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Re: Yugioh: The Divine Conspiracy

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A new day, a new chapter of this shit to mock. It may look harmless on the surface, but it’s where the author shows his true colors, colors that date back to some of his earlier works.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters in this fic. They’re the property of their respective creators.

Note: Any made-up cards/skills will be underlined and will get their effects explained in their introductory chapters.

Warning: There will be a fairly short lemon in this chapter

Chapter 56: Waifu Wipeout!

MS Loyalist Headquarters

Astolfo was in a most cheery mood as he arrived at the Loyalist Headquarters and walked through the frontdoor. He had dealt a most successful obliteration to Krishna and his infantile crusade and was more than ready to do the same to those worthless Waifu admins that have blighted humanity for too long.

Yes, they’ve been a total scourge to humanity by committing the heinous crime of…releasing a shitty gacha game.

He had taken a seat in the lobby and picked up a magazine to read when he was soon interrupted by someone clearing their throat, the pinkette looking up and saw Chloe standing before him.

“Ah, hey Chloe. Did you see what we did earlier today?” He inquired.

“Naturally. I saw how perfectly you dealt with that imbecile and his pathetic, pathetic review. How he even came to the conclusion that it was worth creating is beyond me.” Chloe chimed in, shrugging her shoulders casually. “Anyway, Niki-chan wants to see you in her office now. Come, I’ll take you there right now.”

Nodding in confirmation, Astolfo hopped up off his seat and followed the blue haired girl to her lover’s office, opening the door and gestured at Astolfo to take a seat, with Chloe closing the door behind her and took a seat as well. “Ah, it’s good that you’re able to come. The Loyalist Army has been booming as of late.” Nikita greeted the pinkette.

Well it has been a while since they were last on screen, so I figured they must’ve benefitted from not showing up in this trainwreck.

“Really?! That’s good to hear.” He smiled back at her.

“Indeed; during the war against the rebellion, several of our commanders have shown me an exemplary performance and have risen to the rank of commanding officer in their respective platoons. This combined with the surge in technological advancements we’ve discovered and we’re on our way to becoming a global military power. Once the demons and angels have been dealt with, we can combine forces with the Hunter Association to begin rebuilding Japan, and soon enough, the entire world.” The young general continued, showing off a billboard that listed the names of several soldiers who had went above and beyond the call of duty and were rewarded for doing so.

Who wants to bet that these “exemplary commanders” are the ones that he faps to?

“It shouldn’t be too hard, especially if our foe is occupied with making shitty reviews.” Chloe smirked, earning a chuckle from Nikita.

“Quite right. I happened to watch it in its entirety, and it was the most pitiful thing I’ve ever seen. You can tell that Krishna was trying to brainwash us when he pulled the whole ‘feminist propaganda’ card, but it fell flat on his face as he lost the support of many of his followers. Mark my words, the Divine Powers will fall by the end of this month!” She stated.

Brainwash you? What, was he hoping to put subliminal messages in his review, causing the viewers to start screeching over the mere mention of feminism as if they’re the strawmen that constantly haunts this author’s dreams?

“Hell yeah! Let’s do the humane thing and put a bullet in his—” Astolfo began psyching himself up, only for Nikita to raise a hand in the air.

“Patience, mister. Before we can launch a second attack on Tsukiji Kongangi, we must ensure that we don’t get caught up in a two-front war. Therefore, we’ll need to focus our energy on dealing with the Waifu Rebellion first. According to what intel my spies have gathered, the Waifu Rebellion only have two bases to their name; you’ll be taking on their forward base, while I’m having a meeting with Melia and her Angels on when they can deal with their main headquarters.” She explained to her guest.

“Cool!” The pinkette chimed in, before realising something. “W-Wait, are you sending me to clear out an entire base on my own. Look, I know those Waifus are incompetent as shit, but surely they can handle a lone soldier attacking their base.”

But you forget, you have a copious amount of plot armor. No level of competence could ever hope to match it.

“True, hence why we’re not sending you on your own. This mission will be the perfect opportunity to see if one of our latest stars has what it takes to become a commanding officer.” Chloe reassured him, pressing a button on her walkie talkie and raised it to her mouth. “Millefie, you are to report to Niki-chan’s office, pronto!”

