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Kemono Friends with Benefits

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The hard boys at TOS dive into the strangest post-apocalypse* this side of a Ziltoid invasion: Kemono Farm Lord of the Friends Juggalo Island Kemono Friends! From having a budget of 20 bucks and a pair of salad tongs to being screwed over by it’s owners, there are quite a lot of things that make this show worth talking about. What does Cody think about Grape-kun? Why are there Penguin idols? Who is the best character?** Is this show finally the proof that Crunchyroll actually helps the anime industry?!*** What is it even about? Are we so dumb we even answer rhetorical questions? And most important of all, is Kemono Friends actually any good? All this and more will be revealed in this episode!


Memes and similar nonsense:

*except not really