A Chemical Mishap - A 'Male Reader x Pokémon' Fanfic

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A Chemical Mishap - A 'Male Reader x Pokémon' Fanfic

Post by ConcernedGamer » Mon Jun 24, 2019 1:28 pm

This here is my first mock of a non-crossover Pokémon fanfic, titled A Chemical Mishap, starring you. No, really, this is a 'Male Reader x Pokémon' fanfic, with the narration performing a second-person point of view, putting the reader of the story in the role of the protagonist. I knew of this Reader Protagonist genre for a long while, and first now tried looking into it, finding it just as pointless and disappointing as I expected it would be for me. Maybe someone indulges this over other forms of narration, but I don't see a point to the format, unless we are talking about Choose Your Own Adventure stories, wherein you actually have choice in how the story unfolds. But in a fanfic like this, you are stuck being told who you are, what you do, and what you sense. And I'll hold it in high scrutiny, and play off on that angle too, because I consider immersion to be a story's prime aspect. The fact that this particular fanfic is also nothing but smut featuring bestiality with fantasy animals is kind of important too, but I'm sure that was the least surprising part for anyone. Let's just get to it. Here's Chapter 1.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Reading this fanfic, that is.

That was really all you could say in your defense as hindsight kicked you in the ass and your vision blurred.

Two sentences in and you're already blacking out? Man, you suck at this game.

The Pokemart had begun to carry items called "Max Attract", promising through the use of pheromones to lure Pokemon in rather than draw them away, which you thought would, in theory, let you catch some of the trickier and more gun shy Pokemon out there.

You'd also have thought that they would have tried to change open carry laws for Pokémon trainers before skipping straight to making a 'Max' version of the opposite of a Repel.

And it was a good idea, until you spritzed it in the air and found yourself running away from a horde of Pokemon who charged toward you not like they were curiously seeking out what the smell was, but like they were a Tauros and you were covered head to toe in red.

What you didn't know was that spraying it into the air was the equivalent of using it as a deodorant, letting you be chased far away from the place you did it at.

You're still dizzy and disoriented.

Yeah, thanks for noticing.

They drive you down to the floor, your legs having no hope of carrying you away from the Pokemon in time, and against the horde of creatures rushing toward you, throwing out one of your own to defend you would have been futile.

How bold of the narrator to assume you haven't already Nuzlocked the shit out of them all.

There was no good way to handle it, but it still stands to reason that you fucked up, as slowly your senses return to the forefront and you wonder if you're about to be mauled by a mob of furious wild Pokemon or not.

You also considered wondering how many other hapless Pokémart shoppers this was happening to across the region, but then you remembered that you don't have free will to do so.

You certainly don't seem to be.

In fact, as your vision slowly fills in, the mob standing over you seems to have other things entirely on their mind.

They are debating who is supposed to go first and whether this still counts as a random encounter.

The Sylveon who drove you to the ground stands atop you, her ribbon bow feelers brushing along your thighs. Your bare thighs. Why the ever loving fuck are your thighs bare?

Are you just going to let the author insult your kilt-wearing preferences like that?

You try to ask that, but only a groan manages to leave your lips, as you see a Lucario holding the tattered remains of a pair of jeans, and an Absol has the tattered parts of your boxers in her mouth, biting down on them and leaving you realize you're missing more than just pants.

The tattered remains of your genitals is in a third Pokémon's grasp, because that's what happens when you get your shit tattered instead of undressing.

"What are you doing?" you ask, trying to pull yourself up and swat them away with your hand, but as you start to rise, a feathered foot presses against your chest and shoves you back down to the ground. Up a long, lean leg, your eyes trail to find a Blaziken standing over you, shaking her head and refusing to let you pull yourself from the ground.

Whenever the author is done addressing his lust-transformed, mommy-dom bird fantasy figure's talon-bearing toes as being feathered feet, he'll let you know that the safe-word for this fanfic is 'rape'.

Furry hands brush along our cock,

I mean, sure, you can join in too if you feel like it, author.

making you groan as you look back down to see a Braixen and a Lopunny fondling you.

Which Route is this shit happening on?!

The soft fur covering their hands almost takes, makes you twist and laugh a bit as your cock begins to guiltily rise, and the conflicting sensations and utter nonsense of what's happening do almost nothing to help assure you of the chaos you're suddenly in the midst of. This doesn't make any sense;

Hey, that's my line.

these Pokemon looked like they wanted to drag you to the ground and tear you apart moments ago, but now they're undressing and fondling you? You want to complain, but the feeling of Braixen cupping your balls is a stark reminder of how fucking long it's been.

"What do you want with me?" you ask,

You are kind of slow and dimwitted, thinking the cock-fondling merely accidental to the whole scenario, I'm sure you have noticed.

but you receive no response as a Goodra walks over to you, bending forward over you and spitting onto your cock. The gooey, pink substance splashes onto your skin and for a moment, confusion only makes you panic even harder, fearing you've just been hit by some kind of acid,

Which would be weird, since Goodras can't learn that move.

but there's no burning, no pain, just a... A coolness. Not much, just a tiny bit. It makes you throb, leaving you feeling rigid and aching,

But not much, huh? They could have tickled you with a feather for the same effect, apparently.

and it's only then when you finally understand what's going on in some twisted way, as the Goodra's goo begins to take effect. You've heard about the local Goodra secreting aphrodisiacs during mating season, using them on their partners to prolong sexual stamina and keep each other active through long, intense mating sessions.

It was very convenient that an Old Man wouldn't want you to pass through this particular local area without being force-fed that particular made-up factoid, especially considering that aphrodisiac must be consumed to actually affect someone, but since your dick is somehow a sponge that got that whole 'inflated by redirected blood' thing backwards, it all just comes together so logically. And we might be on Kalos, unless the author doesn't care and only let's his fetish list dictate the rape-roster, but what are the odds of that, honestly?

And you're pretty sure she just marked you for a while to come.

"Oh come the fuck on," you groan, twisting nervously as you watch them all eyeing you excitedly. "It's mating season, isn't it? And you don't want to kill me, you want to--oh Arceus, you can't be serious. I'm a human!"

And so, the Pokémon stopped and the fanfic ended, due to your short glimpse of clarity, as it certainly was never your intent to read this just to get off to a bestiality fantasy.

But they all seem to ignore it as Goodra waddles a few steps forward before she parks herself right down on your lap. You groan as six and a half feet of gooey dragon woman slams herself down right onto your cock.

The accurate Pokédex knowledge being fed to you, as you are being forced to pork the slug dragon as the first during this scene, only made you that much more erect.

She's heavy, but the weight is the least of your concerns as the sensation hits you. The tightness. The warmth.

The Poké-STDs.

The feeling of Goodra's primed and desperate pussy clenching around your cock. You can't help but groan and twist as she envelops your dick. Her pussy is like no other,

Sweet! A shiny!

a certain gooiness to it that adds a bizarre kind of texture, wet like nothing you've felt before.

Don't make me drag out the virgin jokes for this, author, that's too easy.

Goodra bounces feverishly atop you, moaning as gets some surprising force in the heaving thrusts atop you. It's immediate and frantic, which seems only right for a Pokemon in such intense heat, but you can hardly believe your eyes at the pure speed she's getting, almost enough to throw your head out of orientation.

Good thing your pelvis happens to have type-resistance, otherwise you would probably have fainted at this point.

But one thing that isn't completely troubled is the feeling of her greedy pussy clenching down around your cock, leaving you groaning as the pure sensation washes over you. It's more than you were expecting to have to handle, and it's blindingly pleasurable.

Though you are completely paralyzed with this pure sensation that's blindingly pleasurable, you somehow still know what's going on for the rest of it and can act independently of it. Imagine that.

As she works her way up and down your cock with desperate purpose, the other girls gathered around you begin to descend upon you, so eager, so hungry.

They reduced you to a pile of bones in the matter of minutes.

Hands grab at your shirt as Lopunny pushes it up, and lips and hands begin to caress you, showering you in aching, antsy affection.

Look, dude, have your fetishes all you want, but is it really my job to remind you that your wai-furry is supposed to have paws?

You're almost certain these are all female Pokemon,

Because the author sort of assumed you were into that and rigged it so no male-only species were summoned by your magic anti-repel. Imagine the poor sucker in the safari zone stuck with a pack of Tauros.

and they're starting to rub against you now, seeking the warmth and closeness of your touch at any cost and to any degree they can, letting out needy whines and mewls as they beg for you.

Because this is not at all about instinctual breeding, but about pleasure. Until it's about breeding again, whenever the author has to mention another excuse for the event transpiring.

At least, that's what you think it is; you're still not fully sure, but the way they they move certainly implies as much.

Because if we address them as anything else than animals without the ability of giving consent, the bestiality angle wouldn't be quite as exquisite.

Sylveon presses down against your shin, her puffy, hot mound dragging wetly along the bony ridge in your leg, while Lopunny grabs your hand and shoves it between her legs, letting out a pleading whine.

What can you except give her what she needs?

Oh, just perfect, you are in the middle of a gang-rape and the author is being apologetic about it.

You can't believe you're actually doing this, but you start to finger her, pressing your digits in deep and rocking them steadily in and out to the vocal delight of the fluffy Pokemon. As you do so, Absol presses kisses into your chest and drags her wet tongue along the skin, her soft fur brushing along your skin as well. Some of the others linger about and simply watch, but one gets incredibly bold, almost as bold as Goodra.

A Machamp is about to give you a handjob like you couldn't even imagine.

Braixen climbs onto your face, pinning it down to the ground and quite forcefully saying something that of course you can't understand, but one thing you can understand is the way her puffy, dripping cunt presses right up to your lips. There's no language barrier to having a girl sit on your face,

I still don't think that give me any bonuses to my Duolingo score.

and as your other hand reaches for you, you find yourself grabbing hold of her perky little butt, pulling her in a little bit as you start to lick up and down her slit.

This is so insane.

Why do I feel like we both are saying the same thing but aren't actually in agreement, author?

It would be easy to dismiss this as a dream that simply wasn't happening, if not for the fact that everything feels so intense, three aching twats in desperate heat holding onto your cock, your fingers, and your tongue, proving too palpable and real for you to shrug off any of it.

Had you lost the sensation of touch, however, shrugging off this entire thing is surely what you would have done.

This is actually happening; you're being mobbed by a horde of horny female Pokemon who want to use you as the means to quell their aching need to breed.

Dude, isn't spelling out the specific fantasy that this entire chapter's premise is based on only going to break the immersion that much more?

And you may be sure that there's no way you can actually breed them yourself, but if they're so desperate for your cum, well...

Well, when the author puts it like that, it's almost sounds like you are supposed to be some closeted Poképheliac and this is just all a giant convenient turn of events.

It has been a while. A long while. This may not be ideal, but it's better than nothing, right?


Is it me, or do you also get the feeling that the author doesn't want to stop insinuating how pathetic he thinks you are for reading this story in the first place?

Or maybe it is ideal, as the out of this world experience of having your lap ridden hard by a Goodra and feeling all of the bizarre sensations that came from the messy dragon and her sloppy pussy is more than enough to push you quicker and quicker toward orgasm.

That isn't even 'Doesn't matter, had sex' territory. This is leading in for the author presenting a counter-argument against it all and then just saying 'Whatever, you're going to finish real quick because of this freaky shit, which you are totally not into'.

It's almost embarrassing how close you feel already as you throw your focus behind sucking on Braixen's adorable little clit and pumping three digits rapidly in and out of Lopunny's twat.

Yeah. Almost. Sure.

It's so much to take in all at once, and it only gets worse as the Kirlia reaches for your other hand and begins to suck on your fingers, all while Absol continues to kiss you all over, now up to your collarbone as the big, fluffy white feline lies atop you.

Because the one quadruped dog that's present and the sudden appearance of Gardevoir's jailbait stage both find it likely that they can mate through these methods. Is the only reason that the mob of Pokémon wasn't described in full to begin with, because the author knew he'd have to keep stroking and inject more variety when his dick got bored?

She's got you pinned down quite well. You've never been under this much attention from a horde of women before,

Technically they do give you enough attention to swipe left, though.

a dizzying experience as your face and your and your fingers are all bounced on eagerly by desperate Pokemon in heat.

And not a male Pokémon for miles have even considered being drawn to this no doubt smelly orgy of mating pheromone-producing females. I guess they are just stuck back where the Attract was sprayed or something.

Under far too much pressure and stress to handle, you lose control, and there doesn't feel like any shame in that as Goodra howls in delight, the warning signs of your cock twitching within her walls, surprising tight for such a large Pokemon as they greedily cling around your cock. You fire off your load into her, and the feeling of the cum that she has so greedily sought becomes too much for her as she screams in delight, cumming in delight atop your cock. She milks your orgasm out efficiently, leaving you groaning and twisting as you pant into the drooling pussy lips of the equally orgasmic Braixen.

It's a wonder you are even breathing at this point, or can hear what's going on around you while wearing a very unconventional and clingy pelt-cap over your head.

Her pussy tastes sweet, which is a good thing

What were the odds that it wouldn't for this whole-sale furry porn fantasy?

because as she climaxes, she's a gushing mess, spraying her clear nectar onto your lips and your nose, not to mention running freely into your mouth. She rides you hold, yelling and holding tightly onto your head as she keeps you firmly in place no matter how wildly she's riding you.

Come on, author, I'm sure you can mention her grip more than four times in a single sentence.

It's intoxicating, and you feel almost drunk as you swallow all of it.

Congratulations, you're now pregnant. If the author can address these fantasy animals to have orgasms like humans, I might as well join in with my own crypto-biology.

By contrast, the meek whines and the way Lopunny humps your fingers feels almost muted and subtle as she squirts all over your hand.

The three all pull away, seeming a little bit more elated as they purr and shiver, not getting too far away from you, but at least with Braixen off of your face, you get a clear view of the Pokemon involved.

Post-orgasm clarity can make even the worst author realize, that he should probably seed his readers an incentive to not just leave this story in the dust half-way through.

You never really thought yourself much of a Pokephile, but this is by far a Pokephile's dream come true;

Because when you feel an urge to fuck animals, let's stick to those that the author finds to have sexual aesthetic, I guess. Alright, lay it on me, what's on the fap-folio top ten list?

in addition to the Goodra, Braixen, and Lopunny that you just got off are the Absol atop you, the Kirlia sucking on your fingers, the Sylveon humping your leg, and the onlookers Blaziken, Ninetales, and Zoroark. Nine Pokemon, all gorgeous in some strange way you're coming to understand, and all completely consumed with a need for your cock.

A cock, author. If I'm even supposed to indulge this scenario in my mind with a human setting, this is still a case of fate's roulette wheel determining who's a gang of strangers' disposable dildo for the day.

Absol fumbles about as she moves atop you, slipping from her coming-in-from-the-side angle of kissing along your neck to lick her way up to your lips, giving you the kind of sloppy open mouthed kiss that seems to be the only way a Pokemon with her mouth even can kiss.

It's called a muzzle, author. You'd think a person with your taste would know the word.

As she does so, she straightens herself out and slams herself down onto your cock.

I'll just refrain from even trying to visualize how the hell a canine engages in a cowgirl position while smooching you, because I'd not trust common sense to return any time soon.

"Fuck, you're tight!" is the first thing you've yelled in a while now, and it feels like words have finally returned to you.

The author had forgotten that cheesy dialogue was a staple for these kinds of fanfics. Let's get cringey!

Goodra, at six and a half feet, was a surprisingly snug fit for your cock, but the much smaller Absol feels like a dream as her velvety twat stretches out around your cock. She's whining along with you, clearly agreeing with you entirely as she licks along your cheek. "I... Oh, Arceus, I'm in this for the long haul, aren't I? Fuck it, let's do this."

You could use your small reprieve to let out your Pokémon just to make sure you aren't fucked to death, but that would mean too many dicks in the orgy for the author's preferences. I'm also pretty sure by now that they don't exist.

