, we also have another new arrival with Rainbow Mika. Also, I might have been poking fun at Naruko’s probable genitalia, but is the author aware that he might need to mention which version of Poison he’s salivating over, because there’s a transgender controversy in her history?

"Now then the final Combatants. Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Sean Ashburn Kruger and Julia Mactavish the four of you are all that remains. Liu Kang you will face Julia Mactavish while Kung Lao goes up against Sean Ashburn Kruger." Shang Tsung said.

You forgot that Tsang Sung, as reigning champion, also fights, author. Fuck, what am I saying, you never knew!

"May the best man win." Kung Lao said making Julia clear her throat. "Oh I mean may the best warrior win." Kung Lao said.

"Better." Julia said as she and Liu Kang vanished while Sean and Kung Lao did the same.

What, was that your attempt at playing a “I’m totally a feminist-friendly, female-inclusive, non-mysoginist”-card, author? Or did you steal this dialogue from somewhere else for pity-laughs, too?

Minutes later

Sean was victorious against Kung Lao while Liu Kang was victorious against Julia.

"I'm assuming she gave you an earful about hitting a girl right?" Sean asked getting him to chuckle.

"Fuck you guys." Julia said.

"How do you put up with her?" Liu Kang asked.

The same way he deals with everything else. By her not existing until the author reminds himself of her name.

"Years of practice." Sean said before avoiding a rock thrown at him and hit Reznov.

"OW!" Reznov yelled.

"Ops sorry." Julia said in embarrassment.

"Now for the final match. Liu Kang against Sean Ashburn Kruger." Shang Tsung said.

"I've been looking forward to this." Liu Kang said grinning.

"So have I." Sean said as they were teleported to the final battle ground.

Minutes later

Because pretending that these matches lasted up towards an hour like with Superman would be less impressive, I guess.

Sean and Liu Kang came back both knocked out.

"A TIE!" Reznov yelled.


Author, promise me you won’t get a career in writing for wrestling, because you sell the worst fucking matchups and end results. This was the finale to your great Mortal Kombat piece of shit arc? A tournament that includes Sean having an hour long fight with Superman while pretending to not use kryptonite, where the final fight is Sean having a tie with Lui Kang? I don’t even have to tell anyone why this sucked or why it was unconvincing. I’m done here, and I won’t even acknowledge this stage-bowing asshat’s pretend-defeat, as anything but you merely pulling out a parachute ten super-powers after crashing into the ground from the plummet your Marty Stu self-insert took upon his creation. Stop insulting the intelligence of everyone unfortunate enough to be reading your infantile power-fantasies already!

"Ouch." Sean said as he and Liu Kang got up.

"Who won?" Sam asked.

"None of us did we both hit the ground." Sean said.

"So both of you were evenly matched therefor it is a draw." Raiden said.

These two just had a beer together and returned without doing any actual fighting, didn’t they?

"I didn't see that coming." Reznov said.

Me neither, because who could have foreseen this author was self-aware enough to pretend his ego is smaller than it actually is?


"So what happens now?" Julia asked Sean and Reznov.

"Well I go back to the states and relax since this serum is still affecting me. We just go back home and relax for a while." Sean said.

"I think I might actually just put in a transfer request to head stateside for a while since things are getting a little to boring back home." Reznov said.

You, a Russian assassin, are planning on requesting – you know what, fuck this, I’ll let this author remain undisturbed in his La La Land a bit longer, since he obviously could never deal with reality.

"Well I am heading back home since I still got work to do." Julia said.

"Well hopefully we'll see ya sometime later." Sean said shaking her hand making her smile.


"Home sweet home." Sean said laying down on the couch in the mansion while a few of the girls from the Tournament got settled in. These girls were Charm Caster, Juri, Erza, Tsunade, Naruko, Poison and Nami. The other girls were getting their things from their homes or getting a few extra girls to join his harem.

Because the author stopped caring and now has Sean sit on his ass while the new mindless sex-drones wrangle more for him. What willful denial does one have to suffer to not realize this fanfic is composed of nothing but literary IOUs?

Just then someone knocked his door.

"Oh come on." Sean said getting up. He opened the door and to his surprise Wonder Woman and superman were at the door. "Oh its you guys. Whats going on?" Sean asked stepping outside.

"We actually came here to ask if you were interested in joining the Justice league." Superman said.