The trio waited patiently for the newcomer to arrive for a few moments where soon enough, a brisk knocking echoed through the room. Informing the person on the other side that they can come in, the door slowly opened as a very pretty girl in her late teens entered the room, bowing politely before her superior officers and took a seat. Her hair was a light shade of brown, with two bangs of sorts resting on her shoulders, her calm pink eyes quietly gazing at the pinkette. Her outfit consisted of a baggy grey hoodie, a dark green bomber jacket over said hoodie, and a pair of baggy dark grey trousers matched with dark grey loafers.

I have no clue who she is, but her design kinda reminds me of Chiaki, so she’s alright in my books.

*Yawn…* “You called me…?” Millefie inquired, yawning as if she had just woken up from a deep sleep.

“You know that opportunity you’ve been hoping for? Well I figured it’s about time you get said opportunity; you are to assist Astolfo in destroying the forward base of the rebellion, and if he deems you worthy, you’ll get the promotion you’ve been hoping for. So no slacking off this time.” Nikita reminded her sub-ordinate.

“Y-Yes ma’am…” The grey-haired girl replied, stifling a quick yawn as Chloe turned to Astolfo.

“Please keep an eye out for her; as one of our newest members she still doesn’t understand just how depraved the Waifu rebellion is. Sure, she may seem lazy but once she gets going, there’s nothing that can stop her.” She requested the young man.

Yet you’re willing to trust her with a guy that only thinks with his dick? Steller logic right there.

“Alright then, I will.” He pledged his ally, turning to face the newcomer. “So, Millefie is it? I’m Astolfo, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“N-Nice to meet you too. Come, I’ll show you what the Iwa Oh is like; you’re gonna love it.” She smiled at him, taking his hand before quickly dragging him out of the office, with Nikita and Chloe chuckling amongst themselves upon witnessing such a sight.


“And…there! Your hot chocolate is finished!” Millefie chimed happily, handing Astolfo the warm mug as the two lounged around inside her tank. The teenage girl had spent quite a bit of time and money refurnishing the interior to turn it into a makeshift living space, with all the basic necessities she needs as well as a gaming PC to pass the time.

Ah, she’s a shut-in. Kinda like those waifu soldier strawmen you like beating up. Yet we’re supposed to see here in a better light, because reasons. Wanna tell us what’s up with that, author?

“Thank you! You’re a lot cheerier than you were back in the office.” The pinkette smiled, noticing the newfound vigor in his companion’s step.

“I find this place to be a lot more comfortable than the main headquarters, it’s why I spend the majority of my life here.” She replied, taking a seat beside him after turning on the tank’s autopilot and programmed the route to their destination in.

“That may be so, but you can’t spend your entire life cooped up in here. Live a little and enjoy the fresh air, once we get rid of the demons of course.” Astolfo requested, with Millefie raising a hand to her chin.

Well with how little we’ve seen of them, they may as well have been exterminated. Seriously, what’s the point of having this fic set in the Shin Megami universe if you’re gonna cut back on the demons? Scratch that, where the fuck is Jack Frost?! It’s been 30+ chapters since we’ve seen him.

“I suppose you’ve got a point…” The grey-haired girl conceded, taking a sip of her hot chocolate. “While we’re waiting for the tank to arrive, are there any questions you’ve got?”

“Yeah, which waifu agents are we up against today?” He asked.

“To my knowledge, we’re going to be fighting Aileen, Mira and Reika. From what I’ve heard, they’re some of the toughest agents of the Waifu Rebellion, and they’re really mean.” Millefie answered.

“I see…and have the Loyalists recruited any new agents?” Astolfo asked a second question.

“Oh, plenty!” The grey-haired girl chimed happily. “Several talented men and women have offered their services to the army to replace the traitors and have more than proved their worth. As you heard, I was one of the latest members to join the army and have worked hard to earn the chance to get promoted. Hopefully, I can do well enough to succeed in my endeavour.”

Oh, you will. The author likes you enough to have his self-insert fuck you, hence why you’re even here in the first place.

“Don’t worry, I’m very confident that you’ll succeed in your mission to defeat these wretched waifus.” The pinkette supported her, the grey-haired girl giving him a sigh of relief.

“Thanks for believing in me.” Millefie smiled, waving her hands at him before directing her attention to her PC. “While we’re making our way to their base, shall we play a fangame together? I’m sure a savant like you would be able to give me some advice.”

But of course, what would this fic be without pointless fangame shilling?

“Sure! Which game will you be playing?” Astolfo inquired, taking a seat beside her.