You reach a hand down to hold onto Absol at the base of her tail and start to guide her to fuck you.

She moans in appreciation right up in your face as she rocks herself up and down, holding tightly to you. Each push down brings her soft fur to brush along your body, and it feels exciting to let all of that course delightfully through you. As she does so, she's licking up Braixen's pussy juices off of your face, clearly even more elated by the taste than you are. Why? Who the fuck knows.

Ah, the just-don't-think-about-it school of writing. I have become quite acquainted with it.

You feel all sense of wonder, worry, and even curiosity begin to melt away as you lean into the tailspin of this madness and indulge in the pleasure.

You feel a whole lot of other emotions melt away, too, since the author only bothers to mention you had them in retrospect.

Sylveon is still grinding on your thigh, and although your face is taken up, other parts of you aren't. Kirlia is done sucking on your fingers now, and she guides your hand down with her as she kneels on the ground, wrapping her thighs around the hand and urging you to fingerfuck her. You do without a shred of hesitation now, briefly looking over to the delicate psychic type with a smile.

You then remembered that as a psychic type, you'd probably be able to fist it without a problem, since it takes half damage from fighting moves.

Looking over to the other side, you see that Goodra has been swarmed by Zoroark and Blaziken, who feverishly eat her pussy out in search of the cum you've pumped into her twat. This is all so surreal, but now it feels completely without shame, as your hips rock up off of the ground and you thrust into Absol's incredibly tight, almost dreamy pussy.

The quality of the pussy has degraded over time, so now the aforementioned dreamy pussy is reduced to 'almost'.

You're into this now in ways that are probably more fucked up than you have the mental faculties at the moment to understand, but fuck it.

Geez, dude, you are only sticking your dick into wild animals that are even less capable of judgement than normally, you're not bearing witness to an eldritch horror.

"Come at me any way you like," you tell the Pokemon,

Alright, Ninetails use Tail Whip, let's get freaky!

groaning as you ease your leg up a little bit to press tighter against Sylveon's puffy twat, hearing the Eeveelution moan in delight as you do so. She seems so happy to be there. They all do.

Up until now, you had a feeling that at least one of them would rather be at the Day Care with a Ditto, but the author was thankfully upfront about the single purpose these bimbos with fur exists in this reality he wrote for you.

You don't know how this eclectic mix has been wandering around without a male to handle their urges for them, but the apparent loss of wild area males is now your amazing, sinful gain.

Dude, if you are going to nonstop point out all the plot holes and passive aggressively kink-shame the intended reader, what am I supposed to do?

Absol doesn't last long on your cock, but with the incredible clenching sensation tight around you, you don't either. She yells something that's probably super impassioned in her language as she cums on your cock, shoving her tongue into your mouth as her inner walls greedily beg you for cum.

For someone who can't even sense or decipher tone nor syllables of animals speaking nothing but bits of their own name, you seem awfully fluent in pussy.

And you give it to her, groaning as you cum deep into her desperate hole, and creampie her too. Sylveon cums seconds later, leaving your leg sticky with all of her juices as she pulls up off of you, hardly seeming satisfied, but then, even Goodra and Absol don't look 'done' and they've even gotten their cum fix. Haven't they?

What the fuck has this become?

You know, I was asking myself that very same question.

Absol pulls off of your cock, your spunk dripping out of her well fucked and loosened up hole as she whines and pulls back, letting another Pokemon take her place. It's then when you realize, startled, that your cock is still hard. Like, rock hard.

I'm holding back all the Harden and String Shot jokes, just so you know.

Goodra's aphrodisiac is still working efficiently to keep you rigid and able to endure it all, turned chemically virile for their own perverted purposes as you await the next Pokemon to come in.

"Oh no, gosh darn, that was not at all what you expected or wanted in this fanfic at all, that must be so unexpected and disappointing because you are definitely not enjoying this, you pervert." That's how you sound, author. Is this part of the kink? What am I missing here?

But one Pokemon doesn't take Absol's place. Four of them do. Kirlia, Braixen, Sylveon, and Lopunny all throw themselves down toward your lap, none of them actually trying to impale themselves on your cock even though they're in heat; they have something else in mind for it.

Because the insatiable urges to copulate, that's also enhanced through chemical trickery, seems to direct them to do the complete opposite of that, of course. Were you just all out of made-up facts on how Pokémon mate, author?

Sylveon's ribbon feels wrap around the base of your cock to secure it in place, slowly stroking like a strange, gossamer-soft handjob,


as their mouths all sink forward. Four tongues start to lap along your dick, licking at the two layers of sticky nectar now coating it.

Their tongues became immediately solid from touching the hidden layer of Goodra barf underneath, since nothing ever seems to rubs off your junk.

They moan and stare up at you, four sets of eyes all adoring as they bear down with intense attention, leaving you to stare back in turn, enthralled and unable to look away.

At least until Zoroark sits down on your face.

A pair of black-furred thighs press tightly onto either side of your head as the dark type fox secures you in place.

The amount of chafing your face will have managed to get by the end of this story will be immense.

She weighs considerably more than Braixen did, but she keeps the application of her weight smart, applying only enough directly onto your face so that her puffy folds are pressed in tight and you're left with no choice but to start licking as your every inhale fills with her aroma and your every exhale blows against her trembling, drooling entrance.

Simulate the effect by breathing into a wet paper bag.

With none of the Pokemon going for your hands, you're able to reach with both to grab the fox's ass, squeezing it firmly as you take up what seems like your now rightful duty and start to devour her. They've long since won you over, and you can't leave such her in such desperation; she needs to get off so badly, and you can help her so much more than she can help herself, as your tongue drags along her folds back and forth, lapping up the tart nectar that has just the faintest hint of what tastes like black licorice.

Either it's this highly improbable association of dark type flavoring through utterly and completely stupid logic, or you are having a stroke affecting your sense of taste.

It's not the kind of flavour you were expecting to be eating out of a woman, but then, you never thought a woman squeezing your head between her thighs would ever be a Zoroark.

You had expected strawberries. Many people on the Internet does, quite frankly.

The tongues continue to move about, and though you can't see anything with Zoroark's body pressing down tightly, save for a pair of ample breasts that have become more pronounced beneath the fluffy black patch of longer fur on her chest as she fondles herself, but you do remember the rough positions of the Pokemon and their tongues are in some ways easy to figure out.

Especially the barbed, feline one, since it's flaying your dick to shreds.

Kirlia's tongue feels the most like a normal human's as it laps its way up and down your shaft, adoring its length from the underside and finding particular delight in toying with the little seam that serves as a trail for her licks.

I don't think now is the time to extend the lore on how they do circumcisions in the world of Pokémon, author.

Braixen's broad is looser and very canine, dragging sloppily in mostly back and forth motions along your cock, her licks completely all over the place and utterly wild.

And because you have a dick the size of a barn, there is just enough operating room for two more.

Sylveon's tongue feels slightly more feline, not completely sandpapery, but having a bit more texture to it as she comes in from underneath and licks your balls, the strange quality it has working amazingly down at your sac as the skin lavishes in the attention.

Then there's Lopunny, and you're not feeling her tongue, you're feeling her mouth in its entirety as she sloppily throats your cock.

The other three Pokémon are stuffed inside her cheek for any of this to actually happen.

You don't even know how just short of four feet of slender rabbit is able to take your cock down so deep but she is, and it's amazing; you can feel her throat spasming around your cock with each gagging, sputtering noise that Zoroark's thighs aren't able to fully silence, and you can't enough of listening to it as she works you over steadily, the deep and reverent treatment of your cock leaving less and less room for the other girls to work, but they manage just fine as Lopunny's sloppy technique works over the bulk of your cock.

Just one more feet and she'll be halfway there, because your dick is probably as long as that fucking 99 word sentence!! You were just one word away from glory, author, and here I thought you weren't in the business of causing someone blue balls.

This all feels maybe a little bit too decadent for you to handle.

I mean, you were squeamish enough as it was when your parents taught you about the Pidgeys and the Beedrils.

There's so much happening everywhere, so many things to feel and to be taken in by. It's all distinct enough for your senses to pick out one thing or another just fine, but the surprising thing isn't that you can distinguish the four mouths working together to worship your cock and balls, it's the fact there are four mouths worshiping your cock and balls to begin with.

Be amazed by this amazing thing but only because it's amazing and an not because it's amazing.

But they are; four desperate, in heat, adorable female Pokemon have deigned to give you a quadruple blowjob before they even think about turning their attention to having you creampie them.

I must say, this is so immersive what with how the author goes out of his way to tell you, how completely unbelievable that it is that any of this is happening.

And that is a sentence that applies to your existence at this point. It's the weirdest dream you never knew you had coming true.

Any moment now, you'll wake up in a hospital bed, having suffered a long series of delirious hallucinations, during a coma inflicted on you via poisoning by inhaling a shoddy chemical product.

It doesn't need to make sense, it just feels good, and as your tongue laps at Zoroark's clit, staring at the way she touches herself and works her breasts over eagerly, every part of this feels good.

No feeling cold from being naked, a charley horse, not even an itchy asshole, everything is just fucking perfect.

Especially the lurid show the vulpine Pokemon puts on as she rides your face. She's brimming with excitement, and she's putting her all into pushing through all of it and bucking in delight amid all of the sensations bearing down upon her, high on the pleasure she just can't get enough of. It's a marvel to behold and it's only made better by the fact that you're probably getting even more than you're giving.

You are essentially just lying there, about as useful as a half-dead Magikarp that forgot how to use Splash.

"I'm cumming!" you yell out, and even muffled by Zoroark's mound it comes out clearly enough for all four girls to press their faces in close and lap at your head together as they seek the cummy treat.

At this point, I wouldn't put it past the author to try and sell you on the idea that you ejaculate something equivalent to Rare Candy.

When you cum, you cum harder and with more volume than any third load you've ever spilled before. You can't see it to be sure, but you don't have to; you can feel how much is pumping out of your cock, and you didn't even know you had that much cum in your balls.

And yet they'll still refill fast and you'll probably have enough for six more rounds, won't you?

Is this all part of Goodra's effects?

Fuck, I thought you knew, author.

You don't care either way, too busy having your head pulled in as Zoroark climaxes seconds later, yelling and pulling your head in,

One more pull and we are unbirthing territory, be warned!

desperate and urging you to drink down every drop of her tart nectar as she keeps you right there with your kiss pressed into her trembling pussy lips.

As Zoroark pulls off of your face and trembles in delight, you see the mess you've made of the four lovelies who'd given your cock the treat of a lifetime.

Two of them were decapitated by the sheer force, and another lost an eye.

They all lick each others' faces clean of the messy strands of spunk they've been hit with, and you feel disappointed that you didn't get a chance to actually watch them take the facial.

Like a kid visiting a candy aisle for the first time, you want everything and can never be satisfied.

Which is weird thing to say, but at this point you've fucked enough Pokemon that there's little point in denying what's coming up to the surface. It's better to just accept it all and keep rolling with all of this as it comes.

There is a point where you needed to stop and you have clearly passed it but why not keep going and see what happens? You should sooner accept the premise that there's a Pokémon trainer nearby, watching from afar how their prank on you is going.

"Okay, who's next?" you ask, and it's the intimidating Blaziken stepping up next, the strongest of the pack and standing at six feet of statuesque ass kicking. She doesn't climb onto your cock like the others did, grabbing you by the arm and tugging you up to your knees as she slips onto all fours behind you, placing your hands firmly onto her hips before bending over fully. It's clear what she wants and the fact that she is so point-blank and assertive about getting it actually really hot, and you have no problem giving it to her, as something else is maybe even hotter; her pussy.

Funny, I would have thought you'd be able to tell the difference between a vagina and a cloaca, but then again, you are probably only feeling it with your ass since she's behind you and all.

The heat radiating from the desperate hole primed for breeding is simply incredible. There's something about it that you can hardly believe as it wafts off amid all of the dripping nectar covering her feathered mound.

Does the author even know what nectar is at this point? I know calling it juice is not much better, but the licorice bit has me questioning more things than I would like to.

The need she shows and the desperation with which she craves your cock is more obvious than any of the others, and you can't hold out on her. She's made it clear that she wants it rough, and you're more than happy to oblige as you slam your cock into her and discover for yourself that the heat was no trick of the mind; the toasty, velvety twat clenches around your cock excitedly, and it's yet another experience like nothing you've ever felt before.

Every point forward will be the first ever, like nothing ever before, this shit will be so much unlike anything else that it's completely unique, utterly divine, perfection and pleasure immeasurable, and yet I've read such statements a hundred times over from fanfics like this that are a dime a dozen. What does that tell you?

It stood to reason a fire type's pussy would be something amazing to fuck, but this is far past your expectations.

Soon you'll find yourself getting hooked on first-degree dick burns, and down the line it'll be nothing but Slugma and Magmar pussy than can do it for you in the future.

You haven't had to do very much work before now; all of the girls who rode your cock and your face before were all too happy to do the bulk of the work as they dominated you. But here came the most dominant of the entire pack of Pokemon, and she had no intention of doing it all herself, putting you into position to go all out, and you do.

You're still not in a dominant role in this sex scene just because you are left to do the thrusting, but don't tell the author that, I'm sure he's too busy narrating your life to bother.

Your hips wind up for a quick, harsh pace as you hold onto her hips, holding her steady in place as you slam into her toasty twat. She lets out raw, deep noises as you take her, and she can't even hold back for long before she's throwing back against your thrusts and meeting them. Not that you mind in the least; whatever she wants to do if it means she isn't kicking your head off.

Turns out the fear-boner you've had from getting raped by these feral creatures with super powers was there from the beginning, with Goodra merely having hocked a loogie to lube you up.

Goodra kneels beside you and shoves her face into yours, and you don't even flinch as you start to make out with the towering dragon. It's so strange to think that such a powerful creature has your cum inside of her and is so eager to be almost submissive as she presses into you so needily that she doesn't even need to guide your hand over to her pussy, you're already rubbing at her slit, still a bit loose from when you fucked her before, and the trickle of your cum down onto your digits is something you decide to get dirty with as you rub your cum into her clit.

Okay, listen, we are talking about a Goodra here. A Pokémon who I can only tell the author picked because of its slime potential. Goo is literally in its name of the Pokémon you are fingering with genital fluids. She also had two other Pokémon tongue her for all the cum you left in her. How can you even tell which is which?

Kirlia presses up against your other side, kissing your shoulder as she presses against your thigh and starts to hump your leg just like Sylveon did. But you welcome it, loving the feeling of her aching slit drooling down your leg, the complete desperation and need it shows.

I can empathize, since I'm pretty desperate for this chapter to end, too.

The fact that these nine ladies so utterly crave you is starting to go to your head,

Starting? You've been like three steps beyond that for a while now.

as it becomes impossible not to think about the fact that these Pokemon are so close to losing control of their impulses that they're grind up on your leg they think it'll get them something. It's a strange thought to behold, but it leaves you feeling powerful and high on the bubbling thrills of something more twisted than you were ever ready to face when you left the house this morning.

Seriously, the author has made this black-out, pheromone-drunk, date-rape out to be such an implausible affront to nature, that I'm pretty sure Officer Jenny would shoot you on sight.

But that's what makes it so amazing and salvages this strange experiment gone wrong as the faulty Max Attract's effects take a turn for the better.

Calling this an experiment gone wrong is the equivalent of baiting your hook and wondering how you caught fish.

Although, any object that ends with you having a harem of desperate Pokemon in heat all begging you to fuck them hardly seems like it could ever be "faulty". In fact, you'd say that the item worked far, far better than you could have ever hoped.

In fact, it went so well that it hasn't worn off yet, or didn't need to, and it didn't attract more than necessary, only went for those you found attractive, including one of them that could slip you some Poké-viagra to last throughout it all, and just tell me to stop if this is getting you as hard as the author thinks you get from all his constant convenience pandering.