Clark, this guy complains if he has to do as much as get off the couch, let alone go on a missions to save the world.

"Huh? Might I ask why?" Sean asked.

"With skills like yours you could do a lot of good around the world. Besides you were able to take down multiple opponents with ease till the last fight. Skills like those the Justice league could use." Superman said.

Sure, why not, I mean, he’s only a god whose two-faced pacifying apprehension of villains only goes as far as the author’s amorally-imagined profit.

"Well not that I don't want to but I've been given some time off due to my brother telling my boss that the serum still needs time to fully adjust to me." Sean said.

Are you going to stay in WOOHP, too, since the author hasn’t caught up on all the episodes he promised?

"You can still join any time you want just so long as you and Batman don't get into a fight." Superman said in amusement making Sean chuckle.

"I can try honestly but I cant say the same for him since he has issues." Sean said.

"Oh you have no idea."

”Your abundantly sound, well-formulated and superior arguments about killing people mercilessly because we can, has absolutely no input on my part because I’m Superman and not Batman, after all.”

Superman said before he flew away while Wonder Woman stayed.

"I also believe you owe me a date." Wonder Woman said making him chuckle.

Author, she lost, she owes him the date. Stop playing the part of the deserving person who receives, instead of the undeserving one who takes.

"Oh I didn't forget." Sean said letting her inside.

Authors note: So the Mortal Kombat Tournament is over and Sean got a lot of ladies into his harem who either have some packing to do or getting some more girls from their worlds or homes into his harem.

Yes. I read that too, 277 words ago, you scatter-brained numbskull. Do you put this down as the only important event of note for the people who only glance over this for sex scenes?

Anyway next chapter Sean and his girls travel to Hawaii for some personal time away while he's on leave.

Oh, sweet, Hawaii. I can’t wait to have it be mentioned upon the start of the chapter as the location they are going to, without it ever making an impact on the void, like everything else you’ve ever written, author!!

Another thing I made a poll for Dares for when the girls are all alone when he's not around so pick 4. Another thing yes Sean will be in the Justice league for a while feel free to give me a code name for him though I already have one. Read Review and Vote. See ya.

Let’s look at the suggestions made by the meat-beaters who like this trash, shall we? Only one suggestion was ever made, because the rest were too busy kissing ass and listing more name-tags. Darwin. There’s a certain reward I’d like to give Sean, I can tell you that much.

And Wonder Woman makes the list together with Naruko, Charm Caster, and Poison as harem participants by merely getting their foot in the door before the chapter ends. By half-assing the absence of other girls for the sake of harvesting more, I'll be amazed if the author will even mention the girls still marked down as mentioned but not included. A total of 44 female characters were dumped into this fanfic through these latest three chapters alone, with about the same courtesy and rush of a mass grave. Because that's what this heinous fanfic is reducing itself to.

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Re: New Spy

Post by ConcernedGamer » Sun Aug 12, 2018 2:51 pm

Plot? What plot? I don't know about any plot. We haven't had a plot for thirty chapters, we're not getting one now! Here's Chapter 31, Vacation fun part 1.

Chapter 31 Vacation fun part 1

Just call it the 'fucking on a private beach in the sand without any problems' arc, and get it over with already.

Wonder Woman AKA Diana was moaning like an absolute sex craved whore as she and Sean were in the outside hot tub with her bouncing off his lap.

If your hand does nothing but squeak when you masturbate at this point, author, you should either give it a rest or use some lube.

"Oooh by the gods this is amazing!" Diana yelled as she continued to bounce on his lap as he impaled her deeply.

Sean smirked at her before pulling her into a kiss making her moan as she wrapped her arms and legs around him before he took one deep thrust into her making her whimper in bliss as he came deep inside of her. She lost her strength and went limp while he held her close and went into the center of the hot tub and continued to kiss her body making her moan in bliss as she kissed his face.

Kiss, moan, bliss. Kiss, moan, bliss. Even your repetition is repetitive, author.

"I could stay like this forever." Diana said making him chuckle before kissing her left breast making her shudder.

"Well then you'd be keeping me from the others." Sean said making her giggle before he sat back down with her laying on his chest.

Yeah, all 87 others, who I'm sure you have quality time enough to interact with in a single day.

"Besides I've got a little surprise for all of you. Since I'm on leave for the next month or so I decided to take us all on a little needed vacation." Sean said.