“Reborn. I’ve started a new file, but I’m stuck on the gym battle against Shelly. Any advice you can give me? My starter of choice was Torchic if that helps.” She answered.

“Well my advice is to teach it Fire Pledge and use it to change the weather as soon as possible. That way, it’ll be easy for you to change the field into a burning one, enabling her Pokémon to get decimated by the chip damage. I will say that she is the wake-up call to players who thought that Reborn would be an easy ride, so proper preparation is essential.” He offered a suggestion, checking over her team as she took his advice to heart and performed the necessary steps before initiating the gym battle. Though it seemed she struggled in the beginning, she was eventually able to pull through and secure a victory. “Congrats, Millefie! You did it!”

Well he’s not wrong in that Shelly is A LOT harder than the previous gym leaders at this point in the game. Still don’t get the point of this asides from establishing Millefie as a protagonist

“All thanks to your advice, Astolfo!” She cheered, grasping his hands firmly as the ground began quivering and quaking. “Ahh! We must be at their base. Come on, we’ve got some villains to slay!”

Nodding in confirmation, Astolfo quickly followed her up the ladder, the duo popping their heads out of the hatch as they saw the imposing building before them, sporting some impressive fortifications, moreso than he had expected. Getting into position, Astolfo got onto the mounted machine gun and began firing at the fortified walls, the pinkette letting out a coo of surprise as the lasers tore through the bricks like a hot knife through butter. “Wow! This thing rocks!” He cheered in awe.

That’s the perks of being a woman in the Metal Slug universe; you get busted ass tanks given to you for free.

“Wait until you see the heavy artillery.” Millefie chimed in, diving back into the tank and hopped onto the main console and began moving the mounted cannon, a whirring noise echoing throughout the tank and the cannon began gathering energy before firing a large laser beam at the front gate, incinerating it and any nerdlings who was unfortunate enough to be within the blast radius. Once the smoke died down, the duo saw a horde of nerdlings charged recklessly at the tank, with Astolfo sighing in disbelief.

“You’d think these morons would know not to bumrush a tank of this calibre.” He stated in disbelief, with Millefie flicking on a switch to activate the mounted machine guns on the tanks’ sides, the nerdlings getting massacred in a hailstorm of gunfire. Realising that they’ll need some more firepower, the nerdling general requested for back up with a few heavy calibre jeeps barrelling towards the large tank. “Uh-oh, they’re bringing out the big guns.”

More combat with the entertainment value of a dead skunk; nothing new to see here.

“That’s all?” Millefie replied cockily, flipping a second switch on her console as a few airborne mines shot out of the two exhausts on the tank, flying slowly towards the jeeps. With the propellers soon shutting off, the mines plummeted to the ground, creating a series of explosions that destroyed all the jeeps and killed dozens of grunts, including the general. With the worthless cannon-fodder eliminated, the duo resumed their attack on the base, firing rapidly into it as a series of explosions rocked the building, causing it to blow up and collapse as a helicopter managed to fly away in time, with Millefie bringing up the sight on her periscope. “That’s our targets alright, looks like they want to give us a few parting words.”

“You accursed soy-suckers! How dare you attack our base unprovoked!” Reika screeched at the heroes, who were intimidated by her pathetic hissy fit.

You’re giving me mixed vibes here; were they, or were they not intimidated by the pathetic display?

“Yeah, yeah, fuck you!” Astolfo replied bluntly, flipping her off with the wicked waifu gnashing her teeth in anger.

“You soy-fuckers have ruined gaming for us all; slobbering over your perfect Mary-Sues without sexualising them, it’s fucking disgusting and I will never forgive you for your sins against gaming.” Aileen snarled at the pinkette. “You and your shitty fangames have caused a flood of uninspired games to plague the market and overpopulate it with shit that you proudly tote as “historically accurate” when that couldn’t be further from the truth. And it’s all the fault of that vile temptress Melia!”

“What even are you saying anymore? It’s like you can’t form an argument to save your life, so you just spew a whole load of buzzwords in the hopes of generating anger from your opponent, so they’ll slip up.

The sad thing is that this is what debates have boiled down to in this day and age.

Well I’ve got news for you; it won’t work on us since you’re the most pathetic bunch of motherfuckers I’ve ever seen. And I like how you cast the blame to Melia for your failures, so allow me to educate you, you worthless peasants.” Millefie began, hopping out of the hatch to confront the villains, taking in a deep breath to prepare herself.