Hammering harshly into the hot cunt of a Blaziken moaning in delight with two more horny Pokemon leaning on your sides, you feel like a king,

Yeah, a Slowking, can you wrap it up already?!

staring forward at all the other Pokemon, the six you're not currently helping out with their heat staring at you in need, even if by now all of them except for Ninetales has been able to enjoy you in some way. But in due time you'll get to her, perhaps even next.

Just casually making it clear that you haven't got Chapter 2 all figured out just yet, author?

The way they're looking at you, and with the confidence and energy you feel from Goodra basically drugging you into being able to go for as long as they need you to, you're ready to do everything you can to help leave all of them fully satisfied and all dripping with your cum.

With each load being larger than the previous, I'm sure.

Both because they deserve to feel the relief they crave, and maybe even more importantly because this feels far too amazing for you to ever want to stop.

We'll talk about your rampant Stockholm Syndrome later.

Blaziken gets faster as she rocks back against you, desperate and burning up with her own need and excitement, driven by purpose and a craving for your cock that seems far more intense than such a powerful creature should be capable of lusting after from a mere human, but with your balls slapping up against her clit and your hands tight on her hips, you feel in control and able to push her further down, to not quite dominate her, but certainly to hold your own. At least until she cums, until her pussy clamps down around your cock and the warmest thing you can ever experienced presses even more desperately into you.

Wait, I'm getting mixed signals here. Did Ninetails just stick something in your butt or not?

It's too much for you to bear, and you groan as you slam forward, your cock erupting deep within the greedy hole. Your cum pumps into her, filling her as she screams in orgasmic, shuddering bliss, head thrown back as she climaxes.

Go ahead and treat yourself to a super effective joke, you know the one.

Kirlia and Goodra climax too, your hand covered in Goodra's slightly slimy quim while Kirlia is squirting all down your leg. You feel messy and sticky all over from the endless sex and the sweat you're working up, but as Blaziken pulls off of your cock and you're pushed back down onto your back with all nine horny Pokemon staring at one another, wondering whose turn is up next, you quite simply don't care how much of a mess you make; you're not going fucking anywhere.

Mostly because you'll collapse any moment now from dehydration.

Well, that was the first of four chapters, and the sex scene has yet to actually end. While it's difficult to wade through all this filth and breathe new jokes into it, I am determined to see it through. I find it rather surprising though that this scene has about as much to do with Pokémon as it has with an accidental orgy at an ordinary zoo. No special moves. No evolution. I'm even surprised I was able to remember that the genitals in fur coats had names with how they had no spoken dialogue. Maybe the story improves later, but wishing improvement on this trash is not on my list of fucks that I give, quite frankly.

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Re: A Chemical Mishap - A 'Male Reader x Pokémon' Fanfic

Post by GorillaGamer » Tue Jun 25, 2019 12:03 am

Isn't it convenient that on top of all nine Pokemon being incredibly popular in the furry community, are all female, and the self-insert is the only person within the immediate vicinity, they all have the sexual stamina of a stud horse, despite only one participant being affected by the aphrodisiac saliva?

I've had some experience with mocking these 'Reader insert x whatever jizz napkin the writer/requester' faps to, and as you'd expect they're mostly shameless masturbation fodder, trumped only by first-person perspective lemons. Often times I'm left wondering why the writers of these fics don't just search up porn of their favorite characters and crank one out; it'll be a lot less shameless than writing dreck like this.

The mock's looking good so far, but I can tell that this fic will only get sticker as we delve deeper into it.
Jesus man what is up with you and all of those waifus! Are you secretly the "Ultimate Pimp"?
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Re: A Chemical Mishap - A 'Male Reader x Pokémon' Fanfic

Post by ConcernedGamer » Mon Jul 01, 2019 1:42 pm

GorillaGamer wrote:
Tue Jun 25, 2019 12:03 am
The mock's looking good so far, but I can tell that this fic will only get sticker as we delve deeper into it.
Thank you for the kind words, GorillaGamer. It will indeed get stickier, since the chapter will open up where the previous left off, and end basically where it started. You'll see eventually. Anyway, moving on to my opening banter.

I chose to mock this over others, you know. I had plenty of choices, because there's not a lack of 'Reader x ' fanfics. Most of them, however, barely seem to have gone off the ground from the initial premise, or only flirts with the bestiality angle by making the Pokémon into the Pokégirl humanoid varieties. This fanfic was from a glance one of the more articulated, solidly written ones, if only because it didn't dive into obnoxious script format like some others. While the author is admittedly good at grammar and could probably write something solid if it wasn't soaked in smut, he has recognizable hangups, but its the least of my issues. That was about the most positive I'll ever be about this fanfic. Let's dive back in, shall we? Here's Chapter 2.

"So do you just never get tired?" you ask with a groan as strong hands grab you and guide you back down onto your back.

Will your balls ever run dry? The answer will be identical to the previous question, and for exactly the same reason.

It's Zoroark again, and she seems like she's aggressively eager for more of you as she pushes you into her desired position. It's a sharp whiplash from Blaziken and her desire for you to actually participate for the dark type to once more put you into a place where you feel like a glorified dildo for them to ride.

While it's a surprise to find that half my jokes only seems to have been fodder for the author's intentional objectification of you, I think even a dildo puts up more of a fight than you've been allowed thus far.

And that may in fact be the case as she pins you down and goes for her aggressive riding of your lap with all of the fervor you've come to expect out of the dominant female Pokemon all in a feverish heat.

You get something better than an answer as tight, slick Zoroark pussy envelops your cock, her furry hands running along your chest as she stares at you, eyes lit up with an intense and ravenous kind of delight that seems only increased by the burning need surging within her.


She sinks her way down slowly, and for a moment you wonder if she's going to take the careful and steady approach to riding you, before she tightens her thighs against the sides of your hips and starts her feverish riding of your cock. It was foolish to think she would have done anything else as she bounces eagerly atop you, moaning and throwing her head back in delight.

I agree, it was foolish to think that with every single detail written in the previous paragraphs, but I'm starting to believe fanfic author's aren't capable of recollecting anything they wrote once they start masturbating.

There's no shame in being wrong, though.

Is it then your god complex that makes you keep calling the reader foolish for not understanding the clues you are telegraphing, author?

Not when it feels so good. Your fingers grip her hips as she rides you hard and fast, your eyes watching the heaving of her breasts adoringly as she works overtime to rut herself senseless atop your dick. The heat has done things to them, left them so desperate and brazen that now they seem all too eager for every last bit of pleasure they can get, and you're more than happy to supply everything they could possibly need as you hold tight onto Zoroark's hips and thrust up into her.

Well, that's funny, it's almost like there's not a point to reading the first chapter to understand that the plot got to this point because of a Trainer's faulty item use.

Braixen and Lopunny crawl over to you from the sides, both putting a knee up on your chest as they lean forward and go for Zoroark's breasts, grabbing the heaving fox tits and starting to suck on them right in front of you.

For a bunch of Pokémon bent on nothing but mating desperately with your cock, they sure seem awfully compliant to not fight over it. Or is this what amounts to an actual Pokémon battle in this author's head?

The moan Zoroark lets out as she moves even more excitedly in response is a marvel to behold, but even better as far as your eyes being drawn goes is the presence of two dripping, puffy cunts stuck out and waving in your face.

Is there ever going to be a vagina in this story that isn't in the middle of having an allergic reaction?

They probably don't mean to, but you can't resist the sight of it, releasing Zoroark's tits and giving both perky butts a nice slap before stuffing a couple fingers into both Pokemon.

Yeah, you know, just like nibbling on Zoroark's tits had nothing to do with an intent to turn you on further, it's all merely accidental and totally in line with their mating instincts.

Almost immediately, they begin to moan and twist against your touch, their hands gripping Zoroark's hips in your stead so that you can focus on getting them off, and that's when everything starts to get into the territory of a well oiled machine.

There's a time and place for everything, and that word choice even Oak would say is not now.

Zoroark grips the backs of their heads and rides your cock faster as the attention she receives intensifies, thrills her with the bliss coming from all directions. They all seem so touch starved and needy that any sexual attention at all is enough to drive them wild, and you are all up in touching them every which way with gusto, fingers pumping rapidly in and out of Lopunny and Braixen's needy twats while you thrust upward into the dominantly bouncing Zoroark in your lap.

You do what you are doing, and you do it a lot, and they like it a lot, because they need it a lot. There. I probably just described ninety percent of this fanfic.

It's all coming together so perfectly for you and all you can think about is how much more you can get out of this as the Pokemon twist about in delight against your touch.

What do you want more? A badge?!

How you're not tired is still kind of a mystery to you. Whatever Goodra hit you with isn't something that probably should have worked on a human as well as it did, but it's turned you into a raw, energetic fucking machine as you thrust up into Zoroark, keen on yet another round and refusing to slow down for anything.

Hey, remember that thing that the author used to excuse the constant ability of copulation? Yeah, let's amp up the impossibility of that even further, that will surely not clog up this well-oiled machine in any way.

This is so crazy and completely beyond anything sensible in the world but fuck if it doesn't feel amazing, and the longer you can ride this wave of absolute bliss, the longer you can savour the way that a day went from wrong to more right than you could have ever imagined a day could go.

How am I supposed to even cast shame on a guy, who obviously gets an erection by just how implausible everything he writes is?

The other girls all stare at the madness going on, and you wonder how they're even cooperating. Nine different Pokemon, not even of the same species, all cooperating in their eager use of your body for their own delight without a single moment's pause.

Humans can't even stop trying to skip a queue at a local mall, what's having these sex-crazed animals so composed?

If their estrus is really so intense,

Oh, someone finally found a different word than heat, did they?

the fact that they aren't competing for you is probably amazing. You think, at least? It's hard to know much about what's going on when you're so clueless and your thoughts are so utterly absorbed by the madness of the way they're riding you too fast for you to care about the technical details that are way out of your area of expertise.

You can remember a random, unprompted fact from strangers about a specific Pokémon's spit that leaves a dick erect without even the intent to investigate said fact, but you can't retain stuff that should probably be Pokémon Biology 101 for this reality to even exist outside the author's narrow masturbation-forged reality - a fap-verse, if you will.

Zoroark moans louder, her hips moving faster and slamming harder down onto you, her dominance a strange kind as she just goes all out and lets the fact she's in control and riding you like you're a sentient sex toy be a simple fact of it all beneath her pursuit of what she really wants; to be bred.

Have we been here before? I feel like we've read this paragraph already.

To have her fill of pleasure and cum as she receives what her body craves more than she possibly hope to bear, so desperate to be filled with cum and impregnated that she's willing to fuck a human to get what she needs. It's a special kind of desperate, but you're too busy reeling from it all and fingerfucking the adorable, squirming Pokemon sucking on her tits to care too much about it.

You don't care and is distracted from it, yet it's the main source of your perverted pleasure that the author keeps bringing up anyway.

You cum first, groaning as you slam up one final time into her, your head rolling back as you give in to another orgasm. This is, what, your fifth in a row now? You've never gone this long or this hard before but it still all seems far from over as you fill her up, make her whine and twist in delight. The first shot of cum hitting her womb, all warm and thick, is enough to drive her over the edge, make her slam down against you one final time as her own orgasm surges through her, and the dominant black fox takes her pleasure eagerly, crying out as her pussy greedily clings to your cock, as if trying to milk you to another orgasm.

Eh, I'm sure you are aware that she's faking it, considering that you'd only know it's an Illusion Fox by reading its actual Pokédex entry.

Zoroark remains on your lap a bit longer and lets the girls keep sucking on her tits as you work them over, until they're both snapping their heads back and whining in delight as they climax against your fingers, twisting about and pressing against your hands as they drip their juices all over your chest, but the sticky gushes of nectar don't even faze you as you withdraw the fingers.

You aren't fazed by the awful case of prune fingers you've gotten at this point either.

Both of the Pokemon moan as they pull back and turn around, the two of them gladly leaning in to grab the hands that had just fingerfucked them to completion. They pull pull the hands off to the sides and start to lick the fingers clean, moaning and staring down at you as the chaos continues, the ever shifting positions and needs of the lusty women leaving you without a break. As they start to suck their own juices off of your digits, Sylveon climbs onto your lap next, moaning as she slams down onto your cock and leaving you with the tightness of a tiny little feline fairy type lying atop you and bouncing eagerly.

Yeah, how are you even supposed to catch a break when the author bumps up the pace threefold, in order to skip straight to putting your dick in something new in the span of a single paragraph this time?

The feeling is totally different than Zoroark's riding of you just seconds earlier.

No, don't tell me. A velvet pussy that's incredibly tight like nothing else ever before, right?

She settles her paws down onto the ground and bucks against you needily, driven by the need to fuck but not as dominant about it, her lighter and smaller body not slamming down against you with quite as much force. There's a sweetness to the way she fucks herself atop your cock, still the greedy and assertive bucking of a Pokemon eager to do all of the work as you're used as a sperm donor, but she's not as aggressive in doing so.

That's the way she's doing it, not how she feels, genius. You have a quadrupedal psychic type bouncing now instead of a bipedal beast of a different size and weight class, and all you can do is paint out how she's only a 9 on the needy scale?

And as a bonus, she even coos and licks along your chest, lapping up Lopunny and Braixen's quim off of your skin as she stares at you with wide, adoring eyes.

Author, no one is using the genitalia slang word quim in modern day to mean female genital fluids. Stop diving so deep in dictionaries that you forget to glance at the addendum that reads that the usage only was applicable in the Victorian era.

The high of being under so much attention all at once from the horny Pokemon is an ego trip like you've never felt before.

Even if ignoring the three or four other times when the author made a point to tell you things were going to your head, so as to boost your sexual fantasy facsimile's confidence, what the hell is even the scale at this point?

Your eyes scan across the other six, all staring and wanting you too, Kirlia even straddling your leg again and starting to rub herself to another orgasm as the desperately horny Pokemon seems so utterly desperate for your cum that you know you're going to have to fuck her next just to try and make her chill the fuck out.

I don't know which use of the word fuck is turning on the author more, and that should not be something I should be in doubt about!

Even the ones you've already seeded seem far from ready to give up, as Zoroark pins the Absol you creampied earlier down and sucks the cum right out of her pussy hungrily, as if the load you just gave her wasn't even close to enough to sate her thirst.

Are we even from the same planet, author? Oh, this Pokémon is in heat, all thoughts it has is that it must mate, so it'll just have a refreshing drink from another Pokémon's sullied orifice. The kink connections you are attempting in your fap-fever haze is self-referentially bunk outside of gimmicks like bimbofication-rays, author. You need to get laid, seriously!

Lopunny starts to bob her head along your fingers, moaning as she stares suggestively at you, trying to hint toward other things she might like to do as she sucks on the digits, moaning and adoring you with her lusty gaze as she works.

Why do I keep finding nothing but wasted opportunities in this trash, with how not-Pokémon this all is? While I don't even see how a button-eyed bunny can communicate all that the author just put out, Baby-Doll Eyes is in its potential move-set for crying out loud.

Braixen takes a moment to catch up and follow suit, the little fox trying to moan louder and draw your attention, all while Sylveon whimpers and licks further and further up, trying to goad you into looking at her instead. All three girls are desperate for your eyes and your focus, wanting the confirmation of how good they're making you feel and probably how much better they are at it than the others.

Oh, I guess I was mistaken. These are all clearly Cam Whore types.

It's a dizzying mess to try and piece together, made no easier by the ways in which they seem primed to compete with one another to get that focus, and you don't have any way to stare at all three of them at once, even if they all look so gorgeous that it would definitely be the best compromise you could get out of this whole mess.

And then the insanity went up another notch to let you go cross-eyed, solving this minute issue.

You guide the two girls on either side of you toward Sylveon, and they move, moaning and following your hangs eagerly, wanting so badly to keep your attention, as you're the only one who can take care of them in this trying time.

Only because the Mass Attract apparently synthesized itself into a genocidal plague for anyone who didn't inhale it a minute after exposure to the air. The paragraphs are echoing already, that's how vastly empty this fanfic's universe is.

