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Post by ConcernedGamer » Wed Aug 29, 2018 3:02 pm

Last chapter of the current bunch of the author's long since rotten fruits of labor. As far as I recall, this was supposed to be a Justice League chapter coming up. Let's see how that goes. Here's Chapter 35 Girls day.

Chapter 35 Girls day

Because when did this author ever make a promise about these chapters that he could keep?

Alex moaned in bliss as Harley was kissing her ass with love.

Harley then decided to tease her and rubbed her breasts on her ass cheeks making Alex giggle.

"Like this baby?" Harley said before kissing her neck making Alex smile before Harley licked her neck all the way down to her butt again.

Dude, you are skipping to the next sentence as soon as you have someone touch an ass, slow down!

"Mmm." Alex moaned before feeling someone playing with her hair and looked to see Chel who was naked as them

Okay, I know this might be too late and near the finish line, but 'naked as them' is not a phrase, author. 'By the way, she was naked, they all are', is what you are trying to say every time, and you package your horny incompetence into only three incompatibly connected words.

making her smile before she spreed her legs for her making Alex smirk before pulling her closer to lick her sex making her moan.

And why not a fourth 'making' for a crowd to cheer, while you are at it, author.

"Aw isn't that hot. Lets turn up the heat." Harley said before pulling out a special strap on vibrator and inserted it into Alex's ass making her groan out before moaning as Harley played with her butt while thrusting into her.

"Mmm. Maybe you should give her a spanking." Chel said while playing with her breasts.

Is this just going to be the ass chapter? What a fitting end.

"Thats my job." Carmine said entering the room before Pulling Alex off of Harley's toy making Alex pout before gasping as her mother gave her a hard spanking. "I recall saying I would spank your little ass early this morning." Carmen said before resuming her task making Alex moan from the pain.

This is just rapid-fired sex concepts chained together, because the author assumes the more he piles on the more exciting this will be, while not making anything last beyond a sentence.

"Can we join?" Harley asked while kissing her breasts making Carmen moan before pulling Chell into a kiss.

I guess Carmen's kink autopilot will take over the spanking that still keeps going despite this.

Alex continued to moan as her mother gave her a spanking before someone placed their pussy on her mouth making her look up and saw Juri who smirked at her before Alex licked her pussy making Jury moan.

Juri, Jury, doesn't really matter. After all, the author can't even spell Freddy Krueger correctly when he's not masturbating, or at least I hope he pauses during those scene.

Carmen then gasped as someone kissed her ass making her look and saw Samui who smirked at her making her grin before Samui pressed her large breasts against her back while kissing her neck.

While this was going on

Thank you, author, any more characters thrown into the lesbian orgy pile and someone would eventually have suffocated.

Sam gave her mother a lap dance grinding her butt against her waist while Gabriella played with her ass before Sam took off her bra and placed her breasts in front of her face.

Who's up for another round of pronoun salad?

"Like this mommy?" Sam asked before Gabriella placed one in her mouth and sucked on it.

"Take it all off baby." Gabriella said

Don't talk with your mouth full.

before Sam took off her thong and threw it away. Sam sat on her lap before kissing her mother who held her close.

Sam then pulled out a strap on and gave it to her mother who smirked before getting naked like her daughter and put it on.

As if it wasn't bad enough that clothes are ever only mentioned when they come off, why do you keep pretending you let these bimbos wear a shred of clothing in their off-time, author?

"I'm going to enjoy this." Gabriella said before thrusting into Sam who moaned in bliss as her mother thrusted into her.

"Mmm." Sam moaned while playing with her breasts.

Soon however though someone started licking Sam's second hole making her gasp before turning around and saw Carla who smirked at her.

I guess Carla fused with Gabriella's thrusting waist when she materialized out of the ether, unless the author believes a woman's anus has the placement and function of a blowhole, no pun intended.

"This isn't a private session is it?" Carla asked kissing Gabriella who moaned into the kiss before separating.

"Not at all." Gabriella said before yelping in surprise as someone inserted a strap on into her ass and looked behind seeing Donna.

"Good. Cause I want to test this new toy out on a MILF." Donna said before pressing a button and Gabriella yelped in surprise as the toy inside her ass sent small jolts of electricity into her body.

If you seem to think electrically stimulating your bowels is so tantalizing, author, kindly shove a tazer up your ass.

Moaning with bliss she continued to thrust into Sam who was on Pleasure island as her mother continued to fuck her.

Well, she can currently pride herself to be the only person described to actually be at a location in this chapter, thus far, despite the fact that it's an attempt by the author to force his readers to accept these cardboard flesh-lights are actually feeling sensations.***

Suddenly however though

It's alright, author, we believe you when you surprise yourself with these turn of events, you don't have to oversell it.

Izzy sat down in front of Sam and placed her pussy over her face making her smile before grabbing her thighs and pulled her in closer and licked her out making Izzy moan in bliss.


And of course somewhere else in the house

First of all, author, it's a manor. Second of all, we all know that's where these bimbos hang out, because where else would there be room enough?

Courtney moaned as Gwen and Lindsay sucked on her breasts while Sabine with Bridget held each other as they kissed and played with one another's body to make them release.