Oh boy, this is going to be rich…

“What the fuck did you just fucking say about Melia, you little bitches?! I'll have you know that she graduated at the top of the class in Axis High University and have been involved in numerous secret raids on Team Xen and scored over 300 confirmed kills. She trained with the embodiment of time and space and is the top agent of the Storm Chasers! You are nothing to her but a pile of worthless dust to be blown away in the wind. She will wipe you the fuck out with precision strikes the likes of which has never been seen before in Aevium history, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit about her?! Think again, fuckers. Melia has a cabal consisting of all the top trainers from Aevium, Reborn, Ayrith as well as her allies throughout the world, so you better prepare for the Storm-9 you maggots. The storm will wipe out the pathetic little things you call your life. You're fucking dead, bitches. She can be anywhere, anytime, and can kill you with over seven hundred Pokémon, and that's not including the legends she has under her command. Not only is she extensively trained in Pokémon battles, but she has a vast arsenal of superpowers that she will use to wipe your miserable asses off the face of the continent, you piece of shits. And to top it all off, she has a vast harem of lovers that are just as strong as her, and will decimate you for her before making sweet, passionate love all over your graves. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your smartass comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you idiots would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price. She will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, bitches!” She threatened the villains, the three wicked waifus quivering in fear before they began bawling their eyes out.

My fucking side are in pain from all the laughing I’ve done for the last ten minutes. This utter lunatic of a writer copy-pasted the infamous ‘Navy SEAL’ copypasta but rewrote it to glorify his blonde waifu. It’s the most pathetic thing I’ve seen in a long time, and I’m loving every minute of it!

“Pl-Pl-Please, spare us…we’re unarmed!” Mira begged pathetically, the duo looking at them in disgust. Giving him the all clear, Astolfo fired his machinegun at the waifus, the lasers slaughtering them as the chopper soon exploded into thousands of tiny pieces.

“What a pathetic bunch of losers, glad we killed them off. The world will thank us for getting rid of them.” Astolfo sighed in content.

“Yeah. Anyone who talks about Melia that way has forfeited their right to exist.” Millefie stated, with the pinkette agreeing with her.

And there it is; the author’s true colors that he proudly displays. Anyone who dislikes his waifu, for whatever reason, isn’t considered a human in his eyes.

“Anyway, we better report this to Nikita, I’m sure she’ll want to hear the good news.”

Diving back into the tank, they closed the hatch door and made their way to the main console, the grey-haired girl hopping onto it and began clicking away at the keys. Soon enough, the main screen flared to life, a somewhat surprised Nikita on the other end. “Oh, you completed the mission already? Well done, Millefie.”

“It was easy; those waifus were barely any trouble.” She beamed proudly.

“Well in that case, you’ve more than earnt your promotion. The Loyalist Army could use more agents like you.” The young general promoted her sub-ordinate, with Millefie jumping for joy as she and Astolfo briefly hugged each other. “Now, now, I understand your elation, but I have a more important mission for you; we’re going to raid the Yamato Perpetual Reactor.”

Ah yes, because as you know, Tayama is due for his punishment despite losing everything he has.

“A-Already?” Astolfo inquired, with Nikita nodding in confirmation.

“Correct. My scouts have reported rumors of a civil war brewing within the Divine Conspiracy, with the facility being the main battleground. From what I’ve heard, several of their top commanders have fallen already. I’ll need you two to head on over there to join up with the rest of our allied forces, consisting of the Angels of Aevium, the rest of your gang and an elite squad of hunters.” She answered, shutting off the transmission as Millefie began putting in the co-ordinates and activated the engine, the tank groaning once more before it began moving again.

“Well since we’ve got some spare time to burn, why don’t we have a little…fun?” The grey-haired girl smirked, adjusting the lights to set in the mood.

Evidently, the author was upset about the lack of sex scenes inside a tank, so he decided to write one himself.

“By fun, you mean—” The pinkette began.

“Yes, sex. Grazia told me about how talented you are in bed and I wanted to see for myself. Don’t worry, I’m above the legal age.” Millefie confirmed his suspicions.

“Well if that’s what you want, then I’m more than happy to educate you as well.” Astolfo agreed, with Millefie shooting him a smile as they made their way to her designated sleeping area, which looked and felt a lot more comfortable than Astolfo had expected. The duo began stripping themselves down, with Millefie left in nothing but her pink lace bra and matching lace panties as the pinkette’s eyes widened in surprise. “W-Woah! Your breasts are larger than I expected!”