They slip into position before you, so needy and ready to do everything, and as you stare down at all of them at once, they light up with excitement, as if not even realizing that you've found a way to look at all of them at once.

Yeah, just keep marveling at how these animals have the awareness and behavior of animals as you fuck them, that sure hasn't gotten old yet.

Or maybe they have realized, but they don't care as long as your eyes are firmly on them like this. It's all they need to see to know that you're giving them the love and affection they crave, a good compromise to keep everyone happy as Braixen and Lopunny continue to beg for your favour while Sylveon moans and whines as she takes your cock.

The three of them all leaning against each other is the hottest sight you've ever seen,

Not even in Scientology do you experience this many enlightening revelations of things you'd never experienced before.

all of them staring at you with deep, burning lust, two mouths wrapped around your fingers and another open wide as Sylveon pants and keeps licking you. Braixen and Lopunny's quim might be pretty much all gone, but she's still showering you with steady affection, if only to keep her adoration obvious, the loving fairy type just bursting with a need to make you feel good and feel loved. And oh how you feel loved, groaning as you start to pump the fingers into the mouths of the eager girls knelt down at your sides.

This author seems to have a pretty fucking cheap definition of love. Love is emotional attachment. Dogs can love you. These Poké-bitches haven't even attained such level, because dogs don't love you through the single interaction and application of carnal desire.

"You're all doing such a good job," you groan, and their faces light up. Braixen and Lopunny aren't doing very much in the grand scheme of things, but it's still enough to help things along, especially with their bright eyes so wide and staring right at you. "Keep it going. I promise, I'm not going to stop until you've all had your fill."

Holy shit, I think the amount of passion from your choice of words could fuel about two - no, three Microsoft Sams.

It's a pretty big promise to make but you feel like you have to make it, like you're bound by a need to deliver now as you try your best to give them everything they so brazenly and desperately seek.

Almost like your will is not your own, and the promise was just as pointless to state in this story as had you spouted a non-sequitur about Good always triumphing over Evil.

How can you in good conscience disappoint them all now? The crooning, needy wrecks almost debilitated by their need to be bred are counting on you and letting them down is simply unthinkable.

Well, I'm glad you acknowledged the fact that the only thing threatening your fanfic's premise is a single logical thought, author

Sylveon ruts herself silly atop your cock, the needy and moaning fairy type going all out as she seeks nothing but the utmost satisfaction from you. And you're doing your best to give it to her, both of you winding up hotly into the mad descent into pleasure that will leave her feeling what the lucky four others so far have been able to.

Using that vestigial limb that the author put on auto pilot and hasn't mentioned how feels to you for about five paragraphs, leaving it inside a never before felt pussy, which might still be the fucking case.

The look in her eyes screams of desperation and you groan, your fingers withdrawing from the mouths of Braixen and Lopunny as you reach to caress her cheek and scratch behind her ear in adoration, giving her some last little bursts of attention that help drive the adoring Sylveon right over the edge.

Amateur. Head pats would clearly be more orgasm inducing.

She yells as she climaxes atop you, slamming her body down and feverishly humping your body in those final seconds as her pussy spasms around your cock, the bliss of release so blatant across her face as she licks all over in clumsy, messy, feverish strokes as her way of begging you to give her what she needs.

Spaz attacks are such a turn on, of course.

And you do,

What suspense!!

because you need it to, grabbing her butt and pushing her down onto your cock as you go balls deep into her one final time and groan, your cock twitching and erupting within her aching, needy twat. Another orgasm to add to the growing record as you twist in disbelief and amazement at everything happening to you, and the deepest, most abiding sense you have is one of luck.

An orgasm so good you threw yourself into a Jojo pose.

Amid all the many swirling, confusing emotions hitting you from every direction, the one you now cling to most is the sense that you are in way over your head but that you feel too good to know what to do with any of it.

And you know that knowing that feeling that feeling that knowing that - urp, I need a moment.

Sylveon slips off of your lap, and Kirlia looks like she's ready to scramble up your leg and ride you until she's fucked herself silly, but she stops as Ninetales steps forward. The elegant fox Pokemon has held herself back this entire time, yet to touch you or even join in the multi girl oral worship of your cock from earlier.

Is the author telling you this because he assumed you lost track and forgot, or because it's yet another marvel that these bitches are taking their turn?

Just waiting patiently off to the side for her opportunity, and Kirlia seems to defer to the fire type, hanging her head low and shirking back, only to be picked up by Blaziken and pulled up onto her shoulders, seating her up atop her to eat her out as the fox stares longingly at you.

Maybe I should encourage you to look at a bit more fanart of Blaziken instead, author, since you've obviously forgotten that what it has to work with for cunnilingus is a beak!

Maybe she's the leader of this pack? Is this even really a pack and not just a loose affiliation of Pokemon all in the same place and need at the same time?

Is this constant interruption of pointing out the stupid a way for you to edge yourself and the reader, author, or are you in fact getting direct enjoyment from it?

You have no idea and it's hard to figure out much of anything about them with the language barrier converging with the heady chaos of the moment. But what matters is that she's looking at you longingly, the lust having finally become too much for her as she enters the madness now, her turn to step in and add to the growing sense of madness all around you.

The true madness here is the way of the author's repeated word use in his purple prose.

She licks her muzzle walking slowly over you and pressing down into a kiss.

So, you do know the word, author!

You give it to her, fascinated and ready to oblige, to follow suit by surrendering to whatever she so desires from you.

Oh, I wonder, what enigma of a riddle this is. Could it be your dick?

It's a crazy thing to think, but you can't stop thinking it as you lean in and adore her with the slow, steady kiss of someone who is all too ready to give her whatever she wants. There's something about the way she's so politely atop you, stern and intent on getting what she wants, the passion behind the way she kisses you hardly undermining her beauty or elegance.

Yeah, I agree, there's something about it. Something that's about only a single adjective change in those details from sounding like all the other Pokémon you fucked already.

It makes you crave her more, makes you twist as you shudder in the discovery of something different from the sweet need or assertive hunger that all the other Pokemon have assailed you with thus far.

I think we all know where this is heading, since the Pokédex is ignored whenever the author wants. How many thousands of years of curses will your dick get, I wonder.

As she kisses you, her tails slowly descend into your lap, the luscious, orange-tipped yellow tails brushing along your thighs and your waist, so soft and sweet as they tease along your body that you hardly know what to do with yourself but twist excitedly against their adoration.

Let's twist again, like you did last paragraph, doo-wop doo-wop.

It's a sweet feeling that promises so much more, as your hands reach up to slowly caress along her sleek body, and you brace yourself for the love to come.

Anyone reading this has been bracing themselves for quite a while now, I'm sure.

Her tails slip further down, brushing along your cock now, and as she slowly lowers herself down, she isn't near low enough down your body to actually sit onto your cock. Instead, she rests her pussy down onto your stomach, and you can feel the slick, wet hole rubbing along your skin as she nuzzles into your neck and braces herself for what's to come.

Fuck it, everyone's just bracing for sexual impact at this point.

It's not particularly ambiguous and she's throwing signals brighter and louder than you could ever hope to be able to ignore as she teases your cock with her tails all at once. Nine furry, fluffy limbs all taunting you, easing in the promises of something incredible as she starts to lick along your neck, cooing inquisitively.

Why do furries think that every tail in existence is prehensile? Even this franchise grasps the concept.

"Do you want to give me a tailjob?" you ask,

That was made translucently evident three paragraphs ago, try to keep up!!

and the word is so absurd that you shouldn't be asking so plainly, but as you run your fingers along her sides and scratch her cheek, the question feels more like a way to show your approval for it than anything else,

Marvel as the author realizes what pillow talk is all about.

and the cooing Ninetales slowly nods against your neck, licking along it happily as she pushes against you, the noises she makes growing louder and needier as she twists about hotly. The firm press of her incredibly warm body down against yours is incredible,

Yeah, no shit.

and it's a heat that makes you want to get warmer, makes you want to be enveloped in her flames touch.

Boy, do I know of a location perfect for you that people on the Internet recommends you go yiff in.

Her tails wrap around your cock, five of them coiling around different parts of your cock, getting a nice and firm grasp on all of it after a few curls.

You know, I was kidding about the dick size before, but doing the math of this is ridiculous. Let's say 'a few' is at least three, now try and coil a rope around something fifteen times. How long is that? Two feet of dick won't even be enough, because I think we can all agree that a Ninetales doesn't have tails with width below two inches.

Two more tails massage your balls as the last two settle onto your thighs, and as they all start to move in eager synchronicity, the feeling is incredible. You moan beneath her, your head easing back as you feel all nine fluffy limbs coordinated expertly,

Because Archeu's gift to man was to have Pokémon able to know exactly how to please a human male without practice beforehand.

the five stroking up and down while the the other four just cares and rub, the gentle fur at the tips all providing an excellent sensation that's greatly amplified by the way she coos against your neck, remaining warm and soft against your body as she readies herself for more.

The author is turned on by fur tentacles. I wonder if these tail-types ever realize what they are actually into.

You wonder why she isn't riding you right then and there, given the heat radiating off of her dripping pussy as she moves so desperately back and forth, relishing in the closeness and her burning need for affection.

You wonder an awful lot for someone who has had every single one of his rapist at this point go out of their way to do extra up until the consummating act.

She seems so ready to give in to it all right there, mewling and grinding against you.

But since the author thinks he's just as likely to turn you on by throwing you into a ballpit of Furbies, guess how long we are lingering at this.

The longer she holds tightly against your body, the less and less composed she seems, still refined and certain about what she wants and how she'll get it, but letting something more desperate slip through as she starts to lose herself in the pleasure. Holding herself back and simply watching seems now like the way she did her best to keep from letting control slip through her clutches, as now your touch and your warmth ignites the mightiest of needs within her and she doesn't seem like holding back is really much of an option anymore.

Which is why she is holding herself back right now, of course.

The tailjob turns quicker, the fluffy limbs stroking your cock like no hands ever could .

Rug burn isn't something hands can do, I agree there.

It's a strange feeling made only weirder by the fact there's five of them wrapped around the shaft, all moving in perfect sync with one another. It's another little bit of weird in the long standing mess of confusion that continues to drive you wild.

We know!!

The strangest sex you've ever had and it can only get stranger as Ninetales keeps licking you all over, lapping at your neck with an affection that only grows in desperation, deeper and hotter as everything spirals madly out of control. But she presses onward, keeping it going as she shamelessly presses in against you and refuses to slow down. She needs you, but she also needs to rile you up a little more first.

Yeah, sure, she can probably squeeze you into a straightjacket to get a bit more rise out of you, seeing as 'everything spirals madly out of control' already.

When her tails finally uncoil from around your cock you let out a groan of disappointment, deprived of the softness that you felt more than ready to lose yourself to, but with Ninetales slowly rising up off of you, her sopping wet pussy dripped a bit more onto your stomach in the process as she guides herself slowly back. This is it now;

Finally! I've forgotten the first two Pokémon you fucked and my own name while waiting for this buildup to be over. All Sylveon had to do was to decide to take a seat, for crying out loud.

your heart is pounding, and the closer she gets her pussy to the head of your cock, the more the radiating, intense heat sends shivers of pure delight running through you, the coursing sensation of pure excitement that seems to only grow in pure ferocity as she guides herself down until the pure tip of your pure cock is dragging along her pure slit.

Same-sentence buzz-wording seems such a trite affliction in fanfics. Makes me wonder if these authors ever reread their shit.

It's a sensation that makes her whine like rubbing up against your midsection never could, because she's finally feeling what she's not only craved, but been staring wantingly at this whole time.

She rocks back and forth for a moment against your head, teasing it with the aching, heated entrance to her twat, and your fingers run through her fur again, the moment turning intimate as you grip her steadily and nod slowly.

But it's a total whirlwind of non-stop craziness with an orgy implied in the background, and tapping feet of others patiently impatiently waiting their turn while desperately non-desperate for your cock.

She's so ready for you, so desperate and aching as she presses slowly down, holding herself back from all of the same craziness the other Pokemon threw themselves into, one final little attempt to keep her composure as she sinks onto your cock with all the barely contained excitement of someone trying to pretend they're better than that.

Because of course the author has to sneak a tsundere trait in there somehow.

And you entertain her, wondering if she can actually hold it together as you run your fingers through her fur and keep an eye on her steady descent down. The feeling of her tight, incredibly toasty pussy wrapped slick around your cock is an amazing one, and it's made all the better by the sweet crooning noises of a Pokemon lit up with pure need.

You should be aware that no matter the lack of evidence for it, there are likely multiple in-universe laws being violated right now, more so by the author not considering them in his instances of oxymoronic paradox-euphoria. Until the turnover in 2015, my country had a law on specifically which way you could legally fuck animals. There isn't a society in any reasonable piece fiction that wouldn't have laws including bestiality clauses!

Stuttering pushes down push deeper down toward your lap,

You alright, author? You might be having a stroke, and not the kind I'm already aware that you are having.

taking more and more of your cock into her with each stroke. Your fingers press tighter into her sides as you feel the hot embrace of her body, of her slick twat in such a desperate state. She fights it as much as she can as she moves, holding onto some measure of grace even if she doesn't seem really capable of holding out against it as well as she thinks she can.

Oh, how thrilling. Will she give in to the cock or won't she? It is just so uncertain and there is just so much at stake. The tension at the possible surprise outcome could never have been more flaccid.

The little moans grow louder as the other girls circle to watch, looks torn between excitement and eagerness as they watch the mere presence of lust challenge her. It's helping to paint a picture of these girls as Pokemon who know each other somehow,

Unless I'm somehow in a backstory-rich pack for pointing at this shit and laughing with the rest of the audience reading this; not really.

and are well aware of the fact that Ninetales is fighting against her own urges to try and hold onto a modicum of composure that is simply unrealistic to.

When she gets all the way down onto your cock, she seems to finally lose that last bit of her grip on it as she feels you so deep inside of her. And you are.

A three word statement just as insightful and useful in this story as a 'You Are Here' map sticker on the bottom of a shoe.

Oh Arceus, you feel so deep inside of her warm, sopping wet twat, opening her folds up so wonderfully, and for her it's just too much. As she moves, the speed picks up quickly, and she whines into your chest as she stares at you with burning need, staring longingly at you amid the sudden bucking of her body. She starts to ride you faster, harder, and loses herself with little moans and excited noises, the sounds you have been so eager to hear this whole time.

Because you certainly didn't hear any of those before now. What is nuance even?

Staying still and focusing on adoration with your fingertips through her incredibly soft fur, you let Ninetales go at her own pace, smiling encouragingly at her as she moves atop your cock with a strange mix of desperation and grace, refusing to break down and go all out like Zoroark would, but still opening herself up to something a little more lurid and carnal than seems appropriate. All of her regality straddles a nervous line as she moves, but as her tails all spread out wide and she embraces the pleasure, there's still something about her that's utterly majestic as she rocks atop you, moving steadily and eagerly up and down on your cock. She's losing herself to pleasures too powerful to grasp fully, and she seems to be having the time of her life in doing so.

Okay, took a while, but I think we've found the author's favorite Pokémon. I like his taste. Yeah yeah, so it's a fantasy creature inspired by Japanese folklore kitsunes that he thinks is the sexiest thing, whatever, but I had this bitch on a cool foil card in my youth that could deal 80 damage, totally awesome shit I tell you.

"You feel amazing," you tell her, staring longingly at her as she moves, her pace quickening up further, getting more and more frantic as she starts to let a certain special kind of careless swell up inside of her.

Hopefully the kind of careless that will end with your throat ripped out during the blindingly pure passion.

Her head cranes back as she lets out the sweetest of noises in pure bliss, bucking atop you and riding your cock faster and harder, easing into the same crazed swell as all of the others.

Imagine my surprise!

You have to imagine there's no way a Pokemon in heat can resist this for very long, and that Ninetales must have been holding back a great deal to even keep herself in the place she is now, and now that she's finally losing control that a heavy weight must be lifting off of her as she's able to cut loose and enjoy something carnal and intense.