"Oh and where to? A deserted tropical island away from civilization?" Diana asked making him chuckle and kissed her again making her smile.

"Not exactly but close enough."

She's only wrong because the author pretends that wasn't the function of every location he has had these characters fuck in thus far.

Sean said as Alex and Carmen walked in the hot tub.

"So where are we going then?" Alex asked as she laid on his left while her mother on his right and Carmen kissed Diana making her moan into her first kiss with another woman.

No one remind the author that his default bi-sexual and bimbofied version of Wonder Woman comes from an island of nothing but women. He'll only produce two or three more chapters of this trash.

"Hawaii. I did tell you I had plenty of places around the world with all the money I've invested. One such place is there. Its located away from the populace so no one will bother us unless you invite them over." Sean making them giggle. "Plus I did recently add in some additions for you girls." Sean said.

You are describing luxuries you already have, Sean. The author has nothing new to provide, even to himself.

"Aww." Alex said kissing him.

"So when do we leave?" Carmen asked.

After the next time-skip, I'm sure.

"Tomorrow since I'm sure you all want to get there as soon as possible." Sean said.

Well, isn't that patronizingly condescending? Dangle something in front of them, and immediately they will pounce without restraint.

"What about me Sam Donna and Clover since we still have school." Alex said.

"Just made up some BS about being temporarily homeschooled." Sean said making her smile.

With as paper-thin an excuse thrown out just to make sure your dick remains erect by saying these girls still are in high school, I'm surprise you haven't already had them drop out and leech off your fantasy fortune, like all the other gold-digging bitches are supposed to.

Next day

"Never get tired of seeing that." Alex said as they boarded his personal plane to Hawaii.

And I never get tired of the fact that the author keeps telling us people see things that he never describes to us.

Among everyone in the group for the action was Alex, Sam, Clover, Donna, Carmen, Stella, Gabriella, Carla, Crimson, Pam, Alice, Keako, Candy, Makeda, Tassara, Segan, April, Harley, Ivy, Juri, Courtny, Gwen, Heather, Izzy, Lindsay, Leshawna, Bridget, Dawn, Zoey, Jasmine, Eva, Sky, Katie, Dakota, Blainely, Sierra, Jessica, Nomi, Penny, Marie, Erza, Tsunade, Yumi, Nami, Sarada and pretty much everyone.

Lost track after listing only half of your harem, shithead? Did you run out of commas to list them with, or did you realize how clearly diluted your sexual fantasies are if you provided the rest of the names? Let me do it for you then. Killer Frost, Red Monika, Charm Caster, Morrigan Aensland, Stargirl, Wonder Woman, Regina, Mira, Ur, Cana, Juvia, Lisanna, Yoko_Littner, Circe, Giganta, Hinata, Karui, Kurotsuchi, Kushina, Naruko, Sakura, Samui, Boa Hancock, Nico Robin, Red Sonja, Sabine, Cammy, Chun Li, Crimson Viper, Elena, Poison, Rainbow Mika, Azula, Katara, Korra, Ava, Carla Wong, Carly, Caroline, Emily, Wanda, Tula, and Tuppence Terror. And I'm tempted to frame all of these in purple regardless of their previous appearances now.

"Wow now this is high class." Karui said amazed.

You come from a realm where they haven't invented the airplane yet, Karui, stop pretending you exist in this fanfic by spouting shit.

"Well being rich does has its advantages." Sean said.

Grammar is sadly not one of them.

"Feel free to do whatever you want here since its going to be a few hours before we reach Hawaii."

A few hours? It took you an entire day to reach Sparta, which is only three times the journey from Beverly Hills.

Sean said before the girls dispersed to do their own thing which would mostly regard sex or relaxing.

Sean was in the large hot tub room like last time watching the big TV.

Imagine my surprise.

"Mind if I join you?" Circe asked already in the nude as him making him smirk.

"Be my guest." Sean said as she walked in and moaned from the hot bubbling water on her bare skin before she was neck deep in the water before sitting next to him. She soon started to kiss his neck before traveling down lower to his muscles moaning from his taste before she yelped when she was pushed aside by someone.

"Mind if I cut in?" Tula asked making Circe growl at her for interrupting her fun.

"Girls come on no fighting."

Meanwhile, I'm sure Fire Nation Princess Azula is happily whispering sweet nothings into Water Tribe Rebel Katara's ears in Sean's absence.