I figured that the boob-hungry boob would slobber over her breasts. Par for the course with this creep.

“Yeah, my baggy clothes keep them well hidden.” Millefie giggled, cupping her surprisingly large breasts in her hands and eyed up the pinkette as he was left in only his white panties, a large bulge poking out to greet her. “Oh, looks like someone’s excited.”

“Heheheh, I guess you can say that…” Astolfo chuckled quietly, the duo hopping onto the grey-haired girl’s bed.

Lemon starts here. If you don’t like it, you can skip it.

Embracing each other warmly, the duo began kissing each other passionately, their hands rubbing up and down each other’s backs. Astolfo soon moved from Millefie’s face and began kissing her soft neck, his tongue gliding up and down it as the grey-haired girl cooed in bliss.

“Ahhh…” Millefie sighed in bliss, petting the pinkette’s head. “That’s the stuff.”

“Heheh, I’m glad you find my tuition beneficial.” Astolfo smirked happily, his hands moving up to unbuckle his lovers’ bra and free her breasts, the soft orbs of flesh jiggling lightly in the air. Almost instantaneously, his hands moved to her breasts and began caressing them gently, his fingers tweaking her aroused nipples tenderly. “S-So soft!” He moaned in ecstasy.

“Teeheehee, Grazia was right when she said that you’re a breast-lover.” Millefie giggled lightly, moving her hands down to Astolfo’s waist as she began caressing his clothed erection with her hands, a low moan escaping from the pinkette’s lips as his meat was getting fondled.

Bog-standard grope and kiss fest to start this lemon; say what you will about the guy, but at least he’s consistent.

The duo continued stimulating one another in the hopes of getting the other to cum first but were at a standstill. Realising this, Astolfo lowered his head and began suckling on her soft breasts, his tongue gliding up and down her nipples as Millefie cooed in bliss once more. “A-Ahh! Don’t stop!” She begged, tightening her grip on his erection.

“Alright then.” Astolfo agreed, continuing his oral massage of her breasts as his right hand dug under her panties and began fingering her moist pussy with his digits, her pre-cum staining the soft fingers. Realising what game plan Astolfo was attempting to pull off, Millefie quickly lowered his panties and began stroking his firm cock, the throbbing organ quivering in the cold air as the pinkette moaned in bliss. His drool now coating his lovers’ breasts, Astolfo began sucking on them a little harder than before, his hand picking up the pace with its thrusting as the grey-haired girl’s body began quivering slightly in ecstasy, an indication that she was about to let loose. With a strangled moan of joy, Millefie came onto Astolfo’s fingers, the pinkette retracting his hand and began licking her cream off his digits. “Mmmm, tasty!” He savoured the delicious substance.

I never got the whole ‘eating one’s cum’ fetish that’s popular in smut fics like this. Is there some reason author’s pull this crap all the time?

“Ahh…seems that you’re still raring to go. Allow me to help you achieve a release.” She smiled, gesturing the pinkette to lay on his back, which he did. Taking the firm cock in her hand, she began licking the tasty sausage in her hand momentarily, before enveloping it into her mouth and began sucking on it, with Astolfo letting out a loud moan of bliss.

“Gah! I can feel my guts getting sucked out.” The pinkette cooed over getting his Go-Gurt getting sucked by his lover, the grey-haired girl lowering her hand to fondle his balls.

Thank you for ruining my childhood with your shitty food references, asshole.

Squeezing them gently in the hopes of having him burst, Millefie continued her oral gratification for a few minutes, frowning at the sight of Astolfo not cumming her.

‘There got to be something else I can do to make him cum…’ She pondered in her mind, before a sudden realisation struck her mind. Readjusting her body momentarily, she wrapped her big breasts around his member and began rubbing them up and down the thick shaft, sucking the trembling head as it began oozing pre-cum.

“W-Wow! Your breasts are amazing!” Astolfo gasped in awe, his hips unconsciously pumping themselves in a mindless dance of pleasure. Millefie, smirking over discovering her lovers’ weakness opted to pick up the pace on her gratification, a mischievous glint in her eyes as she saw his legs trembling on the spot. A guttural moan escaping from his mouth, Astolfo’s cock blasted an insane amount of soy sauce onto Millefie’s face and chest, catching the teen off-guard. “S-Sorry about that. Allow me to make it up to you…” He apologised sheepishly, with Millefie wondering what he was planning to do, only to gasp in shock as she saw the pinkette lower her panties and began licking her sweet pussy, a pleasured moan escaping from her lips.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but this lemon’s going awfully fast, as if neither participant is able to last over five minutes before cumming.