The sex here is amazing, isn't it amazing that this sex is taking place and that it's amazing? It's amazing that the amazing sex was being resisted by her so amazingly until this amazing point in time for this amazing sex. Amazing indeed.

The only problem with it is that it can't last forever,

Unlike how this damn fanfic feels.

and Ninetales has been denying herself any of the pleasures to help keep herself contained that the other girls have with all their rides on your face and your thigh and your fingers.

I'm expecting a human-shaped indent in the ground at this point. If there's ground anywhere. I don't even think it was ever established if it was day or night!

She's gone in pent up and struggling to hold it all together, and to that end she hasn't taken care of her needs at all, finally unwound by the sudden burst of sensation that comes as she slams herself down onto your cock one last time, letting out a sweet cry of delight as she throws her head back one final time, the bucking of her body finally going out of control a second-to-last time as she moves about hotly, the orgasmic thrills bearing down on her all proving far more than she could think to handle for the umpteenth time. With a needy cry she loses herself, her pussy clenching down around your cock, and it's your end too.

Game over.

You hold tightly onto Ninetales and slam up into her, groaning as you fill her with your cum. Shot after shot of thick, creamy cum floods into her and you feel so amazing as you make the majestic fire type climax seconds before you seed her.

Can you keep straight the sequence of events for just two seconds?

Even if you can't breed her like she needs, it's a privilege you never thought you could have wanted, let alone appreciated like you do now as she lies down hard atop you and gives in to the warmth and closeness for a moment.

Ninetales slowly pulls up off of you, and she seems a whole new creature, smiling and purring softly as she shifts off to the side from your lap, only to nuzzle into your neck, licking her way up it and into a kiss. A kiss you gladly meet as Goodra steps forward and starts to drag her slimy tongue all over your dick.

You do know that Viagra is a health-hazard if going on for too long, right, author? I'm not going all 'Winners do not do drugs' on you, I'm just saying body-enhancers is not a consequence-free tradeoff, and you attribute this plot-excuse to give a thousand-fold body-fluid production and a Wolverine healing factor's worth of hip-endurance.

The tingling sensation of a fresh new coating of her aphrodisiac goo to keep you perked up and energetic makes you twist about wildly as you look around and realize there's still three girls who haven't yet had your cum inside of them. And six others who don't seem like they've had quite enough yet.

"You nine aren't done with me yet are you?" you ask, looking around and seeing them all shaking their heads. "Well then what are we waiting for?"

For the author to learn what a succubus is, so he could change what franchise he pretends this story is taking place in. Seriously, if I was even supposed to be duped into believing these tight connections all this dicking is making, at least the author could have thrown in some evolutions from it, though clichéd as it probably would have been for a fanfic.

Two chapters and the damn sex scene isn't over yet! Two chapters to go. Holy shit.

Well, that was a nice breather, but I'll return to Inside Falls again for now, and use this as backup when I inevitably run out of steam again.

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Re: A Chemical Mishap - A 'Male Reader x Pokémon' Fanfic

Post by ConcernedGamer » Mon Oct 07, 2019 4:01 pm

The sex scene hasn't stopped yet, you may have noticed. It's not like there was any pretense that it would, or that this fanfic would contain anything else. I'm just in general disappointed that it makes itself horribly generic, where every sex scene almost comes across as a template of the previous with only small alterations, right down to restating the same wonder and conflict of thought that's pretended to be an issue. Here's Chapter 3.

Kirlia all but impales herself onto your cock

Excuse me, impaled? A less than three foot Pokémon on a cock that a Ninetails can wrap its tails around a few times in five separate places? Buddy, the term we are going to be using is 'skewered'.

as the eager psychic Pokemon clamors into her lap, grabbing at your sides and whining excitedly as she gets into position, so much so that you need to try and grab her hips as she does so. "Hold on," you say, trying to calm her as she shivers and damn near convulses atop you.

Insulin shock symptoms, how arousing.

"Don't go too fast. I don't want to hurt you, okay?" Your hands are tender as they grasp her and guide her into alignment properly, and Kirlia's cheeks burn bright pink as you do so, your considerate touch leaving her to whine excitedly as she leans down to kiss you. It leaves your cheeks burning a little bit too.

You are of course whichever shape and size needed to allow these physical exchanges, unless of course the author needs to make it clear how fucked up incompatible something is at some point, I'm sure.

Oh how far you've come, from running from the terrified mob of in heat Pokemon to reluctantly and confusedly letting them ride your cock one by one, to even being tender and careful in guiding an overzealous Kirlia into safely taking a ride.

Three chapters in and the script hasn't changed one bit from chemically influenced romps, how far indeed.

It's so ludicrous to think, but as you hold onto her hips and guide her down your lap, it all feels so right. The pleasure is so strong and doesn't seem to bother you like it probably should, doesn't fill you with anything but a desire to keep moving as you guide her to rock up and down your cock.

The author's poképhilia apologetics are no match for my ability to stitch the names of farm animals onto these stick figure fur coats, so don't tempt me.

She follows eagerly, mewling happily as you ease her further and further down, until her puffy pussy lips are kissing your base and she's got your entire cock inside of her.

"How does that feel?" you ask her, as she answers with an eager whine and a roll back of her head. All two and a half feet of her seems excited, and you're too busy being surprised you can even fit your dick into her to worry too much about anything other than watching her go, as your hands encourage her up along your dick, helping her ride you as she seems shy and a little inexperienced.

I guess I should be complaining about internal organs, but this is the universe where a Wailord can do it with a Skitty, go figure.

"This is your first heat, isn't it?" Another whine in the affirmative, and you smile. "Well, let's take it slow. I want you to feel good."

If this fanfic goes any slower, Ash will have beat the Elite Four by the end of it!

As you give the nervous Kirlia her tender first time, the other girls seem to be pressing happily into you again, warming up to your presence once more, but it feels different. Sure, Sylveon's humping your leg again and Goodra all but shoves her tongue down your throat, but it feels more affectionate now, as Kirlia moans happily and rocks atop your cock. You're her first time, and there's something about that that shouldn't be quite as touching as it actually is, but you're the first to admit you're basically deep into some fucked up shit right now and whether or not your head can be trusted with even the faintest bit of common sense doesn't change that you're far too excited by this to care.

The constant fact that you don't care simply can't be brought up enough, which is why the issue is always at the forefront of this author's narrative, you see. He should seriously leave you out of it and embrace his fetish, or just admit to his sarcastic kink shaming.

Her slick, deflowered pussy clenches your cock so happily as she rides, soon enough not needing your hands as she gets used to the feeling of your thick cock inside of her, penetrating and stretching her out. Soon enough she's moving quicker, mewling happily as she clutches your chest, the assortment of Pokemon tongues running along it having to lick now around her hands as Absol, Zoroark, and Ninetales seem all too happy to pepper you with as much affection as they can give you in the crazed midst of everything happening to you.

The only thing crazed here in this endless gaggle of prepositions that constantly think they can oversell the same scene each time the focus shifts. That, and the fact that the author can be confirmed to not have a tickle fetish despite the constant tongue bath he stuck you in.

It's adoring and a total change from their crazed pursuit earlier and their forceful, borderline violating turns atop you to wear you down to get you to this point.


Can we get past this already, author? You write as if the people reading aren't following along. Like you expect them to have jumped right into the middle of it, as if having skipped ahead to the Pokémon they prefer and - ooooooooh.

But now, you're too gone to care, groaning as you rock your hips upward and adore Kirlia with a nice, steady fucking. She moans so happily as she takes you into her, bouncing along with your thrusts and trying to feed into the friction and thrill of riding your dick. Kirlia is probably just as surprised as you are that she can handle your whole cock inside of her,

The three of us should start a club then. First meeting is at the Pokéjail, out of convenience.

but it's deep down in now and pushing against her slick inner walls, the crazed heat that she's so deep in leaving her with nothing to do but feverishly pursue pleasure as much as she can, whining as she's rutted at long last. Given how they've all behaved in their heat you can't even begin to imagine how intense that must be for the poor Kirlia stuck in such a rut and needing to be taken so badly, but you're more than happy to oblige and give her whatever you can, to help soothe her confusing time and give her the pleasure she's been completely consumed by.

Reiterate, reiterate, reiterate. Does the author just count on yourself imagining how it feels to you, or is he just going to be stuck in a loop of telling you how these bitches keep taking it?

You keep up the attention and give it all to her, hoping to help assuage those confusions and worries with pleasure.

Assuage? Someone's certainly fucking their dictionary.

Hot, burning pleasure, that lights both of you up as you find yourself being intimate with a Pokemon and too deep into the enjoyment and concerns that come with it to even care much about the fact that this is really happening.


The author is spinning his wheels in mud he put up two Pokémon into this mess, where he went on about how you've long since been won over and that it didn't need to make sense as long as it feels good.

You're past unpacking it all now though,

Want to fucking bet?!

embracing every last crazy thrill that they have you so deep into as you focus on giving them all the pleasure you can, taking care of their needs and getting off in turn, as the continued effects of Goodra's potent aphrodisiac leave your body feeling superhumanly capable of rutting all nine of these gorgeous Pokemon to their satisfaction.

That thing should have been named Viagdra. The author is also horribly naive to think that he has eliminated any potential roofie effects by mere omission.

You're even calling the Pokemon gorgeous. You really are gone.

Same paragraph! You owe me money, author.

Kirlia's rapid bucking is driving her closer and closer to the edge, and you can feel her inexperienced pussy clenching down around you so eagerly. It feels incredible, and you're all too happy to end her suffering as your fingers tighten against her hips and you pull her down onto your cock one final time as you hit your peak, moaning loudly as your cock twitches within her aching inner walls. You think you're close,

You think so but you are mistaken, as blue balls and multiple orgasms have left you unable to use any of your internal senses.

but she cums before you do, suddenly gasping and throwing herself forward as her pussy seizes up tightly and holds onto your cock with such feverish desperation you can hardly help yourself but to finish inside of her. Your cock spasms as shot after shot of hot cum shoot up from your tip and flood into the needy, mewling psychic type gladly losing her mind atop you.

Well, making her braindead is sure to end her suffering, alright.

She looks so happy, so excited, and as she lifts off of your cock and your combined juices drop from her pussy down onto your stomach--at least until Absol quickly laps it up--she goes for your lips, Goodra gladly pulling from the kiss so that Kirlia can enjoy one too.

Why does all fanfic sex scenes have impeccably implausible choreography that puts professional wrestling to shame?

You gladly meet her lips, caressing the back of her head as you show the inexperienced Pokemon some more affection, a very different experience from what you've had with the others as you pepper, season, and garnish her with a patient, gentle kind of love. It's weird to think, but you're all too happy to provide it to her as she shivers against you. "I'm glad you enjoyed it," you say as she pulls back from the kiss, giving her one last caress as she pulls away form you. It's something that leaves you oddly happy, as Goodra goes right back for your lips, pushing her agile tongue into your mouth and shoving it in there, making out with you sloppily.

There's been running enough bodily fluids off of you to fill a kiddy pool, when will this train wreck of moist smothering end?!

Her big, wiggling tongue pushing into your mouth is a lot to handle, but you're oddly okay with all of it as you taste her gooey lips and have a plump dragon pushing happily against you to adore you.

My roofie theory only gets more plausible with every one of the author's unintended caveats of how you ignore how strange it all is.

When she does pull away from your sloppy dragon make outs, it's with good reason, as Braixen steps happily forward next, smiling as she stands facing away from you and teasing your cock with her big, bushy tail, staring back over her shoulder and smiling at you. Her perky, pink pucker is exposed with the angle she's standing at, and as she pulls her tail up, she seems to be guiding that toward your cock rather than her pussy.

Because anal is the latest trend in mating instincts, of course.

With an excited sound, she grips your dick with one hand and one of her taut ass cheeks with the other, and you're left with just enough time to realize that, for one, you're about to fuck a fox in the ass, and for two, that you're excited about it.

Every act has to be an enlightenment-worthy dawn of amazement. It makes me genuinely want to see this author describe how you slice, butter, and eat bread!

Braixen's everything is warm.

Man, they've really been slacking with these Pokédex entries since Generation V, haven't they?

Her touch is almost soothing, but the toasty embrace that followed as her needy ass consumes your cock is incredible; your hips almost throttle up off of the floor in excitement and frustration in the process and only a quick burst of self-control is able to keep you from doing so, as she looks over her shoulder with a wide, playful smile across her face.

It was so incredible that the author forgot to explain why. Must be because he had to remind himself he already had you fuck Blaziken's 'never felt before, far past expectations, incredible, hot, velvety hole' already.

Her furry body is so soft as it descends down onto your lap and she rides you reverse cowgirl style, but the real standout for you is the fact that, above all else, she's so fucking warm. The way it washes over you is so soothing, and for a moment, it's all you can think about.

As if you have a choice of what to think with this author.

But then Lopunny is climbing onto your face and whining in need, and your attention shifts instead to her, groaning as you watch her dripping pink mound press against your lips. She's impatient, but with good reason; she and Braixen are the last two girls who still haven't been creampied, and Lopunny seems to be bursting with desperation in her needy state. It's something you more than happy to help with though, as you grab hold of her own bouncing rear and pull her down against your lips; you can handle both of them at the same time.

The author slipped you enough badges to handle them all before the orgy, I guess.

As your tongue pushes up Lopunny's snatch, Braixen eagerly starts to bounce on your cock, her ass nice and toasty as it clutches around your cock. She's got her little stick wand out and has it jammed up her pussy as she rides you,

And I'm sure she spun a full 360 on your dick to show you this fact when the author has specifically pointed out she's doing you reverse cowgirl style.

and while you're not entirely sure she understands which hole needs to be bred for this pesky 'heat' to be dealt with you're going to complain as you get to enjoy anal from the fox with the adorable bubble butt.

I swear all these authors are starting to sound alike, right down to forgetting to put a 'not' into their negating sentences.

There's far better things to worry about, and you just try to hold still as she works her mad, desperate pace atop your dick all the same. If that's how she wants it then who are you to question it?

If the author can't be bothered with imagining anything besides you passively lying down and getting serviced like an inanimate mannequin, why act surprised?

It's much better to just embrace what she's doing and let her carry you wildly away with the thrills and madnesses that she seems so happy to be consumed by.

Lopunny, meanwhile, is a special kind of beast, and you take it in stride as she rides your face, bucking against your lips without a care in the world. All she craves is pleasure and she's fucking herself right up against your face in the name of getting it.

With the lack of a towel rubdown, I'm surprised it's not in the name of waterboarding at this point.

She's so forward and overwhelming, but you kind of like it that way, and she's got so much energy to burn out as she moves. Her fur is even softer than Braixen's, and as her thighs grasp your head, you're able to feel all of it, brushing gently against your face and urging you to devour her pussy harder, to give her everything she wants as she whines and twists happily about atop you. You can see past all of the fur covering your eyes to her heaving breasts bouncing up excitedly as she goes at you. There's something utterly crazed about the way she moves,

Something something, and another emphasizing word implying immeasurable shit. This fanfic certainly defaults an awful lot to using the prose school ala je ne sais quoi.

and you appreciate her energy as it feeds back into you, your fingers digging into her perky ass harder as you pull her in tight.

The twofold assault of soft, furry lovers has your head spinning,

Beyblades can't spin for how long that's been a thing already, author!

and you're not the least bit troubled by trying to piece together any of it as you go at them. The pleasure is incredible from all sides, the pussy dripping in your mouth leaving you with the satisfaction of being able to coax such sweet cries from the lips of the blushing bunny, while the incredibly eager Braixen fucks herself atop you, the incredible tightness of anal sex a surprising treat amid all the vaginal you've been able to enjoy,

Vaginal which has also been described as incredibly tight in three different ways already. Does the author even realize that rather than describing things in relatable terms, it's all over the top defiance of comprehension?

a change of pace that has your cock aching deep within her tight hole. It doesn't much matter to you if she has it "wrong" when it comes to how to actually deal with her heat; she's the experienced one, and the way she's fucking double penetrating herself with your cock and her wand says that she probably has this well in hand, and you need only lie there as the living dildo and sperm donor they're so happy to treat you as.

