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Kevin Markey

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Kevin Markey


Behind the scenes and mostly out of the spotlight, Kevin Markey is the Webmaster and General Manager for Anime Outsiders. As the go-to web guy, he  is primarily responsible for keeping this lovely house up and running and delivering fresh, new content as it arrives, Kevin is the greasy glue that somehow manages to hold it all together while preventing the wheel from getting too squeaky.

When not on duty, he enjoys kicking back with anime, comics, walking, and of course video games. Enjoying them so much he’s even made quite a few in whatever spare time he manages to scrounge up for the ongoing One Game A Month Challenge!

He also has the unique ability to go toe-to-toe with Cody in most fighting games without it becoming a completely one-sided bloodbath.

Hit Kevin up with any questions, comments, complaints, concerns, or anything related to the operation of Anime Outsiders!