“Y-Yes…” She whimpered in bliss, watching her lover gratify her sweet spot with his tender tongue as he greedily lapped up her tantalising juices to savour, his fingers probing her moist lips to enter her warm cave. Soon enough, the digits found themselves inside her vagina and began prodding and poking at her insides in an attempt to make her cum, an effort that succeeded as the pinkette had inadvertently rubbed up onto her G-Spot. With a loud yelp of bliss, Millefie came all over Astolfo’s face, covering it with her love honey as the pinkette greedily ate it all up.

“Mmmm…delicious. But I bet you’ll be wanting the main course now, do you?” Astolfo purred, with Millefie getting on her hands and knees, her cute ass sway side-to-side slowly.

“As Grazia put it back then; would you kindly use your golf club to smack my Andrew Ryan about?” The grey-haired girl requested, smiling at the pinkette.

“Certainly. After all a man chooses, a slave obeys.” He replied, rubbing his cockhead against her lips before sliding it into her pussy,

Oh for fucks sake author! Were you really that impressed with your Bioshock roleplay that you had to reuse it?!

the pinkette allowing Millefie a few moments to get herself in a comfortable position. Once she gave him the green light, he began thrusting his firm member in and out of her begging snatch, the newly promoted commander moaning in bliss.

“Ahh! Aah!” She panted for joy, her slender body filled with an incredible pleasure as the meaty tool continued to probe her wet insides, pre-cum staining her once clean bed with their love. Astolfo maintained a firm grip on her waist, his hands moving up to rub and caress her soft belly as he maintained his vigorous momentum of lovemaking, his cock enveloped by her warm juices. Lifting her body up to embrace her, Astolfo began peppering Millefie’s tender neck with a few kisses, his hands moving up to caress her soft breasts once more, her body quivering with joy as an unexpected feeling welled up from within her.

‘Hmmm…she’s nearly finished already? Ah, must be her first time…’ Astolfo deduced, with Millefie letting out a cute moan as she came all over his rock-hard tool. Retracting his still-hard member out of her snatch, the pinkette sighed with bliss and sat down, the grey-haired girl turning around and stroked his member a few times, with Astolfo helping in bliss as she shot his load onto her soft hands.

Well I’m glad that’s over. But seriously, what was the point of this? At the very least all the other lemons had some set-up, however small it was. Here, it was the literal equivalent of a quick fling after punishing the villains for not liking the author’s waifu.

“S-Sorry about that…I-It was my first time.” Millefie apologise, with the pinkette petting her shoulder affectionately.

“No need to apologise, I blew my load quickly during my first time.” He reassured her, lying back on the bed and sighed in content. “But for now, we should get some rest. This next mission will be quite the doozy.”

“Yeah…some sleep would be nice.” The grey-haired girl let out a yawn, lying down on the bed and drifted to sleep, with Astolfo following suit.

I’m sorry if this mock wasn’t as satisfying as the previous chapters, but this was a disaster in written from. There was barely any effort put in, and all it amounted to was a shitty fight scene and a shitty lemon. Hopefully the next chapter has more material worth poking fun at.

The lemon has ended, it’s safe to read now

I apologise if the lemon was a littler shorter than you hoped for, but I’ll make it up to you in the final chapter by writing one that all of us, me included will enjoy. But before we get to that point, we have a worthless tosser to deal with. See you later everyone!

Astolfo’s group:
Chevalier D’eon
Blair Flannigan
Micaiah (W.I.A)
Jack Frost

Dawn Brigade:
Micaiah (W.I.A)
Pelleas (not an actual member, but is a close associate of them)

Pokemon Fangame Community/Starlight Studios:
Aya (Pearl Hairpin reclaimed)
Hardy (Reborn)
Amaria (Sapphire Bracelet reclaimed)
Charlotte (Diamond Earring reclaimed)
Laura (Not associated with the Fire Emblem Laura)
Luna (Emerald Brooch reclaimed)
Anna/Nostra (POW) (Amethyst Pendant reclaimed)
Noel/Nomos (POW)
Corey (POW)
Heather (POW) (Ruby Ring reclaimed)
Shelly (POW)
Dr. Connal
Julius (Rejuvenation MC)
Risa Raider
Hardy (Desolation) (K.I.A)