And that you're so willing to be.

I can see the author banks on people reading this far to be into second-hand self-objectification, who then won't have a problem when he spins it all to be eternal love and perfect relationships all around after the fact. Because that's always how these things end.

Braixen mewls happily as she rides you, and your only regret is that with Lopunny so up and in your face, you can't admire the soft fox butt bouncing happily along as it slams onto your hips. You can certainly feel it, as Braixen's incredibly eager pace brings it smacking down against you each time in her incredibly eager bid to soothe her biological aches by taking your cock balls deep into her ass again and again. It's a wonderful feeling made only better by the fact that she's so worked up, and as she fucks herself with her twig wand she's only getting hotter still, more excited and in turn more eager to go all out with you.

Overstate, repeat, overstate, repeat, shift focus, re-fucking-peat. I'm pretty sure that the borderline turn-based change of focus between these blowup dolls is accidental, too.

The friction of bunny cunt rubbing against your face is getting you more excitable yourself, as you move up to kiss and lick all over Lopunny's clit and get the most delighted of screams from her still, her head rolling back as the madly horny and pent up rabbit embraces every last second of sensation she can possibly get out of you, writhing in total ecstasy as she greedily seeks all of the pleasure she can possibly get from you. It's quite the sensation, as she goes aggressive but without the force that Blaziken had, not backed by strength and authority, but simply by a bossy, greedy demand you find yourself no less willing to acquiesce to.

That's to what degree she's aggressive, but unless I get a better list of this author's kinks, she might as well be farting to show her dominance.

Lopunny throws her head back and whines as she hits her peak, moaning happily as she shudders and twists with sudden, convulsing delight atop you. She moves quickly and she moves desperately, consumed by a sudden burst of motion and excitability that's absolutely incredible to watch.

I'm pretty sure, as the tenth or so orgasm that by default gives the Pokémon in question a trip to crazy town, it's rather mundane at this point.

She has so much fervor in her orgasmic peak, so much desperation and need that hits her hard and surges through her adorable frame, and along with it comes a flood of her tart nectar to drink down, something you're more than happy to oblige with as she makes a sticky mess of the area around your mouth.

Just like the Goodra goop on your dick, its saliva just evaporates whenever someone sits on you.

The frantic heaving reaches its mad peak for a moment before she lets out a soft whine and then draws back off of you entirely.

Almost immediately after Lopunny's off your face, Absol and Zoroark are eagerly there, licking along your face to lap up at her juices and push their tongues into your mouth, a sloppy three-way kiss that keeps you form having a moment to rest or reorient yourself amid the mad, endless swell of debauchery coming in from every direction. But it's a kind of dizzying that you can't help but adore as two eager tongues pay you all kinds of attention as you watch Braixen riding your cock right her orgasm next.

You are allowed one mode in this fanfic and its 'passive, railroaded manslut', through and through. Your legs will suffer from atrophy once the sex scene ends and you will have forgotten autonomy as a concept.

The fire type fox seems to be pushing herself closer and closer with each passing moment, whining as her spine arches and she nears her orgasm relentlessly, moaning and letting out all the happiest sounds she can in the midst of her relief.

And without as much as getting a splinter, too.

And for a moment, it seems like she's going to finish you off with her ass, a bit of a waste given her situation, but you're not going to complain. But just before you're ready to cry out in warning as your inbound orgasm hits you, Braixen lifts off of your cock and turns quickly around, withdrawing her wand from her snatch and replacing it eagerly with your cock as she slams back down onto you and lets out a sudden cry of delight. You look on in surprise, not sure why she decided to pull that move off,

It's almost like she wants to be bred or something, but how could you possibly have figured that out?

but now your cock is buried inside of the slick, velvety pussy and you're losing yourself all the same, creampieing her needy twat after all as she whines and hits her climactic bliss.

You groan as you lie there, enjoying the sudden contrast of the holes she swapped eagerly between. "That's one way to get off,"

That's also one way to get a urinary tract infection.

you groan, making the best of it as Braixen smiles and looks at you for a moment before pulling back up off of your cock. All of this chaos is at least good for one thing above all; there's never a dull moment as all nine girls seem to have their own eager ideas in mind for throwing themselves at you.

Oh yeah, never a dull moment in this endless repetition of 'and then you get fucked by x while y and z keep you occupied on the side'.

"Only Lopunny is left, right?" You look around for a moment, head almost so dizzy you're not exactly sure where Lopunny is, until she reveals herself happily to you, perking up between your legs and knelt between them. She looks so eager and ready to go that all she waits on is your approval.

"Go for it," you say happily.

Like the author finally going for dialogue when he realizes that the script runs dry if he doesn't give anyone a reason to say anything for once.

Lopunny throws herself into action with all the speed and fervor that Kirlia had shown, but possessing much more confidence and sureness about what she's about to do and that she is more than capable of pulling it off. She knows what she's doing, far from dealing with her first heat, and her need for your cock is so forward and intense that you're not sure you really want to try and slow her down anyway as she pounces you, throwing herself down onto your cock and whining in excitement as she lies atop you, going for your lips and refusing to let go as she starts to ride your cock right into all of the relief she seeks.

Never mind the fact that we are probably supposed to be assuming you are the first human all of these bitches ever fucked, and their confidence and expertise is impeccable when the sex demands it, because its pure poetry in motion. A dick is a dick is a dick.

The eight other Pokemon you've seeded circle around you to watch as you give Lopunny hers, the last Pokemon needing to be dealt with, and she's the most eager of all of them.

And we are a chant away from this seeming more of a sacrificial ritual than it already does.

How she can build up more crazed speed and need than even Blaziken is beyond you, but she throws herself down again and again onto your cock with such fervid, desperate glee that you worry she's going to shatter your pelvis if she keeps this up.

You fucked a similarly needy dragon that weighs five times that of her, but no, it's this critter that's going to leave the first bruise of course.

If she wasn't so light, maybe she even would. But it's all past you now

Like everything else the author brings up.

as you savour the feeling of the excitable Pokemon on your lap, moaning and mewling happily as she takes your cock inside of her, finally quelling the fires that she has been so sorely in need of putting out.

"You feel so warm,"

Don't you mean 'so fucking warm'? Your dick has had more believable function as a thermometer in this story than a tube of living flesh.

you groan, one hand grabbing her perky butt as the other seizes the back of her head and keeps her lips against yours, your head leaning forward to help keep your lips locked as she rides you. It feels so good, your body awash with the special kind of warmth and softness that is only made better by feeling all of her incredibly soft fur brushing along your body with each roll of her hips, her body rubbing up against yours and leaving you to sink down into the adoration and softness of the eager bunny.

Could this author just rub one out in a fur coat before he starts writing this shit? If you took out the names of the individual Pokémon, you'd end up with more than three indistinguishable blobs of horny, warm, soft fur.

Lopunny clings to you, her soft hands incredibly strong as they grip you as hard as she can muster, keeping you close and right there for her as she soothes the aches within her through rutting herself senseless atop you. It's a task you're more than glad to help her with as she kisses you like you're her new mate for life.

Implying that she would have a mate for life before that, since she's experienced at mating and all, but why should this prose polluting patsy bother with internal logic when it just feels nice to him?

Which is when you come around to realize you're technically the mate to all nine of these eager Pokemon girls circling you, and that your day has gone so far off the rails that it's somehow looped back around to become something amazing, and it makes you tighten your grasp on the bucking and eager Lopunny harder as she works herself over on your cock.

Oh, isn't that cute, the living dildo thinks he's people. Fucking called it. And why is there still 1500 words left of this mess?!

"You really needed this didn't you?" you ask, and she whines in fervid approval, letting out a noise so ragged and desperate that it's basically begging you to cum in her right now, skipping over the actual answer entirely to push further past it to three questions down the line. But given the depths that these girls have sunk to in the name of trying to quell their heat you really can't blame them for any of it;

Because when these animals are enslaved by their instincts after some asshat sprays around chemical attractors and repeatedly reassures himself how fine he is with being a freak because of what he knows is fucked up in his culture, it's these animals who have sunk to new lows, of course.

they're so utterly desperate and in need of all of the relief they can get, and what's the harm in helping them out?

I'm sure Nurse Joy will tell you in a couple of days.

They seem like they need it, and Lopunny has had to suffer all the sex for so long that she must be just about losing her mind for it.

The little clearing they pinned you down in certainly reeks of sex and sweat now.

Huzzah, a location! I guess we needed to have the obvious be stated in order to learn something we've been waiting on for two and a half chapters.

The lurid aromas of all their different twats wafting into the air has left the place smelling of an orgy, and nowhere more than centered on you with all of the juices that have leaked onto you and all the energy you've worked up in dealing with them. You're going to have to avoid running into anyone on your way home to a nice shower with the number they've done on you, but oh Arceus is it worth it for what you've been given here. Even now, more orgasms deep than you can even want to try and count,

You've cum nine times so far, the number is far from immeasurable, but what would the author know when his blood is not reaching his brain?

the feeling of Lopunny's aching twat wrapped tight around your cock, slick and desperately begging you for everything you can give it, all you can think is how much you need more.

In a way, Goodra has whipped you up into your own sort of heat, you suppose,

I mean, as long as we don't at all acknowledge what the word is even supposed to mean, sure.

as you feel the endless rush of energy coming again and again, a completely endless swell of need that simply will not give in. Down to creampie number nine and with a few other loads shot off here and there, you've cummed more times than you can ever remember cumming in a day in your life.

Don't be so hasty, author, there might be some overachievers out there that's reading this.

It feels endless, and the energy Goodra gave you to be able to give all of them what they need has paid dividends for you too.

Am I reading a Pokémon lemon or a Stonks meme right now?

Your hips rock up off of the ground, thrusting up into Lopunny and trying your best to meet her incredibly eager motions as she whines, her head rolled back as she throws herself all out into achieving her goal of being seeded. It doesn't matter if you can successfully breed her or not;

Yeah, see, about that, I wouldn't normally dive into this, since we are suffering lemon clichés that could outdo Mario in a plumber porno, but heat and a desire for breeding isn't just satisfied by intercourse, author. Animals know when they get pregnant through their own chemical signals, and will then end their heat. But you just keep going and pretend every male protagonist's crotch in this reality consists of Pokéflutes and Master Balls.

the pleasure burns too hotly for her to care, and even just being able to climax and feel a load of cum pumped into her greedy hole is enough to hopefully quell her frustrations at long last, so she's going to take it, and you're more than happy to facilitate that as you slam into her, driving her wilder and making her whine louder as she kisses you with an increasing sloppiness.

Bimbomon, Gotta eh, you know the rest.

The only problem with fucking Lopunny is that when she cums, she does so with such a shrill cry of excitement that your hearing nearly goes with it, but before you can be too frustrated by that fact her pussy is clenching down around your cock and you're losing yourself to the pleasure before you can even begin to mount a complaint, so maybe it's all working out.

You are going permanently deaf, but hey, one orgy was probably worth it.

You groan, hips bucking upward as you cum inside of her, yelling and throwing your hips up madly into the air as you give her what she needs. Shot after shot of thick cum floods into her and you can feel the relief washing over you as your help finally quells all the frustrations bubbling hotly within Lopunny. The poor girl has suffered enough.

My sufferings aren't over and yet I feel thoroughly screwed too.

With an excited whine, the rabbit gives you a few more kisses before stumbling up off of your lap and whining happily, nearly falling back as she tries to stand. Cum leaks down her thighs, and the smile on her face is so infectious it brings one broad across your face as well.

Lopunny's been seeded, and that's all nine of them.

It's like the author either believes you can't count, or he is well aware of just how boringly, memory-degrading this whole fanfic is.

You look around suddenly at the circle of Pokemon all looming around you, not sure what to say or what to do as you look at them. "So," you say, not even sure where you're going and immediately trailing off seconds later as you realize there's really nothing sensible to say after what just happened.

"Call me?"

"Er. E-enjoy yourselves?"

"I did not consent" or "What the fuck", would also have sufficed.

The sudden pounce forward is almost too much to handle, as the girls throw themselves eagerly at you again. You can hardly keep track of it all as Blaziken and Zoroark lie down into your lap from your sides, both pushing their ample bosoms up against your cock and letting it get lost in the fuzzy, soft warmth of a double titfuck. Your cock head pokes out of it, and Ninetales quickly takes it into her mouth to happily start sucking it as she stares at you.

Has anyone else noticed how off-balance the furry scale is in this fanfic? We have some Pokémon with tits, but some who doesn't because their anthropomorphic proportions aren't equal, and yet they are equally lewdly included for sharing pedestals in this author's fap-folio.

Scampering down beneath Ninetales, Kirlia lies flat on the ground and begins to lick the sticky mess of assorted pussy juices off of your ball sac. Braixen buries her face happily into your neck and peppers it with eager kisses, while Sylveon comes in from the other side for much the same. Goodra seems almost addicted to your kiss given how many times she's gone for it, and Absol nestles herself down beneath your head, scratching her head up against it a few times before you get the message and begin to take over with a more active and adoring version of the motion, which makes her coo happily.

And we are back at ignoring the smelly puddles of fluids everywhere, because now we need a proverbial ball pit of horny Furbies rubbing you from all sides again.

You're overwhelmed by a bunch of Pokemon,

Thanks, Captain Obvious, we hadn't noticed.

who all seem considerably more mellow as they descend upon you, now suddenly more docile, like the entire pack being 'bred' has finally managed to soothe their aches.

What was the endgame if that wasn't what was to be expected, dumbass?!

Even the double titfuck and oral experience your cock is being treated to feels lazy and slow,

Only worth one and a half stars.

driven by a loving touch and a patient sense of adoration instead of the burning estrus that had consumed them moments earlier. It's calmer, and that leaves it feeling much more welcome as you groan, sinking down into a calm kind of slowness, the comfortable lazy haze of being adored every which way without having to feel like there's any pressure on you. Even Goodra seems calmer with her kiss.

You handled everything up until now like a champ, enjoying every single moment of it to the fullest despite optimal pressure, but let's now move the cum-soaked bar to glorify this moment by implying the previous ones can't measure up.

It's not something you've really thought about,

Because that demands being able to think.

but you could get used to something like this. Would it be wrong to try and capture these lovely Pokemon?

Let's see, you fucked because of nothing but mating instincts they were victims of, which diverted to you merely because of a chemical mishap worthy enough to be a title for this story. I'll let you mull it over for some minutes.

You try to think about a way to vocalize it, but nothing seems to really work, and the words get caught in your throat before you can even try.

And here we see the thought processes of an author who has never envisioned himself ever saying the words 'Want to go back to my place'.

At least, until Lopunny returns, having been oddly absent from this whole thing. She holds your backpack high in the air, and as Goodra pulls from your lips your first response is a panicked, "Be careful!" as you wonder what she's after in there.

But her hand moves steadily and expertly for the pouch in which you've stored the Pokeballs that were supposed to be what you were going to use to capture the Pokemon your Max Attract lured in.

I still can't get past the opening for all of this, and what had to have been the scene that set it off. "I'll use a Max Attract so I can get the attention of a lot of Pokémon and capture them. Oh no, a lot of Pokémon are coming at me now! Better run instead of using my Pokémon to defend myself from what I expected to happen."

A bunch of them drop from the bag, and Lopunny smiles as she puts one into the hand that isn't being used to caress Absol, and then kneels down in front of you with a smile. "Wait, do you want me to capture you?" you ask, slowly rising up as the Pokemon all pull back from you.

No, the freaky sex scene simply hasn't ended yet, and those are going up your ass.