Sean said pulling them close making them blush before smiling at each other. Tula went down to his cock giving him a blowjob while Circe kissed him lovingly.

Sean groaned slightly before grabbing Tula's head and deep throated her

Okay, can we ask ourselves this? A woman deep throats a man. A man deep throats a woman. Which is which?

making her eyes widen before moaning around his cock enjoying the rough treatment.

Circe giggled as she saw how Tula was handling getting her mouth fucked hard before yelping in surprise as Sean pulled on her breasts making her whimper before she placed one in his mouth for him to suck on.

Detachable tits is all the rage.

"Mmmm So good." Circe moaned before gasping as his other hand went to her pussy and fingered her making her moan loudly.

Tula moved faster around his cock wanting him to release soon before she felt him twitch inside her mouth which made her double her efforts to get her prize. Circe was moaning more and started to shake.

Oh great, she's allergic to cum and is going into an anaphylactic shock.

"Mmm I'm so close." Circe moaned before he pulled her into a kiss making her moan before she let out a shuddering moan in his mouth as she came from his fingers while he came into Tula's mouth making her moan gulping it all down before diving back up for some fresh air.

"Delicious now how about we do something special for you."

Because all that these two sluts just did for Sean deserves him a reward. What is logic?

Tula said before pulling Circe down and whispered something in her ear making her grin before both got on his sides and pressed their pussies together on his cock making them moan as they rubbed themselves on his cock while rubbing each other as well.

Sean grinned before they yelped as Circe was forced on the edge before moaning in bliss as he drilled into her making her eyes roll into the back of her head enjoying the hard swift thrusts her lover gave her.

It was such a special treatment that it lasted the single paragraph it was presented in.

Tula got behind him and pressed her breasts on his back while kissing his neck. Sean pulled her so she was in front on him and kissed her while she wrapped her arms and legs around him.

Well, Circe is a sorceress, so I'm sure mid-fucking she made herself insubstantial so Sean could put another woman in front of himself.

Circe was in heaven as she got plowed from behind her ass smacking against his waist with ease thrust making her ass jiggle with each hard thrust. Tula managed to use one of her hands to rub her butt making Circe moan from feeling her soft hands on her butt cheeks.

Ass, thrust, ass, thrust, rub, butt, moan, butt, is this shit inspired by a Konami Code?!

Sean grunted before he took one last final thrust and Circe had to place her hands on her mouth to muffle her screams as he came inside of her making her eyes roll into the back of her head knocked out from the intense sex with a fucked silly smile on her face.

Why bother pretend you can describe a sex scene with passion, attention, and rich language, when you can instead make a short summarization of the details that matters to you in a single threesome freeze frame ,while dumping in your search keywords that let you find it, author?

"Aww she passed out." Tula said making Sean chuckle before getting up and pulled Circe up making Tula like her lips eyeing his muscled body with his large cock hanging down

Having a little problem maintaining that eternal erection of yours, Sean, or did the author go into denial when he realized he can only get half-chubs?

while he carried her to a chair to lay her down. Sean walked back over to Tula who got on her hands and knees and waved her ass at him. "My turn big man." Tula said making him smirk before scooping her up in his arms making her burst into a fit of giggles before she wrapped her arms and legs around him and kissed him.

You put Velcro on your Tickle Me Elmo flesh-light holder, author, we get it.

Sean soon thrusted himself inside of her making her whimper before smiling at him in pure love kissing him more passionately and lovingly and he did the same both moving their tongues around the others mouth while he thrusted into her needing sex making her moan and whimper every few seconds into his mouth.

Tula looked into his eyes with pure love as she pressed her forehead against his while he thrusted into her slowly seeing she wanted a slow love making.

Boy, that's sure is a lot of love. Love is just everywhere in this fanfic. Like a gas. Suffocating and completely invisible.

"Mmm Feels so good." Tula said making him smirk before he sucked on her neck making her whimper some more before she gasped as she felt her own orgasm approaching. Tula slammed herself downwards to meet his thrusts so they could come together before she gasped as she came and whimpered as he came deep inside of her as well.

And then they whimpered, gasped and came some more.

Sean pulled her into a kiss making her moan into his mouth.

Or, yeah, that again!

Circe soon rejoined them in the water pressing her breasts against his right arm before they sat in one of the seats enjoying the peace and quiet.