Jessica, Kushina and Erza were in a daisy chain licking each other. A red haired daisy chain as most would call it. (LOL)

You have already been constantly lining up all of these bitches like domino pieces, author, I didn't need this deviation to behold the cringe-worthy example of what you think counts as humor.

Azula and Korra were scissoring each other while playing with their breasts.

It's rather progressive of this author to depict such a heated exchange between two people who are 68 years apart in age.

Alex was giving her mother a lap dance grinding her ass against her waist making Carmen smile before she placed her hands on her butt making Alex giggle before moaning as her mother spanked her.

This is just the previous sex scene all over again!!

"You are such a naughty little girl." Carmen said before she pulled her thong off and threw it away and placed her on her lap before her fingers drifted to her butt making Alex giggle some more.

"Yes I am mommy. Maybe you should punish me."

One - no, two seconds without sex, that should be enough torture to get this addict some PTSDs.

Alex said wiggling her butt at her making Carmen smirk before leaning down and kissed each cheek making Alex giggle before gasping as her mother pulled her cheeks apart and shoved her tongue deep inside her ass making Alex groan while she fingered herself.

"Maybe later." Carmen said after pulling away before she removed her own clothes and sat on her face while facing her own sex and both licked each other.

Not that it hasn't already been the Blue's Clues of sex scenes, author, but what the hell does 'facing her own sex' mean?

Donna was getting double fucked by Tsunade and Samui both pressing their breasts against her making her moan.

Sarada was getting a lap dance from Yumi who was in a small thong and nothing else before she bent over and removed her thong and threw it at her.

Oh wow, author, now she has nothing on, what an amazing importance that sentence had.

"Mmm. Nice." Sarada said fingering herself before Yumi swayed her way over to her and pulled her into a kiss.

"Ah ah ah. Not without me." Yumi said pressing her sex against hers making Sarada moan.

Clover and Stella just danced around the house in the nude while kissing and playing with each other.

Having blown his load, the author banishes the last mother-daughter pair to a nebulous and non-specific existence.

Ivy was using her plants to fuck herself in almost every way possible making her have a blissful expression on her face.

You might want to be more specific, since how else should someone know if skull-fucking comes short of 'almost every way possible', author?

Needless to say the house turned into an orgy till morning.

It never started and never stopped, author, you idiot. Your failure of a sex scene is constant and eternal.

Authors Note: Decided to update this. Sorry if it's short but it least it should prove entertaining.

With 27 names in a single chapter, the only entertainment value was considering whether I should mail it back to you, with all the names switched around and learn if you noticed, author.

Now Next chapter is a Justice league chapter. You'll all love it. Also if you are familiar with my second account Dragonlord02 please vote in the current poll for Foreign warriors please. Read, Review, Vote, Fav and Follow. REVIEW! See ya.

The author made himself a secondary account due to a period where's servers were having hiccups or something and he couldn't upload chapters. I guess with an ego that created Sean Ashburn Krueger, one profile just wouldn't do.


Azula and Korra got confirmed to exist within the harem, that's all that this pointless chapter managed with its meandering. What the fuck was that harem list even? The author has now, by Chapter 35 with a list of 456, only bothered to depict Sean fuck 27 of them, only 89 has shown up, and 21 of them can't even be confirmed to even be in the harem despite the author thinking he made it so. And for the last insult, two characters were shamed, one of which was killed, and two franchises were twisted into masturbation socks solely for the sake of the author's ego. Disaster in written form has never been more clearly depicted. Just look at how little the author actually managed to make me mark down on the list.


This harem, man. The author became impatient near the end of it, decided to get the participants in bulk, and that probably removed what little fun was left in it for him to even write it at all. The worthless claimant to the written word didn't even manage to get through all of the Totally Spies! characters, despite insinuating that was a goal. I don't even have that big an issue with harems in general. Polyamory and open relationships is a thing after all. Love between consenting people is to be cherished. But this shit? This harem? It's beyond obvious what it's for and why it was made. Not for affection between fictional characters, no, like all the others I've encountered, it's just an author's facsimile of self-insertion porno, a Rule34 simulator with the specs of a potato. It contains nothing but mantle pieces and trophies for the author to collect and stroke himself to. This lot, the 456 identical bimbo brigade, is not even a harem with how it has been depicted. It's a constantly changing top ten list of the author's Internet search history.

To the people who got this far, I thank you for your readership, as I am happy to know that my work is appreciated. I hope this fanfic won't get updated, as I feel a need to get far away from it, mocking old and new stuff in other places.

But seriously, though, what the fuck was with that harem list?!

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Re: New Spy

Post by GorillaGamer » Wed Aug 29, 2018 9:06 pm

And so ends another chapter in the sticky pages of the novel that is Dragonlord0's sex-life; I gotta say I was disappointed with how, for all the build up and hype we got for the harem, it ended up being pitifully small. 27 participants is only around 4.8% of his envisioned harem, that keeps growing by the authors sudden desire for new characters. Indeed it's highly unlikely that Sean would comeback to this fic as he's busy with a couple of other ego-stroke fests, but I wouldn't be surprised if he writes a new chapter for the sole purpose of his self-insert beating us up for mocking his poorly-written harem grocery list.

I salute you for making it this far; can't wait to see what you'll mock next.
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