Lopunny nods and mewls happily, while the other Pokemon all also give their approving little noises and gestures, with Kirlia psychically pulling another eight Pokeballs over to your sides. "Wow, okay," you say, slowly rising up. "I didn't think you were all going to want to, but... You really enjoyed it that much, didn't you?" More gleeful noises. "Well then, I think I'd love to be your trainer." It took until the tail end for you to even think about it, but in the end, maybe your capturing spree hasn't gone completely awry after all.

First of all, why? The point of capturing Pokémon would be to fight with them, until you had this pokephilia revelation today, meaning the priorities can't be the same, future planning is out of whack, questions of quantity, quality, housing or journeying is also to consider. Second of all, say what you want about Ash, he actually makes friends. What is this author making you do again? Extending a one-night stand indefinitely?

One by one, you capture the nine loving Pokemon, ending their status as a wild pack and turning them instead into your team of faithful, loving Pokemon, who won't need to be in heat or triggered by some weird experimental chemical to want you to fuck them.

I'm certainly glad you somehow suddenly know how this works, especially considering how you played dumb and discovering throughout it all, and needed to recall random Goodra facts on the fly, too.

You know it's kind of fucked up and perverted to think about things in such terms, but when they introduced themselves by shoving you onto the ground and rutting themselves silly, it's hard to imagine sex isn't going to be a part of your arrangement as trainer to nine gorgeous Pokemon girls.

Why bother consider future consent when it's not a status effect anyway?

The Max Attract ended up working so much better than expected, but you're going to have to move quick to buy up as much stock as you can, because once people find out what it can do, it's going to be pulled in a flash, but also in incredibly high demand. There's a profit to be made in scalping off the supply once it's gone.

Because why would there be laws against its use, or the company stop producing it if it became that popular? Do you even know what you've created, author? The potential misuse of this shit is immense!

Or in hoarding it all for yourself and building a massive harem of adoring Pokemon girls from all over the world. You'll figure it all out.

Figure this out, shithead. Products like these would have been tested before hitting the shelves. If not, then we are talking potential tampering or intended planting of dangerous chemicals. Team Rocket could be behind this shit to try and steal Pokémon. Heck, Mewtwo or a whole new faction could be planning a devious long game of eliminating the human race by having them so obsessed with and tucked out from Pokémon sex that they can't procreate. Anything is possible when your story will never actually bother to have a plot!!

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Re: A Chemical Mishap - A 'Male Reader x Pokémon' Fanfic

Post by ConcernedGamer » Mon Nov 04, 2019 12:55 pm

Let's continue with what I'm willing to bet money on is the plot of several mind-control fetish hentai pornos. Here's Chapter 4, Breaking Up A Fight.

You're in over your head.

It's okay, author. It's okay. The sex scene ended last chapter. You can stop now.

When you first considered hoarding all the Max Attract you could find and using it to entice a harem of Pokemon lovers into your clutches, it seemed like a nonsensical pipe dream.

It also sounded illegal and immoral as all hell, but what do you know?

Then it entered recalls.

Damn FDA.

People knew it was faulty as fuck, and reports were starting to break out everywhere about what it was doing. Very, very few people had positive experiences like you did, and it wasn't being treated like some kind of Pokephile's dream purchase, but as the means by which people were getting mauled by wild flocks of birds.

Hmm, let's see, a product that's meant to, and I quote the author, use pheromones to lure Pokémon in, resulted in a lot of Pokémon attacks from whatever was nearby. Yep, sure sounds like a faulty product to me. Can no one actually use their Pokémon to defend themselves in this porn reality? Did they expand the fucking Safari Zone to the entire continent?!

It was the weirdest thing; you had an experience standing in total contrast to all the reports coming in, and you're left to wonder if maybe it's some kind of media spin to scare people out of buying it all or if you're just weirdly, inexplicably lucky.

You, as this fanfic's catch-free sex-receiving, infinitely enduring, and gallons of cum unloading protagonist, happens to be special and can profit off of this unexplained mystery while others cannot. Imagine that.

Is it some luck you want to try at again?

You don't even have time to think on it before you've emptied your wallet out on the counter of every Pokemon center you can find it at.

Because with nine new fuck buddies that you have in easily deployable capsules in your pocket, of course greater quantity is a must.

A lot of them have already sent their inventory back, and you find yourself flying all about the region with a special kind of desperation, snatching up every last bit of it you can to the tune of terrified store clerks who relent on giving you the last of their inventory. It takes a few bribes to lock it all down from people willing to take some side money to sell off what shouldn't have been sellable.

And like an idiot winning the lottery, you proceed to buy a thousand tickets, one after the other, without checking if it even pays off.

When all is said and done you have a nice store of Max Attract, more than you anyone really should have, but still in an amount that's able to be transported around and you immediately head off to find some good locations to use it on, figuring you can shore up even more Pokemon lovers with this opportunity and make the most of everything happening here.

Even this mentality of finding the next mark is less Love Potion No. 9 and more like Rohypnol.

There's so many locales you can head to, but after where you've already been you decide to take a mountain trek, changing up the scenery from the fairly open field you were assaulted by wild Pokemon in.

Oh yes, that fairly open field that was first and lastly addressed in the end of the last chapter as a clearing, which means it was in a forest. Do you not jerk of enough to your own stories to keep track of details, author?

Lots of different sorts of ladies up in the mountain. It's better for you to keep that variety going as best you can.

Because every pussy you'll ever find must necessarily by default fact be like something you've never before experienced, because that's the only selling point this author has got going for him.

It's during this mountain trek that you hear the sounds of something heavy and noisy coming your way. You try to shirk away from it and dodge around the sounds of whatever the hell that is, not eager to find out or run yourself face to face with a rampaging Rhyhorn or something of the sort, and you're thankful you haven't yet used the Max Attract on yourself, figuring it will only draw trouble, and you really don't want trouble, or to find out what kinds of attacks the unlucky people who didn't stumble into a harem of horny female Pokemon to smooth their experience over.

They were probably attacked by this run-on sentence, dude.

There's no reason to believe you didn't just get obscenely lucky that first time around and that you aren't walking a weird and dangerous line now.

Let me get this straight. After using all your money on purchases and bribes, you didn't even test out the stuff on the Pokémon you already have before heading out?

But the noise keeps advancing now and again, until finally the surprise catches you, first a Lucario falling off of a cliff side, kicking gracefully off of the side of the mountain and steadying its descent as it stuck a three point landing like something out of an action movie,

Because that would be the marveling comparison to this display, when you live in a world where Pokémon fights happen on a day to day basis, at competitions and on television, in the streets and in the wilds, everywhere, all the time. How are you going to immerse people if you aren't yourself, author?

followed by the yell of a Medicham from the cliff top lunging down with vengeful glares overwhelming it. You take two looks at the Pokemon and realize two things.

I hope one of those is that the author has weird tastes, considering he's going to make you fuck a Medicham of all things.


One, they're fighting each other, and both look a little bit ragged and worn down from the combat. A pair of powerful fighting types duking it out would certainly make the kind of racket that's got you scared shitless. The other thing you notice is that they're both definitely female. Both ripe, matured female Pokemon who would probably look great in your lap.

Because planning on using the Max Attract wasn't enough, we also needed you salivating at the thought.

Lucario with noticeable breasts under her fur, and Medicham with wide hips and long legs... You try your best not to get caught up admiring them so you can focus on what's going on here.

There's a third, more dangerous realization that comes to you too late to be able to do a damn thing about it. It comes in the form of angry eyes glowering at you.

Women of any species can sense an elevator look a mile away.

Whatever conflict they were in the mist of, you've interrupted it, and there's a certain unmistakable kind of tension in the air that makes you unbelievably tense.

Ah, the fear boner is back, say no more.

They're not going to take kindly to the presence of someone here on turf they seem to be fighting over, and the one thing they can agree on is that you don't belong here, more of an intruder than either of them claim the other is. They look toward one another, as if brokering peace, before staring you back down again.

You reach into your bag and fumble for the first thing you can find: a bottle of Max Attract.

As if you can pretend you can find anything else in there. How about you throw out a damn Pokémon and battle already, you cowardly bastard?

It's a risk, but one you're ready to take as you quickly shake it up and spray it onto yourself, their advance not halting at all as they bear down upon you. You spray it quickly, their speed definitely an advantage you don't have as they're upon you just as the single-dose container empties and you drop it to the ground, worried they might still take a swing at you.

Instead, Medicham shoves her plump lips right up against yours while Lucario almost tears your pants off in a fit of desperation.

It's getting worse now. The author is now retrofitting his plot device to not imply the necessity of its victims being in heat. It simulates the heat, conveniently so only when you use it, which definitely makes this a date-rape drug scenario!!

You shudder, eased down to the ground as the two previously combative and fearsome Pokemon suddenly change their tone and get much more affectionate, not calming down much at all, simply changing their focus and their attention so that the firmness of their descent is upon you and rooted in affection rather than conflict and aggression. It's a positive change, sure, but there was little sane or decent about it as the winding tension gets the better of them, and they descend hungrily upon you.

And we are right back in sex scene territory again. I should have enjoyed my freedom while it lasted.

More lips follow as Lucario licks her way up your body, tugging at your clothes and grabbing you aggressively. You find yourself on your back, a familiar position in the midst of wild, horny Pokemon jumping you, and either there's definitely some kind of work being done to hide the truth of these encounters or you just have the most incredible luck imaginable.

Well, author, have you by any chance made the 'you' of this story run off to the news sources covering this and told what happened to him? No? Why not? It's certainly what others would do, by this train of thought, isn't it?

Either way, your cock is rapidly hardening and the brush of furry hands across it. You shudder and twist, a groaning mess aching with delight as they continued to linger upon you, aggressive and firm.

"Well, hello there, ladies," you groan, squirming under the attention and trying to think your way through the situation. "So, you're all done fighting now, right? This is you two deciding to work together?"

This is you asking the stupidly obvious?

You receive no concrete response from the girls, who just continue to kiss you all over, pushing against you and giving you something steady and adoring, leaving your body to writhe in excitement and need under the attention they lavish you with. It's so firm and sudden, a press of bodies begging against you with only one thing in mind, and they don't take too long to decide to get it.

Clever girls, pickpocketing your wallet.

Everything moves so quickly and you're left a little dizzy trying to handle it all, feeling the advance of the horny Pokemon diving in on you, pushing forward to grab at you, kiss you, shift into positions that you're willing to accept because it's preferable to them taking turns kicking your head off. Much, much more preferable.

Eh, it depends on what you are into, I guess.

Their descent upon you is markedly shameless and driven by something that has you wriggling and squirming your way through a growing heat and tension within you, as you let them get you into whatever position they want and accept that this is how it's got to be.

Breaking your spine by treating it like a corkscrew is kind of exciting in its own way, true.

And in truth, that's more than okay; if they stay docile, you can fuck them, catch them, and add them to your 'collection'. What's the problem?

Uhm, that part? The whole thing, really. The layers of non-consent that we are dealing with is still a loop of self-vilifying, blatant hypocrisy, having roots in many of my moral quandaries when it comes to these poképhilia representations. If these were women or equally sentient beings you fuck, while they are treated like Pokémon, it's a problem. If these are just Pokémon and therefore considered animals of different sentience than humans, it's still a problem. A furry, barely Poké-girl midway amalgam doesn't make it less of a problem, when you are also drugging them and enslaving them based on actions they take while high off their horny asses.

Medicham pulls back form your kiss and gets herself down lower, her big, soft lips all over your boy as she drifts her way into place, moving with a sultry sway and something that keeps you paying close, eager attention to her every motion, wondering what she'll do next, aching with a twisted swell of excitement for whatever she's about to inflict upon you.

She might fuck you. Just a guess.

It's enticing in ways that have you writhing in desire, at least until she reaches your groin and your hips have to hold themselves tightly still to let her have the fun she seeks with you.

You're used to a bit of licking of your cock before a blowjob, but Medicham and her big, puffy lips do away with that expectation entirely as she pushes greedily forward, sucking your cock right into her mouth and wasting no time getting to work on treating you to messy, sloppy fellatio without warning,

It's gotten to the point where the author has realized, that in order to mix things up, he has to include the foreplay before skipping past it.

your hips bucking quickly upward again as her aggression hits you and the utter greed with which she moves begins to get the better of you. There's a suction to the motion

But no motion to the suction.

as she almost pulls you inward toward her with her powerful mouth, and you find it impossible to help yourself, slowly pushing upward to meet her as the tension gets the better of you.

"Fuck," you groan, hands grasping her head as you find yourself embracing the weirdest blowjob you've ever felt.

A pair of slightly sizable puckered lips earns a weird blowjob? This is supposed to be weird? Like, even in comparison to the muzzles and beaks and gooey flesh strips you've let slobber all over you?

Medicham's mouth just feels like nothing you've ever experienced before, a twist in your expectations and something you're ready to sink into, embracing deeper and more firmly as you let her mouth continue to take you down deeper, twisting in excitement under the swell of something unlike what you've felt before.

You know what's not like something never experienced before? This hack author's way of reusing that turn of phrase!

Blowjobs aren't exactly mundane, but there's generally a flow to them.

At least that's what this author's animated porn gifs will have him believe.

Medicham has thrown the book out and is now sloppily going at you with something new and distinctly Medicham, which makes you shiver and twist with growing excitement under the pressures that comes with it.

Got any tangible details? Pace? Rhythm? Stroke strength? Grip? Angle? Alternations? No? Just 'sloppy' and 'different' like all the other blowjobs before it? Okay.

Her hot, aggressive treatment winds you up, and you're happy to embrace all of it for everything that comes with it, surrendering to the desire hotly and letting it get you all tightly wound.

If you hadn't happened to like it, that would have made you at best a choosing beggar of sex, and we can't have that.

Lucario decides to lean in and make sure you notice her too, shoving her tits into your face and guiding one of her nipples into your mouth.

Let's just ignore the chest and hand spikes that probably pierced your face as she did so.

You accept it graciously, a hand coming up to fondle her as you try your best to keep them both adored and tended to in the midst of this all. It's a lot to handle, a frenzied, back and forth rush of something

Is 'something' just another catch-all buzz word to you, author?

you try your best to work through and accept, as the pleasures wind up within you and sensations throb hotly, giving you something fresh, that you've already been receiving from nine other Pokémon, something different, which the author can't put into words, something you weren't expecting to be so deep into and enjoying so much, because that wasn't at all why you came here in the first place, but which now dominates your thoughts and leaves you with an aching, throbbing urgency you just have to give into.

Why is it that the author is not only writing you like you did not live through the previous three chapters, but that he didn't write them either. That, and his descriptions might as well be about you eating spicy food.

You enter Medicham's throat quickly enough and it feels incredible, your groan ringing out clearly as the incredible suction of her mouth continues to feel like nothing you've ever known before.

Have we read this before? I feel like we've read this before.

It's so tense and hot, a pulsating rush of sweet delight you lean into harder and hotter by the second, letting everything take hold of you and ignite you with unrepentant desire and glee. It's a lot to feel, a lot to take on and embrace so readily, but you accept it, hips rocking to meet the hunger and the motions that come with it. Medicham is hitting you with something new and exciting, a rush of fresh, sweet intensity that helps you sink slowly down deeper still, finding new depths of want to reach into as she sucks your cock like it's never been sucked before.

You just earned yourself a 'Never before' counter, author. I'd jest that you've probably never had that happen to you, but I'm not willing to bet on it.

You wonder how much of this you can take, how prepared you are to handle the rush of pulsating vigor and intensity washing over you, and with that surrender comes the accepting certainty you are right where you need to be to make magic happen.

Dude, this is not the time for a card trick.