The MS Loyalist Army:
General Nikita

Commissioner Gordon

The Forces of Heaven:
Gaston (K.I.A)

The Forces of Hell:

Plasma Tech:
Ghetsis Harmonia
N/Natural Harmonia Gropius

The Divine Powers:
Maitreya (Defeated)
Zhong Kui (Defeated)
Medusa (Defeated)
Loki (Defeated)
Quetzalcoatl (Defeated)
Seth (Defeated)
Baal (Defeated)
Izabella (K.I.A)
Mira (K.I.A)
Aileen (K.I.A)
Reika (K.I.A)
Beecham (K.I.A)
Aswang (K.I.A)
Agalia (K.I.A)
Arsinoe (K.I.A)
Halle (K.I.A)
Mahiru (K.I.A)
Chunyan (K.I.A)
Molly (K.I.A)
Ichima (K.I.A)
Louise (K.I.A)
Gisee (K.I.A)
Emma (K.I.A)
Franke (K.I.A)
Teresa (K.I.A)
Julia (MS) (K.I.A)
Esther (K.I.A)

The Divine Conspiracy/Order of Ancients:
Tressa Colzione/The Grandmaster
AI (Human form)
Roboppi (Human form)
Ophilia Clement
Cyrus Albright
Olberic Eisenberg
Primrose Azelhart
Alfyn Greengrass
Missy (Defeated)
Harold (Defeated)
Bandit Keith (Defeated)
Flamvell Dilly (Defeated)
Maximillion Pegasus
Sartorius Kumar
Lekain (K.I.A)
Hetzel (K.I.A)
Valtome (K.I.A)
Numida (K.I.A)
Jarod (K.I.A)
Abe (Defeated)
General Wolfgang (K.I.A)
Big Smoke
Sweet Johnson
Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson
Niko Bellic
Roman Bellic
Johnny Klebitz (P.O.W)
Mario (CEO of Nintendo)
Luigi (Chief of Staff of Nintendo)
Wario (Head of the Marketing Team of Nintendo)
Waluigi (Head of the Development Team of Nintendo)
Gentarou Hongou
Nagisa Nijisaki
Teruaki Kubota
Kagechika Musashidou
Dio (Zero Escape: VLR)
Charles zi Britannia
Senator Armstrong
Admiral Greyfield
Anvil (K.I.A)
Meathook (K.I.A)
Colt (K.I.A)
Greasy Steve (K.I.A)
King Dick (K.I.A)
Triple 6 (K.I.A)
Pretty Boy (K.I.A)
Caesar (Ride to Hell) (K.I.A)
Julius (Fire Emblem)
Ishtar (Fire Emblem)
Junko Enoshima
Yasuke Matsuda
Mukuro Ikusaba
Nagito Komaeda
Yuuto Akimaya (K.I.A)
Professor Maple (K.I.A)
Blake (P.O.W)
Cal (P.O.W)
Madame X
Neved (P.O.W)
Professor Jenner
Professor Larkspur
Rick (K.I.A)
Professor Gobline
Radius (K.I.A)
Sam (K.I.A)
Elia (K.I.A)
Lavius (K.I.A)
Lavia (K.I.A)
Baron (K.I.A)
Texan (K.I.A)
The Joker
Harley Quinn
The Riddler
Two-Face (Condemned)
Bane (Arrested)
Mr. Freeze
The Penguin (Condemned)
Mr. Zsasz (Condemned)
Clayface (Condemned)
Killer Croc
Firefly (K.I.A)
The Electrocutioner (K.I.A)
Shiva (Condemned)
Maxie Zeus (K.I.A)
The Mad Hatter (Arrested)
The Ratcatcher (Arrested)
Hush (K.I.A)
Scarface (Condemned)
The Ventriloquist (Condemned)
Killer Moth (Arrested)
Scarecrow (K.I.A)
Black Mask (K.I.A)
Prometheus (K.I.A)
The Great White Shark (K.I.A)
The Calendar Man (Arrested)
Ra’s al Ghul
Talia al Ghul
Poison Ivy
Professor Strange (Condemned)

The Freedom Cult:
Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
A quote from Project AFTER
Gorillagram only gets sexual stimulation from playing Pokemon Reborn and its derivatives.
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