And turbulence and the movie that should still be going on the TV.

"I wonder what the others are up to." Circe said.

With said girls

All of them?!

Alex squealed as her mother licked her ass while fingering her pussy.

Pretty much all the girls were in an orgy of sorts.

I can't help but laugh as you attempted a fraction of focus on your lemon scenes, author, and then just said fuck it and decided instead to list it off after an off-handed statement that everyone is sort of there and sort of fucking. I'm even going to redact all the names of these characters, just to get it through any pigheaded crotch-grabber still reading this just how vapidly bland this all is. Good luck if you can even guess which incestual couple is present here.

Donna and Sam were in the 69 position eating each other out.

Clover was sandwiched between Stella and Gabriella as her mom fucked her upfront while Gabriella fucked her from behind.

Izzy was getting fucked by Juri who had a double strap on vibrator on herself making Izzy moan in bliss.

April was licking Charm casters sex like a pro as the white haired magic user moaned her name out from her skilled tongue.

Tsunade moaned as Diana and Red Sonja sucked on her large breasts while Red Monika rubbed her equally large breasts on her back making her moan even more.

Carla and Keako had their fun with Mira and her little sister Lisanna both using special vibrators on them while having electric nipple clamps on them making them yelp and moan every few minutes with each jolt.

Tessara and Mekeda were kissing each other lovingly as they pressed their breasts together while fingering each other.

Naruko moaned as her mother pressed her pussy against hers while playing with Naruko's breasts making her daughter whimper from her skilled hands.

All and all it was going to be a very fun trip to Hawaii.

All in all there was nothing new here. Even the nipple clamps are old news. You ran dry twenty chapters ago, author, stop pumping.

Hours later

"We're here already? That was quick." Marie said a little disappointed.

"Oh trust me the fun has only just begun." Sean said as they took a few cars to the mansion they would be staying in for the next month.

Another fucking mansion, proving every point I've already made about this author's eternal void of luxurious wish-fulfilment. The only reason they are here at Hawaii must be to claim more randomly scattered bitches.

30 minutes later

"WOW!" The girls yelled seeing the place was even bigger then their home in Beverly hills.

It's almost like Sean never had a reason to blackmail WOOHP into giving him the current mansion, huh?

"Like I said I invest well." Sean said as they walked inside. (For a better description of the place look up my deviant art account Halo956)

A better description? How about actually giving a description in the first place, you miscreant! As if I didn't already need to look up every girl on their respective wiki-pages, when I don't know who the hell they even are, you still demand people browse your stolen CG dream-house gallery!!

"Wow so we get to live here for a whole month?" Alex asked amazed.

"Oh yeah so I would enjoy the month while we can." Sean said as each girl went to find their own room.

Any individual entry on a top ten list of the largest mansions in existence don't have half the amount of bedrooms you demand for your still less than twenty percent complete harem, author, you dumb dullard.

"Why do I get the feeling that more girls will be joining us while we're here?" Carmen asked Sean kissing his neck making him chuckle.

"Like your actually against the idea." Sean said.

You had better stay the hell away from Lilo, you fuckers!

Authors note: Finally! Now another poll is up for the harem selection vote for 50 out of the hundred. Another thing my friend Cloud4012 suggested I should use Chel from the Road to El dorado as a dancer here so I am along with adding some other girls like say Alexis from Yugioh GX and her friends Mindy and Jasmine as models that are in Hawaii and meet him for some private fun. If any of you have some suggestions let me know. Read Review and Vote. See ya.

As if it wasn't obvious enough that the author has no reason to keep writing besides pretending he provides titillation to anyone. He's stuck in the slow lane of a looping race track, thinking he has arrived at a new place after every lap.


And all we got was the finalizing stamps of Wonder Woman, Circe and Tula, while getting a first-time confirmation that Karui, Red Sonja, Red Monika, Mira, Lisanna, and Kushina are even present in the harem. With how the author even kept listing off the bimbos in practically the order they came in before just shrugging off the rest of the head-count, it's painfully obvious the author has no personal investment towards the majority of his masturbation targets, simply wedging them in as reader bait.

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Re: New Spy

Post by GorillaGamer » Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:00 pm

That redacted sex scene perfectly sums up this fic better than I could, especially when it was written out like a soiled grocery receipt.
Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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