"Medicham!" you gasp as you give in to it all, completely hopeless under the desire for more. You cum in her mouth and in her throat, shuddering and gasping in excitement as you give into your hungers and surrender fully to the desire pulsating trough you. Medicham takes it well, holding on tightly to your thighs and holding your midsection still as she sucks and slurps still,

Did the Medicham mega-evolve at some point, or is she grabbing both your thighs with one hand - still?

as if trying to empty your balls with the suction alone, drawing out a hefty load and all the cum she can possibly get from you. It's shameless, it's dirty,

It's probably a whole lot of more words meant to insinuate that anyone getting off to this does so because they shouldn't, but I'm not even convinced either of you know any better.

and it leaves you a wriggling, excited mess as you accept it, sucking more feverishly on Lucario's nipple to try and keep yourself composed and contained through it all. It feels good, and yet it feels like just the beginning, as you remain rock hard.

You've been practicing.

Excused with a harem of nine which still isn't enough to keep you satisfied, somehow. I'm fine with a breach of 'show - don't tell' in this regard, though.

Ever since that first encounter, you've been keeping your new Pokemon very well tended to and loved. The endless stream of sex has helped tighten you up and train your stamina, and you no longer need the chemical help of some Pokemon keeping your cock hard to remain able to lay down some serious pounding.

You still need chemicals to actually get with Pokémon you haven't enslaved, though.

Not that the help isn't welcome when there's more Pokemon here than anyone can reasonably tend to all at once; these two seem easy enough to handle on your own, but if there were five of them fawning over you... You'd really appreciate the extra push.

But for the moment, you focus on what you have. Medicham pulls away from your cock with a smile, and Lucario all too quickly shoves forward to take her place, lunging toward you and shifting into a position where she's lying on top of your body but backwards,

There are three axes she can spin on, author, which one is it?

her dripping snatch right over your head as she wraps her furry tits around your cock, wasting no time in shoving forward with something aggressive, something hungry.

That's two 'something's, can I get a third?

It's abrupt and direct, a pulsating swell of need running through you as your sensitive cock doesn't get much chance at all to recover before you're treated to a quick, frustrated titfuck.

Because those are sure to relieve frustration in the giver, of course.

One that makes you relax and ease up, feeling the pleasure and relief wash over you, warming you over and allowing you to sink into the comfort of Lucario's treatment for everything that comes with it, able to delight in the way she's so quick in how her paws press her breasts together and work them up and down your shaft so steadily.

Steadily, but still in a frustrated way, of course.

As Lucario works you over with her chest, you watch her pussy get wetter and needier, soon enough dripping sticky, sweet juices onto your lips and your cheek. You decide you need to act on this,

Up until now you had just relied on your practice from watching paint dry.

hands grabbing Lucario's hips and pulling her down sharply, pressing her mound against your face and diving in to begin licking her, eating out the needy fighting type and drawing sweet howls from her lips, sounding very canine and very desperate. The excitement shudders happily through you as you grab her, holding on firm and letting her feel the attention and pressure of what you can do for her. There's no hesitation in the abruptness and forward nature of your desires;

Yeah, because that's what is implied by 'no hesitation', you dork.

you're happy to keep her going and to foster the rush of need inside of her that makes her ache for you.

It's a give and take; the Max Attract is doing its job, but you know you can do more if you draw her down deeper, if you make her shudder and buck under your touch, letting the pleasure take hold and open you up to the utmost of attention and desire.

What about this sentence involving the reinforcement of a drug-haze described the concept of mutual and intentional compromise, author?

It's all a good, steady pace to keep, and you're ready to do your best to make it work out. If you can make her hotter and hungrier for you, it will only get her even more wound up, more ready to give you whatever you want.

More ready to do what she already one hundred percent intends to do with you. We are already past the point of these horny bitches doing extra, you idiot.

Allowing her to get more wound up and to find pleasure even while giving your cock such selfless attention will only get this whole situation more primed and hot for something you're hungry for.

Are you about to pull out nipple clamps and whips with all this pretended extraordinary buildup?

There's no hesitation in the descent, no shame in the way you press on and make her yours, your tongue lapping at her pussy and giving her the most you can with the time you have to do it.

Harder she works. Faster.

Better? Stronger?

It's getting her all wound up and hot,

Which she certainly can't already be at this point.

a tension and tightness burning her up as she aches under your loving and appreciative touch. You're on the right track here, and you keep it moving, keep the attention going as she lets you at her and enables the steady back and forth that's making this all work so well.

Things are going the only way they can; as intended, perfect, without fault, and in circles.

Lucario's panting breaths blow warm, wet air all over your cock, and you can feel the way her breasts push a bit more firmly against the sides of your shaft as she gropes herself with her paws and tries her best to keep up the pace and make this all work out in your mutual favour.


Am I the only one here aware of the actual anatomy of the Pokémon, that you are using for these sex scenes by simply slapping boobs and vaginas on them, author?

All of the bubbling tension gets the better of you both, amid your feverish oral and her quick, needy titfucking, the two of you bucking and squirming together in the growing swell of desire and want until finally neither of you can take anymore and the crash into pure, molten bliss leaves you both climaxing hard, gasping and moaning together as you and this strange Pokemon come to find something beautiful in unison, as you cum all over her breasts and her dripping nectar leaves your face a sticky bit of mess, at least until Medicham surprises you with an abrupt and forward advance, pushing forward to lick up and down across your face and lap up every drop Lucario's left on you.

27 prepositions, 17 pronouns, 8 commas, 10 'and's, 11 'you/your's, about five transitioning actions an events, and 123 words. All in 1 sentence!!!

You squirm in acceptance, watching as Lucario shifts forward to pull herself into position over your cock, and a greedy, jealous Medicham begins to climb onto your face. She lets out a very frustrated noise, like it's not fair you ate Lucario out and not her, and she places her pussy lips right down against your mouth, urging you to repay the favour.

A favour you find yourself kicking off with a hard groan as Lucario sits herself right down onto your cock. She's quick and firm with it, impaling herself down onto your dick and immediately winding up the pace to ride you quick and hard, a nice, relentless, dirty little adjective-filled push of desire and heat that very quickly winds you up too, keeping you hot and excited as you come back around to this pleasure. It's a lot to handle, but you take it all on like a pro, hips rocking upward to meet her needy motions as you try your best to get into something that's become all too typical a nightly position for you.

Did you practice all that sex on a slab of rocky mountain ground for this situation too, or are you also fucking a chiropractor?

It's a good one though, and you're happy to lean into it and keep them both very well tended to.

Lucario bounces her hips up and down your cock in quick, eager motions that have you readily meeting her bounces with firm thrusts, driving on confidently through the excitement and the want to let her feel something primal and shameless. There's nothing to do but give in to it now, as you hold nothing back in your firm advance.

Unless you start proclaiming you've been wearing a weighted condom or that your dick wasn't left handed this whole time, I don't think there's much that's ever been holding you back, genius.

As Lucario bounces up and down your cock, riding you fiercely and giving you everything she has in her.

As the author writes an incomplete sentence.

You do your best to meet that, one hand on her hip to guide her in her erratic pace as she rides you reverse cowgirl style. You wish you could see her taut Lucario ass bouncing from the quickness and eagerness of her motions, but you have the matter of Medicham in front of you to get in the way, and you work instead to keep her equally satisfied in the midst of this all.

Your tongue buries itself ready into Medicham's pussy as you give her just as intense and eager a devouring as you gave Lucario, your other hand holding tightly onto her and holding her in tight against you,

Any tighter an you'll merge and turn this into a Digimon fanfic.

urging her to let it all out and to really give herself up to the excitement. Their fiery, combative passions have found new life in a lustful swell of need, as they rock atop you in unison, both seeking pleasure with the same intensity they sought territory moments ago. All they want now is you. Pleasure.

Make up your damn mind.

To be able to feel something powerful and hot take them over, and you're more than happy to give it to them, covered in what you're sure is probably sex pheromones and not anything you should be spraying yourself down with, but you're way too happy where you are to care about nay of that, working to satisfy your growing, needy urges and embrace everything burning you up so powerfully.

Is it this author's fetish to decry and then denounce his own fanfic's premise or something?

As long as you can keep up the pace and satisfy them both, there's not going to be any fighting or clashing, not going to be anything but the serene thrill of accepting pleasure and lustful attention in all directions.

There's not going to be other Pokémon around to interrupt, no passerby, no rainfall, no avalanche, not even a pebble in your shoe, and Team Rocket has taken the day off too!

You just have to push forward, keeping them both satisfied and tended to, winding them up and satisfying their throbbing, wanton urges, accepting the responsibility of what you've done after winding them up so badly already.

Sorry, man, this isn't doing it for me. But if you reiterated a sixth time what's happening right now, maybe I could get something out of it.

You need to walk a weird and careful line in the process, but one you're used to. One you've become a pro at handling, keeping them horny and ready for more, sustaining the energy until you have them ready to be captured, ready to be made your docile Pokemon. Lovers. Pets. You're not even sure what to call them, but whatever the case is, they're soon to be yours, you know it.

Who cares what to even acknowledge or address them as, as long as they are in your pocket specifically. Baubles, author, that should be a good enough catch-all term.

Keeping up the pace and the pressure like a pro, you let the motio0ns

Easy, author, both hands at the keyboard now.

of your hips and your tongue lose themselves to the rhythms set by the Pokemon riding them, as you give yourself up quite steadily to the desire and press in hard, bringing them both to sudden, startling climaxes as they're given everything they want and maybe even a fair bit more than that too for good measure, brought to powerful, searing orgasms swiftly and readily.

Marvel as the author makes you supersize their orgasms at no extra charge, or effort for that matter.

Medicham coos and whines atop your face as she bucks and shudders, while the clench of Lucario's tight inner walls around your cock beg you to fill her slick, waiting pussy with cum, and you are all too ready to oblige with that, giving her what she wants and making her moan even louder and hotter in ecstasy and surrender as she accepts these terms and their madness happily, giving herself fully up to the lust and the primal rush for more.

These sentences are just devolving into peddling random, nebulous and limitless words at this point. Terms? Madness? Are we sure this is even sex anymore and not a pact with an eldritch god?

But there's more to deal with than that, more things to try and handle than what you've thrown onto the pile already, and you know what's coming next, as the girls happily pull back and Medicham scampers into your lap. She wants to get fucked too now, but as she moves to the position Lucario was already in, Lucario throws her for a loop, grabbing her head and pulling her into a position on her hands and knees, gesturing with a word for you to get up.

That's throwing someone for as much of a loop as the author probably was, when he turned the page on some porn comic that he's probably ripping off this entire sex scene from.

You do, nodding eagerly and groaning as you shift onto your knees behind her.

"I sure hope she deserves this for something,"

Deserves it? Are you about to anally rape her? What dynamics does the author pretend to have changed with the simple shift of positioning?

you mutter as you sink your cock into Medicham's hot, waiting pussy, groaning in delight as you begin to fuck her, taking an active role in getting off at last after spending three rounds on your back not doing much other than groping and eating pussy.

And yet it's like I can read a sigh between the lines, as the author has to deviate and put effort into swabbing between his writing templates.

Now you're in the driver's seat,

The author gave you a learner's permit, and yet I'm willing to bet that we'll still get bits like perfectly matched motions meeting your thrusts, like always, as the author forgets he told himself that it takes less than two to tango.

watching as Lucario pushes her creampied hole against Medicham's lips and urging to her suck your cum out of her, something Medicham does readily, the pleasure all starting to come together,


the moment lining up perfectly for something hot and brazen, something so desperate in its openness, shameless delight that you just can't help but open up to it.

When were you ever closed off to it? This 'loosening of inhibitions' shit has already happened in Chapter 1!!

It's powerful and messy, but it's too good to hold back the excitement from as you embrace it and double team Medicham with Lucario.

Don't pretend there is a 'but' in this sentence, author, those caveats are what you derive pleasure from in the first place.

Medicham doesn't seem to mind it. Maybe because she's got you pounding into her from behind, using all the practice you've been getting fucking hot, slutty Pokemon doggy style to good use pounding away at her like she needs. Maybe because she and Lucario have found some common ground and slurping your cum out of her is something she's pretty damn ready to lean into and accept.

Maybe, maybe not, who knows, it could be because it was in the script.

Whatever the situation, she's ready for it, she's got, and she's shameless about pressing into the madness and working overtime to take you both on and prove herself something special, working her hips back and forth, tongue buried into Lucario's snatch and lapping feverishly at the creampie you've left inside of her.

So many things to pick at. The repeated use of the words shameless and madness, the author pretending these girls have conscious choice of action when this sex scene wouldn't happen if they did, or what about the fact that creampie is the act defined by how it's not inside someone, much less a thing onto itself, after the fact.

Lucario moans loudly, bucking her hips as her head rolls back and she sucks down needy breaths, working hard to keep up the pace as Medicham gives her what she needs. Her hands clutch at the back of Medicham's head to pull her in tight, while you focus your grasp on her wide hips, holding her in place so you can pound away faster, harder, buzzword, buzzword, keeping up a relentless pace on her tight snatch formidable enough to keep everything nailed down and solid, right where it should be, right where you're most ready and primed to give her your worst. There's no stopping now, no moment where you can hold back the pressure and the haze bearing down upon you. You leave it all down to the wire in the process of hammering into her, fucking her pussy harder, tenser, relentless in your approach and in the way you show her the most lustful treatment you can, shameless and hot.

Blatant, brazen, bold, brash, and that's just those starting with the letter 'b'. Open a fucking thesaurus, author.

It's probably even more intense than the fucking you gave Lucario, as you take an active role now in the matter, and with her face buried into Lucario's lap the attention is all on her here, something Lucario definitely never had a claim to. Medicham moans, sounds muffled by furry thighs but the sentiments behind them ringing brightly and clearly. She is shameless about leaning into this pressure and this haze,

Shameless? Really? Say it isn't so. I wouldn't even have noticed. You could at least have warned us or mentioned it earlier or something.

the chaos getting to her harder and needier as she works to show off something chaotic, and you embrace that chaos harder, opening yourself up to her madness and relishing in the desperate heat and swell of want that takes the three of you.

We've now had five hundred words dedicated to the mentions of a single static and unchanging act of joined thrusting and cunnilingus told to us, where it drowns in elaborate prose so full of itself that it could have been written as a five part symphony by three different composers all trying to one-up each other!

Medicham cums first, which isn't really a surprise at all given where she's at, her moans into Lucario's pussy and the clenching of her strong inner muscles around your cock helping to drag you both down too. Lucario lets out canine howls of excitement and want that burn through her in hot, convulsing bursts of bliss that ache through the whole of her like fire, while you grunt and groan and slam forward, burying your cock into Medicham's tight, needy cunt and pumping her full of the cum she needs, giving her all the gooey, hot relief she's been begging for and pulling quickly out of her, feeling like you should move fast.

And here I thought this wasn't going to be a pump-and-dump.

You stumble over to your fallen bag and pull out a pair of Ultra balls.

Really? You turned your wallet inside out for bribes and illegal non-repellants, and you still waste cash on these high-end devices, when all you have to do at this point to capture them is to throw a used, crusty sock at them?

"We can make this fast and easy," you say. "I want to continue the fun with you both, but if you want more of my cock, I want to capture you so that I can keep you both around and fuck you more than just tonight. You put apart your fight, but I'm sure I can get into enough battles to keep a pair of fierce fighters like you happy. So what do you say?"

Like a drug pushing pimp of the D, you are so valiant to give these girls an offer that they won't refuse as long as the author is in charge.

The two happy, slightly lust-addled Pokemon nod, and you quickly lob the Pokeballs at them. They hit the ground and successfully capture immediately, and once done burst right back out again, rushing you to sink into place on their knees in front of you, tongues fighting for space on your cock as they shove and nudge at one another, not quite ready to fully get along yet and now getting territorial over you. But you give the orders now, and you know they'll be working like a proper team in no time.

I can't wait. Literally, I can't. There's no more chapters left, and there hasn't been an update on this story for a year. Only so many unique pussies the author could imagine, I guess

That was something, and still the second-person narrative is nothing but grating on my brain. If there is one positive thing I can mention about mocking this fanfic, it would be that the author is one of the more literate fanfic author's I've come across. Which, of course, means he's that much more successful in conveying all the things I dislike about his story.

Like Never Before Counter: 10.

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